I hit up ATL this weekend to check out the Greek, and as always it was so hot I came back as Idris’s complexion an excellent time. I saw a lot of people I haven’t seen in a while, including a homegirl of mine. She told me how she wasn’t feeling the party because her ex boyfriend went nuts. He got angry seeing her in pictures with other dudes. He berated her, called her all sorts of names, and she in turn, told him to google maps the address to the intersection of  “You’re a lame BLVD” and “We are through” PKWY! I hate when dudes shoot themselves in the foot (No plaxico) when it comes to females. Especially when they talk to/ date/wifed/married said woman. One emotional feeling can lead to their demise, as in this situation. An insecure man will lose time and time again with ladies. It’s elementary. So why do men continue this troubled trend? I have a few ideas:

Low self esteem – Don’t think that dudes are oblivious when a girl they’re dating is out of their league. They question themselves, wonder why someone like “that” would want to get with “this”. They thank tiny baby Jesus for their good fortune, but want nothing to impede their happiness. So they growl like DMX at any dude who dare appear in photos, or call her for any reason. He feels like any man will be competition, and sooner or later she’ll see a guy who appears as the instant upgrade and may consider this gospel, and dump her 2.0.

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She’s cool with the homies she smashed – Maybe they haven’t touched each other in years, but nothing makes a dude give the side eye more than seeing his wifey cool with dudes whom she’s had relations. Guys know guys, and also know that the majority of us seize opportunity for the pums on any given Sunday. They tread a fine line between trusting their boo and watching other dudes, but after a while this will consume a dude and drive him insane. What he has to realize is that people will do what they want, regardless of your feelings. You can’t control their actions, and if you have to worry about said actions that extensively, then maybe its time to phone home that relationship.

Dude is a control freak by nature – If you’re dude checks your email, voicemail, facebook, twitter, knows your schedule, screams when you’re not home at your normal time, and barks on you for going out with friends, do you think he’s going to enjoy any interaction you have with the opposite sex? He wants to be the boss of the woman, and displaying forceful insecurity is just another tool of his compensation for something else he most likely lacks. Run far, FAR away!

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Dude is doin dirt his damn self – Men know about the boomerang effect. Karma is a bitch, and that bitch will eventually catch you. You are certain that your lady tricking on you will be the “comes around”, and you try your best to control the laws of fate. People been reading Invictus too much and got it twisted. Dudes who all of a sudden start pressing issues of pictures, male friends, coworkers, etc, be aware that he knows all the secrets to slick moving because he may be the President and a client!

I leave the 5th to you: Why are men so insecure? Dudes do I got it twisted? Ladies is this on point so far? Lets speak on it!