Stop Leaning on the G-Code


The G-Code was put in place for men and women to have some sort of code of ethics when it comes to sex, dating and relationships. I’ll give you a perfect example of the G Code and how it differs by gender:

Me: If you were out and you saw your home girl’s man out on a date with another girl, would you say anything?
Mary: I would pick up the phone and call her as soon as I saw his trifling ass.

Me: If you were out and you saw your home boy’s girl out on a date with another guy, would you say anything?
Chuck: Naw man, must adhere to the G Code. Rule 5-2.1 – A man must only be caught cheating by natural causes. And the person catching should be the person he is cheating on.

Now what you have these days is a guy who continuously leans on the G Code to a point where it’s egregious and tacky. Let me tell you some situations that really bother your fellow wingmen. Here are the Ten Commandments of G.

  1. If my Misses and your Misses are close and you get caught cheating and the Misses even remotely believes I knew about it, that’s my ass, please be mindful.
  2. Calls and texts at 3AM to tell us “where you are” in case your girlfriend asks should be kept to a minimum.
  3. Do not make me aide and abide in your escapades. No I will not look her up on Facebook or MySpace.
  4. Never throw another man under the bus to save your own ass. Ain’t no “baby the reason why I only got 7 condoms when you bought a 12 pack is because Dr. J asked could he use five to smash some chick the other night.”
  5. If you make me play wingman for your escapades, I expect free drinks.
  6. When you get caught, you are only allowed 24 hours of shelter before I kick you out too.
  7. I am not responsible for keeping up with your many aliases or the names of your random chicks.
  8. Keep your hoes in line. I will not accept, “How Come He Don’t Love Me?” phone calls or conversations on the other side of the club.
  9. I will slap you in the head if you start talking about making your mistress, your wifey.
  10. If you Plaxico yourself, I will deny I even know you. If you are going to take a fall, don’t bring others down with you.
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Violation of these rules will result in fines, suspension, probation and even the death penalty. The Death Penalty: If a 5/6 of the fellas vote of approval is obtained we can and will leave you assed out as it pertains to protection. Truth be told many a men have had to lean on the G Code before. They’ve asked me, *innocent smile*, to keep their location a secret while they went spelunking on Spring Break with the fellas. I’ve had more of my boys “spend the night on my couch” than I should be able to admit. Am I lying about it? Do you think these commandments are all inclusive or am I missing some? Ladies, don’t get it twisted… you know that 9 out of 10 of these commandments are unisex.

– Dr. J


  1. All my friends know I'm the last one they want to use as a fake alibi. "What? Lisa told you she was coming up here to see me? I ain't seen Lisa since Brenda had that baby and Tupac told us about it."

    Bottom line: Keep me out of you mess.

    1. I am dying here!!! "I ain’t seen Lisa since Brenda had that baby and Tupac told us about it.”

      I agree with you 200%, keep me out of your nonsense. My girls/male friends know I will not judge them if they fall into some nonsense but they know not to use me as an alibi, I am such a bad liar, I mean alibi.

  2. I dont wana be an alibi, cos i believe what is bad is bad, dont compromise my own morals if i wont judge urs.leave me out of it, The best id do is not judge u

  3. I'm not saying a man should go blabbing and tattle telling on his friend, but I just don't understand why anyone would put themselves in a situation, just for a "G Code."

    I have had a "friend" use me as an alibi- she was cheating on her man with a chick but lied and told him she was at my house. First of all, I don't need your man thinking I'm gay.. Second of all, Don't put my name in situations that I don't know about.

    So when her man called me, I told the truth. I'm not lying for your a&&, so don't ask.

    1. "she was cheating on her man with a chick "

      She wasn't cheating

      Such actions should be encouraged.

      Did they end up staying together? I don't like liars.. but I would put up with it for a Bi shorty.

    2. nicki i might have to call shenanigans on this one…. you didn't have to tell the truth, you could have just said, "I think that you should be asking your girl that question not me."


      haha jokes…

  4. I agree to an extent. Clearly, men are more loyal to the "g code" than women. Guys are more loyal to codes than they are their women…ridiculous indeed.

  5. ITA with Nicki…I just want to know why people do it. I ask too many questions and you'll just get frustrated with me:

    Who is this dude?
    What does he have that John doesn't?
    Are you crazy?
    What did you tell John?
    Where are y'all really going so if this dude pops off I'll know where you are?
    What time you gon be back?
    What does he look like?
    What's his license plate number?
    Why? Are you crazy?

    After that she just got mad and called somebody else saying to me "I thought you were my friend", I said the same thing back to her. Me and my inner circle girls are tight and we are all in relationships…I wish one of them WOULD call me and ask for this bullshite! Homegirl is a fringe friend and has done this multiple times I can't help but wonder why she just doesn't leave John* but she can't because she "loves" him…o_O. My mind says John is stupid because he caught her silly behind before when he followed her heart says John must be stupid…AND IN LOVE because he caught her silly behind before when her followed her tail…smh..

    *Names have been changed to protect the innocent (lol)

  6. Ladies, don’t get it twisted… you know that 9 out of 10 of these commandments are unisex.

    This is true… for that reason I've had to check a few of my boys for leaning at times. Yes, I'm your homegirl and you can confide in me, but don't be an ass and put me in comfortable situations. Like don't call me at 3am on your way home from smashing out some chick to brag about said smashing and then the next day push wifey all in my face and ask me to "befriend" her cause you want her to be comfortable with your friends… I HATE THAT. Now I gotta look at this wide-eyed girl who has no clue the type of grimey dude she's dating and front like you're a good guy.

  7. I don't know ANY of my boys girls. Not a single one and I want to keep it that way. If I have met them, I definitely don't have their numbers and vice versa. They don't know mine either. Well wait, my cousin does know my main girl, but that's it.

    #7, lmao. One of my casual sex lady friends told me that it's not up to her to remember what names I have given her friends that I also have tried to………invade. That way, when they talk about me, I always seem like a different guy.

  8. Ya know, I've never had to cover for any of my boys. If anything, I had to turn a blind eye or tell my girl/casual pal to keep her mouth shut about what she saw with regard to my housemates.

    1. you hit a point that i didn't bring up. your roommates or boys chicks need to keep their mouth shut. your roommate will be smashing off some chick and you trying to do you and next thing you know your business is in the tweets.

  9. I'm sorry. I think y'all are the worst friends in the world. Or maybe I have the best…

    My ninja's don't care. We are wild animals. I will smile in your girl's face than hold open some booty cheeks while we fingercuff a jawn. If you are my guy, you are my guy and there is no limits to the lengths I am willing to go for you. B/c I trust my guys to never over use me. I do no dirt myself (hardly).

    1)keep your nose out my boys bizness or your girl's. If she has something to say another man's cheating she is not focusing on our relationship

    2) why is she contacting my boys? And why are you salty? A simple I don't know should suffice. If I wanted to lie to her I would either use a freind she aint that close with or tell you I need you to lie.

    3)Its called pouching. Nothing wrong with that.

    4)All single friends can be thrown under a bus. Esp with the example you just gave.

    5)I'm not paying for drinks for the chick I'm screwing.. why would I do that for you? A good wingman takes pride in his work. He shouldn't have to be bribed.

    6) Instead of using your coutch after I get caught, I would prefer to use your coutch to actually cheat.. therefore limit my chances of getting caught.

    7)No objections

    8)"That's what freinds are foooorrrr"

    9)I appreciate that. But don't fault me homey. That sidechick got the wetwet. I lose focus sometimes.

    10)Are you endorsing snitching to save yourself?! The giants would be better off with Plax instead of old ass Antonio.

  10. 1, 3, 4, 7, 8 are nothing but the truth and that applies to women to! If i saw my homegirls man out with another chick i am gonna let him know i see him and check his behind myself. whether or not i would tell her depends on a lot.

    1. I think that's my preferred course of action…I saw him, I know him, and I am well within my rights as a "good friend" to let him know that I saw him.

      Additionally, I might take a picture for evidence (lol!)

      But seriously, he might get some sort of a deadline in which it would behoove him to tell her HIMSELF….get my drift?

      1. exactly!!! you have to walk a fine line when you about to potentially fu*k up someone's world… So yeah I will check his behind first and because of the type of friend i am– he will own up and quickly

  11. 1. If my Misses and your Misses are close and you get caught cheating and the Misses even remotely believes I knew about it, that’s my ass, please be mindful.

    I just had similar situation but not (ex) homey was cheating on his chick with two girls (beating raw!..I didn't find that out until after we fell out)..I was cool with his girl..of course he did not respect the G code and told both his jump offs that I knew about them..why he felt the need to inform them that I knew about their shade I don't know..I was perfectly fine with them trying to pretend everything was platonic around me. So when the sh*t hit the fan..GF..immediately is like oh PYT knew..that heffa..*clicks block button on FB*..she was cool too * shakes head*… but he felt like flapping the gums to the jump offs…I think G code rule #11 Don't invovle your "friends" in a way that make them guilty too. Respect my desire to be able to deny deny deny when the sh*t hits the fan reggin!

  12. One of my besties is a lesbian..turned bi-sexual and now straight…

    During her "transition" from gay to straight, she use to tell her "Girl" that she was with me while hanging out with her "Man" without my consent. So her angry butch girlfriend use to call me in the middle of the night asking for her…Cause she was suppose to be chilling with me…Obviously, I was caught off guard…Did not appreciate that. AT.ALL

    She even stopped my my crib once…lol. I had to call her out and set some ground rules!

  13. Am I the only one bothered that this NEEDS to exist? I'm not saying I don't understand it and won't abide by it or have, but damn, ya'll, for real? It's funny to read about when you're not the one being played but is honesty just too hard?

    If you have to go out the house to get the sex you need, don't come home. If you've actually told your sig o what you wanna do in bed and they can't or won't but you HAVE TO, end that relationship. Don't let it go on and do more damage lying, not just damage to your own relationship, than just bouncing. That's some ole, immature, bullsh*t right there. Too old for "adult" games of Guess Who and Clue cuz you can't be honest. The G-Code brought to you by Milton Bradley… SMDH…

  14. G Code. Rule 5-2.1 – A man must only be caught cheating by natural causes. What a class line I think I know a few men that live by the G code.


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