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How to get women by being “cool”


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Just finished another B-school application and my body is weary.  This is a throwback.


There are things that make a guy … “attractive”. I’m not talking about legitimate good personality, a good sense of humor, and a winning smile. I’m talking about those shiny rims, lambo doors, nice shoes, and other shallow pieces of glitter that we all know about. That stupid stuff …

In reality … they rarely work … on good women. Hood rats, scallywags, scuttlebutts, and groupies eat it up like government cheese … but those independent women with degrees and jobs can only be caught rarely.

Over my years as a renaissance man I have amassed a small list of these random things we use to seem “attractive”. For all you guys out there in need of some help … head my list and add a few to the portfolio.

Stunt on em

Ride a motorcycle

When I bought my motorcycle everyone assumed I was doing it to get women. I mean EVERYONE. I just wanted to be able to cover a mile in less than 30 seconds … but it’s a well known fact that guys with bikes are just … well … “cool”. Rice rocket or cruiser … you can’t go wrong … they will want to hop on the back.

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Drive an expensive car

“Women” (the quotes means I’m talking about the scuttlebutts) love shiny things. Nothing is shinier than a nice car. The more money the better, but there are a couple staples that will always get you some loose vajay-jay. Need that groupie love … go cop a 7 series or a Mercede’s S class. Or my dream car … the Audi S5. Or if you really want to get you want a straight hood rat … get you a hood car and get it “fixed”. Dodge Charger … tinted out … sitting on 22’s … candy paint … yes! Broke? … rent.

Buy an expensive diamond studded watch

After Puffy told the club to put their “Rolie’s in the sky … and wave them side to side” … they’ve been flying off shelves from people who can barely afford rent. As I said … “women” love shine things. Blind em with it … and watch the panties drop.

Get rims … big and chrome

Their shiny… and their not cheap. And when I say big … I mean f*ing huge. 22’s or better … and bonus points if their spinning (not really … that fad died). Again … shiny things that show you have money will attract the skeezers.

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Become a rapper or play professional sports

Rappers and sport players are a scallywag’s dream. He has money, he is willing to spend it, and he has money. Their “womens” kryptonite. Just thinking about spending all his money makes her wet.

Make it rain … all the time

I can’t 100% confirm this … but if women weren’t attracted to guys making it rain … guys wouldn’t make it rain. It’s flashy, shows off you have money to waste even though your buying dinner with food stamps, and your willing to spend it. Making it rain isn’t just for the strip club … ordering a big mac … go ahead and supersize it with a shower of ones. Waitress was great … you know what to do … sprinkle her. Hell … take your girl to the park … forget feeding the ducks … feed the people with greenbacks.

Learn how to sing … good

Musicians are sexy (so I’m told). If you can sit there and serenade her … bam …. you got her. Just make sure your good! Your nasaly, cracking, Ja Rule sounding voice isnt’ doing nothing but drying up her “river” and giving her time to plot what excuse she is gonna give you when you “try her” (“oh … I’m sorry … it’s ‘that time’ of the month”).

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See the trends? Shiny things, signs of money, and a sense of danger … simple right? Get creative with it … mix and match. Try making it rain while popping a wheelie. Sing to her, while getting drafter, and then blind her with the watch. A motorcycle with 22″ chrome rims … and a BMW emblem.

So … if your lacking swagger, not funny, boring, or just f*ing lame not good with women. Go ahead and start attacking this list. Sure, you won’t have any women of substance and you might get tired of dating nothing but Wendy’s cashier’s and Wal-mart attendants … but hey … get in where you can.

What did I miss? What are the best one’s? To my women … which ones do it for you … and which don’t? To my fellas … success stories?

– SBM aka Biker Boy aka Mr. He makes it look easy

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  1. Truthfully, none of the above does it for me. Aside from the personality, goals, and physical attraction factor, as long as he has enough money to pay his portion of the bill, is clean and pulled together (no labels necessary), has his own form of transportation, I'm happy. Being able to sing and what not is nice, but if he falls short in what i'm looking for, it won't matter. I can listen to my iPod to hear a brothra sing, and pretend he's serenading me..lol

  2. motorcycle-could care less

    $$ car watch etc-nice but don't mean anything if u don't have a personality to match

    rapper/athlete-same thing, u need a brain and charisma to go with it. if u don't have that; it ain't gunna last..and too much competition for these jerks. i know cuz i recently cut one off

    the singing thing is kinda corny..i hate when a guy tries to sing to me. its embarassing.

  3. All of these things are effective in pulling hoodrats.

    For independent women, just drop an ATM receipt with some gigantic balance on it and I guarantee you'll be swimming in em.

  4. The car is definitely supplement. While some women may not want a man for his car, a sexy car will increase your level of sex appeal to a woman.. it'll at least catch her eye, especially if shes into cars

  5. None do it for me. I appreciate a guy who can afford to live like this for quality purposes, but motive reflects maturity. If a guy tried to flash items off to me to get my attention I'd take it the wrong way. It is not impressive. All those nice things belong to you, not me. Also, I'm determined to live that way, but not to impress anyone, for my comfort.

    Personally, I feel as though some women [such as myself] appreciate these things because with some men, it's just a desire for higher quality. That's not a bad thing, I don't think. It could represent hard work, financial strength, and all that good stuff. It says a lot about character.

    A man with all these things that had poor physical health or regard for his health, lacked respect, closed-minded, etc. would automatically be disregarded. Material things can be important/appreciated if they represent you in the right way. But it definitely can't stop there.

    good day to all. 🙂

  6. it's not just the women who like shiny things, men do too. my first car was an old ass lexus SC400 (every drug dealer in the hood wanted to buy it from me), then an infiniti G35, (which i PERSONALLY didn't really like) when i finally got the AMG package mercedes benz, the men were coming out of THE WOODWORK! the thing is, my cousin had his own car dealership and I used to own these things at a fraction of the original cost. I was also spoiled so I would trade them in quickly. now i'm all grown up with a simple Lexus ES350 and honestly it's my favorite car of all time…however…the men STILL act stupid over it and the thing is, i'm not even looking to meet men…i'm just materialistic about cars.

  7. streetz, i don't think he would give you the hookup, he only did it for me and my husband (my husband LOVES his Range Rover….to the point where it's ANNOYING) because of some family things that went way back and he owes us. If anything, he would probably try to make up lost money on the back end through anyone I sent his way…real talk.

    1. LOLOL Gotta love family 🙂

      I think that clothes are an important factor but its also a dudes swag. I could wear mismatched clothes and still act like im rockin Versaysee (Word to KanYe)

  8. Lets not get all hi siditty now men buy these things because it works. And no I have never met a woman who actually was moved by this stuff and actually say it. I have met 35 yr olds professionals to college juniors to birds in the bricks. On some level some women seem to put up with or "fill in the blanks" if a man has stuff. I mean come on condo, fly ride, job sound good he's getting a date over over the struggling grad student or guys like me that worked throughout his undergrad. It doesnt make these women evil but sure as hell doesnt make them genuine. In the end modern day materialism is the bane of relationships. Oh and I must stress this chick isnt the "bird" that women claim is the "only" kind of woman to partake in this kind of thing. I have encountered church-goers, political chicks and corporate woman its across the board as far as I see it.

    1. Yea. Well, truthfully it's not the search for the man who is the flashiest, who has the most things. It's a subconscious desire to find a man who will be a good provider.

      Silly girls think "That's a great car, I would look good in it." Smarter women think "That's a great car, purchased by a well-dressed man. Good taste + good career/salary."

      Silly girls want a man with $ to wine and dine them because…they're pretty, so they shouldn't have to pay, right? Smarter women appreciate a man who wines and dines them because he has old school values- the man provides for his lady, again *provider*.


      Now, these "smarter" women can fall into many categories: the jump-offs and gold-diggers in yesterday's post, the educated and goal-oriented women desiring men with similar lifestyles and goals, or the standard old fashioned girl who was raised to believe a man is the sole provider of the household and she is to be the homemaker (I've known girls who were raised in families like this who have mothers and fathers -especially fathers- who have instilled these values in them).

      Who are we to knock any of them?

      This stuff is listed…because it works. You will most certainly attract women who aren't suited to be life-long mates, but you definitely catch the eyes of the ones who are.

  9. Nice and decent women like nice things as much as gold diggers- they just happen to genuinely love the man who has the desire and ability to attain those things.

  10. And please, no one take my comments the wrong way- if a lady encounters a good man who is understated or on his grind she shouldn't pass him up (especially if she is still grinding). I think that can build an incredibly strong bond; that's the type of situation I prefer.

    But goodness, women being attracted to seemingly well-to-do men is no different then men desiring and gravitating toward beautiful, fit women.

    A quote from Dr. J in the "Why You Don't Want 'That girl'" post:

    "Dr.J says

    Brains are overrated for women. Sorry, but a man is raised to provide for his family. He takes a wife and she is supposed to keep a good house and bear children. If you think i’m lying, tell me why a man does anything he does in life, to be successful, and why because it ensures his success in evolution, which means he needs to place his seed in the best gene pool. If I was a chick, I would spend less time on trying to be a smart ass and just worry about a great ass."

    Now, these aren't necessarily words to live by, especially in these economic times, BUT at the end of the day it is what it is. Having nice things attracts more women; having a fit body attracts more men.


    Back on topic –> I will agree, the singing can be cheesy, cycles aren't necessary and rims… :- But I skipped the part where you were talking about how to attract Walmart attendants and Wendy's cashiers…lol

    Especially if ur light-skinned…half joking/serious at the same time

    This is a BIG one. No busted kicks…not even in a homo type way, just keep them from looking dusty, run-over, like u've had them since the 7th grade, etc. I always check for the shoes first and so do lots of females I know.

    With regularity, please…keeps em sparkly and white

  12. Read the book called The Fisherman and the Catch: Catching the Right Woman. The book is about men catching thier soulmate. The book talks about men getting thier "tackle box" together in order to catch the right fish for them. The book uses fishing analogies relating to tools men need for that catch, while describing women with the same similarities as fish. As an example the book talks about Panfish, Trout, Catfish and Bass using the behaviors of those fish and relating them to types of women. The book is so true and very hilarious. It's the playbook on ensuring that men, who is the Fisherman catch the right women, who is the fish, for them. The book is a keeper! and you can get it on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com


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