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8 Signs She Might Be a Hoe … 2009 edition


This is a post I wrote a long long time ago (over a year).  Its funny how much I changed in that short time.  I guess that how it goes when your “young” and still open to change n sh*.  Because people have still been commenting on the original, I decided to add in my new thoughts after each point.  Enjoy … again.

Also, if any of you have noticed that I’m not on twitter as much, I don’t comment as much, and I haven’t been responding to emails … well … I’m applying to business school right now.  I sweat bullets every night, and my job has been getting overly stressful.  I promise to keep giving it to you proper on the regular, but I’m no superman, except in bed.



8. She won’t share her “Magic Number” (how many people she f*cked)
I know not everyone agrees with this, and I know there are a couple of readers who disagree … but if the girl your serious with is just adamant about not sharing … you might want to take a double take. And I know I’m going to catch hell for this one, but I just feel like what do you have to hide? If its not that high, or not that bad … then she would say something.

I know this has always been a sore topic for a lot of folks, but I still strongly believe that this is a key piece of information to be shared.  If you trust me, you should own up to it and know that your more than a number.  It’s yours … so own up to it.  I tell any and every girl who asks.  If you get dodgy when the subject comes up … well I got a label right here for ya!

7. She gets in every club for free and knows every promoter
She could be a friendly person. She could just be well connected. She could just have a very good promoter friend … or … she could be f*cking (or have f*cked) every single one of them. I only say this one because I knew a girl sleeping her way through every line.

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OK … so sure there are a lot of just really social people, but it was a female who put this one in my head.  Apparently her friend always had the “hook-up” to any spot in DC.  I will say this one can be striken.

6. There is a password lock on her phone
The guys I know who lock their phones are whores (no offense). The last girl I messed with who had an automatic lock on her phone was a little more promiscous than she led on intially. Could be just me … but I don’t trust it!

Again … maybe I’m being “extra” … but I still believe in this one.  She might not be a hoe … but she is sure hiding something and doesn’t trust you.

5. She keeps condoms and KY in her purse
Condoms in the purse isn’t the worst thing nowadays. I personally like a girl who at leasts keeps condoms where she lives because it shows she treats safe sex just as importantly as I do. Keeping condoms in your purse would make me think twice, but I wouldn’t double take or anything. If you had condoms and a pack of KY jelly or astroglide … well … you came prepared to do something serious … and prolly do it a lot.

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After having defined freak vs. ho … this falls into the freak category.  Condoms in the purse is somewhat questionably, but not really.  The added lube just lets you know you found a keeper.

4. She keeps Pregnancy Tests at her place
Uh … why else would she keep tests like this at her apartment/house/shack unless she was f*cking so much … you just could “never know”! If you see more than one … you know whats up!

Uhhh … yeah … still holds true.

3. She says “blah blah blah … when are we gonna f*ck” … on the first date
Maybe she really really likes you. Maybe your just the ying to her yang and she can’t wait to connect. Maybe she knows that sleeping with you on the first date is a good way to start a relationship (HA!). Or maybe … she’s a hoe!

I understand all this “Doin me” nonsense and s*xual impowerment bull shiggity … but if you coming at guys that hard that soon … your a hoe.  As much as I like something easy, and as lazy as I am … Pac said it best “I don’t mean to sound sleazy but tease me, I don’t want to hit the sack easy.”

2. She kindly says “that was an hour and will be $120″ after the deed.
Do I really need to explain this one??? Sure, maybe she just wants some cab money back home and thinks you should front the bill. Who knows … maybe she kept the time just to let you know how long you lasted. Who knows …

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Lol … man I was having fun with this list.  Yeah … pretty sure taking money upon delivery of “the bidness” make you a certified hoe.

1. Your friend says … “that girls a hoe”
This is proabably the biggest one. If your friend, and I mean a good friend, tells you your girl is a hoe, you basically have to believe him. She is going to say some stupid stuff like “Don’t you trust me” or “He’s just jealous because he tried to get with me” … but don’t believe that bullsh*t. Guys aren’t like “others”. We don’t bicker, backstab, and make up random lies … he probably has your best interests at heart.

Can’t no amount of time pass before I go against the boys.  Well, except for that one hatin ass reggin in the group that you only keep around because he has good weed the hook up at the club.  Don’t trust that reggin.

As I have said before, and still holds true … I’m not perfect.  I miss stuff, I joke to much, and I’m opinionated.  Help me … help them … and add your own criteria in the comments.  You know what makes a hoe a hoe (besides them DSLs) … so go ahead and air em out!

– SBM aka Still your favorite simp slayer aka Mr. “I don’t love them hoes”

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  1. Okay, so I slightly disagree with #6 but only because I have to have the little pattern password thing on my phone to avoid the infamous butt/purse dial. You'd think that I'd be just fine with a phone that locked the keypad, but they still let you dial 911 without unlocking, and I've unfortunately still dialed 911 several times on accident and so far this is the only way I've found to keep it from doing so. I also willingly unlock the thing for whatever the significant other needs me to, and he knows my password to everything, so maybe that's why I get a pass?

    The rest I agree with.

    Good luck with business school!

    1. Because I know LudaCrys and I have the same phone (and so does my significant other), I have to agree as well. Both of our phones are password protected, but we both know the passwords to each others phones, and the passwords are not for security, but for functionality. If your S.O. has a password on their phone/ computer that you don't know….assume they're a hoe!

  2. Just b/c she won't share her magic #, doesn't mean she's a ho. A "high" number is a relative thing. So, I may think that 5 is high and I don't want to tell you. But you may think that 20 is high. So I don't tell you, and you think I'm a ho, even though based on the numbers, I'm damn near a virgin as far as you're concerned. Feel me? If you trust me, you should own up to it and know that your more than a number. If she's more than a number, why are you so worried about knowing what the number is?

    Also, sometimes pregnancy tests come two to a pack. So maybe she had a scare, took one, and has one left over. I'm just sayin'. *kanye shrug*

    1. I wish a man WOULD ask me how many people I've had sex with. I just don't think that's an appropriate question.

      He/she needs to know: a. If you've ever been infected with anything? (and I really don't know about that one,

      b. when was your last STD test and what were the results? Do you get tested regularly/

      1. We're *here* Nicki. The fellas know where I stand on this one – asking your girl's magic number is immature and dangerous. 1) if she entertains the question there's a good chance she'll lie. 2) Even if she doesn't lie you won't believe her. 3) If you see her as a "good girl" (read: low number) you may let that condom slip off. Ask questions that are important, like test results.

        1. Yep. Men have a tendency to use things that you may share with them against you later….as soon as argument comes up, they go in on you. I have that happen too many times…the less they know about your past the better.

      2. Why people always try to skirt the #'s question with the when was your last STD test? Stay on topic. We are talking about numbers. Two different conversations.

        Real talk, if I even get the feeling you haven't had a std test in the last six months to a year i'm calling it a no-go. I think my health is like cheating, I don't need confirmation, I just need a hunch to tell me it's not right.

        1. Its not skirting the question. its real. I dont care about a chicks number and don't ask. Im nto giving up mine beause that my personal number and something I want to remain true. I can give ballparks tho.

          Lets also be real. I can find out info on 90% of chicks i meet. Especially if you went to college. its nuthin!

        2. 1) No one is skirting the question, we're saying it is a stupid question (reasons why clearly spelled out) and offering a better question. All I'm suggesting is that you all approach your sexuality like SBM's not SBB(oys): use scientific testing to protect your health, and observation and common sense to protect your reputation. This whole magic number thing is inconclusive at best. Use methods (testing, observation) that lead to better results.

          2) If you get the "feeling" someone hasn't had a recent STD test? Are you psychic? What feeling is this? Why wouldn't you ask, or if you're at the "let's go raw" point why not just go together? Plus, the kind of girl that you seem to be looking for (the elusive woman who's had just enough sex to please you but not enough to scare you) may not have been tested recently because she's a "good" girl. You know who gets tested regularly? Women who are having sex – regularly.


      3. Nicki,

        I usually agree with you, chica. HOWEVER, studies show that for each person that you've slept with, your risk of being infected with an STD increases exponentially. Read this blog: (http://maybesomaybeno.wordpress.com/2009/10/23/promiscuous/). Therefore, if you're unwilling to share your "magic number" , that's a no-go. It's also important to know how many people your partner has had UNPROTECTED sex with. AIDS can lay dormant for six years….

        Screw pride, save your life!

  3. In the scene I'm in/around Ball and music, everyone of these have/or do hold true.

    I've seen each one first hand.

    Shit, I almost couldn't have put it better myself.

  4. Agreed, own up to that number. You have NO CHOICE but to assume the worst if that number is not shared. Now, if SOME number is shared, we're not done with our analysis. We move on to (2) is she telling the truth? and if so, (3) does that number, balanced with the types of activity which created that number, rise above that threshold in which the situation is no longer tolerable? (Yep, it's all in the "Magic Number" post.)

    What would be a real-life reason for a password lock on the phone? (although yours makes sense Ludacrys. As long as the password isn't 9111).

  5. I can see the argument for all of them except four and six. As someone mentioned, she could have had a pregnancy scare before and had one left over or bought the pack and then realized she didn't need it.

    As for the password lock, I have a friend who does this and it's because even with the regular keypad lock her phone would still dial random numbers…but anyway, unless you are planning on snooping, why do you care if the person's phone has a lock that is password protected?

    Someone mentioned plan B, but even though I had an almost nonexistent sex life, my doctor always would give me several packs of Plan B when I would see her. Especially when I first started law school bc she didn't want anything to mess things up for me. It had nothing to do with my level of sexual activity. I ended up giving them away to friends, but for a while, I had a lot of Plan B lying around my house.

    P.S.- Goodluck with business school!

  6. lmao at these points. I agree with some though. I know a girl that can get into any club in town cuz she's been with all of 'em bouncers.

    I have a password on my blackberry and that's cuz it contains a lot of confidential info; both private and work. That's a really valid excuse for having my phone password-protected.

    1. Having one test is different then regularly keeping them. And even if you get a two pack, why the hell is it in your purse with you all day???

  7. First off – good luck with business school, SBM! Holla when the 7 figures start rolling in – I'll set you up with my niece, lol.

    Valid – 7,5,2 and 1

    Bullshiggity – 8, 6 and 4. You know where I stand on 8. 6? Could go either way, but several professional women I know keep locks on their phone for very non-shady reasons. Butt-dialing is the main one. 4 – like several women have posted, pregnancy tests usually come more than one in the pack. And women serve as each other's support during a pregnancy scare, so the test you see may never have been for your girl. Also, women are natural pack rats due to purses – most of us don't even know all of what is in our purses most of the time. At least I don't – had to learn the hard way to at least go through it prior to traveling.

    This list is entertaining, but it feels like instructions to make up for a lack of true observation and decision making in the courting process. First off, upgrade the women you deal with, and not just on looks. Then just pay attention to her actions – shady folks move in shady ways!

    1. "This list is entertaining, but it feels like instructions to make up for a lack of true observation and decision making in the courting process. First off, upgrade the women you deal with, and not just on looks. Then just pay attention to her actions – shady folks move in shady ways!"

      Exactly!!! I think you will know a h* after observing her- you dont' need a rule list.

  8. No SO has ever asked me what my magic number is? What difference does it make? Its BEFORE HIM anyway….I have a low number considering my age and I still don't think its an appropriate question…I have never asked an SO question that because honestly I don't care…..the Password lock thing is debatable too.

  9. I disagree that my SO needs to know my magic number and I need to know his…..I don't care….Password lock phones weren't invented for hoe's. It is a feature that is used to protect your phone. period. Besides a real hoe has a phone you don't even know about….lol. TGIF.

  10. this post really got on my nerves for some reason. it came across as immature and annoying. sometimes i get tired of the way you are always trying to put women on blast and the way that you are constantly categorizing them, yet you're always trying to "get yours!"

    Also, SBM, please use your and you're correctly when writing blogs.

    Good luck with business school

  11. I'm not buying a couple of these.

    *Telling her number – I think this is moreso a male ego thing. Why is knowing that number so freaking important? If there is a number to be known, it should be the number of folks your partner has gone raw with, because that puts you more at risk. Plus it seems like a slippery slope to me – where is it written that folks have to answer EVERY question that their SO throws at them? I don't believe in telling your mate everything, some things are private, even if you've been together 50 years.

    *Condoms in the purse – in 2009, when Black women have such a high rate of HIV/AIDS, are you seriously suggesting that women should not keep condoms in their purse so that they won't look like a "ho"? For real? Blah, I'll take my health over your title anyday…if keeping condoms in my purse so that I don't have to risk my health means I get the side-eye, then feel free to look at me crazy all day long.

    *Your friend saying "she's a ho" – In case you didn't know, men lie. They lie a lot. I'm not going to judge someone because someone else says they are a ho, or anything else. But that's just me.

  12. 2-4 and 7 are solid, walking around with KY is a definite indicator. The rest I don't agree with, esp the phone lock. At my firm, if you want to sync your berry with the corp email, you get mandated security settings including the password lock. As far as my boys giving me the indicator, if they are close friends or honorable men, they are reliable here 90% of the time.

    GL with business school bruh, you'll get to do that work>school>sleep>repeat thing all over again. What schools are you looking at?

  13. Great list, don't agree with it all…But I see where some grey areas might apply in some of those situations.

    But, you are a hoe if you find nothing wrong with leaving with a dude you just met…and ditching your girl for some random s*x!

    I recently befriended this girl in a Running Club I belong to. We run about the same pace so we are always chatting. We decided to go out together one night. So it's just me and her at this club. We start chatting it up with a few guys. She gets wifed up by some dude instantly. I went to the bathroom, came back and she was gone! I called, looked for her, asked around for her but no answer. She was MIA. I drove myself home with this sick feeling in my stomache; not really know what happened to her. 3 hours later, at like 5am my cell goes off. I wake up, look at my cell and it was her. How about she asked me to come get her nasty ass outside of this dudes hotel?? I pick her up in my pajamas, she looked and smelled like s*x slapped her in the face. This chick straight up pretended like what she did was cool.

    That was the last time we ever went out…I'm still polite and say hello when I see her…

    But I'm always thinking, Straight up hoe!

    1. For entertainment purposes only could you please describe the quality of your running club friend's looks and the quality of the man in question?

    2. Why did YOU go pick her up from the hotel? I would have told her to ask dude to take her home…but, she wasn't your girlfriend either. Maybe, you had caught some feelinngs? Just be glad you found out about her sooner rather than later……

      1. She' s a cute girl..From Albania…Not sure if thats how they do it out there.

        I guess I picked her up because I was not exactly sure what really happened to her and I was really worried. Thought about making a report…lol. I was relieved to hear from her. I thought dude kidnapped her or something. It was not until I got there she told me what she did and how "mediocre" the sex was…lol

        She even had the nerve to ask me if I went with the guy I was talking to at the bar…Um..sorry chick, i don't roll like that

        But I AM GLAD I found out about her from the jump…She had no shame and wasted no time revealing her true self. At least she's not in denial about being a hoe…lol..

        1. From Albania


          She is a 2520! You left out that part of the story. Important details.

          Yes that is how they get down in Albania and all over Europe. They aren't hung up about freaky off like we are over here.

          Everyone is trying to clown you for picking her up. I'm not. I think you are a nice person Jen for doing that. As long as you didn't put yourself in danger and/or you are not a repeat offender (you learned your lesson and don't chill with her), picking her up, making sure she was safe …… all signs of a good future mother.

        1. wow…I didn't know caring for the well being of another human being is called being a sucka nowadays…Hmmm, well I guess thats what I am then…

          Thanks CHeeKZ! I'm glad somebody on here don't think I'm crazy for picking her up. I'm glad she was safe, I don't regret picking her up at all.

          Europeans are more liberal when it comes to sex…Too liberal for me though…lol.

  14. I always tell me friends:

    If I keep secrets from y'all its b/c I made a mistake or I'm ashamed.

    There is not practical reason to keep a secret from someone you trust. There is nothing about my life, that I am scared to share with my SO. Sure I don't tell her everything, but if I'm asked I will share. If you aren't sharing your number I think its b/c you are ashamed of what you did or you don't trust your SO. So what are you ashamed of? Just say it….its a liberating feeling.

      1. Y'all are running away from your past.

        How can I love you if I don't know how you became you.

        Everyguy you sleep with is a lesson in building your sexuality.

        1. what part of "i know my past–therefore I can't run from it, but its still not your business" don't yall get? jeez. so glad I haven't met a man YET that cares about this.

          "How can I love you if I don’t know how you became you." this is some straight G. I guess some chick out there falls for this? lmao

        2. seriously (@reecie)!!! y'all don't care because you want to use her number to assess her character, you care because you want to know how many d*cks graced her p*ssy before you. and after the number, comes well, "who were these people?" because you want to predict as much as possible how much they were holdin it down. that number is important to you because despite the fact that you are hittin it now, that number is your competition. there i said it.

        3. @ MSAPPLEBUM

          So if I ask you how my pipe game rates against this "competition" you are not answering that either?

        4. You don't need to know my number to love ME in totality. You are just a person that seems like they need to KNOW everything. You would annoy the hell outta me (no offense). Geez.

  15. I feel like hoe is the most arbitrary word in the English language. It can be applied to just about anything for little to no reason at all. That's why I just randomly apply it to people. To be honest, if I think you're a ho, you're a ho. I am not required to give any reason or justification.

    Like that chick who wouldn't give me her number? That b*tch is a ho.

    Chick who wouldn't let me smash on the first hour of the date? Ho.

    Chick who can't read real good? Ho.

    Chick who done had a man since high school and she 29? Ho.

    Chick who made me sit on the inside when I wanted the aisle seat on Metro this morning? Ho.

    Get the point?

    Sidenote: DC is popping right now.

  16. im gonna have to say that if by ho, we mean a female who has a lot of reckless sex without discretion, i agree with most of your list especially since you edited a few. these were my only issues:

    #2… if any girl asks for money after sex, she is not a ho. she is someone who works for sex (i don't use the term prostitute as a noun). this is an industry, albeit dangerous and arguably deplorable, lol…

    #1… i get the whole listen to your boys idea, IF the accuracy of your boy's information is trustworthy or can be verified. sometimes your people don't know what the f*ck they're talking about, and despite their good (and justifiable) intentions, they can do more harm than good.

    1. Actually……

      Unless you've been in nothing but long term committed relationships, most folks whose sexual history goes back more than 10 years can't tell you how many it's been.

        1. Now I don't know my number either so @Jubilee I'll be a ho right along with Tunde. LOL!!

          For the fellas that are enthralled with the idea that a woman's number directly correlates with her character, let me break it down for you, because it's all relative.

          I'm 29 years old and have been sexually active since the age of 16, so that's 13 years of doing the do. Now as I've said I don't know my number so let's pick a number that is seemingly astronomical, like 100 people. If I've slept with 100 men over 13 years, that's 8 new partners a YEAR, 2 new partners a MONTH. I know plenty of single cats that get off 2-3 new chicks in a WEEK!! But I'm a super-ho cause I've slept with 100 men over the span of 13 years, yet at the end of the year alone some men will have slept with as many as 144! Tsk, tsk…such hypocrisy. Get that bull*ish the hell outta here!!

          I would never ask a man his number because I DON'T CARE!! A man's number is his business and his business alone. All that matters is that he's genuinely respectful to me while I'm a part of his life. Matter of fact, if a man knows how to handle his business and blow me out, then I send a "Thank you!!!" to each and every one of his past partners for giving him the practice to reach the level that he has.

          One's bedroom skills are learned and perfected over time through experience. You know all the things I do that make your toes curl, from the way I pull my legs up and arch my back just right, to the way my tongue massages your tip as I suck on you, those are all things I've learned through my past experiences in order to give you pleasure now.

          So in conclusion, who effin' cares how many men I've slept with in the past cause had I have not slept with those men I wouldn't know how to please a man the way that I do.

  17. A wise old woman once told me that all women go through or need to go through a "ho" phase before they get married. Just to get it out of their system. I don't think its on the level of leaving the money on the dressor but it could be. . . getting it in on the first date, having a draumatic increase in your #, keeping condoms in your purse, acute bouts of large alcohol consumption. 🙂 So. . . are you a ho if it is temporary? You know, sew your wild oats then settle down? Is that even possible?! Please say yes!

    1. people want to be able to do what they want, and not deal with the consequences – the pejorative labels like being called a "ho," for instance, or std's and children. so to be honest, do you (tho i would always advise my fellow sisters to be careful). there are a lot of women who don't "trick" for life, who do it for a while and then want to settle down – but trust, this makes finding a partner more difficult. men don't like their wife to have been out there like that (yes, this is a double-standard). AND (in the spirit of a chris rock stand-up sketch) if you don't want to be confused as a cop, don't wear the uniform, lol…

    2. That "wise" old woman gave you some bad advice. If you took the advice, it's because being that way was or is a part of your character, and perhaps you wanted some justification. Remember an old fool was once a young fool.

  18. As a 33 year old I don't care about her numbers. But she better not be shocked if hers is higher than mine esp if she is younger.

    Comin up in the 80's it was accepted that new conventional wisdom around a womens sexuality was they can fuck a lot like men.(not sure too many women even today really act on this though with out a trace of remorse)

    Only condition, NO spin. She wanted mo D like he wanted month P. No crap about daddy wasn't there or her man was slippin. She fucks a lot cuz she can. Well now here we are 2009 and men(some) are coming off real bitch assish with this insistence on numbers.

    However in the same vane women need not feel guilty for getting there's but just plz don't spin it, what I liked about sex in our era was the supposed sexual equality. Now women see the "urge" isn't a testostorne thing. Aint nothin better than watchin a older yet horny as hell woman pursuing D. Funny I think its still women who would look @ this chick like summin is "wrong" & "how come she hasn't…? In my opinion men who don't live up to "he fucks everything" category are seen as suspect just as women who fuck a lot are seen in the same light. In addition I do feel women hold on to these stereotypes more than men.

    1. Temps, it's late for me to still be playing around on here. But this:

      "Well now here we are 2009 and men(some) are coming off real bitch assish with this insistence on numbers."

      Not only captured my feelings on the subject, it made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

      1. I have to question the age of these guys cuz honestly as men me and my boys can admit or GF's could be some dudes ' ho in that we dont have eyes every where and what is a man supposed to do? All you can do is treat her based on the time yall have spent together what she did before me is out of my hands..talk about insecurity shoot go buy some LV or Gucci and move on, lol

  19. #8- I disagree ONLY because 'hoe' can be such a loose definition sometimes. I mean she MAY have only been with 3 guys prior to you. If she says '3' chances are you probably won't believe her…LOL AND/OR THREE to some men might be 'hoe' status. If she's been with 20 men prior to you, you might believe her, but not wanna see that she's changed now… and for you 20 may be the magic 'hoe' number… so I say you can ask, I probably won't tell because nobody has set aside the magic HOE number…LOL so who knows how who will react when the 'number' is thrown out… so I just keep it to myself.

    #6- that's her phone… why you gotta be all in it.. if ya'll together and you trust her…password or no password… that's HER phone! LOL

    #5- LMAO!

  20. Absolutely A* blogging. Love, love, love this…also best title to a post ever.

    Check out my blog….it's a similar kind of vibe:


  21. Read the book The Fisherman and the Catch: Catching the Right Woman. The book is about men catching thier soulmate. The book talks about men getting thier "tackle box" together in order to catch the right fish for them. The book uses fishing analogies relating to tools men need for that catch, while describing women with the same similarities as fish. As an example the book talks about Panfish, Trout, Catfish and Bass using the behaviors of those fish and relating them to types of women. The book is so true and very hilarious. It's the playbook on ensuring that men, who is the Fisherman catch the right women, who is the fish, for them. The book is a keeper! and you can get it on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com

  22. Did anyone ever stop to think that a male or female can spread a damaging lie that a person had sex with X number of people to destroy that person's reputation, to destroy a life, to kill, just to make themselves look cool and righteous. This person is JUDGING. ONLY ALMIGHTY GOD HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE. ALMIGHTY GOD SAID THOSE WHO JUDGE WILL BE JUDGED.

  23. I really disagree with all of the comments. Because what a person thinks is a projection of the heart. If you were able to sleep with a women fast your a hoe too. Nobody should be able to hit anything easy. This goes for men and women. As a women I dont ever wanna know that my man is so easy that i was able to hit it quick, it will make me feel he cant be around any other woman because he is to easy, (he'll take whatever opens her legs) i was created as a weaker vessal and if i have the strenght ,the majority of the time (because I have had many) to pass up on some of the finest for what i can see myself married to, than a mans number should be lower than mine not higher if we decide to discuss that. No man or women should be having sex with anyone they are not considering marrying. Or no one should comment on anyone especially men who dont know there place, and that is to keep it locked

  24. How about the good ole rule of no sex before the nuptials? Anybody remember that? I'm a 33 year black male and I'm still a virgin because I want to share my sexual experiences with one female only. I don't have a magic number, I get teased about it a lot mostly by my male friends, but that's ok. Unlike them, I have nothing to worry about, and the day my queen comes, she'll have nothing to worry about. I must admit it's not easy. Never thought I'd make it this far, but the HE has been good to me and HE keeps me going.


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