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Habitual Line-Steppers like Delonte West


There should never be a rumor that someone slept with your mother on the street. And why would you want to have sex with your running buddy’s mother? This is not American Pie, it is not cool for Finch to sleep with your mom. Especially when she’s not that hot, at all. Have you ever had a friend get so drunk he came over your carpeted apartment and peed on your living room floor? As you come into the room to see what is spilling, he looks back at you and says, “Yeah, what are you going to do about it?”  That’s how LeBron should feel.

Do you remember Dave Chappelle Season Two and those E-True Hollywood Stories? Charlie Murphy telling the story of hanging out with Rick James and he would say, “Rick James is a line-stepper, yes, a habitual line-stepper.” That’s what Delonte West is, a habitual line-stepper. And I can’t be mad I have some friends like that. We all do, let’s take a look at some of the male and female habitual line-steppers in our lives.

1.  Mr. Opportunist – Always got a cup, never got a dollar.

2.  My friend Dupree – This is the person who always stays too long. They show up on Thursday and the following Tuesday they need a ride to the bus station. Why does it smell like socks in here?

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3.  I don’t think the B word is offensive – This is the guy who is liable to say anything to a girl and have you in the middle of it. And then when you tell him to chill, he’s going to let you know that you’re not being his partner for agreeing with the chick.

4.  I mean, would you mind if me and… – This is the person who after you date a person hits you up to see if they can holler. Then you gotta think, why the hell do you have my exes number anyway? Keep in mind that if you’re just the type to smash your friends’ exes without even asking permission, you’re not only a habitual line stepper, you’re not a friend.

5.  Can I get a ride to Jamaica? – These are the fools who never have gas money, but always need a ride. Not only do they need a ride, but they need a RIDE. Can you come scoop me from Queens and I need to make a quick stop in Brooklyn then we out to the Bronx for the cookout. And not just the Bronx, but GUN HILL. (For those not from NYC, this is like if someone said take me to New England and then they meant Maine.)

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6.  Let me borrow – Ladies, y’all know y’all have some friends who not only borrow inappropriate items like tights. You lend your friend a pair of shoes and everytime they see you they be like, “My bad dog, I forgot them joints in a bag in the living room.” You finally get them back and they look like Moses had them.

7.  You no home training fool – These are the people who show up to people’s houses empty handed. I won’t ever ask a friend to bring anything, because I expect that they know they will miss their blessing if they don’t bring something. (This is not a subliminal about this upcoming Sunday and my cookout, this is direct and I’m clear.)

8.  Mr. Henny – This is the person who always wants to show up too drunk or too high and is not a happy drunk or high person. They just want to “keep it real.” They are the ones legs stretched out being dragged by their armpits out the club, while you just got slim’s number. You get outside asking what happened and all you get is, “I told cuz if he looked at me one more time, I was gon’ steal him.”

9.  You couldn’t tell me this before?!MY PERSONAL FAVORITE. You don’t never know what you got yourself into until something pop off. As you get pulled over by the cops they say, “Yo, switch seats with me.” It is at this point you notice that your cousin does not have a license. Or they say, “Young, if they ask to search the car, are we copping the plea or saying no?” (Copping the plea means hauling a*s because you know you’re guilty.) Or the more common, when the bill comes or it’s time to pay to go in the club, “I ain’t got my [select: wallet/purse/ID/credit card/cash] on me.”

Now SBM massive, y’all have not shown us enough love this week. So show me some love, give me #10. Or share a story about one of the previous nine listed. Enjoy your weekend, be safe, and don’t forget it’s the 1st of Month on Tuesday, so this weekend, people will be acting stupid. #AllHennyEverything. Ciao.

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  1. I detest #9… I had a friend, yeah, had, who always had all the hook ups to every party… she always invited me, with the condition of me driving, which I had no problem cuz I prefer to drive that way if I felt uncomfortable I could just leave, any ways, once at the party/event/venue she'd head directly to the bar and order our drinks… then the bill would come and sure enough she'd pull a #swindle on me, which I should have seen coming the moment I didnt see any kind of clutch on her hand, and I'd have to come out of pocket… this happened several times, shame on me… until I got fed up and I had a falling out with her…

    The only thing that makes me smile now is the fact that every time we'd be out she'd get mad jealous when the attention wouldn't be on her and or when dudes would approach me… hehe… hate hate hate… lol

    1. me and you live in a parallel universe my friend…

      i had a friend that LITERALLY said "i don't like going to a party where i don't know everyone" as she would sit on a stool and wait for everyone to come by and give her kisses.. then, when we went somewhere and she found out my ex was the DJ (thus, i knew someone there) there was a pah-rob-lem…

      #fallback… #ijustwannadance

      needless to say, we're not friends anymore…

      1. Yup! That was her excuse when ever I'd invite her some where! "Oh I don't know no one, lets go here instead" grrr… ran into her recently at a party bus and she got mad at a mutual friend of ours because he was dancing with me and didn't want to go with her to the strip club!! He gave her the "o_0 gtfoh" look and she just stood there with her mouth open in shock while he gave her back to her and continued chillin with the rest of the group… why are people like that? Annoys the shit out of me! The world does not revolve around you buddy!

      2. LOL – I have a friend like that, too. If ANY one of our crew got more attention than she did it was pouting, heavy sighs and "the guys here are all losers" the whoooole night. She's still around, but no one will go out with her anymore.

        1. yo Teflon!!

          there's this chick i used to go out with that had a "big,ole butt" (oh yeah!) and whenever we got someplace.. she woul dhave to sachay (sp?) past dudes, make sure everyone saw her.. and then post up the WHOLE NIGHT!! then when no one came up to her, she would scream in my ear the whole night about how "lame the dudes are in this f***ing place".. don't nobody wanna hear all that!! especially while the reggae section is on!! it's like, "do you wanna have a good night or not!?!?"

          she invites me to things all the time… icant

    2. lol. how about the friends that always go out to eat with you and order 2 drinks & dinner. then when the bill comes they pull out a $20 and are like "this is all i have". Umm your meal was about $40 and you knew you only had $20…..this is when i tell the waiter #separatebillsplease lol

  2. We had a "My Friend Dupree" staying here not too long ago…but she wasn't my friend but my cousin's relative. She was only supposed to stay for like 3 days and ended up staying 2 weeks & she had stayed with us the week before! Prior to that, she stayed with us for like 2 months…oh and she also had her destructive 2 year old with her that liked to keep her hands in EVERYTHING…broke one of my favorite rosaries during the 2 month bid (it was like a prison sentence to me)! Do you think she replaced it or offered to? Nope, she didn't and that made it even worse! I had to deal with this all during the beginning of my first semester of grad school!

    I've also been in a situation with a "You couldn't tell me this before?!" where there were cops everywhere and this dude tells us (while I'm having a panic attack cause most of us had been drinking & i thought the driver had been too) that he had weed in the car. I wanted to kill him but it was someone else's car & his frat brother so i couldn't say too much. Luckily, we didn't get pulled over but had we gotten pulled over, dude would've gotten his tail whooped all over Philly (its amazing how strong short people are when we're mad). Every time i see him, that memory is rehashed and i just want to strangle him…*woosah*!

    I figured out a possible number 10…"Let me insert myself into your business but make it about me in the process"-This is the friend who starts off listening to your problem/situation but ends the conversation with making it about them by talking about what happened to them similar to what happened to you. You may or may not get to speak again but you never know. This isn't the person that you go to when you have a problem because it will stop being about you and you may end up with faulty advice if there is a moral to their story.

    Um, sorry for the long comment but you asked for stories! =0/ lol

    1. The number ten person? That's the "not listening, but waiting to talk" guy.

      I'm trying to vent, I'm not trying to hear about how you and Keisha dealt with the same sh*t last week.

    2. my roommate enable the "Me and Dupree".. her cousins lived ACROSS THE STREET and they would come over to use the bathroom..

      she moved in her two sisters and brother one summer, then looked at me funny when i told her i'm not paying 1/2 of the rent when there are 5 people living in a house.. and I gotta wait to use the bathroom..

      THEN her broke friend came by to stay "for a little" and ended up staying for MONTHS.. she even did this behaviour with the same friend once she got married.. and by then the friend had a daughter, so it was a bigger issue.. i think it wasn't until the friend started staying out late and/or not coming back to the house that she had to leave.. her husband was like, "you can't be captain save a h*e and subject our children to that ish"

      she's the reason i say that i can't live with friends no more.. but then again, she wasn't really a friend..

      1. My old roommate pulled this one. She always had a stray hanging around because it made her feel like she actually had friends. I lived with her about a year, and during that time she had 3 different "friends" come and live off of her (and by extension, me) for at least 2 month stretches of time, one of which had two children. Her sister also perched at my house for almost 6 months when pregnant. The pregnant sister was my best friend, so I didn't get as upset about her, but she more than took advantage of that situation. Don't get me started on her on again/off again boyfriend living there (he also was a close friend of mine).

    3. Soooooooo many females have friends like your #10. Honey bunch, I know you and LaTyriq broke up last week but this story is not about you. Shut up & listen. That is the worst.

      I went on a date w/ one dude, when I got out the car he asked "how are you?" I said "Fine." Before i could eeeeeem ask him how his day went he was telling me. Do you know slim talked the entire two and half hours?! When I say ENTIRE, I mean ENTIRE. I didn't say a peep. The waitress actually looked sorry for me. The only thing I was able to say is "Well… I gotta go." And I had to time that like I was jumping double dutch. It was absolutely CRAZY.

      1. That sounds like an absolute nightmare! I dunno what i would do if i was in that situation…probably put in one of my earbuds & listen to my ipod (mine stays on me at ALL times) cause CLEARLY he wasn't paying you any mind since he was just talking! May God bless you for putting up with that for 2 1/2 hours and i hope that meal was poppin!

    4. one of my biggest pet peeves in life is people who don't listen because after they talk they are thinking about what they want to say next… i am the type to stop a person and say, "you didn't even hear what i said, you were just waiting to talk, i won't repeat myself, this conversation is over."

      1. Ha! I should start doing that…that seems to be the trend these days (talkin a** dudes, I mean).

      2. Dr. J: "one of my biggest pet peeves in life is people who don’t listen because after they talk they are thinking about what they want to say next… i am the type to stop a person and say, “you didn’t even hear what i said, you were just waiting to talk, i won’t repeat myself, this conversation is over.”

        (nodding head in agreement)

      3. I need to learn how to do that cause i have issues with talking over people so i can get back into the conversation!

  3. ok.. so can i just say that when i saw "can i get a ride to jamaica".. i was like, "What the H*LL!? how do you DRIVE to jamaica? it's an island!" i'm from Jamaica, so please understand, i'm not being daft…

    my brother is GOOD for #6 and #9..

    he's the type who'll be all "Nick, can i get $20 for my car insurance?! i let him get it.. (he used to steal it from me) then he shows up with an A/X shirt.. like it's ALL GOOD!! and you look at him all weird-like.. #relationshipruined

    he's also the type that'll be all "can i get a ride to church..?" and you'll ask him when he needs to be there, and he'll say "10 minutes ago" WHAT?!?! you didn't know what time you had to be there, ALL THIS TIME!! now you wanna rush me?! and i just got on the sofa to watch "what chilli wants?!" h*ll no, i'm not takin you a d*mn place!!

    i have this acquaintance that's good for the "don't know when to quit.."move

    this is the woman that thinks i'm still 12.. and will say innappropriate things when we're working together.. "hello preggers" (when i said i felt sick) and one day she went "shut up" and pushed my face.. i had to remind her i was jamaican, thus a broken heineken bottle was never far behind.. YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!! mi come from yard!!

    also.. there's the "keeping score" friend.. i didn't say anything when you called me in the middle of the night crying talking about the 47 year old that don't want you.. BUT, when i call you to ask you for a favor, you tell me it's alright.. then later on, in the middle of some other conversation.. you bring it back up and toss it in my face.. #abortfriendshipabort

    ok, that might be it for now.. the brain is fried…

    good luck with your BBQ Dr.Jay.. d*mn, i'm not getting up that way til next thursday.. (like i got an invite n sh*t, lol)

    1. EVERY TIME i see that friend, it always happens! And now that she has a kid, FORGET about saying anything, its all about her & her baby (i don't mind so much about the baby). At least she isn't AS self-centered anymore but she still has her moments and it is still as annoying as before she had her baby.

  4. lol @ #6 – honestly if you know someone will always continue to take the pi$$ with your stuff then my advice is either dont lend it out or dont expect it back……'fool me once shame on you. fool me twice and shame on me’… there a many of my things over the years that I’ve had to get again cos friends or cousins have rendered them useless…I just thank continue to thank God that I’m able to handle my own $hit. Amen!

    i dont know how number #1 are comfortable in their skin…always a cup but never a dollar? Jeeeze…. i see guys like that with my brothers or my close friends at clubs, parties etc…and they never ever contribute to the high. I’m get really mad that they have the nerve to be there fronting with the rest of the crew that 'are' handling business. Imo, that's truly out of line.


    lebron's nonsense isnt just a line stepping, smashing someone's mother is a cardinal sin…it just doesnt sit right with me

  5. I don't know if this fits in any category but I have a few cousins/friends who whenever they see my friends (because I only associate with fly b*tches lol ugly hos will steal your man) ALWAYS expect me to hook them up. Perhaps the Opportunist… or hell, maybe the Borrower.

    Rule of thumb: just because I'M friends with you doesn't mean I want MY friends to DATE you. I know how you're always on the creep, taking pictures of my friends on the sly at my HIGH-SCHOOL GRADUATION (true story), winking at her to the point where she recommends her optometrist… just being creepy and lame to the point that I lose cool points for even associating with you.

    Also, I can't stand the line-stepper who doesn't know when they cross the damn line as far as social behavior. If we're at my crib drunk and you wanna talk about dirty d*cks or trifling trollops or your yeast situation… girl, it's whatever. But if I am introducing you to my MAN? We don't wanna hear about the railway you've just laid in your inner thighs. I call it the "can't take your azz nowhere" line-stepper.

  6. #10 What's Yours is Theirs

    The friend that comes in your house (or dorm room or office desk) and takes something without asking, notifying, or even bothering to bring it back in a timely fashion.This happened most when I was college b/c everybody had an open door policy w/ friends. I've walked into rooms, seen a familiar item & after saying "Girl, I got something just like that . . ." I get a nonchalant, "Oh, that's yours I been meaning to bring it back." When were you meaning to ask to borrow it? lol. I've walked in on folks making plates to LEAVE my dorm room . . . so not only are you stealing but you're making plates to go?

    -The friend that borrows something (whether by asking or helping themselves) and then let's somebody else borrow it from them. I had a blow dryer that my roommate let her friend borrow, who in turn let another friend borrow it. It took me weeks to get my sh!t back. And, I didn't even need it anymore b/c I had just started rocking a fro . . . but it was the "principalities" (c) Big Worm.

    The kicker is when YOU actually need something and you ask them to borrow it, they're hesitant or full of excuses.

  7. I love this….

    I would like to add "Mr or Ms Opinion" – These people are always trying to "offer their opinion" to you unsolicited on EVERYTHING…"what you need to do is this"…"what you need to do is that"….they mean well..they are just exhausting..maybe, its just me….anybody feel me?

  8. #10. Mofos who talk about bbq's that they didn't invite people to, lol.

    I co-sign the list. I would also add:

    #11. Heffas who don't know how to act/what to say around other people's men. If you find yourself boxed out of your sister circle once everyone is bunned up, IT'S YOU. That's why you stay in the club all summer – no one invites you to the bbq circuit. And no, it's not because you're prettier than your friends. If you were that cute yo azz wouldn't be so single and thirsty. Put some clothes on and stop looking for male attention in all the wrong places.

    1. Teflon, there's no way to get in contact with you except through this blog and my committee said, "Jay it's about to be 300 people there, do not blast it on your blog." Here's y'all swindle, check of the Book of Jackson and email me. I would love to see you there.

      1. Huh – well you're either really a swindler or I'm technologically retarded (a distinct possibility, #dontjudgeme) – I ain't see your email anywhere on your other site. That chick's blog was good, though.

        My email: lilloulou97@yahoo.com

        And I usually bring some homemade buffalo wings. That's my thang.

  9. We have a line stepper in our crew. This dude is amazing. Here are some of his greatest accomplishments:

    -Stealing a full, gigantic bottle of Appleton from the home of one of his best friends, lying about it, threatening to throatpunch a girl who witnessed the theft and told on him, and then breaking the bottle before he could return it.

    -Getting drunk and vomiting all over a friend's bathroom and then leaving like he didn't do anything. There was vomit on the walls! How does that even work?

    -Arriving late to a boat cruise and taking a running leap of the pier, hanging off the side of the boat and crawling in through a window (by the way this is not a slim dude), thus causing the promoter of said boat cruise to be fined and him being banned from all the promoter's future events. To which his reply was F*ck that n****.

    -Groping, grabbing, bathroom lunging, and generally being inappropriate with every woman who crosses his path to the point where people now have secret parties where everyone is invited but him because girls won't come if he's going to be there

    And my personal favourite:

    -Telling his fiance that he can't wait til their wedding because he's really looking forward to rubbing his c*ck on her mom when they dance at the reception. When the fiance freaked out he let out a "shut up b*tch". Then when the man dem called him out for calling his fiance a b*tch he tried to fight them all.

        1. YOOO, why is that the funniest thing I've heard of all day, my boss is looking at me like, what the hell are you cackling at! lmao!!

          But the best thing about your boy is that SHE IS STILL MARRYING HIM!!

    1. say "WORD!"

      i can't even FATHOM that kind of behaviour.. but then again, the behaviour of people hardly surprise me anymore..

      and umm, no judgement, but you aren't worried about becoming "social pariah by association?"

      i can't even wrap my mind around the Appleton Rum one.. my aunt works for J.Wray.. and even though i get them for free, i'd be TIED if someone tried that ish with me!! WOW!!!!

      1. Yeah the owner of the Appleton – a pretty mild-mannered guy most of the time – was seriously BENT, especially when he found out it was broken.

        If you're gonna steal the ish at least drink it, don't waste it!

      1. As Peyso said, dude is highleereeyaous. That is why he stays around. We get jokes for days off him.

        I forgot to tell you guys the story of him rubbing his buddy all over a guy's Cowboys jersey after they lost a game.

        1. This is so hilarious for so many reasons. Rubbing you buddy on a Cowboys jersey… I know how much people hate the Cowboys, but WOW son. I don't know how I feel about public nudity amongst men.

        2. Can I also just say that pulling out his joint in public was doing himself a huge disservice…if you know what I mean. If a man is going to do that, he should be packing something. Otherwise…he should probably just keep that under wraps.

    2. I forgot to touch on messy folks. When you wake up and ask…

      "Who left a bottle of beer in the bathroom?"

      "The plate of pizza under my futon?"

      "That little small trash can next to the big one is for these "rags" chica."

      1. I was thinking the same thing… the boat story had me chuckling to myself… a flying leap? really tho? what if his arse had of missed??

      2. Let me be honest with y'all one of my best partners has done this before…

        me: What you got on these bottles?

        him: Nothing, don't buy bottles. I got it.

        me: OK.

        Later on that night.

        hostess: I'm so sorry, let me get your table some OJ and Cranberry.

        him: Thank you.

        me: Where did those bottles come from?

        him: I snuck them in the club.

        me: You snuck in a bottle of Goose and Rose in the CLUB?!

        him: that's why I asked to keep my coat.

        (It was like July in DC)

        1. Deceased at this story.. thats an im so hood moment!

          Max, what the eff is going on in Canada with your peoples…. Im bout to rethink Caribana…lol

        2. It's because this dude is from Nova Scotia – they're a whole different breed of Negroes out there.

    3. WOW!!! This Right Chea….I would have to see it to Believe it…I am simply Amazed at the Tomfoolery of this Guy…He should be the Poster Child of Hot Ghetto Mess!! SMHHSTS!!!

  10. #10…them broke mofos who always brag about wat they AINT got. in public they a big shot & brag about the things you/I got & having everyone thinking they "really got it" (until the end of the night when you leave with all the money, cars, females & drink/smk)

    …wich therefore leads to…

    #11 the people who hate because of jealousy. if askd why they hate, they never have a definate/relevant answer (they dont even know). they only envy you of your accomplishments & had u been broke, this hater would instead be ur best friend because then yall would have one thang in common….being broke

    #12 these JANNL (Joker A$$ Nigas w/ No Life…lol new phrase) do nothing but down on you, when you broke they luv callin you a junky (even tho they broke as a joke themselves), but when you find a hustle & start popin up with things that have ppl sayin "that shit clean" or "i always wanted one of those", now you a "no money gettin ass niga". if that was the case, why i happen to be the only yungsta who actually bought his own car at 18 let alone drivin. yet you 22-24 comparing yo money to a 16 year old & still waitn on mama to hand you down dat raggidy putt-putt car (but cant get it because yo old a$$ still aint gota license?) lol i gota whole list for these bums of da hood

    1. Aww, gee thanks. Just bring your a*s.

      At this point, i'm not sure what to tell you to bring, except probably… a bottle of wine? Yeah, I don't know… The budget was voted and approved on Tuesday, so I think we may be good on food, beer and liquor. We leave the Henny to the nigras.

  11. I'm ashamed to say this but I have a #6 in my crew. Actually my best friend is this. I now know not let him borrow a damn thing b/c he will have you waiting forever to get yo sh!t back. And then when you get it back, they're dogged. It sucks b/c he doesnt dress that well so when he comes over looking like a fool, there's nothing you can do. I'm either forced to the club and one of my aggins is in a Steve Harvey suit or lend him something and get it ruined

    1. I've been a little lax on my welcoming duties, but let me get back in the swing of it by saying welcome, I think.

  12. #10 – The Emo-Line Stepper.

    I don't know if crews of girls have this, but there's nothing worse than the emo dude in a tight knit group of guy friends. He's the guy that, after everyone spent the night drinking and cracking on each other, wanna ask you if that's how you really feel about him. The one that once wrote a suicide note and sent it to you. The one that knows how to cry on-demand.

    #11 – The Lemme Console ya Soul line stepper, This is the dude that has to hate on other dudes to #swindle chicks into sleeping with him. You're going along fine, stringing this girl along, giving her just enough to keep her almost satisfied and wanting more, and here this dude comes with his professional "he ain't sh**" game and now you gotta answer questions like "so… what are we?" <— Hate this dude.

    #12 The "I roll up the sticky everywhere line stepper." This is the dude that has a mary jane problem and doesn't know the time and place to do such things. Type of dude that wakes up and rolls to get himself right for the day.

    1. Yes! Yes! and Yes! at #12!! Now I enjoy the lady mary on occasion, but there is nothing more off-putting then my friends that just STAY lit… its like really?? you just gonna..do it like THOSE?! There is more to life.. that's all I'm saying…

  13. I have a 1, 5, and 6 among my friends. One was all three rolled into one.

    I just hate when people who are supposed to be your friends take advantage of you. I had to make an Excel spreadsheet for my DVD collection because people would borrow DVDs and not return them in a timely fashion (I mean years later), and it gets to the point you forgot who you loaned it out to. You want a movie? Sure. The movie and date are going in the spreadsheet so you can't deny you have my sh!t.

    I had friends borrow money from me, and since I usually have it, I don't ask for it back. But I shouldn't have to ask for it back, when you said borrow, the intention was for you to give it back! I had one friend that took advantage of the fact that I often forget when I loan money out, and is always talking about, "can I borrow twenty bucks?" It got to the point that I forgot how much he owed.

    And I'm starting to have flashbacks of a former friend who I had to cut loose because he cost me thousands of dollars. Let me just stop typing now.

    1. I've definitely had both problems. I could probably buy a brand new car with the money just lent out to family members.

    2. Lending money to friends is a tricky thing – which is why I developed a policy of "If I have it to give – it's yours, no payback necessary" but I have good friends who don't take advantage (and have similar policies), so…it works out

      1. Oh, I never actually expect to get any money back. I was so surprised when I loaned out money and not only did I get it back it was all at once and not in $10's $20's over a course of a year, AND he paid it back without me ever mentioning it. I thought negroe was playing a joke on me.

        1. LOL! You was lookin around for Ashton & the camera crew to come runnin out huh?

          Don't you just love the Piecemeal Payback…I wished I still loaned shady people money cause I would do Piecemeal Loans just to be a b*tch. 😀

      2. HeadMistress: "Lending money to friends is a tricky thing – which is why I developed a policy of “If I have it to give – it’s yours, no payback necessary” but I have good friends who don’t take advantage (and have similar policies), so…it works out"

        You have good friends. An ex-friend made me realize the verity in the statement, "if I load you twenty bucks and I don't see you again, it was probably worth it."

        1. I do indeed, but it is not by chance, luck or accident – the screening process is extensive and grueling…LOL

          And I've heard that statement before and it is true indeed

    3. I lent a friend a few hundred dollars with a payback period, when it was over, he had excuses. He came home from work one day and his TV was gone and there was a piece of paper telling him where he could unpawn his ish. No foul, I got my money, somebody else can wait for theirs.

      1. This is precisely why I don't "lend money". It puts both you, and the person borrowing at a disadvantage. You think you're helping them by lending them money when, in actuality, you're contributing to their situation by adding more debt.

        The better thing to do is just give them what you can afford to give. If a person asks me to borrow $500.00 I'll usually tell the no, but instead offer to give them whatever I can afford to give as a gift pure and simple. If you ask for 500 and I can afford to lend you 500 – if you pay it back by a certain time, but I can also afford to just give you 250 flat out and you don't have to pay me back – I'll just give the 250. It's better for both of us.

        Plus, most times, if they're good ppl. They eventually offer to give the 250 back when they have it. And since I wasn't expecting it back it's like a little bonus money to spend ni**erishly on Jordans and stuff like that.

  14. How about this one:

    The woman who wanted to holla at you but since you didnt holla back, now throws varying levels of hate when you holla at their friends/acquaintences!

    LOL BBQs are great for this situation to occur!

    "Girl he aint ish… you know me an d him talked right?"

    yeah… ON THE PHONE!

    Le Sigh

    1. Let me piggyback on this intrumental…

      The chick who you really didn't try your best to holler at because you met someone else that night, who every time your name is brought up has to say, "OH YEAH HE TRIED TO TALK TO ME BUT…"

      Everyone has a friend who swears up and down everybody tried to holla at them. "Kobe tried to holla at me but I was like, don't nobody want your cheating a*s."

      Um not, I think what happened is you were in the club looking like a groupie and he asked if you want to go chair shopping later on.

      1. I think I'm friends with this chick. She also knows every man who legitmately tries to holla at you.

        Woman1: Hey, I met this guy, Justin, at the Emory party. Do you know him?

        Woman2. Umm, I don't think so.

        Women1: Yeah, he's this cute, chocolate Alpha….

        Woman 2: (interrupting Woman1)… Ohh, yeah I know him. He tried to holla at me, but I thought he was lame. (which actually means either 1. She let him hit & he didn't call her back, or 2. She tried to get at him, and he turned her down).

        1. I most definitely have an associate like this… that's roll dawg when it comes to parties but I swear she must have dibbs on every man. smfh.

          & don't try to be friends w/ someone she introduced you to. Lord help us all. Told this heffa one of her guy friends texted me & wanted to take me out to dinner – purely business reasons – and this joint was ready throw salt all in the game. first question, can i come? no heffer you can't. second line of defense… 'you know he's this…' and 'you know he does that…' after that i dropped the subject. do you know two weeks later she hits me on the cellie talmbout guess who is confessing his love for her? that's right. same ol' dude. did i ask him to see if its true or to see if she's just being a Saltine? Nope. Not eeeeeeem worth the struggle.

    2. Nah, Streetz…that's a swindle! You tried to holla at the girl and then it didn't go anywhere and then you tried to holla at her girlz friends..don't even try it! lol

      1. *drago voice*

        If she lost, she lost.

        if it didnt work out or even go NOWHERE, then she should congratulate.

        Some women will not even KNOW LIKE THAT and still sprinkle copious amounts of hate…

        1. Ionno, It depends on if I was really feeling you or not… would determine if hate/shade would be thrown….I'm just keepin it 100! lol

  15. Yep, I think I'm related to at least one of every person mentioned in the post and comments, whether they're siblings or cousins. A large number of the people I am acquantainces would also fall into one of these categories. That's why I keep a close circle.

    1. The biggest linesteppers are usually our family members. They are the ones we can't get rid of. I said this before and i'll say it again, for Black and Latin families, "WE TAKE OUR FAMILY EVERYWHERE."

      I got a cousin, who actually prefers to go to jail. In his mind, it's free food and no rent and at least he can get a job as a incarcerated man. So if we go out, he's not above armed robbery or pistol whipping some dude.

      I got an uncle, who got three women pregnant at the same time. Confusing a*s barbecue.

      I also have a praying grandmother.

      Point is, we take our family everywhere. I hate when I see Henny at a family dinner, but I appreciate that Henny.

      1. "I got an uncle, who got three women pregnant at the same time. Confusing a*s barbecue."

        Aaah, ghetto triplets. I have a cousin who has ghetto twins (literally the same birthday, not just month) and he always ends up going to only one of their parties. He says it's too much on one day. He's not as bad as my ex's brother though, that man had 13 kids with 11 women (all of whom were friends in one way or another, plus two were sisters). He's in prison now though… for pimping on Craigslist.

        1. Dayum! Kudos for remaining Sane with all that goin on around you

          My Inner Nurturing B*tch wants to coordinate a rescue mission *ehug*

        2. HM, all this was nothing but entertainment for me. Funny thing is my cousin and my ex's brother share a baby mama. It may be different if that ex were my ex-husband, but he's someone I dated early in high school and became really great friends with (he eventually dated and impregnated my old roommate and lived off us forever). Therefore, I never had to have any real connection to his fool of a brother. There's actually a rumor (an incorrect one) going around that they offered to shorten his sentence if he got a vasectomy and he turned it down (which I could see him doing).

          Needless to say, I have stories to tell for days.

      2. Man… worse than family… I dated a dude like this. I know, I know… please don't say it. We broke up b/c he couldn't keep his lies straight & word around town was he'd gotten his ex pregnant. Come to find out, he'd gotten his ex & her neighbor pregnant. 2 months apart, and prolly wouldn't have been that if one wasn't premature. I remember during the relationship him being like "boo, you can count my condoms… I swear." No sh*t sherlock, b/c you obviuosly weren't using them sh*ts anywhere else.

        1. I'm sorry, but with this story (and with the men I know), all I can really do is look sideways at the females getting knocked up. Don't get me wrong, I see how skeevy these men are, but if women are letting them get away with it (and not really having to care for their kids), why would they rethink their behavior (other than common decency, respect, etc. (which they clearly lack))?

          I'm glad you were smart enough to break up with him after seeing what kind of man he was. Not every woman is doing that these days out of fear of being alone or some other sorry excuse.

  16. I definitely know people like the ones mentioned in the post and comments but none of them are called friends they don't get anywhere near my house, money or stuff, and if they happen to be in the circle I'm in and start actin up, the # 8 or 9 – they will not receive help from me, I will leave your a$$ effin hangin

    People accuse me of being anti and harsh but I have no tolerance for any of these behaviors – I have family who have tried to pull the 1, 2, 5 & 6 but I shut that isht down the very first time! – they don't like me much, but eff 'em!

    1. Yeah, I've had to tighten up on just shutting that down within the last couple years. I'm still a little susceptible to letting this behavior ride (because it's not always worth the fight), but for the most part, I just don't anymore.

      1. @ "…it’s not always worth the fight"

        I learned that this is what they count on…call that bluff girl – the peace you experience post-shut-em-down is unimaginably wonderful 😀

  17. Im #3……i will disrespect the woman you brought with you and tell you that you are a b*tch a*s n*gga for not backing me up. And to be honest you are if you don't at least check that girl. I've been with people too many times who bring around a female who doesn't know a damn thing about me and she thinks just cuz im friends w/ her friend she can say what she wants.

    I had to check a couple girls on that. I'm very polite and i don't like to be judged. The minute you start to judge me i hope all the guys in the room watch my expression change.

    Me: "Yes I've slept with some white girls before."

    Chick: "Wow you're a sell out, don't sit next to me!"

    Me: {Pauses to give my friend a chance to check her but the whole table just stares} "Okay chill its not even like that"

    Chick: "Yo somebody get this Uncle Tom dude"

    Me: "Aight b**ch I tried to be nice to ya manly a*s but real talk you need to talk with ya inside voice before I take the back of my hand and put you outside and by the way didn't you walk here?"

  18. this is a good list. i've come in contact with some habitual line steppers.

    more recently #4 on your list. i've had to remove a so called "friend" from my life because of this. not only did he do it to me but some more mutual friends. dude was way too thirsty for me to continue hanging around.

    as far as #9 that happened to me a couple years ago. me and one of the bruhs were leaving the mall and we were heading back to campus. he's doing say 90 in the fast lane. i look up and an unmarked cop car is next to us. the cop looks me in my eye and mouths pull over. i tell bruh and he panicked and kind of swerved. the cop had to swerve to avoid being hit which caused another pickup truck to swerve also. we all end up on the shoulder. the pick up truck and cop were about 100 yards ahead of us. the cop gets out his car and signals for us to pull up. bruh turns to me and says switch places because his license was suspended. imagine two grown men trying to maneuver around a nissan altima. i'm surprised the cop didn't notice since he looked me in eye when he told me to pull over.

    1. you my friend are wat we call KUNTRY!!! so im guessing you took the blame, ticket & points on the drvers license? this brought a situation that happen to one of the dummies of da hood…

      he was ridin wit a white girl who eventually wrecked, so some how she got him to get into the drivers seat to take the blame, & now he's in jail for that situation not to mention every-other-thing that comes with causing a wreck like getting a citation. so now he pissed im sure bc she moved & he's still in there. guess somebody shuda told him dont ride no white horse lol or in this case ride with no white horse (think: kilo ali)

      1. kuntry? me naw.

        actually i ate the ticket. i went to pay but they had no record of it in the system. never got a letter about a court date and i got pulled over after that and there was no mention. so i guess we both were in the clear.

  19. I have one….

    #15??? STOP LYIN!!!! Those people who ALWAYS Lying!! You know they Lying soon as it comes out they mouf!!! Soon as someone in the crew is talking about a major accomplishment i.e. a promotion, new house, car, some new outfits, etc…This person always comes in saying they got the same thing but only on a BIGGER scale…when/if you ask for proof…None is ever provided…


    Homeboy: Man, I am so Blessed…I just got financed for a new car!! I am soo happy I was able to get a new car…i needed one so bad, my car was about to break down…

    Lyin dude: Oh for real?!?! me too!! What kinda car?

    Homeboy: A Jag XF…

    Lyin dude: For REAL??? Yo, I just got the same Whip…my payments are 250 a month and I'm buying it..no lease… no money down…I got a major Hook up!!!

    Homeboy: "to himself" Ohhhh Boy, Here we go AGAIN!!! STOP LYING Dude…D*MN everytime you speak you LIE…SMH…

    1. LOL! yep those pathological liars..they lie about e'errything! geez…these negroes right here. I know them well…..

    2. This right here is my two other sisters. I don't believe a word that comes out of their mouths. They lie about the stupidest ish too, like one will swear up and down she was at an event that happened before she was even born. That one will constantly lie about stuff that is easily disproven and people have now stopped bothering to disprove her or call her out.

  20. Sorry, I can't even BEGIN on which one I hate the most, let alone come up with a #10. I started reading and all I could do was grit my teeth. People, especially friends who pull.. 1, 2, 6, 7, and 9 grind my gears to exhaustion. Oy vey. Great post Jay. *sigh* I'll do better with the commentary later lol

  21. Unfortunately like most of you that submit your comments I too have had both male/female friends/associates that were not just line steppers but more so line jumpers that have exhibited every single one of those aforementioned characteristics.

  22. Just recently my friend was harrassing me to buy tickets to the all white party that's coming up this weekend. I didn't want to buy V.I.P tickets because I don't think very important people should have to PAY to be V.I.P. But she buys one, so I'm like whatever I will too.

    So she gives the promoter my address so I can get a ticket. She calls me and says " you got some money?" I'm like "for what ?" "Well I owe him like 20 bucks." WTF how do you get a ticket without paying for the full price, and expect me to flip the bill?

    Few days later she calls me. " Um can you buy Kizzy's ticket. She gave me the money, but my babys dad took it out my wallet. Now I don't have it. I'll pay you back". SMDH I need new friends. I must look like a damn ATM.

    We got to the club about an hour before it closes. My friend takes 2 hours to get dress no matter where we go. My thing is if it's that late, I'm Gonna buy my drinks n get outta peoples way. I get two Long Island Ice teas. Her she come " is that drink for me"? I tell her " Hell to the NO". "Well u know we ain't got no money like that". So now I'm pissed! I'm not f*cking you and you want to drink my 8 dollar drink.

    But never the less I love her broke ass!

  23. Those people are pretty bored with their lives and are using you for entertainment. They want you to give them a run for their money but you don't have enough self-respect to do so. When you develop some you'll both be on a path to success.


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