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The Twitter Effect: The pros and cons of social media

Girl I can Retweet you all night LONG!

In 2010, social media rules Al Gore’s greatest creation: the internets. You’d be hard pressed to find someone without a twitter/facebook/formspring account.

As a techie, I love the innovations made by these websites, however I feel that they can be a gift and a curse. When it comes to relationships, work, or everyday life, your involvement with these websites and different methods of communication can adversely affect your life. There’s many reasons to utilize these sites, and reasons to tread lightly. Like to hear ’em? Here they go:

Up to Date news in the blink of an eye
I still remember when MJ passed, how the entire internet buckled under the pressure of everyone trying to find information. Twitter is where I first heard that Michael went into cardiac arrest, and everyone was following the situation accordingly. Any information that is available on the internets seem to find its way to Twitter first. Unfortunately, everyone wants to have a “scoop” nowadays and will report anything to get credit (See GURU’s apparent “death” a few weeks ago). You have to have reliable sources, and I’ll always comment that unless it’s a celebrity super close to a situation (i.e. Peyton Manning saying anything about Eli), or there’s a NEWS LINK accompanying said report, I won’t buy it! Also, anyone can hear tings about you or talk your business with no hesitation and retweet that all over twitter, which can destroy a relationship in a matter of seconds!

Stalking at the tips of your fingers
Its super easy for anyone to find out where you on in twitter. Some applications generate geotag links that show on a map where you are. 4square basically details your travelling habits as you unlock new badges and become “mayor” of your virtual location. Hell, we even tell people what we are doing, where we are, where we will be, and where we think we’ll be next! In general it isn’t that serious, but i never understood the fascination with letting a group of people know your whereabouts at all times. Some people get super wild with it, and more power to you, but I like my time off the grid, so pardon me if I stick to jokes and conversation.

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Twitter makes everyone a Secret Agent
Twitpic is the greatest invention/ worst thing to happen to social networking. You can let all of your followers see what you are eating [||], sites from your latest vacation, or even pic of…yourself. However, for the individuals who dress crazy, take a slip and fall, or fail to see the hidden camera when you reenact the FAMU Sex Tape make a total fool of themselves, you can rest assured that your unfortunate self will be twitpic’d or twitvid’d to an entire community of social networkers. The craziest part? You will NEVER know! Thanks to these innovations, anyone can become Sherlock Holmes, Jack Bauer, or James Bond in the blink of an eye. Remember, all official cell phones have control over shutter sounds and flash, so when you see someone holding their phone awkwardly to “text” I hope your Spider Sense warns you quick, and you aint doing anything grimy!

The Television viewing Experience on steriods
You ever watch a program on TV alone and had so much commentary that you wish your fam/friends were around to roast? Well Twitter has granted this wish seven fold! Any award show, nationally televised sporting event, reality show, or even movies, are subject to commentary by the largest peanut gallery ever assembled in the history of man! Sites like Twitter and Facebook can make any great moment legendary and any terrible moment infamous, just ask #ChrisBrownsBowtie! Also, one incident can make you a household name or Trending Topic. Think about how many times you’ve said, typed, or used a variant of #Kanyeshrug, or sent a hashtag message in something OTHER THAN TWITTER, and you’ll note that social networking media is more prevalent ever in our lives.

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Finally, what is your main reason for using Twitter and other social media. I’ve found that people will join twitter, and say that people tweet too much and they can’t follow along, so they unfollow. I mean….isn’t tweeting the reason to use twitter? Maybe I got it twisted but follower trends get weird at times.=, so I wanted to know from your perspective.

What other pros/cons exist with twitter/facebook and other social media?



  1. first, i just have to say that i've been following SBM as well as Slim Jackson for at least a month… and your arse has not deemed me worthy to follow back. *ahem* @muzeness is the name. thanks.

    not that i've noticed.

    lol. anyhoo… i heart twitter. i don't get on nearly as much as i used to when i first joined, but i once tweeted that twitter is the only place where you can get stat updates and commentary on the game, the latest entertainment scandal, spiritual upliftment and enlightenment, a booty call, financial advice, and a laugh at some of the most ignant things you've ever read, just by scrolling.

    i don't even have to watch any award or reality show if i'm on twitter bc frankly the commentary provides real-time play-by-play in it's most hilarious form.

    i had to tell my little sister to stop tweeting her every little step. i think twitter is a stalker's paradise. and facebook.. is like twitter on steroids. the only place where your ex's ex's ex can stalk you, pictures and all.

    it's disturbing. lol.

    1. Wouldn't it have made more sense to say this on twitter?

      I mean … I'm not a super twitter head and I just don't follow that many people. If you had asked though …

      1. lol well no, because my account is private so you wouldn't have seen it if i said it anyhow… unless of course you were following me.

        i was kinda just playing. but thanks for remedying that.


  2. I agree that social networks are prevalent in our lives. I've had fb for almost 5 years and have deleted it twice. I'm hooked on fb though…not like I use to be due to time.I've had 5 twitter accounts. I really don't care for my current account @nyc_lotus but eh.. Just another form of stalkerville, so some ppl have to hide out under secret names (Ms.Lotus)

    1. Facebook is probably the only social media that I will contribute some effort to. However, its major con is that its an unreliable mode of information. I could write "I'm in love"…then I will get msgs asking me who he is, and honesty box msgs telling me that I need to "stop messing with him, he's no good". Truth be told, I was talking about some shoes that I had a shoegasm over.

    2. Honesty Box: Honesty box is a con. I hate the fact that people can say whatever and hide. If you really don't like someone, telling them through hidden msgs won't reveal your identity.

    Pro: I use facebook for networking. I lost contact with people that I attended J.H.S with and was reconnected through fb.

    **I must admit that I do like the unlimited access to certain user profiles.

  3. I currently have no social networking accts (due 2 past drama via Myspace & Twitter). My fav phrase is "Myspace/fb/twitter is the devil!" lol. The pros of course are staying in contact w/ friends/associates & the cons are internet beef, ruined relationships & cyber stalkers. Kudos to those who use the above mentioned sites (I don't judge) but pure coonery is what I've witnessed in the past few yrs on these sites & I'm steering clear. Great form of entertainment tho (better than reality tv)! Hee Hee

  4. I don't tweet. I opened up an account but never went on it. I lost interest. I do have a FB page that I get on throughout the day. Its just for close friends and family….I don't use it for any other purpose than to stay in touch with close family and keep up to date on what is going on with everyone. It can become addictive, I try to just keep my time to a minimum. I don't play games, Im not on Farmville. I just keep my interaction real basic. I hardly ever post my status but I will comment on others. My SO had a page on FB and we got into an argument and I deleted him as a friend. LOL. Then we made up. I just let him stay un-deleted. I find, that relationships can go from single, to complicated, to, in a relationship in real time on FB…I try to just not post much info. and keep it neutral. It can be a beast on some of these pages!

      1. co-motherFing-sign!!! If I want to play games there are plenty of other websites I can visit, or my cell phone for that matter. If I'm on facebook I'm there to message, look at some pics or accept/deny some friend requests or invitations.

  5. The many blessings and curses of social media. I have literally abandoned facebook ever since i joined twitter a year ago. Its a lot of fun and it allows people to make sense or chat rubbish in 140 xters. Well its increasing knowledge and awareness cuz when we actaully do have interesting TTs (not Justin Bieber or the jonas brothers). everyone s curious to find more informtion

    I have started conversations and developed online friendships with so many on twitter and it takes the stress from my daily work, although it can be time consuming. sometimes i spend hours on it and fail to do some work (shame on me)….lol

    And yes, its busted me sometimes, when people send me black berry messages and i dont reply, then 2 secs later im on twitter updating via ubertwitter for bb…..

    Cuz i tweet dont mean i want to chat…lol

    Oh and thank God for twitter cuz i get alert on a new post from @simgleblackmale way before the feed drops in to my inbox…. and SBM, Slimjackson and Dr Jay reply tweets…..:)

  6. i will never get a twitter account…seems like way too much effort….

    i got a facebook, but i had facebook back when only college students were allowed on there….the good ol days lol. then facebook wanted to be like myspace, so they started letting any and everybody on there. thats when i lost interest in facebook….i used to love her lol.

    but i remember when i was addicted to myspace. when i never logged out, and would get on there during every free moment i had.

    but i love tagged.com. they have great groups you can join for discussion.

    i love social networking sites because im very outgoing and love meeting and talking to new people. but they do cause a lot of drama too…especially if you're as outspoken as i am. and im also super freaky so i had a lot of women not like my style. also, when i would talk to a guy and then get a message from a woman telling me to stay the hell away from her man lol….drama. so, i deleted all my pages except facebook.

    oh yea, also when i was a little younger and was on myspace…it was not good for my relationships. ive found out an ex was cheating and all that good stuff. also, it makes jealousy easier too…..

    used to get on myspace alot to pick up women….but it never worked lol. i might know how to pimp men, but d*mn yall women are hard to please lol….

  7. Social networking… being at the party, all the time. Lol.

    I <333 twitter. It came through for me right on time, b/c I was fading fast over on FB. Don't get me wrong, like Juniebug I loved FB when it was college/grad students only, then it opened up the world and suddenly our local D-boy had a page. I have entirely tooo many friends on FB & too many ppl want to play detective. All of a sudden twitter became a safe haven for my thoughts since I could no longer post them on FB. (I won't delete my FB though b/c of all the pictures… )

    I try to keep my twitter profile pretty secret… most of the people on twitter I met through the blogosphere. Only 10% of them do I truly know & hang out with. The one mistake I've made thus far: giving a new dude my twitter name. Sigh. How can I talk about him/vent about our date if he's following me?! *le sigh*

    Watching TV & tweeting is one of the best experiences. "…commentary by the largest peanut gallery ever assembled…," is so right. It is hilarious. It also offers you different views/takes on things.

    Oh & about people tweeting too much, I don't follow people that I deem over-tweeters. Yes, the point of twitter is to tweet… but I don't need to know your every thought/move. Some people overdo it and I don't need my timeline to be your stage. #thatisall

  8. I couldn't agree with this post more, social networking has definitely had it's share of pros and cons, but bc I try to be as discreet as possible about my relationships and whereabouts, my social networking (it is on the internets after all) I've never had any major issues.

    I tweet & I'm also an fb-er (haven't gotten to delete my myspace yet *SMH*, but I'm getting to that STAT) & these days you'll find me on twitter way more than fb, bc I find it thoroughly entertaining and informative (I follow some intelligent folks on there) I don't even tweet as much as I lurk these days (not stalking folk, just reading commentary) it's hilarious, the folks in my timeline are just…(including StreetZ: you stooopid lol).

    I've definitely met quite a few folk on twitter, been invited to events & they've all been cool thus far. Had one incident after meeting someone on twitter (too long of a story), but it died down eventually and luckily didn't blow up too much, but otherwise, I love my twitter and my twitter fam. When I'm having a not so great day or if I'm looking for a spot to hit up with friends, I can always go on twitter and ask around or gather info, but as Streetz said TREAD LIGHTLY! Don't go around telling STRANGERS where you are, I don't think that's ever a good idea. Another rule I stand by no matter what (bc I've learned my lesson), I NEVER let a prospect, or someone of interest know I have a fb or twitter, or sometimes ui tell 'em I don't use it too often. That's when ppl wanna be all up in the business, and think they know you based off your profile and tweets. I'm good on that.

    Oh yea and shouts to the SBM-ers who follow me @DrJayJack and @SlimJackson 😉

    Streetz you get a pass bc you're my fb buddy, although you're the only SBM-er I met in person lol

  9. As I prepare a lecture on marketing via the internet, I have to include the social networks because if you have a business–being a part of a social network is necessary. I've tried over and over to get offline, but I'm drawn back in because a lot of my audience is there.

    The downside to the social networks from my prospective is more business than personal—as a one woman show, you will find yourself on these networks for an extended period of your day and not be productive in other areas unless you limit your time on the sites.

    I would suggest hiring an assistant just to do your social networking for you. I need to put out an ad for one myself. LOL

  10. I was told for months to join twitter. I declined. It was not until I realized what being on twitter could do for the promotion of myself and the blogs/ventures that I decided to chalk it up and join.

    I follow some people who are freaking hilarious, but then there are some people who are wack. So excessive tweeting is a problem. I tweet semi-excessively, but I always seek to entertain. Soapbox tweeters get no love. Those are the people that @Streetztalk speaks of when he says people unfollow.

    What I would like to bring to the attention of the gallery is my disdain for phantom followers. Twitter allows you to follow people and sometimes they have so many followers you can't keep up. So you can follow someone without them knowing.

    (I also must add if you have a public account you should talk, but honestly if you are reading my public account and not following that's still better than me knowing you get notifications about when I tweet.)

    And this post was about freedom of information, but don't you hate when you have to get off twitter because people don't know how to not spoil your favorite TV show or movie?

  11. i have both facebook and twitter. since i started using twitter i don't really use my facebook account anymore. it moves too slow for me.

    since i'm a music lover i also follow a lot of rappers/singers. it's cool when they post links to songs or albums.

    i haven't really had a problem with stalking. i don't understand the point of 4square. its like inviting stalkers into your life. i see somebody getting seriously hurt or attacked because of that ish. why would you want someone to know your exact location?

  12. I guess I'm an old fogey. I reluctantly opened a Facebook account a year ago after being pressed by so many peoples about the wonders of it. I barely check the account because it's usually a bunch of people talking about nothing. I found a couple of people from high school on Facebook, but after seeing what they were currently doing, I lost interest.

    And I don't even get Twitter. I guess I don't care enough about celebrities or what my friends and family are doing at any given moment to even consider Twitter.

    "Think about how many times you’ve said, typed, or used a variant of #Kanyeshrug, or sent a hashtag message in something OTHER THAN TWITTER"

    I have no idea what #whatever means, other than it is used on Twitter.

  13. I see that the 'Streetz doesnt follow me' comments are going to come through like busted condoms, lol, so allow me to 8-mile myself:

    If you follow me and are a regular here, send me a tweet or ur page aqui and ill follow back. I dont be knowin 🙁


    Streetztalk PR firm LLC OPP OBGYN

  14. I had fb when only college students had it too… Now 5011 people are on it including my grandmother and uncles! Its getting out of hand. So much so my group of cousins (ages ranging 38 to 19) had to have a status pow wow on how to clean up our pages. Le sigh. I don't have a twitter but my little sister (19) does. She does update me on twitterspeak and a few things she finds funny. Twitter is like fb statuses on crack people get too comfortable putting their businesses on blast. Like you Streetz I like being off the grid, Jack Bauerin (watching season 5 now) it through life.

  15. Since I've been on twitter, I've really laxed on my Facebook time. I remember the good ol' days of FB, when only college kids were allowed. Now, every Tom, Dick, and Hakeem are seeking friend requests. And I hate the party promoters. Nowadays, the only reason I check FB is b/c many of my friends do not have twitter accounts, and I have to check my crops.

    1. "…..and I have to check my crops"

      This made me smile. I know a lot of farmvillers and they take that stuff to heart.

        1. Lmao. I don't request ppl, it's my free time/I'm bored out of my mind time so I don't wanna drag others in kicking and screaming. Surprisingly, I ignore all other requests too.

  16. I got 'em all and I use 'em all. I do very little on FB nowadays though. Upload a link. Change my main pic. Occasional status update. That's about it. Twitter is where the party is.lol.

  17. YESSSS! Would someone puhhhhleeeeeze tell me what the deal is with friggin pillows and ish and Cafe World is about on FB?! You really think I'ma buy you a virtual drink or throw a silk pillow at u??!! C'mon son, somebody dead that please! That's exactly part of the reason I can't mess with FB l, I have it strictly to keep up with folk and I also started my page when it was strictly for college students…SMH, it's definitely looking reaaaal myspace-ish. NO BUENO! Some1 needs to DEAD that AHORA, if not I can see me deleting that soon as well!

  18. I too have both a Facebook and Twitter account. Ioun even know why I still have FB, because I RARELY ever go on there. For the most part, it’s just to check in with my under grad sorors/frat to see what events they got going on. Twitter? I am on it all the time! #TWSS It gets me through the day; mainly because I am checking it for the most part of the day, SMH. I get updates on news, fashion, beauty tips, hell just about anything on Twitter! Most of the people I follow are hilarious, and have me weak from laughter! I love watching TV with my tweeps. It’s like having 100 of your friends in the room, and you get to ‘hear’ everyone’s commentary! I’ve actually met a lot of my tweeps in person, and they are just as cool ‘in real life’. I’m good for snapping pics of hideous outfits, or random dumb ish, like someone pumping gas for 67 cents #truestory. One con I have with twitpics, are the countless number of naked women I see. I’m not a prude by any means, but I really don’t want to know how much you wanna “get in dem guts” with a picture of a woman spread eagle showin me the inner workings of her pums…

    Not sure if I have any stalkers (yikes), but I’m a Four Squarer. You earn the title of ‘mayor’ for places/venues that you visit often; and there are perks to becoming a ‘mayor’. Some places are giving you free food/drinks/hotel stays, which I think is pretty neat. Badges are earned for checking in at interesting places/interesting times. For instance, if you check in somewhere after 3 am on a school night you earn a ‘School Night’ badge. LOL But, in addition to the ‘cool badges’ and becoming ‘mayor’, you/others can leave ‘tips’ about the places you/they have visited; such as: ‘this bar is cash only’ or “the crab cakes here suck, don’t waste your money”. I see it like this, I often tell ppl where I am anyway; checking in on Four Square is not that serious. But for those who are pressed about it, there is an option for ‘off the grid’ check in… #okbye

    1. That's why I like Twitter because for the first time, you can watch an Awards Show or TV Show and communicate with other people who like the same thing you are. Reading the comments during the shows are sometimes more entertaining than the shows themselves.

  19. My cousin told me that my aunt wanted to get on twitter and I told her to tell me what her name was and I blocked her. No questions asked.

    As for Facebook, I just got off of there because I was wasting too much time on there and acting like I knew somebody because I visit their profile often. (People do this on twitter too much.) You do not know a person until you know a person. Just because you follow them do not refer to them as your peoples or friends.

  20. the best part is the television viewing on steroids. I enjoy that very much because while its kinda rude to talk to folks while watching tv–typing makes it fun.

    I refuse to join formspring aka honesty box on steroids because anything I want to ask folks I ask outright and I expect the same. anonymous shit doesn't really rock my socks. and foursquare? Streetz I told you I anticipate many crimes against person and property due to this. its up to you to decide what you share with the masses…I too like to keep it to fun and conversation. I'm good on the rest. I like my life off twitter to be just that.

  21. We need to just take it back, all the way back to Blackplanet. Remeber HTML codes? One glitch and your whole page was jacked all the way up!

    and *new notes*?! it was the it was facebook, myspace, eharmony and twitter all in one! *sigh* those were the days…

    Let us not forget where we dun come from ya'll!

    1. "One glitch and your whole page was jacked all the way up!"

      BWHAHAHAHAHA… #classic. Just plain old classic. I used to hate trying to code up my shiznit.

  22. Hi, this is one well written post! Thanx for posting this. I was trying to find for a site that has this kind of info. I just like very much farmville! Glad I found this one! I'll be frequenting here again for sure! ^_^


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