Wise words being quoted, “B*tch you f*cking him!”

All men are built with the impeccable talent to find a way to explain why every guy is trying to take his girl down. Why? Because I’m a man. As Tony Yayo said, “p*ssy is p*ssy, so yea I hit that.” Some of you guys are slow, or just whipped and can’t see when some dude is trying to fux your wifey. Or maybe you just feel invincible and she would never cheat on you. Listen to me, to date Doctor Jay’s best advice, “B*tches cheat, get over it.” I’ve taken the liberty to list out the unsuspecting types of dudes you need to watch for and their M.O.

The Starting Five:

1) Scheming on the Culo

Some dudes just can’t help but to always be scheming on the culo. These are a very low threat because they will practically have sex with anything. This accounts for 99% of all men. However, if your girl has anything like; respect, tact, or just a general sense that she would like some type of commitment between the two of you (This is 1% of all women), he’ll probably end up taking home a single woman.

2) Her Ex and her Butt Buddies

You better watch these guys like you watch the time. See there’s an unspoken rule, you can’t get in trouble for something you’ve already done. And in an ideal world there would always be a reason why your ex is your ex, however, sometimes the reason’s are less severe and lead to relations after the relationship which never tailor off completely. For example, they only broke up because she was moving away. Her butt buddies have always been there for her in her time of need, she’s likely to go back to them when she just wants sex, with someone who knows how she wants sex. UNLESS, she has determined that the reason she’s with you is because she doesn’t just want sex. Godspeed Gentlemen. This is why you do not argue with your girl. She will get frustrated and call up a butt buddy.

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3) Man, look at shorty go, (I love your girl)

There are some guys who are just obsessed with women who have boyfriends. I just can’t call it. I have never been obsessed with the challenge. Because I mean are you really doing something, if you can take down some girl who is willing to cheat on her boyfriend? I mean, think about it for a second. Yea…er..um… I don’t know. However, they will lurk like lions at the water hole waiting for a fawn to fall by the waste side. They are the ones who just want to show your girl a good time. They are the ones who offer them that One Night Only commitment. These guys usually are attractive, charming, and make it clear that they won’t ask for any commitment after the deed is done. These are the dreamkillers.

4) Her Homies

[Deep exhale]. As a man with a lot of female friends, I realize how contradictory this section will be. However, in reality there are but only so many male friends a girl can have who are not trying to have sex with her, or will not, even if given the opportunity have sex with her. Trust me on this one. Also be mindful that some of her male friends have her ear. She goes to them for advice and they sometimes will work their way in for some nassa mean ya heard. It’s hard to give you tips on how to avoid this situation, but it starts with the following: 1) Does he have a girl or a chick you know that he’s having sex with? 2) Did they used to mess around back before y’all? 3) Is she reluctant to introduce you? 4) What is the nature of their relationship as friends? Just to highlight #4, keep in mind that if her “male friends” take her and her friends out to the club, get them in for free, and buy them free drinks all night, I’m going to say that 75% of the time, they are not as platonic as you think.

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5) Your Homies

Could there be any more fire to spit? Good God Yes! Some times when you are scouring the crowd looking for haters, you need to be looking at who’s looking with you. Your homies will smash your girl. And that type of taboo sexual interaction is a turn on for some. And because 99% of all men will have sex with practically anything, this includes your girl. When confronted with your girl wanting to have sex with your homie, your homie doesn’t think about you, he thinks about how he can get away with it. And the messed up thing about this situation is that it makes you look the stupidest out of them all. Because not only do you have a dude eating from the table with you, who is more loyal to this scuttlebutt you call a wifey, but your wifey with whom you trying to build something with is more loyal to your homie than she is to you.

This post had to be edited from its original version because I had much more information to share that I had time to give. I think I covered it as best as I could.

So to the commenters a few questions: Am I far from the truth? Ladies, what are some adjustments you make in your life or things you do to reassure your main of trust in these situations? Fellas, please tell me you hear me. I read some of your blogs and I know some of you have had relations with women with boyfriends.