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Spider Sense – How do you know when somethings wrong?


What’s good everyone,

So far during my Spider-Man series, we’ve touched on Great power and Great responsibility, and the Wingman salute in the Sinister Six. Today, I wanted to touch on that certain sixth sense that we all possess that warns us and makes us aware of situations. I present to you, the Spider Sense:

Spider-Man’s “spider-sense” manifests in a tingling feeling at the base of his skull, alerting him to personal danger in proportion to the severity of that danger. It appears to be a simultaneous, seemingly clairvoyant response to a wide variety of phenomena.

So let’s jump right into the different ways we use our Spider Sense1 in everyday life:

You ever get the feeling that a guy/girl is in to you? Well your spider sense can be calibrated to sense a potential love interest a mile away! You will have key traits that help distinguish if someone is crushin on you:

  • non verbal communication – Body language is a sure fire way to set off our sixth sense. Constant eye contact when speaking, or those “innocent” glares across the room in 45 second intervals, a playful touch, mimicking your body movements (I cross my arms then she crossed them too in the same way) can all indicate a certain affection.
  • key words – “We should hang out sometime”, “I wonder how your girlfriend feels about that”, “Come over and beat this thang up”, and other phrases can be cryptic messages  should have your head buzzin #Nogoogle

I believe that both sexes are equally easy to read when equipped with a potent Spider Sense. You just have to be in tune with the situation and heighten your perceptive skills.

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Women – If a significant other/boo/cut buddy is being grimy

This is more commonly referred to as “Women’s Intuition”. This sense, attuned to these situations, will prompt them to check voicemail/email/pockets and become Sherlock Holmes. Fellas this is “that funny feeling” that women mention when you come home and find all your clothes on the floor after your lady has searched your bedroom like ATF when they stormed the Carter. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stan Lee (creator of Spider Man) had women in mind when he thought of the Spider Sense! This trait is genetically encoded into female X chromosome, and develops at an early age, similar to a mutant when first discovering their powers2 Whether it’s a “white lie”, a suspicious text/phone call, or even some Maury esque scandal, women will react and respond to this feeling until they solve the case. In many cases, the obvious sign for women that there’s trouble afoot is when a man’s behavourial pattern shifts. If he breaks routine, tends to be more secretive, and just doesn’t react the “way he normally would”, that will be all the ammunition a woman needs to launch a Molotov Cocktail series of questions your way.

In the same breath ladies, you abuse this Spider Sense at times. Where there’s smoke, there’s not always fire. Feelings, no matter how strong, do not give you the right to go through a man’s belongings, phone, voice/e-mail, twitter/facebook, etc. without his permission. You know you are wrong, just don’t front like WE don’t know. I remember this super duper snooper mentality being a relationship deal breaker for me too.

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Men – If a young lady is trying to attempt a #Swindle

Our Spider Sense is also calibrated to detect shenanigans with women. Let’s say a woman is real chill about a dating with no title, or dating for years without an engagement, or even studying with you and showing no signs of attraction? A good amount of the time, they’re Pharellin (word to Mr. Freeze). Men can tell when a woman likes us more than she wants to reveal, you ladies are too in touch with your emotions to hide it. We also can tell when you got other things (re; Boyfriend/Husband/Girlfriend) going on that you may not want us to find out. I will admit that your gender are the masters of illusion, but when men listen to you, they can piece together that puzzle, calculate simple math(2+2=?), and decipher your riddle accurately.

We also can tell when a women is crazy. Its real easy. Our Spider Sense tells us “all women are crazy” and we fleaux with that. There’s different levels of crazy that are tolerable and manageable, but it depends on the man to discover his limits.

Are there other manifestations of this ability that I forgot? Do you agree with the assessment? Let’s discuss

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Striving for a woman who makes my Spider Sense tingle,

1 – I HATE when ppl say “Spidey Sense” that’s sooo corny! yes #ImMad!

2This scientific fact has not been substantiated, but it’s gotta be true!


  1. [email protected] women are crazy. Very true. As for snooping around- i'm very against that- especially if there are no obvious reasons to go down that route. E.g. of obvious- hubby/bf/lover comes home smelling all flowery with lipstick on his shirt. Cos whatever u r looking for- u'll find it. If things are going relatively well- no need to create drama.

  2. I gotta agree with Tigeress on this. I have never really been the one to play Sherlock Holmes, and to be honest I hope I never do. On some level, that would mess with my mental state, and possibly consume me. Like I said, I have never looked through a phone, pockets, etc, but on more than a few occasions I have seen my phone code cracked,purse rummaged through, etc. And to be honest, I don't even say anything. I just lay there and act like I'm sleep, while I laugh out loud in my head, because all of these men give off this persona that they are the ish and that nothing phases them…til they start dealing with me. They let their insecurities eat them up to the point where they have to start playing the P.I.

  3. You also gotta admit that some of men have screwed up spider senses. Having us barking up the wrong tree; thinking girl is feeling us when she really isnt

  4. So if a girl is real chill about dating w/ no title, she's Pharellin? I mean who proposed this situation in the 1st place? & if he's dating her w/o a title is he Pharellin? Or if he's going years w/o proposing an engagment that she can accept, is he the one doing a #swindle? Is she supposed to go making a fuss b/c he won't officially wife her up? Lol. Maybe she's just chill… *one eyebrow raised*

  5. Women don't have Sipdy Sense. Because they need proof. Spidy doesn't wait for proof when his Spidy Sense tingles. He listens and moves fast. That's a man thing.

    My Spidy Sense always lets me know when a women has cheated or is cheating. It's always so obvious. Maybe because women tend to think they are slicker than men, which they are. But still, good Spidy Sense will let you know if a women is playin you. No need to go through her purse or tap her phone.

  6. 1. Attraction–a person's actions speaks volume. If they are interested, you will know it. If they are not into you, you'll know it too.

    2. When involved, the best defense I have is prayer. After I pray, things get revealed to me–good or bad. I don't have time to play inspector gadget so I'll just come out and ask a dude. Of course, a guy can be 6 inches deep in it and will look up and tell you, you don't see what you're seeing–they will deny till they die.

    3. If I'm not trying to give what me and a guy has a title, that probably means I'm still keeping all my options opened. He's either not initiated something serious or if he has, I'm not feeling him like he's feeling me.

    Overall, the best defense is to just be in tune with your senses. Good things and red flags pop up–just have to pay attention and not get blinded by the physical attraction.

  7. “Come over and beat this thang up”

    ^^^ If a girl says this, you don’t need “spider-sense”; I’m sure you will still get a tingling sensation though…

    Woman’s intuition is such a wonderful gift! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate it and take heed to it more often. There have been many a times where I didn’t, and ended up in a situation that was a complete disaster. Like Tigress and Your Dream Girl, I don’t do that Magnum P.I. ish… If the relationship lacks trust, then we don’t need to be together…

    Not sure if I think men have tweaked their “spider-sense” enough to spot when a girl is giving them the #swindle… I’ve had to point out to countless number of oblivious men, that a girl is digging them. Back in undergrad, I had a homeboy in one of my accounting classes tell me that “so and so” invited him to come and help her study. Umm, she was getting 95’s and 100% on exams AND the extra credit questions; she didn’t need any help. He was quick to tell me “nah, nah, it ain’t even like that”. Sure! They talked for 2 years and have a child together; she got the “help” she was looking for LOL

    #thumbsup on this post!

  8. Good points. I have mastered the art of identifying the #swindle. It's so easy to spot in some women its not even funny. Also, most women will let a guy know that she likes him by throwing out subliminal hints. Its up to the guy to pick up on them. They shouldn't be that hard to pick up on.

    Also, what is "Pharellin"? You lost me on that one.

  9. The attraction thing I am never sure if it is just a friendly gesture or out front flirting so I stray away from that unless the person explicitly says "I am into you, let's get it poppin"

    I think all people and animals have an innate sense that something might be going on or something isn't right but women are breed to think that they have this great sense of intuition and they can just always feel that something is going down and take it is a truth and run with it. Intuition is great if it is used correctly it should be used as a stepping stone to finding out information not for absolute truth I think that is where most women go wrong. I also think that some women mistake common sense for intuition, I mean if you see some shady characters lurking around somewhere and you don't go that isn't intuition that is just common sense.

    As for men most of ya'll can't tell chick is crazy that is why most of ya'll end up with the ones with this so called "Intuition" who be going through your phone, clothes, talking about you smell like Love Spell and shit, asking you to smell ya dick and shit. That isn't intuition at all most of the time it is lack of trust or something that you did in the past that bothers her but she never said anything. And this situation goes for men as well, we must all learn the difference between intuition and/or spidey sense and straight up paranoia.

  10. To change course… How to know when something is right…

    Men have a spider sense for "winning." We walk into a room and we can see the angles and the hairs stand up on our backs. We walk into a room filled with women dressed in tight, short, and freakum outfits who all happen to be tipsy and are talking about wanting to have a good time. As much as we have no clue what's going on, we KNOW EXACTLY what's going on.

    Women also have a similar sense when they walk in the club and see a dude popping major league bottles. They know how to position themselves for a free drink. They get within sight and hike the skirt a couple inches and just like that some drunk unsuspecting dude is duped into inviting them into VIP which ends later with breakfast at the diner.

    The Spider Sense can be used for both good and bad.

  11. I'm very observant when i'm in a room full of people or talking to people individually. My spider sense is mean with detecting shade, greeze, insecurities, etc. I've told many a friend to leave someone alone for good reason…and they didn't listen…and their life began to suck as a result.lol.

  12. Great blog! It is exciting to read blogs with useful content. Check out my blog following my journey of choosing not to date in 2010. It deals with issues surrounding relationships and challenges men and women to be real about issues that we traditional don't discuss with each other.

  13. IDK but its looing like 2+2= 7 to many men out here!! Ive had about 3 male friends tell me since 2010 started that "____________ just told me she cheated on me" Whomp whomp Im thinking there needs to be a turn your spidey sense THE HELL on seminar!! Or is it that this kind of fuckery only occurs in LA?

    1. LOLOLOL LA got hella issues with Spider Sense?!

      Some dudes are just clueless.. thats why everyone doesn't have it. lol.

      Thanks for the comment! Send this blog to rest of SoCal and see what they think. hahaha!

  14. Hahaha "Spidey Senses"

    All that talk about instinct pretty much flies out the window. It's like Gay-dar… that everyone claims to have. I'm not gonna go into that cuz I feel I'll move so far away from the topic I'll forget what I really wanted to say…which is already starting to happen. Hurry up & type Sue!

    Okay. So "Pharelling" lol. Very cute. (Did anyone notice their digital cameras back then? Damn, this century is popping! Okay back to your regular programming) Anyway, all women are crazy. You don't even NEED spidey senses to figure that out. You don't need a map! (-_-) But yeah, if it's not an extreme level of crazy, there's still a level of crazy for all women. No exceptions. Even hermies.

    As far as knowing whether or not someone is interested in you, either these signs are vanishing or my spidey senses are broken. I don't think it's just me. But people are getting better at hiding that or giving off "I'd like to get to know you" signs when it really means "I'm tryna bone you". Talk about a #swindle. [in the process of writing this, I lost my train of thought so forgive me for this incomplete thought]

    "Where there’s smoke, there’s not always fire." It's so true yet so hard for people to understand. I've never had to go to this extreme. THAT is just TOO crazy.

    …damnit. I really had more to say

    And excusee me. Some women are actually perfecting the art of swindling. I practice on my parents. ^_^

    (That's about all I have. *sigh* sorry)

  15. Kudos afreekah! Very well said girl! I had a cousin that would get her guys phone bill and call every number that she didnt know and if a girl answered she would tell her to stop talking to her man! she would look through this guys laundry to find numbers or condoms…i never understood why she stayed with someone she didnt trust…one day she found something unexpected though…Another GIRL in her bed! her "INTUITION" SHOULD HAVE BEEN BUZZIN


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