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Happy Memorial Day


Today, on this federal holiday we celebrate two things that are very important to all of us:

First: Those that have fallen protecting and serving this country.  Today we remember the sacrifice they gave for so many of the freedom’s we have today.

Second: Black People Foolishness

Between Black Bike Week, Black Beach Week, Cookouts across this great land, and “All White” Parties, Memorial Weekend is synonymous with “Gettin it in”, “Whilin out”, and “Going Hard”.

So since I am obviously busy doing both and there is a 30% chance you are reading this while trying to get over a hangover and head to a cookout … enjoy the day and we’ll be back tomorrow giving it to ya raw.

– SBM aka I gets it in aka Never spend Memorial Day Weekend in my home city!


  1. Ah, memorials day, I'm in Amsterdam right now so I missed my dose of the memorials day foolishness. However I was here for Queenday which is basically the dutch memorial's day. Drinking, drinking, eating dancing and of course smoking! Public intoxication at it's finest. Hope everyone was safe!

  2. LOL…I'm reading while being hungover from Miami's Urban Beach Weekend…Black foolishness at its worst!!


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