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He said, She said… Everybody Lying!

Word on the street is you only date light skin chicks.

“And so I stay clear, We from a small town, And everybody talks and everybody listen, And somehow the truth just always comes up missing.” – Aubrey Graham (I swear, I’ll stop quoting Drake now.)

We’ve been talking a lot about the summer and what the summer brings us. As we get ready to show out, it won’t be long until we are reminded of something that brings us all together. We hate an old gossiping hater!

I think all real men know by heart and respect the Book of Revelations on Dating, Chapter I, Verse 1, scripture that reads, “Just because you see me with her, doesn’t mean I’m sleeping with her.” – The Great Prophet Robert Kelly. But what part of the game is this, where people make up rumors that get better with wine? First I’m sleeping with her, second, I’m having a threesome with her, now this week, me and my partner are both sleeping with her, because that’s how we get down. So here’s my thesis, It’s not what you can prove, it’s what people think.

A lot of women just cringed because they will always say, “I don’t care what people think about me.” That’s cool baby girl, keep on keeping on with your unrealistic views of life, I’m trying to help you today, but if you must be stubborn, do you. The fact remains that as you try and “do you” this summer there’s going to be a couple haters watching you and tweeting about you in the club as you stand there at that athlete’s table drinking his liquor. Funny, the woman looking at you is the real groupie, you don’t even know where you are at, you think you just saw Jesus because you’re so wasted and you actually hate sports.

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Now there are three people you need to watch out for:

1) The one who wants your significant other – He/She refuses to stop giving project status reports of your activity in the club; before, during and after the club.

2) The one who just doesn’t like you for no reason – “I don’t like the way that girl looks at me.” “She thinks she’s cute.” “I know someone she used to talk to.”

3) Your funky a*s friends – Do not get it twisted, the people who gossip about you’re a*s the most are your friends. I’ve gotten to the point now that if I know you closely, I really don’t want to be around you. Keeping it 100 with your peoples is a lost art. I’m not saying they don’t love you, it’s just that everyone does it and friends feel a sense of entitlement.

You can avoid a lot of this by not thinking you are invincible. People can see you when you are out. As much as you don’t want nobody in your business and you are convinced that “don’t nobody know you,” people have seen you around and a simple, “Who is that broad” can get at least anecdotal information. You should probably try and not be the closest woman to naked at the club, if you don’t want people thinking you are sleeping with that guy, try not to leave the club with him at the end of the night, wasted and it’s just the two of you.

Do not get it twisted though. We know you did some of it. A lot of people will have you believe that the story about them is 100% false. It’s the ones out here lying and getting caught that are spoiling it for all the other women who are speaking the truth. You may not have slept with all the Redskins, but you slept with two of them guys and you can stop professing that you think football players are nasty and you would never have relations with them. As you reach for another bottle of Santana Moss’s liquor.

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To those of you who don’t care what people say about you, this is your part of the show. I’m not going to argue with you about why what people say about you matters. People rarely realize how much we are slaves to our reputations. However, integrity is probably the best word to describe why you should be concerned. It’s not about the hater who is just hating, it’s about the person who does not know you, who may hear about you without knowing you. That person may be a potential business contact, or an employer. It may be a good friend of a man you’re dating who says, “I’m not sure because I don’t know the girl, but I heard she’s a ho.” And whether it is true or false it doesn’t matter once the question is raised. I’m from the school of hard questions, when someone tells me someone is a ho, I always say, “Name 5 people she’s been with.” Most people can’t do it, I ask that they stop saying it, but either way they will just say it to each other.

Remember, it’s not what you can prove, it’s what people think. The point here is simple, people talk and people gossip. Some of it’s true and some of it’s false. Don’t be the person who has a reputation and they can’t own up to 50% of it. But also, keep in mind that the “circle” is real. It’s smaller than you think it is and there’s no removing yourself from the circle, unless you move and change your cell phone number. Saying you don’t mess with Ray Ray no more, doesn’t mean anything if you still go to his parties.

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What are your thoughts SBM massive? Don’t you hate the amount of gossip that goes on amongst our network? Doesn’t it seem like someone should just ask you instead of everyone else? Have you ever heard a story about yourself that was so ridiculous you had to stop and laugh? Speak on it.


  1. "Have you ever heard a story about yourself that was so ridiculous you had to stop and laugh?"

    Yup, i laughed and then got angry with how the rumor started about me was presented to me (Via text). I laugh about it now but it effed up what i had with a guy i was talking to (This was a few years back, we're good friends now).

  2. Gossip. A funny ass thing. I heard I was bi/gay September of 2009 and it's still out there that I might be & I need to come out the closet. Social networks like Twitter & FB can make ANYTHING seem "true" & I gotta admit, as one of those "don't care what they think about me" people, I still listen & change as much as they hear so it stays false. I wish people would ask me first but WHO does that nowadays. With the God-sent CARFAX, you don't have to make direct contact with me anymore. You can ask someone who may have had some kinda s*xual contact with me & they will know my life from November 1st 1989.

    People go so far to make a fake twitter account & say I s**k d**k for peanuts. Childish. Yeah. I know. But ehh, life goes on.

  3. I'm that girl who doesn't care what people say, I do live in a small town and it is full of shady people. This is part of the reason that I don't go out much and I keep a very limited number of people around me now. Even so, people will talk just because they're bored. I learned long ago not to stress it, it does me no good. I've only heard a couple rumors about myself, and they went around when I didn't even live in this state. Also, they were started by one of my sisters (I know, I know).

    I hear you on why I should be more concerned, and you may be right. The fact is that there is no way to get those words to be unsaid or rumors to be unspread, so why stress? I can do everything in my power to not do anything that can be misconstrued or taken the wrong way and stretched into something else, I already do that though. So, again, why stress it?

  4. Please, they talked about Jesus too. So if the perfect Son of God couldn't catch a break why the hell would I stress over that silliness

    Not at all concerned, sorry

    Eff anybody who talks isht about me

    Eff anybody who believes the isht they hear about me

    Neither are worth my time or attention, too much livin to do and fun to be had to be worried about stuff you'll never be able to stop or control 😀

    1. I hate the Jesus comparison only because people talked about Jesus, but he still went out and spread the gospel and TRUTH to everyone.

      Let me be clear, i'm not saying you should be out there trying to right the ship of the Story of your life, but you should at least care to some extent that you aren't being misrepresented. Knowing what people think about you can help you make adjustments to your life in a healthy manner.

      For example, @Suki_:) I don't know your story, but if someone said you were bi, you might be like, "OK it's time to stop getting on the stage with my girls when I hear that Katy Perry song." Like I said in the post, we can't control the rumor mill but we can manage it.

      I have stories for later today, but i'm going to wait for everyone to get to work.

      1. @ "but you should at least care to some extent that you aren’t being misrepresented. Knowing what people think about you can help you make adjustments to your life in a healthy manner."

        Misrepresented by who? People who don't know or care about me and have nothing better to do than make isht up? LOL! Only I can misrepresent me. The people who love and respect you are the people whose opinions can help you make healthy adjustments, and those are not the people who would be gossiping and starting rumors about you.

        1. No, I got it, I just don't think people at that level of petty should be given a second thought…

          It's been smooth sailing since I stopped givin a eff about gossip/rumors 😉

      2. “OK it’s time to stop getting on the stage with my girls when I hear that Katy Perry song.” Like I said in the post, we can’t control the rumor mill but we can manage it.

        ok so, Im suppose to not do what I feel like doing for fear of what people will think. I mean really? You can go around spreading love sharing and friendship like a freaking carebear And there will still be someone with something negative to say about what you do where you did it at and who you were with.

        There is no managing someone elses thoughts

        So because my friend is gay I should never be seen publicly with her for what people will think of me

        To live like that is not living at all

        1. Um. I think what i'm saying is if you actions are getting you unwanted attention. In fact, I was clear because I was responding to someone who was getting unwanted attention. Let me use a better example…

          If you gave head to the entire basketball team, and then there's a rumor going around that you are Superhead. Maybe you should stop giving head to the football team, right away before you become SuperDuperhead.

  5. I learned the hard way that no matter how you carry yourself or the good you do, people will still feel the need to talk about what they think they know. I remember back in my college days, how some byrd on my campus "broke the story" about a woman I was dating, because she worked in the security booth and told people that I was visiting XYZ after hours. For ppl who know me know me, Ill tell the story in detail off line.

    Ive heard random rumors about myself, and I just laugh. The more energy you put into refuting a rumor, the more stupid you look. You carry yourself with integrity and in the way you want to be viewed, and all will fall into place.

    Fcuk a rumor

    1. Umm, ex-squeeze me Streetz – why you teasin' with the college story?!? Testify, my brotha…you know you want to get it off your chest.

      Otherwise we'll just have to "fill in the blanks", lol.

      1. LOLOL….

        I can't give away all my "S-words" when it came to college moveemnts, lol… but basically it went like this:

        This unfortunate looking/speaking woman was interested in me. Of course I didnt know. She worked "the booth" on my yard, in the all girls dorm. Any dude entering that dorm, well you KNOW they were creein hahahaa. So, I had no knowledgeof said female. So I would enter the bldg, give the name of the woman I visited and kept it pushin! I was in there a few times (see what i did), and eventually after like a week, I got ppl coming to me like 'So… u and such-n-such a couple?"

        Im like wtf! How did you… i mean… I DONT KNOW NO KYANA!!!!!

        Then my homeboy aka the mouth of campus informed me that he heard from the woman who was in the security booth. Since i wasnt checkin for her, she made it her business to tell THE ENTIRE CAMPUS the word on teh Street<del>z</del>. At least the nupes were good for intel, lol jk.

        It waswhat it was, but I was tight cause she was throwin salt also… the one time I eased up on my black ops movements I got got. I smartened up though for *ahem* future movements, lol…


        1. Yo Most… you already know how it is… LOL…

          I was TIGHT!! LMAO!!

          The shorty became "Most Interested" in ________ and thats when the comedy REALLY ensued!

    2. @streetztalk absolutely right! people talk about you more when they see you doing well! Misery loves company and often when youre at the top of your game others will hate. Ex: Barack Obama……some are still debating his citizenship.

      But what you said is quite true. Spending time refuting false allegations is pointless. That energy can be better spent being productive. xoxo

  6. I would say that I'm one of those "I don't care what anybody says about me!" kind of people but that would be a lie. I care. Does caring mean that I worry myself silly about what other people think, will think, may think? No. I still do what I want and accept that somebody somewhere may be judging me or lying about me. *shrugs*

    I remember hearing rumors about me after I left for college. Here I was, 3000 miles away, at a school where nobody knew me and somehow folks back home had the full scoop on my behavior? What? Are you tapping my phone? lol. I made the mistake of telling somebody that I was homesick and all of a sudden I was supposedly dropping out and coming home for good. Say what now?

    Gossip mongers are one of the reasons I'm on social networks . . . you want to know about, B? Here I am! Take a look . . . it's on facebook! lol. Anything else, hit me with a tweet or something.

    And, it's not just women that gossip . . . men gossip, too! I know quite a few gossipping negros, SMH.

    1. Yes on the gossiping men! They act like gossip is only a "woman's thing" but dudes STAY gossiping, especially if they're trying to track down or uncover a ho. But I believe they call that "research".

      1. We call obtaining the CARFAX. Ooooh and you cannot be more right. We have some terms I left off…

        Dry snitching, ex; "Oh that's your man, I ain't even know, you sure that's your man?" (Read: He don't act like your man)

        Pillow talk, ex; "Baby, I heard Chuck be getting around, you should warn your girl. I'm just saying i'm not trying for nothing to happen and you say I didn't warn you." (Read: STOP SNITCHING)

        HATE: Chuck: What's he doing with his life? Rick: I don't know he think this blog thing is going to take off one day. Chuck: He stay thinking he about something. Rick: I know, he need to get a job and sit his a*s down. Chuck: Yeah, enjoy some Henny and stop trying to be great. (As they pass each other the splif.)

  7. word

    this post is totally about me

    av had some serious rumour spread about me

    guys saying they have had me

    when they havent

    hurt real bad

    cos some of them where my close friends

  8. I've had a rumor started about me that ended up in a lost friendship, not mine but a friend of my close girlfriend. My girl's (I'll call her Jackie) girl (I'll call her Renee) started a VICIOUS VICIOUS rumor about me and Jackie basically stepped to Renee and said prove it and she couldn't. Now Jackie and Renee were AceBoonCoons, god-mommy to each others children, got each other jobs…I mean close.

    So I guess when I became friends with Jackie and Jackie started helping me out just like she did with Renee, Ms Renee didn't too much care for it. All of this happened over a year, maybe just a little more, but this rumor got back to Jackie that Renee started it and it was fire in the city, not nothing nice about it. Jackie went to the mat for me because she knew it wasn't true and was mad as hell. I was never friends with Renee so although it bothered and hurt me that this chick was talking about me, it didn't affect me as much as it did Jackie.

    When we see Renee today in passing( hell DC ain't that big) she can barely look us in the eye. I'm cordial, Jackie still wants to beat her tail, lol and this was about 10 (?) years ago I want to say.

    1. stop being scary!!!

      what is the rumor?!!?!?

      this is better than the Real Housewives of Atlanta (not that i watch that show, pause).

  9. I'm more of a "don't care whatcha think" person, but that's because I expect more of myself than other folks would expect of me. And it's funny to me how the quickest way to get gossiped about is to have a little success or just be effin' happy. Found that out the hard way when I got engaged. The "How'd she manage to get that ring on her finger?" crew came right on out. *As I let the light play on the diamonds* Oh well, hater.

    Then there's the "threat" that people will talk if you don't conform to whatever the hell they think you should be.

    Ex.: When I was a freshman in h.s. I was friends with a girl who was a super talented singer, but she wasn't the most popular gal (she coulda been Precious' sister and was poor to boot). I thought she was a pretty awesome friend. Well, one day some dude in the choir comes up and tells me she's a lesbian. My reaction: So? He tells me that if I stay friends with her people will think the same about me. So of course I stayed friends with her. And 2 days later the rumor that we got caught playing "licky sticky" in the girls bathroom caught on like wildfire. Which ultimately led to me standing up in the middle of choir practice so I could tell errybody to fcuk themselves. Cuz I can be dramatic like that sometimes, lol. Specially if I feel like someone is being persecuted.

  10. I do care what people say/think about me. My name and reputation means a great deal to me. I try my best to treat others the way that I would like to be treated.

    Just recently I got upset because I applied to a PhD program. My boss got really happy for me so she started introducing me as a "PhD candidate" before I even found out if I was accepted (still waiting to hear). Next thing you know, people (1) a City Councilwoman and (2) an Associate Chancellor were approaching me at an event and saying, "Well are you IN the program or not!?" (like I was walking around claiming to be IN the program when I hadn't even been admitted yet).

    That really bothered me for some reason. These people are way ahead of me in their careers so why should it bother them whether or not I'm in the PhD program? I will lose sleep over things like that, so yes, what people say bothers me.

  11. I don't even hang out at clubs anymore….I have two kids so I keep my situation drama free….I don't hang out with alot of people..a select few people get put into my circle…this is stuff I would've been concerned with in my 20's…now, its just not an issue…not saying, there couldn't be drama at any age, or rumors..but, I just don't hang out with people like that…and when I was hanging steady…the internet was not poppin' off like it is now….no FB no Tweet…none of that….now you can't even catch a break…now, you probably really do have to watch your every action for fear of videos and pics get sent out of you to the internet without your knowledge….

    1. I agree with you Queen T, once you start to raise a family you don't have time for the silly drama, but people will seek you out whenever they can because misery loves company!

    2. I agree with this – I feel for the kids today. Everything they do gets on the interwebs, and rumors that would have eventually just died off in our day can go all around the world with a click on a phone.

      And like you mentioned, I tend to keep my circle close and small. But as Redlady said, drama can still come walking right up to your door (LV luggage in hand). And when it does….it takes you for a complete loop. Sheeeit, sometimes even family can't be trusted to keep it real sometimes. smh.

    3. yes im in my 20's and cant stand the facebook, tweetin, myspacin' nonsense. i have facebook but my profile is extremely limited to the college i went to and my name. I refuse to post a relationship status, job status & other information. This is the era where nothing is really "private". Regardless of how many passwords you have on it, it is not private if its online. Its ridiculous how many children & young people will have sooo much drama on these websites.

      I also dont surround myself with gossiping people. Very small close knit friends who dont even know everything about me. Im extremely private (wont even post a picture on a blog site). But ill keep the drama to SoapNet….other than that…i dont want it lol

  12. Soooo up until last night I'd never heard any gossip about myself and I'm pretty sure all that meant, is that EVERYONE was talking and there were no leaks. Maybe the gossip just wasn't juicy enough to leak. Shrugs.

    Anywho… found out last night that I am supposedly in the middle of a heated beef with my exes new gf. We all went the same college and apparently I don't speak to her b/c I want him back in my life so badly.

    I was like WTF?! I don't speak to her b/c I don't know her. I didn't know her before she was dating him, I don't know her now. So the truth in the gossip is: *gasp* I don't speak to her. Nonsense.

  13. This dilemma has died since I left school to be honest. I really havent changed much. In college I've had all types of rumors spread about me. Eff rumors I've had plots to ruin my life. Someone put a posting in the m4m section of craiglist and put my email in it. Then went to JuicyCampus and said "Look Peyso's gay, here's the proof" and provided a link to said craigslist ad. They also said that my LB was gay.

    I've been called male schmut but no one can name 5 chicks I've been with.

    I dont know why it stopped when I graduated or if I'm doing anything to prevent it from happening but what I do know is that it isnt happening anymore

  14. I won't lie I do care alot. Mostly because my father always tells me that you are your word/reputation. If everybody thinks you're shady, lying, and a ho- people will treat you like that and nothing you say different will matter. Think about the people you heard in high school were hoes- has your perception of them changed? nope. And it's probably been 8+ years.

    I agree- don't do stuff that causes a 0_o and keep a good group of friends who will defend your honor to the death.

  15. Gossip basically ran me out of my hometown.

    I had what I will call an episode of bad judgment (let's just say it involved a rapper, a parking lot, and a lost cherry) that was witnessed by a dude I knew who told everyone he knew in about 0.05 seconds.

    After that I was on the "grid" and everything I did (and a lot of stuff I didn't do) was everyone's favourite topic of conversation, no matter how much I tried to hold it down. It was completely ridiculous and aggravating so I left my relatively small city for Toronto thinking I could live my life without all the scrutiny and talk. I was like “I don’t care what people think of me and I’m gonna do what I want to do openly because no one knows me here anyway”.

    That lasted about 5 minutes before I realized that even in this booming metropolis people were still watching and talking. A bigger city just means the talk spreads wider. And whether what they’re saying is the truth or a lie, it affects the way people approach me in a way I’m not comfortable with.

    So now I do care what people think. I don’t want to go to an interview or a meeting and bump into someone who knows someone who knows me and has heard x amount of stuff about my privates. I’ve learned now to keep my important business to myself and recognize that every little thing I do can be magnetized into a great big dutty rumour.

    1. "So now I do care what people think. I don’t want to go to an interview or a meeting and bump into someone who knows someone who knows me and has heard x amount of stuff about my privates." – THis is my fear!

      1. i hear u but this is what i dont understand. If im hiring an accountant who sleeps with a different dude every five minutes….if shes a good accountant…..how is that relevant? she aint sleeping with my husband………then we good…………lol

        1. I think it's an assessment of character in the case of being interviewed. If you are hiring, then that's on you. Someone who beds a different dude every night could be letting on that they are willy nilly about life and likely to make snap decisions without thinking them all the way through. Is that the type of person you want doing your taxes? But you're also right… do I care that my real estate agent is banging most of the dudes she sells houses to for money? Nah son, find me that foreclosed property.

          Be careful to follow some previous advice of mine… "Do not be found in circles with people whom you have nothing in common with."

    2. is it wrong that I am proud of you for that parking lot story? I mean.. who gets to say they lost it to someone famous? Most people give it up to losers who end up on welfare.

        1. ok. Can we clarify this. a rapper is a person who has success selling his music to some degree (he can be local. He can be underground. but he has to be known outside of the circle of people he is social with). If he is not famous (to some degree) he is only a nigga who raps. Completely different animal.

          example: Esso is a rapper.

          that dude who post his myspace on the comments section of WSHH.com is just a nigga who raps.

      1. You know everybody is tryna figure out which semi-famous rapper at the time Max gave it up to. I like Max too much, so, instead of breaking the cardinal rule we're talking about here and posting who I think it is – so that some random reader can start telling the world that Max lost it to so and so – I'm gonna go head and keep official… and not say anything, at all.

      2. You guys are too funny. Let me give it to you like this:

        There are probably only 2 Canadian rappers (maybe 3) that are or ever were on the U.S.'s radar…

        One is Drake and this incident happened probably before he was born.

        So that just leaves….

        1. that doesn't work with me.. I know too many Canadian rappers.

          But i think I know what everyone else knows about Canadian rappers.

          Is the rapper we are talking about also a DJ? (see what I did there?)

          Was you p)ssy not for sale?

          Does he drink Bacidi?

          Ok I'm out of references ….

        1. I have two things to say:

          1. Whoever wrote that list knows little to nothing about Canadian hip hop…Tom Green?!?

          2. 🙂

        1. OK I looked at the list and saw a rapper that I forgot! WOW what a throwback…

          Im sorry but if it aint him, you lost Max cause any1 else aint big in NYC

          you know who i mean… is it him?

  16. hmm. I might be guilty of starting some of the above rumors. My thing has always been 'sharing information with my team'. We try to get good credible intel on transactions through out campus and in our social circles. 1st hand accounts, confessions, saved AIM messages are all a go. The most important thing is that a member of my team does not wife a hoe, just b/c a few good girls may get their names dragged thru the mud, don't get mad. Its for the greater good.

    Case in point. I was in the 'black dorm' one day. Talking to a few guys who stayed in Unit 1. I walk past my man's room (older dude. orginal goon who put me on to how the game is played, so I know he can take things down). The door is open, he is pouring drinks, and this fat booty freshman is sitting on his bed, in the dark. Than the dude closes the door in a hurry!

    So I'm thinking another bit the dust. Black girl lost. I tell my boys. Word gets back to her. She is pissed, crying. blah blah. So 5 months later I found out that the door was liking 3 other girl who were also in the room and they were the ones drinking, she was just the sober friend. And we have been together 8 years now.

    1. The black dorm is a cess pool of gossip regardless of what school you went to and you messed up for not doing even a little bit of research

      1. that is why I NEVER lived in the black dorm.

        … I was doing research, that is how the rumor got back to her.

        1. Rules to living in black dorm: 1) Live on first floor so that you can pass school ID to women outside of dorm and you dont have to sign them in. 2) Have your wingwoman sign them in. 3) Get there and dont go directly to room. 4) Have jump off and girl ur actually hollering at live in same dorm. Have actual girl sign you in chill w/ her then go see jump off

    2. I have pulled a Finch in my day. I started a rumor to see if it would get back to me. And yes, it did! But I used it like a napalm because I told various people different versions and waited to see which one would get back to me.

      Yeah, I smoked that snitch out of the Burmese jungle.

  17. i don't wanna say "i don't care what people think about me" but it really is the truth..

    however, i don't have any of this rumor stuff in my life.. i'm over 30, if it was still happening, i think i'd reevaulate my life. i DO know that even when i was doing nothing but sitting home all day, people would hear things about me.. the thing is that i'm so open that people usually know what's real and what's not..

    i call it "preventative maintenance"

    i agree that the person that hears such rumor might be a future employer.. and only in that case would i care.. i'm not saying i'm immune.. i'm just saying that i try to carry myelf in such a fashion that this ish doesn't really happen to me..

    and lol.. cuz i'm usually the person that doesn't know who that celebrity at the club is.. unless its Common or Mos Def, i can't say i care..

  18. I've never, in my life heard an untrue rumor about myself. I have had true things that I've done, get found out but, that's just part of the game. If I did it, I'm prepared for the whole world to find out. I hang out with women who are not my woman a whole lot #NoTiger, so, I often get questions but – I don't think anyone's had enough hate in their heart for me to speak an untrue word about me – even when I was in school.

    I try really hard to avoid gossip. There's a difference between gossip – and useful information. Asking for the carfax because your mans is considering wifing is not Gossip – that's useful information. Matter fact – true story – I just asked Streetz for a Carfax this weekend. Sent him a picture and everything (it was for a friend). In case your wondering – it came back clean.

    As far as my close group of friends is concerned -we share everything because we know there are no leaks in the squad. But, if someone outside of the crew approaches me looking to give or recieve gossip – I tell them, I don't even wanna know.

    1. The funniest thing is asking for carfaxes for ppl your boys are cool with.

      I once asked Dr Jay for a carfax on a common friend and he almost wrote a blog post, LMAOO!

      1. As a well known wingman, and Rajon Rondo of the game, I am always in the position to produce Cadillac Record CARFAXs. You asked me and I told you, everything I know, what the streets know and the rumors I don't know if they true or not. The best joint I ever gave was this one.

        Homie: Yo J, what's the CARFAX on this chick?

        J: Let's do this by course of elimination.

        Homie: It's that bad?

        J: I'd call her a rental car. No… because you'd have to be 25 to drive that. It's like that car your Uncle had that all the kids in the neighborhood used to joyride.

        This was not a rumor though, it was FACT.

  19. I tend to find rumor flattering. Mostly b/c I am way more of an @$$ than anyone's imagination, so you are only making me look better.

    case in point. I remember when we first moved off campus: 9 guys, living in a run down house… find out what happens when people stop being polite.

    The older chicks would say "stay away from that 804 house. It will ruin your reputation. Those boys are only after one thing. They DP'd a professor. They slid seeds off when you aren't looking. They run trains in the dark so you can't see who is giving it to you. They don't pay child support. They keep a hidden stash of floories in their kitchen. 68 and they will owe you one." But most of the year the majority of the house was wifed up with booboo in the bed. They just made us seem cooler than we really were… but I wil never admit that in real life.

    1. I have the same story, change the numbers to 203 and then to the Pretty/Nasty House and we're like the same person

    2. "run trains in the dark, so you cant see who is giving it to you"

      AHHHHH….College Days Swiftly Pass! DAYUMMMM that took me back!

  20. I'ma keep it 100. Here's how I avoid a lot of rumors, a few of y'all who have seen me on the streets know this. I hang out with a mob of women. MOBS. I don't do this on purpose, but it keeps a lot of rumors away from me. I've had a chick come up to me and break down and just tell me she was tired of trying and could I please tell her who I was ufcking. I was honest with her too, "I'll tell you right after I finish ufcking her."

    Furthermore, I keep it 100 with my female friends. They ask me, "Jay why is everybody convinced that i'm ufcking some basketball player."

    "Excuse me Ms. Fufu, you left the club Andre Igoudala and showed up at brunch the next day with your clothes from last night in a bag and some 76ers gym shorts."

    If you wanna know if a chick is a jumpoff, peep inside her bodybag when she at the club. They usually keep a spare set of clothes in there. When she lies about DeShawn Stevenson being her boy from way back, ask her why he can't drop her off at her house.

    1. Good Post Dr. J,

      Although, I could careless what people say about me…if it affects my MONEY…then I got a problem….meaning if something is spread about me that is gonna stop me getting that new position and/or promotion…then I am in instant damage control…In this day and age where people can create fake accounts and spread whatever they want about you just because they have some sort of personal vendetta against you…you gotta have your guns loaded and cocked (pause) ready to return fire! Yea you could ignore the craziness because your "People" gonna approach you and ask you about it…but that doesnt always happen…IMO

  21. I have never heard a ridiculous rumor about myself. Or started any about others. I keep my business to myself for the most part, and share what I wouldn't mind repeating. Even when I was super duper deep in gossiping, I wouldn't ever make up ish about people just because–but some people DO live scandalous lives, truth is WAY STRANGER than fiction. ppl should care more what people think, is my idea…for the reasons you stated. I deal in truth. not what I think may have happened. three sides to EVERY story: the two ppl involved, and the truth. so, I know a LOT of ish about ppl that I've heard and observed, but I sit on a lot because I like evidence–just the nature of who I am. if I never find evidence, oh well. not that big of a deal to bust out anyone in a scandal. but like one of my friends says "information finds me".

    my thing is if you don't care what people think, and whats circulating out there is true, don't get mad because ppl know–especially if its trife.

  22. The spot I hear the worst rumors about myself is at church. People are still talking about a 30 year old rumor that started he day of my birth. People still ask is my sister my mother and whenever I use to go to church with my kids dad people would come up and say, "I heard you were pregnant again". I still here the"she think she cute", but I'm use to it so its rolls off my back.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


    1. Oooh I had a nasty gossip experience at church.

      The boys there took a liking to me because they heard I wasn't saved and thought they had a chance at the poon.

      One guy's mother called me a Jezebel and my auntie (who was a deacon) found out….almost came to blows.

  23. Imagine if there was a rumor on the streets that one of your boys slept with your mom. How would you even go about getting to the bottom of that? Do you ask your mom? Or do you ask your boy? Or do you just ignore the rumor?


    1. is this question to men only–because I'd ask my mom directly.

      we talking about LeBron? If I were him, I'd still ask my mom. then go beat the friends a$$.

      1. Agreed, Reecie.

        Although, wasn't LeBron's mom a teen mom? And is she single? Shoot, if I was her I MIGHT just tell LeBron to sat the hell down and let mamma get her cougar on.

        1. No way. There's no reason to smashing your son's teammate. You can smash anyone else on other teams. If she let Delonte hit, I know Shaq tapped that.

        2. yeah but his teammate though? thats just foul. the teammate shouldve known better. his MAMA? na, son. now I gots to cut ya *in my Della Reese voice* LOL

        3. Considering some of the wild ish the women of the NBA have pulled (Basketball Jumpoffs I'm lookin at you) – would you rather me:

          a) date your teammate


          b) have my nekkid behind on the innanets? Do ya REALLY wanna see the original location of your birth at http://www.skankisha.com?


          c) have the video of me winning a "How low can you go" contest (although at least her clothes were on) on the interwebs?

          LOL – I almost feel bad for 'em.

  24. i've had crazy rumors started about me since my high school. i don't know why i always seem to be in the middle of rumors. i usually keep to myself so maybe because people don't know any of my business they have no choice to speculate.

    doesn't matter where it is. school, work (the one year i did work) or church. i'm pretty much used to it now though. i just shrug it off. i think the worst rumor was my senior year in high school that almost had me fight two twins that both played defensive end. apparently one of their girlfriends gave me head underneath the stair way. funny i was the last one to find out about that *shrug*

  25. I don't care too much about rumors about me, but then, I'm kind of a lone wolf and don't care about most people's opinions on most subjects anyway.

    I find rumors more amusing than anything, and it says more about the person spreading them than the person it is about. There was a rumor going around my church that I was gay. I guess people figured why a relatively good-looking, intelligent and successful young man was never seen at the church with a woman on his arm. If they actually stopped to think about it, the answer would be apparent. If you have my name in your mouth all the time and I haven't even done anything, why would I bring someone else around people like you? And it's supposed to be a church? The last thing I need is to bring a dating prospect around people who would probably then start a rumor about me cheating because I worked with Sis. So-and-So on a clothing drive or fundraiser.


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