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Word of Advice for Men: Three Ways To Ruin Your Relationship

You can't see this, but she got a donk. Meanwhile, her man is at the club. I am what they say, "scheming on the culo."

I didn’t want to make this post, but I had to. I’ve been inundated with so many guys talking about Modern Warfare 2: Call of Duty these days. It’s one of those first person shooter games, like Halo, that guys play for hours. It’s kind of cool because you can play online and play people who are all around the country, that’s kind of cool. Here’s the problem, some guys play that game WAY TOO MUCH. Look man if you’re playing Call of Duty for 3 hours a day, that’s a horrible way to spend your time. That’s 21 hours a week, and that’s just absurd. (Secretly, I feel like people who play these shooter games all the time have been picked on as children and they are taking out their anger by killing 20-30 people online a night. Although they end up dying more than they kill and some 12 year old is actually dominating them.) But you know, if a guy wants to play video games all the time that’s his decision, my problem is your girlfriend or significant other. She’s sitting there watching you play video games and at the same time she’s BBM’ing me telling me, “He’s playing video games again.”

Watch this. (Only until about 4:30, trust me you’ll enjoy each minute.)

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Listen to me, pay attention to your significant other. Classic Dr. J advice: “Eff your girl, or someone else will.” To me, I can’t understand someone who would rather play video games than have s*x. I can only think of a few things that I would rather do than have s*x and it’s not like I’d rather do them, more like they are more important, but that’s neither here nor there. I want to bring your attention to a few things that guys do that you need to curtail if you’re in a relationship. (If you live with your significant other, you need to just stop it.)

1. Video Games – See above. But excessive video games are a problem. You have to pay absolute attention to the TV, and now they have headphones and microphones so you can talk to other gamers. You’re completely out of touch with the world when you’re doing this. Meanwhile, your girl is sitting next to you like she’s waiting for the bus in the cold.

2. Going Out All The Time – I’m sorry but it was said best to me this way, “I don’t want to be a girlfriend Monday-Thursday.” (She was not talking to me, by the way.) Look I know we like to have fun and go out. And some couples don’t like party together, but listen, if you’re in a relationship you have to cut back or take them with you. You can’t be all boo’ed up Monday-Thursday afternoon but as soon as work is over you’re at happy hour, and out in the club Friday and Saturday night. (Don’t think women don’t peep how you miserably strike out Thursday-Saturday and call them over on Sunday just to have a solid win.)

3. Excessive drug use – I feel like Black folk have had enough run-ins with drugs to last forever, but we haven’t. So if you are one of those guys who likes to kiss the sky via Mary Jane, just don’t be passing out right after or going on snack binges. Real talk, it may have been cool to smoke a joint every now and then, but when you rolling them joints back to back to back, house look like a barbecue, it’s not cool. Plus, sisters don’t like their hair smelling like weed all the time.

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Now if you don’t curtail this stuff, something is going to happen you don’t like. Jay-Z said, “It can only lead to something unfortunate, Hot boy like Jigga man scorch your b-tch.” Yes, gentlemen, if you don’t pay attention to your woman she will go get that attention elsewhere. She’ll get to texting and texting and you know who she’s texting? Some dude who is making time for her, or some chick, let’s not discriminate. Jay-Z would later say in his career, “But once a good girl’s goin bad, she’s gone forever. I’ll mourn forever, sh-t I gotta live with the fact I did you wrong forever.”

I put it to the readers. Ladies, care to share some stories about a tired old significant other you had to let go because he wasn’t giving you enough time? Fellas, should we fight for our right to play Madden? Speak on it.

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  1. You know what? F*ck COD:MW4!! I basically couldn't get past training in that game. While I'm on the subject, f*ck God of War, it's currently irking my nerves. *rant over

    I don't really care about #1, as long as you know I'll be in the next room playing Mario or watching my soaps (yeah, I said it, soaps). As for #2, I couldn't agree more. I know a couple people like this, and one of the biggest offenders I know is a cheat. The other one is actually a woman and it's not just a weekend thing for either of them. They're out at least 2-4 times a week. At that point, why being in a relationship at all?

    For number 3, this is exactly how I feel about it. If you smoke, fine, just don't do it excessively. Especially if you're at the point where you would spend your last $20 on that ish.

    1. CO-SIGN ON MARIO KART! HAHA. I actually sad this to a dude I was seeing who was on that COD isht which REALLY pissed me off. I was like look i'd actually play with you but we playing my game…Mario 🙂

      1. Is it sad that Mario kart is after my time, lol? Shoot, we found an old Nintendo 64 online when I was in college and we rocked the original Mario (the one that came with Duck Hunt) and Tetris. I didn't know Tetris was a specator sport, but to a bunch of high college students it is.

      1. I'm just stuck on this one part, but it's really my fault because I gave up after trying a few times and planned on getting back on later. It's been two months, I guess I could turn that back on soon.

        1. Girl, it's the first one I'm stuck on. And, I've looked online and there is no cheat for that part, just advice. Advice that I was already trying and it just didn't work. I'ma have to try to find time to get on this weekend, because I don't like leaving things unfinished.

    2. let me tell you how they trick you tho… anytime you see a guy or girl scrounging up $20 from random sources, they are a weedhead.

      mario kart is cool. shoutouts to everyone in college who copped a nintendo or nintendo 64, and just bought mad games. we had chicks in the crib playing super mario bros 3 all day long. and basically a group of chicks playing tetris in the living room, we call that a Gamma Ray meeting so we could have a chapter meeting.

  2. I haven't dated any guys that are into God of War or COD but I do believe that Madden can be a man's mistress. I had boyfriend that played Madden all the frickin time! He played alone, with friends, for money, etc. Everytime I called him, he and his boys were playing Madden. He even told me (jokingly) that one of his friends said that he didn't appreciate me interrupting the game! What kinda b!tch sh!t is that? Needless to say, we are no longer together. The deal breaker: Making time! lol.

    Soundtrack for this post: "Take Care Home" by Dave Hollister and "Put That Woman First" by Jaheim.

  3. I've never had a video game-playing dude or a weed-smoking dude (excessive weed-smokers don't even make it past the gate with me) but I have had an amazing disappearing dude. I don't know if he was in the clubs because he was a church boy but he used to disappear every Thursday and return every Monday. Until one Friday when I bumped into his best friend and…let's just say by the time Monday rolled around my dance card was full.

      1. LOL I didn't realize til now how that sounded…thankfully these were church boys so there was no slamming involved. But the best friend was occupying the new seat of honour next to me at bible study 🙂

  4. This is speaking some truth here. While I've never had a gamer or druggie, I have seen this happen one too many times. It's like the SO is busy and eventually she gets tired of telling the other men who are sniffing around that she'd doing nothing on a Friday night but has a boyfriend. On some level, I think men believe their SO is so into them that she would never entertain a more attentive suitor.

    1. "…men believe their SO is so into them that she would never entertain a more attentive suitor."

      And there you have it.

    2. "On some level, I think men believe their SO is so into them that she would never entertain a more attentive suitor."

      This. The Washington Post and Nightline has men thinking that women are so hard up that they will take a guy who does these things and won't complain cuz "they got a man." I can't speak for everyone else but I've always had alternators- if my man doesn't act right I certainly have on speed dial that would.

      not a threat. just a statement 🙂

    3. only thing i'll add here is that ladies be careful. a good man notices that what a good woman will put up with is an indication of who she is. if me and my boys are talking about a girl and we're like, "you know her man stay out in the streets. i don't know why she with him." it's not going to make us check for you, it's going to make us think you have low self esteem for not 187'ing dude.

    4. Male or female, completely dismissing the needs of the person you're in a relationship with is disrespecting the game. You gotta recognize that everybody has another viable option and if they don't… well, don't knock a hungry person for going to look for a damn sandwich.

  5. Can't believe I watched that whole Martin clip. When were leather pajama sets with embroidered peace signs ever in fashion????

    My 0.2: if your SO spends too much time holding the Xbox controller and not you, you have two options either join in and become Player 2 or pack your sh*t and leave and find someone better.

  6. Forget modern Warfare 2, you know its all about Bad Company 2. Stop picking on us gamers! 🙂

    The problems really is guys that do anything excessively and not making their lady feel like she comes first. That can be games, sports, painting, reading, teaching – anything. All these things make you out of touch with the worked if you're into them obsessively.

    3 hrs a day is fine as long as you are fulfilling your obligations.

  7. My girl likes when I play games, she says that she knows i'm not off "screwin some broad". Ultimately, you're a loser if you like games more than the vag stache. If you're a good boyfriend, what you doing in the club so much? I dont like the club because I cant win. The club is for winning. Everytime I go, I lose b/c I cant bring any girls home. And lastly, if you're a weed head, get a weed head gf.

    1. "My girl likes when I play games, she says that she knows i’m not off 'screwin some broad'."

      It doesn't bother me one bit that my guy is at home, playing the game. That gives me time to take care of the needed things I need to do, or if anything else, give me some "me time". Actually, I more than likely will be playing The Sims. *Sshhh, thats my addiction!*

      Since I am not a club head, my man probably won't be either. However, when I did date one, I wasn't tripping with him going out because, again, it give me some "me time" as well.

      "…if you’re a weed head, get a weed head gf."

      Lastly, if dude smokes like Marley, then he should be with a chick smokes accordingly. In college, my man and I use to sit there, together, and smoke all day. I was cool that he was smoking because I was able to smoke too, for free. Win/win situtation. But of course, that was back in the day 😉


        I used to play with cheats and make them hella rich and then laugh at them because they had all these Sim dollars but they couldn't sit in an awkwardly positioned chair. It's the little things.

  8. The TRUTH.COM!

    In my past I had never dealt with a weed head or a video game player extremist…….I dated one dude who smoked but he never smoked around me…and it didn't seem to be a problem…my ex-husband didn't smoke or drink, and he wasn't into video games….none of the guys Ive been serious about have ever liked hanging out much either….so, in that respect I have been lucky thus far…..my current SO loves video games but he doesn't hang out or drink or smoke…so, I will not begrudge him his video gaming (it is annoying at times but I can deal)…Ladies, you have to look at the big picture…choose your battles carefully…..

    Dudes who are constantly doing the things mentioned in this post..you know who you are. Step your game up or your girlfriend/wife will find someone who will……believe that.

  9. I've never had these issues with men thank God…I wouldn't have the patience to get past an hour of any of them.

    I will say this regarding #2: If you have to look for your man *long pause* then he's NOT your man.


    1. if you have to look for your man…

      we need you to spread the gospel from mountaintop to mountaintop… chicks talking about, "i texted him, let me see what he says." *the wind whistles by, the clouds roll, and two hours later* "girl, what's up with that ride?"

      "oh he didn't hit me back, let me text him again."

      that ain't yo man. #cmonson #gtfohwtbs

      1. Holla! (yes I just channeled Ja Rule #dontjudgeme) I could do a whole list of these:

        If you're not together on the holidays/birthdays/special occassions….he's not your man.

        If you can't call him for a favor…he's not your man.

        If you the phone calls start coming later and the face time starts dwindling….soon he won't be your man.

        If you're afraid to pop crazy on his azz and you KNOW he deserves it…..he's not your man.

        If you've never met his mama'nem (and they live in town)…he's not your man.

        If you HAVE met his mama'nem, but you notice his mom is more familiar with his little brother's jumpoff than you…..

        you get the picture, lol.

  10. 1. Anything in excess is a problem, but the s/o's gaming/sports-I-don't-watch time is balanced with my Houswives of Wherever/talkin' to my mama/Lifetime/WE tv time, lol. But when either of us is ready for "us" time we drop what we're doing and get together.

    2. Is it wrong that I let the s/o out of the house for "guys night at the club" looking like a straight out of town bamma? I sent him to Love in a church suit. *insert evil laugh here*

    3. I was a huge Mary Jane fan back in the day so that wasn't a problem. The s/o is clean and sober.

    P.S. – Anna N. will – at some point – become Mrs. Anna N. While y'all were livin' it up at the happy hour on Tuesday (I really wanted to make it but I'm glad I took my behind home) I was making dinner….and found an engagement ring in the Texas Toast box.

      1. I think I prefer Nemefriend,lol. And yes, the texas toast gambit was followed by some on-bended-knee action. Followed by some, ummm……..action.

  11. #1 – Cop a Wii, and get her in on the fun. Unless she's real competitive, then you'll just end up giving yourself strangers for a week cuz she mad you whipped that ass.

    #2- Yea, you're asking for it w/ this one.

    #3- Man listen….I'ma just play the West Indian card on this one…"Smoke di weed and get a humble thought/Babylon couldn't ah stop dis one a bumboclaat" L's and Jack Daniel's keep me in fighting trim. But you gotta know your audience…if she lets it rock, don't over do it, but if you're going for walks to the corner to blaze on the low, you got problems.

    Do I seem overly sensitive about one of these points? Well maybe I am. Good day!

    1. Sh*t, I'm an Aries. I thrive off competition. If you beat me at a game, I'mma come back ten times harder, but if I beat him… let's just say he's going to be trying to give me spinal cord damage to make up for it.

  12. Spending more time with his mama n dem than with you Im all for a man who loves his mom and the women in his family But when you got to run all they errands … ie pick up they kids, wash they cars, run to the store When you have to get up out our bed @ 4 am the day after thankgiving to go stand in line for Walmart to open with a list of everything the grandma and the aunt's want on sale. Thats so not the business Get off the damn tit already

    1. This is sooo sad to see. It's like one moment you're talking to a grown azz man and as soon as he's in his mother's presence he becomes 10 years old. Even worse when you can tell he's on the phone with mom because of the change in his voice. Ugh!

    2. I "knew" a guy who's mother…yes MOTHER would periodically call him at 2…3 in the morning…drunk…crying and saying he didn't love her because he didn't call to check on her that day. WTF…and he would just say over and over "Momma…I do love you…I was just busy..I'm sorry momma" C R A Z Y yeahhhh I'm good with that. *yuck*

      1. Oooo, you better be glad you kicked Norman Bates to the curb! Next thing you find out that bamma's mama been dead about 15 years and it's just him in a room wearing her clothes and doing her voice. Stay outta the shower.

  13. I guess none of these three relate to me. I got out of playing video games when they started to design them to take 80 hours to complete. I'll play a couple rounds of Street Fighter or even an old school game like Ms. Pac Man. But I can't sit around for four hours playing video games anymore. More of my time now is spent reading or watching NBA, but it is easy to put a book down for quality time and the SO doesn't mind going to a sports bar to combine quality time and basketball time.

    Now I have to buy playoff tickets! The Bucks are back!

  14. Truer words have never been said @Dr.J!

    I have never been in a relationship with any guy that falls into these categories but I have dated some and well, the deal was broken cuz I knew I couldn't put up with such isht.

    1. I gotta say f*ck COD. I've never seen BOYS act such a damn fool in my presence like when this guy I was seeing and his friends were playing COD. I literally watched this isht for 20mins before I rolled out. We were supposed to be on some 'WE' time and somehow COD sidetracked that. CIAO s.o.b, I can't be waiting on this game.

    2. Never dated anyone like this but I'll co-sign with everyone that a dude like this is TROUBLE.

    3. LOL. I was recently talking with a dude who is always 'just finishin up a spliff.' How is it that everytime we are about to go out you were JUST getting high before? Damn, I didn't know u had to be in a diff state of mind to be with me lmfao. Needless to say, I can't stand weed heads. It's not a good look.

    1. I've told a story on here before about a date I went on (a first date, mind you) with one of my BIL's friends. This cat had been harassing my BIL about setting us up since he first seen me and eventually I gave in. So, he shows up an hour late (I let it slide, since it was an hour drive to even get to my house). This meant we'd be late to the movie if we still wanted to eat first. We still had a small window of time that if we ate quickly, we could still make it (instead of having to see some stupid movie I don't even remember). Why after this fool picked me up, he had to go to Walmart real quick to get a car charger. He then took his precious time looking for this charger and when we finally got back to his car, looks at me and asks (not that he really posed it as a question), "It's coo if we chill here for a minute while I roll this blunt, right?" WTF?

      Oh yeah, this is the one who asked me if I was going to pay for the dinner or the movie (the one I didn't even want to see but had to because he was late).

        1. LOL. Iono, some of the stories told on here about the DMV (and ATL) have me a little afraid of that. The men out here may be an special kind of stupid, but at least I know when they're straight or not.

        2. Real talk there's like 5 types of dudes in the DMV:

          1. Guy who don't like girls

          2. Guys who like girls but have no game because there are so many omen who needs game (But ain't bout ish)

          3. Guys who like girls AND have game because they are FOCUSED (But ain't bout ish)

          4. Guys who like girls but have no game because there are so many omen who needs game (Young and Successful)

          5. Guys who like girls AND have game because they are FOCUSED (Young and Successful)

          The chances of you finding a noodle are greater than you finding a gay man.

        3. @SaneN85,

          EVERYTHING you've heard about the ATL scene is true. The gays run the streets. I love 'em but there's something disheartening about seeing a fine chocolate man boo'ed up with a dude in shoes that are fresher than yours.

  15. i can undersand this post..

    i am a video game FREAK!!! so the fact that my current lover (he ain't my man) plays video games is fine.. i'll call him over to play God of War.. and he BETTER not fight any bosses while i'm at work, or else he has to re-play that part when i come by…

    i have no problem with that.. but PLEASE understand that when it comes time for us to "get it in" the blessing that is "God of War" best be put on pause..

    i dated a weed head.. i can't.. my daddy was a weed head, and it's not a good look.. GRANTED it smells better than cigarettes.. but STILL!! i'm not hanging around with you while your lips turn black.. that's a negative, and you KNOW i'm not round here lookin good while you waste away.. sorry charlie, you gotta go..

    that whole clubbin bit.. i don't wanna say i don't get it, but honestly, WHY do you think i don't wanna get dressed up and go out with you?? .. i know someone that goes out because that's when the fellas play catch up.. (it ain't to dance, the scene down here is HORRIBLE!) but guess what, you better find yourself round my way on ONE of them weekend days.. and don't just have me around as "that chick that comes to the b-ball court"..

    or else i'll be callin SOMEBODY!!! (i was gonna say Dr. J, but you know.. lol)


  16. good list.

    1. i haven't owned a video game console since my freshman year of college. that was the original playstation. i don't even think i would have time to sit down for hours at a time and play a video game. i'm always on the go. in my opinion they're a waste of time. you beat a video game and then what do you get?

    2. i go out. *shrug* i'm starting to get tired of the club scene. i don't like standing a lot and i hate the darkness of it. i like lounges and bars. places where i can hang out with my peoples, have good conversation and listen to good music. my s/o is welcome to come to a spot like this with me. it's when we're at a club where disrespectful ish occurs and i don't want to be bothered with happens.

    3. excessive drug use is not cool no matter who you are. hit the j every now and then, cool. if you're blowing every day then you're clearly not for me cuz i don't think that ish is cute. i've never done any drugs harder than cannibis sativa so i don't even want to be friends with a person that does.

  17. LMAO @ this blog

    For the record, some of us sistas are video game heads ourselves so I totally understand how you can get wrapped up in a game for hours on end ("The Sims" is like meth, crack and heroin all in one. I can't eff with it cause it will take over my life and I have stuff to do).

    Hopefully my man will understand that as long as Rockstar is making Grand Theft Auto games, I will be playing them so he might have to come up off the XBOX sometimes. That would probably be the issue in our relationship, not that he's still playing video games. LMAO!

    1. It was brought to my attention that I have a tendency to spend all day on saturday crushing beers and playing Rock Band.

      But the only reason why dudes started getting Rock Band was why???

      Because women love Rock Band.

    2. "The Sims is like meth, crack and heroin all in one. I can’t eff with it cause it will take over my life and I have stuff to do. "

      Speaking from an addicit, I can't stop. I lose focus, especially when babies are on the way. Just last week,I repaired a marriage, had twins, and married a millionare. And your right, it will take over your life; I have STACKS of papers to grade now because of The Sims.

  18. Thanks. B/c someone had to say it.

    1. Video games – Here's the solution. Get games where you can play with your SO. It's an art to get her into what you're playing if she isn't doing it on her own. Besides, any woman that likes/loves you wants to show interest in what you like. Just make sure you do the same in return (you might have to watch a episode or two of America's Next Top Model, get the liquor ready…). One of the sexist things a woman ever told me was: "After you finish eating this wonderful dinner I'm preparing, I'm gonna kick that a*s in some Street Fighter." #truestory #wheresheat? #shesstillaround

    2. Keep to a balance of being with her and being out w/o her and being out WITH her. That's ya lady son.

    3. Keep it to a minimum. I suggest Puff-Puff-then pass to ya girl.

  19. My random thoughts:

    1. Has anyone else played a video game so much that when you close your eyes to sleep you see gold coins and tetris pieces floating around?

    2. Thanks for all the good wishes!

    3. Are we taking a Vegas approach to the DC happy hour? I want to know what happened!

    1. Review of the Happy Hour:

      Information about tonight:

      @DrJayJack and @Streetztalk, two of your favorite SBM bloggers will be at Park tonight. Streetz will be standing on a couch. I'll probably be laid out on the dancefloor in need of that Jesus-Lazarus treatment. If you are in the DC area, come out or something. We should be there after/around 10. (We on Black women time.)

  20. The last one really grinds my gears. It has been so bad with the potheads that I refuse to date them anymore. You smoke recreationally at parties? Okay, I can deal. You smoke alone… daily.. and that's all you talk about? We have a problem. I put my men first (within reason) and I definitely refuse to come second to a damn plant.

    Not to mention, the side effects of long-term blunting are SO whack. You get stupid (I need a man to challenge me), you get perpetually lazy (I also need a man with some get-up-and-go about him), that's all you talk about (I'm sorry but I don't give a damn about that thrilla-killa-salmonella (Copyright: Katt Williams) that's burning up the streets) and worst? You get all types of lazy and complacent in the bedchamber.

    Whaaat? You can't climax, which sucks for you, but of course chexing is boring if you know from the jump you aren't gonna be arriving anytime soon. Therefore, you're less willing to please me. That's an issue.

    True story: My ex and I were getting it in. It was run-of-the-mill but D is D so I was enjoying it. Then all of a sudden, his dumb, high self jumps up out the bed and gets dressed. I was disoriented (idk why the D was particularly off-color that day) and I thought there was a fire going on. Turns out… he was hungry and wanted to play Guitar Hero. O_o

      1. Tell me why he started trying to hook up the console and fix himself a sandwich… in my house? Like he hadn't done anything wrong? I told him to gtfo… 6 MONTHS LATER he realized that maybe that sh*t was grimy.

  21. I play video games, go out, and Im drug free. I would consider myself 50% straight edge since I do drink lol..

    Everything is good in moderation… no need to OD but you like what you like.

    Cosign Peyso on the Vag > VG shyt


  22. Thank you for this post! My ex bf played video games all the time. Which I don't mind but there were other things that showed his priorities were mess up. He didn't have a steady job, instead he would do odd side jobs. Out of the 4 months we were together, we only hopped on the good foot three times. Other times we were together, we just messed around kissing below da belt. It got to the point, I was stressed out with the female equivalent of blue balls. Not to mention dude had mediocre skills in da bedroom.

    He would call me saying "baby guess what?" i'd get excited thinking his behind got a job, instea he'd reply with "I just beat so-and-so [in watever game was hot]"

    He was a good dude just didn't have wat I needed. I've never met a man who wasn't as interested in sex as I am, and I'm almost always ready.

  23. I do believe that Men and Women, both have to give up something in order to work as one unit. It is not just men putting rules into play, but women as well. Relationships, equal sacrifice. It is no longer just about you, but another person's feelings are now having to be considered.

  24. I've never understood how brothers can play video games 3-4 hrs a day a chief all day but too each is own, It's boring as hell, I'd rather spend my time & money on other things, business, travel etc or hell even naps lol.

    But if ya girl get's mad, so what do wtf you wanna do and stop trying to get brownie points. If she get tired of it and start nagging or leaves.. put her back on the shelf and get a new one that accepts ya lifestyle.

    My motto "if you lost ya girl, she wasn't yours to begin with"

  25. As much as I love video games, when The Woman comes over the XBox gets shut off unless we're using Netflix or she's playing too. (Men, Castle Crashers, Rock Band, and Scene It! will save your relationship and/or get you laid.)

    This post is the goods, but really anything that becomes an addiction and takes you from your S.O. is bad business. Working out, making money, even school can be taken to the point that it's detrimental to relationships. As a whole, women need attention. I see it a lot. Marriages get screwed up because Ol' Boy is so focused on this, that, or the other that he doesn't see his lady getting scooped up by Jodie.

  26. Well, i feel like im about to break up with my wonderfully beautiful gf, since she doesnt play video games, does not enjoy intellectual talk, and mostly watches thai soaps with the sound on loud, they tend to scream and cry and it blows my mind. Well care to make one with a guys point of view? We might also eff someone else, and some girls do enjoy playing/watching video games, BTW i dont play FPS never tried Modern Warefare, i play RPG games and i guess i can be fun to watch


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