The Ugly Truth

You want the truth?

As I was reading through the comments of the good Dr.’s post yesterday, there was a general sentiment expressed by the ladies that maybe men should be more forth right in their dealings instead of running intricate schemes in order to “win”.  Which is fine.  In the same breath, it was also revealed that women have the capability to employ similar tactics to achieve their end goal, whether it be to snatch prey of their own, c*ckblock so their friends can have a good time, or #swindle free drinks out of dudes too drunk to recognize they don’t even know who their buying drinks for.  Which is also fine.  What keeps me scratching my head is that women are in total shock and disgust when they find out the truth about what’s going on behind the curtain.

Motion offenses and other tactical strategy have been happening since the beginning of time.  If they didn’t work they would have abandoned long ago for a more effective strategy, but as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  The ugly truth of the matter is, women know the truth but delude themselves into thinking that they can somehow make the situation work in their favor.  Honesty may be a good policy, but imagine if first encounters went like this:

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Sheamus: I know we just met, but I hope you don’t mind me saying your t*ts look spectacular in that dress.

Keisha: Excuse me?

Sheamus:  Listen, I don’t even really want to buy you a drink, but I figure it’ll be easier to get in your pants and I’m drinking anyway…so what can I get you?

Keisha: You’re a pig.

Sheamus:  Hm…never heard of that drink…I’ll see if the bartender knows how to make it.  So, is this going anywhere, because I don’t want to keep buying you drinks if you’re not putting out.


The funny thing about the fictional conversation above is that Keisha actually wore that dress so someone could buy her a drink, but actually hearing that her desired effect has been achieved comes as a surprise. Women can be very manipulative and the idea that they can be offended at the fact that men put this much effort into these endeavors is manipulative in itself.   Not all men would be that shallow in their thinking if they were brutally honest with you, but I can guarantee you that it wouldn’t be too far off from that exchange.

Like it or not, the dating game is exactly that, a game.  If you decide to become a part of the game, that makes you a player in the game, subject to all rules and regulations and crying is not allowed.  If you made a conscious decision to accept an invite to an event to reap some sort of benefit, it should come as no surprise that the invitation was given with the same purpose in mind.  I know you think all that counter-offensive crap works, and it might in the short run, but in the long run, it’s just running time off of that little biological clock you’ve got ticking.  Next stop, Cougartown.

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  1. There's still a way to be honest without being a downright a**. I know a large number of women that will respond to a man letting them know they're feeling 'em, but aren't looking to be in a relationship.This is especially true if that woman is in a current dry spell. You may strike out a bit, but you still have a good chance of going home with someone. I don't see what's so difficult with that. The games are exhausting.

    Everybody is always talking about keeping it 100, but nobody wants to keep it 100. SMH

    1. I'm gonna agree here. I'm exhausted by this topic…and I will link up with you all on Monday….

      That is all:-)

  2. @Sanen85: Yes, there is a such thing as tact or manners. I think the author's point was that if women were more honest about their intentions and behaviors with themselves and others, then the communication blockages that occur between the sexes would be minimalized.

  3. @ Adrian,

    No. I believe the post is about how foolish women are to think men don't play games when we so obviously employ games to achieve our objectives. Of course me do it too. We don't have to fall for the games, or we can play right into them if we're looking to have a good time too. I'm not mad at this post at all. The guys are right: dating is a game. Sometimes the game includes navigating your way thru the BS.

    I don't know why the ladies were so mad at the last post. It was called "Look at all these hoes" not "Look at all these respectable, decent well-mannered ladies"!!!! I immediately disassociated myself with the post because of the title lol. They're talking about gathering chicks they are trying to smash- of course a social setting filled with guys and girls who are or have gotten down with no strings attached is the ideal setup!!!!!

    I get invited to these spring/summer BBQs all the damn time…by my homies. I SEE this stuff happen all the time. You know what- I usually don't even bring my homegirls with me because I don't want my boys hitting on them when they're in that mode LOL I go to have a good time with my best guy friends and figure out which girls are tripping over my boys now. Everyone knows the deal at these events…good times hopefully lead to "good times". If you're up on game some good convo won't lead to someone getting the goods from u after such an event-unless u want it too. If you're up on game you'll play it the way Ms. Cherry described yesterday- be the fine girl having genuine fun and attract that man. After that, u can parlay that into a convo that may have him truly interested or at least not just looking at how "great your t*ttays look in that dress".

    It's all a game. Get in and win. If you sit on the sidelines you can't pick or be chosen.

    1. "I get invited to these spring/summer BBQs all the damn time…by my homies. I SEE this stuff happen all the time. You know what- I usually don’t even bring my homegirls with me because I don’t want my boys hitting on them when they’re in that mode LOL I go to have a good time with my best guy friends and figure out which girls are tripping over my boys now." – Lili

      Uh, Ref…flag on the Play? Illegal (c**k)Blocking?

      come on ref…where's the flag?


  4. I actually do agree with you on the fictional conversation. It so happens that a lot of us won't admit this except in our dreams.

    Ladies do have their own games as well only we won't be so quick to lay it bare on a blog… Nice post

  5. I'm with Sane on this one. I'm certainly no stranger to the "game." In fact when I do go out its my mission to get free entry, free drinks, AND a table to sit at when I become tired. But composing 6 man teams to deal with a group of easy females to see which one you can hit? Save your $ and send out that mass "wanna watch a movie" text. Someone like minded will reply and you can use the plotting time wash ya balls.

    1. LOL – pretty much. Perhaps this "mack movement" is like eating crabs at the park – more effort than meat, but you really do it for the fun and atmosphere.

      Cuz there are easier ways to get easy azz.

      1. Touche. There are also easier ways to get into VIP/get free ish/have fun as well. I guess everyone needs to start working harder and not smarter.

        1. Great point. Its much easier to buy your own bottle for VIP than to hope someone lets you rest your tired toes at their table

  6. All of this is greek to me b/c when I go out I don't expect any of the above except having a good time w/ my girls and I used to think I could get good conversation out of it too — I have loooong since realized that ain't gon happen. Not to mention, all the heauxs that are available for the picking at any given social event — why would a man <del>in heat</del> stop the pursuit of the ill nah nah just to talk to me. There is no arsenal involved which is probably why I don't get approached w/ nonsense. I put out a no-nonsense vibe. Yes, I wore this dress so that you could admire my figure that I work hard for, but not so that you'd be inclined to buy me a drink… and if you are so inclined to talk to me than so be it. I don't know… I guess I'm one in a million.

    1. Girl you are not alone. Most of Dr. J's posts are greek to me .

      When I go out its genuinely to have a good time. I don't drink, which is the motion offenses or whatever the games are called biggest way to win, I'm out of the running from jump street. Also, I put out a no nonsense vibe as well (fortunately and unfortunately)….

      A lot of these posts are geared to a certain type of woman and a certain type of man and 99.99% its just not me or who I choose to surround myself with.


      1. i'm also wondering why the "i'd just like some water" causes men to look at me like, "WTF you MEAN you just want some water?!"

        why is it SUCH a big deal to encounter a woman that doesn't drink.. (not often anyway) i don't rely on liquor to have a good time.. not only that, but i think the fact that i am saving YOUR dollars might win me a point or 2.. lol.. WTF is the problem?!?! or is that JUST miami??

        1. Oh lawd let me not here you are up in Iguanas…SMH!!

          I will never step foot in that "club"

          LOL, its not just Miami. I had to start lying to people and telling them I'm allergic to alcohol so they would get off my back! Sh*t you see me shaking my ass on top of that table and in that cage just like the next girl…I don't have to be wasted to have a good time. lol

          White people are worse….they actually get mad at you, like seriously mad at you, for not drinking and will try and force feed you a shot…granted there drunk. smh

        2. Well…

          It's a club. They serve liquor and offer the opportunity to dance. Yet, when asked, you have no desire to drink nor dance. It can be a bit perplexing.

      2. YO!!! iguanas is DOWN THE STREET from me!!! that's not a club.. especially after they stopped having the grown and sexy on monday… someone got shot there about a month ago.. breaking my heels running in the parking lot is NOT my idea of a good time..

        please stay away.. "ABORT will robinson ABORT!"


        i'm jamaican.. i can't help but dance.. but the whole, "i'm just gonna come up behind you and wine a little bit while you're standing still" is NOT what's hot on my block..

        and with that said, i'll take a Malibu and Pineapple.. but understand i'm gonna nurse it ALL night.. and eat the ice cubes too (yes, i really do)..

        1. Yep its terrible over there. I don't know when it got so popular again too. Its like a high school reunion there every night.

          Its not too far from me either, but I'm not stepping foot in there.

    2. I'm with you on that one, I don't go anywhere expecting or looking for anything from anyone. When I go out, it's on my dime and it's to have fun. I don't even accept the drinks that are offered, because I don't want the man to think he's getting anywhere when he most likely isn't. The only time I'll accept a free drink is when they've already went ahead and bought it. I also always see on here people talking about going out on a date because it's a free meal, and that concept is foreign to me. Whenever I am asked out on a proper date (which I can still count the times on one hand), the last thing on my mind if I'm interested at all is a free meal. If I'm not interested, a free meal is not going to change my mind.

      I feel where the men are coming from with this post, women are playing games too and can't get too mad about the games they play. I think they may have went a little to intricate with yesterday's post, but I feel 'em. I just think both sides are silly for playing.

  7. i'm with so Flyy on this one..

    i'm sorry, i don't work for Parker Brothers.. i don't play games..

    when i go out, i keep the expectation nothing more than "me and (insert chick name) are going out and have a good time.."

    i put out a "don't even try" vibe.. (so i've heard).. and if someone approaches me respectfully, then i made it my personal motto that they would at least get my (real) name.. but all that "buy you a drink" business.. does nothing for me.. you poppin a bottle that can be bought down the street for 75% less makes me wonder why you would spend your money in such a fashion.. and causes me to askance in your direction..

    aside from the fact that all i wanna drink is water..

    i'm a novice at all that "bat the eyelashes" business stuff..

    and honestly, if you wanna get in the party for free… GET THERE EARLY!!! no money spent..

    signed.. the original frugal one..

    1. Right?!? Why are you relying on men to get you in free, when most places will let you in for free if you're early enough anyways.

      I try with that vibe, but I end up with my normal ass smile when I'm enjoying myself. Apparently, my smile tells men I'm approachable and I'm working on a way around that.

    2. @SoFly and the rest of the "IDidn'tWearThisForYouToBuyMeADrink' contingent. I think the problem is, you ladies don't have uniform codes and standards. For some women, they absolutely wore that dress to get free drinks and free admittance. Most women at the club are like that. So, when novice guys go out, they can't tell the difference between you and the rest of the chicks. What kinda swindle is that? "Yes I want you to admire my figure, but please do it from afar and don't offer me a drink? That's way too complex for a half drunk dude to understand. That's why I just made it a rule of mine that I would never buy a drink for a woman I just met.

      When I was a younger, single guy -still new to the game, I hated going to clubs, it was like the last option on a Friday night. When I did go to clubs, I hated the "I'mJustHereToHaveAGoodTimeWithMyGirls" crews. I used to think that there should be non-lesbian, all female clubs for women who wanna buy their own drinks, dance only with their friends, and go home all together… at the same time… and have a slumber party or whatever these types do when they leave the club. As I got older, I realized, the best thing you can do is make friends with girls who like to go to the club and not meet anybody – and roll to the club with them. If you can't beat em, join em. It makes you way more attractive to the girls who did come to leave with somebody.

      Oh, and one last thing, buying drinks in the club IS considered tricking. Buying a bottle and sharing it with the women who somehow find themselves near you is acceptable because… sharing is caring, and you had already bought the bottle. But buying a woman a drink is basically paying for her for her time when you don't even know her. That = Tricking. Ladies do you agree? If so, then the converse is also true. Giving someone you don't know your time because they bought you a drink is considered h_eing. So, if a guy thinks he can get 15 minutes with you in the club for a 12 dollar drink, then in his logically working mind, 45 minutes in the bedroom with you should cost no more than 1-2 dinners and a NetFlix rental.

      1. I'm so mad at you for this post, because it's got a lot of truth to it. Like I said, I won't accept a free drink unless he already went and spent his money on it and trust that doesn't happen often. Now, I see why less men are offering these days though, they're being told they're tricking. Women that leave the club with random men have been called h*es forever, but you don't see all of them giving in to the peer pressure. Just sayin.

      2. say "WORD!!" you had me laughing..

        i do like to have fun with my girls.. but if a man would approach me in a RESPECTABLE fashion and ask me to dance, i wouldn't turn that down.. it's when they treat my body like some kind of party that they RSVP'd to, THEN i have a problem..

        and you know what?? i TOTALLY understand what you meant about men not being able to differentiate between the "here to have a good time" women and the "but me a drink, sucka.." women.. it's not like i wear a sign..

        i might be a little bit more nice to the man who mistakes me for the "buy me a drink, sucka" type.. because i understand that's the norm out here.. but JUST a little bit more nice.. not too much..

        tip to men…PLEASE be aware that sugar makes bacteria multiply.. if your drink has some type of sugar in it, odds are your breath stinks.. please observe discretion when considering your "breath to my face ratio"…

      3. #cosign

        Exactly why i quit going to clubs period. I was stationed in GE for a couple years and the vibe over there is so much better. Most women would actually let you know up front where it was going after "Hello" and some of them would even buy YOU a drink.

        1. "and some of them would even buy YOU a drink."

          I'm thoroughly disgusted by this behavior.

        2. "But buying a woman a drink is basically paying for her for her time when you don’t even know her. That = Tricking. – TMIMITW

          Well if she's tricking… as proved by the posts above, does that man the man is h_eing? Cuz if so… I'mma start buying some drinks… I buy you a drink you owe me 15 mins right?

        3. Why? It basically takes the onus off the man and shows you're interested in him. Rather than sit there all night fending off drunk losers, they'll approach a man they find intriguing and start talking, dancing, etc…

          And FTR, all this NBA terminology is like Chinese arithmetic to me. :0?

        4. It's one thing to initiate conversation with a man, show interest, etc., but to go and buy that man a drink is just screams sad to me. I will say that I've bought drinks for men that I'm talking to already, but a man I don't know at the club? Nope.

          Like I said, I don't accept drinks from random men, so I would never buy one for him. Then again I just don't go to clubs looking for men, I can get a hookup by making a phone call, so why go to the club specifically looking for what will probably end up a jumpoff? When I go out, it's just to have fun. If someone were to approach me and seems like a decent guy, I'd definitely talk to him and I'm always open to dancing with him. I'm just not going home with anybody.

      4. Lmao. I see where you are going… and I know it's hard for men to differentiate. That's why I don't get sour if a man approaches me the wrong way… EXCEPT for the joint that had his lips in my face last night. He almost got a Mayweather preview. Anywho… contrary to popular belief about the "I Came Here to Have a Good Time w/ My Crew" girls… we do accept dances from the opposite sex, and we do entertain talking to you all… but rarely does talking happen in these situations.

        Ugh. I think this whoooooole post & the comments have revealed to me why I need to stay my arse out of the club. I love to dance… but it's not getting me what I want. We all know why men go to the clubs, and most women… to go home w/ somebody so if that's not what I'm looking for maybe I need to change my scene.

        1. This is why I don't go out to try to meet anyone. This is also why I'm not in the club every weekend.

      5. You (and a few others) really need to teach a class for men on how to communicate because even when what you say stings a little (or a lot :-s ) it's still palatable…..

        Better yet just report to the Cloning Center… 🙂

        What a lot of men miss is that there is a huge difference between being honest and promoting self-serving agenda. She may not like what you say but if it is truly honest and not just self-serving she's more likely to accept/respect it.

      6. "When I was a younger, single guy -still new to the game, I hated going to clubs, it was like the last option on a Friday night. When I did go to clubs, I hated the “I’mJustHereToHaveAGoodTimeWithMyGirls” crews. I used to think that there should be non-lesbian, all female clubs for women who wanna buy their own drinks, dance only with their friends, and go home all together… at the same time… and have a slumber party or whatever these types do when they leave the club. "

        This is where i'm at right now…

        and yes, i hate going to the club…its not often when i feel like going to an overpacked club, paying $40 for parking, waiting 45 minutes to get in, paying $20-25 to get in, just to buy a $13 151 and coke to see women dance with each other….

        i could get drunk at my house watching playoffs for that much money.

        1. Peter Parker: "and yes, i hate going to the club…its not often when i feel like going to an overpacked club, paying $40 for parking, waiting 45 minutes to get in, paying $20-25 to get in, just to buy a $13 151 and coke to see women dance with each other…."

          That's why I never liked going to clubs. Paying all that money to listen to bad music and drink overpriced beverages. Clubs are overrated. I can meet women at the supermarket or gas station.

        2. I agree.

          Sidebar: Best place to meet women outside of the club?

          I definitely think public transportation. What does everyone else say?

        3. @PeterParker – the next time you and your boys plan on going to the club, call like 4 or 5 chicks who are attractive, but who you're not actively trying to sleep with. Tell them you're going to such and such a place, and ask if they wanna roll. When you all get there, Pop a bottle – not for the alchohol purposes, but so that you have a table – a home base for you, your boys and the ladies to chill at. Here's the most important part. HAVE FUN. Spend time with the laides you brought there, dance a little, but not too suggestively. Don't even worry about other chicks in the club for the first hour or so. They will all notice you because of the beautiful women you're having fun with.

          Then, later on in the night, when you go to talk to a some other girl you're interested in, she'll already have an image of you saying something really witty and funny and the other girls laughing histerically from the first hour of the night. The fact that you're with ladies already will make her assume you're a decent guy, the fact that you had a table and popped a bottle will make her assume you at least have some money in the bank, The fact that you got your two step on means you can hold the beat a little. The fact that the other girls were laughing at your jokes means you're probably funny.

          Now, the playing field is at least level. You're able to talk to her 1 on 1 and she's at least giving you chance, all you have to do at that point is not say something stupid. Take her back to the table (home base), mix yourself a cocktail, offer her one (we still don't buy drinks – remember). When you're song comes on, get excited, jump up and dance, she'll follow… it's really that simple.

        4. TMIMITW: "the next time you and your boys plan on going to the club, call like 4 or 5 chicks who are attractive, but who you’re not actively trying to sleep with. Tell them you’re going to such and such a place, and ask if they wanna roll. When you all get there, Pop a bottle – not for the alchohol purposes, but so that you have a table – a home base for you, your boys and the ladies to chill at. Here’s the most important part. HAVE FUN. Spend time with the laides you brought there, dance a little, but not too suggestively. Don’t even worry about other chicks in the club for the first hour or so. They will all notice you because of the beautiful women you’re having fun with."

          This is foolproof. There is nothing like having an attractive woman hanging around you to make other attractive woman interested.

  8. I have a male friend that says: "Why can't I just give the woman the money I would spend on drinks and dinner upfront so we can get straight to the sex?"

    LMAO…he's a whoremonger for life bless his heart.

    1. I hate to agree with your boy, but he's got a point. If I were a man, I'd feel the same way. This is exactly why I don't accept drinks.

  9. Are you just going to keep extending your name until it's a comment all by itself?

    The Award Winning Especially Articulate Honorable Top Flight Security Having Supercalafragalisticespialadocious Right Coast Lexington Steel, LLC

    And I'm trademarking so pay up before you use it, lol.

    Of course both sides play games. I contend that women are just better at it. When they have Men Free Before 11pm night at the club and women pay extra just to be in the company of men, I'll agree that men have more game.

    But even though women are better at the "game" we still lose sometimes. Looks a little something like this:

    Happy Friday!

    1. Not trying to pick a fight with you, I generally like and agree with alot of your posts. The last 2 days though, you've been on this whole winning/losing better than/worse than kick as it relates to men and women and playing this hypotetical "game". I, for the life of me can't imagine how you can seriously think you guys are are better at the "game" or more capeable of "winning" than we are. Can you elaborate? What is the "game", what are the goals? And most importantly, how does one define victory? As I see it – now matter how youd define it, a man, will always "win" and I mean that it the most non-mysoginist way possible

      1. I'm just trying to keep up with the youngster's lingo, lol. I'm actually retired from the "game". The situation that you described yesterday of putting smart and beautiful people together is what GROWN FOLKS like to do. The same way a grown man, if he wants a casual "relations" ship won't go to all this trouble. They know that If you say what you want you have a better chance of getting it.

        But since it's Friday we can play Winners and Losers in the Dating "Game", lol. Let's have some fun…..


        Weapons – a pretty face, great outfit (not too slutty), sky-high stilletos and a few like-minded friends.

        The Win – free everything, flattering male attention, a place to rest your dogs in a crowded club because some gentleman gave up his seat – and going home alone. (for some reason everyone feels like if a woman has chex she's lost the game)

        The Lose – paying your own way, buying your own drinks, getting little to no male attention and going home with a dude named Cleofus who has bad breath and case of Whiskey Dyck.


        Weapons – good looks help, but a look that says, "I have money" is better. A few like minded wingmen who know all the basketball metaphors. Actual money in your pocket.

        The Win – investing in the club trappings that create the "I have money" look: VIP, table service, bottle poppin', etc. Not having to purchase any drinks, hold any doors or even be particularly nice to attractive women – and still having one polish you off in the parking lot.

        The Lose – buying drinks for a girl and her crew, then a different girl and her crew, getting dissed on the dance floor (the Death Stare followed by the Can you believe this fool? look between her friends is the worst) and still going home alone.

        1. LMAO@ The "death stare"!

          I love to dance…love love love it, so I will dance with anybody that asks…but get out on that floor and start trippin'…you will get left right there by your damn self. I have no problems with an immediate… exit stage left.

  10. First things first, women don't dress up for men, women dress up for women. If women were dressing for men, they'd be undressing. Hence women spending hundreds of dollars on shoes that a man probably assumes came from Payless.

    Second, if you have to buy drinks in order to get a woman to pay you any mind (which 9 times out of 10 she will do just out of obligatory etiquette: 5 minutes per cocktail), your game is lacking. Note: this isn't saying to never buy a woman a cocktail, but women fall for men with confidence and inherent appeal (not necessarily chexual, but it helps), not men who pump them full of booze.

    1. I know some of the men will disagree with me on this one but, I think having a working knowledge of women's fashion – especially when it comes to shoes – is essential for any real renaissance man.

      If a woman has a pretty face she'll get told this by guys a few times a day. If her body is amazing, she'll get told so a few times a day, but if she has a mean shoe game, (Straight) guys never notice and never tell her. Being able to spot a mean pair of shoes is an easy way to seperate yourself from the pack, show you have taste and let her know you're interested in more than just her T&A. Fellas if you can learn how to maintain your masculinity while correctly identifying the designer of the shoes a woman is wearing, you probably can do whatever you want with that woman.

      Ladies, some of us are looking and noticing.

      1. Damn fam, the game is to be sold not told! lol

        Emphatic cosign on the above. To recognize a womans fashion, or even as simple as a change in hairstyle will go a VERY long way.

        All hetero

      2. I'd argue that you dont need to know the designer (unless they're red bottoms or something of that nature) but being able to point out that they are a quality well made shoe goes far too. And also compliment them on their walk b/c there are too many chicks who cant walk in said shoes

        1. @Peyso, you're right, just pointing out that they're a good pair of shoes goes pretty far. But, once in your life you have the see the look on a womans face when you look at her shoes and casually say something along the lines of "so… you like Marc Jacobs"…

        2. Cosign Peyso…A Female with a swaggerific Walk is simply delicious!!! You can be a Mudd Duck in the face…but if you have a "MEAN" walk, men cant help but pay attention…Now, if shorty is a TENNNN (The Dream edited version voice), but cant walk in those 6 inch heels she decided to wear to the club, instant #Fails all over the place…but some of my species wont care because you cant walk on your back, knees, upside down or while suspended in the air…#imjustsayin…

      3. I could give two F%cks about a B*tch wearing Jimmy Choo shoes, only fashion I like is butt naked and stilettos.

        Plus if she wearing $750 shoes who you think she gonna expect to buy them down the road for bday's xmas etc.

        Fashion – fools trying to dress unique wearing mass produced clothes. Miss me with the "it's how you put it together BS" too.

        A B*tch could have on payless shoes, all she has to do is open her mouth and I could tell if she worth a million bucks.

        On the other hand a B*tch that talks about her shoes & Fendi spy bag is a simple minded B*tch that is probably appraising you by the same dumb sh*t plus she only worth bout $5.

        "Only poor people put on a show"

    2. You are 100% right especially @ but women fall for men with confidence and inherent appeal

      I can't stand men who lead with drinks and/or their wallet

      tells me right upfront they probably ain't about isht, and I'm probably wrong a fair amount of times but it's just a turnoff, to me.

  11. I dont dance in the club. Its too damn hot, I'm too damn big and I dont wanna be the sweaty big bol. I hate ppl touching me. So when I come to the club all I'm trying to do is talk. I will find the bol who thinks that we're cool and offer you a drink from his bottle. This way is the best of both worlds. 1) if you're impressed by bottle popping then you think I am popping bottles or at least run w/ bottle poppers. 2) if you think is dumb i can put it off on the guy i dont really know that well.

    Why do women think its sketchy when I say "lets go somewhere where i can actually here you"?

      1. I used to be that bol but then I realized that the sweaty bol was going home alone and sweaty while the other bols were going home to get sweaty

    1. LMAO @ "Why do women think its sketchy when I say “lets go somewhere where i can actually here you”?"

      Because in our experience it usually means "lets go somewhere where you can hike your dress over your head/pull your panties to the side/squat/kneel without drawing too much attention"

      1. LOL @HeadMistress, When I was in DC, I was in some club and based off of all the "Gettin it In" I observed, I had to question whether I entered a Brothel or a Club…or Both Perhaps?!??! Smelled like straight BaDussy in there…OMG!!!

        1. @ Seven, I'm so serious, that's like being in that nasty women's bathroom (we've all been victimized by at one time or another) just more spacious with music and drinks…bleghck! LOL

  12. I would rather a dude be that brutaly honest than give me the old hem n haw

    But then again Im in cougarville and I know how to handle the pack and the cubs

  13. NEVER EVER BUY A WOMAN DRINK!! That's weak game.

    Plus you ain't gonna be the first or the last sucker that does it that night.

    Girls ordering water at a club = Broke B*tches she's just mad nobody has offered to buy her a drink all night and gurl got thirsty lol.

    Had one try and order a drink on ya boy I caught it though like "i'm not buying you no drink" she comes with I thought u wanted to get to know me?

    hmmm pimp decision …..

    Not that bad lol

    She's gets Sh*tty mumbles cheap n*gga calls bartender cancel that order and let me get a water with cherry.. LMAO

    I say "never had one are they good (smirk)"

    F*ck you .. she tells me lol

    I get a bottle and kick it in the parking lot and get em coming our after all tha suckas done bought drinks on the inside but they coming out tippsy and alone and on they way home…

    Shots out to all the N*gg*s buying drinks, I appreciate it!

      1. I'm not curious about his relationship status – I wanna know about that criminal record. Ole Spanish Fly sounding ninja…..

        Lurking in a parking lot waiting for drunk girls to stumble out? "Tipsy, alone and on the way home"??? DA HELL??

        Where's the ref?? Flag on the play!

        1. If there is a woman (or women) out there condoning it, she (they) are as much to play. Why would anyone feel the need to change the way they think/talk to women, if they let it ride and give him play anyways?

          I'm just sayin…

        2. Ain't nobody lurking like some creep in the alley baby I'm LOITERING right at the front door parked up front in valet so I don't miss you coming out 🙂

        1. See, now all your flattery has me feeling bad about my comment up thread. LOL

          I just think there's a better word than b*tch to call women when you don't know their name. It's now my goal to break you of the habit of referring to us as b*tches. 🙂 I'm not sure how I'ma do that via the internet, but I'll figure it out.

      2. @Sane

        Damn do you sleep? lol

        Your goal? You may want to choose a easier goal like being the next president.

        Plus when I say B*tch it's more like a term of endearment.


        "you a good B*tch" or "you my favorite B*tch"

        Now who gonna get mad at that comment lol

        WARNING: Fellas all ya'll can't pull this off it. Also if you can't call her a B*tch then ya probably one yaself.

        Cause only a B*tch would get offended.

        Don't start the hatin with the I'm good guy bs & cosigning, I'm just saying 🙂

        1. It's only 11 here, and I just got off work and am doing some homework. Do you sleep?

          I said how I feel about the word on the post about it, and I don't usually get offended myself. However, most women find it offensive, so it's just best practice not to use it. Also, beware because I don't make it a habit of not reaching my goals. 🙂

        2. 11pm wth you at hawaii ? lol

          I could care less about MOST women feelings. They'll get over it or not… doesn't matter.

          Like I said … Ms. President 🙂

    1. I dont really have a problem w/ what you said but I just dont see why you have to call women b!tches.

      I wont dwell on that though. If you add "unless you intriniscally want to" to the first sentence and amended the third sentence to say "Girl ordering water at the club but would except a free drink", i'd agree

    2. Nick: "NEVER EVER BUY A WOMAN DRINK!! That’s weak game.

      Plus you ain’t gonna be the first or the last sucker that does it that night."

      My good man, you tell her she can buy drinks and you'll get the next round. If she's genuinely interested and not broke, she'll oblige. If she's just trying to drink all night for free, she'll leave you faster than the Hawks getting out of town tonight.


      1. Now, I'd be a little bit more open to that suggestion. Although, I'd be thinking that you're broke and just trying to get free drinks and do I want to be the broad dumb enough to fall for it.

        See, it's just exhausting! How bout you buy yours and I'll buy mine, and we can have a real conversation?

        1. Sane: "How bout you buy yours and I’ll buy mine, and we can have a real conversation?"

          That works too.

          I was speaking more in the case a woman approaches me and asks me to buy her a drink. If she really wants to talk to me, she won't have a problem with that. If she's trying to pull a twist, then she'll realize she's not going to get anywhere with me and find some other sucker.

        2. @SaneN85

          "See, it’s just exhausting! How bout you buy yours and I’ll buy mine, and we can have a real conversation?"


          Minus the real conversation …. I got the # we'll talk later.

          I knew Sane had potential 🙂

      2. @ Jazz good point, but I'm not trying to stick around for two rounds of drinks. I just want the number then on to next one, I have about a 3 min attention span in the club.

  14. This New Millenium females go through a lot to look good for the fellas these days…You got booty injections, botox-errrr-thang!! boobie lifts/enhancements, kegal(spelling) exercises…I guess some feel the least a man can do is buy them a drank or two right???


    1. Are you sure they are doing that for us? I'm usually under the impression that a lot of that is done to upstage other chicks but I could be wrong.

      1. I was going to respond with the same thing, but I think the point he's getting at is that SOME women are actually doing it to get men's attention and feel they deserve a drink in return. I think he's trying to point out the absurdity of it all.

        Elitesmoove, what is SMHHSTS? These acronymns are getting outta control and I just bet this is going to end up being something so obvious.

        1. Exactly Right Sane!!! Its all crazy…Because in these crazy times…dudes be after the females, get them…soon as they get home, realize they may not really be a female after all…So what part of the game is that?!?! A whole lot of deception in these streets…and everyone seemingly is enhanced in the dim club lights..LOL

          SMHHSTS!! –> "Shakin my head HARD side to side" LOL

  15. SMHHSTS!! –> “Shakin my head HARD side to side”

    Now, was all this really necessary? Having me trying to decipher this like it's morse code or something. HMTTDTLIMCOS!

  16. While I have enjoyed these last 2 post, I just have to say, maybe i'm a square, but when I was hitting the club every or every other weekend, It was never to play a game. Hey I'm sure the game gets played, but my intention was always to have a good time #noswindle. If I met someone cool, if I didn't that was cool too. I don't know these clubs or these women, and i'm using that term loosly, who let you buy them drinks and take them home!?!? WHERETHEYDOTHATAT? #I'mjustsaying

    My girls and the caliber of women I hang with are not that easy.. at least not the first time LOL!. For me it's never that serious, If I happen to need the D after the club, then I'll make a phone call to someone I already know and with whom I have that kind of understanding with. But hey, maybe that's just me…

    Either way good post and even better comments!

    Happy Friday People!

  17. *Question completely unrelated to post and seemingly random*

    Men, can I ask what possesses some men (not that I think you guys would do this) to send women pictures of your d*ck? What is the point behind that nonsense? Have any of you on here done that?

    1. @Sane: I have sent out Pipe shots. They were requested. If someone sent you one that was not requested, then either they are rude or you did something to encourage that behavior. Watch what you do, what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to.

      @max: Just because something doesn’t move you, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t move others. That’s why you have people with different personalities and body shapes. Evolution at it’s finest.

    2. Sending pics of D's….. LAME!

      Requested or not, I wouldn't even F@*# with the type of B%tch that requested some sh*t like that, what she making a collage of all her D's c'mon what part of the game is that.

      Only close up pic you gonna get of deez nutz is a mental pic you take with ya eyes when you about lick em.

      Otherwise no haps!

  18. OK, I will have to agree with this one. It you look a way and have made yourself look this way on purpose why shouldn't you be called out on it. I know I have had my wardrobe "miscalculations" and learned a valuable lesson from them, but just because a guy sees it means he has to say something about it. I mean do you go up to a starnge and say, "geez that baby is ugly" or tell some girl, "dayum you fat" or "wow you stank". No we keep things to ourselves as these comments should be kept to ones self.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


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