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Summertime Pt. 4: AYO Technology – 21st Century Pimpin



In this century, technology serves as a valuable asset. With computers, phones, social networking sites, and different modes of transportation, you can live in any city and still remain connected to friends and family all over the world. They even have Wifi on airplanes now! Along with technology, the pimp game changed and adapted to these current times. The act of courting, conversing, and hooking up meeting sexy, intelligent, freak chicks individuals has a new, fresh, and a futuristic look! Since this summer series focuses on maximizing your enjoyment and overall seasonal experience, it would behoove me to mention the different methods of 21st century pimp game and how to utilize these tools in your daily endeavors:

Twitter – The gift and the curse of current 21 century pimpin. Twitter offers you a variety of options, from twitpic to twichat to twitcam, you can convert your cell phone into a mini laptop and have the world at your fingertips. You can respond to many people at once, keep convos brief (hey only 140 chars.), and send the infamous DM when the conversations get too hot for the public timeline. To follow someone on twitter is harmless, because we all seek followers with which to converse. Buyer Beware: There are many ways you can get caught out there on twitter, and anything you say can and WILL be retweeted. Streetz Tweetz is watchin and if you don’t believe me, FOLLOW!


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Instant Messaging (Gchat/AIM) – Instant messaging brought textual intercourse to the next level. You can speak with a potential all night delight love interest at your leisure. You can convey your emotions graphically with smiley faces after all of your phrases (c) Jay-Z. It also gives you the flexibility to answer when you want, control the conversation, and multitask. You even have people who just exchange screenames (including twitter names!) instead of phone numbers. Access control is a blessing in 2009! Buyer Beware: Always be aware of the Pros and Cons of Digital Communication before engaging in said behaviour.

SmartPhones – No shots, but anyone with a flip phone in 2009 is officially a caveman. Whether you own a BlackBerry, Palm Pre, iPhone, Sidekick(for the 17 and younger club, YES shots), G1, or other, smartphones have revolutionized this pimp game for men and women. You can store a phone number, label the contact information with notes on how you met the person and certain stats in case you forget, use your phone web browser to google restaurants, use GPS to find directions to someones crib, and play Pandora off your phone to get in the mood just because. Thank tiny baby Jesus for picture mail too. These new phones allow for a dynamic living experience, and made the arduous tasks associated with courting simple. There’s a app for everything!

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Video Chat – Church.Tabernacle.Synagogue.Temple.MOSQUE!! As a youngin’, I always watched the futuristic shows (Star Trek, Jetsons, etc) and wished that one day I could use this technology. Now thanks to the miracle of modern technology (and a respectable internet connection), this is possible. There’s nothing like conversing with someone attractive online and “switching to video”. You can talk, see reactions, what they’re wearing, what they take off, and even share photos and other videos while in a conversation (Apple, FTW!). The pimpin possibilities are endless!! This technology is the Ultima Weapon for pimpin, but use this with great care. As with cameras, flip cams, or every other recorded device, if you got grimy people chatting with you and have a desire to wild out, well, let’s just say political office MIGHT not suit you.

SBM Fam, Any other 21st century technology I missed? What are some more pros/cons of using these methods of communication? Am I just a glorified voyeur? Speak on it!!

Streetz: Mr. Write Now


  1. Just a quick word about when technosexy goes bad…

    Don't be that girl/guy activating the GPS 'Where you AT?' chip in your S.O.'s phone

    Don't Cyberstalk. If someone has cut you off, don't leave messages on their blog, twitter, facebook page. Quit lurking on AIM waiting for them to log in. As a friend of mine says, "Don't make me go completely stealth mode on you"

    Fellas, make sure a sista wants to see you oiled up, wearing chaps and dancing naked before you initiate your XXX video chat. Also make sure no one else is coming in the room. Might wanna make sure you aren't broadcasting live to the web. YouTube is the TRUTH!

    Learn how to hit mute on your video chat. When you step away for a bathroom break, that's too much sharing!

    Keep your Cyberdates straight. Don't be 10 minutes into the IM before you realize you have NO idea whose screenname this is… (guilty!)

    And for the creepin', sneakin', side-piecin', jump-offin' folks, you need to get some 007 about yourself if you can't act right. As hard as you're trying to cover up, someone is trying to bring it to the light. May want to password-protect/encrypt/lock down your technotoys. Don't go out all Gov. Sanford, no one needs to read your Lifetime Movie of the week love notes to the side piece..

    1. 1000% cosign!

      As for ur sn problem: give those ppl nicknames. That way you wont have that issue. Sometimes windows pop up and/or i write msgs to the wrong ppl. Damn that send button!

  2. @OneChele

    "Keep your Cyberdates straight. Don’t be 10 minutes into the IM before you realize you have NO idea whose screenname this is… (guilty!)"

    LMFAO! How the fuck did this happen?

  3. @OneChele

    "Keep your Cyberdates straight. Don’t be 10 minutes into the IM before you realize you have NO idea whose screenname this is… (guilty!)"

    LMFAO! How the fuck did this happen?? SMH

    1. Too many screennames, so little time! I was chatting with a TonyP and an AntoineP and damn if I didn't keep mixing the two of them up. My game is rusty.

  4. GoogleVoice is about to change the game. You can give someone a number WITHOUT giving them a number. This means they can reverse look-up all they want, they will never know where you really live. They can have their friends at the various cell phone carriers look you up and still never find you.

    I know a guy who has an extra phone line in a jack in his basement. His wife doesn't even know the jack is active. He doesn't keep a phone plugged. Now, he doesn't even have to bother to forward the calls from the number or give it out. He can just give them his GVoice number.

  5. You reminded me how "meh" I was about that song, "Ayo Technology". Which, reminded me. WTF is an "Ayo"? I would've looked it up when the song came out, but since I didn't like the song, I wasn't really interested in looking into it. I forgot how that dayum song went, actually. lol

    Since the days of Facebook news feeds, I've noticed how much my voyeuristic nature has increased. I've always been sorta a people-watcher on the sly (hey, I'm a writer…it's research! lmao), but Facebook has taken that to a whole 'nother level. I remember when those feeds first came out there were petitions to stop it and now it's accepted all over…even encouraged, it seems.

    One major thing I think folks needs to be careful of is posting certain pics on Facebook as everyone and their Mama has one now. Literally the Mama (not mine yet, booyah). Some grandmas too. And even more importantly, your boss. Don't call of work saying your cousin and 'nem died, then your boss finds those pictures of you grinding some dude in the club. Same with lyin' to the missus or your guy. Which is just stupid nowadays. Because even if you don't confirm when someone tags you in a not-so-good-for-your-relationship picture, they're still gonna know it's you. lol Especially if they're friends with them, too. Like you gon' be like, "Um, that ain't me baby, you see my name in the Facebook pic tag? No? Then it ain't me! I know he sorta look like me, but we Black folk all look alike. That ain't me! The tag is gospel!"

    1. Cheekie,

      As in,

      Ayo!! Dog, I meet b*tches, discrete b*tches

      Street b*tches, slash, Cocoa Puff sweet b*tches (WHAT?)

      Make you wanna eat b*tches, but not me

      Y'all ni99az eat off the plate all you want but not D (UHH)

  6. Streetz let my silence be a reminder that I HATE you for this post. I work in a place where I can't talk on the phone. I also don't get home until 7pm if not later. When I get home, I eat, talk ish with my roommate and go to sleep. EVRYONE wants to talk to me on the phone, I just don't have time. With gChat I can talk to a bunch of people at the same time, as with text/IM/twitter.

    I shouldn't have to explain myself to you… you are clearly in violation of the G Code.

  7. There is one important part of "pimping" that Technology has ruined for me several times in the past.

    Ever got off the phone with "I'm tired … I think I'm going to head to sleep". Well, there is a 50% chance I'm not actually going to sleep, but several woman have cited twitter or comments on this site as proof that I was awake. I mean … damn … can you stop e-watching me!

  8. sbm…those are called stalkers.

    I love the tech too but really sad to hear my flip/touch from VfromHellzon aint givin me what I need. Way too often is it….

    "who is this….

    where i meet u from….

    what u look like….

    nah homie I dont know you


    …….oh snap was that the sexy candybar I met @ WET?!?!

    ::REDIAL:: "

    wrong (outdated) technology gets me in trouble sometimes too

      1. Yup they can, but there's a trick, (i have the Storm btw) and if u just leave your screen up and don't touch it at all, u can read without them knowing. But even the slightest tap of the screen, they kno u read it homie! lol

  9. This is somewhat of an oldie but I'm adding it because it's still within the 21st- the old faithful text message which has systematically allowed guys to ask girls en masse "can I come through" and go with the chick who responds first. It decreases rap time exponentially- gotta love a timesaver. Plus unlike video chat or a phone call, when you text, women can't tell the level of sincerity (or lack thereof) in your message. Personally, I am not a fan but hey.

  10. with all the technology in the world, nothing beats seeing a sexy ass woman in person then getting her number……….but technology helps with meeting those women you may have never seen in real life….AND HELPS A LOT.


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