As humans we are driven initially by our sense of vision. As much as some will try and have you believe that looks are a very small determining factor, they are a huge determining factor on if you will ever even approach or allow someone to approach you. I know myself, since I was an infant I had this tendency to stare. I’m sorry, but these big brown eyes fixate themselves on things and they just can’t let go. Now in my older age I don’t stare, but I am still just as absorbent as always. So as a person who is a faces type of person, meaning, I never forget a face, whenever I’m out in public I notice the appearance of everyone. And, it is no surprise that people spend so much time on their appearance. We spend hours in the gym, in front of the mirror, some will spend endless dollars on cosmetics, some will even splurge on surgery, and they will buy contoured clothing and even seek out professional advice. The goal is to look your best at all times, so that when a person gets that first impression of you, there first impression is WOW.

This manifests itself in several facets of our society, and in order to really exhibit how it manifests itself, there is no better example than out at your local nightclub, bar or pub. People will spend 30-90 minutes getting ready to go out. For some it started well before they even got home to get ready at a mall or a local boutique picking out the perfect outfit and shoes. And after adding in a little pregame beverage the onlookers have lowered their inhibitions and are ready to take in the sights. As soon as a man walks into the club he subconsciously “takes a lap.” The lap is essential to avoiding such things as;

Pre-jacking – seeing a pretty girl too fast, throwing the handcuffs on her only to find out there was a bigger collar to grab.
Not being seen – not giving the people a chance to see who you are and your fine threads. (This is why guys walk so slow to their VIP in the club.)
Lack of awareness – Not being able to see that there is a slide off spot near the bathroom, an unused room in the club on another floor, or, the most important, the reggae room.

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After taking the lap the men regroup to exchange the scouting report. Often times, this will involve phoning or texting reinforcements to tell them to fall back or hurry up. It is at this critical point that many men fall victim to THAT girl, the baddest chick in the club.

You want to make sure that you avoid this girl at all costs. Let me tell you something that should not come at any surprise to you. The baddest chick in the club is fully aware she is the baddest chick there. Everyone else in the club is fully aware that she is the baddest chick there. The baddest chick in the club is fully aware that every dude is gunning for her attention. Guess what? She’s going to milk it for everything it’s worth. You know that saying, don’t buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? It would be foolish of her to find someone to take care of her, when she can have all of you take care of her. The best advice I can give you or anyone is that know that every woman is fully aware of what she looks like before she leaves her house. If you think you see a little nipple, she knew that you would at about 9PM before she left the liquor store. If you think you can see an upskirt of her with no panties on, she knew that at around 11PM when she was hoping in the cab to head out for the night.

If you needed any more convincing about why you shouldn’t talk to her consider the following; yes, you want her now, but will you want her once you have her and everyone still wants her? Or do you think that you have some magical reverse Middle Eastern plan to wife her down and then throw drapes all over her body so no one can see her any longer? The answer is no. Every man likes to see a nice rack, no man wants every man looking at his woman’s rack. The baddest chick in the club is probably beautiful to the point where even blind men need to get a glance. She probably has impeccable measurements, 36-24-36, come to mind. (Scratch that, let’s be real, I can work with you at 34-26-38.) However, once you wife her down you will want to have that all to yourself. Listen man, you can’t change these women after you get them. You cannot buy a Mercedes and then take it to Xhibit and ask him to make it an F-150.

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While writing this article I wanted to make sure I did not omit any points that I wanted to make. And I was going to edit this point out, but I think that I owe it to the readers to present it forth. The baddest chick in the club is usually spoiled, or she thinks she’s owed something. There are two types of pretty girls in this world and if I could speak in the voice of Katt Williams, I believe he would say, either you was pretty and you have remained pretty, or you was ugly and now you got pretty, either way, you’re pretty now. A girl who has been widely considered pretty her whole life is spoiled. I remember being on the elementary schoolyards as we would debate as young boys who was the “prettiest girl in school.” I would say her name, but I don’t know she might be reading my post today. And I tell you another thing, it was a new one each year. These girls have been elevated to greatness since the 2nd grade, they have been given the best 93-grade gas any man could find. However, there is a dark horse. (Cue the Hammonds organ) There is a dark horse, who didn’t always have the best looks growing up. She was teased because she was a late bloomer. She wore glasses and couldn’t afford contacts, might have had to wear braces and her mother picked the worse color rubber bands for them, her hair wasn’t long and she was bone thin. A wise man once said, what goes up must come down and I think I speak for a lot of y’all out there today when I say that a lot of the early bloomers have been coming down lately. If she was a D-cup in the 9th grade, those girls are resting on her thighs at 26. But the flat chested girl who arrived at college an under-developed A-cup at age 17. At 26 is a full C, and she wears contacts now and doesn’t wear braces anymore. (Be careful, she puts on her retainer each night at 10:45PM.) When she walks in the club as the baddest chick in the room, she knows that EVERY dude in the spot has some making up to do. She’s out for reparations and she’s determined to get it. Leave her alone. As beautiful as she may have become, God don’t like ugly. Beauty is an inside and out concept.

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The addition of contoured clothing, popping lip gloss, lace front wigs, stiletto heels, and girdles to women’s everyday wear can take just any average girl and make her a 5-star chick. (I hate this song, just about as much as I hate Beyonce’s “Diva,” in my opinion, 75% of the women belting this out in the club, wouldn’t even be asked to compete.)  However, consider what happens when you take a 5-star chick and you give her those weapons. You’ve created a monster. Be careful to ask yourself, “Are you a  sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare?” Don’t find yourself in a competition that you simply cannot win for losing. And don’t turn yourself into a comedy show for the baddest chick in the club and all her friends to laugh at, as you liquidate your 401(k) just to buy her drinks all night. In the end, the first words out of her mouth once you get her in the car will 99% of the time be, “WENDY’S!”

Dr. J would like you to think before you act.