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Bi-curiosity: Girls Just Want To Have Fun


“There must be more good women than men percentage-wise, So her chance of having a husband just minimized, Thats why a lot of girls claim they aren’t into guys, And mess with other girls part time to improvise”  (Source: Kanye West – Doing Girls Wrong)

Girl-on-Girl action, made from the best stuff on earth. Most men seem to find girl on girl action to be an ultimate turn on. Something about the movie, She Hate Me, made every man in America quiver.

However, here lately it seems like that same action is causing women to quiver too.

It was in my last few years of high school that I noticed that the number of women crossing over was not only rising, but it was also becoming more acceptable to be out in the open about it. It started with a few girls around school being known for “turning girls out.” Then there were a group of chicks who had basically had widely publicized bad luck with boys they should have never been so serious about to begin with “being turned out.” (In my personal opinion, it was always some of the best looking girls in school. I’m glad the couple joints I was getting at in HS were so far away from that, I had no worries.) So there’s a few good things that come out of it, and there are a few bad things that come out of it. Mainly, I’m glad that homophobia in the world is going down. I’ve always stood firm that I know what I’m about and taking shots at what another man/woman is about ain’t something I got time to worry about.

Now that we’ve got the formalities out the way, bi-curiosity is something different to me. It’s about those women who have an urge to hook up with a woman. It causes them to develop woman-crushes. It’s about that story you heard from your home girl about the girl who was kissing her a little too long before she decided to tell her to stop. (I think women set themselves up for stuff like this because it’s not uncommon for women to acknowledge that other women are gorgeous or sexy.)

I’m going to touch on three situations and then I’m going to ask three questions. The situations are the ones that I find entertaining and the questions are ones that I want answered. (If you don’t know the answer, I’m sure some of you know some girls who do. Help me out.)

Situation #1 – We’re in the club with a group of our female friends. Another group of girls enter the club and one of our female friends comments, “Those girls be hooking up with other girls.” All the guys, while not right away, find a way to commit these girls to mental memory… just in case. Another one of the females comments, “That one right there. [Points at one in the group]. That’s the ring leader, she’s turning them all out. I wonder how she does it.” I know, and any man with a clue knows, that girl is already in the danger zone.

Situation #2 – I have a friend who told me she met a girl, (who likes girls), and how they talk regularly. They go out at night to clubs and lounges together. They have a lot of fun together, but she’s not interested in hooking up with a girl. However, she’s admitted that if she was going to hook up with a girl, this girl would be her. I told her, sooner or later, more than likely sooner, something is going to pop off.

Situation #3 – At a house party, while drinking heavily a Nicky Minaj video comes on TV. The following conversation ensues.

Sekinah – I heard Nicky is bisexual.
Andrea – Disgusting.
Me – Perfect.
Carl – LOL, I don’t see why women get mad at her for doing her.
Andrea – What if I told you, “I heard Idris Elba was bisexual… PERFECT.”
Me – I would not care, I do not think about Idris at all.
Sekinah – I hooked up with a girl before.
[Peculiar pause in the room. All men go to their Picture-in-Picture and visualize what it would be like for Sekinah to hook up with another woman.]

Now I got Three Questions: Do you think more women than admit it have hooked up with women? Does a fast lifestyle play a part in this situation? Does it bother lesbians when a chick just wants to hook up and doesn’t really want anything more?

I apologize for getting deep on you in the end. (#PAUSE).

Anyway, speak on it SBM massive. Once you guys get going, I’ll be sure to post some of my personal stories to instigate some dialogue. And as always don’t forget to get on twitter, TWEET about the article and invite new people to the conversation. (Follow me @DrJayJack) We here at SBM appreciate your support.


      1. of course. gucci is a great philosopher once you get past the ignorance. wait is there anything past the ignorance? *shrug*

        streetz you know what it is. LEH-MON!

  1. I think its a fad. Like skinny jeans, nerd flasses, wallet chains, faux hawks and "bandito" scarves.

    Woman hear other woman talking about it and they see how excited men get at the idea, so they are curious to try it out and see what "all the fuss" is about.

    Media (meaning porno) has popularized the notion of bisexual woman, threesomes and girl on girl, which has trickled down to everyday society, just like giving/getting head.

    Before porno, head was a daunting task seemingly reserved for special occasions or for the freaks, hoes and sluttier girls. Now its considered the going rate and I aint mad at that.

    I dont want to be the one to say it, but we all know what that means will be next … if you dont follow, its the opposite to the front end.

    I'm just saying.

    1. I doubt it's a fad…i can admit that like most women i just was not willing to admit that i was attracted to women…i can recall when i was younger & too young to know anything about sex…being attacted to a female…idk guess its just biological & its funny b/c i thought about bi-curious men & was like that's just nasty…idk i figure that a bi-curious man is just gay b/c once they cross that line., theres no goin back…the difference b/t men & women…we don't have the equipment to cross the line but some men feel like a women who engages in sexual acts with another woman is gay…i know thats not the case b/c at the end of the day im wayy more attracted to men and theres no way in hell i would date a woman (maybe its denial) but thats just the way i feel can't speak for other women cuz they may feel differently

      1. I do not have a clear understanding of what you're saying lol. Are you saying you have or have not hooked up with women, but are more attracted to men? Just trying to get my visual learning on.

  2. LOL @ your #2

    My guy friends say the same thing about me and one of my good friends who is a lesbian. We met when she was hitting on me, and I'm going to admit. Ish was flattering, and she's most definitely one of the baddest females I've ever seen. If there was just an inkling of curiosity in me, she could've…well. Instead, we've just become really good friends, but there are those that hope that she'll catch me in a weak moment.

    I do believe there are more women who've let their curiosity get the better of them than those who admit it. I find it to be a work of art to watch my friend in action. She's a boyfriend's worst enemy. LOL

  3. I admit that I hooked up with a chick before, one of my good friends…but i wouldn't consider myself to be bi-sexual simply b/c I love men & can't see myself with a woman like that…i honestly believe that all women have bi-curious tendencies, most are just not ready to admit it..if i see a chick & she's sexy I will admit it "like damn that chick has a nice body" or w/e I don't know how these tendencies come about but as a str8t woman i can say that women are attracted to women…getting them to admit it well thats another issue lol

  4. WHen I was in High school we had a lesbian epidemic. The whole sophmore class of girls all of a sudden liked girls. It was not uncommon to see girls making out in the hallway and they dared you to say something to them. Our GSA (gay straight Alliance) was the bgigest club in the scool… bigger than the SGA (Student governement). And I couldnt stand it. I didnt even know peopel had that choice (yes I was shelterd little christian girl). I full admit now that I was homophobic. I thought it was nasty… but inside it was just cause i was torn. My religion tells me it is wrong, but my body was curious. I have always liked looking at boobs. I was never interested in the vag, until i got older and gained more appreciation for my own. As I got older the idea of engaging in relations with another woman began to interest me more. Would I ever do it? I dont now. Give me the right circumstances and anythign is possible I guess. I dont claim to be anything. Could I have a relationship with a woman? Probably not, because my family wouldnt accept it. Could I be in a polyamorus relationship with a man and a woman, where we all share each other? That is more likey (we could pass the other chic off as the babysitter or housekeeper). So label me as bi curious if you want. I do think there is a difference between women who have "fun" with other women for sport and those who do it because they have a true affinity to other women in a sexual and relational way… i think i fall somewhere int he middle. I kissed a girl and I liked it… but then I like kissing.

    1. Thats so true as a Christian I know it is wrong but I feel like when I was a child & didnt know about sex why would i have those feelings…guess im torn but im not confused about what i want…at the end of the day i want a man by my side sooo i guess im not bi-sexual

  5. Also there is a sexuality scale… 1-6 1 being totally straight and 6 being totally gay…. there are very few ones and sixes…. in both men and women… like i said, right circumstances… you can find your self attracted

  6. GOAT Post. The topic is flawless. Dr J… man. Thanks guy. Thanks. This is why Al Gore pretended to invent the internet, for dialogue like this.

    And to piggy back off of Cavl, woman on woman action has been (and should be continued to be encouraged). We should push our sisters to explore, have fun, and enjor themselves. I really think it would lead to better hetero relationships in and out of the sack.

    NO doubt girl on girl has been pressed on ladies through pornye, but also maintstream media. Every scene with girl on girl action has slow romantic music, gentle lighting, inviting cuts, and is always done with good looking women and recieved positively within the narrative. While with male on male (lets face it, people would probably call me ghaye for just writing about it in the comments). Its never scene and no one ever wants to see it. Outside of that sitcome (Grace and Bill or something) it was always seen in rape on drama, with assgressive music, painful cuts, overpowering action, and shameful results: as seen in OZ and the movie Deliverance.

    It funny, when I bring it up to girl or ask an S.O. if they would get down they always answer "Would you get down with another man (non triz situation). Of course the answer is a resounding NO. Not under any circumstances, I would rather die. But if I was a girl (use your imagination people, we are grown. PAUSE) you couldn't stop me. There is NO shame in girl on girl. None. You get nothing but cool points.

    Even if I had a daughter who was a lesbian, I wouldn't care. I wouldn't blink twice, but crossed my fingers and hope she made the WNBA. (No Incest)

  7. Do you think more women than admit it have hooked up with women?

    Maybe, but really like "Cally" said its become a fad. *see FAMU video here* Kissing another girl..etc.. just got added to the list of unnecessary ish that SOME (not all) women will do because they think it makes them more attractive to men. Its actually disheartening, I really do think there is a substantial population of women who do it because guys like it and not so much that they are even that curious.

    Does a fast lifestyle play a part in this situation?

    I think this is a maybe too, depending on what kind of lifestyle your in, the people you rock with, be they swingers or whatever, a woman may feel more open to exploration or on the opposite end peer pressured into participating because everyone else is doing it.

    "Mainly, I’m glad that homophobia in the world is going down." <- is that really the case ? Many men feel like a woman's sexuality is more fluid ie. its ok for us to say our BFF is a bad chick, got a nice booty, etc. but men can barely get away with saying their homeby is "ok looking" when asked wiht out the serious o_0 from a woman. Because of this idea of a fluid sexuality I don't think people being accepting of "bi-curious" women plays much of a role in peoples perceptions and feeling of homophobia as a whole.

    Lastly, I know men might think that a women's sexuality is more fluid than theirs but on a personal note..my ish is rigid..I like a full bodied pinot and nothing else will do so its quite annoying when men choose to ask questions like "you ever been with a girl, c'mon I know you kissed a girl one time, for real your homegirl is bad you never though about it just once?..ok I know you won't do it but you'd let her lickity the split wouldn't you"…sorry I haven't jumped on that bandwagon just like i'm sure you haven't jumped on the let's play drop the soap in the shower train.#punintended

    1. And I dont think this makes homosexuality more acceptable. As you notice we arent sitting here talking about wheter there are lots of men out there who are bi-curious.. that is not as widely accepted…

      I totally agree with you. For me, I'll admit I'm curious, but not enough to go out there and seek it. I like white wines, but if you find me a red that I might enjoy… yea, ill try it

    2. has everyone seen the FAMU video? I got respect for the girls for doing it… but 10Gs is dumb to put it on the net? Not enuff.

      IS it confirmed that they went to FAMU? They still don't beat out Morgan state! That was a classic. SMH @ the fried chicken at the end part and the fight that broke out with the ghetto chick and the drunk dude that couldn't stay rock.

        1. Not sure what you mean. Just because she's a pro-fessional means she can't go to FAMU?

          You probably won't catch it until you're on the way home.

        2. Damn, I thought HBCUs were actually cool for a second. SMH. Now why would I respect them?

          **dreams crushed**

    3. THIS.

      "My ish is rigid." <— that's what he said.

      Comedy. Your comments indeed were straight from the hip no cut cards. Tell the curious Georgette's to stand down.

  8. Stay Fly,

    I think we're in the same boat.I have to admit I've always been attracted, but would never seriously consider BEING with a girl. A one time experience,maybe, but unfortunately it's never happened. Maybe one day, hopefully 😉

  9. Apparently, there is an epidemic among the middle school girls at my mom's school. There's a group of girls dressing all hardcore and butch, and trying to get it in with other girls. And it's at the HS level, too. When I was in HS, there was one girl, a feshman, who had a lot of pretty female friends. She wasn't pretty at all, definitely on the butch side of things. But according to some folks, she was turning chicks out left and right. And the boys loved that ish.

    This is why men have to step of their face game. Y'all are dropping the ball, and women are licking it up. I'm a proponent of teen sex, but I would rather my son become King of Lickerlow, than get some girl preggers.

    For me, I'm not into women. I think we are beautiful creatures, but we lack a necessary piece of equipment. And I have my own toys, and I don't like to share.

  10. “There must be more good women than men percentage-wise, So her chance of having a husband just minimized, …"

    (Like most of what he says) I sooooo don't agree w/ this quote from Ye.

    Mature men seek the good girls to marry.

    'Miss I get around' is for the immature & single man to get it all in before he wifes someone.

    "Do you think more women than admit it have hooked up with women?"

    Yes. Many are afraid of family finding out and/or friends dismissing them.

    "Does a fast lifestyle play a part in this situation?"

    Partially but I think it mainly stems from low self-steem. Females these days, even the ones that should be past it according to their age are easily influenced. They let whatever and whomever get into their heads.

    "Does it bother lesbians when a chick just wants to hook up and doesn’t really want anything more?"

    I'm not a lesbian so, I don't really know but I would think for some, yeah. It's probably similar to when a guy just wants to hits but homegirl wants a to be his boo- straight up annoying.

    1. WHAT?!?!!?!


      These negative comments about this nation's greatest resource, Bi-curious women! They have low self-esteem!

      Yo I think we need a post about 'low self esteem' is becoming a sickness. Everytime someone engages in acts a conservative crowd deems untraditional they deem the culprit "low in self esteem". The act is getting old. If you are interested in hooking up and you let comments like these stop you from experiencing something new aren't you just as guilty for not having the confidence to make it past THIS peer pressure?


      "I sooooo don’t agree w/ this quote from Ye"

      Than you are just delusional. There are more women than men period. Than you have the large number of men stuck in the prison system. Than you account for the number of men who are unemployed. Than you subtract (if you want to, you don't have to) the number of black men without an education. And those are just basic qualifiers for good men. Older men are just taking advantage of the situation by grabbing a more youthful mate. Its a good hustle to be a man. Me and the 40 year old are working together to optimize our life experience.

      1. I didn't go into detail but the young girls (13-19) I speak with/mentor have participated in certain sexual acts because they weren't sure of themselves. Also, women my age that have also participated in certain sexual acts have they did so then because they hadn't taken out time to fully mature and figure out what they wanted. Basically, I was saying majority of girls/women that I know that have taken part in girl on girl or other sexual acts…

        Far from delusional baby boy.

        1. SMH: I just worry about influencing girls the wrong. Teaching them that lusting for something is unatural or a sign of their weakness. Teaching them to hate their bodies or emotions as a way of keeping them in check or line with some kind of standard.

          ~Liberal CHeeKZ

    2. yeah nikki didn't make much sense here… the kanye quote was profound. it actually was a compliment. and you olympic long jumpers known as women found a way to turn it into a negative.

  11. I think it is just a fad. I was in high school in the early 90s. Of course you had maybe one or two lesbians and even then they were in the closet. Now fast forward 10 years and half the girls in school claim they are bi. C'mon. That's statistically impossible. No way are half of all females lesbian.

    Another way you can tell it is not natural. Why do most lesbians want to date a female that looks and dresses like a man. If you don't like men why would you want a woman that looks like a man. These are just women with issues. They weren't born gay.

    Finally, as far as the lesbian fantasy. I never had it. When I fantasize about two females in my bed my dick is the star of the show. Give me two straight brawds.

    1. I think you are born with tendencies, wether you act on them or not is up to you and your up bringing and surroundings. I think you didnt see it when you were in school because it was not as accepted. Doesn't mean it wasnt happening.

      Also, looking "butch" and being a man are too different thing. They are attached to the pussy, in whatever form it comes in… Not the dick. Just like how some men like strong build females, lesbians are allowed to have their own tastes in the type of women they like. Women come in all shapes and sizes and looks. Some women like pretty boys… are you saying they should date women? cmon son.

      Again you are turned on by and attracted to whatever you are programmed to be attracted to (from birth) and whether you act on those urges or not is entirely up to you

      1. I use to believe people were born gay. But not anymore. I think it is a subconcious choice based on how you were raised. Subconcious meaning you are not concious of the choice you made but you made it none the less. There are many decisions we make in this fashion. Even if people were born this way the statistics would be constant. For instance 10% of the population is born gay. You wouldn't have that number quadrouple over night. Goin from 10% to 50% in 10 years.

        Now again about the butch thing. If being gay was natural why wouldn't you just be gay? Why do gay guys talk like females and walk like females. Why are lesbians dressin like dudes and using dildos if they don't like dick. If it were natural you would just be gay. Meaning you were prefer your same sex but still be feminine or masculine. It's a subconcious choice based on how you were raised. There is a reason dudes that spend too much time with there mothers end up being gay. They learn that behavior.

        I agree people are born with "potential" to go either way. But it's more nurture than nature that determines how you turn out.

        1. Yes nuture vs nature, but to a point. You still have to have had the desire, which i believe you are born with

          Sexuality and Gender are two different thing… for example. the man who feels he is a woman, who has a sex change operation to be a woman and still like women. Goes from being a straight man to a gay woman.

          Not all gay men sound /walk/dress like women. And not all lesbians have masculine tendencies. Similarly there are effeminate men who are NOT gay and Burly women who dont like pussy. Women (gay or straight) use dildos because it feels good. not all lesbians use them, some vehemently abstain from anything at all phallic. But those points have nothing to do with tru sexuality.

          ill admit, some people are truly just going with the fad, trying to be cute, but i think there is a consistent 10% that have the tendency toward homosexuality and actively act on it.

          I dont think you can learn to be gay, why would you chose to do something you know you will forever be tormented for, unless the torment of not acting on your physical and emotional needs would hurt you more?

        2. MissMelony says: March 4, 2010 at 2:17

          ill admit, some people are truly just going with the fad, trying to be cute, but i think there is a consistent 10% that have the tendency toward homosexuality and actively act on it.

          I dont think you can learn to be gay, why would you chose to do something you know you will forever be tormented for, unless the torment of not acting on your physical and emotional needs would hurt you more?


          Well that's why I said a subconcious choice. Meaning you weren't born that way but you learned it or more acurately your brain developed that way in response to your environment. Child molesters, rapist, prostitutes, depression, agressiveness….the list goes on and on. I don't think any one would choose to be any of that. But sometimes your brain just adapts the best way it can to what it receives from the world.

          But like I said. I'll give you that 10%. But when every other girl you know is all of a sudden a lesbian. It's just a fad.

          Like someone else pointed out. I'm old enough to remember when only prostitues and married women gave head. Most black girls would look at you like you were crazy if you asked for that. The around 1996 when Lil Kim made bein a slut "cool"….all of sudded everybody is given head and braggin about how many dudes they slept wit.

          Don't underestimate the power of peer pressure. I mean dam, Tupac got every nigga in the hood rockin tattoos. The whole lesbian thing is just a fad.

        3. I do not see all these women who supposedly have now turned gay… i can honestly say only about10% of my friends are lesbians, or are attracted to women (bi or bi curious) I think it only seems liek alot of girls are doing it now because its more publicized now… and add in the girls who do it for attention.

          There are still true lesbians and women who enjoy the love of a man or a woman

    2. Personally I am not attracted to studs at all. I like my men to look like men and my women to look like women. Not to say I will never be attracted to a stud but it hasn't happened yet. The way I see it, if you're gonna get with a stud you might as well just be with a dude. Sorry if that sounds ignant but like they wear fake d's and try and be all manly and ish.. basically tryna be a man and if i wanted a man im gonna be with a real man not a woman trying to be a man. that came out wrong but basically i love men for their aggresiveness but when im with a woman i really appreciate her femininity, her sensitivity, all things that make her a woman.

  12. Lol, I almost missed this post. To answer your questions:

    1. Yes, more women than will admit have done it. You have a better chance of her admitting that she's a ho, lol.

    2. I would associate the trend more with rebellion than being fast.

    3. The only lesbians this bothers are the ones who find themselves in the unfortunate position of being in love with a straight woman. I don't get this. My first rule of engagement is that if you don't like me, I don't like you either, lol.

    4. I had a girl in college tell me that she would make out with a girl, but only if a guy wanted her to do it. Da hell? I think that the sentiment is pretty popular, though. A lot of women you see making out in bars and clubs are just trying to get the attention of men. Take a close gander at the relative attractiveness of these women. Then ask yourself "Would I still be looking at this woman if she wasn't kissing another woman?"

    1. I agree with everything you just said until you had to put down the girl performing such actions.

      "Take a close gander at the relative attractiveness of these women. "

      You obviously have never been to Arizona St or any 'good' PWI frat party. The hot blondes love each other. Just b/c you like guy attention doesn't mean that you are some kind of wack. There was a cute latina I use to crush on something serious that didn't mind kissing girls b/c the way she thought was 'it was only kissing, I would do it to my dog (no beastie). So why not do it to a girl and some free beads, free drinks, or get this party start'

      1. My Haitian boo, you are too funny today. #iseeyourecruitin'

        I'm not putting down the fact that they do it – but I don't support doing anything seckual – that you wouldn't do any other time and think is kinda gross – just to get some shine in a bar. You're right, enjoying the attention of men does not make one wack. But if you find yourself having to "go the extra mile" to get said attention from men, you may be wack, lol.

  13. Well, I've had threesomes before (with my fiance) and it's been GRRRRRRRRRREAT! lol Plan to have another one soon as soon as I find a sexy lady. I don't consider myself bi, though. I'd never hook up with a female without my boo…..just my 2 cents…

    1. " (with my fiance)"


      Fastest way down the aisle, but your face in some bush, ladies!

      Man Law?

      1. Nah….speak for yourself homey. You can keep dat. Why would any one want to marry a women he can't satisfy sexually without brining someone else into the room. Like I said. In my fantasies my dick is the star of the show. There is no supporting cast needed.

        1. Hey, to each his own. And trust, his d*ck IS the star of the show, but you can't make an academy award movie w/o a great supporting cast…..I'm just saying….

        2. u are assuming too much to think that you can't satisfy her just b/c there is someone else.

          If anything its the other way around. You are sooo good at kocking it down you need more of a challenge.

  14. @Question 1:

    I think A LOT of females either would like to or have hooked up with other females than the population of women owns up to it for several reasons (and I have asked some of my close gf's their opinion). My friends and I were discussing this and for the most part what was said was that 'we' don't own up to it because it's not a big deal in our minds. It's just a curiousity but we are by no means 'gay' or would have a relationship with other women or even hook up with a woman more than once. It's just out of curiousity and sometimes to prove a point. We basically agreed that the number one reason any of us (that were bi curious) WERE bi curious was because:

    "This guy, that guy and the other guy cannot make me cum and it's really not that fuc*king hard if you understand the female body…I bet I could make another girl cum…."

    That my friends, was the gist of the conversation that ensued between us. I am bi-curious for reasons unknown and there has only been 1 chick that I would hook up with. I do not have any relationship desires towards her or any other woman *shrugs shoulders* but it is what it is.

    1. So you were and now you aren't, or you were and you satisfied that curiosity?

      I think that once the curiosity arises it can't be put down unless you get it out your system.

      I should also say this, I think if I was a guy and my girl told me she tried it, liked it, but was now with me, I would always kind of wonder if she was sneaking out on me and messing around with a girl. Girls love to sleep over and in the same bed. My mind would wander…

      1. Dr.J:

        I can't say that I have satisfied that curiosity but it really is only a matter of time before it will happen…the female in question I am sure is bi-curious herself and made a pass at me IN FRONT OF HER MAN at the club who by the way was all for it. I don't think a guy should be jealous or thinking i'm going to be dipping out on him for a girl. I love dick, and I love men and wouldn't do anything to jeopardize a relationship if I WAS in one…but i'm single so this is my time to flounder a bit and experiment. That's how I see it.

        Oh and as for the sleepovers lol, believe it or not but I can't dig anyone but 'my' man sleeping that close to me (need my personal space!) so in my particular case that isht would not even fly. lol

  15. Andressa says: March 4, 2010 at 4:27 [email protected] 1:

    I think A LOT of females either would like to or have hooked up with other females than the population of women owns up to it for several reasons (and I have asked some of my close gf’s their opinion).


    Talk to any female 34 and older and I gurantee the only thing you will hear is Ewwwwwwww!

    This is definitley a generation Y thing.

  16. ?1: YES. I know so many women in DENIAL about their bicuriosity. My friends and I have been on the scene for quite some time and I decree from this point forth that being tipsy is no longer an excuse to stick your tongue down your girl's throat.

    ?2: Frankly, it's not an issue of being fast, it's more an issue of experimentation. If you are sexually adventurous, subbing in for the other team doesn't sound incredibly outlandish. When I was younger, I wasn't a total wh0re fast, but I was definitely into new things and trying a girl was one of them. #kanyeshrug It was fun then, but I prefer the long and strong.

    ?3: I'm not a lesbian, but I have friends that are and none of them are looking for any kind of a long-term thang from the straight girls they turn out. It's not pimping where once she's a ho, she's a ho forever… it's more like once she's tired of tasting box she dips out.

    –word of mouth AKA the only female in the relationship

  17. I don't know. I grew up in the 80s. If you knew of one or two gay people in the school, it was rare. Even if you were sure, they were never OUT of the closet…and they certainly weren't flaunting it. Its just a different time. I do feel like its a fad. I have never seen so many bi curious folk in my life. Especially women, they are just in it for the sexual experiment of it all…the true Lesbians want a relationship and love. These bi curious women just wanna say they kissed a girl and they liked it…..they want to be able to say they have been with a girl…they don't want to settle down with a woman and be in a monogamous relationship nine times out of ten……bi curiosity is running rampant.

  18. I dunno if more women than admit it have hooked up with women but I definitely thing more women than admit either want to or would. Personally I could see myself making out with a chick but um… yeah the only kitty I want to play with is my own and at the end of the day I LOVE men… from head to toe ;o)

    IMO the term bi-sexual is so all over the place that it's kind of a misnomer and it's the reason why I'm kinda against labels when it comes to sexual orientation. Some women who are bi only like having sex with women but prefer to date men or vice versa. Some people truly are equal opportunity when it comes to sexing and settling down… Some people might be attracted to one particular person of the same sex but not others.

    I think with women in particular, many are hesitant to admit to any attraction or curiosity about other women because of all the negative stereotyping out there. Bisexual women are often looked at as loose and/or confused, bitter, jaded, damaged, etc. It's an unfair judgement really.

    My besty is bisexual and it's been hard to watch her struggle with that label. She came out in her mid-twenties and she was immediately judged by everyone, family, friends… I've always been a big hag, I worked at an LGBT center in college and I'm pretty much open minded so when she came out to me I was like "Cool… so who's the new boo?" Everyone else wanted to know "why?" People accused her of being hurt by past relationships, not giving men a "chance" and just not getting the good beats. THEN, after she and her girlfriend broke up (three years later), everyone accused her of going through a phase and wanted to know if she was gonna date a man or a woman next. It's really ridiculous like why can't the woman just like who she likes?

    Somewhere above someone made a comment about women who experiment having low self-esteem. There's a negative connotation there that I dislike. Coming to terms with one's sexual identity is a part of life. Some women do loose ish with men, some with women. Both can come from lack of knowledge of self but why is it so much more frowned upon when said exploration is with a woman?!?! At age 14 I made out with a dude who was 20 and most of my friends thought nothing of it, but had I kissed a girl my age, many of the same people would flip out… why is that?

    To answer the last question, while I'm not a lesbian I know quite a few and many of them do have an issue with bi-curious girls who want to just hook up. Their issue is when girls pretend to really be about them when they're just looking to "experiment". I think as long as everyone is honest then it's cool, but most of my lezi friends frown upon straight girls who pretend to be into them just for the experience. Nobody wants to be a mark.

  19. I'm mad late replying to this but I will anyways… hate me…lol. Anyways, I hate the whole "bicurious" labeling. It's so fckin annoying for people like me that are actually bisexual and not the least bit promiscuous. I'm probably the last person most people would think is bisexual just because people expect us to be whores. I am somewhat of a hippie and I do consider myself to be very sexual but not at all "fast".

    I don't think you can "turn someone out". Saying it like that makes it seem like you can make someone be gay or straight. You just are what you are. I will admit there are women who just like to kiss other women and don't really have any legitimate sexual/emotional desire to actually get with a woman for real for real but any woman that will go as far as to have sex with another woman on multiple occasions is not straight (rape/forced sex excluded).

    I actually think most women are secretely into other women and maybe the shortage of men is making more woman open to the idea of "coming out"…

  20. Im 13 i feel in love with my best friend shes so hot i love it when her arms are on my body and when her lips are on mine any way how old is that girl in the pictuer shes hot i would love to you kno with her i hope shes bi it would be soo,f*ckin hot if she put her hands on me how can meet her she is f*ckin HOT i bit shes a goog kisser and jas r ready had s*x im so trund on right now i may just be13 but baby meet me kiss me and you well be hooked just like i am till we meet love you baby;p

  21. I live in syracuse ny..i have a great man and love him and know he loves me with all his heart..we are both getting bored with sex..we have known each other for 10 years..he is my ying..i am his yang..we both want a women in the bedroom..i think me more so..i am a red head..lol…we have looked into couples..never went anywhere..i just dont want another man..i have tried to think of it..but it dries me up..i really just want him..i would love to watch him with another female..anyway I have been looking for 2 years where can I find her? I just want her to look good and not fat,i work hard to look good and so does he..anyway can anyone tell me where to find a decent looking female in syracuse ny that just wants to have fun,no strings

  22. I am bisexual. I did not realise it until college. While in high school I was hit on by females but they were butches and studs so I thought that I was straight and a little homophobic. Once I got to college I realised that there are also femmes which is who turns me on. Its something about a sexy women that likes women that turns me on. I like men however they are more of my eye candy. There has yet to be any emotional connection while having sex with them so I don't really care for it. The idea of it is what actually turns me on(I know its confusing I don't get it either).

  23. I'm not into turning anyone out just because when two women have sex there is an emotional connection that can escalate without being able to control it and can leave you in a sticky situation. For example I ended up in a 2 year relationship with a straight women who says I'm her kryptonite. She is extremely attracted to me and I have made her experience things that allows me to forever have a piece of her. My heart ended up broken however because we lived a lifestyle that she could not handle and never wanted. I just got out of a 3 year relationship with someone who claims to be a lesbian but men are our biggest problem so you never know in a same-sex relationship.


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