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On to the next one – 5 ways to get over a break-up


As we approach the end of the year, we go through many rituals to symbolize leaving the negative aspects of the passing year in our rear view mirror, while looking towards the greener pasture of the new year.  I’ve heard too much blood clot crying and complaining about broken hearts, “ninjas who aint sh*t”, and reminiscing over you, my GOD past relationships. Some of you might even contemplate returning to an ex, and you KNOW how I feel about that topic! I hate to see my friends and e-peoples in this hurtful spot, so I got a few ways we can get you back on your feet, and help you to cease from dwelling on the past and move towards the future:

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Hit The Gym

Maybe you feel unpretty (word to TLC). Maybe you want the ex to rue the day they ever dissed you. Maybe you want to reinforce your original decision to break off a relationship. No matter what the situation,  working out is a great way to get over a break-up. It’s funny what you can accomplish when you focus rage, anger, and disappointment, into an intense workout regimen! When you have a workout plan, you gain a focus and determination to meet and exceed a goal. This focus will translate into all areas of your life! You can feel depressed when a break up occurs, and this can cause you to gain or lose weight (both of which are unhealthy), or suffer other medical issues. You should workout to maintain a balance, lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, and improve your overall cardiovascular health. Plus you know when it gets hot outside and you show the fruits of your labor, business will pick up! You can always look to Streetztalk.Net for my weekly fitness updates for motivation. I put myself out there to motivate and to stick to my own script. I hope I can help you do the same.

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Sometime’s I feel I got to get away… and when you end a relationship, sometimes that’s the #1 thing you can do to feel better. Whether you venture to another state/province, the Caribbean, or another continent, it’s always good to escape. You gain an appreciation for life when you have new experiences abroad. You can relax, forget about your life for a few days, and experience all that your travel destination has to offer. Hell, I don’t care if you have to hop in a car and take a 2 hour roadtrip, you have to get away and clear your head. Some of the best experiences I’ve ever had were on vacation and on roadtrips. You need those friends that can have a good time whether they are princes or paupers, and they shine during vacations. I think there a few cures for a broken heart that can surpass the beaches of a island country, with beautiful women, weather, and the best food ever! Get your pasaporte and your itinerary, and jet set that ‘feel sorry for self” attitude away quickly!

Party, Party, PARTY

Understand that while you were bunned up, the world didn’t stop rotating on its axis. Life went on before your relationship, during, and *you guessed right* will continue to go on after you. Besides, you’re better off without them, stop actin’ up and let’s hit the club! You must utilize your weapon of choice (Patron, Hennessy, Weed, Ciroc Obama etc.) to the best of your ability in order to achieve a sufficient level of party time! I have friends who will play damage control when dudes break up with their girlfriends, and will make sure that we hit the town. Take them out to a club anyone; Strip, Bar, Lounge, or Cabaret! There’s no need to sit at home and sulk over lost ones, when you can goto a club, hear some good music, and enjoy yaself – Rick James. If you want a laugh, watch your newly single friends try to integrate back into “the real world”. It’s similar to watching your 5 yr. old brother attempt to ride a bike and fall off. Continuously. Hey, that’s what friends are for, right?

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Take em to church!

Whether you believe in a higher power, you meditate,  or if you dabble in the mystic arts, looking for spiritual healing is a calming and introspective way to heal from emotional distress. I know I can always look to God for the answers, and pray on tough decisions, the good and the bad occurring in my life. Getting over someone you care about will take a complete healing of mind, body, and soul. None of the 3 can be neglected.  So try to look to within the spirit as well as your own characteristics, to gain further clarity and peace with your situation.



Yes I said it and I’m dead ass serious! There’s nothing better than calling up a “What if” person and making it do what it do. What’s a “What if” person? Well, that’s the individual that you know was feeling you when you were committed, but because you’re not Tiger Woods you didn’t want to pull the #swindle on your bf/gf, you didn’t hit them off.  Sex can be the most liberating, exhilarating experience for someone who needs to get back on their feet. Sex is one of the best ways to relieve stress, and with all the high blood pressure and other ailments plaguing us, a brother has to look out for you right? Extra points if your ex hates that What if individual (hey I’m a Scorpio, don’t judge me!). It’s almost the end of 2009, so end it with a bang (what I did there… did you see it?)

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I’m sure these aren’t the top 5 ways, so let’s add to this list. Do you find these methods effective? Let’s leave the BS in the past and press on to 2010 and a new decade!

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  1. Aaaaahhhhhhh!

    So refreshing and couldn't have come at a better time for me but…

    I've been hitting the gym.

    I just traveled home for the holidays.

    I've gone to parties and you know… the thing with that is, it's all good 'til a song comes on that makes me think of "former friend". What to do then?

    I've gone to church the past two Sundays (Praise God).

    I… I'm not bangin' (yeah, I saw what you did there) any ole' body. Plus, there currently isn't a "what if" in my radar.

    I still feel like this is going to be the coldest winter.


  2. #6. Get a hobby! Do something fun and interesting that you've always wanted to do, but maybe put off while you were boo'd up.

    And as great as s*x is, I wouldn't use it to help me heal from a break-up. Doesn't really work. For me, just knowing that there are other men who want me works to help soothe the pain. However, s*x only works if the new guy is more attractive and substantially better than the ex, b/c if he isn't, it will just make you reminisce about how good it used to be.

    1. I agree! Sex is probably a better remedy for men but not women. We desire passion and intimacy and the partner that comes after will prob throw his back out but once its over the lonely sets in. Currently working on a hobby…

        1. Only reason you're saying this is because Yall haven't met me yet…..


          Seriosuly though, I figure #5 might apply better to men, but I know how women think….sometimes. of course it would have to be an upgrade, and I KNOW you have those dudes who you were attracted to, but never did anything because you only had eyes for your boo. once you guys make that friend connection and dude hits one out the park, you guys will yelp a refreshing "sighhhh" and BBM your BBF about how you let him hit, while she calls you a ho and you giggle.

          I'm lyin?

  3. GREAT POST!!! However, I do think that a lot of what was mentioned above, works best for the guys that I know, not the females. Crying is not on the list, and it could easily replace anything that was listed.

    **TRAVEL: This post came at a great time since all of my friends are trying to have me book tickets to travel with them, so that they can "get away". Travelling is a solution for many. The only fault that I find with taking trips is that your head is "clear" once you get away, and once you come back, you realize that its still scrambled…

    **CHURCH: I go to church. What I've noticed is that when I invite my broken-hearted friends with me during their time of need, they some how relate the sermon back to their ex. Like "Damn Lotus, I think that it was meant for me to be here today, what he was preaching made me think about XXXXX" 0_o.

    **S*X: As N.I.A. naturally mentioned above, this is not a remedy for a break-up. Everyone likes it, loves it, and think about it several times a day. I'm an advocator for some good Vitamin S, because its good for the heart, soul, and body…but after a breakup, I'm trying to flush my ex from my system, and I doubt that its the perfect time to let anyone else in…


    1. but after a breakup, I’m trying to flush my ex from my system, and I doubt that its the perfect time to let anyone else in…


      I see what you did there.

      As far as crying, I cosign but I'm one who's not phased by tears so thats probably why I left it off. lol

      1. Streetz::::::"As far as crying, I cosign but I’m one who’s not phased by tears so thats probably why I left it off. lol"

        @ Streetz: "Only reason you’re saying this is because You haven’t met me yet"…..



        Do you see what I did there?? lmao 🙂

  4. Not for nothing, (i'm learning that NYC lingo), a big part of getting over a break-up is 1) knowing whether the relationship is really over, and 2) actually dealing with the lost. These are FIVE great ways to get over a break up but if you never take the time to get over the lost, you will be cycling through these for some times. Also, don't go to the gym to get your ex back or to show him what he or she is missing, that's ho shit man.

    In terms of not knowing if the relationship is over, sometimes people break up but they haven't really BROKE up, you know what i'm saying? Like if you think you have broken up with your boyfriend and then go sleep with some random and he's like, "Now we really never getting back together" you may shoot yourself in the foot.

    Lest I hold you too long, when you break up and you want to go out you need to avoid places that you might bump into the old homeboy or homegirl at. Don't rush back to Park or M2 right away because you will run into them. And if you are chilling with a group of the opposite sex, you will ruin your chances at reconciliation AGAIN.

    Tis all.

    Yo, retweet this ish. It's Type ILL.


  5. I agree with getting a hobby or even pushing yourself to do more in things you are passionate about but maybe your relationship prevented you from doing so seeing as though a relationship is truly a full time job. I must also agree with my ladies. Sex is just not a heeling method for women. It doesn't work. I find myself thinking of sex with the ex instead of sex with the next n it's automatically awful. But I agree with everything else.

  6. Working out and pampering myself is my # 1 way… Builds confidence back and gets me right to meet the next one.

    I agree with finding a hobby but normally I already have one and that just increases two fold. Occupy that mind!

  7. Return of the #swindle!!!

    Yea, the gym is #1 for me. Getting your body right/better will always make the ex feel some kind of way, and you'll catch the eye of a few new suitors too.

  8. I haven't read nary word. I scrolled and saw a picture of Gucci Mane. I don't watch videos so I never knew what he looked like. Thank you for ruining my day by exposing me to what he looks like. *sigh*

    1. Phaaa. I know some dudes that could do 20 minutes of stand up material off that picture. What are these ATL dudes doing to hip hop.

  9. Ok so far the additions to the list :

    #6 – Get a hobby- added by N.I.A. – I cosign this. Whatever can keep you occupied works!

    #7 – Crying – This was added by Ms Lotus. Mostly for women as this is theraputic for them, but I'm secure enought o say that sometimes crying is the only way to relieve frustration and get it out of your system

    #8 – Dont frequent similar spots – @drJayJack – Cosign but when you have similar circles the shyt can be problematic

    #9 – pamper yourslf – Joella – A good splurg at your favorite store defiinitely throws an assist!

    Fellas where you at though?

  10. church, yes. Everything else is just temporary pacifiers. I agree with developing new hobbies or even turning a hobby in a potential career is a great way to get over a bad break up.

    Growth is key. Indulging in activities that can help you to grow as a person and better yourself are the best remedies. Sex, partying and temporary trips are just instant gratification. As soon as you're home alone after the fun is over, you could be right back with those thoughts again.

    1. Thanks Mika!

      Key word though is "could". You have to do all the things you said, but if you don't get some type of gratification, you'll be sulking and kicking yourself. I feel like thsoe measures are a great "first step". once you come back from travels and parties you can make that decision to do better. The gym should become a part of your lifestyle anyway, so that's continuous

  11. i really agree with number one. i'm a gym rat already as it is so what better way to get your mind off a person than by going to the gym. you get positive results and its also a great way to meet people. church is another good way.

    speaking on number 2: travel. just don't end up like dude in forgetting sarah marshall (funny movie by the way). if you haven't seen it, basically dude's girl breaks up with him so he decides to go to hawaii only to find out his ex and her new rock star boyfriend are staying at the same hotel. funny stuff.

  12. When I am really ready to get over the person, not just waiting til we get back together AGAIN, I pretend they died. It might seem morbid but it works. Once you do that, you don't expect them to call you anymore. You automatically avoid the places you used to go because they bring back too many memories.

  13. Out of the 5, (or 9) available, I agree with the church, traveling, sex, crying and hobby the most and that's not in any particular order. Sex can def clear the mind (Scorpio!! Lol) and traveling will clear this mind. Don't get me wrong. Some good ole church will cleanse my mind as traveling can, even better actually. A hobby just like traveling, will keep u preoccupied. Maybe even some meditation. Crying never did any harm. Sometimes you have to give that pillow some face time and go in…

    See what I did there? 😀 (u guys nd gals r silly for that by the way)

  14. Somehow I knew you were a Scorpio. :p I agree that sex *can* help *some* people get over an ex. Not ongoing, regular sexcapades, just something to get one over the hump (no pun intended). Crying is a cleansing thing for me and I agree with Ms. Smart in pretending that person is dead. Anger therapy works also: destroying or returning everything related to that person (I only did that once) Co-sign on every thing else.

  15. @ Contag – lol @ Fornication, I see you. Its just somethings that have helped myself and others to get on to the next flow, smell me?

    @Ms Smart – That has worked to an extent, but you always know they are there. Its better to just cut them off and cut off communication 100% no wavering unless they contact you, then you have the power to accept or deny still

    @Suki – I see it girl… I SEE IT! and Scorpios ROCK!

    @momofone – What you mean "somehow you knew?!" lolol

    1. I think Momofone said that because all people seem to connect Scorpios to is OUR inclination towards sex (more than 80% of the time). Whenever I say Scorpios are the best sign, all I ever hear as a reply is, "Yall are freaks" -_- it's not fair. We're sensitive, emotional, caring, loyal, passionate, (did I say LOYAL) people…who embrace sex like a newborn..lol

      @SukiDukez11 (i'm just gonna keep adding my link because I want to lol)

    2. Killing their character off from the movie of your life allows you to mourn quick and hard. You have no choice. You stop thinking they're going to call, wondering what they are doing, if they miss you etc. — cus dead people don't miss anyone.

  16. Work harder. Not only do you look better to your boss, but it gets your mind off of things, gives you a higher sense of accomplishment, and you can easily run off the "bad decision rebounds" by being a workaholic for a while. I've poured myself into my job and ended up with a promotion faster. More money, less problems!


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