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Battle of the sexes: The Power of the good good


Women, I’m going to tell you something you already know: You can single handedly serve as motivation for men to upgrade themselves. Jay-Z and Kells, before the Phantom Gun in MSG incident, made a truthful track: Power of the P.U.S.S.Y. This basically dropped science about the catalyst which women provide men to improve themselves. Men pursue women, and subconsciously perform certain tasks, motivated on the surface by self accomplishment, and secretly for the affection…of the center of our attention.  One major example of this is the gym.

We all want to get in shape for our own reasons. Men will say it’s to lose the last 10 pounds, get back into high school or college shape, or to prolong their lives/maintain a healthy lifestyle. I currently have a health challenge I chronicle at DOT NET, so I’m more than aware of fitness goals. Don’t think that some woman won’t help to give men that extra nudge to get up off Twitter and do an effin SITUP! I mean, my motivations are purely women-based health oriented, but let me share with you a story where I saw the power of female motivation:

While I was in Dallas, I hit up the LA Fitness location (my gym in NY, don’t be confused lol) in Grand Prairie. It looked just like my home gym, with certain differences (space, they had better weights, different setup of equipment, etc). The NY Gym is still > that one, but I could tell it was a smaller location. I went to do a normal workout, and I was in the zone, getting on my Jersey Shore workout flow. I saw a few people in there, and everyone was doing their own exercises as usual. I went over to the free weights section to do some squats, when I notice 2 cute TX hotties doing the same exercise near me.  I had to keep focus so I didn’t hurt myself, so I started my warm-up set of 135 (one plate on each side) to do my warm-up set of 10. As I start the exercise, I see through the reflection in the mirror that shorty is doing the exercise at the SAME pace as me! So,  I pay no attention and finish my set. This woman, in her sweet southern accent, says “How many did you do?” I look at her, smiled, and say “I did 10”, thinking that my NYC swag stature and confidence would impress. This woman then goes “I did 15, I beat you!” Um….


(props to Meka on the pic!)

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I’m sorry… but I didn’t know we were competing! So I applaud her and inform her that I’m getting warmed up! I through another 50 lbs on to do squats at 185, and shorty MATCHES me rep for rep! Mind you, she wasn’t a Lou Ferrigno lookin‘ female, she was slim trim and athletic, like a soccer or track athlete. So in my mind I’m going crazy like “wow, she’s cute and strong, I gotta show her what’s up!” I quickly learned that everything was stronger in Texas! Set #3 comes around, and I decide to stay at 185, this woman went up to 2 PLATES!!! Put it in perspective: I’ve never attempted that weight, for whatever reason. I now have a trainer in there challenging me to match her in that weight. Out of respect for her beauty, strength, and my dignity, I was gonna go IN. Then, I remembered a line from one of my favorite poems:

A coward can smile when there’s naught to fear, and nothing his progress bars, but it takes a man to stand and cheer while the other fellow stars.

So, I laughed it off and said “Miss, you won’t have me going back to NY blogging about telling a story of how a pretty lady made me pull/break my back and injure myself for the rest of my trip! which didn’t involve sex” Did I mention that her last set was 2 plates and a quarter on each side, with a spotter, for 5 sets b4 she COLLAPSED?!! SMH! I definitely paused, and realized that my motivation to push myself that far was spurred by both competition and sexual attraction.

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I have to concede that there’s some percentage of man’s drive for success  attributed to attaining the approval and admiration of the opposite sex. Its a good thing that reason trumped my machismo, or I’d be typing from a hospital bed or chiropractors office! Men, utilize that motivation to attain your goals. Women, just keep doing what you do.

What other areas do you notice where a woman’s influence and presence will make a man switch his flow up. Yes i left them all out on purpose. I’ll let you tell it!



  1. OMG that Siggy(?) is making my eyes hurt, its awful! …. guess thats what I get for being up this late anyway.

    Gym stories are great, I was once working my abs on a machine that also doubled as a pull-up bar on the other side, when this guy had the nerve to hop on the machine with me, I seriously wanted to fight him, thats douchy behavior. I also hate when men wait on me while I'm doing my reps, like foreal hommie, you cant find anything else to do but put us both in an awkward situation…

    Another situation is drinking, men don't like to look like light weights. Other than those 2, I am completely unaware of the hoops Men jump through to impress us.

    Yea my first smb response, now I'm going to bed.

    1. My workouts are written in a certain order for a certain purpose. Thus, I'm the type of guy who would stand there and wait on you lol

      1. Standing and waiting maybe, interrupting me to ask how many sets I have left… again thats douchy behavior, there's always a substitute. Do you do that to men in the gym? Would you go over to a dude working on a machine you want next on, then stand there and watch him because men will stand there and watch me.

        1. I do it to everyone. And I will ask you how many sets you got left, not in the middle of a set though, that’s wrong. If ppl are doing that you might need to smack him w/ a 10lb plate

  2. LOL…..I cant front. I don't like female out drinking me unless I'm driving. lol

    That gym story is truth cuz I've seen that a few times with track players doing they thing while guys try to keep up with them.

  3. Streetz is a hero to fat ninja's trying to get into shape for Summer '10. I was worried my hero would fall to some sourthern bell. She got what she deserved trying to show you up.

    I haven't been going to the gym long enough to have a story. But I have seen plenty of dudes harass chicks just trying to work out. Makes it awkward since people seem to work out at the same time everyday. Now you have to look at the chick who turned you down everyday.

  4. I've seen men to try up their machismo when it comes to cars to. There are a lot of women out here who KNOW cars… not just the color or like the design but know horsepower, engine size… like KNOW cars. This dude at my job called himself trying to <del>get some digits and date</del> impress this chick in the parking lot and she completely showed him up. He had no idea what he was talking about… she popped her hood and showed him exactly what MEANT to say. Funniest shit ever. I think they still went on a date. Score 1 for the simp!!

  5. I dont have many gym battles w/ women, I'm too big for that. However, many women have challenged me to drinking contest and have felt the swift hands of defeat. Even though I won, it wasnt one of those victories when I really won. Though she vomitted all over her bathroom and slept on the cold tile, i made it home only by the grace of God.

    Me and my girl went to the gym once. She out ran me on the treadmill. Like badly. We were running like a 9-10 mile and after 2 of them joints i was done. I think she ended up doing 5 or 6. 🙁

  6. I'm way too competitive to get involved in such competitions.lol. If I see a distance runner on the treadmill, I won't even try. If I see a chick doing some ill flexibility work…I just behold the magic. If it comes to drinking games, I wear the crown. Trying to keep it real in these situations can really go wrong. Like painfully wrong. Fellas, don't be "that guy" .

    1. I won;t front slim… if you saw shorty and heard the accent "Incredible Hulk" Slim J wouldve surfaced to showoff! I had to just smile and nod and behold the beauty. Wow. lmao

  7. Yeah men are pretty funny when it comes to impressing us females…some of yall will bust your asses for us…its cute though. But sometimes its just unnecessary because I'm a "its the little things that count" kinda girl…I'm absolutely clueless about cars, mens clothes, etc. so when men make actual attempts to impress me with it, their really not because I really have no clue,therefore it was a wasted attempt lol.

  8. Def in the workplace…nothin screams, "pull ur skirt down dude, i'm bout to embarrass you" like a test of mental prowess…my fave approach is to play dumb at first, set them up for the okie doke and then NAIL a man with an unexpected one-liner. Por ejemplo…(true story):

    Man — Yeah I do web design…it's a very technical process, i don't think u should try to do one on ur own.

    Me — really, it's complicated huh?

    Man –oh yes, i've spent years learning how to write code, perfect flash, blah, blah, blah

    Me — Hmm, how about SEO?

    Man — SE What?

    Me — Optimization of the site b/c it'd be pointless to pay for ur a flashy homepage that brings me zero ROI

    Man — RO what now?

    Me — nevermind…HAVE A GREAT DAY! Love ur tie! 😉

  9. Simple dress game. If a woman tends to be dressed up all the time, I might put the socks and Adidas sandals on hold for a little while. I'll go hard (no pun intended) with a collared shirt or a neck tie here and there.

  10. I'm going to tell you a story.

    I was once in the club with a group of the fellas trying to buy more bottles than the table next to us. A group of chicks… At one point I started thinking about paying my credit card off later, but they kept going. I felt short, turns out they were lawyers. She added the fire and explosion to it by leaving before us and saying, we're not going to finish this would you like this bottle.

  11. Hmmm… That is funny and I am so not that chick. Challenges (not so much competition) is only truly equally enjoyable in fruitful situations. lol. (my not so manish way of saying it). At this point in life, being a little older, I respect my place as a woman. I do not challenge men in the gym hell I do not even really want to be there to be honest. I do what I have to do – check out my surroundings (thank goodness for those mirrors) and get the hell out. I often feel some kind of way in the gym but that it anoher blog that I may need to work on… hmmmm…. however I have been known to try to conjure up a drink challenge but I generally have some kind of motive behind that too so… lol.

    great post.

  12. Did she collapse as in fell the ****out? If that's what indeed happened, I'm just gonna say something that few women understand…and it might make some upset.

    Women try too dayum hard to be men. What she tryna show a man she just as physically strong as him for? How would she possibly think that would make her seem sessay? I just can't wrap my fingers around that! The purpose in a physically strong, testosterone clad sex is just that-to have a protector, somebody who can defend you, and most importantly…open jars, take out the garbage, and move heavy stuff. Women need to learn that and honestly, wouldn't be as many bitter, undersexed females who don't know how to keep a man cause she too busy tryna be one!

    Just my $0.02, prollay never get read-good post tho!

    1. I think it was more her own personal fitness goals rather than a direct competition with me. In the gym you build comeraderie like that. that couldve also been a lokey way for her to flirt? lol who knows.

      I've heard people speak the opinion you stated, and i agree to an extent. it's great to "let a man be a man" but women shouldn't hinder themselves from learning certain tasks. U never want to be in a position to constantly rely on someone.

      Thanks for the comment and come on back now, ya hear!

  13. Maybe I'm just that self centered but I don't have competitions in the gym. I'm in there to push myself further than the last time. I admire the scenery but it's really all about me when I'm in there.

    I've seen women mimic my exercise usually because what I'm doing is working. I don't talk to much of anyone in the gym. If you can talk in the gym, you aren't working hard enough.

  14. If you can talk in the gym, you aren’t working hard enough.


    no-sign. What about between sets or working out with partners. Difference between a word here and there and full blown conversations.

    Good lookin on the comment!


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