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Money is the reason many of us are awake right now.  After all, it’s pretty hard to make money in your sleep…for those of you that do make money in your sleep, shoot me an email asap.  Money affects every area of our lives, especially the relationships we have with people. Nothing else in the world seems to be the purveyor of all things evil like money.  Most of the conflict that arises today usually boil down to monetary issues.  Part of the reason the divorce rate is so high is because people simply can’t agree on their finances and that tension affects other areas of their relationship.  Now that the economy is officially in the crapper, the game has changed for a lot of us, and that includes less money to trick on social escapades.  So for a lot of dudes that means having less money to spend on getting chicks sloppy drunk entertaining the woman or women in our lives.  And unfortunately in our ballerific society, your expendable income usually affects your love life.

A big part of the problem is that people in our society tend to place great value in having money than having meaningful relationships.  How many times have you heard someone say “I don’t date/not in a relationship because I’m focused on my career.”  I’m not knocking the hustle at all, but clearly a concession has been made that pursuing a relationship would hinder career and financial goals.  People often separate because they find out too late that they don’t share the same financial ambitions and spending habits.  Sometimes the way people choose to spend their money is more of a problem than a lack of funds.  If you’re spending tons of money on yourself, but can’t/won’t take your SO out to dinner or give a gift here or there, that’s going to be a problem.  Or worse,  if you’re that guy that uses her car and brings back an empty gas or get pissed when she ask for some help with maintenance, you’re hustling backwards homie.  Finding a way to compromise on these issues would go a long way in keeping things intact, but it can be hard adjusting to your partners money habits or cutting back in the face of a recession.  But keep in mind that if you’re really looking to make things work, money should be the least of your concerns.  I know, sounds a bit Utopian, but if love is what you’re really after, money can’t buy that…Unless you’re Tiger Woods (ZING!).

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My best advice for the folks in the dating world is to stay true to your money habits and most importantly your budget.  If you’re a  cheap bastard frugal, keep being cheap son don’t date someone with liberal spending habits or expensive taste, because you’ll clearly be setting yourself up for failure. Some people may not agree with me, but I really do believe that there is somebody out there for everybody.  So don’t end up on Judge Judy, son. You never know, there might be a Single Stingy Sistas chapter in your area…I heard those girls are hot. If you’re already in a relationship, you’re pretty much f*cked take the time to sit down with wifey and get the money situation straight.  Oh yeah, and half a bar for the idiots that are salty because their woman makes more than they do: Get over yourself.

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  1. Love it!!! I'm cheap as hell frugal. iCan't with some of the stuff folk do with their money. Yes, you work hard for it so you should enjoy what it brings but be responsible…those $125 jeans with all the crazy fancy designs on them that you'll wear for MAYBE 6 months and then regulate them to the back of your closet…do you really need those? Just think before you start handing over your money all willy nilly

    1. my $$$ dollar jeans get years of wear, maybe because they don't have any crazy designs, but I hear you. its all in what you consider willy nilly.

      my motto, live within your means, smart people live below their means honestly. splurge from time to time if you feel you deserve it (if everything else is in order), bargain hunt where necessary, and basically do you. I don't worry about what other people are doing with their money as long as they aren't asking me for any. LOL if you gotta ask me for money, and you rock more lay-bee-els than a little bit, well you probably don't know how to budget. and I'm not in the business of being a bank so, yeah.

  2. lol…well, i dont mind a really nice pair of jeans or something expensive for myself or others…i've developed certain tastes over time that i'm able to afford within my budget(within my budget being the key words)…and my best friends mom always says…"don't date him if he don't like nice sh*t, cuz it's gonna be really hard for you to get nice sh*t when you're married"

    but yeah, opposites dont attract when it comes to spending habits at all

  3. opposites dont attract when it comes to spending habits at all


    Agreed. You have to have the same values when it comes to money. I've learned over time that I am almost always in a better finacial situation than the family or friends that might be calling me cheap. 9 times out of 10 they have thousands of dollars of debt on credit cards which is something I would never tolerate.

  4. This is a good jawn. A very good jawn. I actually just sat and crunched my budget last night. Set up that Bank of America portfolio ish. Realized alcohol and subsequent alcohol related activities have been bodying my finances for way too long. I need to change this sleazy lifestyle asap!

    I'm not really sleazy.

        1. LMAO! @ Doin the electric slide on people's money. And Creflo at the end is just priceless. Where the hell did he come from? lol

  5. Great post RCLS!!

    I'm a frugal lady. I try to live beneath my means, but I fail sometimes. lol. I don't mind spending a little money pampering myself. I pay to have my locs tightened and eyebrows done once a month. I rarely buy clothes b/c all I do is work, and I have a closet full of stuff professional attire. I need some new jeans, though. lol. Sometimes I splurge, but most times I don't, and I don't think I could even date a man who spent tons of money. Even if he had the money to spend. Being frugal is just smart. I'm all about building actual wealth, not just buying ish to make me look wealthy. I need a man on the same page.

  6. That's the thing, shamefully a lot of people in our generation want to be fly by any means necessary. Which is cool, if you want to spend every dime you have on material, that's cool, it your money, but what happens when that rainy day turns into a muthaf*ckin blizzard?

  7. Good post. I think it is important to know what the spending habits are of your date, because if you two are polar opposites, you set yourselves up for failure.


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