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As humans, it’s in our nature to indulge. Gluttony is one of the 7 deadly sins, and we all exude these traits differently. We also have things we obsess, love, and care about that others may proclaim “Where Dey Do Dat At?!” These might seem like vices to some people, but to us they are things we love, and we don’t care what people say One man’s trash is another man’s treasure I suppose. Without further adieu,  I present some my top guilty pleasures:


I love to communicate (but I did comp sci in school, go figure). I write for 3 blogs and guest spot in others. I have over 20k tweets. I update like a MF, and rather text then call people at times. I remember the time before text message communication was popular and wonder now how I ever got by (like talking to people for real is as fun, lol). I also hated writing certain papers in school, and now writing  has once again become my passion. Some people think that I’m a cyborg because I can respond to emails, tweets, IMs, and texts in record time while never losing a beat doing other things.  I guess you can call me “Half Text/ Half Amazing”, hell my homie Brittani labeled me “Mr. Write Now”! Why Not?!!

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More than anything I love a challenge. I love putting my skills to the test against another individual #TWSS. Whether it’s sports, videogames, fitness, even fantasy football, I love to be the best and if I’m not, find out who’s the best and defeat them. I was the smart kid in school who never bragged about grades because “being smart was corny”, but always reveled in being top of the class or finding out how I could reach the top. I love to gamble not for the thrill of winning money but for playing the averages, testing my luck, and excelling in pressure situations. Mind you, my common sense kicks into overdrive, especially when money is involved. I can’t help but love testing myself against the best and getting better by the day. PSA I’m not a douche with it, its mostly internal.

Junk Food

I enjoy junk food. My inner fat child is named Hugo. I am a dollar menunaire and I’m proud. Popeye’s biscuits are orgasmic to me.  Secretly, the beauty of eating healthy is getting that one cheat meal where I can indulge in the greasiest, sweetest, caloric meals possible. Fried chicken is like ambrosia to me.  I kissed a cake and I liked it. This is more than food to me. It’s the combination of mind, body, and soul, forged together in chocolatey bliss. Yes this mode of thinking may conflict with my fitness goals, but I curb these cravings with dreams of the best shape possible.  I don’t let my obsession with these good foods that are bad for me derail me from my ultimate objective: Peak Physical Fitness. However at night, when I lie in bed, I close my eyes and dream… of that next meal. Sigh…

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ANYTHING Gucci mane/OJ Da Juiceman/random south hip hop single

I know I’m not alone with this assertion.  This has nothing to do with hip hop purity or lyrics or integrity of the genre. When I’m in the clubs, in the whip, or at home chillin and these tunes drop, I.Get.HYPED! Accordingly, my hype makes these men lyrical geniuses and their songs hip hop classics. I damn near crashed on the road in Dallas when I heard “Ice Cream paint Job” on the radio. Gucci and OJ have quite possibly the BEST ad-libs in hip hop today (Gucci! Aye!OK! Well Damn! BRRR!), and their songs are beyond catchy. Sometimes the lyrics make me laugh “I guess shawty mad he aint gotcha no mo/ So like Pinocchio I guess his nose gonna grow” or, they actually drop knowledge: “Girls are like buses/Miss one/Next 15 one comin” Their hooks on songs are beyond crazy too! Say what you want, but “Turn my swag on” was a club finisher for months, and there was nothing sexier than seeing this:


She walkin like a model/hand on her knees/scruuub the floor/she aint nuthin but a tease…

SBM Nation I ask you: What are your guilty pleasures? Is there a man or woman who have none? Are some of you living guiltless? Speak on it

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Streetz: Mr Write Now




  1. I just realized how much we have in common. Bloggers, who studied the same thing in school, who pledged the same Phrat, and I love me some ignant Down South music. That last one is the unique differentiator.

    You sure you just aint trying to be like me …

  2. I feel ya…sometimes a song is just about the beat…something to dance to…something to party to…drop the lyrics and only play the instrumental on a lot of these songs people are dissing and man! why does everything have to be about having a message and saving the world? I think people just like to throw stones..

    and popeyes biscuits ain't got nothing on the rolls from TX Roadhouse!

  3. My guilty pleasures in no particular order:

    Sexy shoes not unique but the need is deep.

    Winning at Scrabble – it's a fight to the death.

    Steamy romance novels – love 'em

    Ludacris tunes – I don't care how bad the lyrics get, he spits fire and the beat is always on. Even if he just guests on a verse, I must have it.

    Anything covered in quality milk chocolate – nuff said.

    Burrito bowls from Chipotle – carnitas and guac please.

  4. OMG…shoes…glorious, glorious shoes! Man…you just don't understand!! Give me 3-4 inch spiked heel stiletto strapped sandal that gives me that certain 'got dayum' in my walk and lawdy LAWD! MMPH! I'm gettin' the shivers just thinking about my latest shoe acquisition. Don't get me started on boots either. I can't WAIT til the weather drops down to 50 degrees so I can don my boots…they make my whole outfit..I can be wearing a plain black shirt and black jeans but dem boots..!! dem boots will speak to you!!…I just realized I sound like a crack fiend…wonder if they have S.A (Shoes Anonymous) *sigh*

  5. LOL @ The Gucci Mane "obsession". I've never heard a Gucci Mane song. That's right…NEVER. And I don't want to, cuz I'm scared I may end up likin' 'em too dang much, lol. I managed to avoid "Turn my Swag On" for a coupla months, too. A tough feat.

    My guilty pleasures:

    Bollywood movies/songs: I don't know if this even counts, bcuz I don't actually feel guilty about it, but sometimes I know I should, lol. *shrugs* And yep, I sing along, too

    Trashy chicklit/romance novels: Cosigning with OneChele on that one

    I used to really love big weepy ballads (Celine, Mariah, etc), but I think I've outgrown that now

    Twitter: I was such a twitter basher, but then I gave in *hangs head in shame* Still under 1000 tweets though

    Dr 90210, Nip/Tuck, and I'll give pretty much any show where people are getting sliced up/operated on on camera a chance. It's just so fascinating, I could watch for hours on end.

    French Fries with salt and black pepper, DRENCHED in Vinegar. Like, f'real…DRENCHED. That ish is good! I'on do it often though. It's hell on the breath, lol.

  6. Ah, Gucci. I would throw that Ice Cream paint job song in there for good measure. For all the good work that Kid Cudi, Common, Nas, et al do as far as appealing to the intellectual side of things, there's a talent people from below the mason dixon line who have gold teeth and no formal education have in making simple songs that get you hype. Might go back and listen to some old Master P and UGK, break em Off to start my morning.

  7. i'm right with you with the IM/Blog/Text. i went out friday night and i got caught in about 8 pictures. in 6 of those pictures i was checking my blackberry. lol

    junk food is also my vice. my female friends used to call me cookie monster in undergrad because i stayed with soft batch cookies. not much has changed since then except i've transitioned over to lorna doones. lol

    southern rap (gucci). i fucks with gucci. i listen to some great artists/rappers but for some reason i also like listening to gucci. not for the lyrical content but because dude is funny to me. i kind of went od on twitter yesterday too with the gucci lyrics. lol

    first name get some last name bentley's. stage name gucci, code name chilly (brrr), pockets so fat it kinda look silly

  8. Hmm…

    I would say pr0n in all its different genres from anime/hentai to retro (Golden Age) to homemade/amateur. I consume it all.

    Dress clothes. This one caught me by surprise since I hated dressing up as a young'n. Lately nothing gets me amped like a nice new suit. I have the physique and skin tone to rock any color shirt/tie I want to…and I do.

    Electronic gadetry. Just call me Inspector Gadget. I had to close the tab on a 120GB Multimedia player with Wi-Fi capability. That's enough room for about 40K hours of movies. I had the cake for it, but I'm tryin to kill unnecessary purchases. I have an internet tablet that I hardly use anymore and my netbook is on ice until classes start back up. I want to get a Lenovo X-Series laptop because you can flip the screen and write on it.

    I used to stan for chocolate. I would eat it all the time. I'm workin on replacing chocolate with fruit. So far so good.

    Comic books. My wish list in Amazon has some classics in it. I'm trying to be financially responsible, but the kid part of me says go ahead and buy all 4 volumes of age of apocalypse. RIGHT. NOW.

    I'm done.

  9. oh I'm none of those things: not obsessed with communicating–I had a slight FB addiction back in the day, and twitter is cool but I'm not LIKE THAT LIKE THAT. I am not competitive AT ALL and I don't really mess with too much junk food.

    now the music….you know thats my thing Streetz. I do like some southern club bangers but I can't cosign Gucci. we've already said his name more than three times so I'm afraid whats gonna happen next. LOL.

    my vices are: smut, in written or visual form–don't judge me :-), shoes, preferably heels even though I have flat feet and they MURDER me, and GOOD HOME-COOKED FOOD–which is almost always fattening. I'm not a big sweets person, but I'll beat DOWN some baked macaroni and cheese. oh, and I'm already planning to hook up some bbq babyback ribs next week–my second favorite food, pork ribs of course. I effs with the swine–I guess my other vice: bacon, ham, pork chops….I luvs it all.

  10. I hate texting. When I'm at a full keyboard…IM's are acceptable.

    Hmmm…my guilty pleasures:

    Porn that involves a lot of oil and booty meat

    Herbal libations…


  11. I can do nothing but cosign. You forgot my dude Plies son… Plies! What would we do without Plenty Money.

    In terms of text/im/blog/twitter, can I be honest and say that twitpic is moving up the list faster than fast?!

    @CPT – Chuuch on porn with oil. Nothing can be better. I once said to a girl, do you mind if I pour this whole bottle of baby oil on your ass by the pool?…. Lacey Duvalle, praise God.

  12. I share your love of social networking and junk food .I also love southern music and being born and raised in Atlanta doesn't help. Bubblegum pop is also a guilty of mine, Britney Spears, Christina, all of it!

  13. LOL @ Your inner fat kid Hugo….

    About the Down South music, I just moved back to Miami from Silicon Valley, and ever since, I've been the only one in the club who don't know how to

    'Swag and Surf" amongst other things. Its kind of embarrassing when you don't know the lyrics to a song EVERY1 in the club knows…including your crew…Sigh* I need to get up on it… lol

    But my guilty pleasure has to be Trashy reality TV…I'm so ashamed to admit it…But I watch them all…All the VH1's, the Bravos, FOX reality, MTV….all of them… LOL

  14. Yea down south music is a guilty pleasure of mine…Gucci, OJ, 3 6 Mafia, "slob on my nob, like corn on the cob." Nothin like sweatin it out to a bangin song…man i miss undergrad…I am also EXTREMELY competitive…but i can be a good sport about it…i'll just keep wanting to play until I win :)…um yea shoes, chocolate and when he….nevermind….

  15. I'm with you on southern hip-hop. Gucci, OJ, Dorrough–"i say, yeah buddy, rolling like a big shot. Chevy tuned up like a NASCAR pitstop." lol. salty junk food (sour cream & onion Lays…Mmmm), social networking, and 80's pop.

  16. I've said it before, and I'll say it again–

    Gucci Mane looks like a gargoyle. And he sounds like a retard. Yet I rock to "Break Up" because Mario is on the hook *hangs head* Likewise, a guest spot from Ludacris can save ANY song.

    This gem might change your mind about southern hip hop though. lol

  17. Let's see odb, naughty by nature, m.o.p, black moon, redman they was deep? Digital underground rite they was so deep wit "dowhatchalike" point is gucci mane and em suk like vacum cleaners. Why can't they make good music?

    Here are some more rappers I guess was too deep back in the day. Biz Markie, Lost Boys, again these cats made more or less party songs that were good they just happened to be party music.And I suppose Slick Rick n Doug E Fresh had us runnin to the dictionary on the reg. Not wavering on this them cats make awful music.

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    I will back here again… Wish you all the best and will come back at this blog

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