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What defines a “freak”?


Adina Howard proclaimed it from the highest stripper pole rooftop. Hip hop emcees fantasize and prophecies about these individuals. Women’s toes curl at the mere mention of a male who bears this label. Even the great Ludacris wanted to have many one of these women christen his boudoir. Of course I’m talking about freaks! These paragons of sexual supremacy are revered in relationships, strip clubs, videos, movies, pornos and the like. The word freak also serves as taboo because some closed minded individuals associate the word freak with whore. Whether you love them or hate them, a question came across my desk from a young lady who needed to know “What defines a freak?” Me being, the man that I am, I thought about this topic and came up with a few ways to define this phrase. Throw on your freshest pair of Nike Boots Space Jams and walk with me:

Streetz ways to define a freak

No Ceilings
This individual will leave no stone unturned when it comes to bedroom activity. Their freakosity (yes I said freakosity) is solely restricted by their imagination. They will do anything and everything in the bedroom. Inviting another woman to play a game of Three Ways To Take it? CHECK! Toys? Check That thing that some dudes only get from their shorties on their birthdays? Check. Hanging off the ceilings to give the story a happy ending? Why not?! These individuals aren’t bashful or timid. They will stop at nothing to experience the highest levels of erotic nirvana possible. Don’t eff it up. Well, eff it, but don’t eff it up! You know what I mean!

Freaks will be some of the most sexually adventurous people you know. They’ll be the ones do it anywhere. They will do it in a bar. They will do it in a car. These are the people who live for the thrill of getting caught while justifying their love in all the right places. I’m talking that whisper in the ear that says “Follow me to the bathroom so I can fcuk your brains out” type of freakish action. No triple X rated movie director could script their actions any better, and it’s never a dull moment in a public place! If you experience the type of random sex encounters with your *insert PC term for someone you eff here* that resemble an episode of Cinemax After Dark, you have a certified freak in your midst.

Sex Drive
Ladies, these are the dudes who are the antithesis of the one minute man. Fellas, these are the women who scream like a jackal in heat and can speak a thousand different dialects when reaching El O Grande. You have the sex of legends. The type of sex that makes you miss work, that AM flight, or your favorite show. The type of sex that wakes you up first thing in the morning for round 7. Fellas, it’s straight Tropicana in them panties, and you’ll have to recite Global Studies lessons in your head in order to avoid a false start. “Persian Empire, Egypt… damn this shyt is good!!” They seem to have a switch that turns on and off and they go from 0 to OMG MPG in about 2.2 seconds! If you mess with a freak, get your popcorn ready!!! It’s gonna be a looong night!

You already know the drill. No need to #swindle. Let me know if you think its easy to tell a freak from a normal individual. Add to the list. Contradict the one I created. Do as you please, just like a freak would!

The High Priest of Humpday,


  1. High Priest of Humpday, gotta love it. I can't say I have my own definition of what a freak is because that term is used so loosely, no pun.

    Just seems like there's a Freak Club out there and you can do ANYTHING and everyone just to get in. If you take it anally and LOVE it, BAM! You're a freak. If you wanna gargle his spermy potential kids aka baby batter man juice, POW! Right in the kisser. A freak. If you wanna hang upside down off the bed and let him walk into your mouth while you're blindfolded, Tadaa, you, my girl, are a freak. It just seems like if you "step outta the box" and do ANYTHING out of the "ordinary" (i.e., missionary, on-your-knees head, doggy style, and what have you) you're an automatic freak. One of my best friends and I had a talk about being "freaky" because it's almost "the new black" cuz everyone is a "freak" now. Everyone is just getting their #Freak Pin and wearing it with pride, when in actuality, you didn't really DO anything that would consider you a "freak".

    It still confuses me but this list helped a great deal to kinda narrow it down takes self off that list #fistpump. Lol I don't have any additions to it (at the moment). Can't think too much after midnight. Gotta rack the brain in this head…see what I can come up with. #sukishrug


    1. Smh and lmao at this being the 1st post I comment on. I've been a lurky reader, *Note to self: Bad, Kemi* but I had to step out the shadows. Sue, I agree 100%. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  2. Ok Streetz so Im not a freak I just am down 4 anything but anal……….My lovenest is tight enough………….btw I think a freak is just someone who has a level of unselfishness that is about 90%…………………wtvr my shawty wants he gets along as it isn't unsafe or anal(just had 2 throw that back out there lol) I expect pleasure so I have no problem dressing up, letting him bend me over the bench and hitting it as he calls me a dirty little thing………………If he likes it I love it……………..its an ego booth that his deep voice sounds like Prince lol okkk time 2 get back 2 work im over here skating smh

  3. You can't necessarily tell a freak by looking at them. And Freaks are not freaking alot of folk. Possible jut one at a time.

    From a self described FREAK

  4. You can't necessarily look at a person and tell they are freak. For example, some men you think might have it going on in the bedroom, don't. They end up being "one minute" men. I raise my eyebrow a little when a man brags about all of his bedroom skills because 9 times out of 10, he won't be able to deliver. If you're a freak, just let that side show when you get intimate with that person. Of course, you should discuss what's off limits–like anal, but for the most part–don't brag about your antics.

    And if you are a freak in the bedroom, it doesn't mean you let the freak out for just anybody–at least this chick doesn't.

  5. i cant comment to the best of my ability for fear of blowing my cover lol…. but i will say whatever he down with im down with it too- pow pow:) shhh.

  6. Do I dare share??? Hell might as well go for it! (1) You definitely can't tell a freak by looking. (2) Freaks don't go around advertising their freakdom. It's like the surprise in the middle. You gotta feelin that something is different but you can't quite put your hand on it. Then the floodgates open to pure freaky delight! (3) Freaks work at being freaky. It's like pure pleasure for a freak to freak you! That's how he/she gets his/her high!

    So if you stumble upon one by pure cowinkydink hey,enjoy the ride!

  7. I may be a freak then. I am only a freak for my SO though! They say watch those quiet ones….not saying too much but doing BIG things..wink. :-)P

  8. I still thinking about elephants and the creatures from "Where the Wild Things Are" when I'm trying to not get caught out there (or in there depending on how you look at it).lol

  9. I don't know about this one Streetz, I feel like every woman has a little freak inside of her. I think we have to be clear that there is a clear difference between a freak and "yo ass is nasty."

    Oh and women/men who consider themselves a freak should be aware, you may consider yourself a freak until a freak shows up. A really good way to tell is when someone says, "I'll do anything, but…" Sityoassdown, freaks do anything.

    1. To me a freak is someone that has an insatiable sex drive first of all. A true freak is always ready. And a freak is someone that pretty much anything you want to do is on the table. And finally, this is so important, they actually know what they are doing. Anyone can give head and talk dirty. But a freak knows how to give head, when to give head and what to say when they talk dirty. (If you talk dirty like the white dudes in pornos you are not a freak. lol) Which brings me to the question, "Why does everyone think they are a freak?" Most people are just normal. Seriously if you find yourself frequently sayin "Eww that's nasty." or "Don't do that." Chances are you are not a freak. Don't get me wrong though. Just doin nasty shit doesn't make you a freak. Like I said freaks know what to do, when to do it and they are good at what they do.

      Now if you are not a certified freak don't feel bad. I once read something I believe is true. Most people will not marry the best sex they ever had. In other words, there are a ton of other things more important than feaky sex.

      1. Which brings me to the question, “Why does everyone think they are a freak?” Most people are just normal. Seriously if you find yourself frequently sayin “Eww that’s nasty.” or “Don’t do that.” Chances are you are not a freak.


        This is one of the reasons I wrote the post. It seemed like being a freak was the new black. Thats why I tried to think it through and find some real definitions!

        I do think you can be a freak and have limitations, like Dr. J said.


        1. I do think you can be a freak and have limitations


          I agree. But you got brawds out here sayin no to shit das only borderline freaky and still swearin they da freakest. Das like if I said yeah Imma thug but I don't fight much and I never sold drugs.

        2. But you got brawds out here sayin no to shit das only borderline freaky and still swearin they da freakest. Das like if I said yeah Imma thug but I don’t fight much and I never sold drugs.


          TOUCHDOWN!! Couldnt say it better!

  10. I'm not a freak…there are A LOT of isht that I just won't do. Then again, maybe I just haven't met the fella that makes me want to do certain isht. I have a friend that is considered a freak. She's the type with the "You can have whatever you like" mentality..

    1. Lmao that is nuts. I'm not gonna give myself away, but that mentality is pretty cool. I mean, I could never understand OD close-minded people. Like the hard to bend ones. I used to be an "I'll never" person. ^_^

      The word "never" lost it's meaning over time. But I definitely understand Ms. Lotus ^_^

      1. I will never have anal sex, have a 3 some, or gargle cum.. Gargle cum«~ IF I bless the man piece and your toes curl up..that will be all..no gargling..

  11. I plead the almighty 5th on this one… I will say, I don't think I fit & I have trouble discerning the "freak" from the "yo ass is nasty" but that's probably b/c i'm somewhere close to a prude (or am i? *wink*)

    Anywho… "scream like a jackal in heat and can speak a thousand different dialects when reaching El O Grande" <— hilarious.

    Good post.

  12. Freak is a relative term, like good, nice, thick, or ugly, and is in the eye of the beholder. A freak is simply someone less sexually inhibited than average.

    Also, some people aren't everyday freaks, and may be willing to expand their horizons based on the circumstances. Alcohol can make someone do something they never thought of doing before. If the sex is good, a man could tell a woman to do something on the spur of the moment, and she may do it just because the session was so good he tore down her inhibitions.

    It should also be noted that freak isn't a negative term. You can be the neighboorhood h0e or a monogamous, born-again, housewife who has only had sex with her husband and still be a freak.

    1. Agree on the first point. Peoples taste change over time. And as they get more comfortable. So you might do somethin at 28 that you never would have done at 18. Or if your just real comfortable with the person.

      Now about the word "freak" itself. The meaning has evolved a bit over time and it might be different in different places. I'm old enough to remember back in the 80s when, in DC, to call someone a freak was to call them a ho. It also meant to be a little nasty in the bedroom, but the ho definition was a lot more common. That is definitley not how people use it now.

  13. I'm not close minded, def not a prude, but I'm not a freak by some of the comments. but that's HELLA OKAY. I think Dr. J got it right everyone has that side they show sometimes but all the time? I'on know Joe. LOL. I agree everyone wants to call themselves a freak these days, and I kinda pride myself on not being like everyone else so…

  14. The term “freak” is very subjective. *to the tune of the ‘Different Strokes’ theme song* What might be freaky to you might be normal to some… LOL I think being “adventurous” often times gets confused with being a “freak”.

    Scenario 1: “Yo, she did a triple back handspring and made a ‘perfect 10’ landing on the d*ck!” I say that’s adventurous…

    Scenario 2: “Yo, she told me to put my d*ck in her ear cuz she wanted me to fcuk with her mind!” Now THAT’S freaky!

    I will say that freaks are very stealth, so it would be hard to tell someone was a freak from just looking at ‘em. Freaks like the “wow factor”; want your lover to be like “Dammmmmn girl?!”. So they don’t run around telling ppl they are freaky. Anyone you find bragging ‘bout how freaky they are, more often than not, is all talk, no action.

    1. Scenario 1: “Yo, she did a triple back handspring and made a ‘perfect 10’ landing on the d*ck!” I say that’s adventurous…

      Scenario 2: “Yo, she told me to put my d*ck in her ear cuz she wanted me to fcuk with her mind!” Now THAT’S freaky!


      Killing me softly with this text….. KILLING ME…SOFTLY!!!! word to JG* lmaoo

      1. Don't forget the famous Mike Epps line from Friday After Next, "She said she gonna suck my dick from the back…..I'm tryin to see what that is." ROFL

  15. i think a person's "freakiness" is relative to whom they are with. some women might think i'm the nastiest dude on the face of the earth, while others might find me bland. i know what i like (which is a lot) but there are some thresholds that i'm just not ready to cross. i'm not really in search of a freak i'm looking for someone whom i'm sexually compatible with. that's the key to a happy sex life in my opinion.

  16. Let's put it like this, "Just because you jump off doesn't make you a jump off."

    Same thing here, just because you do some freaky thangs, doesn't make you a freak.

  17. What is a freak? IDK. I don't think I'm a freak, though I sometimes play one in the comments section of blogs.

    I think the word gets thrown aroung a lot to describe anything, from someone who likes a position other than missionary, to tossing salads,or being choked during wild monkey sex with twins brothers on the swim team.

    Personally, I don't like the word "freak." I prefer the phrase "sexually uninhibited" or sexually adventurous".

  18. Dr.J says
    I don’t know about this one Streetz, I feel like every woman has a little freak inside of her. I think we have to be clear that there is a clear difference between a freak and “yo ass is nasty.”

    I completely agree with Dr. J. Furthermore I think the term "freak" gets thrown around by people who most of the time are not sexually adventurous. These are what I call the pretenders….they act like they would do it all but when is time to "get down and dirty" they are nowhere to be found.

    I think of myself as a free spirited sexual individual…I would try things atleast once and we can take from there. However i am not letting no one piss on me or fucking anyone's animal or any of those off the wall sexual fantasies some people have. That is not my cup of tea and its Great By Me!!!

    I am convinced that the definition of a "freak" depends on the person you are sexing. Someone might think giving head is a freaky action, some might think doggy style is freaky, while others need things like anal, foursomes, or orgies to provide the stamp of freak approval. So is best to do what you want because you want it! In the end the best sex is Selfless sex! Cant go wrong with both of you trying to make each other climax!

    Sexually free ppl are the best kept secret! Kiss but Dont tell!

    1. True, but remember these are my ways that i THINK u can tell… not an end all be all… I agree with your post too… I just want to show ppl that throw the word around that someone can and will top u! #TWSS

      1. its called a sex swing I think

        I want one, and a pole and bench All in the basement ofcourse and a Oh damn never mind lol

        Glad the work day is over

  19. I would like to apologize to Streetz.

    I had off yesterday and missed this amazing conversation.

    I should have been here with you brother… pushing people to reveal their limits.

    I'm not a freak myself: Reason being. I'm not doing a DP and I'm not letting a girl stick a finger or tongue in my butt. To be honest, I think these two rule alot of so called freak men off the list.

    I really always defined freak as someone who was nastier than me. I'm a pervert and if you can gross me out, you win.

    But these girl should be ashamed of themselves. SMH @ hoes than think benig flexible makes you are freak. I don't care about any split or flip you can do. To be honest, that doesn't even feel that good. Its about "letting go". Can you drop your inhibitions and take it in the back door. Will you let me spray it in your face? Save the cream and those ugly Teddies. Can you reach the mountain when I call you a b!tch or do in church?

  20. I agree that someone who is claiming they are the freakiest of the freaks probably shouldn't say "I DON'T DO THAT" at all… but there can be limitations to being a freak.

    If I'll do the nasty in public places with a f-breezy but I'll only do anal in the confines of a monogamous relationship, am I not a freak? Does a freak have to be freaky with everybody and they mama in order to be a true freak or can they practice some discretion?

    I know I'm a freak simply because I'm adventurous and I'm down for anything that feels good. But I do have some reservations because I don't feel obliged to throw 102% of my sxxxual skillz at a man from the jump.

    Basically: do you gotta be a ho to be a freak?

  21. "Freak", common LGBT nomenclature within the LGBT community means one who practices sadomasochistic sexual behavior, ie. fistphucking. Women that engage in this form of behavior customarily enjoy anal intercourse.

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