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Let it be known that this is the fourth draft of my Latino Heritage Month post. It’s so many things I could write. I first wrote a post that had a lot to do with history and things, but I squeezed that one. Then I wrote a post about why Latina over Black, I didn’t even like that one. Lastly, I wrote a post on why Black chicks hate on Latinas, I liked that, but then Diva told me to kill it, to keep it 100. I mean really what I wanted to do with this post was just give a moment of praise to the Latinas out there, who are doing their thing…

It all started in the first grade, my first crush in elementary school. She was Colombian. I can’t really tell you what it was about her, but I thought she was the baddest girl in all of school. It would later change in the fourth grade when I would get the opportunity to sit next to her for a whole advisory (this is called winning) and I found out that this girl did absolutely no work, no classwork, or homework and just said she didn’t feel well everyday. I busted my ass too hard to be bad to the bone and get good grades that I couldn’t have that.


My Latinas come in every color known to man, from vanilla to chocolate. Some taste like papayas and some have coconuts, but it’s all love though. In terms of appearance, I’d like to call them the true definition of versatility. I mean, IMHO, the two best moments of my life was when she took out the pin in her hair and it fell over her back, or when she went to take a shower and it was straight and came back and it was curly.

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I think that all the Latin languages are beautiful. I mean, what would porno be if it wasn’t for Portuguese? (#noshots) But on the real, Spanish is one of the sexiest languages to have spoken to you, or hear in passing, or to be able to speak even if just a little. I’ll go out on a limb and say that even that version of Spanish spoken only by 100% Puerto Ricans…. from The Bronx, NY, dique, is sexy. You know what I mean, the combination of English and Spanish that you only hear in the streets. Spanglish… (Pour out a little liquor, reach down and slap the floor after she walks by. Feel free to whistle.)


Last but not least, if you ever, ever wanted to get a book on catering to your man. I’m here to tell you that these Latinas have this one down pat. I remember sitting in the house as a child trying to figure out how my cousin got the rice yellow. “How come the rice is yellow?” – Young Dr. J. Anyway, now nothing beats coming home to rice & beans, platanos, some chicken and cold Presidente. Nothing… nope, zip zero, NOTHING. Nothing beats when you have that shorty who is happy to see you when you arrive home. Sitting there on the couch with some food prepared, in your dress shirt and some ankle socks, she flashes that big smile. Nothing beats that right there.

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Anyway this is my shoutout to the Latinas. Keep doing your thing. As only you can do, that’s why you doing what you doing. Fellas do me a favor, please share a story or even thoughts on why you think the Latinas are doing their thing. Ladies, don’t hate, congratulate. And as much as it pains me to say this, feel free to share a story or some characteristics from the Single Black Woman seeking Single Latino Man side.

PS – What Rosa Acosta has done to the game right now is so unfair?  She is not allowed to have that hair, that body, those abs and that voice.  Oh my lawd.


  1. That's what I'm talking about…just give them their props…don't make it a competition. Especially because I didn't realize we hated on latinas…

    but anyhoo…

    Can't say I have any seeking single latino male stories…but I still think Antonio Sabato Jr is hot…that is all, lol.

  2. Are we beefing with the Latinas? I wasn't aware of it. I will say that my younger brother is married to one and it is none of the wondrous, sexy, catering good times you've described above.

    I did date a Dominican guy who pitched in the majors. Quite an eye opening experience. there are definite cultural divide issues in gender roles. Fun while it lasted though, he had a simmering Jimmy Smits thing going for him…

    1. It seems like Black men are always talking about how some woman from another race (white, latina) is catering, submissive, etc.. or more so than Black women.. Where do these notions come from?! Just wondering…

      1. Because all men like to be catered to and ours believe we do less of it than women of other races. And you know what– I cannot say they are wrong. It mainly depends on the type of women they deal with. I know plenty of Black women (and other races) who cater to their men, and plenty who do not. Again, men continue dating the wrong type of females and they are the poster children for all Black women. Then again, Black women continue dating the wrong type of men –i.e. men who don't deserve catering– and don't know how to act when we DO encounter men who deserve it. It's a terrible continuous cycle in the Black American community.

      2. But I liken it to how lots of Black women complain about how many of our men consider us gold diggers when we desire mates who are doing well and will be good providers. When Black women do it we complain that we are usually chastised by our own men, but when white women (or really women of any other race) make it clear they want a man who can provide society deems their stance straight forward and smart.

        That isn't true; that's simply us dating the wrong men. I know plenty Black men who are grinding now to make sure they will be in a position to allow their wives to stay home once children are in the picture. There may not be as many with that attitude, but we don't encounter those men because we continue to date the wrong ones.

        1. "t seems like Black men are always talking about how some woman from another race (white, latina) is catering, submissive, etc.. or more so than Black women.. Where do these notions come from?! Just wondering"

          It comes from the fact that their culture dictates that as a norm. As a person who has experienced being around women like this in college, they do make quite and impression. That isn't to say they don't have their faults, but most of the time when I'm in the presence of Latinas, they always ask am I hungry and have no problem whipping up a meal for me. It's almost like no sweat. With a lot of sistas, I'm usually getting badgered to take them out somewhere to eat. Not saying all, but Latinas will make sure "their man is fed" and if that means making some Goya beans and rice will do the trick, that's what they'll do and I never hear any b*tching about it. My next door neighbor was from Panama and like an Aunt to me. Even when I went over to the house the other day, she made a plate for me and her husband and said "You know I couldn't let my men go starving." That's one of the simple things that makes a man feel good. Just saying…

        2. Actually, I think we need to distinguish here, Caribbean and African women are among the most catering (almost to a fault). One day my fiance and I were visting my papers for dinner. I made a plate for him and forgot to give him a napkin. My grandmother gripped me up like I was 10 yrs old again and asked me what was wrong with me and to stop acting like I hadn't been raised right. (Haitian grandmothers keep it real).

          Anyway, this who Black woman don't cater to their men is absolutely ridiculous.

        3. I would relegate that to some Black American women. Mostly the ones from the North. The ladies I know from down South definitely know how to cater. West Indian women also know about making their man feel good.

          Also, I wouldn't call it being submissive, but caring. There's nothing like coming home to a home cooked meal. There's a way to do that without coming across like an indentured servant.

  3. I think whats so hot about Latino's in general is that they seem to have very close roots to thier histories.. especially for Black people.. here we are, we can't tell you anything about where we came from.. who we came from.. what language we spoke (generalizing here).. but a group of (fine) Dominicans can walk by just chattin away in espanol.. it's sexy and it's heritage..

    Latinos are exotic too.. coming from some of the hottest (temp) countries .. those accents.. I can't resist.. I would get a PR or Dominican man in a HOT second.. but there aren't many of those lying around Ohio..

    Anywho.. why hate?! I realized as I was reading you were giving props to Latinas w/o throwing shade to your black girls.. why should anyone else!?

    If you don't like latinos.. have one of them whisper mami/papi in your ear.. it's a wrap!!

  4. I am the only one who busted out laughing because you put a pic of Jenny from the Block in a maid's uniform (Maid in Manhattan game proper) above the paragraph about catering to your man??

    Seriously…must I greet you in a drab gray and white collared-uniform with a befuddled look on my face? Is that what you want to see when opening the door? LOL

    Anyway…No, no hate toward Latinas. Don't sell us short; we can appreciate the fabulousness of all women! The truth is, there are cultural differences that are appreciated (sometimes more so) by folks outside the particular culture(s). Hell, men get excited when I mention that I am of Jamaican heritage. I guess it's the prospect of getting all the jerk, curry, and oxtale you could possible desire without having to wait in line at a Caribbean restaurant. LOL

    And yes, Dominican men are yummy. Haven't dated one, but I've certainly admired. And Puerto Rican men…well…in an effort to be as ladylike as possible, all I will say is…if you haven't…do yourself a favor. 🙂 LOL

    I've known Latinas with the same fiery, "ghetto" attitude that many claim the stereotypical Black woman has (i.e. girls who will only touch a plate of food if you're setting it before them lol), and I've known lovely Latinas similar to the women you described- nurturing ladies who truly cater to their men*. They're as diverse as we are and are all lovely.

    *On a side note, touching on what another commenter said above: I will say that I believe some of that stems from machismo, the dominant alpha-male attitude that is ingrained in Latin culture. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with submitting to the RIGHT man (let the church say amen), most Latin cultures do have strictly defined gender roles which usually require women to cater to the men in their households and families, even if they don't receive similar treatment in return. Of course this isn't the case for everyone, but it's rather common.

  5. People think I'm Dominican all the time (caramel skin, very thick curly hair) and often come up to me speaking Spanish. It is quite comical. But anyway, that whole "catering to their man" thing, lets not be to hasty to generalize. I have plenty of CRAZY latina friends who cheat, lie, and are physically abusive to their husbands and boyfriends. They run their lives and embarass them in public. I realy hate when people have idealized views and make assumptions on a whole culture/race/nationality of people.

  6. Nice post. I'm looking forward to reading your next post…the one where you talk about all the things that are great about sistas.

    IMHO, I don't think that black women are nearly as fascinated by non-black men as black men are by non-black women. I think it was to do with hair.

  7. I had a Latino girlfriend for awhile. She was actually Guatemalan. I was fascinated by the hair and the thought that if we pro-created then my child would have some fiyah hair. I don't know that I would have been all upon her if I met her in the streets but I knew her from college. She had a crush on me the entire time I was there but I had a girl.

    We ended it because it was too many cultural differences. Like her dad told them Disney was the work of the devil. All the movies, theme parks, etc. Me personally I like Disney world and would want to take my kids.

    She didn't believe in child care and wanted to stay home with the child (no working) until they could talk. In case child care did something to them, they could say what happened. I have no problem with her staying home but who knows how long until the child can put a full sentence together.

  8. While I can def is the whip appeal Latinas have making the brothas go wild, I wish I could say the say for Latinos. All my encounters have been, well, a bit difficult. Let's just say that cut buddy might stalk you for about, ummm three months….

    1. Co-sign! I met a cute one who works at the grocery store. He called me 3 times in one night, late at night, like he knew me, SMH

  9. I know this post is meant to celebrate the Latina and I can appreciate that. And maybe this is just the way I'm seeing things but it appears to me that whenever black men speak on women of other races all they can see is everything wonderful about them. When it comes to black women, all they can see is all that's wrong about us. Everyone claims they don't like generalizations but we all make them and often they are based in some sort of truth. I don't think black women hate on Latinas as the author stated. What many hate on is never being given credit and always being pushed to 2nd class citizens or less by our men. I can't think of any other group of men that disrespect or find fault in their own the way black men do. Yet, if you say one thing negative about them, you're wrong. This is certainly the new double standard. And why does it pain the author to hear about the Latino men? We can celebrate them too right? Don't hate, celebrate, right? The way they work hard, speak that same sexy language, stick with their family no matter what, when they are down for you, they are down. They have "good" hair and maybe women would cater to them because they some how understand that you are supposed to take care of your family and provide for them and not always want special kudos for doing it the way many brothers do. Brothers also have a lot to learn, not just us.

    1. I think the issue with a lot of black men who can only seem to find fault with black women is the fact that they want a good "traditional" woman (ie one who caters to them, cooks, cleans, is sitting on the couch with a plate of fried chicken waiting for her man to finish running the streets), that they dont have to work hard to get and can continue to treat however the hell they feel like (ie running the streets all day and night, not contributing anything (besides d*ck of course), cant be found when she needs some help or for someone to take care of her).

      Not saying that there arent black women out there who cater to non deserving men, but apparently it is more prevalent in other race groups…because I have YET to meet a man who treats me well enough for me to even consider catering to him…in fact, dudes I meet these days tend to want me to start cooking and shit for them immediately…like damn, can we go on a date first?? Can I learn a little more about you besides your name?

      1. "…in fact, dudes I meet these days tend to want me to start cooking and shit for them immediately…like damn, can we go on a date first?? Can I learn a little more about you besides your name?"

        GOOD POINT. My bf hit me with that when we had first started dating (before being "officially" together)…I just looked at him like he was crazy and changed the subject. lol It took yrs for me to cook and do serious cleaning- it's not something I could not do; it was something I refused to do before a man showed me and gave me what I needed.

        And forget what you guys may have heard: a woman who claims she can't cook will learn to cook for her man if he's a good man and she appreciates him.

        Some don't step up to the plate to deserve such treatment- that's why you don't have women cooking for you. The problems arise when women do these things at the drop of a hat for any and every man. If you do what you are supposed to do, I will treat you like the king you are.

      2. I am Dominicana and I approve this message.

        I love to do the "taking care of you" thing but not just for any old Joe! Hello, how about you show me you're worth the effort? Can I decide if I like you first?

  10. In high school, they were all over. I appreciate all women but defintely have love for the Latinas. Great to see the love. Men learn how to appreciate all women for what they bring to the table!

    Good Ish Doc, and Happy Born Day!

  11. I had a few latina friends in JHS but I wasn't as engulfed in their sexiness until I went to college up North. I met Dominicanas, Boriquas, Cubanas…they were usually friendly and I loved their accents, long curly hair and the kiss on the cheek they always greeted me with. What was also great was they had no problem cooking if it was the middle of the nite and I was hanging out with them. I never compared them to the sistas. The sistas in college were on some other other, but me and my boys used to hang out with everyone so it didn't matter.

    I took a few Latino studies courses and it was there that you learned a lot about Afro-latinos across the hemispheres. We all are related by a few drops of blood. Learning about the struggle of black cubans, brazilians and even afro-filipinos is interesting.

    Now that I'm back in DC, I don't have the rich mix of Latin-carribean ladies I was once around. There are more Guatamalan, Mexican and Salvadorian here, but they can't touch the ladies in the NYC tristate area or Miami.

  12. Woot woot Colombianas! I love the post in celebration of the history month- and of course your first crush was a colombiche- how could it not be?

  13. i've never dated anything but african american women. never really saw a need to. black women have everything that i could want.

    now while i don't necesarilly find most races attractive, i do have a thing for latinas. i just couldn't do it though. the cultural divide is one thing. and to keep it 100 they don't all look too hot after popping out a couple kids. which is why i love black women. they age so gracefully.

    1. You get so much love for that comment. Most African American women feel that way about our men…it's nice to hear one say it so matter-of-factly.

  14. "I mean, IMHO, the two best moments of my life was when she took out the pin in her hair and it fell over her back, or when she went to take a shower and it was straight and came back and it was curly."

    Lawd, here we go again with the "exotic" factor. It's funny that as much work as black women put into having healthy hair (whether it be natural, relaxed, dreaded, weaved, whatever) black men still never seem to appreciate it!

    I don't mean to sound bitter, because I do have what people refer to as "good" hair; it's very thick, jet black and can grow fairly long. I know that I'm attractive overall, but I have encountered many black men who seem to fetishize Hispanic and Asian women. I can honestly say that one of the things I admire about my boyfriend is that he is an unapologetic lover of black women–and his tastes aren't limited by skin complexion, hair, or butt size. Some of you may argue that that is discriminatory, but to that I say–how good does it feel to be with someone who you know is attracted to you just the way you are? Isn't it reassuring to be with someone who says you have beautiful hair even when you have new growth and a nappy kitchen? (lol) Who appreciates that you support him and have his best interests at heart, even if it does come off a bit bossy sometimes?

    Black men AND women need to give each other more credit, instead of giving up on each other and painting everyone with the brush that only applies to a few.

    1. Brownbelle:

      It might have struck a nerve but honestly, this fetishizing that is done is perfectly normal among all races. If you are someone who has traveled the world (like myself) and encountered different cultures and see the difference in different types of women, then it's easy to find something attractive or interesting about them. Your boyfriend can be unapologetic of black women, but who is to say the black woman is just an African American woman? I've met black russians, black koreans, black cubans, etc. There is some culture attached to the color. The thing that I do find more common when these discussions is the insecurities they tend to bring up. Like when you said:

      "Isn’t it reassuring to be with someone who says you have beautiful hair even when you have new growth and a nappy kitchen?"

      Yes, that's reassuring, but as someone who has to give that, a lot of sistas don't know how to take that and be cool with it. It's usually like:

      Me: I love your hair in its natural state

      Them: Ugh, I need to cut it, it takes so much dealing to do something with it…maybe I should relax it.

      Me: I think you're fine. I like running my fingers through it…

      Them: For real? I think I'm going to cut it anyways…

      Le sigh…

  15. I dont think catering to your man has anything to do with being Latina or Black..or w/e. I think it has to do with culture. If you are a female from a non-westernized third world background, catering to your man has been instilled in you from the day you began to walk. I'm Haitian and Jamaican and I use to have to cook, wash/fix dishes of all the men/boys in the house. Now, even though I'm a working professional putting in 50+ hrs a week to meet deadlines, I still do it…Can't help it.

    But I use to think of the Latina girls as competition for black men, then I totally dismissed it once I stopped looking for a particular type of man. Once you look across the board, there are a wealth of men out there. I find that men in general look date outside of their race because they are tired of the same ole'. I get a lot of "play" from white, Latin even Asian men. Weird huh?? lol.

    But some of my best girlfriend are Latina and they deal with a lot of the same issues black women do. Like my best friend, she's from Peru…She refuses to date Latin men….Saying they are macho, disrespectful and jealous…I've said similar things about west Indian men…hmmm…lol

  16. I agree with Juicy Jen. If you come from a non-western culture as I do. You are instilled with the idea of family and a patriarchal society. So catering to your man is just a way of life, nothing to be praised for. Your family is your and if you don;t do it who else will. As someone mentioned above they appreciated latin culture because they know there heritage as well, something again that is probably exclusive black Americans. As for cooking, etc…many of these latin dishes are rooted in African culture.

    I am from Miami. I have dated more Latin men than black men. It's just been my experience, but they were usually the only guys to approach me. I have very dark skin, so they seem to appreciate it more so than any group of men I have encountered. I do appreciate all groups of people.

  17. This catering to their man sh!t is a myth. I think men only look at the latinas, and whites and asians that do cater to their man. Trust me, you do not want the wrath of an angry PR woman. She will put the Santaria on you.

  18. I'm going to have to borrow my man Ocho Cinco's phrase "Chile please." There is some serious T-Paining going on right now…

    @Peyso and others – I did a post on myths and I can tell you that for each one of these there is an exception, so yeah. But always remember these wise words, "Stereotypes come from somewhere."

    And Jesus Smesus… the post is not about Black women. It's not always bad news for the Black women, there's good too. I'm mad I wrote a post about Latinas, and Black women find a way to victimize themselves in it. You know what? In February i'll write one for you too.

    "I'm real happy for you, and i'm gonna let you finish, but Black women have been considered the greatest of all time… (shoulder shrug and walk off)" – Soul sistas on this post.

    1. I agree that stereotypes come from somewhere but at the same time you cant date a latina (or asian or white) and think they r going to cater to you simply because of their ethnicity. From what I hear and what I experience, women are all the same for the most part.

  19. the reason that latinas 'cater to their man' probably has more to do with the fact that they're scared not too and taught it's wrong to do anything other than that than any kind of "desire" to do so. this tends to be the case in extremely patriarchal cultures where 'disobedience' (aka, doing anything other than what he wants) is not allowed. the US hispanic cultures seem to be a watered-down version of these notions that still exist very strongly in hispanic cultures outside the US, but nonetheless it's easy to see that even here, that is what latina chicks are taught to do.

    which may make no difference to the average man, but it would kind of be nice to have a woman cater to you because she WANTS to and not because she's been taught all her life she's less of a woman if she doesn't..

    just a thought.

    1. Good thought… I was wondering that same, especially after reading someone's comment above about being fed by their neighbor. I think it's just two different ways of being raised- the black women vs. the Latinas… And I don't think black women dislike Latinas. Maybe it's how men put them on pedastals, sort of like how some of them put 2520s on pedastals like a black woman is the lesser choice.

  20. This inspired me to write a blog post (http://thenewlady.blogspot.com). I'm soooo glad you didn't go the usual route of bashing the sistas! I love it and I have no problem with my Latina sistas. As for that catering thing, I'll cater to you if you deserve it. I have no problem with it, I'm a southern girl after all! But, having a phallus doesn't qualify you to get pampered.

  21. I am a single (unmarried) black (black venezualan & black trinidadian) woman and my Columbian SO treats me like a QUEEN.

    carry on 🙂

      1. Just to dispel some myths

        I cant cook ( I actually just started learning so I can cook for my SO) I talked to his mom about this @ length and she said “Don’t worry about it I burned EVERYTHING for the whole first year of my marriage”

        Same with my mom she said when she first got married she could only cook rice lol

        They are both EXCELLENT cooks now but it wasn’t like OK mija your 3 here’s some sazon get it crackin’

        1. Lol, that's hilarious, and I can relate. Because I live alone I don't bother cooking too much, by the time I was 15 I was cooking for the house, but I think I'm out of practice.

          Imma ask my mom how she fared at first 🙂

  22. a few hot latinas you left off oyour list

    Zoe Saldana

    Dania Ramerez

    Christina Milian

    La India

    Gina Torres

    Had to rep for the Afro Latinas 🙂

    Viva la raza!

    1. I didn't want to make a list because I would have been here all day. And SBM squeezed my picture of Rosa Acosta… maybe it was a bit racy. Dania Ramirez…. I hear organs play when I think of her.

      1. I have no clue who Rosa Acosta is… off to google her… or maybe i should wait until i get home i am guessing i will be hard pressed to find a work appropriate photo.

        I LOVE DANIA and i am SUPER proud of her. When she was a struggling actress/model in NYC my bff and i interned @ her agency and IDOLIZED her from afar lol.

        Add some trumpets to your organs because she is even prettier in person 🙂

        1. I actually met Rosario Dawson in real life. Let me say to you, COOOOOOOTTT DAMMMMN. And her beauty is inside and out, a genuinely boss lady.

          If I saw Dania in real life, I might lose my feeling in my lower extremities.

          Me and my friends have still been debating between Dania Ramiriez vs. Kerry Washington.

  23. I didn't really see what the big fuss was about the Latino culture. Where I was from (NYC), Latinos were everywhere so I guess I didn't really find them that unique or exotic… to the point that I told myself I would never date a Latino man. Now that I'm about to marry one (go figure, right?), I am totally reneging on my previous feelings. I am starting to appreciate all the culture has to offer- the food, the music, the language, etc. And I'm not gonna front- hearing him say "hola mami" whenever we talk is kinda sexy.

    On another note, what Lili said, "And forget what you guys may have heard: a woman who claims she can’t cook will learn to cook for her man if he’s a good man and she appreciates him." is very true in more ways than one.

    Good post Dr. Jay

  24. Wow! As a native New Yorker I don't even know where to begin. The brown boys in school ALWAYS flocked to the Latina sistahs. I could never understand why, but it was more often the case than not. I've never heard of my Latina sistahs having issues finding a man, and we all know the mami's are extra fertile. I've never had a problem with Latina's, but my I have to admit Black girls from NYC have a long standing rule when it comes to yo' man and some Latin chick: keep them away from your man unless you don't want him for long. It sounds soooo ignorant but its true. Part of the reason I can never understand the Black mans fascination with White women is in part because I've always thought that they were way more infatuated with Latina's. And this post (in my opinion) has proved me right. Not hating just saying….it is what it is. I only hope I can see the day where Blackness and nappy coarse hair is considered a real treasured beauty and not a taboo subject just to make us sistah's feel good. I pray.


  25. Late in the day comment..nonetheless….I Loves Me some dominican men and to a lesser extent puerto rican men…which makes me real sad here (in the chi)…the diversity from home (nyc) just isn't here…or at least I havent found where they hang out yet…but please believe as soon as I do, i'm in there. And I may exoticising them just like my black brethren..but there is something about that complexion, the curly hair between my fingers, listening to the man speak…maaan…panties..thrown!

    1. [email protected] ..listening to the man speak…maaan…panties..thrown!

      Truth!!! Dudes from Central and South America have been a part of this Trini American South Central Los Angeles girl's life since she was born.


      1st Fiance- Afro Cuban

      2nd Fiance (LOL)- AfroDominican


  26. High Five to Latinegra! Don't know you, but I already luvs yah! lol

    My name is Dee, I am Afro-Latina (Dominican and Boricua), and I approve this message.

    Dr. Jay, you give my cousin a shoutout but not me!? I'll remember that when you ask for some pernil, arroz y abichuelas lol. And Streetz, I know you love us. Hispañola papi!

    Happy Bday boo =)

    1. Hi 5 Ms. Dee

      On another note

      I am confused how did a post showing appreciation for latinas (many of whom are black) turn into black man bashing??

      News flash folks the slave ships didnt just come to America


  27. Dammit Slim!

    Can you please raise up off of Latina girls' nuts. Por favor!

    Call me a hater all day, I don't care. I'm sick and tired of you black men and your sellout asses! Why can't black men just honor and revere black women!? We are the most self-loathing race of people, I swear…….

    I'm not saying that you have no appreciation for black women at all, but this whole love of the non-black girl is getting out of hand. I mean, really…how many sites do you think there are that have Latino men singing the praises of black women? Probably none.

    It just bothers me that men of every other race cherish and put their own women first. Except for us.

    Black people are doomed! Our asses are going to be extinct.

    FYI reggin…..I am a beautiful brown skinned chick with long, shiny hair down my back (my own, no chemicals), that blows and bounces in the wind, and turns to shiny, cascading tendrils when it gets wet. Because newsflash for your ass: some black girls have long hair too, that actually grows from their scalp.


    Stop being self hating coons, niccas. Gracias Papito!

    1. COSIGN! Me encanta Latina/os, but damn, they ARE NOT BETTER THAN US!

      LIGHT SKIN AND LONG HAIR DOES NOT EQUAL a better lover, partner, mother or friend.

      Black men are determined to dilute us aren't they!


  28. @PYTJD I'm in Chi Fuckin Town too…honey go west. Borica-ville is west on Division. Find other Latin dulce in Logan Square and Humboldt Park. If you like Mex – head to Pilsen (south of UIC). Hang outs, on the stoop, on the corner, etc. They're hood too. lol You'll be hit on and find your papi in not time Besos.

    1. I'm confused…who likes "Mex"? Have you seen their bodies? They are built like straight-up white girls. No ass and big tits…who wants that? Give me a sista with a round booty and I'm good!

  29. You obviously haven't dated a bad black woman from the south… fried chicken (or pork chops), collard greens, and mashed potatoes (made from scratch), trumps rice and beans with bananas any day! And that's word.

  30. Okay, let's be clear, I am a Brooklyn girl, Black/Panamanian, however, didn't grow up anywhere near my Panamanian folk. I cater to my man very well, if he deserves it or I see he needs it. If he's a good man, then yes he will be treated like a king. It has nothing to do with where you're from, north or south, or if you are spanish, black or white. It has to do with how you are raised. It's also known as being supportive and iis a given when one is in a good relationship, point blank.

  31. I am an African woman (born and bred in the motherland), we are raised to take care of our men to the nth (and then some) degree. HOWEVER, it is also instilled in us to take care of a man that is worthy of the love and care that only a woman can provide. Some of our men complain that we are not as adventurous as our foreign counterparts or as beautiful (yes, that is exactly how I heard it too) as our foreign counterparts…but they will admit that they are well taken care of by these non-adventurous/not so beautiful women. Those same men will always have a complaint, the man that loves the ABC woman, will later on complain that he wants a woman that does XYZ that his ABC woman does not do.
    Anyways, more grease to your elbow my brother for loving women of all creeds and kinds but please let us not get into a debate of "I want a woman from X part of the world because she will cater for me more than a Y woman would", that my friend is a stereotype that will land you in a tub full of hot scalding water (this happened to someone who decided that a non-black(the right term escaped me) was more submissive and easier to deal with than a black woman…one day chic snapped because of his dominating xter and bam, he was on the news with scars to proof it).
    I am of the belief that you fall in love with whoever the Lord permits but let your love for that person be because of them as a person and not what the stereotypes about their race present. Those misconceptions will only get your naive behind in trouble.

    1. I think you second paragraph was in err. Please note that at no point did I get into a X vs. Y debate. That's an argument that I think you developed based on feeling left out. Again, read my prior note about Lil Ma'ing… I'm not bringing anyone down in this post, only bigging up a certain group. I think it's fair to let them have a stage for a minute, wait your turn.

  32. The comments on your article from black women may have that feeling of "being left out" because Black women in America are hardly appreciated (I used to complain about men on my side of the pond but my eyes were really opened when I visited the US). There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating different races and groups (because at the end of the day we are all one), but like someone here said…no one celebrates/appreciates everybody else but their own like the Black man does, it is like praising someone else's child excessively and leaving your child to look on and from time to time you give your child the half-hearted "that's my boy/girl", just so they don't feel "left out".

    On the other hand, we have to remember that our race is so diverse (it includes, Afro-Latinos, Afro-Caribbeans, etc) so you have every right to celebrate any part of your heritage, because if I were to write an article here…I'd be celebrating my African brothers, because that is what I know and those are the ones that celebrate me. Once again Doc, more grease to you for the article. I apologize if it seemed like I was coming at you in my second paragraph. Have a good day.

  33. My dick don't discriminate. Every race got bad ass women. The only ones I don't fuck with / wouldn't ever marry are white women. Had too many bad experiences. God Bless ALL y'all fine asses. LBlack, Latin, Indian, or otherwise.

  34. "She Hate Me" is a top ten flick simply because of Kerry Washington and Dania Ramirez.

    Anthony Mackie is the luckiest muhfucka on Earth.

  35. I would like to know why black male don't like to go down and suck their females, I know that male hispanic can't live without it and they love the smell too.


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