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Why He Can’t Let the Game Go

These guys have both won the championship and could win plenty of games for a team next year.

Are men afraid of commitment? No because I believe that most men want to settle down at some point which suggests they’re not afraid only putting it off for later. Why?

Simple, because they still have something left in the tank.

Look at Kurt Warner and Brett Favre in the NFL, they are both pretty old now. Their best days are behind them, but they still have something left in the tank and if they can use that remaining gas efficiently they feel they still have some games left to win. They know that they can be of value to the team and instead of just hanging it up and going fishing, they stay in the game.

The better of these two is Kurt Warner because he’s been the most consistent these past few seasons. However, Brett Favre is probably the greatest to ever play the game. It’s just that near the end of the season he always starts making mistakes in the game that show his age. Most men are like Brett Favre we have made the decision to retire but just when it’s time to miss the game we’re back in.

For example, you’ve been talking to a girl for sometime and you’re pretty sure that you’re going to wife her down in a couple of months. Well it’s Friday night and the boys are talking about hitting up Lux Lounge to meet some chicks and try to get them back to the crib. The crib actually means your place because they all live at home with their parents, but you’re not offended by them assuming the crib is actually your crib. Suddenly, you drop everything you’re doing and make that boo-loving call at 8PM instead of 11PM and you go out with your boys.

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Now, Kurt Warner is pretty good at the game. He’s been known to break records for his accomplishments on the field. What’s Kurt Warner like in the club? Well Kurt calls the plays at the line, he reads defenses with ease, and he’s been to the Super Bowl and won it, so he knows exactly what it takes to win. When Kurt walks in the club he notices all the cute chicks, the ugly ones, he pump fakes his cell phone to check down those fat friends who may be hiding, he uses his cadence to pull the boyfriend out from behind the bar, and he runs a high powered offense that can withstand any shootout. So if you’re anything like Kurt when you walk in the club, you won’t have any problems meeting the crew that’s really trying to party that night. Who are they? I’m glad you asked. They are one of the following:

· A birthday party – A group of girls on a birthday is an easy win
· A recent breakup party – A group of girls of which one just had a break up is an easy win
· A bachelorette party – Need I say more?
· The local party favors – The group of jumpoffs that are always looking for a good time
· The Ski Party – If you see a bunch of girls standing in line for the bathroom, chances are they will want to keep the party going all night long

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Well, it should be like taking candy from a baby from here. Can you see why Kurt would have a problem giving up the game when he’s got a good shot at the championship game each time he plays?

Wait, how would Brett Favre handle this situation? I thought you’d never ask, well this situation ends for Brett one of the following ways:

· He gets too excited and pops a bottle, once receiving the tab he realizes that he’ll be in the house for the next 3 months
· He gets too drunk/high and passes out drunk in a urinal in the club
· In an attempt to do too much he invites too many chicks to the crib
· He tries to convince a really drunk chick to go back to the crib for the win and doesn’t see her fat friend who is taking care of her

I’m not the biggest Brett fan, I’m sorry. But in his defense, what Brett should have done was just lean on the legacy, pass the ball to his young budding all-star who could deliver the win and Brett would get all the credit. #imjustsaying.

The point here is simple, men aren’t ready to hang it up because they like to play the game. They’re good at the game. The game is fun. Of course we all know that eventually we’ll have to let it go, but when is up for discussion. For every Brett Favre there’s a Jim Brown, realizing that you’re so good at the game that it’s best that you go and try something different. But be careful not to be Michael Jordan, leaving the game too early only to come back to the court as a shell of your old self. I’ve seen a few Michael Jordans in my day and they always lose. They end up being let go by the same people who used to idolize them.

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Ladies, are you wondering how you can get the guy to head into retirement? That’s the bad news I didn’t want to talk about. There’s literally nothing you can do but remain supportive. At a certain point, he’ll hang up those cleats. (Bring some tissues to the press conference.)

I’m waiting to see who’s going to be at training camp in the fall. In the meantime, let’s just tell the old lady that we’re going to Miami to hang out with the team for the Super Bowl.

Fellas, what do you think? Think I summed it up well. Ladies, do you think this is why some guys won’t hang it up? (I’m interested to hear you disagree with me, when you are the ones who ask men and I just told you.)

– All-Pro QB Dr. J


  1. Yet Bret Farve played beyond his glory days, and know has become a mockery…

    which so happens to the old player in the club. Just tired and the young things are wondering when will he stop hounding already!

    Sometimes you just have to realize although you may have some left in the tank, the game is no longer for you.

  2. The longer you stay in the game, the more likely you are to get dropped by your old team that saw your through your glory years. And yes, you may get picked up again, but by some old scallywag team with a losing record and you're their last ditch effort for a comeback. Meanwhile, you're getting mollywhopped by your old championship team with the new stud quarterback and you're stuck at home while he rides it alllll the way to the Superbowl. You feel me?

    1. Love it!! I was gonna use that same kind of analogy! I'll just add that not all teams are as loyal as Philly and they are not gonna take you arse back after you left and a bad note, talked ish, and went to another team thinking you were gonna be the franchise player when in the end nobody cared!! So you realized how good you had it and came back crying and sh*t.

  3. Had Bret retired years ago; its possible that he would now be enjoying a prosperous 2nd career, even though he retired from the game. By staying in the game past his "expiration date"; not only does he tarnish his reputation and records, he may have also missed out on some excellent business opportunities. In the same way, when guys decide to stay in the game as opposed to settling down, they expose themselves to an excess of trifling females and damage themselves for the woman they will "eventually" settle down with. In addition, they may miss out on the RIGHT woman because of their refusal to settle down.

  4. Pure Football Analysis: Brett Farve has taken two different teams to the NFC championship game in the last three years. So that's a better record than 90% of the younger QBs. His age really has nothing to do with the bad decisions that cost him both games. He's been doin that stupid shit his whole career.

    Back to the topic. I think the oldest NFL player right now is like 47. So you don't retire from the game until you are ready. Forget about what everyone else says. If you retire too early you will not be happy. But you should recognize your role will change. Jordan's problem was he still wanted to score 60 points every game. He should have changed to a role player. He could have played 10 more years. Similarly, if you an old head still in the game….don't go to the club wearin skinny jeans tryin to pick up 18 years olds. Play your position. You a old head in a club full of broke ass 21 years olds. Let you money do the talkin ROFL. Seriously, stay in the game, just change your position. Start coaching, go to the booth. You can stay in the game forever.

  5. Men just don't realize that retirement isn't such a bad thing…they attach a negative connotation to it and then think it means the end of their life..but, actually life begins at retirement..it frees you up to enjoy the fruits of all of those years of laboring….if men could just realize that retirement isn't the end of the world they would be better off in the long run…ask Michael Jordan, Sugar Ray Leonard, George Forman,,just to name a few.

  6. "There’s literally nothing you can do but remain supportive. At a certain point, he’ll hang up those cleats."

    I think a lot women are concerned that when he finally does hang up the cleats… he'll choose something new/fresh to the eye and keep it moving; we've seen it happen a million times. Her support of him through the years will be taken in vain & she'll be left w/ only his jersey number and ESPN highlights to keep her company. Lol. Some woman put all the work into being supportive and helping him shape his game — and another woman reaps the benefits. What a #swindle.

    1. I truly believe in my heart of hearts that women shouldn't wait on men. If you want him to be with you in a different way than he wants, then you should let him know and go. Women be looking at a man to be a good husband one day and so they will tolerate these bad days now… that's dumb.

  7. Said it all in a nutshell! Like the analogies, it is better to let him play off his game so there are no regrets. Almost makes sense for a men to be older as women are usually ready for retirement earlier than men but as always there are exception to the game. At the same time once he has retire will there still be game left to charm up his woman the one he has retired with?? Because that is still important!

  8. Dr J, like Streetz Spiderman series, this post does a great job of taking a cool topic and turning it into a blog post. Great read and analogy. I see already the ladies are trying to use Brett against us, saying that the interception against the Saints shows he should have left and retired to Deana. However, the guy was an MVP canidate. People were saying he played his best THIS YEAR! And the only reason why he is considered one of the top 5 best, is b/c he played SO LONG. He shouldn't have retired early, he should have keep playing. I should keep playing. YOUR BOYFRIEND SHOULD KEEP PLAYING! More Hoes. More Fourth Quarter drives!

    And just be clear. Brett's only claim to fame is that he never got hurt. Everyone else retired due to injury, Brett was never hurt. Never had a concussion like Steve Young. Or a Bad arm like Elway. He played to long and with a undimished skill set that he past everyone on career list. But I don't think the best Farve is close to the best Marino, the best Elway, the best Peyton, the best Unitas. But he is still better than Mark Sanchez and Matt Stanford and he will be better next year than Clausen and Bradford… SO WHY QUIT?

  9. Dating for the purposes of hoeing can't be given up cold turkey. I sorta wrote about this today. People who've been in the game long and strong often think some big win (marrying a nice man or woman), is going to settle them enough to pull them out. What happens is they leave and do a good job of pretending they don't have those urges anymore. Eventually, they do go back to the game–thinking if they just get a taste, they will go back to being 'good'. It doesn't work that way. All they can hope is that WHEN 9not if) they get caught, they will be forgiven.

  10. THIS to the entire post. Nothing to add on my end. I'm lying.

    The game changes as much as it remains the same. The game defines the rules, the players define the game. This is why most dudes hang around. They are writing more defintions and thriving. Once they get to that stopping point, a new phase of life begins and some arent ready for all that.

    1. And some dudes think changing the game will change them. If I get married I won't be a triflin nigga anymore. Retiring from the dating scene and getting married doesn't make you more mature. Or wiser as so many people believe.

  11. I read somewhere that guys were like New York taxi drivers: They cruise around all day, picking up fares. They carry some for a long time, some for just a short while, without giving it all that much thought. But at a certain point, when they’re tired, maybe bored and have had their fill, the taxi driver decides it’s time to turn off his light and go home. Whoever is in the back of his metaphorical relationship taxi at that point is the one he marries.

  12. Good analogies..

    Didn't Brett also win a championship though? It was probably because he was surrounded by an all star cast and they were able to compensate any errors he had on the field. So overall the team won so he also got to share in the spoils.

    As far as the crew I think the birthday party is the best. But ever so often you get the birthday party who's man broke up with her on or around her birthday and her and her girls are usually the local party favors. I call this the perfect storm. There is no way possible you can mess this up. Even Jamarcus Russell couldn't mess that up.

    1. I think this Minnisota team was as good as his Green Bay championship team. People say he should retire. I'm like why? So they can start Jackson again. That nigga is a human blooper real. Seriously I used to watch Tarvis Jackson thinkin how can one dude fuck up a team that good. All he has to do is complete 10 passes a game and hand the ball off.

  13. Kinda agree with your analysis. I guess the only way out is to fish out a guy who's very near to retirement. How you would know is the big dilemma. Que sera sera.

    1. You are right. There is no way to tell. Cause I have known dudes that when I heard the word that they were getting married I was like "WTF?? Didn't he just participate in a 5 way orgy last night?" Some dudes get married with no intention of being faithful. Don't ask me what that is all about.

  14. I feel like Jordon these day. I left the game in my prime (got booboo'd up) and was out of it for a good 4+ years. Now that I'm back (single again) and playing with the Wizards, feel like and know that I can still play, but no longer am I cutting to the basket or dunking, just taking fade away shots. While I'm still scoring, I guess, it just doesn't feel the same as when I was young, explosive and fearless, things used to come so easily to me.

    1. Damn homie. I saw my own plight in your words. Fade away shots are effective and they also look good, but nothing is as flashy and exciting as cutting to the basket and dunking.

  15. SO FLYY the answer is keep it moving, she can be supportive (if the two had a great friendship to begin with), without having to sacrifice much if not then really keep it moving. If it is met to be it will be with your self respect still intact. If not she really will just be left with "only his jersey number and ESPN highlights to keep her company"

  16. Good analogy. My only thing is…most of these cats aren't Favre, Jordan or whoever. They're like Doug Williams. One shining moment, then coaching high school football, lol.

    1. I have never had a post that you didn't disagree with. I am humbled. Thank you. I think a lot of dudes are Doug Williams, there are few Favre's in the game. Most of them are like JJ Stokes. #seewhatididthere You probably don't know him, but his career was short lived, he was never a good player, and there was no press conference or retirement, he just couldn't find a job. We call them herbs.

  17. Yeah, Dr. J… this is a good one. I've read you use this analogy before, but it's so on point that I don't mind reading a more thorough analysis. I find it interesting that Brett Favre is an equal opportunity player… doesn't mind if he's throwing to Ryan Grant or handing off to AP… just as long as he's playing and his players are decent, he doesn't mind who they are. On the other hand, even though Kurt has the option to play with Fitz, he doesn't care. He's done. As a lady, that's the message in all this that resounds the loudest: it's not the who that's gonna cause a dude to play/not play, it's the when.

  18. There are only a few Warner's and Farves and then there is everyone else. But honestly, the players lose their edge. I ran across a few star playas from back in the day and they look bad. Lol!!! They may still have game, but who wants to play with them. The problem is that in their mind they still have super star status but in reality they are done.

    You gotta know when to hold and know when to fold!!!!!

  19. This blog should be written to every guy I've dated up till now because it pin points the exact reason I have not settle down. I completely understand when you say why leave the game if you're still winning and really good at it. I assume that at some point I will settle down just not while the game winning streak on the up and up.

  20. I personally believe that men never completely "hang up their cleats" even after making a committment. Yes, some of them can slow it down considerably to ALMOST a complete halt, but at some point they still feel the need to enjoy something "new" for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, this truth is the reason that I've just about accepted that I'll never be able to get married because men are just not designed to remain faithful "until death do us part"…no matter how good of a woman, wife, sex partner, friend, and supporter you are. This site's posts and comments are very entertaining and also a good reminder of that.

  21. I think you quit b/c you tend ot start becoming a disgrace to the "game".

    This can honestly be a useless conversation. Really, at the end of the day its timing and you just have to be on the same page. Your game… really isn't "game". Most men think their slick – but they just aren't. I would hope to feel that most women smell BS… I may be a trusting woman, but I feel your energy (whether it smells like sh** or roses…), hear your sincereity, and can also SMELL ur BS coming from a mile away.

    Just so you know… just b/c a women may wait- doesn't mean she isn't doing her thing as well… Meaning – The options are open, you may really not be the only one she's spending time with. That doesn't mean she's casually having sexual relations, but she SURE isn't waiting at home by the phone. THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU (MEN)! She's gotta life and one hell of a life at that…She's living it too and when SHE walks in the room? She can be JUST LIKE KURT WARNER… but she isn't playing Games.

    And know that – you may LOSE to your OWN game in the end, if you don't get your "ish" together.

  22. If this is true why are there so many posts dedicated to "catching a man" seems like its a waste of time…..spending so much time trying to figure out what a man likes so that he can "wife" you and have you looking like a fool while he cheats. Seems like being single is a ladies best bet!


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