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I’m Lazy and I Let a Woman Dress Me


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Dress me or undress me girl. Your choice...

Peter is in front of the mirror putting on one of his favorite shirts. His boo, Dahsheeka, walks in and shakes her head. It is here that the dialogue begins:

Dahsheeka: You know you can wear other shirts with those pants right?
Peter: Yeah Snugglemuffin, I know. I like this shirt though.
Dahsheeka: Every time you’re not in work or basketball clothes, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll put that trojan one on.
Peter: Why does it matter? It’s clean, pressed, and presentable.
Dahsheeka: I feel like I’m dating a cartoon character!
Peter: Well, you do like my go go gadget d*ck. Anyway, I’ll put on the other shirt to appease you.
Dahsheeka: Grrr. Let’s go to Macy’s. My treat.

Sound familiar at all? I know it does for me. Ya see, unlike Dr. J, I’m not a high maintenance fellow (#noshotsjusttruth). I don’t spend an hour a day in front of the mirror. I drive an Altima to the club. I don’t have an extensive shoe/sneaker collection that requires methodical thought each and every day. I just plain keep it simple. I always have been that way and always will be.

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I have a good number of shirts, but there are 3 or 4 that I really like to wear when I’m dressed to get out the crib and be around people in a casual setting. There are no crazy designs or over the top efforts to coordinate. On nights where I go out, it’s my Cole Haans, clean jeans, and a collared shirt that’s probably a solid color. That’s it. I’m predictable when it comes to the wardrobe and I really don’t care as long as I’m clean and don’t embarrass whoever I’m with.

When I need new dress clothes, I go to Men’s Wearhouse to pick out the suit and I let their staff do the rest. When I’m shopping for casual clothes, I bring a woman along and let her figure out what works and I just give a yay or nay. Some people have told me that I really need to get it together when it comes to shopping and my overall lazy attitude toward the task. Don’t get twisted though. I can make decisions on my own if I have to, but if somebody thinks they can do better than me then I’ll let them take the fashion steering wheel. My objective in life is to mitigate stressors so I can focus on things that make me happy. Shopping and trying to outdo folks with an outfit doesn’t make me happy.

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So when you see me in NYC on June 3rd for the Modern Day Matchmaker Live and think that I’m dressed awesome or that I didn’t do enough, just remember that it wasn’t me who picked the outfit. It was a woman. And besides, every good man has a good woman helping to dress him for his moment in the spot light whether he admits it or not.

So ladies and gents, how do you feel about women dressing their men? Is it a turn off for a woman who needs to revamp her man’s wardrobe? Is wardrobe really a predictor of one’s personality? Should every man be trained on aggressive wardrobing skills or is that just too parfait risque? Any other thoughts? Share ’em. Share ’em now!

If you don’t like my jeans then buy me a new pair,


  1. for this matchmaker thing…can guys wear fitted hats?

    or is this one of those semi-business-professional things?

    otherwise, good post, i am of the low maintenence fashion squad as well…get me a funny t-shirt, baggy jeans, and a fitted, and i'm good to go

    (but keep the Jersey in the trunk, just in case, lol)

    1. You mentioned fitteds.. I think they're still okay.. As long as you take the friggin sticker off. Grown a$$ men with stickers on their fitteds..SMH

      Dressing an s.o? Ehh, it's not my cup of tea. It is nice to see them in clothing that's not sweats, baggy jeans, etc. A lil dressing up couldn't hurt. The idea of that is cute but not something I wanna be responsible for. He should know SOMETHING lol

      1. i actually forgot to take the sticker off one of my fitteds, i had worn it so much that when i did, the area was brighter than the rest of the bill *sigh* lol

  2. Lol!! I get a kick out of dressing my significant others…my ex would constantly repeat the same outfits…until I started secretly adding jeans to the closet. He didn't notice til I started moving the old jeans out…but by that time he was willing to come to the store for shirts….

  3. This is a cute post, Slim. Very adorable. While I see what you are saying I do feel it's important for a man to know how to dress well on his own. As a woman, I can add tidbits, but not a whole revamping of clothes and style. #lemme,lemmeupgradeyounobueno

  4. The girls and I are sorting out details for June 3rd…Most likely, I will be there.

    I've never dressed a man. This is one thing that I hope that he can handle himself. However, I will buy jeans, shirts, footwear, here and there. Unless your wardrobe is unacceptable, I won't think about revamping it.

    A friend of mine dated a guy that was blah! She bought him clothes for his bday, and when they stepped outside, a lot of females wanted to scoop him up. I wouldn't describe the way he dressed as "bad", however, it did take some time to get use to. Maybe she introduced him to the "good life", because his new wardrobe did it for him.

    Wardrobe does not describe personality. I love to shop and have a lot of clothes. Looking in my closet, one can infer that I'm a trendy, laid back person. However, I've been in 6itch mode since I started grad school, so that's just a false impression.

    See you in NYC..

  5. The key here is that you actually do have an eye for what you like b/c you offer yays and nays while the other person picks things out. You're not sitting on the edge of your bed waiting for your lady to lay your clothes out for you every morning and resorting to wrinkled rags when she doesn't, lol.

    If a guy wants to give me the reins while shopping, I'll take them (probably b/c I work in retail, so I'm used to stocking other people's wardrobes, lol).

    Everybody's not a fashionista/o . . . and there's nothing wrong w/ that. Besides, there are a lot of people out there who think they dress well but could actually benefit from their SO offering some input.

    1. No I agree. You can't have someone everyday placing clothes out for you like a 5 year old. However, you could use a girl helping out with the shopping… its not even just the shopping.. its more the timing of shopping. B/c I will continue to wear the same clothes for years. Its takes honey to step up and say "Negro I need to take your @$$ to the mall."

      Last month I get yelled out for wearing an undershirt with a whole in it during laundry day? What's the big deal?! It was an undershirt! NO one saw it. But she used it to clean the toilet to keep me from wearing it. Than bought me some v-necks… love wifey.

      1. LOL @ the undershirt to clean the toilet! Sometimes you just need somebody to step in. And sometimes drastic times call for drastic measures.

        My dad had this damn faded USC Rose Bowl championship tshirt that he wore wayyyy too much. After actually throwing it away twice, my mom and I realized that he had 3 of them, lol. I currently have the third onehidden in a bag for the Salvation Army. Desperate times, desperate measures. I've got my eye on a few of his Laker tshirts too but I think he may cut me, lol.

  6. I'm partial to the Dr. Jay types myself.

    All of my male friends and the men I've been involved with have been these uber-dapper types with 99999 different white t-shirts that look the same but each has a specific purpose in life and shoe games that I can't even come close to competing with.

    I wouldn't throw out a keep it simple kinda man, but they don't float my boat the way these peacocks do. I'm not a no-frills person when it comes to my style of dress and I like to be with a man who matches that.

    In my last relationship we used to have Cliff & Claire-type contests to see who could "out-dress" the other when we went out. I always lost.

        1. Add mine to the list of kudos, I went and checked it out this morning, and you have a new follower now.

  7. Haha Too cute!

    I'm one of those up grade you type women…only when a guy needs it though. I did it for my bff and now he can't stop getting complimented on his look and he likes every minute of it! #vaneself

    Its starts with a "Hey you should wear this shirt, it really looks nice on you…." Three weeks later I've revamped your entire wardrobe and outlook on clothes itself!

    I really should be a stylist, its my calling. I'm much better with ladies fashion though, so my expertise is limited with men. I only put them in what I like to see a guy wear.

    1. I dig it. I feel the same way…I like putting together outfits for people–mostly my girlfriends but its fun for the SO too. I'm glad I don't have to do it all the time, he does have personal style.

      I've dated the "super fly name brand/designer everything" guys and the "just put something together neat" guys. if I like you I like you, but I DO appreciate a man that is flyyyyy and can even tell me "that's a bad shoe, cop that"…

      1. One Christmas, I went #AllShoeEverything for my wife. Bouth like 10 pairs – boots, heals, sandles, pumps, flats… it was nuts. I'd say I've bought her at least 25 pairs of shoes since we've been together. Some of her favorite pairs are ones I bought.

        But I don't lay her clothes out for her. She's stylish on her own.

        1. @ Most

          I'm glad to see that the superstition regarding shoes did not hold for you and your wife.

  8. I had to step in and start dressing one of my guy friends. This fool was still wearing Eko Red *covers eyes* But since we are college students I have taught him how to find better clothes at bargain stores like TJ Maxx and how to really shop a sale. I never knew how hard and expensive it can be for a man to dress really well. I applaud any man that can dress well and still have a savings account.

  9. *Hugs for Slim* You sound a lot like my man. Unfortunately, I'm not really a fashionista either so I don't know if I'm much help in that department. I'd be ok with your outfit as is. F#$k what people think.

    All I really need to go out:

    – tight white v-neck tee

    – stretch jeans

    – cute stilletos

    – earrings/bracelet

    All he needs: polo or sweater, nice jeans and non-sneaker shoes.

    I'ma let you in on a little secret: When God blesses you with natural good looks you don't have to spend much time fluffing and preening. It's like putting glitter paint on a Picasso.

    1. "I’ma let you in on a little secret: When God blesses you with natural good looks you don’t have to spend much time fluffing and preening. It’s like putting glitter paint on a Picasso."


      1. I disagree. but I don't think good clothes = glitter.

        better fashion doesn't take away from attractiveness but bad fashion damn sure will murk it.

        1. Eh. You've got a cute face, Reecie…you've probably gotten the "sweat pants and t-shirt" holla before. I'm not saying people should not put any effort in because they're cute – but I've seen the "trying too hard" crew. You know, the chick with her make-up, weave and outfit on EXTRA…to go to the gym, lol.

          Seriously, though – I'm mad that I can't accessorize to save my life. I'm gonna recruit you and BerriBlk for some assistance…..my thinking at one point was to begin dressing REAL TACKY and have one of my friends nominate me for a make-over show so I can get a whole new wardrobe. #seehowischeme

        2. I agree Reecie, I don't think it's like putting glitter on a Picasso, it's more like putting a Picasso in the perfect frame. At least – that's how it should be.

        3. @Anna N. I have–but I still feel bummy. lol. there is a time and place to be bummy though. I'm not THAT high maitenance. I agree with you on the "try too hard" folks but I also think some don't try/care enough *shrugs* its a fine line…and I would never nominate my girls to embarrass themselves on TV! we would handle that out of public eye first! LOL

          @mostinterestingman I was gonna say its like an enhancing outlining of the painting–but a frame is even better….

      2. I would never think of coming out of my house wearing slippers, however I've never been the one to spend even 15 minutes trying to do my hair and make-up to be "presentable" or "acceptable" to the world. Fugg the world. If anyone thinks they can judge me based on what I'm wearing or not wearing for that matter, then they certainly would never EVA have a place in my life…not even as a bug on my windshield.

        lol…bug on my windshield…that even made me laugh.

        1. yep. its not about whats presentable to the world, but what is acceptable to you.

          we're just talking about your look being a reflection of who YOU are (personal style).

  10. Tee hee hee *raises hand* Guilty, lol. I get the phone call that starts with "Baby, what am I wearing to such and such?" Now, he can dress, he's suited and booted for work every day but when it comes to other events that don't involve suit and tie he's perplexed, lol.

  11. i think that a man should know how to dress himself without the help of a woman. does my woman make suggestions about what she thinks look good on me? sure she does. do i take that into consideration? i sure do.

    i believe overall i do a great job at dressing myself. i know what looks good on me. what is flattering to my body and what is not. what colors look good on me, etc.

    " Is wardrobe really a predictor of one’s personality?"

    – i do believe that your clothes are an extension of your personality. you walk out the house looking sloppy and unkempt then i'm going to have no choice to believe that you are lazy and have a nonchalant attitude.

    as far as the maintenance scale i probably fall somewhere between where you are and where dr. j is. well probably a little closer to where dr. j is.

  12. A man's goal, as far as his stye is concerned, should be for his attire to be an accurate reflection of who he is inside. I want what I wear to speak for me, when I don't have an opportunity to speak for myself. Having someone else dress you, is a sign of immaturity on the part of the man, and insecurity on the part of the woman doing the dressing. It's one thing to make suggestions, and another thing entirely to make choices.

        1. Interesting, you have that DC man vibe – that "so fresh so clean…even if I'm just in a white tee and jeans" thing going on.

        2. I'm diggin it. Your other pic combined with the nature of your usually "wise beyond your years" comments left me with no choice but to imagine you as a 60 year old.

    1. I agree but I disagree. What happens if I see something in you that you dont necessarily see. Does this mean that your SO shouldnt make a suggestion?

      1. Nah, a suggestion is fine, it's the idea of being "dressed" by someone else, S/O or otherwise, that I can't get with. Even buying something for your s/o because you think they'd look good in it is fine. It just can't be because one is incapable.

  13. I can offer suggestions even buy a few things but a man can't be totally dependent on me to dress him…

    Idk why but reading this post reminded me of those "feminine wash" commercials – esp the one where the guy is running on the treadmill and then decides to blow dry his sweaty self as a way of freshening up before he and his girl go out…

    But anyway, I can sorta appreciate the type of guy Dr J is (they are nice to look at) but I don't have much patience for all of that in a man – mine needs to land somewhere in the middle range of Dr J and Slim's strategy for dressing themselves, but closer to Slim…just K.I.S.S. & K.I.M.

    1. LOL @ Head Mistress

      "Idk why but reading this post reminded me of those “feminine wash” commercials"

  14. Hmmmm (where is Dr. J cause I don't want him to GET ME!) lol.

    I never had to dress my man, he always had immaculate fashion taste. When we met in college I thought he came from a well to do family because of the way that he dressed. Little did i know he was from the projects in Harlem USA.

    I've always been the minimalist type of woman, meaning less is better (less jewelry, less makeup) I have my own little style, but my man is still high maintenance to this day…just this morning he was unwrapping a Brooks Brother's shirt and carrying on about the right cufflinks to wear (he's 45 now) and made a comment "do you know some men actually leave these IN HERE?" (the cloth cufflinks that come with the shirt). I honestly never noticed before.

    OK, i'm rambling, but other than asking me "the red or the blue" don't bother me with your fashion issues. You should know how to dress yourself.

  15. I appreciate your laidback attitude towards clothes. Something about a dude primping and preening in the mirror longer than I do is suspect. Sue me, I live in Atlanta- I'm automatically suspicious. Lol!

    I'm pretty basic most days, and can be cute and ready to go in 30 -45 mins including hair and make up. An hour if I'm getting diva'd up.

    If my guy is taking longer than that, it's a problem. Nice jeans, solid colored shirt are good to me. Can't stand to see a man with a bunch of embroidery and sparkles on his clothes!

  16. Good Post Slim!

    I think Most was right in saying that the way you dress should be a reflection of who you are on the inside. I also think that variety is the spice of life. I like to be trendy here and there, but I have my own style. I see kix, shirts, jeans, etc that I think would look hot on me, and I make it happen. I got homeboys/bros/business associates whom I admire their style and will ask advice on how to flip certain looks.

    If I'm hitting the mall or other stores and a woman accompanys(sp) me, I will ask her opinion, especially if I feel she'll have my best look in mind. Best question to ask is "Which shirt/jeans/whatever would make you go "mmm..mm..MM!" if you saw me in em" After all lets be real when people dress they are more than likely looking for some reaction, and it's a form of expression. I wouldn't let myself be dressed 100% unless it was a tv/movie situation and even then I'd have my own input!

  17. Where were all these people supporting doc last week when he wrote his looky me post? lol.

    I cant reply all these comments, but @mostinteresting…

    I don't think it's immature, insecure, or any of that. Those terms get thrown around too often. I highly doubt that a 25 year old man or older has no idea at all how to dress. I was more so saying that I don't get into the ins and outs (pause) of fashion and that if someone wants me to get all done up, they can pick stuff out. Of course, that's just me though. Good comments!

    1. I don't think the terms are used too loosely, I think we may take them too seriously. Having someone else dress you because you agree that they can do a better job is definitely a sign of immaturity. Feeling the need to dress your S/O because you don't think they can do an adequate job, is definitely a sign of insecurity. It's insecurity because you're concerned with how he looks when he's perfectly fine with how he looks. Just because it's immature and insecure doesn't mean it's a dealbreaker, or a major issue. It just is what it is. Again, a suggestion is one thing, but being "dressed" by your woman… not cool.

      And by no means am I the "kappashimmey" type of dude. I don't think anyone would ever describe me as a "pretty boy", but, I do take the time to think about what I'm wearing.

      1. @ Most

        "Having someone else dress you because you agree that they can do a better job is definitely a sign of immaturity."

        Sign of immaturity? Why can't it just be that the only taste they have is the taste in their mouth?

        So not cool to be labeled immature simply because they lack imagination…or the ability to "follow the trends"…

        1. See, I think that's the misonception. The whole "trend" thing. I'm not about trends. I don't own anything by Affliction or Christian Audiger, I never owned a trucker cap or any of the "trendy" things in the past year. I don't wear clothes with with labels or names all on it. It's not about trends.

          What I'm talking about is style. A man – and a woman – for that matter – should have their own style that they've cultivated for themself. Doesn't mean preening or primping, it just means taking the time to make sure your clothes, you're shoes and other things are an accurate reflection of who you are. That's all i'm saying…

        2. @Most…maybe their style IS to wear jeans and t-shirts everyday…why is that a lack of maturity? I still don't see the parallel between the two.

          I'm a scientist in R&D…drug discovery. I wear my jeans and puma's all day ERRYday. I'm not wrinkled, dirty or otherwise frumpy looking ( well except close to christmas break i look a little frumpier lmao) but my clothes would never tell you how I'm a champion for the underdogs in life. They will never tell you the depth of my intelligence…the scope of my sense of humor nor my obsession with recycling. You would never know that I randomly hug trees and that I like to lay in the grass and look for animal shapes in the clouds. Just a snapshot, but things that TRULY say something about YOU. Like I said earlier…judge me by my clothes if you want, but my portfolio is diversified nicely…my bank account looks fab…I have many stamps in my passport AND I rest well at night knowing I'm going to get up and jump into my jeans and puma's. LMAO

          Oh…but make no mistake about it…I knows how to gets down when attending some froo froo event or another. tee hee hee 🙂

  18. Happy Day 2 to you Slim!!

    umm.. my ex, i had to dress.. he didn't know WHAT to do, or what to wear.. and it's actually sad, because he's about to be 29 (ish) and he's STILL wearing certain things i bought him when he was 24..

    the current fella i'm seeing KNOWS that i know what's best.. he dresses good, but will take me along to the outlets and have me pick out stuff.. i'm not a fashionista.. (by ANY means!) but i'm a little more ahead of the curve when it comes to what's looking good and what colors make his skin tone look like that perfect shade of chocolate.. and i watch enough "what not to wear" to tell him too..

    i'm Like Anna N… i'll do a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.. and "DUNN DI PLACE" with my shoes.. my man doesn't need to be all done up.. odds are, if i'm with you, i love you just the way you came, baby!! a little help never hurt, but i'm not changin ya..

  19. Part of the "Are you the one" hazing process that is dating me is "Are you willing to dress and shop for me, and will it be to an acceptable level".

    One of the things I truly look forward to in marriage (besides no gloved love all day) is a SIGNIFICANT reduction in the effort I have to put into getting dressed and shopping.

    1. here here.

      I hate shopping. Its not dressing that is the problem. So if you are really wifey.. get on the good foot and do what you love to do: Shop. And bring back things I would like.

      1. funny thing is that i hate shopping too… i'd rather watch football, or be outside doing something enjoyable..

        i'll walk in.. pick it up, and pay for it.. but D*MN if it takes more than 45 minutes, i'm already wondering when i can get home..

        "i just wanna cuddle with you, baby.."


  20. I've never had to dress an S.O because I'm usually attracted to men who have a keen sense of style..and as Max mentioned before I too am not a no-frills kinda girl.

    However, my poor dad smh. lol. Blessed (or cursed?) to have 4 women around him and when we go on vacation together…we shop. I mean he comes along but we literally have to drag him into Van Heusen or Brooks Brothers and start puttin up shirts on him until he get's 'in the mood' lol. Because of us…my dad has the DOPEST closest for a man his age and even competing with these young bucks. I love when he'll still ask me "which tie goes better with this shirt?" haha too cute.

    1. my stepdad does this with me too. he has for years. he's colorblind too, so he needs all the help he can get. lol. but I'm always happy to do it 🙂

  21. My gf shops for me but I also shop for myself. She gets me to wear things that I'd look good in that I wouldnt necessarily think that I'd look good in. I still buy most of my clothes. There have been times when I've picked something out that she bought for herself. Because she shops more, she finds stuff for me.

    Your S.O. shouldnt determine your overall style. I think thats where we have an issue.

    1. I don't think anyone is saying the s.o. should define/determine a man's style….but as you mentioned the s.o. can certainly help expand your horizons.

      Unless of course you're dating me. Most I'll do it buy you a few sweaters for Christmas, or some gear from your favorite sports team.

  22. Hey guys, sorry i've been mad busy this week. But I have been reading.

    I wear a kevlar privacy protection screen on my PC just for people who takes shots, Slim, so none taken. I would be dead without it, Anna N. is the teflon temptress.

    If your lady gets you a gift and it's clothing you should try and find ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe because it will make her happy. I do that with gifts I receive from all women, even my mother, aunts, and grandmother. What you gotta do is let the people buying you stuff know what you like and the brand.

    For the whole premise of this post, "I'm lazy and I let a woman dress me" if we are congratulating this we are subscribing to all types of problematic issues with relationships. Shall we say "Baby Boy"? I think that many Black men let their women be their mothers and they don't need a mother, they need a partner. So if you are being lazy about dressing yourself and your woman is dressing you…that's a problem.

    So although I'm sure some women don't want to date a #LookieLooky guy, they also shouldn't want to date an old lazy a*s negro. Somewhere in the middle is probably best, a man who takes pride in his appearance, but also is open to suggestions.

    1. "Somewhere in the middle is probably best, a man who takes pride in his appearance, but also is open to suggestions."

      You know I hate your reasonable side lol. And thanks for the new nickname, I like Teflon Temptress.

  23. I've never had to dress an SO, they all pretty much know how to do it themselves. I may make suggestions, or help them decided between this and that when shopping, but that's about it.

    Call me crazy, but I'm looking for a dude that will give me his HONEST opinion on what I pick out. Its okay for us to look at what our SO has on and say "baby, that's not your best 'fit…try this instead." Whenever I've asked a guy how I look I almost always get the "you look great boo". Why don't men just let us know if they don't like it? Do you guys think we aren't able to take that constructive criticism from you?

    Just curious…

    1. B/c the Mets are playing and just saying I like it is the quickest way to get you to shut up.

  24. This was refreshing to read because FINALLY, there's a man that exist on this earth who's not all into himself and clothing. I swear… God doesn't make 'em like you anymore. Most dudes I know wanna go shopping often and talk about clothes more than I do and I'm like, "DUDE, ain't the game on or something?!" *sigh*.

  25. I think I'm somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. While I don't spend an extraordinary amount of time getting ready to go somewhere, I will admit there is a smoker's ritual that must take place…mostly because I'm hooked on nicotine, and I smoke a Parliament before every activity. I do spend quite a bit of time in the mirror, not really so much checkin' out my outfit, but just checkin myself out, because I will admit, I'm probably one of the most conceited people you will ever meet and I am rather fascinated by the heavenly image I've come to know as my reflection. It is because of this conceit that I am convinced that whether I am wearing a 3 piece suit, or some raggedy ass sweats, I'm still God's Everlasting Gift to humanity, and since God went out of his way to place me on Earth for all to enjoy, it's only fair that the people fortunate enough to know me pitch in keeping me looking sharp. So right now I've got my eye on a cashmere/cotton shirt from Brooks Brothers, but I'ma still call my mama and tell her the next time she goes on one of her ridiculous shopping sprees that I'ma end up paying for anyway, be sure to pick me up some paisely ties. And seeing as I'm convinced I'll look good no matter what I wear, I'ma need Mrs. Steele to bring me back down to Earth every now and then to let me know just because I think it's dark enough that people won't see the Clorox spots on my sweats, this is just not the case.

    1. cashmere is the most luxurious feeling fabric my body has had the pleasure of touching.. d*mn that fabric is sexy!! you get a point for knowing what it is..

      "MMM HMMM" (negro spiritual style..)

    2. "I am rather fascinated by the heavenly image I’ve come to know as my reflection"

      oh my DAMN! LMAO Thank you thank you thank you…that is HILARIOUS!!!

  26. Well my experience has been that females can not dress men. They will have you lookin homosexual. They look at the ads for Prada in GQ and don't realize all Prada models lookin like flaming homos.

    The problem is women think like women. They overaccesories, overcoordinate and size stuff too small.

    Don't get me wrong. Women can recognize a good piece and I've worn things because my woman liked it. But they don't know how to pull together stuff together like a man would.

    Women don't know what to wear with a pair of Versace jeans so you look gangster and not gay.

    Short answer. If your women wants to see you in something…cool. Wear it. If she hates your favorite pear of sweat pants. Ditch em to make her happy. But don't let her be your personal stylist. Unless you want to look like a Prada model. (If you want a good laugh google Prada and look at their ads.)

    1. I disagree with the first part of your statement. I hate to say it (no disrespect) but you were with a woman who didnt know what she was doing. A woman (or any person actually) understands fashion knows what looks good on you and what doesnt. My girl likes men. So if she ever dresses (which I'll admit is every once in awhile) I look like a man.

      1. Well we kind of agree. I think women can pick nice pieces. But they can't pull together outfits. Very few women even uderstand mens fashion. They know what looks good when they see it but not how to achieve it. 🙂 They don't know the different collars on mens shirts. A European cut from and American cut. When to wear a metal braclet watch versus the leather band. They think a well tailored shirt comes of the shelf like that.

        I think most celebrity men have male stylists.

  27. I just discussed this w/ my SO. These were her questions for the men regarding their SO's and choosing clothes:

    #1) Does your SO dress herself well?

    #2) Does she understand what type of body you have and how to accentuate it?

    #3) Is she always shopping?

    #4) Does she generally understand male fashion?

    She says if the answers arent three yesses then your girl shouldnt be dressing you and might not even need to choose occasional pieces for u.

    1. It's like this. You ever notice how most women have gay friends. They will swear that gay friend can dress. He is well coordinated and his clothes always fit perfectly. But somehow he always looks perfectly gay. 🙂 Most women are like that girl in the movie Clueless. Sweatin a guy cause the dresses well….whole time he gay as Quagmire's father.

      Look at Jay Z. Bamma went from gangster to wearin button ups wit french cuffs and jeans. That's what hangin out with super models will do for you. Have you lookin like black Zoolander.

      Call me the black Dos Eckes man….."I don't always dress up. But when I do I prefer to keep it gangsta. Stay hood my friends." 🙂

  28. I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman dressing her man. I once dated a guy who was more concerned with what he wore than I, got his hair cut every week, and was obsessed with teeth whitening. I thought he was just metrosexual at the time, but it turns out he was gay!

    So now I happily dress my keep-it-simple, predictable man for any ocassion.

  29. Since I'm late like Jake… I'm just gonna answer the questions.

    1. how do you feel about women dressing their men?

    I picked you… therefore I don't hate your sense of style. I personally wouldn't pick a man that required a complete and total makeover. That means… I wouldn't more or less be dressing you. Making suggestions = yes. Picking out pieces = yes. I love to buy people things as an expression of my feelings for them. It's how I'm wired. And I love to shop so I most definitely see myself buying pieces for my man… but hopefully he is capable of dressing himself.

    2. Is it a turn off for a woman who needs to revamp her man’s wardrobe?

    Please see above.

    3. Is wardrobe really a predictor of one’s personality?

    Oddly, yes… Slim's simple style says alot about who he is… & I think it's adorable.

    4. Should every man be trained on aggressive wardrobing skills or is that just too parfait risque?

    Nah, if that's not who he is… he won't do it, even if he knows how…

  30. I'm not a fan of shopping. So if I find a style of clothing I like, I buy three or four of them. I want to put the mental energy for getting dressed towards other things in my life. Besides, the money I'm not spending on high fashion is going towards a new home.

  31. By dressing a man if that means that I lay his clothes out on the bed for him like out parents did when we were little…nope I'm not doing it. There are certain things that a man should know how to do by the time he becomes a man. Now if we are speaking about making suggestions or purchasing something that you know he'd look good in I'm all for it. I was raised that for women the way your man looks is an extension of you. Trust me when i tell you that if your man is seen by another woman and he looks a hot mess chances are she will start thinking that "you" are not taking care of your man. If she is scheming on how to get your man chances are that will be her motivation. There's nothing wrong with offering suggestions about attire. I am a fashionista and occasionally I will ask my sisters/friend what they think about an outfit. Most times I was already thinking the same thing but just wanted confirmation.


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