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Sisters vs. B*tches


Throughout my life I’ve learned a harsh reality about the fairer sex. Whether it was through first hand experience or observation, I’ve come to a conclusion about women: In life, there are sisters, and there are Bitches! I detest b*tches with every fiber in my soul. I do not like them in a box. I do not like them with a fox.

Now, I’m not talking about the everyday woman trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents. I’m referring to the hating, trifling, lazy, & corny chicks who infiltrate the garden of Sisters like the thickest weeds in a cornfield. I rebuke you in the name of Soul Glo and Just For Me commercials across the country, and hope that the REAL sisters of the world smite you down! I was not raised to call a woman out of their name, however, I truly feel you are how you act, and act how you want to be treated. I doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, or everything in between, B*tches know neither race nor ethnicity. B*tches only rival Hulkamania as being the strongest force in the universe, and they must be stopped at all costs!! Now I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t break it down into tangible values. Allow me to present the different types of B*tches I abhor:

Angry B*tches
These are the women who walk around like every day is Desert Storm and they have a war to win. Always in a bad mood, irritable, provides an instant buzz kill at any party, and will more than likely growl at you like Funkmaster Flex before dropping the latest exclusive.

Sensitive B*tches
Now I know women on this site have emphatically stated that women are emotional creatures, and I can accept that. However, when your emotions reach a 7.5 or greater on the EMOmeter and you aren’t on your cycle then that is a bit much. Women who cry over any and everything, who try to use their tears to get them places, and who can’t take a joke, all fall under this category. I understand that those new shoes go extremely well with that dress and you didn’t expect it, but is that any reason to ball your eyes out?

Gold Diggin B*tches
You will be in debt messing with this lady! She has the finest of tastes, while her job/career is nonexistent. When talking about grabbing a quick bite to eat, she will reply “What the eff is a In-n-Out burger?!” and she’ll give you hella grief for even suggesting that you dumb down your dollars in her presence. She cares more about a mans bank account than content of character, and will lowkey swindle a poor simp dude into spending paychecks on her, while getting nothing more than a hug and maybe a pat on the back.

Crazy/Paranoid B*tches
They have Jasmin Sullivan on repeat. Talking out issues is never an option. You fear sleeping next to them at night, you fear for safety of your online accounts and all your passwords have been hacked! These women will cut a brother if they even suspect that a woman is looking at you in a sensual manner, even if its her 75yr old grandmother! This isn’t the sexy type of crazy. This is the “she should be committed” type of crazy that is the definition of “proceed” at your own caution! These women can be both vengeful and mean.

Uppity B*tches
These chicks have a completely false sense of entitlement. Bourgeoisie is a kind word for this type of female dog. They scoff at individuals for not having the most exclusive clothing or high end brand names, and would consider simping another form of chivalry. They also have a princess complex (which Ill speak on at a later date) which gives hem the idea that a man should be ready, willing, and able to tend to her every need because “my daddy treated me this way so why not?” What a load of crap!

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Dirty B*tches
They Nasty, and not in a good way. I refuse to believe that women fart, go to the bathroom, burp, or exhibit other natural nauseating nastiness (the Killer N’s). So anything of this nature and greater are unacceptable!

Hatin @$$ B*tches
They never have a good thing to say about anyone. They would rather point out a person’s faults than compliment them. They usually prevent brothers from baggin’ there cuter, smarter friends phone number. They’re usually troll-like in appearance, and crotchety in demeanor

Needy B*tches
You ever met a woman who was the antithesis of Independent and self-sufficient? Who think that their heart will cease to beat and lungs cease to produce air if someone doesn’t tend to their every ailment and concern? These women are needy. They never learn how to do anything on their own, or they do know and they’re looking for the right simp to exploit. They are EXTREMELY whiny, and will p*ss you off from 0 to 60 in 2.2 seconds.

Nosey B*tches
The woman that ALWAYS NEED TO KNOW SOMEONE’S BUSINESS OTHER THAN HER OWN! They’re worse than the women on 227! They will spread whatever information necessary and are the epitome of “high school”. They will always offer their “but you didn’t hear that from me” opinion in order to hold some type of power in relationships which are none of their business to begin with. Other women hate these women as much as I do.

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In closing, let me say that every b*tch is not a lady, but every lady has a little b*tch in her. This b*tchassness must cease or at least be contained in order for male sanity to remain in tact. I have much love for women of all races, shapes, and sizes. These b*tches can go to hell. Men, I know I forgot some of these b*tches. Please help. Ladies, which b*tch do you exhibit, and BE HONEST! Which b*tch do you hate?

I’m finna get banged on, and not in a good way,


  1. WOW! Umm ok. Well where do I start. This might surprise u but I kinda agree. I mean it was blunt but shit that is the way it is. U the terms sisters & bitches…I use the terms Boss Bitches & Employee Hoes! LOL And frankly any one that can't handle the truth is what u wld call a sensitive bitch! LOL…

  2. I was all good, until I read that last one. I'll be the first to admit I'm nosy, but I think the last one should be gossipy bitches or drama addicted bitches because that's what the description describes. I like to know what's going on, but it's a like to not need to situation and I don't go spreading the word. I also stay the hell away from other people's relationship drama, no good EVER comes from speaking on other people's relationship.

  3. The 2 bitches I hate the most are the Uppity Bitches & the Hatin ass Bitches! The Uppity Bitches be the main ones that aint got shit 2 they name but yet walk around like they too good. And everybody hates a Hating ass jealous Bitch. They asses always got something 2 say. Hoe sit down LMAO

  4. Streetztalk, I don't buy it. Other than that one word (nosey), none of that paragraph describes me. They may be related, but that doesn't mean the same. Besides, I think most people have some nosey in 'em. Don't tell me you've never looked out the window when the police are at a house down your street!

    1. In my hood, looking out the window when we hear sirens = checking to see if any of my family will need bailing out / checking to see if my car got effd up.


  5. Wow…you're about to get got for this one.

    I personally hate the b!tchy a$$ way men try to use derogatory terms like "b!tch" to get mad when a woman is just doing her. If I'm angry, sensitive, gold-digging, paranoid, or bustin' windows out your car, F- being a bitch, I'm just an angry, sensitive, gold-digging, paranoid, window-bustin' woman, period.

    I just can't get down with this term being thrown around because I think it normalizes its use way too much. Use of the term b!tch is just another way for men (and other women too, but especially men) to disempower women while attempting to reclaim their threatened masculinity.

    But to answer the question, the b!tch I most hate is the man b!tch who tries to flex his muscles to get what he wants and thinks he's entitled to the world because he's get a fudgesicle and a wrinkled, hairy sac between his legs.

    1. I agree and I disagree with you.

      I agree that throwing around the word too much does normalize it. I also agree that a majority of the time when the word is used, it is being used to disempower women. However, this post is not an example of that. I dont think that the issues that Streetz brought up is a matter of "threatened masculinity". I think that we use that term loosely (similar to the way we use "insecure")

      "If I’m angry, sensitive, gold-digging, paranoid, or bustin’ windows out your car, F- being a bitch, I’m just an angry, sensitive, gold-digging, paranoid, window-bustin’ woman, period." – I disagree. We often define what it is to be a man. We say things like "you're not a man if you do…" or "you're not a man if you dont…". We tend to attach some type of virtue to being a man. These definitions come from men and women alike. I think that this is applying that same idea to women. You're not a woman if you do x, y and z. Streetz has attached some type of virtue to being a woman.

      And to be honest, I know as many b!tches as I know b!tch arse dudes, so what's really the difference.

      1. Exactly Peyso. Liek what are we talkin bout really? Ainka if you read my post I clearly say I was raised to not call a woman out her name. A bytch is a bitch is a bitch, regardless of the "threatened masculinity" angle

  6. Good read man – as much as I would like to say it (Real Talk!), I think that you are gonna get in a little trouble with the fairer sex.

    In my attempt to toss you an assist, I would have to say that you have confirmed here my thoughts:

    I agree with Anike – Men can be b*tches too… what do you think?

    1. Right!! & am I the only one who feels like the term "b!tchassness" should only be used for a man?? Like Streetz said (which I wont dig too deep into now) "…every lady has a little b*tch in her." Therefore, the term b!tchassness in women is kind of redundant. The abnormality stands w/ the men who exhibit b!tch-like behavior.

      I rest my case.

  7. (The Needy) "They are EXTREMELY whiny, and will p*ss you off from 0 to 60 in 2.2 seconds." Damn… like a f–kin car though? Shiiiiiieettt!

    I love this post. I can't really say much though. Bitches get what they deserve. #sukishrug

  8. I don't know about anyone else, but I know I'm cotdamn TIRED of seeing the word "b*tch" used interchangeably with "woman".

    1. I think those who are suggesting that Streetz is angry are more than likely offended by one of the descriptions.

      If the shoe fits ladies, wear it or if you don't like the look of the shoe, then take it off.

      If you are offended by the word, ignore it. But if you're offended by what he said maybe you should consider what that says about you or your personality.

      1. Thank you Cally. I mean, it's not like he said ALL women are bitches. He describes SOME…well most. If they're offended or feel a kinda way, #TellEmWhyYouMad

      2. I think those who are suggesting that Streetz is angry are more than likely offended by one of the descriptions.


        THIS!! Thank u Cally! Why don't yall stop using the angry brother #SWINDLE and address the issue in point. Sisters vs Bitches.

        Maybe I shouldve added deflection to the Bitch list?

        1. Isn't the entire point of this post to point out the differences between the two? I'm not getting where it's offensive, but then again I've never been too sensitive about the word bitch… unless I'm feeling it's a little too accurate at the time.

        2. oh you can write Bitch but we can't? watch I get put in moderation. smh.

          son, where's the "sisters" commentary? you could've left that out of your title entirely, but I know you were going for the Hov angle…

        3. Reecie, you got a point there. Can't say you're pointing out differences if 95% of the post is only about one side.

        4. Streetz argues that sistaz are not b!tches. I think its safe to imply from the reading that they are polar opposites. If I'm saying that one side is this, its implied that the other side is at the very least not this. If the characteristics that streetz define as those belonging to a b!tch are listed, then an accurate definition for sistaz is the opposite.

          It is possible to define something by telling what it isnt.

        5. @ Peyso, can I just say that I love how you come thru and support your brethren. Especially since you are so articulate and concise; you should write some posts, lol.

        6. I don't know, it might have been nice to see a little more detail of the characteristics for one to be considered a sista, other than just take this and assume the opposite. I mean, am I a sista as long as I am never angry? Or is it only if I am never nosey about other people's business?

          I really had no issues at all with this post (other than the word nosey and it's description) and thought it was hilarious. Just pointing out that people all have different perspectives and it would've made the backlash a lot easier to at least describe both sides 50/50.

        7. @Sane85

          Would it have been an easier read had he clearly laid out all the details? Maybe. Would it have been as many comments? Nope. It would also be nice if books came w/ sparknotes then we wouldnt have to conclude anything at all and we can read it straight forward. I think that's the nature of good literature in a sense.

          I dont think he meant never angry. I think that's a huge illogical, non-sensical jump on someone's part if they thought Streetz meant that you're sista as long as you're never angry. I understood on the first read that he was speaking about women who allow these negative traits to consume and define them. People will always bring their own baggage to the table but if you spend so much time catering to the baggage, then the table has no room for food.

          @ Reecie – I dont have the time to write like i used to, smh @ myself. Thx though!

        8. @Peyso, I'll say again, I didn't have a single issue getting at what the post was saying and took no offense from it. I'm just saying that SOME people may actually need to have both sides pointed out to them in a breakdown of sista= A, B, and C and Bitch = D, E, and F. I don't even mean to say that Streetz should have done it that way, but it would have been at least one way to lessen the offense SOME might take. Although, if comments is what you're looking for, I wouldn't even have bothered making it a comparison piece.

        9. If I were to do the same with men, you'd be calling me an angry black woman, so stop it. Also, it's not that serious, if you weren't angry, you wouldn't even care so much about my comment enough to mention adding a category of b*tch that you think I would fit into.

        10. Not angry at all. I don't know you and you don't know me so there was no reason for me to be angry or upset. So you can call me a b*tch indirectly if you want, I don't care. At least I have the decency to be direct, but that's also because I wasn't trying to insult or offend you.

          I think you took my comment way too personal. It's not that deep. You can't post something on the "world wide web" and then expect everyone to agree or to interpret things the exact same way you do.

      3. I disagree because I'm not offended at all. In my opinion men who refer to women as b*tches are usually angry. It's not much deeper than that.

        1. I think you came to this post angry, got angrier, and you're venting now.

          I have no reason to be angry at women. Sweetie my life is real, but I adhere to the 99 problems theorem of stress free livin.

          Doesnt also change the fact that you used the Streetz is angry base to deflect from the main idea…

          U know something? its funny how yall still got man when I stated some key points

          1) This wasnt race specific

          2) I have much love for real/good women and

          3) a disdain for transgressors/bytches

          Yall want me to embrace them? Yall can talk about unchivalrous ninjas to no avail but because i use the term b*tch I cant? Stop it…

          Like Jackson told me… the perfect anaolgy for women being mad at this post: if i scream out "Tina" in a crowd, you know who turns around? TINA!


  9. women ARE biatches….and thats why i stay far far away from them as much as possible. i do not associate with any females who are not in my family…and i even gotta stay away from a couple of b*tches in my family too….

    i hate all the types and especially the loud ghetto b*tches…oh and the real definition of dirty b*tch which is a b*tch who will sleep with a married man and say "oh well".

    the only one on your list that i must disagree with is your definition of dirty b*tch. aint nothing wrong with a woman farting and burping and you know yo a$$ needs to stop it lol. be grown about that one. all the others, i can dig what you're saying…

      1. lol…i know i know……my opinions usually make people say that. but im used to it. they are just opinions from past experiences….

        if your experiences make any of you think differently, then i say thats a great thing. because i wish i could be friends with women. ive tried, but ive witnessed and been through too much.

        any suggestions??

        1. For starters, examine yourself.

          IMHO, any woman who cannot be friends with other women may have some issues with herself. Examine if there is something about you that is off putting or not open to receiving friendships with women. Are you a flirt? Are you untrustworthy? Strandoffiish? Do you go into friendships with women, expecting the worse? etc.

          Don't shut women out. We can be your biggest supporters/teachers. All my life, I've never had any female trouble, and when I see those who do, one can usually point out why.

          In addiiton to being a good friend, you've also have to use discernment. Not every friend is meant to be your best friend- every one does not have to know your every secret. Good luck!

        2. I can't help but point out that this once again is sounding more pessimistic and it's hard to say you're hopeful/positive if you are now saying that you make it a point to stay away from an entire population of people because of past experiences and your view of the world, which you say you aren't affected by.

        1. @ NIA if we all got along, male bloggers would have nothing to write about. since you know most of us are hating a$$ b!tches. lol

        2. lol

          I get along with you all. Nothing that could ever be talked about on this site could ever get me to not like any of you. I like a difference of opinions because I know that people go through different things in life. And I think that makes this world interesting. Can you imagine if all women thought the same way, or all men.

          I have female friends who are my family members. I meant women who are not my family. And I dont hang around men other than my fiance. I know im different, but I really have come to accept this. I am extremely happy in my life right now once I decided to get rid of certain things in my life that were bringing me down.

          I like to say to each his own. Whatever makes you happy go for it. If you like to hang around a lot of women, and you can tolerate the bs, then I respect you for it because you are alot stronger than I am. I am not that strong to keep trying something and failing. I try something new. And that something new was not tolerating bs from anybody…not just women. Everyone has a story behind why they are the way they are. And I just accept it as that.

          And there I go rambling again lol.

        3. @ Chocolate Drop, for me personally its not "handling the bs". I have wonderful women in my life who don't come with bs. I mean we all have our days and our issues, but I really don't surround myself with women that "keep sh!t going". I hate those type of people honestly, male or female. the most drama in my life comes from my own family to be honest.

          Its one thing to live your life in harmony and eliminate those that mean you harm, and its another entirely to broadcast from the rooftops that "I don't eff with women like that". When this occurs, I always wonder–who are you trying to impress with this broadcast? Why is it necessary to say? I really just don't understand it. But I don't think anyone has come at you wrong on this site, continue doing what you do to keep yourself in bliss. *shrugs*

  10. Women who take pride in their lack of association with other women are usually the ones with the issues.

    Just sayin'.

    1. lol….

      i dont really respond to indirect jab because they are weak like most people in this world. i do things directly.

      and yes i take pride in the fact that i NO LONGER associate with women because of PAST EXPERIENCES….(caps are for emphasis, not anger…since people like to make assumptions)…..

      it is what it is…..i dont associate with females unless its sexually (whole nother topic….)

        1. Hey. Hey…hey….y'all tryin' to get me fired…I just said she reminded me of someone. I ain't trying to call no names and ish. Just making observations. I'm an observant person.

        2. Wait, there is someone out there who reminds you all of me? So that means there is someone out there who thinks like I do. I must meet this person lol. This cannot be the case. Nobody can be as crazy as I am. Well, there are billions of people in the world, so I guess one person can be lol.

  11. I'm going to offer no comment. I am pretty sure the men will come out in full force on this one….ya'll got this one.

  12. Ah Streetz this gave me a good laugh this morning. I hate all these b*tches too but my least favourite is the simple b*tch – the one who thinks she's smart but is really just, simple.

  13. and i dont use the word b*tch interchangeably with "woman". a b*tch is a b*tch and a woman is a woman. and if you behave like a b*tch you are a b*tch. so i dont use that word unless someone behaves that way…..which has the been the case in my past…and i just know when to cut my losses and bounce.

    but anyways, ive said my peace on this subject and there is really no need for a back and forth on this one….

    just my opinions from my experiences…..

    1. I've seen you have nothing but reasonable exchanges with the other women on the site – we don't often agree but you articulate your points well and I can see where you are coming from even if I think differently. But I feel like you expect someone to jump out and say something out of pocket to you. I haven't seen it happen.

      1. ive been stalking this site for a few months now (i do that to see if i like the vibe) and ive seen certain things that makes me be a little cautious. so i try to tone it down alot…….sometimes i fail, but i try to be respectful and have fun. i apologize if i come off as something else….

  14. Don't forget the argumentative b!tch. She's the one that argues just to hear her own voice. The type that will purposely change the context of any compliment into an insult.

    "You look nice in that dress."

    "What, I don't look nice any other time?"

  15. whachu channelin' 2short now? Since when did YOU – Streetz – start jumpin' out with that kinda talk? From what I've seen this willy nilly use of the word b**ch is totally out of character for your writing, bruh. #lookinsaltylikejojo

    Antywho, I'll just pretend that I don't see it. That way you can go ahead and put my name next to most items. I've been them all because *this will be shocking* I'm actually NOT perfect. Yes I've been angry, paranoid, sensitive and jealous. Still am slightly uppity – I fully expect my man to treat me as well as my dad did. Every good father of a daughter I know is aware that he is building the foundation for what she'll accept from men. In return, I treat my man as well as my dad was treated. Simple, huh?

    1. But do those negative traits define you totally as a person? Everyone, men and women, has been jealous or simple or god diggish, but were we enough of those traits that it defined who we were as a person. I think it is at that point when we become b*tch made.

      1. Peyso thats why u my nikka!

        Anna did everyone skip the part where I said I don't usually use the language? I am a firm believer that you act the way you want to be treated. If you're a bytch then ima call you out. Thats me bein real.

        1. It's something about seeing it written 50-leven times that is sitting wrong with me. I know you're trying to explain the difference. But….me no likey.

        2. @Dr. J – Well whodathunkit? LOL, I thought the post was great. I said this somewhere downthread, but sometimes the posts on SBM seem to be aimed at women that don't frequent this site.

          Lemme find out I'm not the only one stealing ramikins from red lobster…..#dontjudgeme

  16. well, seeing as ive already gotten negative feedback from my opinions on this topic, i will have to bow out on this one for the rest of the day.

    and i know i seem angry alot or cocky or whatever other word that comes to mind when reading my comments…but i just speak from my own experiences like im sure the rest of you do. and im really a nice person people lol…..just um different than most females.

    i wish you all a great day…is it friday yet? *sigh*

      1. Well, it is official. I cant leave this site lol. I tried, went jogging and came back in an hour lol. Shame on me.

        Well people, I will tone down my comments from now on. Again, if I offended anybody, I really do apologize.

        1. I don't think you've necessarily offended anyone, and I wouldn't think you need to "tone down" your posts. I appreciate a different opinion, as I'm sure everyone here does. I promise not to get sensitive over your posts, if you promise not to get sensitive over the replies you'll likely receive (I'm sure none will be sent with malice).

    1. CD, are you wanting someone to come at you wrong? there has been nothing but friendly back and forth with your posts. You better not go anywhere…we are not done with you(lol…j/k), hopefully you are not offended by the replies cause it doesn't seem like anyone was offended by yours.

  17. Well, according to last week's post and subsequent comments, all the men and women on this site are a bunch of sensitive b*tches.

    I've said my peace about chivalry, so I won't go there. I want to, but I won't. I will say, a lot of fellas displayed some b*tch-like behavior that day… I think a few of you guys are beginning to display the characteristics you assign to women. It's not a good look, fellas. 😉

    1. I agree. As a dude, I had to bow out of the convo last week b/c all of the b!tching that was going on. Complaining and what not. If you gonna be chivalrous, be it. If not, say you arent and then shut up about it. Men make a decision and live w/ the consequences w/o complaining (in this case the consequences were women complaining)

      I think overall we live in a b!tch made society. Ppl who dont know the difference between snitching & doing the right thing. Ppl who sue for every little thing. I mean, you can barely beat your kids anymore.

    2. I'm wondering if maybe they just don't know/care who their audience is. So far, the women I've noticed who frequent the site are:



      West Indians

      Appalachian mountain babies (me)

      Northeners who were raised by southerners

      In general: women who know better. Not Shmeezies. Not hoes. Not gold diggers. Not triflin' chicks. Not hood rats.

      So why so many anthems addressing women who aren't even reading this site? Those chicks are tweeting pics of their tattoo-riddle chests right now. They're sending texts with intentionally bad grammar and measuring the size of a dude's rims before they agree to smash him and his homies.

  18. I can be a b!tch. #kanyeshrug #youmad

    I've been angry, I've been uppity, I've been "dirty"–this is a stupid one though I must add–GROW UP. I've been nosy and I'm sensitive. not to the extremes listed here, though. That last one I won't apologize for. I don't cry if shoes match my outfit…I would call that unstable. But if I cry because I feel like crying that makes me a b!tch? I really don't get that…

    I'm amused when men tear down women for certain things but will probably wife a chick with some of these characteristics. mmhmm. It all depends on how its packaged. this I know for fact.

    carry on…

    1. Yup. And it's usually the dude who tries the hardest to regulate what women are doing that has a stone cold shrew back at home.

    2. "I’m amused when men tear down women for certain things but will probably wife a chick with some of these characteristics. mmhmm. It all depends on how its packaged. this I know for fact."


    3. "I’m amused when men tear down women for certain things but will probably wife a chick with some of these characteristics. mmhmm. It all depends on how its packaged. this I know for fact."

      Good point, but I doubt of you know why though…

      Who ever said the the ideal person for anyone is totally void of any of these characteristics? Don't let Streetz extreme characterization lead you to believe that some sort of 'flawlessness' is the realm of b*tchness is needed to wife someone. Seriously, we all expect that under the right conditions, every woman can be a b*tch of every one of those types. But what makes a b*tch different from a normal woman is that a b*tch isn't provoked. It's her norm.

      1. Streetz' extreme characterization doesn't lead me to believe anything. or most of what the authors write for that matter. at all. LMAO.

        the extremes are what get us typing away and the keep comments count high. I'm no dummy. I still think all this "extremity" is well…extreme. doing the most, if you will. 🙂

        and I have a good idea why my point was good, but I don't like to assume, so tell me if you'd like…

        1. Twin I will admit there was traces of extremity in some of my definitions, but I wouldnt be me if I didnt!

          you are also right about me putting the sisters defintion up, but as Peyso so eloquently put it, its defined by exclusion. Also, you KNOW that if I did put it, people still would react with their pseudo psychology and shots at me.

  19. In Streetz defense, I think he was just trying to clarify between the Women who may have negative tendencies and the Tricks who constantly display the behavior above. Everyone has horrible habits, but it's another thing if your whole life is based on it.

    There's a difference between a Woman who wants a good job and a steady paycheck to be something her potential husband has and a Trick who's first concern is if they can afford her lifestyle and how far he can take her.

  20. Oh don't forget the "Challenge Your Manhood [email protected]" She is a popular variation of the angry bitch and part gold digger. Occasional lesbian and full time man hater. You can recognize her by the phrases she uses like "Man up!" or "Just be a man!" "Or stop [email protected]" "Or you're acting like two [email protected] at the Mac counter" (That one was used here a couple of days ago."

    This brawd is generally angry and bitter about how men have treated her poorly in life. In her mind men have not lived up to her expectations or fantasies of what a man should be so whenever she gets angry she challenges your manhood. She basically calls you a [email protected] without using the word. For this reason she frequently finds herself the victim of "[email protected] a$$" men who sock her in the eye for challenging their manhood.

    As Snoop Dog said to Tupac on "Wonder Why They Call You [email protected]":

    Don't be man. I'm only keepin it real.

    1. Well….Dayum! Shots fired much? You KNOW it was me who made that mac counter comment. And dangit, I'm standing by it.

      LOL, I'll give you a quick rundown of a convo this "Challenge Your Manhood B***ch" had with my s.o. this past weekend:

      Me: Baby, I just got off the phone with Angie and she is trippin! She's looking at houses and she is in love with the first one she saw. Doesn't even want to look at other houses. Isn't that crazy?!?

      Him: Umm, you were the exact same way when we started looking.

      Me: Well what did you tell me to get me to calm down??

      Him: I told you to calm down.

      Me: *scratching my Independent Woman head* It worked?

      Him: Yup.


      I wish my man WOULD come round whinin' and complainin' the way I've seen some men on this site do in the past week or so. My intention is never to emasculate a man, or cut off his family jewels. Shoot, I don't even disagree with the s.o. in public. But if you're swingin' your balls in your Louie clutch I'm gonna call you on it. My expecations (and several other ladies on here) are based in reality, not fantasy.

      1. Well there is no reality, only perceptions of reality. So we'll just have to disagree since our perceptions differ. 🙂

        But seriously. I am the only one seeing the irony…. in a blog started about different types of [email protected]….most of the comments involve some reference to men being [email protected] or feminine in their ways too. Doesn't this validate the definitions of [email protected] given in the begining. 🙂 Yall too funny.

        1. In order to understand you have to understand how women argue… they are going to turn the tables somehow, someway.

          me: you f*cked him!

          girl: well you don't never take me no where!

          me: [scratches head]

  21. So here we go. Being a person who has touched on this situation before, i'm going to add some old and some new definitions that I have been working on for years…

    Hungry b*tches – always scheming on Wendy's after the club

    Thirsty b*tches – always scheming on who got a table at the club

    Dumb b*tches – women who don't know fiscal mgmt, date noodle men and put up with dumbness, and don't know their role in life

    Well-kept b*tches – game recognize game, keep doing what you do.

    Negative b*tches – see hatin @ss b*tches

    Funky *ss b*tches – using that victoria secret spray like its perfume, walk by smelling like a group of 16 yr old hookers

    Always got something to say b*tches – favorite quote, "i know, right." ain't nobody ask you nothing, shut up and sit down.

    Dirty sock wearing b*tches – lol i couldn't help myself. you ever notice that when a chick takes off her uggs the socks don't match, or they be gray with the red tips. lmao.

    You ain't that cute b*tches – you think you a 10, but you more like a 2. you don't have no baby hair, so will you please stop seperating your thinning hair line at the age of 30. and for the last time, he wasn't checking you out, he was looking at your friend!

    1. *sees the Wendy's at the corner of NY Ave and Florida Ave in minds eye*

      I've seen more ish pop off at that Wendy's than a little bit. And every time I thought to myself, "Anna, is that jr. bacon cheeseburger/small fry/frosty at 2am really worth it?"

      Why yes. Yes it is.

      1. Wendy's Lounge! and Club McDonald's up by Howard. If you ain't been there after the club, you lost.

        Hell, if you lost, you should just go there because it's about to be the afterparty right there.

  22. We all hear about all the aint sh*t men that women have. The dude who had no job but had u dickmotized. The dude who was "seperated" but actually wasnt. The dude who told u that he loved u to get in those drawers. The dude who is too afraid to try to love you. The dude that is mysgonistic beyond belief. The dude that is insecure and allows his insecurities to affect you.

    We hear all of this and we collectively call them "aint sh!t ni99as".

    Streetz is trying to do a man's versions of that. (Maybe he could have used a different word instead of b!tch but the meaning doesnt change. Do we believe that these women dont exist or that we dont sometimes get tricked by them? Too caught up in the one thing we do like about them (chex, orals, cooking, money, good on paper, etc) that we dont see the rest.

    1. Can we put this comment at the beginning of the post?

      I am not a fan of the b word but I see where Streetz is coming from…well not the dirty women part, you better hope your woman is doing the "dirty" stuff or else she is not normal…a backed up woman is an angry woman.

  23. Don't forget:

    "I don't know what I want [email protected]" –

    Always want to go out but don't know where they want to go. Always want to eat out but don't know what they want to eat. Want a sensitive dude but not a "[email protected] a$$ dude." Want a real man but not a "thug." Got three degrees from four different universities. Move to a different city every four years. Don't want to be a gold digger but still want certain things paid for.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the "Don't know what I want [email protected]"

  24. The "Mariah Carey I Need A Hero" chic

    Chic always has problems. Everytime u talk to her the world is coming to an end. Every 6 months she's trying to find herself. Supposedly, no guy has taken her to McDonalds let alone a nice restaurant. She cries more than all women in Tyler Perry movies combined.

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you the "Mariah Carey I Need A Hero" chic.

  25. This list could have easily applied to men! No need for the whole B__tch thing. Just an attention grabber. You are turning into a C or D blogger! Give us a bit more depth as you have done previously. You are too good for this.

  26. that's a lotta b*tches, tell em why you mad sun….

    "never put hands on a woman, but i, as your mother, give you permission to smack a b*tch if the situation calls for it" – my mother

    …take my verses too serious ya hate me….

  27. Angry B: Depends on what your boo is mean-mugging about. I've had many a man call me a mean b*tch, (and I like to think of mygood-goodself as being made out of sunshine and rainbows, when I was only throwing the death glare (at intensity: a million hot knives) because his a$$ was f*cking up. Check the cause before the behavior and maybe you'll find the answer. #ConfuciusSay

    Sensitive: CO-SIGN 110%. Even most women can feel the menfolk on this one. Every girl got one of those friends who always feel the need to crank that Kleenex box over the most trivial sh*t. Girl, I know that was your last stick of gum, but we at the damn Chevron, how about we just rectify the situation? SMH.

    Gold-digging: Again, co-sign. No one wants a dependent except around tax-time and a grown person demanding this and that from the SO is not cute. Not to mention, why you wanna depend on a triflin negro man anyway? Is independence unimportant to you?

    Crazy/Paranoid: You can't have a long-lasting relationship with someone who always thinks your cheating and subsequently wants to either (a) kill you or (b) kill themselves. GTFOH witcho crazy a$$.

    Uppity: These are usually the girls who shop on those websites where they basically RENT designer stuff (think Netflix for shoes and purses) but they stunt like 50-11 other broads haven't already worn those Louboutins. I'm sorry, but you're not fresh if your gear… isn't fresh.

    Dirty: Ew. I don't even feel comfortable making untoward noises in the bathroom, much less in open company.

    Hatin-a$$: I am afraid to say I may be one of these. I don't hate, but I am extremely critical. I try to keep myself on point and when I don't see that same effort exhiited in others, I take it personally. I am unafraid of alerting a woman about her parched and/or famished weave situation, or the grandmotherly underwear that is currently caressing the back of her neck, or the 45-degree angle the heels of her shoes are currently resting at. (SIDEBAR: Nothing irks me more than a woman who CANNOT walk in heels deciding she WILL walk in heels. Lookin like a newborn deer and sh*t.)

    Needy: See gold-digger, subtract money and add affection. This can be cute for a minute but it gets tragic REAL fast.

    Nosy: Every woman has some Inspector Gadget in her, though I do not know why. Men damn near inscribe it on their face when they're doing shady sh*t. It don't take a degree in Criminology from Everest or Javelin Tech to know the grass is green and the sky is blue.

    And I'm spent.

  28. I know at the beginning of this week, the post began with the preface along the lines of this week's posts being about men having to represent themselves.. Well this entire week so far looks to me like nothing more than an opportunity to call wreck on women… And this post right here takes the cake. I have never been one to be “easily offended” but this is some BS and I will take SBM advice and get back at this next week.. maybe.

    1. I would hope as a SBM reader you'd have a thicker skin than that. Hopefully you come back, because I don't think its that serious. I've stated my other reasons in other comments but yeah…

      Maybe if we have a man bash week yall will herald us? Serious question

    2. I am 100% woman (no "Crying Game") and I wasn't offended by anything in this post or any other post this week.

      Women talk about male tomfoolery all the time, so it's our turn to go under the microscope for our f*ckery.

      Don't dish it if you can't take it and sh*t.

  29. First of all:

    "I do not like them in a box. I do not like them with a fox."

    LMFAO you think you're Sam I Am or something? That line is too funny.

    Second: Re: Crazy/Paranoid B*itches

    You do NOT have to be Crazy/Paranoid to be "vengeful or mean" neither is mutually exclusive with being crazy. I can be mean if i'm on my cycle, and I can be vengeful if you actually DID something to me that necessitates your a** getting got after the fact 🙂

    Everybody is getting too sensitive on this post. I actually thought it was bloody hilarious. I think all women can have a bit of b*itch in them and I am no exception just like all men can have a bit of a** in them (b*tcha** too which I agree should only be termed towards men lol). But I would sum these up in moments rather than a perpetual state of being. I sure am not a b*tch and I will get vengeful on ur a** if you call me one! haha.

    1. What to a Black Woman is the word "b*tch"?

      "B*tch" is quintessentially the easiest word for a Black man to get his @ss knocked out for saying.

      Being friends with Black guys i've seen them get into it with females, and there's always a turning point when he calls her a "b*tch." Every man, Black man, knows that soon after that, there is this b*tch named Pandora who jumps out the box.

        1. And that was Dr. J who said it not me. But I have to agree that to one degree or another black men know the gig is up if they use that word towards a woman. Not saying men of other races aren't aware of the repercussions or the wrongness in calling a woman a b*…but i'm going to go with my personal experience on the matter… At that, I digress.

        2. yeah i feel you an all, but real talk, you know that depending on who you are talking to, "stop acting like a bish" can be your last words or your best words.

  30. Im not getting this post I agree with Sherell All of these types of women could easily be men as well So whats your point?

    I thought you would go a lil deeper when it came to women Im mean it seems as though its all just a bunch of hate So for that or those women who were in your life and affected you in such a negative way I apologize

    And Im so glad to see that youve grown from the experience

    (side eye)

    I dont like this week I am not feeling love from any of you and I thought you all were my boys

    So yes I may cry

    key ya car

    have you take me to dinner jus cause its a free meal when I really dont like you

    ask you who are you texting for the 4th time today

    wait for my door to be opened by you cause Im the Shish

    ask yo why you dont say I love you as much as me

    down you to my girl cause you didnt ask me out

    I may even have a bm

    with the bathroom door open just to gross you out


    All is pointless because dudes do the same thing

    So now that I have had that release I no longer feel hated on by said post And I aint scared of Fridays Im sure I will tear that one down too

    1. Speak sis speak… The volume on this blog has been turned way down this week; it's dang near on mute. Nonsensical to me to dedicate a WHOLE ENTIRE week to the He-man Woman Haters Club (for those that don't know, that's the under age 10 club from the Little Rascals). So what do we do to nonsense? We laugh. So seriously my peeps… please laugh at all of this. Really. Just Laugh.

      1. "Nonsensical to me to dedicate a WHOLE ENTIRE week to the He-man Woman Haters Club"

        I've noticed that a lot (but not all) the people who come here and comment like to either laugh or be angry. When we put up serious posts or real deep (pause) posts, we get the crickets. We put up something like this and voila, suddenly everybody has something to say. Readers do dictate the content to a certain degree. Not saying this is wrong or right, but it's something to think about.

        Also, if we were to search for posts written by women about men and their flaws and how we don't do this and that, there would be enough content to last for years. We gotta get our vent on too you know.lol.

        1. Co-sign for Slim.

          Hell, I started this site because relationship advice and blogs across the net were filled with the He-Woman Man Haters. I refuse to let this whole site degenerate into the same constant hatred … but damned if we can't get a week to vent in our 2.5 years of existence.

        2. In the words of Dwayne Michael Carter;

          "Sh*********t, this what I does, n*cca."

          I don't even use the n word, but I use the b word. But I thought that quote sums it up perfectly for me. Women y'all lead the league in complaining, let the men vent for a week.

          I ain't even get my go yet. Hahaaaaa… "When it's time to get sinister, i'm the Prime Minister." – Jeezy

        3. This is true, we talked about it awhile back on OneChele's blog. Give a post that makes sense: head nod, quick co-sign and moving on. Post some ole extreme controversial stuff?: 100+ comments guaranteed. If I was your marketing consultant every day would be an insulting day, I'd use your net hits to get you on TV, put you in a loud suit with a bad haircut and have you write a book. I'd also ramp up your career and have you star in a mediocre black tv show with Cedric the Entertainer.

          Wait a minute…..this may have already been done…..lol.

        4. Aww… "sensitive thugs you all need hugs." 😀 Aight fellas. I get it. This is your house. This is your party, and you'll complain/vent if you want to. All I'm sayin is that I think it's a bit overboard. Punto.

          And just so you sleep easier tonight, I'm one of those who leave comments whenever I feel prompted to do so… like bravo on the Brett Favre/Kurt Warner comparison and a PSA on ooh baby I like it raw. This week, it just so happens that I'm finding the blog a tad ridiculous. So, I shake my head and smile at you guys, hoping that maybe you getting it out here makes it that much easier for your respective women.

  31. i can kind of see where streetz was coming from with this. read: jay-z ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wE_DU7gAv8 ). but he had to know that it wouldn't be perceived well. b*tch is a term that most women just don't respond well to. now as far as using the word to tear down women i don't think that was his intention. he did write "I was not raised to call a woman out of their name, however, I truly feel you are how you act, and act how you want to be treated." on the flip side i could also see how someone might think he was really affected by this post.

    personally i don't think anyone should have a problem with the post unless you are in fact a b*tch. you know the hit-dog syndrome.

  32. LOL. It's like most of the normal women that may in the right conditions show some similar characteristics act like someone is saying they can't show that emotion/mentality/whatever. B*tches are extreme only b/c of who they are on their own. Normal women complain, but that doesn't mean they're b*tches or b*tchin'. I don't think most women know the difference between a b*tch and a person who happens to be 'having a moment' otherwise there wouldn't be this false attempt to undo some non-existent oppression Olympics. There are times where oppression and unfair characterization of women are done. This is not doing that. Women… What is a b*tch to you?

    1. You explaining the point of this post Is B*tch to me

      (Im just saying)

      We have all had our said moments in B*tchdom Both men and women

      To my ladies How good does it feel to say when appropriate of course

      "Ohh I got yo B*tch"

      lol Don't start nun Won't be nun

      But if you dealing with a female who is all of these all the time or one of these all the time

      You not dealing with a b*tch

      You dealing with Crazy

      1. You explaining the point of this post Is B*tch to me

        lol. B/c you disagreeing with my comment on the post MUST mean its b*tch. #youfunny #laughingatyou

        There are many b*tches I run across both men and women. Most of the thoughts occur in my head. I'll only tell a guy he's a b*tch. I won't tell women that just out of 'special' respect for them. (Thanks, mom).

        We have all had our said moments in B*tchdom Both men and women

        You see what you just did? You just fused the singular characteristics of each of the b*tch categories and basically said each person can be a b*tch in the defined ways stated in the post. I'm saying that because a person shows those characteristics it doesn't make them a b*tch BUT b*tches does exist. ummm… yeah… Maybe you're fusing is some attempt to make you feel like you're equalizing any gender specific negativity. I don't know… #dontcare

        I agree. And? Who ever said it was one sided? If there was a post tomorrow entitled, "Guys can be b*tches too." then would you be satisfied? Most things is this world aren't one-sided so fall back.

        Now after all that, how about you answer my question I originally posed:

        "What is a b*tch to you?"

        Or maybe you'll be a b*tch and give some wack reactionary answer. (tease you? why not?)

        1. I'm the one who said it was one-sided, but I also made it very clear that it didn't bother me personally, so no need to take it as a dig at you or your post. It was merely a suggestion. *shrug*

        2. Yes I would be satisfied But the post would be so long there would be no room left for comments

          And you dont tell me to fall back

          You fall the hell back n*cca

          Im kiding

          I had to say that so you wouldnt get all B*tchy on me


          Love you guys truley

  33. Sorry yall, work and a suss internet connection kept me from addressing a lot of the things being said so allow me if you will

    1) I don't need saving. I had an opinion and expressed it, it's not my fault that some women are going to act sensitive and/or misconstrew my points in order to divert attention to the main idea

    2) Someone made a comment about the readers of this site and inevitably stating that this post doesn't apply to them. I would say that your opinion is inaccurate. You base your opinion on the commentors and forget that more than 2/3rds of our readers are lurkers. You also may not realize that we have readers all over the globe (literally). So to say that certain opinion pieces shouldn't be written based off of a commentor based demographic is innacurate and misplaced

    3) Women will be the first to call each other bitches, so please spare me the U.N.I.T.Y. bullshyt. This can be the same debate as the N-word (which I won't go into). I can think of the Chris Rock stand up where he said "I love black ppl, but I hate Nikkas" I feel the SAME WAY about women and b*tches.

    4) powerful words convey powerful messages. This was a post to vent. It is no different than the preferences post that I did once upon a time (too lazy to put the url). @Reecie you're right men will probably wife chicks with these characteristics because no one is perfect. Doesn't mean that they have to like certain things. Once again, preferences!!

    5) @Sherell who said I can do better, and whatever other BS you typed that I wont waste the megabytes to scroll up and re-read, I would say that you don't overstand this post. I'm not tearing women down. Im tearing down types of women. A focused group of individuals. This had humor laced in all of it but you and many of the women on the sited proved my original theory to the other SBM writers: Those that heavily exhibit the characteristics I spoke of will be as vocal or deeply hurt.

    In other words… #youmad?



    Now let me see what else yall wrote…

      1. Gurrrrrlllll, don't make him send you that pic of him with the bedroom eyes. Besides, I think Cheekz already has dibs.

        1. I'm so intrigued by this picture now. Cheekz know I still love him, if only because I would love to see him interact with my sisters. The very thought of that amuses me to no end.

        2. Alright, the request is officially in.

          Streetz, post that eyeball link, please. You should know the one I'm talkin' bout.

        3. Awww come on, Streetz. We women can't even go into work or the corner store without being objectified, so I'm sure you can handle it.

    1. Although I know about 6% of the overall population got that QED comment … but not only do I get it … but I appreciate it!

      QED indeed.

    2. I am not not mad– too old and too wise for than nonsense.

      I rarly if every used the term myself. Probably generational and class.

      I am more disappointed. I came across your blog and although I knew it was geared to a much younger crowd I found it insightful, clever, and thoughtful.

      But I guess you have to write to the majority, kinda of like what BET did in its beginning, but I digress.

      Later little brother!!!

      1. No doubt. I hope you'd have seen that this week was a man vent week, but I guess I see your point. All types of media and entertainment outlets have programming and material that someone will disagree with. its all in consistency and overall content which me and the 4 other writers have displayed, otherwise no one would read right?

        The BET shot was funny too, but yet another deflection from the point of the blog…wat was it again?

        1. People forget that BET would have a week with Tavis Smiley doing some State of Black America. But, they also had Spring Bling. They had the show where they only showed Soul/Underground Rap videos, but they also had uncut. We like to keep a balanced attack over here.

  34. To all the "sisters" and self identified "bitches" on the post: It is the easiest thing in the world to say every broad for herself — saying it and acting that is one thing that's kept some of us behind the eight ball where we've been living for a hundred years. -Billie Holiday

    I understand you were attempting to make a point, just not feeling a break down of "bitch" is ever appropriate. If you have to qualify something you know will be offensive, then you know it's wrong when you write/say it.

    People who use offensive language to describe others are angry. While you may not be an angry person the characteristics you abhor are of course those you dislike, and in some cases, may cause you anger.

    There are REASONS some women behave this way. Either exposure or experience; trauma or depression. And, it sometimes starts at a very young age. A pre-teen in a mentoring program told a group that she believes she's "evil". She identifies herself in this way because her mother describes herself in this manner and so does her grandmother. She told the group that she born evil because her mother and grandmother are and therefore believed she was supposed to act in that manner. True and sad story.

    Perhaps you, who see this behavior, or experience people with this behavior, see some part of yourself that you don't like in them. People often reflect the unacknowledged characteristics about ourselves that we either like or dislike.

    Instead of slighting these women by creating derogatory names for them consider that there may be some underlying pain and disappointment in their experience. If they aren't women you care to help directly, help them indirectly by keeping it moving.

    I don't subscribe to the "hit the dog syndrome". If you're throwing stones at a group, most anyone is likely to get hit and yelp.

    1. I can't say I agree with this. Firstly, a word is a word. It only has power if you let it. Secondly, regardless of one's reasons for being that way, it doesn't mean they can't be called out for it. I'm willing to bet that the whole "let's get them help" thing wouldn't be so easy to swallow if it were a REPEATED pedophile who just so happened to have been abused and molested as a child.

      1. No prob – agreement not requested. Words have meaning, which gives them power. I don’t know anyone who has not been upset or angered by a word at some time in their life. Also, no one said they could not be called out for it. I suggested that if these aren’t women you care about directly, keep it moving instead of creating derogatory names. You can easily say nosey girl or nosey woman. I opined that it isn’t necessary t make the point by creating definitions for a variety of “bitches”. A person who cares about a person who is a repeated pedophile might seek to “get help” for that person. People so quick to write each other off. What a selfish society. No wonder most people walk around angry and depressed.

        1. Oh, well I wouldn't go around calling people close to me that I care about words that I know will hurt them. However, this post wasn't doing anything of the sort. Also, regardless of the meaning, words will not have power over you unless you let them. That is my belief, and I base this on my own experiences. Yes, I have been hurt and angered by words, by that was because I let them.

          I will always be the first to throw in a comment that one's behavior is NEVER excused by their experiences. Yes, most of the time the behavior is more understandable, but in the end a grown person is responsible for their own actions. I also believe that you act like you want to be treated, so if you don't want to be viewed, treated, or called a bitch, then don't act like one. And, for the record I am not selfish, angry, or depressed so it's possible to have these views without it being implied that I am.

        2. I'm not sure if even this point is on target. This blog only speak to how he feels about a group of people. It doesnt speak to if these people are in his family, if he's helping ppl lose their "b!tchassness", if he wants to, etc. I'm not sure if there's room to conclude that he isnt. Furthermore, what's to say that he's equipped to help anyone? And isnt acceptance the first step to recovery. Couldnt this help someone realize what they've become?

    2. I don’t subscribe to the “hit the dog syndrome”. If you’re throwing stones at a group, most anyone is likely to get hit and yelp.


      And if you throw stones in a glass house, what happens?

    3. Again I agree but I disagree. I agree with pretty much all you said except "Instead of slighting these women by creating derogatory names for them consider that there may be some underlying pain and disappointment in their experience." So if I've had a trash life and grow up to become a murderer, am I not still a murderer? Do I not go to jail? Have I not caused someone pain?

      There are tons of things that have happened to each of us that cause to act and respond to stimuli the way we do. However, those situations do not excuse our response. Let's not confuse excuses w/ reasons. Am I supposed to excuse your behavior b/c of something I had nothing to do with? Your argument takes away all responsibility and it only addresses a subset of the people of the Streetz is addressing. I would really like to see you back when the "Aint Sh!t Ni99a" parade is back in town

      1. Peyso: Sure if you murder someone you're a murderer. Now applying your logic with mine, if you murdered someone in self defense do you get the same judgement?

        Also, I didn't say excuse it, I said if the behavior exhibited isn't form a person you really care about keep it moving.

  35. Here's another kind of b*tch I don't like – miss the point b*tches. These are the ones who get all caught up in semantics and miss the entire point of someone's blog post.

  36. I started following your tweets at the suggestion of a good friend so this is my first time reading your blog.

    *sigh* I'm disappointed. As far as I'm concerned it's never okay to refer to women as b's. I don't use it nor do I tolerate it's usage. But beyond that, isn't this getting old? The constant attack on women and their "negative" personality traits is just tired. If these kind of people bother you, then stay away from them.

    However, like attracts like. So if you or anyone else is continually attracting these kinds of people in your space then there are lessons you are supposed to be learning. Learn them and be done.

    Most importantly, what's the point? Seriously? Can we simply focus on building and uplifting one another instead of continually tearing each other down. And even though you've said repeatedly that you're not angry…well…you weren't loving either.

    I'm sure you have so much more to offer.

    1. Thanks for reading!

      I respect your opinion but I believe you are off-base. You make the generalization to say that "isn't this getting old" as if we constantly 100% bash women here, yet this is your first time reading. This week is a "SBM #youmad" week, where we are venting about different things involving women.

      If you peruse our archives you will see a plethora of consistent, well rounded posts. If you still harbour this opinion after doing so, then so be it.

      Thanks again and stick around!

  37. @Remi

    You know what? You right.

    No feelingson my end. none on yours. opinions stated. Im clear.

    Thanks for the commentary, and while I still say you're using a generalization on my demeanour instead of really commenting on the post, it id what it is.

    Much respect to all those who commented, disagreed, and even claimed me to be things Im not. Im not mad because I know im none of those things. No need to be emotional on my end.

    1. "while I still say you’re using a generalization on my demeanour instead of really commenting on the post, it id what it is."

      I want to apologize for the way my comment came across. I was more commenting on the tone of the post, but I realize that my comment came across as a personal attack, which was not my intent. I should have articulated it better, so I'm sorry about that.

      1. No worries Remi, it's only the internet! 😉 and we welcome differences of opinion on SBM, wouldn't have it any other way

  38. I missed all the action. I'll end the day on this note. A gang of 'offended' ladies have said that Streetz was aimlessly tearing down bitches.


    Don't you let them play the victim card. Bitches have been tearing down the community since the dawn of time. Eve (who never existed) was a bitch. Yoko Ono is a bitch. Linda Tripp was a bitch. We (both men and good women alike) need to protect ourselves from these walking wrecks.

    "I don't mean bitches in an offensive way. I just mean it as a general term for all women.

    No disrespect"

    -Riley Freeman.

  39. This degree is a waste of time if you don't already work in this field. If you are interested in IT learn it on your own, but understand that things change so fast that a degree in it will be worthless in a few years. esp. from one of those coorespondance schools. I reccomend something more substantial like Electrical Engineering. I would if I could.


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