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S*x vs. The Text Message


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HELLO LADIES. Look down, now back up, now back down, what’s that in your hand? Back at me! I have it; it’s a cell phone…

Recently I came across an article on CNN titled, Texting During Sex? Some Say it’s OK. You know, sometimes you have to sit back and admire the ingenious simplicity of the behind the scenes title makers at CNN, because I was hooked!

After reading this article I quickly realized that I need to stop dating women under the age of 25. I’ve actually been trying to implement this kind of strong-willed discipline for some years now, but this article was the final motivation W.I.M. needed. You see, I am 27 years old and on average, I date women who range between barely old enough to vote to just old enough to drink – well, after their birthday next month anyway. This isn’t my fault, because in my head I’m still college-aged. Instead, it’s the public at large with their condemnatory stares and hushed whispers that have begun to frown upon my penchant for dating women half-decades my junior, who you know, also happen to be sophomores in college, the bastards. But, I digress…

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The article states that a 1,000 person survey “found about one in 10 people younger than 25 say that they would not mind being ‘interrupted by an electronic message’ during sex.” But, the main question is: Is it appropriate to send or receive text messages during sex?

First, my partner and I cannot control who send us text messages during our vertical, ankle elevating or back arched at a 45-degree angle escapades. However, would I be offended if my significant other took it upon herself to send a 160 character message in the middle of our baby-making practice rounds? Well, that depends. What’s in said text message? Because if her friend asks, “What are you doing?” and she responds, “Girl, I’m on a horse!” Well, I might be ok with that.

On the other hand, if that text conversation goes something like, “What are you doing?” and she responds, “Nothing. Bored. You?” Well, then I might be a little hurt. Of course, I’m not going to stop or anything, because as a man I do my crying in the rain or in the shower plus it would take a lot more than an insensitive text message conversation to get me to stop having consensual relations – like maybe a Twitter alert.

I really don’t know how to feel about this article. As I’ve pointed out, I’m not as young as I use to be and quite frankly I’m just happy when anyone chooses to “ride the beat, like a motherf**kin freak” (#shoutout to Ciara!) with me. That whole axiom about “it takes two to tango” is totally overrated and completely misleading. It really doesn’t!

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As far as I’m concerned, you can read your email and text, watch TV, pluck your eye brows and talk on the phone about Desperate Housewives during the act, as long as there’s still an act to act out. Then again, maybe I’m in the minority?

So ladies and gentlemen, what are your thoughts, opinions, or suggestions? Is it ok to text (or Tweet) during sex? Why or why not?

Wisdom Is Misery
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  1. *You can call me Hilton, Paris Hilton*

    SMH, I couldn't help it LOL.

    I've been guilty of answering the phone while having the inside of my belly button tickled… and it was a turn on for him! I think the fact that I was trying to keep a straight conversation about work while trying to hold back the moans made him want to tickle past my belly button all the way to my rib cage!

    That was then though, now, I just let it ring, vibrate, whatever! I am too busy enjoying my hair being pulled while having my back massaged in an origami position that only God knows I have no idea how I'll be able to get out of!

    If either party resorts to answering the phone or text, then that's a sign that either party putting in work ain't putting IN the work… That's just bad all around…




    W.I.M. welcome and great post!

    1. "I’ve been guilty of answering the phone while having the inside of my belly button tickled… and it was a turn on for him! I think the fact that I was trying to keep a straight conversation about work while trying to hold back the moans made him want to tickle past my belly button all the way to my rib cage! " <——– YEP

        1. this is actually great. I like having him call someone we know while I'm going down on him- just to see how long it takes him to lose it 🙂

    2. I gotta co-sign this as well, especially if I know who it is on the other end of the line that she's talkin to, I go BALLZ DEEP!………..Texting and tweeting though, SMH, oh HELL NAW……..I wish it would happen though…….I think I might stick my entire leg in that mofo just to prove a point

      1. Mr. Cashmere Jones…. LMAO!!! Thank God I'm in my office all alone because you made me laugh so loud! I bet the other person wouldn't ever answer a phone in your presence!

        1. I'm just saying, a phone call early one before the business gets into full swing is one thing even texting, but once the game has started, the only other gadgets that should be used are the ones I'm using on you

  2. Lol. "baby-making practice rounds?" For me, the text thing during a moment like that is a killer. Shouldn't all phones be switched off? Am just wondering aloud!

  3. Hello and welcome!

    There is no way I am texting during s*x. I don't text anyway..I hate texting. I am old school with all of this texting…I prefer having a conversation and I am not about to do that during s*x either….if you are doing that while you are having s*x..then you are not enjoying your partner…and if a guy doesn't mind that you are texting during s*x…he's just trying to get his rocks off..and couldn't give three sh*ts anyway…..If I see a dude texting while s*xing me…I'm leaving…its that simple. There is nothing that important that needs to be conveyed in that moment……

    WIM..date women a little older. The sex will be better and no texting…lol.

  4. As a female in W.I.M.'S apparent dating age range… I wholeheartedly object to this "texting during sexing" movement being age related.

    Society we live in as a whole is becoming more and more addicted to updating whatever their networking medium of choice may be and keeping in contact with other people, sometimes to an unhealthy degree.

    I would NEVER text during sex (because there is no conversation as important to me as my orgasm and if there was an emergency, i would assume they'd call) but if you aren't hitting it right, I MIGHT play BrickBreaker. #stepyourgameup #youhavenoonetoblamebutyourself

  5. I cain't (yes cain't) even hardly hear, speak, talk or sign during the horizontal gotdayum…how in the world do I gain the presence of mind to pick up a phone let alone type something that makes sense? Color me perplexed…

    I wish you *would* stop in the middle and answer a phone…liable to get your tail cut or embarrassed.

  6. 1. Texting while chexing? No. No. Hell no.

    2. 27 yr. old man consistently dating the 18-20 yr old set? Alerting your local school district right.now.

    1. To Teflon's 2nd point: This is the bigger issue than the texting. The entire time I read the post thought there's a problem here…and it aint about the texting while s*xing.

      "You see, I am 27 years old and on average, I date women who range between barely old enough to vote to just old enough to drink – well, after their birthday next month anyway. This isn’t my fault, because in my head I’m still college-aged." <—– O_o …..This is a problem. At 27 you're considered one of those old dudes that can't leave college life and stay chopping young girls because you can't pull a woman. And you're probably talked about and made fun of by some of these girls. #justkeepingitreal

      At least get a child, yes a child, who has completed a Bachelors! I know this can be difficult, but we have to push ourselves passed our limits…

      To the topic of texting while s*xing — it's offensive. Can't get down with that.

      1. I can not Co-sign this….

        I don't date younger girls…

        But I sure would Eff them.

        IMHO women look best between the ages of 16-20.

        That is when the titties are the perkiest. That is when they have the least amount of roast beef. That is when their bodies are the tightest.

        That only leaves a two year window for older ninjas to get some of this fresh flower. So I won't hate on a player that attacks the young bols.

        1. U buggin fam, 16-20? A 16 yo may have the body of a grown woman but they be lookin like lil girls in the face and you know it. if you said 18-23, then we can agree

        2. Cheekz, please. We used to clown the hell out of that pathetic old fool who was always lurking in college hang out spots looking for fresh meat. Trying to blend in knowing he looks nothing like an undergrad anymore.

          And the only girls to ever give him play were the "I'm just too mature for college boys" foolish little girls who didn't realize they were bout to be turned out and tossed.

          And 16? You heading to the corner early this morning, I see.

        3. O_o…. 16-20 Cheekz….? Ohh you R. Kelly-ing that ish

          @Peyso Yes they face look mad young! Thank you for stating that.

          @Teflon: *hi five* Girl, I co-sign a trillion.

        4. 16-20? o_0 what the eff are you talking about? i so can't so-sign that statement. please tell me that you're no older than 23. aside from the obvious women (black women) around 28-32 look good to me. maybe because that's my age range. when i get to 35 that will probably change as well. now once i get to 40 that mindset might change again.

        5. @Peyso. I can take 18-23 as the prime. But some of these 16 year olds be fooling people. Word to Lawrence Taylor.

          @Sweetness. I never said I touch 16 nowadays. But when I was 14-18 I did. And I remember how those bodies look compared to what I am touching now.

          @Teflon. You are probably right. That guy is a loser. and those chicks are dumb for giving him play. I actually always wanted to do a post on the younger girl trend from college. However that doesn't chance the fact that those college girls are in their prime and women lose major points as they get older.

        6. Between 16 and 17 is the age of consent in a lot of states.

          Trust, I'm in that general age group (definitely legal though) and these girls are not angels. They have the sexual appetites of dogs in heat and the sexual awareness of thirty-year-old Thai prostitutes. You bag one of these broads, they might make you feel like a rookie.

          #iainttalkinboutme #itsshocking #wearetheworldwearethechildren

        7. @ word

          I know they aint no angels b/c I wasnt. But there's a difference between effing other 16 and 17yos and effing a 27yo. Just b/c the rides are in the park, doesnt mean that the park is ready to open

        8. @Peyso,

          I get where you're coming from but still. I guess I don't see what the difference between screwing a guy in high school versus a guy in college versus a guy in grad school is beyond varying levels of sexual experience/skill.

          That's the only reason I f*cked up(wards).

        9. @word – messing w/ someone your age lessens the chances of getting your feelings hurt and being screwed over. A 27yos game cannot be compared to that of 17yo.

        10. @Peyso,

          I gotcha. I'm sure a lot of girls who get with older guys get caught up in all the ways he trumps a younger guy (he has an apartment, he makes bank, he can get me into XYZ, etc) and put the p*ssy man on a pedestal. = #808sandHeartbreak

          I always looked at them with a #sideeye and didn't try and get thirsty and it worked for me… it was usually the guy 2 years older than me that broke my heart b/c he was old enough for me to follow his lead but young enough to do that childish sh*t boys do. #kanyeshrug

        11. I can't condone a guy in his late 20s going after a 16-19 year old. That ish is just stupid and the guy is lame, period. The young girls don't know that he is not taking you seriously. You cannot have adult and worldly conversations with teenagers (and yes I know alot of them are smart I was one of them #IvyLeague). However, there is a marked difference between the conversation level of man and woman both 25 and up and a man and a girl (27 and 18). There is no disputing that. The places and restaurants he takes you to are also completely different. Also the guy won't bring you around his serious friends, cuz men like Peyso and MadScientist, will give him the sideeye and clown him on the low or even better to his face. So he will bring you to spots where he's sure he WON'T be seen with you.

        12. This isht threw me for a effin loop this morning – I literally had to sign off and repress all memory of your reference to 16 y/o's…

          I'm just now getting back and reading the replies – I ain't quite sold on your subsequent "cleanup" of this heinous a$$ed statement but let's say you really don't eff with 16 y/o's – common sense should have told you not to even include that underage age-range in your comment – from your history of comments you appeared to be a guy with plenty of common sense…idk

          As a former 16 y/o who was constantly hounded by nasty-a$$ed old men and the mother of a 16 y/o girl now, this really struck a nerve

        13. @streetztalk dont get mad! lol lets dialogue about it! Youre not a 23 year old female, so you cant tell me whats going on in a 23year old female's head. Especially when we see an old dude 37+ wearing Rockawear jeans (seriously …..stop) You dont know how many grown men i see 40+ always trying to holler @ me….#its disgusting #gohometoyourwife

          *This is where we need to talk…..this is wat the blog is for…dont be shy….speak ur mind….& ill be quite honest with u

      2. @ All of yall…….ugh women losing cool points after 27? i think not. I'm 23 but we'll always look good. Dudes….27 yrs old & cant find anyone ur own age? #ringsabell…..you're wack! If you are a dude over 30 & not in a serious relationship/married…….there's something wrong with u. trying to live out ur "playa" ways is not that attractive. and men after 35? not really that attractive. I cant stand old men tryin 2 holla at little girls #comeonson

        Dudes always seem to think that they can get younger girls as the get older. Once you hit like 37……no one checkin for u son. Women, we like young men too…Old dudes #start sagging, grey hair, not as tender as young boys…….but damn i wouldnt be looking in high school ….theres something wrong wit u…..seek a therapist………plus women look good beyond 40 #halle berry…….name one guy who does……LLcoolJ? nice body…but a lil weird….he's not that hot though………when he was younger…..definitely


          b/c people are taking shots are dudes for the pouch.

          Y'all weren't talking this "20 year olds are immature" when you were 20.

        2. "Dudes….27 yrs old & cant find anyone ur own age? #ringsabell…..you’re wack!" <— *Claps*

          "If you are a dude over 30 & not in a serious relationship/married…….there’s something wrong with u. trying to live out ur “playa” ways is not that attractive. and men after 35? not really that attractive. I cant stand old men tryin 2 holla at little girls #comeonson" <—- Bravo! @ 35+ They be the vultures in the club preying on fresh meat and its sad…

          "Once you hit like 37……no one checkin for u son." <— Agreed.

          "Women, we like young men too…" <— I'm saying tho when did we all of a sudden not want young men who can keep up with us.

        3. I think there's something inheretly wrong about this comment. Well.. 1/2 of it.

          Why is it that there HAS to be something wrong with men who arent in a serious relationship/married past 30? Would you say teh same about women? I think we arent the ones who can dictate when/where you fall in love, so to say that is a little off base.

          37+ still preyin on the youth – I cosign thats crazy too.

          I just dont think that there HAS to be something wrong with a man if he's 30+ without a GF/Wife.Some dudes are players, some are waiting for the right oen. Some may just have gotten out of soemthing. You never know.

        4. @ Cheekz Money

          "Y’all weren’t talking this “20 year olds are immature” when you were 20." <—- Ignorance is Bliss, my dear. We did not know how naive and "green" we were.

        5. "you’re wack! If you are a dude over 30 & not in a serious relationship/married…….there’s something wrong with u. "

          You have drank the kool aid. This is beyond wrong. What happens if he's: a) living in China where 20 million men go unmarried. b) just got out of a serious relationship c) was a player up until 33 and now decided to settle down d) hasnt found what he wants due to reasons outside of his control (too busy, geographics)

        6. @ Cheekz – "Y’all weren’t talking this “20 year olds are immature” when you were 20.”

          You're right but we were young and dumb. When I was 9, I swore up and down that I was a big boy. Just because I said I was doesnt make it true

        7. I'm kinda with the guys on this one, I don't automatically assume something is wrong with a man if he is over 30 and single. There could be a large number of factors.

          On the other, Streetz and Peyso, you will never hear the end of it if I ever hear (read) something from either of you regarding there may be something wrong with a woman if she's single.

        8. As arguably the oldest person on here I am going to say with all the condescension I can muster that only a 23-year old would say some ish like "If you are a dude over 30 & not in a serious relationship/married…….there’s something wrong with u."

        9. Dudes always seem to think that they can get younger girls as the get older. Once you hit like 37……no one checkin for u son.”

          I'm sorry, but this is laughably wrong. There's a saying: a woman is, a man must become. As men get older, mature, become more successful and more financially stable, men become more attractive to women because looks aren't usually in the top three things a woman finds attractive (usually in this order: power, wealth, fame, and maybe personality before looks). Men are visually stimulated, which is why women wear makeup, push-up bras, weaves and high heels. Men do not do this.

          Women aren’t into looks the way men are, which is why some women will say someone like Lil Wayne is attractive. It’s not his looks, it’s his fame. Women still find Denzel Washington and Pierce Bronson attractive, and they’re in their fifties, and yes, LL definitely has women checking him out. Every man on this blog could tell you as their career starts getting on track, they have more women checking for them.

        10. Well, I can see where lil' Denise is coming from. Allow me to massage the message, mkay? She's taking it from the stance of a 23 yr old who is being hit on by the 30+ crew. You gotta realize just how OLD 30 is to a 23 yr old. OR ARE WE ALL TOO OLD TO REMEMBER, LOL!?!

          And whether you agree with her or not fellas – that's how most young 20's women look at your over 30 azz trying to hit. You look like the the 45 yr. old woman still trying to rock that Baby Phat shorts onesie: laughing.stock.

          P.S. MAX: Your position as oldest one here is VERY arguable! Methuselah was my little play cousin.

        11. And whether you agree with her or not fellas – that’s how most young 20’s women look at your over 30 azz trying to hit.


          No disrespect to you T Double, but this is DEFINITELY NOT TRUE! If I get angry enough, I'll write on this topic and push my post back to next week, because I cant let the fronting continue!! lol

        12. Lol @ my 23 year old perspective. Its the truth & men dont like truth. You say that men as they get older are more attractive….Looks wise? ABSOLUETLY NOT. More money makes men attractive to GOLD DIGGERS. Do you think women are with Lil Wayne b/c he's cute? theyre with him b/c he's loaded with cash (i dont cosign on that….just stating a point)

          If youre a man in his 30's women in our 20's arent checking for you…theyre usually checking for your "check book" (stating facts again i dont cosign on it). My s/o is 26. Woman like a man they can grow old with…not be with the old man. (keeping it real)

          And yes to a 23 year old like me a man who is 33, single, still playing around raises a red flag! A man who is 37 is not attractive to a 23 year old. I'm being honest. Men think they have "options". Yes you can date down 1-3 years…..but you make it seem as if you have more "options" than women #not true

          WOMEN ARE VISUAL! Dont be stupid. Chances are if youre 38 talking to a 20 year old & you have money…..she's w/ you b/c you have money. But youre naive to think her other boyfriend isnt like 25…..Men are oblivious to the fact that women are visual…….we just dont verbalize it as much as men do…..i love it a nice six pack #dont be fooled

        13. @Denise

          In the immortal words of Claire Huxtable

          '"I'm not mad. Dogs get mad."

          You are talking about 2 different scenarios. on one hand you talk about age, on another you talk about what dude is wearing, and his actions! You gotta pick one homie!

          I still say your generalization is off-base, and we will discuss this in a future post TRUST!

          We're always here to discuss so dont think we aint about the conversation. I just think you need to specify more, or we can agree to disagree.

          Lakers + 24 +WWE = end of my Monday comments


        14. @Denise – When commenting goes LEFT.

          Here's what you should have said, "If you are over the age of 30 and you are at an 18 and over club, something is wrong with you." To be honest with you age is like weight, it's all about how you hold it. With that said, let's me, you, Streetz and Teflon get a room in Atlantic City and bang this one out before Teflon gets married.

          I was just playing.

          …unless you gon do it.

          Either way, I didn't even read the comments earlier, but Streetz told me to look so I just slid in the ring like Marty Jennety of the Rockers, ready with drop kicks.

        15. Ah, the blissful ignorance of youth. Streetz, write the post.

          Denise: “If youre a man in his 30’s women in our 20’s arent checking for you…theyre usually checking for your “check book””

          So young women, or any woman for that matter, aren’t looking for a financially stable man? Why do you think women look for financially stable men?

          “A man who is 37 is not attractive to a 23 year old. I’m being honest. Men think they have “options”. Yes you can date down 1-3 years…..but you make it seem as if you have more “options” than women #not true”

          Then you need to get out and meet more 30-year old men. I work part time at a local gym. We got a new CEO a few years ago, and a lot of the teenage and early-20’s workers were ready to pounce, and one of them nailed this married man. In addition, I have young girls trying to talk to me all the time, spouting off that stupid “age ain’t nothing but a number” refrain. Maybe when you make it to the corporate world and you see the dynamics there, you’ll understand. Of course not all 23-year olds are not attracted to older men, but you won’t get all 23-year olds to agree on anything.

          And if you think men can only date 1-3 years younger, I'm afraid every male commenter and lurker here will laugh at your complete naiveté.

          “WOMEN ARE VISUAL! Dont be stupid.”

          Obviously I’m not the stupid one here. OK, that’s not fair, you just haven’t experienced enough of the real world. Of course women are attracted to good looks. As a bodybuilder, I don’t have women I don’t know walking up to me, patting my chest, grabbing my arms and squeezing my a$$ for no reason. I didn’t say women aren’t visual, they just aren’t visual the way men are. Women are much more emotionally stimulated. Why do you think women enjoy the emotional p0rn of Lifetime movies and romance novels? A famous but ugly man is more attractive to women than a good-looking guy that works at Sears.

  7. Nuh uh, couldn't be me. There's nothing so important that it can't be handled after the fact…I would be highly offended if it happened to me.

  8. Never happened to me. Doubt it ever will. She would be far too busy with her eyes rolled in the back of her head, curling her toes, gripping the sheets, speaking in tongues and trying to breathe at regular intervals to compose herself to send a text message. If n!ggas pipe game is that weak that a woman would even consider answering a text, they need to immediately stop and start practicing on a blow-up doll.

  9. It depends. Is she expecting a text or a call? Is it work/family related?

    If its homegirl, just seeing what's up, she needs to let that thing ring. Work or family, I wouldnt mind her picking up/responding but unless its an emergency I'm not stopping lol.

  10. One time I was in bed with a dude and he got up in the middle and turned on a home video he had made of himself boning another girl. He thought it would be hot for us to watch that while we were practicing our baby making.

    That's the only thing I can think of that is ruder than a man sending a text during secks.

    1. Right?!?

      I blogged about it a few months ago as an example of disrespectful ish men pull…and the dude hit me up to tell me that my post was hilarious.

      No shame.

    2. "One time I was in bed with a dude and he got up in the middle and turned on a home video he had made of himself boning another girl. He thought it would be hot for us to watch that while we were practicing our baby making."

      That is hilarious, but only if you're reading about it happening to someone else, not if it's happening to you. That's something that would happen on a movie or sitcom. He really thought that would work?

      1. That man is soooo lucky that I'm a blogger and always looking for a good story. Nothing tops this and that is the only thing that makes it okay as far as I'm concerned.

        As far as he's concerned there's nothing wrong with it.

    3. I already told my tragic tale of an ex who jumped out the cookie jar because he had a random urge to play Guitar Hero. #awhelltothenaw #SNAPPED

      Some men need to be put on Penetration Probation: only allowed to perform certain activities under strict guidelines.

        1. Ever bring up that moment? I'd ask something like "what the hell was going through your head? and no not THAT head!" Lol

    4. Wow!!! Dude was definitely stuck on himself that he obviously THOGUHT you wanted to see him chopping down some other chick…SMH

  11. Not down for this… I need to be so impressed by your skills (and vice versa) that only noise we hear is the fire truck because somebody's house is burning down around the corner. If I get bored enough that I can answer a text during the act please believe there will be no more shexytimes.

  12. Wao people really text while gettin down? I don't think I would even hear that sh*t go off, f*ck outta here. If you are in your right mind to even read and reply to a text, you doing something totally wrong in the sex department.

  13. see.. i'm in two places with this.. I'm not in W.I.M's dating range (i'm older). but honestly, i LOVE trying not to have my mother realize that i'm in "giving back to someone in need".. answering the phone when she calls is almost a necessity as i'm almost ALWAYS trying to lcate her.. and gauge when she'll be coming home (i.e. how much for chexin i have)

    answering the phone for anyone ele.. that's a negative.. i'll come up off the pole, QUICK!!! other than his momma or granmama callin.. i cannot see anything that would warrant a "shh, lemme get this call real quick" oh HELL NO!! and that's the truth..

    honestly.. all i gotta say is "i was busy" when i speak to my girls later.. and they know what the hell i'm talkin about.. besides, NONE of them would've wanted me to answer the phone while i was "ridin the cocky like a bicycle.."


  14. If a woman is texting while you hitting it, soething is fundamentally wrong with your pipework. You are no longer a Mario Brother. smfh

    You pick up the phone while sexing, and do believe your conversation will be interrupted by a thurst storm, lmao

  15. Not quite the same as answering a text, but I used to date a school counselor who would sometimes take emergency calls about problem kids when we were together. Once we were getting it in and he answered his phone to talk to a very hyped up/ concerned parent…as I was on the edge of the bed, holding on for dear life.

    He carried on a short convo, answering q's/ giving advice to put the kid in time out between breaths and strokes…Having to try and be quiet just made it hotter, and looking back @ his face trying to hold it together…. priceless. I still get chills thinking about it.

    *A word of caution though, if your sex game is whack don't even THINK of picking up your phone. This is an otherwise annoying faux pas that could get you dismissed.

  16. i try not to answer my phone or even pay attention to it during sessions. i think it's just rude. whatever who it is can wait till after we're done. i will admit this one time while this one woman was blessing the mic, she answered the phone and continued have a conversation in between slurps. at first i was taken aback then it actually kind of turned me on. *shrug*

    1. o man. My favorite is when they are talking to an S.O. while blessing the mic. Big turn on! What a sucker!

  17. ……

    i agree with everyone. A woman should not be able to focus during backshots enough to talk on the phone or text. Which is why I PICK UP HER PHONE WHILE HITTING IT FROM THE BACK! I love talking to her mom or best freind who I want to bone while hitting it. Than passing her the phone and start "showing off" as she calls it. Its an extreme turn on to watch her struggle to control herself. She is ALWAYS on the phone, so this is my chance to show her that sometimes she needs to not pick up.

    I love an audience.

    1. "I love talking to her mom or best freind who I want to bone while hitting it."

      I'm starting to suspect that Nick is posting as CHeeKZ this morning.

  18. I turn my phone off during romantic times, whether we're just lounging on the couch or in full "blow N.I.A. back out" mode. Usually, I just talk my people earlier in the day so they won't call me at night, and that usually works.

    I just refuse to be available 24/7 to anybody, so I can easily ignore phone calls, texts, and tweets. In fact, I do it often, much to my mother's chagrin.

  19. I like to hear him stutter and say I gotta go. It's a major turnon to know that I can get off the phone rather quickly.

    Whilst we're in the midst of the act I would rather him not pick up the phone. I put my phone on silent and place it as far away as possible.

  20. I really don't have much more to add, I'm with everybody else that if I'm answering the phone or a text, you're doing something wrong.

    Now, it's a different story when it comes to oral stimulation when on the phone. But, that's only when you start after the phone has already been answered.

  21. I must be too old. I find answering the phone/texting/tweeting entirely rude. I don't think I've even done it or heard of anybody answering the phone while boning since I was 18, and it was your parents/somebody you HAD to talk to. I wish a ni***a would…

    1. lol at having to answer the phone or getting grounded.

      I remember those days. Teenage Slavery. No privacy.

      1. Don't forget having to listen out for your parents.

        You're getting it then you hear a f*cking SQUIRREL running across your roof, you think your mama is coming up the stairs, now you're Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill repositioning so it doesn't look BLATANTLY obvious that you were just gettin' it in.

  22. I'm 25 and I'm always on my phone (shoutout to the blackberry nation). I twitter, go on facebook, check email, text, etc. a lot during the day. I carry a charger in my purse …

    With that being said I don't text while I'm at dinner with someone and I would never look at my phone while I'm having relations.

    For someone who is super connected, I'm never THAT connected. I think there is an inherent issue when someone can't walk away from a text message and I think there is a huge difference between getting a phone call that you rush to get off of (which can be hot) and typing out a text message which can only be a sign of boredom.

    Since this has never happened to me (and never will, believe that) I'm speaking from an uninformed viewpoint, but I'd be appalled and feel extremely disrespected. Nothing's that important that you can't wait for an hour … or four, lol … who knows if you are doing it right.

    Also, even though dating someone 7 years your junior poses maturity issues, as long as its legal that's your perogative.

  23. I was told I should comment on the comments…[insert something witty and profound here] …and thanks for the feedback on the blog, which for the most part was a joke. If it makes the shocked and the appalled feel better, my current S/O is over the age of 25.


    – W.I.M.

      1. @ CheeKZ

        Yeah, maybe…but the national television exposure, embarrassment and potential life ruinment will suffice, for now…and since predators are too stupid to stop it'll just make it easier to catch them when they strike again making it more likely that future charges will stick

  24. I just think these youngins are into some "New Stuff" These days…my lil bro who falls into the younger generation tells me some crazy stories of WHAT they do during the "Do" and I always QUICKLY scroll through the history book to see if any female I have been intimately involved with both "jumpoff" or "serious" and I dont think half of it would fly…But then again..maybe its my selection of females –>

    Like "Word of Mouth" said earlier…these youngins coming up got some crazy experience prior to 18…When I thought blazin in a classroom/auditorium/Bball team Locker Room/under some Bleachers, etc was the HOTNESS, its NOTHING compared to some of the stories my lil bro tells me…SMH…

    1. Sup, C Jones. I was half joking – I could have simply said "I date younger women" but the way I wrote it is and still is funny to me and I couldnt find another blog to get that line into. On the non-joking part, age wise, generally speaking, women date up and men date down. End of story.

      Plus, until about a year ago I wasnt looking for anything serious. I had other things to do. By and large younger women arent looking for anything serious either. It works.

      Also while Im here, forgot to thank SBM for posting me in general. …"Preciate ya."

  25. good post….

    I can understand taking an emergency call or text message, but otherwise, no, I can't imagine texting while s*xing. Besides, how can one text while upside down anyway?

  26. *hangs up phone with To Catch a Predator*<<<<<THAT RIGHT THERE….PRICELESS!!!!! 😉 sums it all up perfectly

  27. "She ain't petty she let me eff her tennis shoes!" – Rick Ross

    If this has been you at a point in your life, you did not respect that girl. And she didn't respect herself. If you picking up the phone or texting with s*xing, you don't really respect that girl, the way she should be respected.

    Men will stick their peen in anything and women will let peen be stuck in their everything these days. But I think that with an action like sex, we should have better politics with our peen warfare. Respect is the best means of diplomacy.

  28. The only time you should be answering the phone during playtime is when you are underage (effing someone who is ALSO underage) and have no other excuse for not answering the phone OR when it is someone who qualifies for your attention "In Case of an Emergency" (children, elderly/sickly parents)

    Eff the boss/work callin! (unless you're gettin it in @ work) 😉

    Eff bff's and [email protected] else – they can wait!

    Texting is absolutely un-effing-acceptable!

    And as it has been stated previously – if you have the state of mind to do either, ur partner is probably not doin you right

  29. hell to the no!

    im guilty of answering the phone at the beggining of my relationship. not anytime recently i think my man would mind if i did that, but if he ever picked up his phone of dared to text, lol that would never even happen but it would totally turn me off. He can do that any other time, even trying to pick a song to put on pisses me off. FULL attention is required, on both sides!


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