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Good Wholesome fun
Good Wholesome fun

As many of you might know by now, I am a motorcyclist.  I have me a fast little sportbike, and besides this blog, its one of the few things that keep me sane.

As part of being a good sport rider, once  year I hop in a car, and make a 7 hour journey south to Myrtle Beach, South Caronlina … for the greatness that is Black Bike Week aka Atlantic Bike Week.

What happens at Bike Week you ask?

Well … uh … a lot of foolishness.  There are bikes, women, alchohol, and … well … that’s about it.

One thing that often comes up is “don’t you have a girlfriend?”.  Uh … yes.  Is that a problem?

I’ve always found it interesting that people are so concerned about guys who come down here with significant others (girlfriends, fiancees, or wives) who come to bike week.  If you are part of a motorcycle club, ride a motorcycle, or actually have an interest in bikes, shouldn’t you be “allowed” to come?  Is it not possible for a guy to come down here in the midst of the craziness, have fun, and still not betray the love of his life?

Well … for all of those doubters, I say yes.  And I now want to present the official SBM list of rules for having fun at Black Bike Week although you have a SO.  The great thing about this list, it applies to a lot of different situations.  Spring break, parties, or pretty much any road trip or vacation involving your boys.

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The Official SBM List of Rules for Vacations, Trips, and Outings without the SO

Don’t f*ck up (read: Don’t disrespect the misses)

Ugh … that’s pretty much it.

Expected a long list of do’s and don’ts? Why … its simple. You know right and wrong … exhibit some self control and remember you got something good at home?

So, good people of SBM.net, readers, commenters, lurkers … feel me?  Is it really crazy to expect a guy to “behave”, or is my sense of commitment and trust just on some super human level?

Anyways … back to drinking …

– SBM aka Keeping it Kosher aka That Crazy Riding Ninja aka Havin fun in the sun


  1. It's not unrealistic. I don't mind a man looking but just keep it at that.

    Besides, everything u do in the dark will come out in the light and all that other karmaic (is that a word?) type stuff.

  2. I behave, but you gotta watch which friends you go with b/c everyone has that friend that just makes things POP. If you plan on being faithful dont travel with him/her

  3. @Peyso: Yeah … that friend is here, but another friend is bunned up … and he will get cut if he crosses the line, so I got my partner in non-crime.

    @Nicki: I feel you … it does all come out to light.

  4. relief…that there are still guys out there who don't think its "cool" to want to feel among with your boys and betray your better-half…
    lol so maybe they lied about that "pack mentality" thing with guys?

  5. shit, I don't know about this one. A couple of my boys have bikes, and the last time they went to a Bike Week…well let's say it was an orgy of sorts…according to them. lol. they put me under oath never to release names, which is cool by me.


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