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“Urban” Models aka Video Hoes


For about four months of my life I’ve been planning to attend the Urban Model Awards in Atlanta, GA. I have a friend down in Atlanta who continues to tell me that my excitement over attending this event is just a sign of the ignorance of my youth.

Child please.

I have been conditioned from birth to appreciate “Urban” models. Since I was a young child there was Wreckx-N-Effect – Rumpshaker, Ain’t Nothing But a G-Thang – Snoop Dogg, Back That Thing Up – Juvenile, Big Pimpin – Jay-Z, and the list goes on of videos where you see the most stupendendous women ever known to man. (Not gonna lie, Prince had video vixens back in the 80s.)

The industry has come so far too, think back and name any of the video vixens from the 90s. You can’t name one, but I bet you know who Melyssa Ford is. When she came on the screen in the “Knock Yourself Out” video every dude stopped Harlem shaking for a second to stare. And every now and then the regular women get together and they call for artists to stop using video vixens to sell their music or make people watch their videos, and just as soon as that happens, you have somebody like Currency come and drop the “Where The Cash At” video where there is nothing but four dudes and a mansion packed full of video chicks in bikinis and champagne. So it would be wrong of me if I didn’t first admit that we know that scantily clad women piss the rest of women off.

With that said, we think you’re hating. I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but we really think you’re hating. You’re upset that you can’t look as good or close to perfection as these models. You’re also upset that these models bring little to nothing to the table but just some TNA and they manage to garner all of the attention of men.

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Sounds personal to me.

Now the opposite of this would be a video vixen upset with you because you have a law degree and don’t have to be drooled over to make a buck. But the best comparison is women who like celebrities and athletes. As we’re struggling hard to find God and a paycheck, some dude who just so happens to be 6’8” and in the NBA gets all the attention in the club. And if I kept telling you how that dude was wack, unrealistic and not good representation of what a real man was, you’d probably say I was hating too.

Second, we really don’t care what you think. Honestly, I feel bad for those dudes who have to sneak on their computers and look at pictures of Buffie the Body and then delete their cache files. However, no matter what you do, men will find a way to see those women. No matter how hard you have tried no man really cares what you think about the subject. We like to see “urban” models.

Most men, spend more time looking at pictures of models like Rosa Acosta than they spend looking at their girlfriends. Rosa Acosta is the definition of perfection, right now. She has perfect breasts, abs, legs, back, and she has a great A**. And just when you thought the streets were safe enough to say something about how you have the same thing, consider this; she also has a beautiful face, long black hair, and is flexible beyond our wildest imaginations. (Somebody in the peanut gallery said, “But it’s a weave.” STOP HATING, *Prince Side Eye*) Now the reason why we’re not looking at you all the time is because you probably don’t look like this, we wish you did, but you don’t.

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Please do not skip over my point about how we wish you did look like a video girl.  We know you women will be quick to inform us that you have bills to pay and work to attend and you do not have any time to be spending at the gym twice a day and beauty is not your job. And we understand that, trust us, if we could be dating Tammy Torres we wouldn’t bother you and you could go back to work, but we’re dating you. And while we’re dating you we’d like you to try. Men like a nice butt, but what they really like is a nice butt and a nice rack. We are tired of these butter face girls running up on us in the club. We are tired of these cute face straight to the waist girls with no body to match.

So yea, I’ll be straight up with you, we really do wish you looked like Suelyn Medeiros. We settle with you because you don’t but you hold us down, give a brother some credit. (Okay, I’ll be honest, we settle with you because chances are Suelyn Medeiros doesn’t want to be with us, or we don’t know her. I am the latter.)

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In conclusion, I want to say something because I know some girls in the industry; models or video vixens or whatever. And seriously, they just trying to do something they like to do and get paid for it. They can’t help that they were born that way. They really don’t spend much time thinking about shiesty women who have nothing but negativity to say. They also don’t think it’s as serious as you guys make it out to be. (Wow, this sounds eerily similar to the Light Skin vs. Dark Skin debate.) I’m saying this to say, let them live and breathe. Last I checked none of us was in charge of who got to live and die.

What’s yall think SBM fam? To my ladies, I felt like I had to keep it real today. I know a lot dudes come on here with their comments about sisters this, and sisters that, and I love my old extra regular sister, but they’re lying. They’re trying to score points with you. Can I at least get some credit for being honest with you? Dudes, forget about all that ish. List your favorite videos according to the women that were in them and let’s go back down memory lane. My personal favorite was, What These Women Want – DMX feat. Sisqo. #kanyeshrug.

– Dr. J


  1. *prepares for the slew of comments attacks, bombs and daggers*

    *picks up mic*

    Oh and great post again! Woot woot to the V-hoes! ^_^

    *drops mic & exits*

  2. I read this post, and paused a lot, but its the truth, so I respect it.

    "Honestly, I feel bad for those dudes who have to sneak on their computers and look at pictures of Buffie the Body and then delete their cache files"<<~~~I know that men look, and quiet honestly, I don't care because there is no physical contact… As long as all of the staring does not occur in person, I'm good. If it does, I might get irked and flustered…

    Happy Thursday..

      1. "I know that men look, and quiet honestly, I don't care because there is no physical contact… As long as all of the staring does not occur in person, I'm good".

        Staring in person is disrespectful. We all watch porn, and I expect my man to watch. However, if I'm in public with him and he's staring at another female…thats really disrespectful…Staring at a screen, damn I do that isht all the time, but I won't drool over Reggie Bush in front of my man…#Imjustsaying

  3. "With that said, we think you’re hating. I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but we really think you’re hating. "

    Actually we KNOW they're hating



  4. Um, I don't understand the point of this post … so you're telling real women that they don't look good enough, but you put up with us anyway because we're the best you can do? Hell, I wish all the men I encountered had the body of Reggie Bush, with a Rick Fox face to match, but they don't and I don't care. In the long run that's not what matters.

    I mean, I admire these women probably as much as the average man does (Suelyn Medeiros is a work of art) and they inspire me to look my best, but these women ARE FANTASIES … created expressly for you by corporate America to keep men from really appreciating the women in front of them. The women who don't look like models, but will eventually become your wife, bring home the other half of the bacon, bear your children and who will (hopefully) be loyal, loving and true long after both of your looks have faded.

    That's the beauty that really counts … pretty faces and beautiful bodies only last so long. I know women who look like these "video hoes" and besides their looks and various body cavities they are pretty much useless. For real …

    Get real and grow up …

    Btw, Rosa Acosta has the worst looking implants I've seen in a looong time. Homegirl, needs a refund! lol.

    1. You know it's important that you pointed out Reggie Bush and Rick Fox. Just to be real with us… you see that there are people that you see as people you think make good eye candy.

      #wesleyautrypoint – loved your shoutout to suelyn medeiros

      #princesideeye – comments on rosa

  5. Most women can appreciate the beauty of another woman–whether it's God given beauty or good plastic surgery. So why do women have to be haters if they make a comment about video vixens. I think that's just what you guys want to think when your woman makes a comment. Shoot why settle for the one you're with, if you think there's someone better out there. I'm sure there's an around the way girl who fit the video vixen description.

    I'm with Rhoda reference I wished most men had a body like Reggie Bush. His body is perfection; however i know average dudes who are fine–maybe not Reggie Bush fine, but will do just fine.

    If I were to name my favorite videos featuring some hot and sexy men, I would have to pick two classics: Ladies Night by Lil Kim, etc and What a Man by Salt N Pepa.

  6. Once upon a time, I, too, was in love with a video vixen. Melyssa Ford was my #1 Fantasy draft pick. She was so sexy to me. I loved her when she was coming out of the pool in the Knock Yoself Out vid, but my fav is still the Shake It Fast vid. And the white bikini in Big Pimpin gets an honorable mention. I enjoyed watching her because all I wanted to do was have sex wit her. I wanted her to teach mr a lesson. She was my daydream and my wet dream. I just knew that she would be the one to pop my lesbian cherry.

    Hey, I was a 15 yo sex goddess, there were no lines in my mind.

    What Melyssa Ford was for me, I was for the 14-22 set of males in NYC. I was one of the "that girl" types. I was distinctly pretty, I developed early and I was a dancer, my body made that very obvious. I had an extremely vivid imagination and natural inclination to seduce. I was a "good girl with wild habits." I was still a virgin.

    Then one day, I got a serious boyfriend and I realized that guys wanted the parts of me that satisfied their fantasy of me, so they inadvertently disregarded everything else about me. That's when I understood the role of the video vixen and learned about how they manipulate the mind of the audience by infiltrating our need to be validated. Everybody wants the video girl because she is just for show, and everything she shows is what we think we need. In real life, if any of us were to have sex with extraordinary TNA, we would be pissed because they want us to pleasure them, too, or because there th really aint nuthin else to them except what you saw on tv. They're not likely to be attracted to you unless it a a legit job. They probably won't accept your bullshit excuses for your shortcomings, especially if they are more successful than you. And finally, if they have a legit chance with a Jay Z or a Nelly, why would they settle for ya broke bum ass?

    So I think when you say that you "settle" with regular women cuz we don't look as good bt we always hold it down, what you REALLY mean is "I'm glad a good woman settled for my immature ass cuz as much as I like TNA, it can't help me upgrade my sorry ass." Unless you truly believe in your heart that you will be on cloud 9 as long as you have the almighty trinity of paper pussy, a cyber suck off, and direct dick loving, in which case you're either 15 yo or a grown boy who is old and stupid.

    Also, no shade at all to vidio ladies. If you can steal my my man with a music video, thank you for taking an idiot off my hands.


    1. So I think when you say that you “settle” with regular women cuz we don’t look as good bt we always hold it down, what you REALLY mean is “I’m glad a good woman settled for my immature ass cuz as much as I like TNA, it can’t help me upgrade my sorry ass.” Unless you truly believe in your heart that you will be on cloud 9 as long as you have the almighty trinity of paper pussy, a cyber suck off, and direct dick loving, in which case you’re either 15 yo or a grown boy who is old and stupid.

      Also, no shade at all to vidio ladies. If you can steal my my man with a music video, thank you for taking an idiot off my hands.

      ( I love you for this, Thank you)

    2. Sorry, the first half of this sounds straight from a really bad urban novel…BUT 'If you can steal my my man with a music video, thank you for taking an idiot off my hands" I love you for this too. ::slow claps::

  7. I'm with you Dr. Jay – at the root of most women's problems with video vixens is straight-up hateration. They make women feel insecure and they're annoying because they put all this physical perfection into the universe for us to never live up to. Whores. Just kidding!

    That being said though, I don't have a problem with them; probably because I haven't watched a video in years. I will occasionally come across an interview with one of them and have to give them a quick eye roll when they start to complain about being objectified and dehumanized because of their looks. That to me is bullsh*t – if you choose to make a career out of your looks aren't you objectifying yourself?

  8. Great post!

    Fact of the matter is that men are visually stimulated, this will never change. If you are upset with this, take it up with God.

    If I'm ever upset or stressed about something and I see a beautiful woman, a really phat azz, a nice rack, or a beautiful woman with a nice rack and a really phat azz, i will no longer be stressed or upset.

    Video hoes make the world a safer place.

  9. @LuckyLuciano Yes. Thank you.

    Men's expectations and perception of reality gets skewed by the sight of T&A. If you're going to ask for one of the video vixens I would hope you're a Reggie Bush, Idris Elba, or Will Smith with the benefits to match. Men fall in love with their eyes and soon realize the big butt and big boobs may not come on a woman of virtue or substance (let alone intelligence). How far will those implants take you in the long run? Maybe if you looked for more than a big butt and a smile you wouldn't be "settling." Maybe if you discern what's really important in a woman then you'd be happier with yourself and your woman. As far as settling, to be fair both men and women do it but most smart women fall in love with the character of a man and looks are secondary. It's also sickening that men really think women hate on another women "just because." We can give credit where credit is due. We can look at another woman and admire and smile at her beauty. Men need to stop letting the small sect of immature girls paint the bigger picture of women as a whole. Just as much as they hate to be generalized, so do we. It's counterproductive and if that isn't realized sooner rather than later you will be left kissing a photo-shopped magazine cover. Get over it and grow up, cuz we sure have.

  10. another silly ass post……

    it depends on the type of man you want. if you want the man who places extreme emphasis on looks, then you're going to hate on the um…."models"???

    personally, i prefer men who are grown (mentally) and want more things out of life…and who put emphasis on more important traits. im a 7 on the looks scale yet ive bagged a millionaire before (couldnt take it because he had extreme bad breath).

    just because women wish men would value more important traits doesnt make them a hater. by the way….that word gets used for EVERYTHING nowadays…highly misused word. so that word should get laid to rest asap. im sure most women dont really care as much as you men (word used lightly) think.

    now, it does help that im bisexual (a real one lol…since i first ate pussy at the age of 6). so i love looking at them. but when im dating a woman, i put emphasis on more important things and save looks for pretty much last. and even though a 10 (woman) looks good, i would never go for them…and ive been approached by a few 10s and rejected them.too much other bs with them. so that is another reason why i couild never be a hater of a 10….they usually are lacking in other areas that have gotten me far in life….personality for example.

    now although im bisexual and love melyssa ford (mm mm mm) and most of the others, i object to their image simply because of the way teens are applying these standards…but thats a whole nother topic really…..so ill end there…

    1. Thanks for your comment, though I usually wait until about 1030 to start making comments, but this was one of the most immature comments i've ever seen. 1) Those same men who put more emphasis on the "important" traits, they look at video models too. 2) "a real one lol…since i first ate p*ssy at the age of 6" – Really? Explain how that made you a real bisexual. 3) I know some 10s, and I wouldn't say that they have too much bs with them, that's a harsh generalization. 3) As adults we have to start recognizing that if people like Melyssa Ford, and the entertainment industry are creating standards for our teens, we have FAILED as parents.

      I'll be back at 1030.

    2. I'm sorry that you were sexually victimized as a child and I'm sorry you feel the need to be proud about that. I'm also sorry you feel the need to tell everyone how bisexual you are.

      I can't even address the rest of what you said.

      That is all.

      1. lol….that was a small point…

        the reason why i said i was bisexual was to make a point…so SORRY if you didnt catch the point…not my problem

        nor was i victimized as a child. i was 6 and she was 8 and it was OUR choice…and yes im very proud about my sexuality….I LOVE BEING BISEXUAL…I LOVE WOMEN…I LOVE MEN…..very proud….

    3. what the hell does the fact you pulled a millionaire have anything to do with the mentality of a man?

      "im sure most women dont really care as much as you men (word used lightly) think."

      – this is a lie. women probably care more than we think actually.

  11. I don't hate on a woman just because she's beautiful. I can recognize beauty in another woman and give props where props are due. I am smart enough to also realize, everything that glitters aint gold. Half of these women have had enhancing procedures done to accentuate their looks…at the end of the day though, these women are dealing with the same frustrations of life and relationships that the average woman has to deal with. Some dude somewhere is tired of M. Ford and looking for a way out. We all have our crosses to bear in this life. I actually feel they have it worse because they are constantly having to live up to the images they have created and trying asess who is really interested in THEM and not their IMAGE….I'm good with Me. I wouldn't want that headache.

    1. I agree. I'm secure in my looks and my body. everybody ain't able–and you don't have to be a thickums video vixen to be happy with what you got and or working to make it better…FOR YOU.

    2. that is a good point…

      you gotta admit, even Halle Berry got cheated on and she was married to a loser.

      Being a ten doesn't protect you from falling in love with a N!ggER.

  12. I'm not a hater, I just crush a lot… wait a minute, that's not what I meant to say….

    Anyway, I haven't watched videos in years, so I don't know any current video models. I think Karrine S. put a bad taste in a folks mouths (pause) when she wrote her book of whore tales. Personally, I don't have a problem with women in videos. They have to pay the bills the same way I do. And if it means being that half-naked, bubble booty fantasy image for men, than so be it. I am kinda bothered by the fact that so many of them have artificial enhancements. I have a nice rack and a nice ass, but I can't compete with store bought boobies. Other than that, I'm cool.

    1. why do you think that?

      Store bought is wack sauce. No one wants to date a chick with Bolt Ons.

      Its very rare that silicone is an improvement, unless you have natural geographic sweater camels stick with what you got. They might look better with clothes on, but off.. you win.

  13. lol…but the blog itself wasnt immature huh? men are silly as hell sometimes.

    1) looking and appreciating is one thing…but to say you wish your woman looked like them….thats another thing….

    2) makes me a real one because its now become a trend and i dont just fuck with women because im trying to "look good" for men.

    3) im only speaking from MY experiences with them….which is why i said that I would never get with them BECAUSE of the bs i have EXPERIENCED….so yes i can generalize based off of my experiences. just like you blogger on this site do with women all the time…generalize. so please stop acting like its a big deal when a woman does it.

    4) i dont have kids….and yes i do agree that parents need to do ALOT better…but the best parents arent going to stop teens from seeing these images. (by the way…learn how to count….4 comes after 3)

    i dont have a problem with these video hoes….because i love seeing ass shake (my fav is tip drill still). but its a "HARSH GENERALIZATION" to say women hate on these video hoes.

    1. You caught me on that counting fiasco, touche.

      I don't agree with #3. I think that as bloggers we are careful to address the type of woman we are talking about and not say ALL women.

      And as it pertains to #2, I think that you could have said what you said about it's becoming a trend now, instead of saying because you went down a girl at the age of 6, it makes you real.

      Not sure I understand #4.

  14. Aight I'm not gonna go in like the last blog i commented on but to be honest dudes can bag these video vixen looking girls. They are everywhere. From what i got from this blog they are just beautiful women who do this for a living. Before it they were walkin around the same blocks as us (some still are). I wouldn't recommend wifing an industry chick unless she was really down to earth but there are mad BAD women around that could be urban models but just aren't so its on dudes to stop settling and go and get em.

    To be honest women say they want one thing or another and men do the same but its not about that its about who sparks that attraction. That could come from anybody if he plays his cards right…..we don't gotta settle for a woman if we aren't attracted to them so once men get out of that mind set that it can't happen it will improve. You can see this from the successful and failing dudes with women……..Some men go out and hunt for women, I like to think of myself as a fisherman who just puts the bait out there and can reel in a catch. Sometimes its a wack fish so i throw it back in the water, ya dig?

  15. lol…im a sarcastic asshole…so i had to write that Dr. J

    i never said ALL either. im just saying that if you men can generalize and say women hate on these (video) hoes…then whats the issue with me generalizing about my experiences with 10s….

    and my small point with saying i ate a girl when i was 6 WAS my way of saying im not just following the trend….because ive been doing it since age 6. but that was a very small thing i wrote out of all the things to comment about. im not placing emphasis on that….

    i dont object to these images at all….BUT if i were to object, the only thing i could possibly say is that kids grow up now seeing these images and it really does affect them alot…especially young girls. and as much as a parent may try, they cannot protect their kids from these images because they are everywhere.

    but my MAIN point is again…just because a woman may wish that men put emphasis on more important traits does not make her a hater….(and again that word gets misused too much)…

    love this blog though…finally decided to stop e-stalking and comment….

  16. One more thing, from the female perspective. Women think the exact same way. That's what made Slim's insecurity post so true. Most of you guys are not Maxwell, Idris, Reggie, Larry Fritzgerald, Simon Baker, or any of the other sexy NFLers, NBAers, and entertainers that fill my dirty dreams. But we will stay with you, b/c you're here and you're available. There's no reason to be upset by this, because that is life. There is always someone more attractive, and have a much better body than you. Trust, if I could have Kevin Garnett, your a$$ would be trash.

    So, there isn't any need for any of us (women) to be upset, b/c we feel the same way. The only difference is that we are more vocal with our disdain, while men just keep it to themselves.

    1. "One more thing, from the female perspective. Women think the exact same way. That’s what made Slim’s insecurity post so true. "

      I was just about to comment on this. All the comments about men being immature for looking at video vixens, and just two days ago during Slim's insecurity post, many women were oohing and ahhing over Boris Kudjoe, Reggie Bush and Idris Elba. What's the difference?

      1. Co-sign.

        But Larry Fitzgerald aint better looking than anybody. Sure he is in shape, but so is everyone else who took the p90x test. He always looks like a Deer in head lights, even when the ball isn't coming his way.

        1. I make plenty of sense. I find Brotha Larry very sexxxy with those sexxxy ass long dreads of his. Don't start no mess, Dr. J. I actually agreed with you a little today. I don't find most of these women attractive, they just have nice bodies, and the benefit of excessive makeup and airbrushing.

  17. Randon note: Prince side eye made me laugh out loud at my desk.

    Ionno bout this one – when I watch videos I think to myself that these women should be getting a percentage of the royalties just like the manager. After all, how many rappers mainstream careers have been launched with a hot video. Some of these bamas will straight drool on a track and have a hit because they cast nothing but bangers. I say, more power to 'em. Just make sure you get your money and have a plan, cuz looks don't last forever (thanks Ms. Ford).

    I think most *normal* women don't get bent out of shape about the video vixen, they get bent out of shape because of their man's reaction. Don't shyt on your "regular" girl just because you like Rosa Acosta's goodies. Cuz see, if you actually could bag Rosa A. you'd prawly be on a yacht with her and her friends instead of droolin' and jerkin' to her image on a computer screen. My country mama would call this "knowing which side your bread is buttered on." Do I think Idris is foine? Hellz yeah. Do I think Idris is gonna wife me up and help me pay my bills? Nope, my man does that. So I don't drool too much over Idris and I certainly don't tell my man how I wish he looked like Idris but I'll put up with him anyway. o_O

    We can all appreciate/be inspired by beautiful women, which is why they're used so much more in advertising. At the same time, though – fantasize in your head, not out your mouth, lol.

  18. i think men fantasize the fact that women are jealous of people on tv who they most likely will never encounter….i couldnt imagine getting jealous of someone i know my man would never meet lol. if i were to ever get jealous it would have to be of some woman in my (very small) city who my man is drooling over and does have a chance at meeting. logic logic logic…..

  19. You can Melyssa, Buffy, Rosa & everyone else. Cause I hopw my dude's du jour understand, Bilal, Maxwell, the older Marley boys, Colin Channer, Idris Elba, Lenny Kravitz & or Rashid Lonnie Lynn step up to the plate he will becoome a distant memory. Not only for their sex appeal, cause Lawd knows I do like to look at em, but their use of Art Music & Words are more appealing than any dude walking the streets.

  20. Ok, I wasn't going to comment because you seem to be trying too hard to be controversial. This whole post seems kind of 'petty'. We all should have learned in HS that we can't date who we want and everybody is not a '10'.

    "So yea, I’ll be straight up with you, we really do wish you looked like Suelyn Medeiros. We settle with you because you don’t but you hold us down, give a brother some credit."

    So I will be straight with you- women really do wish the package was 'wider' and maybe 'longer', we do really wish you looked like Reggie or Idris (sexy, sexy man!!), we do wish you you paid all the bills not just helping out, we do wish you would 'nibble' on something every morning…see how counter productive that is? If wishes were fishes, we'd all be thowing nets…

    That being said, I think you are hating on all of us "old extra regular" sistas. Because you can't get what you think you want, you hate on what you are lucky to get. Maybe to try to get us regular sistas to buy into/compete with your wet dreams? I'm not sure. Quit trying to pit women against each other and appreciate us for the unique beauty and skills we bring to the table.

    Everybody has to deal with what they have- so quit hating and go nibble on something:)…

      1. I think if Dr. J's purpose was to rile people up that he's technically winning as long as you keep responding.lol. Lady in the Street does make some good points about women having similar thoughts about men though. This whole thing reminds me of some of the comments from the insecurity post the other day. Nobody's perfect, we all have things to work on, and we can't all have everything we want. I've never been one to to go nuts over the video chicks same reason I don't go nuts about strip clubs. Just does nothing for me because it's kinda unrealistic. Female track athletes though…my eyes will bulge out of my head and I will howl.lol.

        1. Actually I didn't want to rile anyone up. My point is very clear. Here's an honest perspective on Urban Models. There are many social norms… MANY social norms. We call them generalizations and we try and break them down all the time. But at the same time, they are there. So all i'm saying is, look the music video is better with a little eye candy. I was hoping the ladies, as some have, would take it as a real honest post and offer thoughts. And the fellas…. *ah sigh* would post their favorite videos of all time.

    1. OK OK OK… I actually like your comment. You have a valid argument. By "old extra regular" I am not referring to all women who are not video vixens. Trust me as someone else already said, there are some certified 20s walking around here everyday. I'm not hating on you boo boo. I appreciate your hustle.

      And real talk, more men would keep their women from going to work on the text/chat with another dude if they would nibble on something in the AM. 😉

    2. COSIGN … you said what I was trying to say earlier much more eloquently. Men always want to try to get EVERYTHING in one woman, but won't be EVERYTHING in one man ….

    3. To A Lady in the Streets: iCosign.

      LMAO at this entire post. I learned something new… I had no clue there were awards for the Vixens. Don't watch enough EBT Tv I suppose. Lol.

      Any who…my favorite moment besides wishes & fishes: " I love my old extra regular sister."

      It is what it is,

      an regular jawn w/ an extra cute face

    4. "…you hate on what you are lucky to get." LOL!!! That sounds like something my mother says. Great comment!

      The post has some truth as well, not to mention that it's entertaining.

  21. Dr. J, once again, taking a bullet for the team and raising the ire of the women on the blog.

    But to answer the question, the video girls that stand out the most to me are the girls from the following videos:

    DMX – How It’s Goin Down

    Jay-Z – Do It To Me: the girl with the short hair

    Fabolous – Can’t Deny It: the girl with the American Flag outfit

    Scarface – I can’t think of the name of the song, I think it was Street Life because he sampled Street Life by The Crusaders for the song, but the woman in the wifebeater pouring water over herself from a hose, with areolas showing through the wifebeater. Yes, they showed this on cable TV.

    But number one is Esther Baxter’s debut on Petey Pablo’s Freek-A-Leek. When I first saw this video and saw her in a light-blue terry cloth bikini, with her 34DDD(natural)-24-41 frame, I almost fainted. I would have completely forgotten who Petey Pablo was if not for this video.

        1. Wooo hooo. #CANNON

          On the real, How's It Going Down was on my list… That fire hydrant scene.. mm. mm. mm…

          Freek-a-Leek was something too. But was her debut grander than Angel Lola Luv on Wonder Woman by Trey Songz… #imjustsaying. When that camera panned around…. I clutched my chest. I think I paused it right on that second and called everydude I knew.

        2. Angel is the truth, and I don't care if anything on her is fake. But I don't watch videos often anymore (which is probably why none of my selections are post-2005), so I don't even know what videos Angel was in. I've only seen her in magazines.

        3. juniebug: "lol….silly asses…."

          And thus far, you have exhibited no evidence that you're not silly. Seriously, where were these "silly asses" comments a mere 48 hours ago when women were swooning over Reggie Bush? Or does that only apply to men?

  22. "If we could be dating Tammy Torres we wouldn’t bother you and you could go back to work." ouch/LOL

    Everybody has to play a part so I'm not really upset with the existence of video vixens. 90% of them are there specifically to look attractive, and if they're attracting men, they're doing nothing wrong.

    It would be upsetting if I were held up to their standards by my own SO just because i'm not video vixen material [not quoting you verbatim]. I enjoy looking well put together, but that's for me and you, not for you alone. If I'm in the gym busting my ass, it'll most likely be because health/fitness are important; again, we can both benefit from these things.

    As a woman, video vixens seldom motivate me to do… anything. When seen in videos, they don't make me feel like I should go out and grind harder than i ever did to "make it." Why? Because beauty is a supplement. When I was younger, I never said "when I grow up, I want to be beautiful."

    Regardless, I think men have a right to drivel over whatever they'd like, I would rather not be brought into it. Just draw the line between the best looking women and the best woman for you.

  23. Awwww…..let this generation of men lust after this generation of video vixens with those gorgeous bodies. Trust me…. When time and gravity finish with those Ts & As, then these guys will at least have their memories. By then, another generation of Ts & As will have emerged, but the younger generation of men will have the advantage. The ones with their tongues wagging now will be on Viagra sitting in a barber shop somewhere wondering how Buffie's ass dropped a whopping 3 feet down her legs. LOL!!!!

    (Oh yeah, my younger brother showed me a video of Buffie clapping her butt cheeks together about two years ago. It sounded like claps of thunder. I couldn't help but laugh at the stupidity of it all. I asked my brother if that turned him on, and he said, "hell yeah!" Proof positive that too many men have the brain function of an amoeba.)

    Now let me brace myself for all the accusations of "hate" that will be thrown at me. I'll stand strong though. I'll endure…….LMAO!!!!

    1. You know we all agree that, "It All Falls Down." You bring up an interesting point about how they will get old and we will pick a new group.

      My only rebuttal is… most women assume that "urban" models have nothing else to offer but good looks. Who says they aren't just as smart and down to earth as the next?

      1. I don't know Dr. J. Sometimes smart women do "not so smart" things to get ahead in life; however, those things are usually temporary. They don't hang around to try to milk all they can out of a situation. They get in, meet the goal, and then move on to more promising prospects. "Being down to earth" seems easy to do for women who choose to dress scantily and grind for a camera. I can't see why they would be arrogant about their choice of "career." However, we know that good looks and avid attention seem to bring out the "snooty" in many people.

        Let me address the issue from a personal perspective. My body measurements are 36-26-36. I'm 5' 7". I have long hair (all mine), and yes, the face is beautiful. I'm also pursuing an Ed.D. That takes care of the education part. I can converse on many topics from politics to religion to the economy and finally to relationships. That takes care of the intelligence part. All of these things, I suppose, prevented me from making a video of "clapping my butt cheeks" together to garner attention from men. LOL!!!! (Yes, I've got a man too.)

        My point is…not one of the men who drool over these women would really want someone like that for a wife or especially a mother unless she toned her lifestyle down to meet the needs of a nuclear family. Would they? Hmmmm….I probably would need to have another "round table" discussion with my male colleagues, family, and friends about that one. LOL!!!!!

        1. I had that conversation with someone the other day. If Suelyn decided that she wanted to be with him, and was truly into him on some 100-real status. Of course he would wife her down. Even if… she was like i'm going to keep doing my appearances, videos, and modeling events.

          Any man who tells you different is fronting… I mean come on now, how many men wife down ooooogily (ugly) females for no reason but because of the cutter butter?

  24. This post gets every place of worship noted!

    Cosign et al…

    And Juniebug #youmad?! Don't say no cause we all know the answer…lmao

    Are women who disagree with this "silly" post mad that it holds truth or that Dr Jay brought it up?

    1. nah im not mad cuz again i love women and more so women with big asses…oh and strip clubs….somebody please give me tips on how to convince my man to go with me to a strip club….seriously help lol…

      but only certain lines he wrote were silly….thats my opinion….

  25. This post was funny, sad but funny. You shed a little light (I doubt if it was your purpose) on why most women do not get their panties all up in a bunch about women in videos.

    #1-You keep referred to them as video hoes…sorry but not part of my aspirations…I'll take regular with a side of extra please.

    #2-"Now the opposite of this would be a video vixen upset with you because you have a law degree and don’t have to be drooled over to make a buck"…Huh? Anyway, silicone can bust and kill you, boobs and butts sag, wrinkles (no matter how much botox you use) always wins, God forbid but bad accidents happen that can change your appearance forever…but my personality and brain get better as I age (I can keep doing what I need to do from a wheelchair). A woman who has nothing but her body as her meal ticket should be nervous. The brain that I was blessed with has gotten me this far to affect the change that I have. My beauty could get me money but it can't fulfill my purpose in life.

    #3-The bit about that basketball player in the club-he usually comes with a baby mama or two so no, most of us are not really checking for that.

    #4-"So yea, I’ll be straight up with you, we really do wish you looked like Suelyn Medeiros"- I'll pass. Sue is a beautiful lady indeed, but I like that I look like my mother. I love Idris or Chiewelte or Usi (with his nasty behind) just like the next lady but I was raised to appreciate the diversity of beauty and what really matters when it comes to human beings.

    All in all, as a woman who takes great care of herself and looks good…I can appreciate another woman to the max but I can't understand where you are coming from when you say we hate on "beautiful" women. They are physical motivation for some of us to keep our bodies looking right but that's kind of where it stops. In the real world, my beauty won't get me far or do the work I have set in front of me.

    Overall, I know that most of your posts that come off offensive are just for giggles but I'd beg you to please not refer to them as Video Hoes especially if you are going to talk about why these women are better. Unless the definition of a "Hoe" has changed in the past few weeks.


    1. The only place you see the word Video Hoes is in the title. So I didn't keep referring to them as that. TYVM. And if all you read was my title, then i'm going to ask you to read the article again. PlzTY.

      1. That was what caught my attention though

        I replaced Urban Models and vixens with hoes from that point on because of your title…I blame you lol.

        1. "They only know what the single is, and singled that out, to be the meaning of what he is about." – S. Carter

          This comment applies to all who read a blog and single things out without looking at the whole body of work.

  26. This is a quote I read on another blog: "FOR EVERY HOT WOMAN , THERE IS SOME DUDE TIRED OF F#CKING HER!" So obviously looks only go so far.

    But hell, I can understand cause I am always fantasizing about Will Smith (luv them thighs!) and Michael Ealy to name a few.

  27. Once again, this must be the old head in me, but I never understood why dudes actually bother to learn these females names. I don't understand why people follow them and give them record deals and all that other stuff. I mean I'm not mad at them for doing what they do but it really isn't that big of a deal. They are basically soft core porn stars.

    My only real beef is with the ladies that always claim rappers demean women. That's BS. It is pretty obvious to me that no one forces these women to dance in these music videos. Most of them were dancing in strip clubs before the videos. I can personally verify Aola Angel was working at a strip club in PG County before she started appearing in videos. So don't blame the rappers.

    Finally, thanks to the author for pointing out that women also have their bimbos. They're called NFL and NBA players. I mean really. I went to college. You would see the football players in class about three times a semester.

  28. i don't agree with you in the fact that i want my girl to look like a video model. that's just simply not what i want. what i do understand is that they are eye candy. they are easy on the eyes, so i like to look at them. plain and simple. i can distinguish between fantasy and reality. i'm not going to compare my woman to some chick i see on television.

    what i do agree with you on is the fact that women (not all) need to stop hating. don't get mad because men like to look at video models. the argument over why wale has so many light skinned women in his video or why jeremih has a brazilian love interest really is getting old. some women just reek of hate. do i get mad when my girl ogles over trey songz or maxwell? most definitely not. i understand what it is and i'm confident in mine. maybe it's insecurity. oh damn i used the "i" word. 😐

    1. so what you saying is that if you had to pick between two chicks, same stats/personality/etc. and one looked like a video model and the other looking like plain jane, you would take plain jane? If so, like why…

      and name some videos man, i know you used to watch back in the day.

      And people should leave @wale alone, if i had casted that video that woulda really pissed them off.

      1. but see thats the point though …..they dont have the same stats. isnt that why you wrote "Now the opposite of this would be a video vixen upset with you because you have a law degree and don’t have to be drooled over to make a buck"…..

        1. They were smart enough to find a niche market and flip it for $$$. They're no worse than Tony Horton using his body and love for working out to make P90X and make millions.

        2. no juniebug, i gave the real opposite.

          i gave a scenario in my comment, how you gonna change my scenario to fit another argument lol?

      2. What 2 chicks are walking around with the same stats/personality? LOL , boy will you please get your head out of the hypothetical clouds and live in reality? You can keep switchin' the situation to one where he would agree with you, but Tunde (in grand GrownAzzMan fashion) expressed a reasonable opinion in a clear manner that *gasp* didn't put "regular women" down.

        1. Sometimes I wish that I had a remote control…

          I wish I had a remote control, but I don't so…

          Anna N. you're entitled to your skewed opinion and points.

        2. LOL thank you Anna…that was my point too. trying to get him to the dark side…

          and lol @ "hypothetical clouds"…i will be stealing that by the way…

    2. "i don’t agree with you in the fact that i want my girl to look like a video model. that’s just simply not what i want. what i do understand is that they are eye candy. they are easy on the eyes, so i like to look at them. plain and simple. i can distinguish between fantasy and reality. i’m not going to compare my woman to some chick i see on television."

      there we go….i knew at least one man would get that point…

      and i also agree with women needing to stop complaining about the color of these women…

      1. Well like I said. That Aola Angel chick worked at a strip club I went to often and she is not my type. Her ass looks crazy in person. I mean it just looks huge and the rest of her body is small. She is very pretty though. Just my opinion. That over the top appearance might look good in videos but in real life…it is a bit outragous.

  29. Lip Gloss ”my younger brother showed me a video of Buffie clapping her butt cheeks together … I asked my brother if that turned him on, and he said, “hell yeah!” Proof positive that too many men have the brain function of an amoeba.)”

    I’m not going to accuse you of hate, since you are free to dislike whatever you choose, and I don’t expect a woman to find another woman clapping her cheeks together to be stimulating. But can you explain how a man being turned on by booty clapping equals “too many men hav(ing) the brain function of an amoeba”? Just because it is a turn on doesn’t mean that it takes primacy over other traits when a man looks for woman. I can’t remember what song he said it on or what he said verbatim, but even Common lamented that women expect that because he’s conscious, that he can’t enjoy looking at the female form.

    1. Looking at a woman and admiring her beauty, and looking at a woman and admiring that she can clap her butt cheeks together are one and the same? Seriously….. Looking at the female form is perfectly fine. Watching a black woman emulate what I construed a hippopotamus must do when it needs to "emit malodorous molecules from its derriere" is not the same as admiring a black woman for her intrinsic beauty. You can debate that issue all day long; it won't make any difference. Besides, what if it were your female relatives doing that? Would you be so inclined to defend such a spectacle then?

      1. Lip Gloss: "Looking at a woman and admiring her beauty, and looking at a woman and admiring that she can clap her butt cheeks together are one and the same?"

        No, but that isn't the point that neither I nor your brother was intending. Walking down the street and seeing a woman doing it on the corner is disgusting. A woman with a Buffie booty doing it in the proper context (strip club, video, in the bedroom as foreplay) is a turn on.

        You can debate that issue all day long; it won’t make any difference.

        You're right, it won't make a difference. Men are going to be turned on by beautiful women with great bodies until the end of time.

        "Besides, what if it were your female relatives doing that? Would you be so inclined to defend such a spectacle then?"

        No. Then again, I don't want to have sex with my female relatives so I don't see how this relates. If a grown woman wants to make money or achieve status off her physical appearance, I have no issue with it, whether it's Bria Myles in a rap video, or Ericka Dunlap in a Miss America pageant.

      2. Yo real talk, I have some close friends who model and some strip… I ain't mad at them. That's because they family. Family doesn't judge. So that was a bad example.

        And what the hell is "intrinsic" beauty? Is that some type of appreciate me for my inner beauty, the true essence of Black woman that I am??? I'll do that when women start appreciating Black men for their "intrinsic" beauty instead of putting them down every chance they get, unless they got one locked down. #seewhatididthere

        1. Dr. J

          I appreciate your intrinsic beauty. You're intelligent, sexy, bold, and brazen. You epitomize the pulse of the African-American experience when you so caringly navigate your fingers across your computer keyboard and bring forth such intriguing issues. See….is that appreciation? I think so, and it's heartfelt.

          Jazz….if you like women clapping their booties, then I accept that. Hmmmm….I'm going to find a male stripper and see if he can clap his booty for me. Perhaps I'll change my perspective on that issue……LOL!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I don't think so.

        2. Lip Gloss: "Jazz….if you like women clapping their booties, then I accept that. Hmmmm….I’m going to find a male stripper and see if he can clap his booty for me. Perhaps I’ll change my perspective on that issue……LOL!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I don’t think so."

          1. I never said I personally enjoyed women clapping their booties (not that I have anything against it). Simply having the big booty is thrill enough for me. They don't have to make it clap, that will take care of itself when I'm hitting it from behind. I merely pointed out many men do find that attractive, and how does that make them have "the brain function of an amoeba".

          2. The second half of your point makes no sense whatsoever. What does not being turned on by watching a man make his butt clap (I'm disgusted just typing that) have to do with men being turned on watching a woman do it? What men enjoy isn't necessarily what women enjoy, and vice versa. Just to use an obvious example, women like to be penetrated, and men do not.

        3. Jazz….You said that men "don't like to be penetrated." I'll leave that obvious one alone. You also said that women like to be penetrated. Well, let me speak for myself. I love "making love." Penetration? There are so few nerve endings inside a woman's vagina that if there is no other type of physical or emotional stimulation going on, then "penetration" is relatively nothing more than "penetration." Now, to school you….women like their clitoris "stimulated." It's actually impossible to penetrate that. Hard licks and gentle sucks….Yeah…..Now that "penetrates" my soul….Get me?

        4. I love you LG, but you completely and utterly missed my point. The point wasn't about penetration, the point is things that turn women on aren't the same things that turn men on. I could have said men are turned on by strippers while a lot of women find a man swinging his junk in her face to be repulsive.

          And although your pre-coital suggestions are very much appreciated, trust me, I have several women who will testify that my lovemaking skills are top notch. I'll have you near orgasm before I make it to the clitoris.

        5. Hugh Jazz……. my Dreamlove is out of state on business and the phone sex is still ringing in my ear from last night. LOL!!!!! My bad…..He'll be back TOMORROW…WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can just hear him now…."Uh huh, you missed daddy didn't you?" LMAO…….

    2. "but even Common lamented that women expect that because he’s conscious, that he can’t enjoy looking at the female form."

      A stripper from the South, lookin for a pay day

      Said, "Bitch, you should do it +For the Love+ like Ray J."

      "But they say, you be on that conscious tip"

      Get your hair right and get up on this conscious dick

  30. “They only know what the single is, and singled that out, to be the meaning of what he is about.” – S. Carter

    i love the jigga reference. it fit so perfectly. #twss

  31. Hilarious, but true. The comment about how women call dudes that "hate" on the fact that athletes and celebs pull everything in the club are the same ones that hate on dudes appreciating "urban" models was on point.

    When you asked for the list of videos..its Ironic that that DMX joint was the first thing that came to my mind do..Gloria Velez on the hood of that car was just…epic.

  32. I actually feel a little bit sorry for the video vixens. Reminds me of a story that Carmen Electra told about her time with Prince. That bama wanted her to sleep in make-up with her hair perfectly coifed on the pillow. And the amount of "bishyouaintshyt" attitude that the industry and the men they attract have towards them once they get a little older is for the birds. I am so glad my man is cool with my regularness – I'm not leaping over any tall buildings in a single bound with stillettoes on, lol.

  33. hilarious that "back that ass up" got mentioned cause that video was clearly made at a block party w/ regular women (before they had enough money to do a real video). doesnt really speak to the post, but i used to crack up at local n.o. videos and how they looked and then see the new video for BET when the song made it mainstream like 3 years later (i.e. "choppa style"). however, i loved that "back that ass up" stayed local. HA!

    1. I agree. I always like the videos with "real" people in them a lot more. And the old school hip hop videos too. It's funny to watch them now because the women actually have clothes on and still manage to look sexy….imagin that.

      But the #1 all time hip hop ho video will always be "Tip Drill." The video where they ran a credit card through a women's butt cheeks. ROFL

      What ever happened to BET Uncut. That joint would have me laughin like shit at 3:00 in the morning. Like someone said…..BET Uncut was based on the concept that you can go platinum with no talent if you put enough ass in your video.

        1. P*ssy Poppin – Ludacris

          What That Thang Smell Like…

          No Panties On…

          BET Uncut was the greatest. Perfect for an occasional nip slip.

          I remember when Nelly went on the radio and said if your kids are watching Tip Drills you're a bad parent. The video comes on a 3am, why are your kids up at that time?!

        2. BET Uncut got canelled as soon as Debra Lee took over the network.

          P Popping and Tip Drill were genius marketing ideas, big money put behind uncut videos. Problem is they debut the same year another phenom came out, youtube. Now you didn't have to stay up till 3AM to watch videos. People became expose to the shifty behaviors and it backfired on both artist and to be honest, neither one recovered although Luda has done better. Nelly's sales have been awlful since than compared to what he was.

  34. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any man or my man enjoying all of the visual stimulation of an urban "model" whenever he gets the urge. I'm not going to deprive myself of the pleasure of looking at all of my favorite, handsome, sexy, Black male atheletes, porn stars, actors, and musicians, so why would I expect him to do so. Heck, my eyes don't suddenly go blind when a fine & physically fit man walks by in public, so I know and accept that his eyes don't suddenly find every woman unattractive since he's been with me. However, I would not and do not "settle" for any man just because it is perceived that these seemingly physically flawless creatures are unavailable or unattainable. If my man feels that he has settled, than I'll have a lot more problems than worrying about some "model" in the long run. These women are not hard to find nor date, so please do not "settle" for me. Also, I do not have a problem with the chosen occupation of these women just as they wouldn't have a problem with my chosen occupation that doesn't require me to use only the beauty that I am blessed with. (And no, I'm not saying anything about the level of intelligence of these women either as some of them are very good business women.)

    1. "…I do not have a problem with the chosen occupation of these women just as they wouldn’t have a problem with my chosen occupation that doesn’t require me to use only the beauty that I am blessed with."

      False. If you think that beauty is all that gets your there you are mistaken. There's plenty of girls who are beautiful who wish they could be in the situation. It takes marketing and discipline and promotion. A lot of women may be cute, but are they willing to put in two a days at the gym. To live on the road, husting doing shows and shoots all the time.. No they ass is lazy… "real talk" – r. kelly.

      1. I still don't see what's false about my opinion. Only two days @ the gym? I never said that some of these women don't have to put in work. Of course they do. Would they be able to hang with a "regular" chick's job, the education it took to get there plus the work of maintaining beauty (regular beauty appts, gym time, etc), probably not. Could a regular chick hang with the hustle schedule & other work-related ills associated with "modeling", probably not. That's why everyone has their own special role to play in society. Someone has to do the porn and someone else has to do the "regular" work.

        1. The assumption that they are uneducated is a bad one.

          The assumption that people are lazy is an educated one based on the fact that 73% of the US population is obese.

        2. Where did I say that they were uneducated or unintelligent? I actually said the opposite about some of them.

          But 73% of the obese are that way simply because they're lazy? Now that's a heck of an "educated" assumption.

  35. Dr.J says

    I remember when Nelly went on the radio and said if your kids are watching Tip Drills you’re a bad parent. The video comes on a 3am, why are your kids up at that time?!


    Phaaaa. I bet if BET ratings get low enought they bring that shit back.

    Oh and one of the rappers in that list name was Virginia Slym ROFL!!!!!!

    They should have a "Where Are They Now Reunion Show for BET UNCUT"

  36. Read this whole comment…

    Dr. J, you get mad props for putting it out like that. lol Here's a virtual shot -> #patron

    Some women do hate on video vixens and I think some should admit it. Just be honest, however, understand that yes, definitely both Dr. J, myself and millions of other guys would keep Rosa Acosta in a perpetual jump-off state if we could. However, this speaks nothing on how we choose a life long companion. Yes, looks are important. Yes, looks will give some people passes. However, does looks make the woman? H3llz no… I personally can't stand lovely yet dumb females. I mean, if we're just… ahem… messing, then I don't have to stick around afterward to realize her dumbness. If I actually try to date her, then I'll get bored but still be on hard.

    Ladies, I will tell you something that you already know but still don't know: a model is an actor. Her job is to play a role in some group of people's fantasy and/or physically display some concept or idea. Don't get me wrong, they do have banging bodies and some of you could use a pointer or two, but it plays off of the fact that we are visual creatures. Visual not only with our eyes, but also with our minds. So while you're with your dude and telling him (or ya girls) that there are certain things you won't do/wear/say/act to for-fill his fantasy due to your pride, misguided idea of self-respect or mood, he is definitely thinking that his fantasy video vixen (or model or celeb) would do that and more, willing and with a smile with a sense of urgency. There's no reason why any woman should not be included in her man's fantasy with a video vixen or any other beautiful woman. That means there's something to learn here. What should you learn from the video vixen? Since dude is actually your man, you should have a better understanding of what works for him visually. That means: Be your man's fantasy sexually and otherwise. Wait… Let that marinate…………….. -> ok let's continue. It's about how stuff looks around or on them, not just some illusion of they're inherent beauty. For guys, it's really NOT that serious. So what if YOU don't look like Rosa Acosta, that doesn't mean you're lacking in any department, it just means that we're not blind. We don't settle for you JUST based on your looks. Even if you did look like a video vixen, we would still look and drool a little. Get over yourselves. lol

    I disagree with you Dr. J that models (in general or the one you cited) are the definition of physical perfection. #threesome. Then my lady brings me a sandwich and some fruit tea afterwards. lol That's what's up!

    Because they are "models," that doesn't mean they are the model aka The Prototype.

    *drops mic*

    1. Ok. Part of my comment was cut out for some strange reason…

      Here's what I typed:

      I disagree with you Dr. J that models (in general or the one you cited) are the definition of physical perfection. What are they really modeling? And don't say their looks…

      I also disagree that I want my lady to look like someone else. I don't want to replace her or paste the face and/or body of someone else on her. She has her own form that's extremely pleasing to me. Now, the real fantasy would be my favorite female vixen with my girl. #threesome. Then my lady brings me a sandwich and some fruit tea afterwards. lol That’s what’s up!

      1. Perfect. Just what I was thinking. The author makes a huge assumption. He assumes the body type of these women is what all men think is ideal. Personally I love all body types. I love thick girls but most of the video brawds border on characature. I don't need you to be cartoon thick LOL. Normal thick will do for me.

        But I also love girls that are really slim and tone. I can't really point to too many examples because that is not the "Hollywood Type." Maybe Jada Pinkett is a good example. Or Ciara.

        But thanks for making that Point Meteor Man. Bein porn star thick with a three foot long weave is just one body type that men find attractive. Ladies, please don't think that's all men want. I see women all the time that are just as beautiful. I'm sure they could make a living getting champaign poured on their head while wearing a thong but some people have more ambition.

        1. oh dont worry…we women arent going to let Dr J make us think that's all men want….well at least not grown men…

          how old are you Dr J? the way you think i would guess between 18 and 24….

    2. Now this is keeping it real, with a side of sense *Clapping*…what you said makes PERFECT sense. It won't make the matter easier to swallow for some but you voiced your opinion in a really….sensible manner.

  37. I'm sure most of us wish we were with very beautiful looking people. Hot or not- there's always someone out there for you. I see nothing wrong with a guy wanting to be with one of these women- its his preference. It just means that i'll go for who is happy with me- as i will be happy with not getting a Djimon Hounsu look alike.

  38. The commentary is so funny on here!

    First off, shout outs to the lovely ladies that co-signed my previous post, 'preciate it 🙂

    A wise man once said, "[Hip hop] is great to listen to, but hard to defend." I think the same can be said about video vixens. They're like many other types of models, they got big dreams and modeling is just a stepping stone to get there. But how often do we see video vixens doing something other than video vixen-ing or giving us the "other" less Tyra-esque ferocity (ie the classic 'face down, ass up)? Rarely. Karrine S. wrote 2 best selling books!- about being the quintessential video hoe trying to redeem herself (she did end up dating Bill Maher *kanyeshrug*). The legendary Melyssa is still best known for being the best video businesswoman in the game. The Lola Angels and the Buffie the Bodys are strippers who hit the big-time. And for the record, Buffie is the female equivalent of the dumb athlete.

    So some do have their slip of paper saying they got some edjumacation. But the masses can't differentiate the smart vixens from the others, and their biggest fans couldn't care less. Tyra built an empire. Iman got business ventures. Naomi is still just a model, but she's even more famous cuz she's a rich bitch. I think video models need to step their game up if they wanna be more than just present-day Sara Baartmans. Nice tp look at, hard to see them for more than what their famous for- sexual pleasure. Which is different from a guy being a singer, athlete, or actor who just happens to be fine as hell. Will Smith can play pretty much any character, he's got an Oscar, he won the first rap Grammy. It just so happens that the most memorable part of I am Legend is the first 10 mins (damn, damn, damn!). So yeah, we girls like to fawn over sexy daddys, too, but does anyone know the name of a male video vixen? And not because he also had a role in Stomp the Yard?

    Men and women are different in a lot of ways – but sexual attraction isn't one of them. Everybody wants the sexiest because sexiest is the superlative, and therefore, the best. But, one thing that is different about the sexes is what I like to call the "Fairy Tale" theory. Girls are more likely to know and love fairy tales as kids – we also realize very early that life is not a fairy tale, Prince Charming isn't likely to be fine as hell, but if we're real lucky, it'll be a happily ever after. Boys never get that experience. They encouraged to be wild, take what looks good and pleasing, cuz you're a boy and "boys will be boys." It's like they live pseudo-fairy tales and they're 'Prince Charming' and they mess around with girls just for fun until they're ready for the promised princess, the girl of his dreams. Cuz she's waiting for him. And I suppose they believe their princess will look JUST like Esther Baxter, so they stay on the look out for her. Meanwhile, they'll stick with the good girl they already have until Lola comes around, or they realize that life doesn't work that way lol this is just a theory yall lolol this is just an exaggerated generalization, but something to really think about

  39. 🙂 *sigh*

    This could've been written…. well…… my main issue with this post is the insinuation that the female readers of this here site aren't bangers ourselves… wassup w/ that?!

    I just feel like a post that seemed like it was going to cover the writers adoration for video chicks, turned into "if you're a female and say anything remotely opposite of what I've said or think, YOU are a HATER!" post. Men LOVE to throw the word "hater" on women that don't agree with them. It's so cute.

    Personally, I do find quite a few of the video chicks to be very hott & beautiful.

    I must mention video girls, Azzareya Curtis (Fat Joe "Lean Back"), Tasneema Hakim (Raheem DeVaughn "You") & Lanisha Cole (countless videos, current "The Price is Right") BUT to hate on any of them would be absurd. Especially, when such a beauty goddess like Halle Berry exists, I think *anybody'sshrug*

  40. @Liz

    By the time I was 15, my life really was a really bad urban novel lol I really thought I was the Brooklyn '00 version of Tracy from Flyy Girl.

    The story gets even better, though, when I started college. Cuz no one goes to college in most urban novels.

  41. Hmm….I have no problem with my man or any man looking at video models. By all means, go ahead, ogle to your eyes fall out while I drool over Idris, Common and Mos Def. But I would rather a man chase after a video model instead of "settling" for me. I don't settle and I refuse to be anyone's last resort. I know I don't look like Melyssa or Ester and I don't have a big ass or tits (I'm a buck ten and 5'9") but I know I'm beautiful and I know there are men out there that think I am just as beautiful as those vixens. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I am the first to acknowledge another woman's beauty. Women are beautiful because we come in so many shapes, sizes and colors.

  42. I am a fiathful reader of SbM but i've got to say, this has got to be one of the most ignorant posting i've read. First off saying that men simply settle for regular women because they can'thave the video vixen is sompletly false. Maybe the simple minded men do but there are some that see these women for what they are, HIV carrying hoes, and beforeyou say nope i'm definatley not hating It just bothers me that you basically lowered the sel esteem of many women saying their boyfriend is just settling for them and would leave them in a heartbeat for some woman shaking an ass that every guy in hollywood has prolly smashed. And by the way some of those video models' so called assets you admire are faker than a $3 bill.

  43. [email protected] Sandraa calling someone ignorant and misspelling "faithful" plus a plethora of other words. It's simple, we all want/fantasize about the things that are just out of reach. And as long as all you do is fantasize about whatever video himbo/bimbo flavor of the moment, so what?

    Like several others mentioned, if anything you should pity these women. At some point in their careers [when gravity hits] the video work will dry up and then what? Who's really taking Melyssa Ford, Angela Love, Esther Baxter, Buffie, etc…serious as actresses in H'wood?

    Name one legit movie any video model has starred in where a) she wasn't playing a cameo role b) her top/bottom was on? If anything, ya'll better pray for these chicks when the checks stop coming!!!

    1. So what i misspelled a plethora of word as you so eloquently put it, point is I got my opinion across. My inabilty to spell check should not undermine what i said as it held some valid points. I do agree with you when you say we should pity these women because they honestly have little going for them.

      (And yes I did spell check this posting)

  44. (“Being down to earth” seems easy to do for women who choose to dress scantily and grind for a camera. I can’t see why they would be arrogant about their choice of “career.” However, we know that good looks and avid attention seem to bring out the “snooty” in many people.)

    * I'm sorry, do you believe "snooty" and arrogance are bad qualities? You seem to both side with, and harshly patronize these women at the same time. I'm sure you thought it was terribly clever. If anything you appear to harbor more spite, then you're openly able to admit..

    Modeling is a career, a short lived one for many, but a career , nonetheless. Many wouldn't consider these girls models. But, those people generally know very little, to nothing about the industry. There are numerous areas for models to cover. "Video models", especially the most sought after ones, branch off from centerfolds to ads for latest designers. My field is Marketing , and Public Relations.

    (All of these things, I suppose, prevented me from making a video of “clapping my butt cheeks” together to garner attention from men. LOL!!!! (Yes, I’ve got a man too.)

    Some videos are in poor taste, however, the medium has expanded considerably for artists, and the women in these videos. Mainstream rap artists have incorporated visually artistic, abstract, and highly conceptualized ideas to stay ahead of the curve. They've discovered, along with the ndustry, that sexual exploitation, and violent, controversial imagery solely were becoming repetitive, and amateur.

    As hip hop, and rap became more stylized, so did the videos, and depiction of women in many of these videos.

    Thugs and Over sexed black men, evolved into distinguished moguls and urban scenesters.. "Booty Clapping" in videos have been brought down to a minimum.

    These women do more for the artists, and the industry then people give them credit for. Most remember, and inquire over the women, they're the draw not the backdrop. As would any model, they sell the videos, and market the amount of sensuality, prowess, allure,confidence ,and mystery that's believable enough to transform a hot chick in a micro mini flashing flirty gazes to noone but a camera lense, into something more provocative, rather than absurd.

    Not many women can pull this off convincingly without looking a bit ridiculous, but certain women can balance just the right bit of attitude, flare, and sexiness that comes off natural, instead of phony.,..

    I have friends who are in this business, women that have the education, intelligence, and charm to do anything they wanted. Many of them wanted to take advantage of their youth, and beauty while they still could pull it off, others just loved to show it off. And why the hell not?

    My mother modeled , sometimes provocative attire in the 70s, my sister currently does now. Rather, then turn your nose to them , perhaps they could teach you a few things about confidence.

    I'd prefer scantily clad , booty clapping women over condescending, disingenuous intellectuals any day of the week.

    1. I really wish I could tell who your comment was towards. After reading it a few times I don't think you were talking to me. I think you have reiterated my thoughts exactly. What's funny about your comment, and this is not an attack, is that somebody is gonna read your comment and think you are trying to come off as a disingenuous intellectual. But nonetheless, your comment was well appreciated.

  45. Its a shame we , and I mean black folks and latinos encourage this level of coonery in our young ladies. And for what? a few dollars? Even if the very highest paid "Urban Model" i.e Melysa Ford or Rosa Acosta was making over 6 figures, how long will that last? Dont see many turn those into Oscars. What are they going to do next year and the next when theyre play out? Stop trying to get rich, and get wealth. Folks are only going to measure you, on the worth you put on yourself. And you wonder why we rank 50th (latinos and blacks) in education. The World will never take you seriously until you first take yourself that way.

  46. To all of the ladies getting offended by this blog and the poster, don't even waste your time. This poster just represents one of the reasons why many Black women are starting to realize that they can find real love other than African-American men because this generation of Black men (as well as women) has gone straight to hell. Even though all young Black men are not like the horny idiot who wrote this blog, still he represents a bulk. Men like him are part of the reason why so many women of color feel that they must lose their self-respect and show their ass in order to get a an attention; however she will get much male attention but not positive attention. She will be seen as nothing more than fresh meat and a whoring good time.

    This is why so many young Black men are dying from HIV/AIDS in the U.S. because a lot of them will f*ck anything as long as she got a big horse booty, long yaki weave and an empty head. Call me a "hater" but I don't really see myself every getting jealous of a video hoe because her choices and image are beneath what I represent as a Black woman.

  47. Wow. My husband is rather fond of video hoes. What is funny is that while their faces might not look like mine, their bodies have nothing on mine. And this body is attached to a head with some actual knowledge in it. Go figure? My husband didn't settle for me, or our children, or our life. He was blessed with all of it. So, young man, I repsect your write to speak YOUR mind. I am so sorry that you have had to settle for "regular old chicks". That must really suck!

  48. I wish I would have read this a few months ago. I truly believe that it is the choice of the individual to do what they feel they need to do to make a living. However, I definitely respect a woman that makes a living based off much more than her looks and physical attributes. I, personally, am a 23-year-old young (regular) woman in college full time, working a government job, with her own place, and aspirations to own her own business one day. Yes, I am beautiful physically on the outside and internally as far as my personality is concerned. I choose to use my intelligence to get ahead. But if other women want to be objectified and shake their asses get where they want to get, so be it! (Ain't my problem) all that means is that down the road-women like me will gain the respect of the REAL men out there that know what a respectable woman consists of-and will be the women they want to form a life with-not just to get a nut off with.


  49. I'm digging the article.


    Sweetheart you are reaching for the stars. And while you got a finger pointed at black men, its about three more pointing back at you for being a "typical" disgruntled black woman over generalizing and blaming black men for this & that.

    Being a "Video model" is just a job. Don't bring these women down for being born beautiful and having enough sense/balls to get paid to do it. The ones who are smart will parlay this opportunity into something bigger — Who doesn't want to be in the in crowd? Really.

    Who is ALSO to say all these women are jump-off hoes? I mean I'm sure there are some that are, because there is some in every group of women BUT I think some of you people are reaching for the stars.

    And another thing for the comments that keep saying why would anyone want to "clap their ass" in a video …. #PRINCESIDEEYE when was the last time you saw a "real" video with females clapping their ass? Because I haven't seen one since about the 90s …. All most video models do now is dance & sit at the bar in a club scene looking pretty.

    Correct me I'm wrong ya'll.

  50. These women are hoes plain and simple. Stop making excuses for them as a society, thats all we do. You make money showing your behind. No one respects you. For the guys that say they do, see what they say about you in the barber shops. For the ladies, they are laughing at you , not with you. Have some respect, and stop making excuses for not using whats between your legs not ears.

    1. Who cares? Are ya'll going to pay these females bills? If they aren't in the streets shooting people and robbing folks does it matter? So what if they use whats between their legs. Everyone isn't going to be a rocket scientist. There is a job for everyone. Its plenty females out on the street who are certified hoes, every nigga in their hood beat the walls out their pussy but they don't have enough sense to do it for rappers AT LEAST they would be getting some stacks.

  51. i imagine it was a bit rushed, and left out some features that not many people discuss about. Everybody knows that the majority new smartphones have internet, so why present that fundamental perform at its bear minimum. Scroll up scroll down zoom in zoom out. Really? which new phone doesnt try this? How bout speak about how the text rearranges itsself. Also the texting, very poor review. Why didnt you mention you can use the mic and text together with your voice? Neglected ALOT of different extra vital features

  52. I would like to thank you for the efforts you've created in writing this article. I'm hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing abilities have motivated me to start my own BlogEngine weblog now.

  53. But wait? what exactly is this article trying to say that women who dont wish to become a video hoe should take note that men simply settle for them? hahaha, so therefore a woman who has a great body and stripper potential will satisfy most if not all men and that is it? My word, a man really wrote this, no doubt. Hello, we women wish more men would be tall, sexy fine and have nice chiselled abs etc but is that the case? No, steups, beauty, brains and moral values go hand in hand. Yes, we all desire our significant other to have a nice body etc but focusing on how best a woman can shake her rump is pure lust and vanity.

  54. -ok,here's the deal ; i think some of these women are gorgeous (some look like transexuals and got bad implants). here's my problem ; video vixens (hoes) get shit for pay often times and a good number are strippers/hookers and whatever.thing is,you will never be as rich as these men ,you won't be a star ,but a jerk off fantasy .unless you are using it to temporarily,you must be dumb as bricks to even go that route.

    now i'm gonna be honest ,i'm like a 9.5 in the face ,i got huge tits ,great legs too…i just gained too much weight! ugh!
    i know beauty helps,but only if you got other stuff with it.i'm one of those 'smart girls' and i admit,i always wanted to be as beautiful as some of these models…and i can be.fortunately for me,i am definately pretty enough,and i have long hair 🙂 .,but i'm still at the gym now.

    anyway,i just don't like how some chicks think just being pretty will get you things in life.all men want from these women is a trophy and a fuck toy,they get dogged like the rest of us,so don't hate.i just don't like how the culture promotes 'hey,be cute and you can live like a queen!',that is bullshit.look at oprah! she doin' way better than these girls and she was never a beauty queen,and not only that,she's dark skinned (another argument).so no,i don't hate on these sisters,i just feel sorry.every woman got only a ten year window,18-28 to be her best.than ,after that,you old news .

    -and in their case,unemployed.

    so,to all my 'urban model' sisters,keep your head on right,don't be a hoe and have a way out.you're not invincible like you think you are.get your shit together and don't let what you had be a waste of time.i better not catch you ass walkin' down the street ,because if i ever see you in public ,you are a failure.you are a failure ,because those looks are an advantage (and the thing is ,these ladies work at it,okay.i'm too lazy to do what they do,a lot of us are) and you should be on top of the world.but alas,you are likely dumb as a sack of door knobs and that is why you don't rule the world.

    damnit,.get like kimora lee! she g'd up russel real bad and got her own shit!
    do like keysha dior :lipstick and it's hers! because of her,i can now find blue lipstick

    -all in all,bein' somebody with a fucntional brain, the route they take in life is ?
    and when a man is serious about a woman,he wants a human being.you know why rappers and stuff run through these women (hoes),most of them have become that fantasy ,but don't know how to come out of it.men are looking for a down to earth godess: those two things don't exist in the same continuum,oxymoron at it's finest .

    and in the real world,outside the club and the bed room,these poor girls are drowning (their own fault) and just as abused and taken advantage of as any other girl (the men).it's a special flavor of naivete that they have…and those that aren't so naive,are delusional in thinking they run these men when it's the other way around; they sacrifice their true selves to gain money and possessions and fool themselves into thinking they are happy; cuz when they are old ,burnt out and raggedy…happens to everyone…they'll be horrifyingly depress and lose meaning in their life (unless they got another passion…like keysha dior…sorry, i just love her lip gloss,really do 🙂 ).

    -when i see sucess,i see oprah.and while she's not ugly per se,she sure as hell don't look like these girls.she ain't use her looks to get nowhere and we know this.something to think about everyone.


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