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Get ya hands up out my pocket!!

"Damn shorty...we just met..."

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Last time I was on the scene, I was talking about the Independent Woman’s odds in the dating game.  While there may be a few cons to dating these so called “independent women”, one of the pros is that the smart ones are usually financially stable, legitimately have their own this and that, maintain a comfortable standard of living, no outside assistance needed. Of course, I still have that old school mentality that the guy should pay, but every so often I don’t mind if she picks up the check, or at least gives me a good pump fake. (You know the pump fake…the check comes and she  slowly reaches for her purse until you say “Chill baby, I got this”)  God bless their souls, we love you, keep doing what you’re doing.

Just like good has evil, the independent woman has a unsavory exact opposite.  We’ve all met this chick.  She’s the one that comes to the club with just enough money to get by.  You take her out for dinner, and she orders the most expensive item on the menu, has several glasses of wine, orders food to take home to her mama, but doesn’t even look up from her food when the check comes.  She’s always trying to get the hook up.  Not necessarily because she doesn’t have some money of her own, but because her main goal in life is to find a sponsor.    There is certainly a market for these women, most recently evidenced by the slaying of Bro. Steve McNair.  Of course, men do more than their fair share to enable this type of behavior, i.e. the radio ad  I heard over the weekend encouraging women seeking financial sponsors to attend a particular club because there was gonna be a few high profile pro athletes in attendance, as the guests of DJ Such ‘n Such.  Y’all know y’all heard that spot.  Some of you were probably there…smh.

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I have no problem with a woman aspiring for a better standard of living, but don’t go chasing waterfalls. However Your pursuit of the American Dream should not lead you to the bottom of my pockets.  (It’s a little more towards the center of the pants.)  I’m not saying you should holla at a bunch of broke jokers, ’cause after all I’m sure most women rather spend the next half hour after their dinner riding in the car contemplating whether or not she should give up the cookie as opposed to washing dishes in the back to pay for the meal.   The issue is, if you support yourself to a certain standard of living, don’t come at me trying to up your standard of living.  If you couldn’t afford a Coach purse before I met you, don’t think I’m gonna cop you one.  I’m not saying that I won’t, but don’t expect it.  If a man offers/gives you nice things, I’m not saying not to take them.  I’m just saying don’t expect/demand a certain standard if that’s not what you are used to and you can’t sustain it on your own.   If you can’t properly spell and pronounce “Balenciaga”, don’t waste both our times hinting that you might want one.

Along with the women that are “doing them”, I’m tired of the ones that  claim “N*ggas ain’t sh*t” for whatever convoluted reasons, but still choose to only date a man that makes this, or drives that.  Once again, let me point out that if you push your own S-Class, 7 series, or A8, I have no problem with you wanting to find a man that complements what you already have.  But if you’re pushing a supercharged Kia, you bests respects the gangsta of my Altima.  Just respect a brother for being on his grind and be sure to do an aspiration check before you do a credit check.  As a great man once said, “‘Ain’t sh*t’ p*ssy will attract ‘ain’t sh*t’ n*ggas.”   So ladies, before the next time you head out man hunting, take a look in the mirror and figure out what you’re looking for…”financial stability” or emotional security.

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It’s about to be the weekend, and I know you fine folks will be hitting the streets looking for fun and love.  I know all the sisters out there aren’t like that, so how do you feel about the women that do this?  I know you probably have a friend in your cliq that’s like that, so go ahead and snitch on her…it’s ok, she won’t know it’s you.  Fellas, how do you handle these women when they come your way?  Do you give them the heisman, or do you make it rain because “it ain’t trickin if you got it?”   Be real, son.  Be really real.

Still on the paper chase,

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  1. Women who do this are sorry and pathetic. Nothing is free.

    One of my girls would love to have a man with money.. she loves namebrands and loves men with power, but ended up falling for a broke man who has never even took her out on a date.

  2. It really just leads back to these people with unrealistic expectations of there own self worth and what they expect the world to give them. I will never forget one of my girlfriends wanted me to hoook her up with one of my friends, now mind you this woman was easily 5'3 and 3 hundred and a burger. Do you know the first thing she said is " Does he have a six-pack I only date dudes with six packs". After i finished lauging for 20 mins i said forget it and did she want that diet coke with her supersized fry.

  3. i think women should be open and be willing to give as much as they receive….nothing comes for free….orientation matters a lot too.Though my dad earned way more than my mom when the got married and until they both retired…..my mom always took care of all her personal needs and never waited on my dad….except when dad wanted to pamper her…..dad was alwyas responsible for all kids needs financially……..and that way they both maintained respect and dignity in each odas eyes.

  4. Me personally, as soon as signs of golddiggery and comeuppance rear their ugly heads, I gotta cut the strings. But I can’t be mad at the women who do it. It’s playing the game. So many guys will trick (and yes, it is trickin’ if you got it, how is it not?), that if a woman asks me to pay her car note after knowing her for three weeks, I can’t knock her hustle.

    The Don: ”…mind you this woman was easily 5′3 and 3 hundred and a burger. …first thing she said is ” Does he have a six-pack I only date dudes with six packs”.”

    I don’t understand this. I bodybuild and I’m in pretty good shape, but I’m a big-girl magnet. I know most guys try to find someone so they are equally yoked, but just because I’m 230 lbs doesn’t mean I want a woman that weighs that much. Stay in your lane, lady. Stay in your lane.

    1. Man….I'm 6 ft and 172lbs …big chicks are attracted to me as well, however, I have standards as far as how big I accept.

      As far as using me as a meal ticket, that's a no-go at this station. This O-3 only entertains those that show a genuine interest and knows how to keep their palms face down on the table. I'm not a baller and don't fake for it either. One of the first things I check for when entertaining a woman is what exactly does she need me for? Is it because she needs someone who can talk to her and give it to her straight? Is she emotionally needy? Does she need "a little help here and there" or does she genuinely like me as a person enough to show interest in me? If I'm a wallet with a dyck to her, I pick up on that pretty quick and disappear just ask quick.

    2. lol, you'd be surprised how many of the muscled ones like the cuddly ones.

      It always threw me off as well.

      Skinny ass dudes always like the big girls and vice versa…. My bff has a fat man fetish and she is a toothpick! SMH, I always tell her he looks like he will kill you by accident. lol

  5. @ Hugh: I have the same problem man. I'm alwyays wondering why big chicks seem to gravitate toward me. I'm a pretty built dude, but not fat. Yet the slim chicks rarely show me unsolicited love. Hmmm…

  6. I don't like to over classify myself as an "independent woman who has her own" because quite frankly at this age most of us should have at least some of if not all of our own. We're adults. With that being said I don't dig for gold, never have never will. Its as simple as this the gold you just dug from some man will be easily passed to the next lady once he drops you and you end up with nothing. I've actually been the breadwinner in a relationship and where as I was this man's personal ATNM (automatically this negros money) he never assisted me with paying my own bills or the dinner tab and though he may have felt like less of a man he further punished me with being emotionally unavailable as well (yeah I was played like a pair of dice, I admit it).

    I never understood why women spent so much time playing and going after men with money when it probably takes less energy and possibly time to do it yourself. As quickly as you can hunt for men with coins you could have filled out an applocation and started making the change ourselves.

  7. It just baffles me how these people are delusional about there situations. Im not the tallest (5'8) not the biggest (170). And i realize allllllot of women like taller and more muscular men, so i gotta stay in my lane with the type of women i can date and if i want to attract more women i would have to get in better shape ( cuz i cant get taller). But im meeting women ( and im not bashing cuz some brothers are like this just in other aspects) that are overweight and sloppy and upset cuz they cant find a "good man". And i tell them straight up how many weathty tall good looking famous men are with big broads? None zero zilch. big women i mean reallly big women ( cuz i do love the thick) are for brke nuccas

    1. LOL – I didn't know this was an issue for dudes. That big girls always holla… I'm a taller woman (6'0) so most men I have dated have been taller with the exception of a few but its all good

      1. I square up with you 6 foot ladies all the time. No problems there, however when your horizontal limits exceed a manageable width, then you need to be hanging out trying to holla at Offensive Linemen.

    2. "And i tell them straight up how many weathty tall good looking famous men are with big broads? None zero zilch." – So very true.

      I have a cousin who is a big girl and had that attitude and I had to tell her that one day. Now she is with a dude who does not make much money at all, in fact she makes more than him. I guess she got a dose of reality.

  8. "Women who do this are sorry and pathetic. Nothing is free."

    @ Nicki S.-I agree. I think alot of women don't realize that if you want a guy just to upgrade your lifestyle, you are going to have to pay some sort of price.

    I have a friend who got with a man strictly for his money and now dude controls every aspect of her life. He dictates what she wears, who shes friends with, and has to ask permission to go outside somewhere.

  9. I think this conversation really leads back to what standards or expectations women have of a potential mate. There are women with absolutely no standards who end up supporting their whole families while some loser keeps getting her pregnant and sits at home refusing to work for anyone…..does anyone respect that? I for one don't give a damn about maintaining my pride in exchange for a crappy life.

    The women who are the focus of this discussion are quite the opposite of this woman. Like me, they seek financial stability and security. Quite frankly, I can't see anything wrong with that as long as they are contributing to the relationship. If finding a man who is successful is a requirement of hers I do not think she should be judged harshly. Now if it is her ONLY requirement, then she is no better than the woman with low self esteem who settles for a loser. Here's why: Just because a man has money, does not guarantee him any other attributes on which a lasting relationship could be formed…..he might just be some douchebag who happens to be a millionaire. He and the guy with no job can both go play in traffic together as far as I'm concerned. Love is what matters most ultimately. However, if you do not meet the criteria you will not even get a chance to audition.

    On the topic of dinner and pump faking:

    I have no respect for the hungry chick who dates for free meals. First of all, this road leads to fatness and no one likes fat chicks. Secondly, are you that pathetic that you can't even afford to buy yourself dinner so you have to use some poor guy who you don't even like to feed you? God forbid you take your hungry ass to the grocery store and learn how to cook something! How dare you be so useless to yourself and to society. Not only do I not want the hassle of being nice to some guy I don't even like just so I can eat, but I can buy my own food and actually enjoy cooking a meal when I have the energy to do so.

    On pump faking:

    I'm not pump faking. Until we're engaged or married, you're paying. End of story. I am a really good catch and if you don't do it, some other man will. Know that. I will show you just how much I appreciate you. I'll take care of my end of the relationship, you take care of yours.

    At the end of the day we are mammals and just like any other animal group we are looking for the strongest and most attractive mates. In our society men, part of your masculinity is directly tied to how successful you are. Why shouldn't we as women want to choose the best of the best? I want a man who is a good role model for my children. Someone who is ethical and honest and also hard working and successful. That is such a turn on.

    I just don't understand some men. You do everything possible to become successful and rich so that more women will want to date you, but then once your successful and rich you think every girl is a gold digger and you don't want to date them….be a bum then. Stop complaining.

    1. "On pump faking:

      I’m not pump faking. Until we’re engaged or married, you’re paying. End of story. I am a really good catch and if you don’t do it, some other man will."

      Good luck in your future endeavors, because if its truly LIKE that, you gonna miss out on a lot of good dudes who favor reciprocation for some simp. Real talk

      1. Damn right streetz!

        @ Just the type.. Last time I checked dating wasn't prostitution. To expect a guy to pay for your attention is THE definition of being a prostitute. You should want to be around a dude whether or not he pays for your dinner. If not, then your position is no better than the women you critique. As you yourself said, just because a man has money doesn't mean he has the qualities of a good dude. So…whether a guy pays/does not pay for your dates has no bearing on his quality as a potential mate/partner.

        So if you are just going to wait for "some other man" to pay, then you are selling yourself to the highest bidder, and in that case people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

        If you don't then you are no

  10. I like nice things, so I buy them for myself. I was raised to be independent in regards to taking care of my needs and wants that may be a tad extravagant. I had a few friends in HS that would date hustlers and be proud of being doted on with nike air maxes and coach purses. I had a job with no bills so just I saved my money to be fresh on my own. no need for a dude to HAVE to spoil me cuz I have caviar dreams on a spam budget. but this was the norm coming up and even now for some women. NOT MY STYLE. I do enjoy and even want gifts cuz I like the thought put into getting me something you know compliments me and will make me smile. but I don't expect anything from anybody–like Nicki said, nothing in this life is free…you're paying one way or another. now in a relationship I believe in spoiling and taking care of each other. when you're just dating its really rough to determine who is in it to get to know you, or to get you for your paper….

  11. @ Just the type of woman you're talking about says

    Why shouldnt rich men complain when the way american society works is that a man especially a rich man has to watch his pockets. Look at your boy nas got hit up for $40,000 dollars a month is spousal and child support. Thats just ridiculous and the reason why the pump fake and things of that nature are so messed up nowadays is because men are getting two oppsing arguments. 1. saying treat me like a equal 2. and treat me like a lady (meaning still give me special treatment but only in these special cases outlined) in todays enviroment where more women than ever are going to college and making mad gwap why wouldnt it make since out of common courtsey to pay every once in a blue moon if yall been dating for a min

    1. Co-sign The Don!

      The two opposing arguments is the exact reason why men/women relations (in the Western world) are jacked! The contradiction that comes from those spouting to be SIBW (Skrong Independent Black Women-folk) but at the same time asking to be treated as a lady, catered to, courted, swooned, cupcaked, etc. I understand that people, both men and women, are raised to be more self-sufficient and to concentrate (and love) self, but doesn't anyone see the destructive pattern that some of this is leaving behind? I'm just asking and I know the SIBW brigade will swoop in to counter this argument.

  12. @ Just the type of woman you're talking about:

    How is refusing to pay for a dinner til he "puts a ring on it" any different from that hungry chick "dating for meals"? Like the don said women throw out a lot of mixed signals…you want be to play my part and you play yours, but then in the very next breath, I'm supposed to treat you like an equal? Of course some other man will pay, and I have no problem keeping it moving. Women seem to forget that it's average 5:1 ratio in our favor out here. So if we're sticking by your logic, in addition to not paying for a dinner here or there, you're probably not gonna pick up groceries either and cook something cuz your man should be feeding you? Please. Like streetz said, good luck w/ that hot sh*t right there.

    I think a bigger issue for men than their finances is a little consideration. A good man will do ANYTHING for a woman he deems worthy. And little things like not even offering to throw down a tip after you finish stuffing your face is just plain inconsiderate.

    "At the end of the day we are mammals and just like any other animal group we are looking for the strongest and most attractive mates. In our society men, part of your masculinity is directly tied to how successful you are. Why shouldn’t we as women want to choose the best of the best? I want a man who is a good role model for my children. Someone who is ethical and honest and also hard working and successful. That is such a turn on."

    A successful man in your life is always a good thing, but doesnt necessarily he'll be the best role model for your kids. He might never be home and treat you like crap when he is home and diddle the neighbor he has free time. Sometimes it might not add up.

    Personally, I'm not trying to get rich so women can like me. I'm trying to leave some bread for my great-grandkids and make sure I can keep cutting mama a check every month. I have a huge ego and I'm of the opinion that you need to like me for me, to hell with the dough. And that's the problem with dating, men are looking for one thing and women something totally different.

  13. I believe men should pay but from time to time a woman should too…Now my last Bf lets just say he was very well off drove a 760 v12 always with the name brand..nice big house just very wealthy all around..he always paid for everything but I offered too and you know what he liked that..I am very old fashion but it doesn't hurt to pay sumtimes…!!!

  14. @streetz

    ok. If we're dating and I expect you to pay for things like dinner I'm understanding that its your way of showing how much your appreciate how much I love you, encourage you, cook for you, defend you, assist you in all your endeavors in which you choose to include me and destroy you in the bedroom.

    If you're mad about having to pay for dinner then you don't know what you have.

    @the don

    Actually Nas got hit up for $55,000 a month and its because he was cheating on his pregnant wife she wasn't just some gold digger after his money. That's neither here nor there. Rich men, I am sorry if you make bad decisions and end up with groupies. Maybe you should change the type of women you find attractive. That my friend, is a personal problem.

  15. @ Just the type

    My point wasnt about nas in particular he was just an example and if he cheated or not is hearsay my point is rich men (and rich women) have to be careful of there pockets so of course somebody in a high postion would have to be extra carefull of who they are talking to. And she was a gold digger we dont know if nas was cheating but we do know she filed the divorce in la ( a state that will hit you up) and that she filed for divorce after getting his seed. If we are to go on hearsay they she has a sex tape out so whats your point?

  16. @thedon @rightcoast

    You are reading the parts of my argument you want to read. I acknowledged that just because a man is successful does not make him a potential mate. Further, that financial success cannot be the only criteria.

    f*ck a tip. I'm giving up the goods and I'm wifey. I'm not your homeboy.

    As far as Kelis, she has a sex tape. So what….you probably do too somewhere. I didn't say she wasn't vindictive……..but those are probably the consequences for cheating on her as far as she's concerned.

  17. the point is, too many people enter into relationships thinking about what we are going to get out of it….when we should be focused on what we have to offer to someone else.

    1. You need more ppl.

      I have NO problem paying for a meal, but to expect that i do that EVERY time is an indication of your mentality in a macro, relating to that micro, and im GOOD on women like you. Even the Pump fake is appreciated, and you wouldnt even want to extend that gesture?

      U talk about your giving it up in exchange for a meal so u shouldnt pay. So are you Whoring for a meal? #noshots

  18. this post is on point. i have no problem with woman who expect certain things if thats what they are used to. at this point in my life (still a full time student) i'm not going to be one flower a woman with gifts and riches, even if she is deemed worthy of that.

    woman who are just looking for a come up bug me. i wonder if there are dudes out there that look for woman that they can come up off.

    1. Yes there are….i had a dude ask me out on a date that i worked with at a restaurant…

      now im not knocking him for his "hustle" bc he is actually working and not just on the corner….but he was a cook at the restaurant…i asked him if he aspired to be anything else and he was like, "naw…im just chillen ya feel me?" No i do not "feel u" nor will i be later on. A man without goals or aspirations is SUCH a turn off.

      Needless to say…when he found out i was in law school he was like, "hell yea…i need me a suga mamma. Wanna go out for dinner on u?" He was dead serious.

  19. @ Just the type of woman

    Even if i did have a sex tape it wouldnt matter im not married. She supposedly made that while she was married to nas. But all in all we will just have to agree to disagree because those are your standards and i have mine and it will do neither of any good to say somebodys "opinion" or "standards" are wrong no matter how off base. I think the only point your missing is that 40 years ago a man paying for everything and most gender roles enforced with everybody playing there part was accepted. Now adays everthing is out of whack (look at the dating site for married people ashely madison) people dont even know what to do! Even when its something as simple as paying for a happy meal

  20. I'm on the fence with this one. I say this because take me and my close friend. We both make good money but she's $100K in debt because she spends her money on the latest everything whereas I spend my money trying to pay my student loans and saving to buy a house. However, when a guy sees her, he sees this is what she rocks so I'm going to keep her together. They see me and I'm automatically classified as a low maintenance chick (because I'm not rocking labels or keeping my nails done) so they don't put forth half the effort. I could buy it myself, but I have to prioritize right now so that I can play later, but h*ll, I wouldn't mind getting it either. I'm not saying that I go in looking for a guy to provide for me because I don't. I just don't like the idea that some guys give to some and then hold back for others because they think she isn't used to alot so she'll accept this. Dang, sometimes, I want an upgrade too.

  21. This attraction notion applies to lots of things. How can a person who hasn't finished community college want a person who has five degrees? How can a whore want a good church-going woman? How can a short chick want tall men? It just doesn't make real sense. I think people often over estimate what they bring to the table but expect others to bring so much more.

  22. I went out with some of my male friends last weekend to a club. This girl went up to my friend and was like "i'm a model out in LA and i think you're cute. What will u do to keep me here in Atlanta?" He was looking at her all types of confused. (Which was hilarious for me!) He asked her to clarify exactly what she was saying. She then proceeded to say, "I want a 7-series. Will you get it for me." He just started laughing in her face. She of course…walked away.

    I, for one, could not believe she had the audacity to come up to some dude she has never met and ask for a 7 series. Like seriously? I mean maybe it's worked for her before…idk…but i for one have no respect for women like that. Have some pride!

  23. Great post. Per usual. You know me, i'm tricking cause I got it. However, a gold digging ho and my money are soon parted.

    Also, per usual it took me 40 minutes to read these comments from such long winded people. I'll holla!

    Smoke something.

  24. Lawd, how did I miss this little nugget of a post today? Dang job…..

    Anty-who, I'm not gonna re-hash a recent comment I put on RSB's website, but we got into it rather thick about golddiggers over there as well. Here's the thing: there's a lot of silly hoes on what I call the "coochie comeup". They're not ballin' on their own. They didn't grow up rich. Hell, a lot of them didn't even grow up middle class. Not that there's anything wrong with growing up poor, but it removes the excuse of wanting to "maintain the lifestyle to which they are accustomed". They know for a fact that their education, abilities and talents aren't enough to get them where they want to go. Which leaves them 2 options: the lotto and their coochie. Many of them try both just to be on the safe side.

    A golddigger will tell herself and others many things while waiting for her coochie comeuppance. She's traditional. She's worth it. Her presence will be the sunshine of your life. Sorry, but I gotta call bullsh*t. And it's stinking up this here comments section.

    Truly traditional women are a rare breed. We all have some things that we're traditional about, but if your version of "traditional" ends at him paying and you putting out and cooking, you're not traditional. You're a golddigger.

    "He needs to pay for me to bless him with my company/ good looks/ I upgrade him/I'm worth it" – Unless you're offering free legal aid and cleaning this man's home you're selling azz. Simple as that.

    "I'm wifey." – But not a wife. Again, you have nothing to offer but your presence and azz.

    Here's where I stand with this: a good man wants a partner. It's not 1950, and 2 incomes are required by most households to maintain at least a middle class lifestyle. The economy is iffy, and even under the best of circumstances most men want to be with a woman who can hold them down if the worst were to happen. Fancy finance job that paid you six figures out the window and you're stuck jobless for 9 months? That dude WILL get back on his feet, but who do you think he wants at his side – a "traditional" chick or a go getter with her own income stream? You can't wash and cook your way out of the recession.

    ALL women look at a man's income and earning potential. But a good woman is making sure you're a viable PARTNER, while a g/d is making sure you're a viable meal ticket. But, to each his/her own. I've said this before: dating is a darwinian adventure. So for those who have an income requirement for a first date – by all means, sistah….do you.

  25. Wow, interesting. Let me begin by dispelling the big girl myth here. I used to be a big girl never anywhere close to 300lbs but big nevertheless. I dated ballers, met and married a Pro Bowl DB (tall, narrow with eight-pack) who played for over 10 years in the NFL. I was not the only big and pretty girl at the NBA weekend, ProBowl, Superbowl. It's about how you are looking, acting and carrying yourself.

    As for the gold-digging, as Billie Holliday said, "Thems that got shall get, thems that not shall lose." Ladies, get your own stuff and get some pride. Asking a man to pay your light bill is ghetto-fab without the fab.

    Offer to pay for a movie ticket or buy a meal every now and again. The first year or so when I was dating this guy, I refused to let him pay my way on vacations and such because I wanted to let him know I was in it for him, not the check.

    And ladies, I don't care how fine you think you are, a man who is consistently coming out of pocket is going to start wondering if you are really worth it… better be sure you are.

  26. @streetz
    no I'm not whoring for a meal if I'm wifey…..obviously. wifey= not whoring.

    I see your point on the pump fake as a measure of good etiquette. I suppose there is merit in showing that respect. But after all it is just a "fake" so not only are you STILL paying but you actually believe I was going to pay? LOL A woman should actually respect her man. Not just pretend to.

    I agree that a woman should be dynamic in her own right and able to support herself if need be. What else is going to keep a man around? We can't be young and hot forever….and sex gets boring, we have got to have more to offer than what's between our legs.

    1. "no I'm not whoring for a meal if I'm wifey….obviously. wifey = not whoring"

      But you haven't refuted the point I made that expecting the meal until ur a wife is by definition whoring…exchanging your time for an expectation of something of financial value.

      You ever consider that one of the ways a guy of means remains affluent is that he does not trick off all his money to the women he dates?

  27. "We’ve all met this chick. She’s the one that comes to the club with just enough money to get by. "

    There's your problem right there. Your dating chicks you meet at a club.

  28. Nobody is pointing out what ends up happening if you lock the guy down though.

    From my experience having been married, as well as having lived together, and working in the divorce biz., reading "true wife confessions" LOL.. usually once the relationship is more established, and you are co-habitating or married, the woman does FAR MORE than her share in maintaining the marriage and household. Most men fall off on doing the extra thoughtful things, doing their part in the household, and often even staying tuned in emotionally.

    I don't think it is too much to ask, for the man to at least pay for your dates during courtship. I mean, come on. And lets keep in mind, many woman in these relationships that do go further than dating, do work full time, and take care of the cooking, household, dr appts for children, shopping, EVERYTHING but that income the husband brings.

    I think you men should look at it is "paying it forward".

  29. Wait hold on a minute… since when have women in my generation known how to cook? I thought that has fallen to the wayside because nearly every chick I meet doesn't know how to cook and damn sure doesn't want to learn. And I'm not talking about a basic ass meal of poorly seasoned meats with mushy Rice-o-roni, I'm talking some real food.


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