Girl I can Retweet you all night LONG!

In 2010, social media rules Al Gore’s greatest creation: the internets. You’d be hard pressed to find someone without a twitter/facebook/formspring account.

As a techie, I love the innovations made by these websites, however I feel that they can be a gift and a curse. When it comes to relationships, work, or everyday life, your involvement with these websites and different methods of communication can adversely affect your life. There’s many reasons to utilize these sites, and reasons to tread lightly. Like to hear ’em? Here they go:

Up to Date news in the blink of an eye
I still remember when MJ passed, how the entire internet buckled under the pressure of everyone trying to find information. Twitter is where I first heard that Michael went into cardiac arrest, and everyone was following the situation accordingly. Any information that is available on the internets seem to find its way to Twitter first. Unfortunately, everyone wants to have a “scoop” nowadays and will report anything to get credit (See GURU’s apparent “death” a few weeks ago). You have to have reliable sources, and I’ll always comment that unless it’s a celebrity super close to a situation (i.e. Peyton Manning saying anything about Eli), or there’s a NEWS LINK accompanying said report, I won’t buy it! Also, anyone can hear tings about you or talk your business with no hesitation and retweet that all over twitter, which can destroy a relationship in a matter of seconds!

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Stalking at the tips of your fingers
Its super easy for anyone to find out where you on in twitter. Some applications generate geotag links that show on a map where you are. 4square basically details your travelling habits as you unlock new badges and become “mayor” of your virtual location. Hell, we even tell people what we are doing, where we are, where we will be, and where we think we’ll be next! In general it isn’t that serious, but i never understood the fascination with letting a group of people know your whereabouts at all times. Some people get super wild with it, and more power to you, but I like my time off the grid, so pardon me if I stick to jokes and conversation.

Twitter makes everyone a Secret Agent
Twitpic is the greatest invention/ worst thing to happen to social networking. You can let all of your followers see what you are eating [||], sites from your latest vacation, or even pic of…yourself. However, for the individuals who dress crazy, take a slip and fall, or fail to see the hidden camera when you reenact the FAMU Sex Tape make a total fool of themselves, you can rest assured that your unfortunate self will be twitpic’d or twitvid’d to an entire community of social networkers. The craziest part? You will NEVER know! Thanks to these innovations, anyone can become Sherlock Holmes, Jack Bauer, or James Bond in the blink of an eye. Remember, all official cell phones have control over shutter sounds and flash, so when you see someone holding their phone awkwardly to “text” I hope your Spider Sense warns you quick, and you aint doing anything grimy!

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The Television viewing Experience on steriods
You ever watch a program on TV alone and had so much commentary that you wish your fam/friends were around to roast? Well Twitter has granted this wish seven fold! Any award show, nationally televised sporting event, reality show, or even movies, are subject to commentary by the largest peanut gallery ever assembled in the history of man! Sites like Twitter and Facebook can make any great moment legendary and any terrible moment infamous, just ask #ChrisBrownsBowtie! Also, one incident can make you a household name or Trending Topic. Think about how many times you’ve said, typed, or used a variant of #Kanyeshrug, or sent a hashtag message in something OTHER THAN TWITTER, and you’ll note that social networking media is more prevalent ever in our lives.

Finally, what is your main reason for using Twitter and other social media. I’ve found that people will join twitter, and say that people tweet too much and they can’t follow along, so they unfollow. I mean….isn’t tweeting the reason to use twitter? Maybe I got it twisted but follower trends get weird at times.=, so I wanted to know from your perspective.

What other pros/cons exist with twitter/facebook and other social media?


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