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Christmas is Overrated. Yep. I Said It.


Scenario 1

Female Friend 1: Hey Slim.
Slim: What’s up?
FF 1: Not much. What did you get your boo for Christmas?
Slim: Nothing.
FF1: OMG! Are you guys okay?
Slim: We agreed to bypass the holiday stress.
FF1: Sorry to hear. This is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year!
Slim: We’re not fighting or angry with each other.
FF1: Don’t worry. It’ll get better.
Slim: Our friendship won’t if you keep it up.
**awkward silence**

Scenario 2

FF2: Hola Slim! What are you and your snuggly bear doing for the holidays?!
Slim: Um. Nothing. Why?
FF2: Wait, yall not gonna see each other?!
Slim: Nah. We each made separate plans. And no, we’re not doing the gift swap.
FF2: That’s terrible! I can’t believe you aren’t getting each other anything.
Slim: You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me…
**Yet another awkward silence**

During any holiday season when I have a boo, I go through this. Come to think of it, when I don’t have a boo I still go through this. The scenarios above are conversations I’ve had with female friends and associates verbatim and it drives me nuts. What the eff is the big deal about Christmas? I’m not a kid anymore!

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I know. Some of us here love giving gifts and seeing the reaction on the recipient’s face. Others here have children and want to make sure the kids don’t grow up weird or hostile toward the other lads and lasses that have had happy holidays. Some of us actually think we’re celebrating the birth of Sweet Baby Jesus. And for those in that last batch, please do some research on the origins of Christmas. You will thank me later.

Anyways, as you can probably tell, I’m not a big fan of this time of year. Aside from getting a few days off from work, it doesn’t really do anything for me. I’m sure there are a good number of you out there as well who feel the same way. And if this is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, why does everybody in the mall or in the mall’s parking lot look so stressed? I know that for many of the men I see, the stress is because they’re trying to conquer one of the many “moments of truth” of relationships. What exactly are the other “moments of truth”? Oh, that’s easy. I’m talking about birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day. These are the special days that we’re supposed to remember and cook up some thoughtful and/or costly gift that tells the other person where exactly they rank in our lives.

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And contrary to the tone of this post, I’m really not bitter or angry. I didn’t have anything awful happen to me as a a child or adult around this time of the year. I just feel like this gift-giving or acts of kindness thing should be done all the time. Visiting and spending time with family should be more than twice or thrice a year, unless you’re eating up the cost of a $300+ plane ticket for every trek you make and your pay doesn’t support such feats. Maybe we should change the name of these “moment of truth” or special days to Make Up Day 1, 2, and 3. Why? Because if we shine on these days it can make us feel better about all the things we didn’t do the other 362 or 361 days of the year.

What are your thoughts on the holiday season and the other typical special days? Do you celebrate any of them? How much do they matter to you? How much have they mattered to significant others? Have you found yourself changing your feelings about these days over the years? Let me know…and ish.

Not bitter. Not sweet. Just me,

slim jackson


  1. People put waaaaaaay to much focus on the gifts and not on the spirit of the season. I miss spending time with the family and all the good eating that comes with the season. As for gift giving with the "boo" I'm usually single and when I haven't been, I just give a gift that is nice. I don't read too much into or consider it a "moment of truth" event. I should already know how you feel about me before getting a gift. YAY Christmas, YAY Kwanzaa, YAY anytime to to spend time with loved ones, eat well, and get some time to relax!

  2. LoL. I agree with you. It's another time of the year, like summer. If in a relationship, "holiday" behavior should really be year round. I know I live across the country from my family, this family is for them… Hell, as a female, I rather presents sparatically… not when they are supposed to be. Not really as impressive when given when can be dated and not a surprise. Love is love. No matter the date on the calendar. Yes nice, but really not that serious. Not ginna die if don't exchange presents. Just call n say, "Happy holidays" and/or "I love you."

  3. "Some of us actually think we’re celebrating the birth of Sweet Baby Jesus. And for those in that last batch, please do some research on the origins of Christmas. You will thank me later." <— CHUUUUUCH!

    See what I just did right there?

  4. I agree with you Slim!!!

    I stopped looking forward to Christmas at the age of 7. The only thing that I anticipate about Christmas is its passing, because my birthday is 3 days later. I don't care about the gifts, because half the isht people get my,are things that I could've gotten myself. The only reason why I'm wrapping gifts this year is because people have told me that they bought me something. Otherwise, my friends know that when I shop, if I see something to their liking, I will cop it for them. So gift giving is not for only birthdays, anniversaries, and xmas; it could be any random day.

    With that said, the reason why I try to get amped and bring that "uh" out of me for Christmas is because I have young siblings. My brother is 5 and sister is 3, so I figure, what the heck, might as well load a isht load of gifts under the Christmas tree. After all, they look forward to it.

    I'm not the Grinch. If I have a hunny around this time of the year and we decide to exchange gifts, that's cool.

    1. "The only thing that I anticipate about Christmas is its passing, because my birthday is 3 days later."

      I imagine you being like "Yeah yeah. Let's get to the only birthday that really matters in December". And that's pretty damn funny in some weird Slim way.

  5. “Some of us actually think we’re celebrating the birth of Sweet Baby Jesus. And for those in that last batch, please do some research on the origins of Christmas. You will thank me later.”

    And while you're at it, do some research on Easter, too. And then research why people celebrate the Sabbath on the 1st day instead of the seventh day(the actual Sabbath).

    As for Christmas, I don't get into all of the gift giving. This is the one time of the year all of my siblings come home to spend time with our parents. During this time of the year, we all have vacation time, which makes it easier to travel. We are all spread out, so we look forward to this time we can all be together. As for a boo, I haven't had one recently, but when I did, we did our own things with our own families, and usually linked back up for NYE.

    1. "And while you’re at it, do some research on Easter, too. And then research why people celebrate the Sabbath on the 1st day instead of the seventh day(the actual Sabbath)."

      Yeah…we need to talk.lol. Cuz I definitely know what you're referring to. All I'll say for now is that Constantine is a real bastard and someone in the good book said this would happen.

  6. In the past, when I've had significant others during the holidays and exchanged gift, I felt MAJOR pressure. Since last year my family doesn't exchange gifts among eachother- we figure other people need things more than we do. This year, I have a beau who is in support of that, so me and him aren't exchanging either…. we'll be celebrating together, just not with gifts. It really relieves the pressure. Plus I like suprises more, so I'd rather get him random stuff throughout the year, instead of now, when people EXPECT it.

  7. Dang Ya'll! Then what holiday do you all like? Halloween? I mean to each his or her own. I LOVE this time of year. I don't love it because of the gift giving aspect. I could care less whether I get gifts or not. I love it because of the spirit of this time of year. I love it because it is symbolic of my religious beliefs. I love it because I love it…always have, always will. Christmas lovers REVOLT!

    1. lol at "Christmas lovers REVOLT!"

      I don't particularly go nuts for any holidays. I just like getting a day or days off from work and having the opportunity to spend it doing what I wanna do. I don't even go crazy about my birthday.

    2. I agree with you Queen T! Everybody is glad to get off work, to be able to hang with family and friends. Yet, despite the controversy of when Christ was really born, without his birth we wouldn't have this time to celebrate in this way, spread cheer, feel & give love. So, yes is okay to feel like a revolution is necessary to honor why Christmas is here! All a revolution does is bring change! Therefore, embrace this holiday, whether you choose to with gifts, dinner or just an appreciation that One was born on your behalf!

  8. When I see those "Keep Christ in Christmas" Bumper stickers I want to throw up…….

    my mom has one… Funny how ignorance skips a generation.

    I celebrate X-mas b/c I like showing my boo I care. I also tell people "Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas" I reach out to people and might even be a little happier.. truth be told this atheist loves spreading holiday cheer…. but I do the same during Memorial Day and Thanksgiving. I like Holidays.. nothing to do with worshipping false idols. I just like days off from work and other people having off from work and kicking it with me. I'm an atheist not anti-social. Its cool bonding in the Coach store with the married guy who is scrambling just like me to get something for his wife. Drinking the eggnogg at the Holiday party finding out the hot chick from telephone banking thinks you are cute. Plus I am not the type of person to buy myself luxury items EVER, but my booboo will get me the item I have had my eye on but was too scary to buy (BEATS BY DRE! HINT HINT HINT!).

    CHeeKZ "Men having @[email protected] sex with underage boys = the real meaning of Christmas" Money

    1. I want some of those headphones too! But $300 I'll stick to my cheap Panasonics.

      Ever since I accepted my being agnostic the holidays really just = a few days off with family. Everyone has been tight financially so the holidays really don't equal buying gifts and going to debt anymore, which I'm actually happy about. This season actually brings out the recluse in me more, despite family will want me all up under them. I can do that for a day and then I pretty much want to be left alone. Come New Years everyone will be celebrating the changing of the digits when they write the date but…it'll just be another year. At least I'll get a week to goof off.

  9. I have to say that I kind of disagree. I believe Christmas is just like a Hallmark card: it's the thought that counts. I think most people know that it's not the actual birthday of Jesus, but the point is just to celebrate him. After all, MLK day isn't on the actual birthday of the person people celebrate either, but it doesn't stop people from celebrating him. I also have a hard time believing that nobody has ever celebrated their birthdays earlier or later than the actual date.

    In regards to people who seem to be more about gifts and presents, there are some who do go overboard. I can only hope that these people will one day see the light and realize that it's not all about gifts (but it's usually the credit card bill that gets this message across best).

    I personally believe that anytime there's a chance to slow down and take off from work and spend time with loved ones, people should do it. After all, you can't be doing that much else because everything is closed on Christmas (except the movies). You may as well just spend it with loved ones.

    1. Thanks for the comment. My mention of Christmas not being the official Sweet Baby Jesus day is a very small portion of this post. I actually agree with your comment overall. I think it's in line with what I say in the last couple paragraphs.

  10. What's the over/under of this post going over 100 comments?

    "Some of us actually think we’re celebrating the birth of Sweet Baby Jesus."

    Some of us are. December 25 is merely the day observed to celebrate the Savior's birth, and we could care less about Saturnalia or any other Roman excesses. And yes, it is very unlikely that it was actually in December. Same thing with Resurrection Sunday (Easter is a pagan holiday). Being that I'm not Catholic, I could care less about Constantine.

    That being said, I'm all about gifts for the youngins. I have three nieces, three nephews, three godsons and a goddaughter, ages 18-3, so I make sure they get a good gift. Adults, you get a card, some cookies, and a recitation of the words "Merry Christmas!"

    The Don: "What did ras kass say “put a gerbel on your christmas wishlist” lol"

    Miami Life, at any price, keep my pockets nice,

    Eff the po-lice, Miami Life ain't nuttin nice!

  11. I'm not a big fan of Christmas either. But I love Thanksgiving all the way through my birthday (end of Jan) for all the food that it provides. The one thing that I do hate about this season is something I hate about the month of May. I am at an age where many of my friends are either still in school or in graduate school. Around this time I get the question "What are you doing for break?" BREAK? What break? I still gotta work. Yes, I gotsta work on Christmas Eve. I hate you and wish that I too could return to school and collect more debt.

  12. I totally agree with this post. Christmas gift giving is really for children. I get most of what I want throughout the year–because I buy it MYSELF. I did get my parents gifts, and my babe too–but both of us were pretty much like its not a big deal, so don't go all out. I love receiving gifts now! I'm just not gonna make a huge list of stuff because thats not my style. Like I said most things I want I usually just save for it and get it myself.

    I enjoy family time, the music and food, but thats about it. I'll probably get back into the holiday more when I have children of my own. Jesus is the reason for the season NOT gifts. and me and Big Homie kick it all year round…

  13. Great post. I agree with you. There is so much focus put on Christmas & gift giving. I don't knock it, but I prefer not to get all worked up around this time of year. Keep it mellow. But, that's just me.

  14. There are certain things a man has to chalk up when he decides to be in a relationship. Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, and Christmas. Just man up. Or you do what every other cheap man does, break up with her a week before Thanksgiving and get back with her after Valentine's Day. This all goes back to the engagement ring, why are we trying to skate social norms? Next thing you know, women will stop; shaving their legs, waxing, fellatio, and letting us watch football.

    And always remember my second most popular piece of advice to men: "You're right, you shouldn't have to do that, but you know what? There's another man willing to do it. Always keep this in mind."

    1. Gotta disagree fam. Social norms are relative to where you are and the dominant culture there. And the United States is pretty damn diverse. If these "moment of truth" days were that important to a chick, I wouldn't be with her. That's just subjecting myself to unnecessary stress. I don't think it has anything to do with skating social norms. I think it has everything to do with people not putting emphasis on the right things in their relationships.

      1. Again, I think we disagree. I'm not saying focus on Christmas more than you focus on other things. Maintain on all aspects of your relationship everyday and holidays. What i'm saying is, it's Christmas, it's the season, you may not like it, but you do it.

  15. I loves me some Christmas. Not for religious purposes. But, because of the nostalgia and warm feelings it brings. And I LOVE giving gifts. And I only do surprises. I usually listen for some off-the-cuff, matter-of-fact statement like, "I need a dayum Leopard-Print Snuggie!"* in the middle of October or something and store it in the memory bank for a future Christmas present…and by the time, they have forgotten they've asked for it. I love the reaction on someone's face when I surprise them.

    I don't begrudge anyone for hating it (*coughScroogeMcDuckcough*) because I don't really take it too seriously. I do understand the "gifts should be given all year round" mentality, but these commercialized holidays are what makes the gift giving extra special. If we didn't have certain days to give gifts and just gave gifts everyday…what would be so special about the gifts? And it's extra cool that it's a certain time of the year. Gives folks something to look forward to. I mean, holidays don't cancel out spontaneous gift-giving so, while I do understand the sentiment behind it, I don't think it's a truly valid argument.

    *Disclaimer: This was just an example. I would never buy anyone a backwards robe for Christmas. Maybe as a gag-gift. But, not a serious gift. And if it is a gag-gift…yes, it MUST be the leopard print one.

    1. This is sweet Cheekie. but I generally hate surprises with gifts. lol. Now someone mentioning it in passing and you getting it later–that's a good one. I do that myself sometimes for loved ones. My parents manage to surprise me with something small every year though, and I appreciate that they thought of something that a person who thinks of "everything" didn't come up with on my own! 🙂 I'm not put off by the routine of gift giving this time of year, and the "just because" any time of year gifts are just as sentimental to me. I just feel like I'm too old to get really excited about it like I did when I was a kid.

  16. Read all the comments and I will say this:

    I cosign completey with Hugh jazz on the observance of the holiday. I observe it for what it represents, not actually believing this was the day it occurred. On the same note, I feel like the world gets revealed to you when you are a teenager and stop getting massive amount of gifts just because. Sh*t, when i found out **SPOILER** Santa wasn't real, that was it for me! lol

    Like Reecie said, gifts are given to myself throughout the year. I dont really go crazy over giving gifst during the holiday. I get for my immediate fam. Hell, I get more hyped for Secret Santa / White elephant at the job! Especially white elephant you can come up on that!

    As far as the atheists love of bashing any religious holiday(no shots), I would say that we should respect everyones beliefs and I guess whe we are all dead, we will find out who was right/wrong.

    1. lmfao @ the spoiler warning.

      "I would say that we should respect everyones beliefs and I guess whe we are all dead, we will find out who was right/wrong."

      Ok, this made me picture all of us as ghosts huddled around in the afterlife, finding out who was right and then the right ones taunting the wrong ones like, "Ah-ha!" (c) Nelson from "The Simpsons".

  17. Can I start with DECember is NOT the twelfth month-peep game. DEC is ten. DECade-DECimal so we arent even in the right month but thats a whole other story. If you want more on it two words: Julius Augustus.

    But the real reasons I agree with Slim is simple-I have never had a real fam. Over on VSB he got the oppo opinion he loves Xmas. I explained there that upon being born my fam went down hill. Too much dope, crack, AIDS and dumb decisions split my moms from my lousy-ass relatives. Most of whom are dead-locked up or live in miserable conditions-like the homeless shelter on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn, superb.

    With mom dukes passing two years ago I dont give a damn about Xmas (get mad the abrr all you want I aint writing out the whole thing, lol). The moment the day ends everybody is back to their bull$hit. Funny it only after Xmas that ppl realize that Xmas is the START of winter. These are the same lames that get "winter blues" around Feb-well move yo' ass to Florida or Cali or summin, there will be a winter until you die and if you live in a "4 season" part of the country you will get cold and snow etc.

    So just where does the bubbly BS crap of "let it snow -let it snow" goodie feeling go,come Feb 19th? Why cant we spread joy and peace on earth on that day heck yr round, cant I blow you away with a surprise gift that week too? Oh I guess not.

    I'll be Scrooge all year long until the next 12/25 and then buy something to placate to ppl and all is forgotten- to that I say bah hummbug. Last, on the career tip I am going into the new year with a ton of steam so much I keep forgetting Xmas is this month. And I have already got the weight off and the body is coming into shape in other words my new year resolution was started in July!!!!!

    I am hitting 2010 running thru titanium steel, aint got time for a heavily manipulated holiday UNLESS its making me some money-holla!!!!

  18. I would like to say that I completely cosign 100% with this article. Christmas to me is a time to spend with family, and now that I am a mother, a time to get my son a few new toys. All the extra stress, going all out, spending money that I do not have or have and don't want to spend, I care not to do. As far as exchanging gifts with the boo, when I had one we really didn't go all out either because I made it clear that it wasn't necessary. Like someone else mentioned, I'd rather be surprised with gifts throughout the year as opposed to the "required" days when you know you are going to get something. It is more meaningful to me that way. And I know the author of the post mean about the Sweet Baby Jesus comment, however I still use this time to observe HIM since they won't tell us when he was really born, bastids. Christmas time for me is a time to spend with family I haven't seen, get some good food, and see my baby's bright eyes as he opens gifts. And I do NOT do Santa, but that would be a whoooole 'nother tirade for me, and I don't want to go there. Peace!

  19. These "moment of truth days" are the crutch for some relationships. "I've been treating my SO horribly this whole year, but hey, I'll buy him/her an expensive gift to make up!!!" The gift giving should be done year round, I especially like the unexpected gifts, big or small. The year-end holidays should be time for couples to meet and hang out with each others friends and families (if it's gotten to that level), eat food you wouldn't normally eat during the year (gotta love that fried turkey!!!) and reflect on the past year and how you can make the next year better academically, business-ly (if thats a word), personally and/or relationship wise. I love the holidays, not because of the gift giving or receiving (thats a perk!), but I love to spend time with my friends and family, especially those who are traveling from afar. Its a time to joke about the stupid things we've seen or done during the year, get drunk and eat a whole bunch of red velvet cake!!! Dont forget the pecans…

    1. I am with you on the red velvet cake. Huge fan of red velvet cheesecake and fried turkey.lol. And the "moment of truth days" are definitely a crutch for some folks. I wish I had worded it that way!

  20. Well I love Christmas time! Why?

    1. I get to wear cute little sparkly dresses to all those lovely holiday parties.

    2. Eggnog is plenitful in the grocery store (I LOVE eggnog – specially the yellow kind)

    3. Winter is finally here (In new england) and if you're lucky, it's snowing.

    4. All those cute little kids in the church pageant saying their cute little speeches!

    5. Carrolers coming to your door serenading you!

    6. Great Christmas-Day Meal with your family that doesn't include turkey.

    7. Watching cheesy Christmas movies like (Charlie Brown Christmas – This Christmas)

    8. Coffe shops now offer peppermint-eggnog-mocha concoctions.

    9. Eating lots of candy, cake, treats shaped like snowmen & christmas trees etc.

    10. Seeing family you haven't seen ALL year and having a great time reminiscing.

    11. Having your gift recipients face light up when they see their gifts.

    12. Presents (of course duh!)

    13. Anything snow or cold-weather related – snow-ball fights, ice skating, hot coacoa afterwards.

    14. Sending out and receiving holiday cards.

    15. Vacation from work!

    And of course we celebrate Jesus's Birth. Yeah, Yeah it's not his REAL birthday. Get over it. If you investigate deep enough on any holiday, there are some flaws. If you want to take that line of reasoning why do we celebrate President's holidays? Or Valentines Day or BIRTHDAYS? If you think holidays are overrated, become a Jehova Witness. Then you'll have an ironclad justification for being a scrooge. I say if you hate the holidays because you have no family, volunteer! If you think Christmas is overrated, you probably haven't been doing the holidays right in the first place.

    1. Aight…

      Seeing that I spend the holidays with family and enjoy time off from work and that I do believe in God and actively recognize my faith, what more am I supposed to be doing to be doing the holidays the right way?

      Most of the stuff you're talking about, I actually co-sign. I don't understand a few of these comments today. It's like people saw the title, saw that I mentioned Jesus, and then just went to comments. And with regard to celebrating Jesus, isn't that just another thing that should be done everyday kinda like the other stuff I mentioned in the post?

      Killin me here.lol.

      1. Yes, Jesus should be celebrated everyday. But I celebrate my own life everyday and still have a extra special celebration on my birthday. So why not do that for Jesus?

        1. "But I celebrate my own life everyday and still have a extra special celebration on my birthday. So why not do that for Jesus?"

          *sigh* We should do that for Jesus. The issue is in the timing. I'm trying really hard not to make this become a God discussion. I don't really type anything or write a post without some underlying logic, which I do have. If folks really want to go into this, it's way deeper than a blog comment box and I'm not trying to go there right now. Hit me up on Twitter (@slimjackson) and we can discuss offline.

          I'ma go back to writing about b*sting nuts and other foolishness. Never any controversy with those topics….

      2. Then what exactly did you mean? you can't be frustrated when people disagree with you? Then what is the point of asking all those questions at the end of your blog post if you're going to firmly state your disagreements to everyone's response?

        I think for the most part, everyone does get what you're saying. I liked what Girl Politik said. If you don't like holidays, then don't celebrate them… become a Jehova's Witness or a secular person who doesn't participate in any religious/social celebration (idk how streetztalk can be a self-proclaimed atheist but still think it's okay to believe in some of the holidays that have religious origins but okay, whatevs) Yes, most important part of the holidays are time well spent with people you care about. And yes, we should do that more often, but people *ahem, similar to this post (re: Dr. J)* make excuses for not doing so as often as then should. So, the holiday let's them off the hook. I know you care about me, and you may not say or express it all the time, but just for today I will. If you already do that with you're significant other, than I think everyone can agree, she can't be mad at you for taking some time off of forgoing the gift that one day (although, if you do care about your significant other, why wouldn't you want to spend part of that day with them anyway??) I think THAT is the point you were trying to make. Moments of truth happen at various junctures in relationships on different days of the year.

        As for the people without the family to spend time with, then maybe that's where the overratedness may play a bigger factor. Or for people, like myself, who just don't really like their family members that much and don't really want to spend all day trapped inside with them. That doesn't mean the significance and meaning behind being charitable, good tidings, appreciativeness and happiness is lost still. Sure we love and appreciate the friends, coworkers and others who give us support and provide solace for us outside of our family. But again, we don't thank them or show them appreciation for that every day, so picking a small amount of time out of the year to say thank you, still matters, and it still makes you feel good. The commercialization comes from making people think that you need an xbox 360 to show your child/special someone how much you love and appreciate them. That's where the meaning is lost in translation over time, cultures and socialization.

        1. I don't understand where the frustration is? A few people disagreed with me and I responded like a normal person. I even thank folks for commenting when they disagree with me usually. Just because I'm responding to comments doesn't mean I'm irritated or annoyed. If I was truly bothered, I would have deleted any comments that weren't too my liking. I also said anybody who wants to discuss the issue further can hit me up off this site and I'll discuss. When Jesus or God is mentioned, people have a certain way of reacting and getting fired up…particularly online.

          And please don't tell me what point I was trying to make. Most people got the post and took it for what it was. I'm not here to judge. I'm here to provide a well-written perspective. I want to respond to your comment, but I got side-tracked addressing your first paragraph.

  21. It's just time and a half or another day off…

    As a man in a relationship, I don't hate the Christmas season per se as much as I hate the commercialism, stress, hurt feelings over unfulfilled expectations about the supposed "moments of truth" in a relationship, crowds, the distorted history, and the pejorative labeling of anyone who doesn't buy in. But I like Egg Nog and the Charlie Brown Christmas special…

    I know many men like myself who look forward to the passing of Christmas. But in the end, I am pragmatic. Me and my girl exchange one gift and it doesn't have to be on the exact Christmas day.

  22. I love Christmas! Never a stress, always a good time, and my family always gives gifts for everyone. Young or old. We just love being all up under each other!

  23. I totally and completely agree. I used to anticipate the holidays, but now I'm just ready for them to pass. I just don't see the point anymore. Yeah, it's nice to get gifts but times are rough and my money, as well as others, can be put to something more important than a gift I'll forget about in a week. Me and most of my friends are still in undergrad so we have tuition, rising fees and food, among other things, so getting gifts is so not on my priority list. Oh, and I do have a boo. We're probably not going to exchange gifts, so we'll probably just spend a little time together.


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