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Slim’s Thoughts: Real Housewives of Atlanta



This past weekend I took some time out of my less than hectic schedule to sit down and watch Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). I’ve been hearin’ a lot about this show on Twitter and in casual conversations with predominantly Black women. I really didn’t understand what the big deal was…until I sat down and caught 4-5 episodes. The show is a helluva lot better than Tiny and Toya, which I was only able to stomach about 10 minutes of before I felt my IQ plummet. Actually, I don’t even think the 2 shows are in the same league. I almost started to take the name “Tiny and Toya” and its BET f*ckery out of this post, but I figured mentionin’ it would make people feel some sort of way. Anyhow, I came to a conclusion after 4 hours of RHOA:

It’s a pretty effin’ good show, but I hate the reasons that I enjoyed it.

I consider myself a pretty intellectual individual. I don’t mean sittin’ down with a calculus book for fun or sippin’ tea and eatin’ crumpets while chattin’ with Skip Gates. I mean that I like to have my mind and other parts stimulated and that if I sit down to watch a show for hours that it’s goin’ to have some redeeming value. Even with a show like 24 or The Wire, I could admire how the writers put together each episode. This isn’t necessarily sumthin’ that I’ve been able to do with reality television. Quite honestly, I haven’t really been into reality tv since like Real World and Road Rules like 8 years ago. I watched a little bit of Flavor of Love because I was intrigued by the ignorance. I think I partially fell into the trap of watchin’ RHOA for the same reasons.

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Take NeNe and some of the flamboyant gay men off the show and I’d probably change my previous statement. Then again, take NeNe and some of the flamboyant gay men off the show and people, myself included, probably wouldn’t watch it religiously or fiendishly. As I was tuned in, I found myself in the trap of wonderin’ “What type of tomfoolery, ignorance, and f*ckery am I gonna see next?” There’s nothin’ like an excessively strong and almost comical personality to hold up the popularity of the show, while the other characters supplement and provide somewhat worthy storylines. If I were to rank the remaining characters in order of their level of interestingness (Not even sure if that’s a word), I’d have to say Kandi, Sheree, Lisa, and then Kim bringin’ up the rear. And no, it’s not because she’s white. It’s because if all of them were to spin off their own shows, I think her show would flop and fizzle the quickest. I’d almost be willin’ to put money on it that NeNe will get her out spin off.

Maybe the genius of this show is what happens when all these characters come together. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s always interestin’ to see a room full of bold women who all think they’re fly and have goods (Whatever they may be) to flaunt. We know that sparks are gonna fly at some point. In the case of this show, they’re not competing for a man or a dream job. They’re competin’ for the camera. I could give 2 sh*ts who they’re married to or how they came across money. I just wanna see what type of ignorance and recklessness is gonna happen next. I’m still tryin’ to figure out if I’ve compromised my IQ by watchin’ for as long as I did. I guess I’ll see the results over the next few weeks. Come to think of it, I answered a lot of the questions I had about this show in writin’ this out. I guess this ish really is therapy sometimes.

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I’m guessin’ that most of the people who visit this site have heard of or watch the show. What are your thoughts? Is it pure ignorance? Is it mind-stimulating goodness? What do you think of the different characters/personalities? I’m curious.

Reality Blogger,

slim jackson

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  1. Its all about entertainment. Most of my friends can't stand the crap I watch, and I can openly acknowledge that it is indeed pure crap. It does however, entertain me. I do find myself tuning in just to see what's going to happen next and who's going to offend who, and who else is gonna trust Kim and get pissed later when she runs around talking about them in the streets.

    "…I hate the reasons that I enjoyed it." takes the words right out of my mouth. I wont even admit that its a good show, but I do enjoy it and hate that I do. I would think I could spend my time better, but why? This ish is funny!

  2. I love the show and I'd love for Dwight to get a spin off.. he's so flamboyant and I just wait for the next audacious thing to come out of his mouth.

    I love NeNe and Kim… Sheree is suffering from delusions of grandeur, Kim is a crack nut and Kandee is gullible and cute.

  3. I couldn't begin to say why I watch the show. I've never watched religiously, however if its on I'm going to pay attention and tweet about it as well. One thing about RHOA, is I'm not embarassed as much when I watch, as I am watching some other shows. I truly just think its hilarious mindless television, but then again I watch the RHOO,RHONY, RHONJ as well,and know RHOA aren't doing anything more ridiculous than their counterparts. I'm sure that's part of the comfort as well.

  4. I used to have a ridiculous tv-crush on Deshawn (who is married to that nba dude, forgot his name). That lady just oozed class and elegance. And she just seemed so damn nice. I'm not one to be all into the loud black 'suburban-rats'. Sometimes I get caught into it, like if a girl is watching it and I'm around, but then I just stop and think……..why the f*ck am I watching this?

    oh yea, that new girl Kandi, I'm LOVING HER LIPS. After I saw her on youtube dancing with fantasia, I've become a fan of hers.

  5. Deshawn from the last season is actually a minister. I dont watch this show but I watch other tomfoolery from time to time. I think when you work hard all day, sometimes you wanna come home and watch some sh!t that doesnt make you think. I mean you just spent between 9 and 12 hours thinkin, who wants to come home and do the same thing that they just did at work

    1. I feel you on this thought process good sir. I watch a lot of entertaining stuff at home…including Family Guy and South Park. Both of which are tv shows that don't require me to think but provide immense amounts of laughter.

  6. I personally don't really like the show YET, I still watch it and have my DVR set for every Thursday night. I find myself reading these characters the riot act via the television. RHOA has shown me that I'm not just insecure…there really are people that will smile in your face but, all the time they want to take your place (does O'Jay'esque spin).

    Every Thursday @ 9pm I'm taught how to spot a BOUGHETTO-a$$ faker a mile away (read: found a rich simp to move her outta the hood). RHOA has affirmed what I always thought to be true-women you call your friends because of a fickle, chance meeting will instigate, manipulate and bad mouth you with anybody who has an open ear. I've also learned that the disdain people have for you will drive them to befriend another with those same feelings (refuse to say "haters" *shudders*) with no rhyme or reason.

    See Slim, reality TV can be educational!!! Plus Bravo has some of THE BEST reality shows on TV (ever seen "Flippin Out"? I just love me some Jeff Lewis)

    FCUK Bigotry Enlightened Television, I never even thought to tune into "Tore-up and Turrible" (read: Tiny and Toya) or Frankenstein and Nefugly but, I died when my 5 year old's exact words were "Mommy, she got hair like a doll baby…but I don't like her face!" (read: Frankie, she ugly) I refuse to watch that dribble!

  7. I lambasted myself for watchin it, and its actually entertaining. I said on twitter the other day that RHOA is the dos and donts of "Just throw it in the bag" lolol

    Gr8 post tho!

  8. I've seen the reunion episode and the one before that. I refuse to watch another episode. Nobody cares what goes on in the lives of these birds…ooops I'm wrong.

  9. I find that most men absolutely HATE the show lol…i find it to be hilarious…some of them aren't even REAL housewives. Like Kim…she get's money from trickin off married men…now that's respectable! jk

  10. Same thoughts here regarding Kim not being married…and then Sharee being divorced. RHOA? The show is captivating though…unfortunately. LOL!

  11. Never seen it, probably never will, so I'll have to take your word for it Slim. Flavor of Love 2 and 3 was the only ignorance I could handle.

  12. Would I work on it, fukin A I would but I don't watch much of the contemporary reality shows, aside from HBO's Hardknocks I don't watch any non dramatic series on TV. As for comin home after work & not wanting to think shit that's why I watch Entourage!


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