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One good thing about Single Black Male is that our cast of writers have the ability to think outside the box. We present age old arguments and dilemmas in a fresh and updated light for our readers, in order to adjust and relate to current times. I’m heavily influenced by sports, literature, pop culture, and other aspects of society, and love to showcase said influences in my articles. I love comics and anime, and my favorite superhero Spider-Man and his mythos has inspired a certain culture of accountability and realism. Over the next few weeks, I will showcase different aspects of his mythos and teachings (as fictitious stories serve as allegory’s to society culture) in order to better convey my message.

The next aspect of the Spider-Man mythos that I will delve into is the Sinister Six. The Sinister 6 is comprised of some of Spider-Man’s deadliest foes, who decided to band together to kill Spidey after they caught numerous losses as individuals. They all had special abilities and intangible assets that when combined would make for an awesome team. They always came up short [||] to Spider-Man because… well that’s how it’s suppose to happen.

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While this conglomerate of villains were unsuccessful in their ultimate goal, the genius is in the idea. Combining your forces with like minded individuals puts you in a better position for victory than trying to accomplish the feat on your own. We can apply this when it comes to the team which which you roll. We all have qualities and attributes as individuals which are accentuated in a group and allows for the entire team to win! I’ll use the original Sinister 6 Members to describe how apprising these roles can let the entire group live:

Doctor Octopus

This is the leader and the mastermind of the group. They are the ones that coordinate the movements to the club/gathering. They are the ones that have the overall objective in mind and know which friends to deploy in order to achieve victory. Think Mike the Situation from Jersey Shore. Say what you want, but that man was focused and always put his team in a position to score!

The Vulture

The Wingman. The Pauly D of the group. The dude who can divert attention from an individual in order for you to win. The dude who will take a grenade here and there for the sake of the team. Think of your homegirl who suggest you go to the bar with dude #1 and intercepts dude #2 knowing that she will lose so you can win. This position should be commended and respected. Tom Cruise flyboy status:

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The master of illusion. the Sultan of the #swindle. This is the Eddie Haskel/ CockRoach / Ella of the crew. They can create any alibi, background, or fictitious story in order to enhance the portfolio of the team. it’s not so much that this person is a liar… I would call them excellent public relations advocates. You need the charismatic, energetic, charming, witty, and “speak good” people to keep the flow of conversation from getting stagnant and to further set up assists from the Vulture and the Dr.  A necessary evil indeed!

The Sandman

The Epitome of a No Limit Soldier. Fellas already know this dude. This is the dude who will take ANY L on behalf of the team. Fat friends? Ugly friends? No problem! They want the team to win and will do what they must to complete the mission successfully. You may have abundant jokes on son, but his work in the field is admirable. I aint doin THAT isht though!!


This is the groups loose cannon. The dude who can say one corny/sarcastic/rude line to botch the evening for your crew. This is your homegirl who constantly HATES on a situation because no one other than The Sandman would want to talk to her, and even The Sandman has standards! They have overbearing personalities, but channel their energy worse than T-Mobile handles service on their network. These are the grenades that some Vultures may take for the team too. They may roll with you because their great friends, but know how to contain these individuals so you can win!

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Kraven the Hunter

This is the person who knows which exact team to attack. They study their prey and hunt for the sport, with the spoils rightfully going to the victor. This is the guy or gal that circles the club a few times, or posts up at the bar and people watches, until they see a group of men/women who they deem “ready”. They know which one will be down for the cause, and which ones will hate. You follow their instincts because they seem to have a sixth sense for the hunt. make sure you get a good trophy too!

So are there any other integral pieces to the puzzle I overlooked. Who is the most important in this equation? What have your experiences with this phenomenon?

Thanks for coming out. We’ll leave the light on for ya!


  1. Love the creativity. I can definitely point out the Electro in my group, lol. I guess I'm more of a cross between the Vulture and Mysterio. For some reason I get pushed to the front whenever the cops are involved.

  2. I think the Electro is a much needed member also. Their hyper vigilance protects the group from some "wins" that are in fact LOSSES.

  3. I dont think there is 1 member more vital then the others as they are supposed to be greater then the actual sum of their parts. The leader is only as strong as the unit IF they work together. The "Sandman" member is just as valuable as the "Kraven".

    Love the comic book imagery and analogies.

  4. This is a very creative post. I'm somewhere in between Dr. Octopus and Kraven the Hunter. The "Sandwoman" is prolly the most valuable team member, because it's takes an extra umph to do what she does..On the other hand, Electro's are!

  5. Son! You did it again. I never know where the hell you are going with this ishh and you manage to bring it all in with a good lesson.

    I don't know what you are going to use next.

    Aunt May

    Felicia Hardy


    I have always noticed a pattern with SuperHero teams. When you break it down a little further than a 6 member team, you get:

    Leader, Illusionist, Strong Man, flexible member.

    You really can't go smaller than a four man super team.

    Reed Richards, Sue, Ben, Johnny

    Havok, Polaris, Strong guy, Mulitple Man.

    Scott, Jean, Beast, Iceman (Warren was a sissy until Apocalpse got his hands on him)

    Batman, Martian Manhunter, Superman, Green Latern.

      1. Damn you streetz.

        You had me on Wikipedia all day reading up on Secret Invasion and Dark Reign when I should have been looking for a new apt. DAMN YOU!

        You win again my adversary, you and your thought provoking post!

  6. Interesting perspective. I'd likely be the Vulture in most situations. Considering I rarely go to clubs, especially in big groups, I'd probably be Venom, the guy that usually would go solo versus joining the group. You gotta have a category for the lone wolf!

    CHeeKZ: "Scott, Jean, Beast, Iceman (Warren was a sissy until Apocalpse got his hands on him)"

    Really. Angel's powers was…he can fly? Half the superheroes out there can do that, and without wings!

  7. "Fat friends? Ugly friends? No problem!" Lol – the Sandman sounds like one of those kitchen appliance gadgets that can do everything – infomercial style. Love the analogy. Made me think back to some of hilarious stories involving these characters. I think at one point or another I've played all of them…smh,

    1. LOL yes Melanie… The Sandman is a vital piece to the puzzle

      as J said "The Sandman is actually the most important dude. Without him everybody loses."

      That's real text right there!

  8. Very creative post, Sir Streetz.

    as for your question, I think all elements of the team are equally important, and serve a purpose. I know exactly where my girls fit in, and a few of us sometimes swap positions depending on where we are. In my city, I'm Doc Oct, and if we're somewhere neutral, I'm Mysterio.

  9. I think you guys have knocked it out of the park again. But I am wondering if we lost some of the women folk with the comic-book metaphors.

  10. I saw myself in this post in a few characters. But I won't tell like Fat Joe…

    I do know that I have a friend who plays the Mysterio role like a pro and 6 years after he's married he will be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

    Me, i'm not trying to be in the Hall of Fame, but a Pro Bowl would be nice.


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