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4 Things I don’t understand about women


One thing that I will always 100% know about women, is that I’ll never 100% understand women. I’ve tried through experience, through listening, through observation. Women are like LOST: Every time I seem to get close to all the answers about 100 more pop up in its place. A blessing of being a blogger for SBM.Org is that we have an intelligent and opinionated female reader population. So I implore you to assist me in this fact finding mission. Let’s start with four things that Streetz doesn’t understand about women:

Women’s  Logic
I emphatically believe  that women’s  logic is of another reality. The basis by which you form conclusions continue to baffle me. It perplexes me because through enough experience, I tend to rationalize these irrational ideals! Logic such as “if  he doesn’t say I love you than he doesn’t love me”, the foreign language you speak and expect  us to interpret  & translate, and even the thought that a dude who just met you should buy a plane ticket for you to visit him, will never cease to amaze me!

Touching a woman’s hair
Time  and time again, I’ve expressed my fetish for a woman’s hair. I love running my fingers through it, massaging a woman’s scalp, and know more than I should about texture, luster, and haircare in general #NoLaVidaLoca. My fetish has also endangered my life, as a number of women have threatened to hit me with Sweet Chin Music if I even DARE touch their weave hair. Now I understand you get it done, etc, but even when yall shyt is normal you act hella crazy! Then men gotta hear it from you if we beat those and you goto sleep without your scarf on! Really? EYE aint tell you to keep it off to impress me! ¿Que Pasó?

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Any form of the word B*tch = instant DEATH

After analyzing my post last week, I see that a lot of women had more of an issue with the use of b*tch then the actual message. As I stated before, I wasn’t raised to call a woman out their name, and growing up with my mom and sisters, I attained a higher level of respect for women. Don’t get me wrong, I will call siblings every word in the book, but I’ve seen too many circumstances where men utter this word and the gates of hell open in front of their eyes. I’m not sure what switch this sets off but unless you are another woman, a gay man, or “cute enough to slip it in quick without her knowing #TWSS” I wouldn’t try to call women this name, or you’ll be spitting up teeth to the beat of U.N.I.T.Y

Period Timing

I believe that the period is similar to the Mark of Cain for all women. This curse causes you to bleed for a week, bloated, experience different types of pain, and ALL THE TIME sometimes react in an irritable manner. What I don’t understand is why Auntie Flo decides to appear at the most inopportune times? I know women say they can time it, but I’ve heard a few ‘1st time’ stories that had me curse your menstrual link to the high heavens! It also seems to appear when men who work on a prospective side piece, finally get clearance to hit! Unless you’re a speedster prone to running red lights, this will serve as a hindrance and roadblock to poontacular pastures! No clue about the timing, but all men collectively yell “chuuuuch” when any lady they dealt with receives one!

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There’s a trailor load of other exampless, but these 4 came to mind. Men, what don’t you understand about women. Women, please clarify any and all opinions. What about things you don’t understand about men? I’m trying to learn so please oblige

Each one, teach one… n sh*t


  1. if we're together your hair is going to get touched. lol. if you don't like it then you'll just have to get used to it. lol

    i also don't understand women's logic. it seems so irrational to me at times. i'm a very rational person and i take my time and weigh options of all my actions and words. a woman's psyche at times just baffles me.

    1. Touch my hair babes….run your fingers through it…pull it 🙂

      Lol..Usually I don't care if a man touches my hair, but I'm like a light switch. On my off seconds, you'll probably see me bend over backwards a couple times if you try to stroke my tresses. In the bedroom you get a free pass, otherwise, unless we're emotionally entwined…don't try it…

      1. If my hair looks casual, touch it. If it looks more complicated than you could fathom, hands off.

        Plus, if I JUST got back from the all-day excursion that getting hair done at a black salon always becomes, I may not be in the mood to sweat it out. That's yo money going down the drain, fyi.

    2. A little late in my reply… but.. I love having my hair touched, head massaged, etc.. This is one of the most relaxing and pleasing feelings ever..I feel like purring.. but understand if a woman has a weave.. I suppose it depends on the woman you're with.. We're all different.

  2. Women's logic will never be understood by men. It's scientifically proven that part of women's brains are connected to other part while men can apparently shut down a part while he watches the game. *shrug* We're just built differently.

    Touching the hair… Lol… I'm natural, Streetz. You can touch my hair. No tracks, glue, weave, wraps… & your fingers won't get stuck. LOL

    The B-word… I don't use it & don't want it used toward me. I've put my pregnant cousin in a headlock b/c she keeps "forgetting" took her years but she finally got it. Woman, man, dog, or cat… You bet' not use that word toward me or the sun will go black. 🙂

    Period. All I have to say is I hate when a brother keeps track of my cycle. Is nothing sacred in this world anymore?! Can I bleed without the heads up from him? Seeing it marked on his calender? Just leave this to women, we got this.

    Smooches… Peace

  3. I can't speak for all women, but my logic is just that, logic. It's no different than men's. The difference is I sometimes put waaaay too much thought into things and/or act or speak in direct opposition of that logic based solely on my feelings. I'm not always proud of it, but it's what it is. As for your example, I can see it if guy NEVER said I love you before, but he doesn't have to say it every 20 seconds for me to believe it.

    I don't have much to say on the 2nd and 3rd. My hair is natural and I've never had issues with a man touching (or pulling) it. I'm not sensitive to the word bitch, unless I'm actually being one. At which point, my reaction would make little difference because I'm already being a bitch. My period has never caused me any trouble like mood swings or bloating, but it damn sure doesn't come on a regular schedule. Although, I've gotten relatively good at predicting it.

    I'll never understand why some men will be deceitful to get a woman to sleep with them when there are plenty that'll respond to being honest and just saying you're looking for a f*ck. Those same men will continue to deceive you long after he is aware that feelings are involved. What's the point, especially if there's other broads you got hanging on. Uuuuugh, tangent.

      1. Aww, thanks! I'm not one of those people who updates my pictures on networking sites every week and I don't think I take good pictures. So when I get around to eventually changing one thing I may as change them all. I love this place, it's pretty much the only place where you see females compliment eachother more than tear eachother down.

        1. I'd like to think it's an age thing, but I know plenty of 35+ women who can't keep a negative word out of their mouths about other women. And I can't stand 'em!

          P.S. – You know my (other) Haitian boo Cheekzy is gonna flip when he sees the pic, lol.

        2. I think Cheekzy is probably to worried about whether or not he's around any women with mood swings (and being all around useless) today to even worry about my pic. LOL

  4. I LOVE for my hair to be touched/played in, especially by a man. I have a hair full of long, soft, springy curls and I like to pull it into a bun or ponytail and just have someone rub the waves from my forehead, back to my bun or ponytail, over and over again. It gives me that feeling you get when you clean your ears out w/ a q-tip… aaahhhhh, so friggin' relaxing!

    I just don't like the "B-word". It's so offensive to me because I'm so far from being a "B****" that to me, to be called one would really be equated to being called a "N-word" by someone of another race. I think it's just has a lot to do w/ the era & times I grew up in {before rap music started using it as just another word for female}. *shrug*

    I just hate that word.

    That dang menstrual… that mess! Last month I was crying one minute, horny the next. Laughing while crying minutes later. My cycle gon' be the end of me someday. LOL! And a fella trying to keep up with it would get a scare very often because I'm not regular w/ mine. I don't even keep up w/ it, or barely.

    1. Yea…I dont understand the menses either…I know that it'll come…don't know when…just know that I'm prepared..:/

  5. My logic: It can't be explained because it just logic…(Sanen85: I concur)..Most of the time I thrive off my intuition…even if its partially wrong, its also partially right because that feeling derived from somewhere..

    Would you call your mother a 6!tch?? Yea, I thought so…then don't call me one either…When you visit my good ole' friend thesaurus.com, and look at the synonyms for the bad ole' B-Word…I'd rather be told that I'm "annoying, fussing, whining, etc" than be called a B..

    Period Timing..I've had my Ms.P every month/every other month/whenever she decides to come and its annoying to me as hell….TRUST! Honestly, I just don't trust/understand her, so I'll leave this one to the birds.

  6. As far as the logic, at least for the example you gave… I blame men for that kind of thinking. Men like to set themselves up with an out i.e. never give a label or keep things very vague so later on, despite the fact that you've been engaging in boodom type activities they can say "We never said we were a couple"… Based on that many women have learned that sometimes if it isn't implicitly stated… it ain't true. I can't speak for all women but I know I have made a lot of assumptions about my relationships with men and well, you know what they say about assumptions… So… until you say it, it's all just smoke and mirrors. I usually rely on my gut to tell me if a man is being straight with me but… men lie! #thatsall

    I can't call it on the hair thing… I've never had a weave so I don't have an issues with men touching my hair… but I have noticed that they tend not to do it unless we're… well… doin it.

    The b-word… ionknow IMO it's about tone and context. It's a word that I don't want thrown at me in anger. I feel like during an argument while I may be mad, I don't throw daggers at the person I'm with and he shouldn't either. Like I might throw a "nucca please" at my mr. when we're just chatting but during an argument I'm not gonna be like "nucca eff you!"… or worse "you ain't nothing but a nucca!" Does that make sense?

    A woman's "monthly visitor" isn't always monthly… Everyone's physiology is different and honestly sometimes you just can't call it. Trust, ever woman has seen red at the most inopportune time, or known it was coming soon and PRAYED for a delayed arrival (com'on just one more day… pls not til tomm morning!!) The mood swings are no fun. I'm usually ok once I realize that my hormones are getting the best of me, but until that moment… stay out of my way!

    1. "Men like to set themselves up with an out i.e. never give a label or keep things very vague so later on, despite the fact that you’ve been engaging in boodom type activities they can say “We never said we were a couple”"

      Ms Cherry I think women do this but in a much more discreet manner. Women are the type to have a whole nother life, blame it on emotional neglect, and not tell you about it until 5 years later when you're married and have that big argument…

  7. I don’t know about the logic part because my logic is just like any man’s logic. Yeah if you don’t say you love me ever, then I am fair to assume that you do not love me. It would be illogical to assume someone had certain feelings for you, if the person never expressed them verbally. Now you don’t need to say it everyday, but the verbal expression needs to be there at least sometimes. Even more than verbal expression, actions can show love. However, many smart women know from experience with men not to assume things because a man could be really nice to you because he is a nice guy, not because he loves you.

    I have locks and they are real, but no you cannot touch my hair. I put a lot of work into my locks and don’t want anyone messing them up. Funny that you brought this up because I plan to have a talk with my SO about this b/c I know he absolutely loves locks, but I just re-twisted my hair (which takes forever b/c I have a lot of hair) and he messed it up this weekend. It doesn’t look terrible, but it doesn’t look like I just did them a few days ago. My hair is soft so the roots unravel really easily, so I don’t appreciate him or anyone touching, grabbing, or caressing my hair. I style my locks a lot too, and he has messed up my styles on numerous occasions and it is annoying.

    As for the B word because there is no male equivalent and it’s used as another way for men to cut down women, when men already have so much power in society. It’s the same with the N word, when white people or other non-black people say it, a lot of black people will be upset about the usage, even if the person was not calling someone the n-word. The same thing applies to the B word. So even though I’m sure every one understood the message in your post from last week that main message was overshadowed by use of the B-word.

    1. "However, many smart women know from experience with men not to assume things because a man could be really nice to you because he is a nice guy, not because he loves you."

      PREACH!!!!! my train of thought is "until something is said, i assume nothing.." you're not gonna have me looking like "bobo the fool" because i thought you lending me the ps3 meant you wanted to wife me.. lol.. NUFF SAID!!!

      i got someone running me down now because i was "supposed to know" he wanted to be with me.. NAH!! your momma gave you a mouth, SPEAK!!!

      1. "i got someone running me down now because i was “supposed to know” he wanted to be with me.. NAH!! your momma gave you a mouth, SPEAK!!!"

        Women are 10000% good for this, on average though! I cosign this statement all around

        1. See the problem with women demanding that men say this, that and the other is the fact that most women don't ever man up (figuratively) and say what the f*ck is up either.

          Boy: Babe, what's wrong? You slashed my tires been ignoring me and sh*t.

          Girl: Nothin'.

          I'm not special, I've done this before and it's women logic that makes it acceptable to the female populace while menfolk are sitting there confused. But it's the same concept: men expecting women to assume sh*t that may or may not be true.

          Until you say you love me, you don't. It's the best way to avoid looking crazy as f*ck, professing your eternal devotion to a ni66a who's really just tryna smash.

  8. Never try to understand our menstrual cycle…i dont even understand it myself…

    I didnt really like guys touching my hair till i met my current boyfriend. he has a hair fetish just like u Streetz and initially, it was all fight. After soending so much on the weave, why will i let someone come touch and mess it up….heck no

    Now im relaxed and i really dont care cuz if he messes the hair up, he's gonna pay for a new one…. lol

    Regarding the B word, it depends on how its used. I dont mind when used playfuly in a conversation but if used in a degrading manner, Hell will be let loose….

  9. first…lol @ "Each one, teach one… n sh*t"

    I don't wear weave, but I only don't like my hair being touched when I need to be presentable in public. Other than that, he can touch it, especially in bed.

    The period thing….?????

    The bitch thing…I don't care about. I feel that words are just words for the most part (I only get upset when black men bash black women, and vice versa). And if you're not a b*tch then it shouldnt be that big of a deal to you.

    Now women's logic? I will never figure that one out either. I've said plenty of times before that women tend to focus on the little unimportant sh*t…especially when dating or in a relationship. The "rules" that they follow tend to be silly to me. But I've already done enough woman bashing on that one lol.

    Men just want p*ssy, so there isn't much confusion with yall lol.

  10. Hhhhmmm pretty good list. I think there are lots we're not supposed to understand about the opposite sex.

    I can help you w/ the period timing a bit. You finally get a chance b/c that's usually when a woman is her horniest. It sounds weird, but it's so true! I'm sure there's some scientific explanation, but I don't have one lol.

  11. Hate that time of the month! It comes when it feels like only on special occasions like anniversaries, Valentines Day, and couple weekend getaways….wth!

    As far as hair is concerned…if I have it weaved in….touch it and die!

    If I don't caress it all you want…its VERY relaxing…just don’t pull my sh!t on some freakiness. I pay GOOD money on my hair maintenance to have breakage from a wild act of passion. Smh

  12. You can touch my hair all day long. I don't rock any weaves and I love to have my hair pulled, caressed. I understand why some women don't like there hair touched but that is something you will have to deal with Streetz. sorry.

    Our logic is based in truth. I'm just always trying to uncover the truth in using my logic. Men are usually trying to avoid the truth with dumb logic….and yes, If he doesn't say he loves me, he doesn't love me. I realize, that a man doesn't feel the need to say this all the time (if at all) but words have significant meaning to a woman. Speak on it. Its not that hard.

    Bitch is a derogatory term and will always be an issue with me and most women. Its self explanatory.

    Period timining? nothing we can do about that, son! lol

    That is all.

    1. "Our logic is based in truth. I’m just always trying to uncover the truth in using my logic. Men are usually trying to avoid the truth with dumb logic…"

      #hereyougo #lieswomentell #stopit5

      Ill let MeteorMan, Peyso, or one of the intellectual beat this one down… 🙂 lol

    2. "Our logic is based in truth. I’m just always trying to uncover the truth in using my logic. Men are usually trying to avoid the truth with dumb logic"

      Abraham Lincoln once asked the question "How many legs does a donkey have if you call its tail a leg?" The answer was "4, just because you call it a leg doesnt make it one."

      I say this to say that because you believe something is the "truth" doesnt mean it actually occurred.

      I'll go on to say that women are some of the best mystery solvers in the world. Its because they have an uncanny ability to work backwards through a set of events. However, the downfall of this is that they sometimes work backwards from false conclusions which leads you in the middle of nowhere.

      Imagine if I gave you a set of directions from my house to yours, those directions are only good if you're at my house. Being a random house makes them obsolete

      1. Well, if you men would say what you mean and mean what you say when asked….we wouldn't have to jump to conclusions….so if we are jumping to a false conclusion its because you gave us falsified information to work with from the beginning…….or no information at all — which is worse, and thereby leading us to a conclusion that may not be true…….

        1. Well, if you men would say what you mean and mean what you say when asked….we wouldn’t have to jump to conclusions…

          #quitplaying I have yet to know a woman to consistently ask direct questions. And when I say "direct" I mean that the question posed is actually about what she's saying VERBATIM, not some jedi-roller-coster logic. I'll be Bill Gates wealthy if I had a quarter for every time I thought or told a woman, "Why didn't you just say […]?" So many issues happen when women try to trick a guy into giving a particular answer. 'round-about is NOT the way to go. If a guy can simply the question then the your approach is wack.

          We do lie at times, but honestly, the times I hurt women the most is when I try to communicate with that same mystery-magic talk. You all don't like it too much then. Treat people how you want to be treated.

        2. I make sure to ask direct questions, acting as if every person I know is 5 years old, because it just causes issues if you are not direct and concise. I also try to make sure they are yes/no questions. I will then make sure they understand the question. The problem is, if a person (and by person, I mean man) doesn't want to answer directly, they will find a way not to.

    1. **shaq face**

      you cannot expect grown @$$ men to take their ques in life from an India Arie song…

      Lets keep it real now.

        1. Did you even bother to listen to the song? I'm going with a resounding "NO" or you wouldn't have dismissed the message so emphatically. That's partially what's wrong with men…and women for that matter. You don't LISTEN. Listening comes with maturity…and yes Cheekz you are 100% correct…I expect GROWN ass men to get it…GROWN is the operative word here.

        2. @Seven If you're referring to the message of individuality, ridicule for ones uniqueness and overall awareness, than yes I was listening I just expressed my afinity for Ms. Badu's body in textual form. Please don' assume messages were dismissed.



        3. @Seven – That's the problem right there. You thought I would actually listen to the song because you told me i should. That's not a lack of maturity. Actually it has no connection to maturity at all.

          Chances are, most men arent gonna listen to Indie Arie. So your efforts in using her to relay a point are futile. Our failure to communicate (the point your trying to get across) is not a byproduct of me not listening but a byproduct of using ineffective means of communication. Get Wale or Jay to say the same thing and maybe I'd hear you.

          Half of a relationship's communication issues come from the man not listening, the other half come from the women speaking the wrong language

        1. I am to some what inclined to agree with streetztalk. Communication issues do come from not understanding each others language.

        2. Half of a relationship’s communication issues come from the man not listening, the other half come from the women speaking the wrong language


          @peyso – u're right on the money with that one

  13. I don't respect most people's logic.. Why would women be any different?

    When I find out a chick is bleeding.. I run the other way. Seriously, why would I hire or want to hang out with someone who I KNOW will have mood swings. Call me when you are useful.

    Touching a woman’s hairand the B word… both should be ok during throaxing.

  14. women's logic – i don't think you're talking about their logic. i think you're talking about their lack of a sense of logic. the way they can jump to conclusions when they don't even have a leg to stand on. the way they can realize they don't have a leg to stand on but defend their position to the death, so vehemently that you start to think that you may be wrong if it upsets her so much.

    touching hair – i can't speak on it.

    b word – these h*es is sensitive.


    period timing – if a man tells you he hates your period, he's lying. all real dudes know, we do not care about your period, around here when you ahve your period it means you aint pregnant and that's what i call a WIN WIN WIN.

    1. "period timing – if a man tells you he hates your period, he’s lying. all real dudes know, we do not care about your period, around here when you ahve your period it means you aint pregnant and that’s what i call a WIN WIN WIN." – TRUE STORY!

  15. i had to laugh.. i'm somtimes told i'm being TOO logical.. i just need the ish to make sense.. that's all i ask, i'm not putting my emotions into it.. just make 1+1=2.. nuff said..

    ironically, some dudes i know are TOO emotional.. but i'm dealing with that topic in my blog.. "dudes that act like chicks.. #nohomo"

    i have no issue with my hair.. stroke it, wash it, pull it, YANK it.. it won't come out.. and if we're in the heat of battle, it's almost a requirement.. but be careful, because my neck ain't supposed to go back that far.. lol..

    also, i hate having my hair dictate what i can do on any given day.. so i have been known to be fresh out the salon, and go to the beach.. i don't want to not go JUST because i got my hair done.. my motto is "it'll bounce right back.."

    this might get me in trouble.. the word "b*tch" is usd loosely around my house.. my mom will say it to me.. i'll say it to her.. and we laugh it off.. my house is not known for its political correctness.. thus i don't think i'll flip if called one.. ironically enough, i can't remember ever being called one.. *pats shoulder*

    and my period? i mean, we cool and all.. and honestly, i'd rather see her that NOT see her (ya feel me).. but yeah, she's a pain in my a**, and abdomen.. and all that.. there's usually one GOOD day where there seems to be a fight that has no merit.. and dude will look at me and say "it's almost your time, isn't it?" i'll think about it, we'll laugh about it.. and that's it.. i WISH i could summon that heifer at will.. but i ain't got that kind of mind control over Debo..

    that's just the way it goes..

    peace and hair grease (lots of it.. lol)

  16. Malcolm Gladwell wrote in one of his book about the woman's cycle. And how having a period, increases the risk of cancer. (A period causes more cell division, most cancers are created at cell division.) He argued that we should use birth control as a way to prevent cancer as opposed to stopping babies.


        1. Y'all should get on the same page before marriage, trust. You should never need an excuse to control your own body.

      1. You can't compromise about having kids, either you do or you don't. Just be sure to be ready or you'll end up resenting him for a long time about it.

        1. Thanks.

          Yeah it will get resolved before then. But this negro is talking about 5 kids and ish lol.

        2. LOL. I used to want a lot of kids, but then I saw that 16 and Pregnant mess and I was like "hmmm… I thought it was epidural and go, but these tricks look like they're in some pain… yeah, on to the next!"

    1. I can't even co-sign this… So you're (well, really the author) saying that periods cause cancer even though they have worked for eons in various mammals without problem? It's necessary to life, yet it causes cancer? So its implying that the female reproductive process is malicious and cancerous… What is this Sigmund Freud-ish type BS?!?!

      (A period causes more cell division, most cancers are created at cell division.)

      So what? So does the development of a fetus.

      Most cancers are due to genetic mutations. These genetic mutations in turn can be caused by tons of things: UV rays, pathogens (viral, bacterial or parasitic) interrupting cellular processes and/or DNA/RNA modification, chemical impurities, etc…

      "Don't believe everything you read." – Tupac Shakur

  17. Women’s Logic– You will never be able to understand this b/c we are inherently different. I will never be able to understand some of the nonsense you men spew, but I accept it, b/c I love you.

    Touching a woman’s hair– I love for men to touch my hair. Not random men, b/c apparently my locs scream "touch me" to strangers. But any man I'm dating can play in my hair as much as he wants. I love a good scalp massage.

    Any form of the word B*tch = instant DEATH — Just don't use the word. There is so much history behind that word, especially when it comes to black women. I try not to use it at all, but when I do, I'm more likely to use it toward a man….

    Period Timing — I can't speak for every woman, but my period is always at the the same time every month, +/- a day. And, I can feel my body changing when it's close to that time. Lucky for me, it only lasts 3 or 4 days, and I don't get anymore emotional than I am on a regular basis. However, a week or 2 before, I get incredibly horny. If I was married, I would probably have about 5 kids by now. lol.

    1. "I can feel my body changing when it’s close to that time"..

      this is the truth!! i usually know it's coming because there'll be 1 day i look at my stomach and go "what the hell?!" it'll be bigger than normal.. and i know i didn't just eat my dinner!!

    2. There is so much history behind that word, especially when it comes to black women.

      I think this is the best reasoning I've heard/read to not use that word around a woman. #thumbsup

  18. Women have a power of denial and self delusion unparralled in the universe. This is why their logic is so flawed at times. You can't make a logical conclusion about anything by omitting certain variables and fabricating others. I have to believe this power of denial and self delusion serves some purpose which is beneficial to women, but I don't understand it.

    1. Please. Men are just as delusional and in self-denial. Men who will just not acknowledge the fact that you aren't interested, men who think they are gods in bed (but couldn't find a clitoris if it was labeled), men who think that they are pre-programmed to cheat, men who blame being unsuccessful solely on the color of their skin and not their laziness and lack of motivation, men… Well, I could go on all day.

      The point is that self-delusion and denial are not specific to women.

      1. 🙂 Nah. Men don't have the denial and self-delusion thing. In our heart of hearts we know the truth. We brag and pretend and front but we know the truth. Little D dudes know they little. Broke dudes know they broke. Cheatin dudes know they cheated.

        Women on the other hand…..The lie becomes the truth 🙂 Like a woman will argue with you about why you cheated cause in her mind she never cheated. Even though she cheated just as many times as you. So now she tryin to logically explain to you why you wrong based on her denials and self delusions.

      2. Men who ask for your number before they ask for your name, men who think its okay to do freaky sh*t with the mistress because they want to respect the wifey, men who spend money on shots and kicks before they pay the car note, men who think its okay to communicate you solely via text even though y'all are in a committed relationship (im sorry but this isn't "You've Got Mail" we need to speak, bruh), men who think they're stylin even though it doesnt take imagination to buy the outfit straight off the mannequin and wear that ish in the same way… lol I love men, but y'all have your self-bullsh*t too.

        1. Too bad these dudes are pretty common.

          Women are no more susceptible to turning their lies into truth than men are. We know the truth in our hearts of hearts as well, most of the time. We just don't want to admit it anymore than y'all do when you're wrong (I've had to actively work on admitting when I'm wrong for the last couple years, trying to improve myself and sh*t). Besides, maybe she really didn't cheat? Just sayin.

          BTW, thanks for the compliment on the picture!

  19. Remi says: March 31, 2010 at 7:12

    I have locks and they are real, but no you cannot touch my hair. I put a lot of work into my locks and don’t want anyone messing them up. Funny that you brought this up because I plan to have a talk with my SO about this b/c I know he absolutely loves locks, but I just re-twisted my hair (which takes forever b/c I have a lot of hair) and he messed it up this weekend. It doesn’t look terrible, but it doesn’t look like I just did them a few days ago. My hair is soft so the roots unravel really easily, so I don’t appreciate him or anyone touching, grabbing, or caressing my hair. I style my locks a lot too, and he has messed up my styles on numerous occasions and it is annoying.


    Phaaa. Women's logic. I have beautiful locks that I spend hours styling and a man that loves locks. Why won't he stop touching them? He should know better.

    Phaaa. Mr. Spock would slap you. 🙂

    1. Lol, silly…However, I didn't say I expected him to know this, hence why I need to tell him to keep his hands out of my damn hair b/c I find it annoying. I understand why he does it, but I want it to stop. I'm sure he thinks it's okay or that I like it or something.

  20. My have natural curls so I love when a man puts his fingers through my hair. I do it all the time because it's so soft and I love to touch it. LOL

    As far as the word bitch I think any woman that uses that word a lot should not be mad when someone else use it against them. If you don't like the word remove it from your own vocab.

  21. a couple things: I enjoy my hair being touched, scalp massaged and a little tug. that's hot. but I usually don't want you to fool with it right after I got it done because I want my swang to swang a few days. after day 4 I really don't give a fugg anymore and you can go for what you know…

    and periods–sir, they come every 26-31 days, depending on the woman–whats so hard to understand about that? lol.

    b*tch doesnt' bother me, but the context of its use does. if its meant to be an insult, don't do it. *shrugs*

    and the logic thing, well I can't call it. my thought process makes PERFECT sense to me! 🙂

    1. Reecie,

      You know I know the ins and outs of the menstrual cycle. Im just saying that it seems to come at the most inopportune times for men (when they tryna get that good good)… Maybe its a #swindle? It also is a celebration whenever it appears. I usually buy a bottle of Grey Goose, do the Diddy Dance, and give all praises due to Allah, and I'm Christian!

      I was just sayin tho…

      1. Hell yeah, I was throwing some major side-eye at Peyso's comment about not having periods to prevent cancer.

        I've been through the pregnancy scare experience more times than I care to admit and it got to the point a few times where I started drafting that "late text," researching clinics, getting the funds together, etc.

        Hell naw, I'd much rather be a b*tch than a bakery with a bun in the oven.

        1. Maybe the statistic makes sense (I'm definitely not the person to ask about math) but I don't get why you would trade periods for the chance of missing out on cancer. Like, prevent cancer by living right, not by reversing natural processes… sorry, that ish just sounded suspect.

        2. @ word of mouth

          Our lifestyles are no longer natural. In ancient times, a woman would have only about 10 periods her whole life. This was because she was always either pregnant or recovering from a pregnancy. That was the natural state.

        3. So your argument about something being natural doesnt really hold water. The fact that you arent pregnant is unnatural in a sense

        4. @Peyso,

          Just because something was done historically doesn't mean it is natural. It isn't natural for women to constantly be pregnant, it was just the social norm in an ancient society that probably practiced many other various rites and rituals (human sacrifice and slavery were both globally popular) that I would hope modern society wouldn't find appropriate.

        5. @ word of mouth who's to say that being pregnant all of the time isnt natural? Your body allows you to do it w/o outside manipulation. Couldnt I say that it is society that is preventing you from being in your natural state by preventing you from being constantly pregnant? If sex is natural how can what comes of it be unnatural? Not that I feel women should be pregnant all the time but I think that like all things, natural can be defined as you like. On another note, who is to say that natural is always better. I think it was Thomas Hobbes in the Leviathan that said that the life of man in his natural state is "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short". Is that better than the "unnatural" state that we have today?

      2. "Maybe its a #swindle?" – Lol. I can't even front. I've definitely lied about being on to avoid certain situations.

        1. Guilty! I've done that a few many times to my very long-term FWB when I just don't feel like seeing him, the negro has started *trying* to keep track of it. Talkin bout, you text me back on the 1st with that last month, it's the 15th now.

        2. Tee-hee. I've done it too. As much trouble as Flo brings into our lives, I think we're owed the opportunity for the occassional swindle. But yeah, bammas catch on to that one REAL quick!

        3. @Anna

          I know dudes who'll keep logs on your cycle… if you try to #swindle they'll be like "hold up, you last received ur period 3 weeks ago. Week 4 doesnt start for 3 days. Something you wanna tell me?"


  22. I'm logical. I'm also emotional. Any man that is looking for a non-emotional woman should probably be dating other men. Women have varying degrees of emotional tendencies, but that's just how we're built. That's why there are more single mothers than fathers – we're emotionally attached to our offspring where men are not. It's also why your mom cleaned and kissed your skinned knee while your dad was like, "Man up."

    You can touch my hair. In fact, since I've gone natural, men can't seem to keep their hands out of it. It's soft, fluffy and since I do it myself, any style can be replicated with a little water and conditioner. So please, touch away!

    Periods. Did you miss the class in 7th grade? Every woman's reaction is a bit different. For me, I'm feeling extra…randy (lol) the week before. Like…extra. Then, about 5 days before she comes, I get a small cramp for a few minutes. I hypothesize that this is the egg being expunged from the fallopian tube (otherwise known as mittelschmerz. Yes, I googled it. And, I think it will come in handy when me and my TBD husband are trying to have kids, cause we'll know exactly when to get busy).

    Don't call me a b*tch. That's the surest way to ensure I'll act like one. You can say I'm trippin, tell me to cool off, or walk away from me for a minute, but do not call me outside my name.

  23. Regarding the logic – men and women are just wired differently. I've come to accept that. Communication is key, we just gotta keep communicating until we at least get where the other is coming from.

    Regarding the touching of the hair – I have locs and I do not like when random people touch my hair. If I know you, and we're more than just acquaintances then its cool. If not, you will pull back a nub if you touch my hair; I especially hate when randoms just touch my hair without asking.

    The B word really doesnt offend me unless it has a negative connotation.

    Regarding "the enemy" (as I call it), thanks to the genes passed on to me from my mom mine is all over the place. She comes when she wants to and doesnt come if she doesnt want to. Its truly a nuissance. The only time I had her down like clockwork was when I was on the pill. I stopped taking it because I didnt like what it did to my overall body so I'm back to the guessing game and just being prepared always. The enemy does seem to eff ish up whenever I'm trying to get some outta town booty…some BULL…I swear God laughs at me way too hard sometimes…

    1. See thats why bc works for "out of town" booty too. you can go right on to the next pill pack and voila, get your lovin on.

      I understand everyone doesn't like the bc, but I can't be without it.

      1. Can I just say – I am not a fan of the pill, but there was NO WAY that I was going on my 30th birthday cruise to the Bahamas with Aunt Flo tagging along. I had my boo with me! So…on the pill I went and had to skip the placebo week. On the one hand, strategy worked. On the other hand, I was chock full of hormones and my mind/body/boo could tell. Humph. It was worth it, lol.

  24. 1. I don't know what you're talking about. My logic is undeniable!

    2. I'm sort of like a cat – you can put me in a straight trance with the right scalp massage. If you do it right I may not even notice that I'm walking around with a bird's nest on my head.

    3. B*tch is not an insult – it's a summons. If you don't want to see the REAL b*tch that lives inside your woman do not call her out. You'd have better luck throwing holy water and yelling "The power of Christ compels you!"

    4. Aunt Flo, however, is a real b*tch. Ole vacation stealing, long weekend ruining, weight wrecking, snow storm meddling heffa!

    1. BWHAHAHAHAHA @ "…throwing holy water and yelling “The power of Christ compels you!”

      Anywho… great post. I love getting my scalp rubbed down, now if only I could find a man willing to wash my hair. Solid gold. Alas, b/c of my current transition period I don't get much time w/ free scalp. Ah well…

      1. my old salon had a man for an assistant. I swear there isn't a person on the planet that can wash my hair like him. it was sooooooo lovely. I miss him. 🙁

    2. 3) I throw that Clorox holy water. It's the same idea, except that ish literally burns.

      4) Aunt Flo is a c0ckbl0ck, plain and simple. Unless you got it like Chocolate Drop lol

  25. Women’s Logic: I grew up watching Law & Order and living with people who make no kind of gotdamn sense when they're talking, so I saw the value of having legitimate arguments when discussing things. I will straight lawyer yo a$$ to death 9 times out of 10, but that 1 time, I may do some feminine sh*t and cry. Ends justify the means, get used to it. #kanyeshrug #donthate

    Touching a woman’s hair: Be conscious of the state of the woman's hair. If she JUST got it done (and honestly, all men should watch Chris Rock's documentary "Good Hair" and see wtf women go through on a daily basis to get that lush Pantene commercial hair), don't go yanking on it with greasy-a$$ fingers and f*cking it up or you might get some of that "chin music." I do like my hair to be stroked and played with though, especially when I'm proffering up some neck.

    PSA: Don't call me a b*tch if you aren't ready to scrap. I may be acting like a b*tch, but calling me one really isn't gonna resolve sh*t.

    Period Timing: Now this one confuses the hell out of me. What grown woman doesn't know when her curse gift from Motherf*ckher Nature is coming? I've marked it on a calendar since the first time I got it and I'm usually good for +/- 3 days. Especially if you on the pill, that sh*t is usually pretty regular.

    As for the side-effects, it's been happening forever and a day. Men know women get b*tchy around that time; get used to it. If you're nice and you're dating me you'll probably get some sympathy throat out the deal.

    1. But if you are being a b!tch what right do you have to tell me what to call you?

      I don't know why women act like becoming MORE mean and ignorant does harm to the man they are dealing with. If you are acting a fool, I use the word and hurt you, than you act more of a fool… What does that do to me? I'm just going to call the cops or walk away. Acting like a fool only hurts yourself.

      1. Okay, I have a right to be respected even if YOU think I'm being a b*tch. I'm sorry, but unless I do some grave and serious sh*t, don't call me out my name. It's not a grown-folks way to conduct business.

        And I was under the impression that you're calling the wifey-boo-whatever a b*tch, not just some random broad starting mess. Call the random broad every name you can think of, but I'd assume if you're having a fight in an involved relationship, you'd eventually want to patch sh*t up (unless you're at the point where you don't give a f*ck, which is a whole 'nother topic).

        All I'm saying is, both sides are wrong if they're just gonna get mean and ignorant, but by calling me a b*tch, you're really just fanning the fire. Like if I called your mama a b*tch (and this is just for the sake of argument, I'm sure she's a wonderful woman lol) you definitely wouldn't wanna draft a peace treaty at that moment.


      2. Exactly! A woman will get herself in a rage (because she used her woman-logic to jump to conclusions about some unimportant ish) and tell a man allllll about his parts. He gets upset and callsher a b*tch and all of a sudden he's the devil and she's completely blameless.

        Women seem to think they're the only ones who can be disrespected. Yes it's disrespectful to call a woman a b*tch but it is no less so to call a man an a$$hole. Or a prick. Or a c*cksucker or whatever flies out in the PMS-rage.

  26. I don't like my hair touched bcuz I don't like being touched period (unless ur a loved 1 then I can tolerate it). Unfortunately since my hair is natural & soft EVERY1 luvs to touch it. I don't complain since I guess its like a compliment. I don't mind the word b*tch unless ur tryna be mean 🙁 (I use that word all the time & make no apologies for it!) My period gets on my nerves just as much as it does my boyfriends *shrug*. I'm not even gonna touch the logic thing tho…

  27. I don't the hair thing unless you have a head full of tracks, glue, and thread. Head rubs and some hair pulls are pure heaven.

    When a man calls a women a B, it's never in a good way. Call me one and you will get dealt with, and not in a good way.

    Hell, we don't understand periods our damn selves. We get sneak attacks and early arrivals messing up our plans, panties, sheets, and clothes too. And the tardy periods really cause hella issues. Just let that be a mystery to you and move on.

  28. Good read Hun!

    The logic: Women over think things. So naturally anything you say or do is dissected like corpse on the autopsy table. Women spend hours creating what if, scenarios in their heads to match their ideal world. As a man you will never understand it and women would never understand why men are so simple or even accept it.

    Women and men hate to be wrong:Therefore they will always find ways to prove their points and women in particular wont stop until you kindly STFU and let them win.

    The hair: This is a good one, until I watched Good Hair the other day I had no idea, touching a womans hair was such a big deal. I love my hair and I invest in maintaining it because I want it to look good! I love running my fingers through it just like my man would so I dont mind it, I love it when my boo plays with my hair! Actually I encourage it!

    The B-word. If you call yourself a B-ich in front of others, be prepared to be called a B-ich by others. Just like any other offensive word is up to you to respect yourself and people will have no choice but to follow, if they dont is time to make some changes.

    The period timing. No one can control that I hate it more than anything else in this world. All you can do is monitor the cycle and plan according to its timing. Planning first and hoping it doesnt interfere with your plans is a recipe for disaster. Certain types of birth controls are able to help regulate the period for consistency but sh*t happens! When she stars pmsin, drop her off her favorite ice cream and run for cover.

  29. lol.

    Women logic: Least squares approximation or splines, mp3s, jpegs

    Men logic -> raw data with plots or connect the dots, wav, PNGs

    Women follow the rules of logic just like a man does, its just that there's different reasoning behind it. With all the 'what if' scenarios enumerated, they're usually dead on or WAAAAAAAY off. No type of consistency. More precise than accurate.

    Periods: Sorry to say, but sometimes the bodies of women scare me. Periods themselves are fine and I'm poppin' bottles every time it comes; BUT, it'll switch it up on you (and disappear for a month or make two guess appearances in the same month) and ya lady say, "Well I don't know."

    B-word: I just don't use it (towards women). As blacks, we have the N-word. Let women have the B-word. I'll call a woman a n*gg* before a I call her a b*tch. Try it… it works. lol

  30. I don't mind my man touching my hair. It's mine. It's soft, and it's there for the touching. I certainly don't want to be called out of my name unless it's a sweet name. All the other stuff also varies from woman to woman. Now, here's what I don't understand about men:

    1. Why in the world do some men want to touch on a woman when he's dripping with sweat? MOVE!!!!!

    2. Why is it when men say something insensitive and subsequently get an emotional response from a woman, he just stands there and look so damn silly? What are you doing? Processing the words?

    3. Why does that hand come roaming at 4:00 in the morning when I'm deep in REM? (Rapid Eye Movement, aka Deep Sleep)

    4. Why do men waste money on their cars' tires and rims for goodness sake? What's wrong with the ones that come from the manufacturer?

    5. Why do men just sit and stare, and when I look at them to let them know that staring is impolite, they just keep staring? BABIES DO THAT!!!! At least with babies it's acceptable.

    1. No shame in the fact that my new rims will be here this weekend and I am excited to get them. My factory wheels were bent (long story) and I had to replace them anyways. I may have gotten carried away on which ones I wanted, but I'm okay with that. I also am getting my rims before buying a house. Why do people always act like you shouldn't get them if you don't have a house? They're nowhere near the same price range or committment level? *shrugs*

    2. "1. Why in the world do some men want to touch on a woman when he's dripping with sweat? MOVE!!!!!"

      – I do it b/c I think its funny and b/c we'd probably still touch you if you were sweaty. "Treat ppl how you wanna be treated" and sh!t

      "2. Why is it when men say something insensitive and subsequently get an emotional response from a woman, he just stands there and look so damn silly? What are you doing? Processing the words?"

      – This often happens when the truth is insensitive. That sting is the truth. I'm standing here silly because I honestly didnt expect you to take it this way and I am utterly confused.

      3. Why does that hand come roaming at 4:00 in the morning when I'm deep in REM? (Rapid Eye Movement, aka Deep Sleep)

      – #1 reason: The same reason you jump on my 3rd arm 4 minutes before the alarm goes off. #2 reason: you hog the covers and that hand was freezin all night

      4. Why do men waste money on their cars' tires and rims for goodness sake? What's wrong with the ones that come from the manufacturer?

      – We waste money on cars and other gadgets for the same reasons you waste money on shoes. Do you really need four pairs of black pumps?

      5. Why do men just sit and stare, and when I look at them to let them know that staring is impolite, they just keep staring? BABIES DO THAT!!!! At least with babies it's acceptable.

      – Do i do this? If so, I have no real answer for this lol

  31. I know I wont ever understand the male kind, so I limit myself to enjoying the p*nis, cuddling (when needed) and all that good stuff.

    However, I do have some questions out of curiosity:

    1) why do men constantly have their hands in their boxers?

    2) If u tried to talk to my best friend, why do u also try to talk to me when you KNOW thats my best friend (Soror, Prophyte or Ls).

    3) What is the purpose of a side chick when you know, you are not leaving the main chick??

    4) whats good with the dudes that expect head but wont give head?

    These are just a few of my questions. I have alot more just cant think about it.

    On another note: I commend men! Yall go to the field knowing you can and will get rejected and you are determined specially when you really want a female! I know i have said no to a few guys, but after their persistency I have changed my mind.

  32. Peyso,

    1. Wiping your sweat on someone is soooo not funny.

    2. Knowing that most women are not morning people, if you have one that's "jumpin' on your third arm 4 minutes before the alarm goes off", then trust me, she's a keeper.

    3. The insensitive remarks are not the truth, they are just some random testosterone driven remark or question.

    4. When I start putting rims on my black pumps, I'll send you a written apology. Until then, WHAT'S THE CORRELATION BETWEEN A 100-200 DOLLAR PAIR OF PUMPS AND 5000.00 RIMS MAN?

    Come on…..

  33. haha i love when people play with my hair, it could be because i don't wear weave idk but i don't have any problem with it whatsoever.

    and idk i think the word bitch depends on the situation, timing and the tone in which you say it!


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