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@Streetztalk ‘s reason #12345 why people remain single: BBM gone wild


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See what they did there?

I wake up every morning, and when I have time to reflect, I’m thankful. Thankful to see another day. Thankful for my health. Today, I added BBM to that list. I got a BBM message from the homie Mika showing me one of the funniest/disrespectful videos I’ve seen in a minute! Check out the video Here NOTE: NSFW, and play it on your mobile phone if your browser is acting janky.

Here is my official commentary on this urban cinematic expression of sexuality:

1) Shorty brought new meaning to the term “Multitasking”

2) We never get confirmation if dude on the phone is her boyfriend, but it’s gotta be obvious that he is, if she’s answering the phone while her mouth is full.

3) That club #swindle she pulled definitely ranks in my top ten female swindle’s I have ever witnessed. What many men won’t admit is that they’ve been in situations like this, only worse.

3a) I would’ve been suspicious because NO ONE plays MIMS ANYWHERE in the club anymore!

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4) Every man who watches this video is wondering “has that ever happened to me?” or ” Is this karma for when I did the same to her?”

4a) Every man will shoot a mean side eye in all future conversations with their GFs/Sig. Other when they say “mmhmm”.

5) What possessed her to answer the phone? In fact, what possessed her to let dude tape her?! I know she knew she was in the midst of a YouTube moment!

6) This chick has a sidekick? I’m sorry I wouldn’t have trusted her basic @ss or that basic phone!

7) Somewhere, a bunch of men and women yelled “This is why I’m single!”

Now, I’ve never been an advocate of cheating. However, in a twisted way I can understand why people do what they do. I just feel there’s different “levels of cheating”, if you will. Respect plays a huge part, and it’s clear this woman has no respect for her significant other. We all know there’s time’s when you lie over the phone or on text, but it seems like she went the extra mile to display defiance to and utter disrespect of her man and their faux relationship. Now to be fair, we don’t know the catalyst for her actions (i.e. did he cheat, hit her, or dis her). I just know if you’re going that hard [||] to prove that your BF/GF aint sh*, maybe you should cut ties.

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I also know that these type of hood blue movies videos give a lot of people pause about being in a committed relationship. I have enough stories about situations like this and others to write 7 books (No Harry Potter), so I know firsthand the capacity and lengths people will go to disregard their relationships. It’s easy to say “I’m this type of dude/woman that won’t happen to me”. I would say that you were probably a victim, but failed to see the signs.  It’s difficult to have faith in a working relationship when you know how easy it is for people to cheat and how easy it is for people to disrespect (both adulterer and adulteree). Doesn’t bolster my confidence, however, I guess that’s why you put faith into other people…

SBM community, what situations do you know/experienced similar to this video? Are these type of issues a detriment to your outlook on committed relationships? Will you ever believe that your S/O is out at the club?

Bless the mic and speak on this topic!



  1. That was so disrespectful. (Oh I questioned that too..abt the Sidekick. I think it was one of those SK look alikes but that's BESIDE the point)

    I can't believe it but then again I can. I won't say that's why I'm single though.. Any similar situations? I know of "A" who was on the receiving end and on the phone with their mom. Couldn't speak because their world was being rocked… (so I heard smh) and "A" had to lie and make something up. But it wasn't to an S/O. Ughh so sickened.. lol

    And he better be at the club with me.. I mean.. why go when we can make our own little party and record it…? Ok, I'm done..

  2. "Bless the mic and speak on the topic" ??!?!?!?!

    My eyes would get permanently stuck if I tried to give you the side eye I envision in my head right now.

    I agree with you to a certain extent. If the bird doesnt respect her man enough to not speak t him with worms in her mouth, then she needs to fly the fuck off. I find it disgusting personally. And like you said, she KNOWS the recipient was taping that shit, so she KNEW at some point she was gonna end up on the internet. It's the way of the world these days, so I have to believe that by now, her "man" knows all about this shit.

    However, I do not believe that videos like this are why people play the "this is why I'm still single" card. I happen to believe that people just don't want to be in relationships. Maybe theybelieve they're too much worl, maybe that's the only excuse they could come up with to dissuade that overzealous suitor, or maybe they just ain't shit. IDK. I could be an overly optimistic fool, or someone who watches too many romance movies, but I honestly believe that when folk find the one they really REALLY want, they forget alllll about videos like this.

  3. speaking personally, i have alot of faith in the fact that whoever i give my heart to will love me just as hard… the reality of the situation is that there is no way of completely knowing if your s/o is going to cheat on you or not or pretend he/she is in a club but really is pleasuring someone else. I don't think that someone else's indiscretions should skew my outlook on committed relationships…. it's about completely knowing and trusting your partner…and maybe some people go through a few bad ones and end up coming out totally appreciating the best one…

  4. I'm speechless. I've been witness to some pretty foul stuff, but I can't say that is the main reason why I'm single. I can admit that I'm afraid of putting my faith in someone and being hurt (been there, done that), but if I were to find someone that I like enough (or at all at this point), the risks would be worth the possible reward. You know, it's that whole No Risk=No Reward thing.

  5. Multitasking isnt just the half of it… I don’t get why she let this guy film her…the act, maybe…but the act and the conversation, h€ll no…in any case it’s all #nasty. Love it that when her SO (assumed) volunteered ‘the club’, considering she had a dude in her mouth, her mind was pretty quick on the uptake to fly with that lie and use it as her swindle.

    But yeah, while i haven’t done it to anyone, i know my ex has done it to me…and damn it hurts when you realise….

    I had spent the w/e with my ex so on monday I went back to my folks. I called him late and we did our usual midnight pillow talk before going to sleep. But I did noticed he was acting really vague and all sleepy…I asked…he said it he was tired so I let it be. About 15mins after we hung up, his side dish picked up his phone after he disappeared to the bathroom to clean up and called me up to tell me up that he wasnt tired when I called he was acting vague because he was in her…i knew this girl…she’d been sleeping with his younger brother the month before…suffice to say all hell broke loose… honestly he was lucky I wasn’t there cos I would have hurt somebody…him or her I really didn’t care…through the tears I hardly slept that night but I did realise in the morning that his stupid a$$ wasnt worth it… he kept trying to make up…saying he was sorry and she was a h0e and meant nothing 2 him cos all his boys had had her…it was part of a game and the winner was the last guy to lay her. Can u believe that? ish sounded #f*ckedup 2 me. I didn’t need to be with someone like that #ColdHeartedSnake. Far as I was concerned it was over. He stepped out. I was out 2 #CantPlayMelikeThat

    1. Wow. I can't even begin to imagine how I would feel if that were to happen to me. It's so sad to realize that there are people out there as cold and disrespectful as that.

      1. @sane – made me feel like i'd wasted the last 5 years i'd been with him, at least i came out of it knowing what i wouldnt take… i'm told his $hit got colder

    2. Not gonna act like i've never dipped in a fountain that one or more of my boys already drank from, but that has to be the stupidest game i've ever heard of. Sorry that this happened to you

        1. If you heard from your mans that she got the good good and he doesnt mind and she doesnt mind, then why not?

  6. *first* video was "hella" funny.

    *second* I don't really know about partying w/ my S/O only if we have a lot of mutual friends.

    Not saying that I've never done it but I always feel like its okay to give each other space occasionally *shrugs*

    I am single not because of past experiences but because I just have not found someone to be with and can give what I can give; I guess I also enjoy my little freedom.

    Have I been cheated on? not that I know of….but I do believe ppl make mistakes so you can not entirely put a person's past on their future.

    I guess I'm all into optimism now a days then again I'm single so this is just my perspective.

    A lot of the time when it comes to committed relationships you should be able to read the signs about how genuine a person is about it because in my opinion there are usually some sort of signs.

    nonetheless great post streetz.

  7. Came back to say I'm still laughing that the guy being blown still had he's white socks on…really?…he has enough time 2 get out his device (phone maybe…) and camcord her a$$ but not to take his socks off?…rotflmao… #schoolboyish #simpleton

    no white socks in my bed #gettingdownwithmerule #menonly

    1. HAHAHA!

      Yeah I peeped the socks too butwanted to let you all catch a few things. That was straight dorm room status.

      I remember the first time a young lady chastised me for keeping my socks on. I was like"what? **shrugs**" Then when it was explained to me, I understood, lol…

  8. Wow can't believe I read this at 711am but what an eye opener!! Dude on the phone can't hear all those slurps?? Wow she has to be young, dumb,drunk and drugged. How else do you explain her wanting this to be videotaped??

  9. All I can say is WTF. WTF would possess her to answer phone while doing that. WTF would possess her to stay on the phone and have an actual conversation. WTF would possess her to allow anyone to tape her in this youtube error WTF does she think that ish is cool…it's not. Truthfully, that is not why my official status is single. Honestly, I enjoy the freedom of being single. When single at the end of the day my feelings and concerns are the only ones that matter. I am still in selfish mode and as the oldest of 10 children I think that I deserve it. I don't have time to worry if someone is going to foul like this and do me dirty. I'd go insane. Just don't involve me in the drama and don't give me nothing and when i find out I'll go my way and you damn sure won't be going with me. In closing WTF!!!!

  10. Ok, so maybe I'm the only one too "challenged" to see the video, but I get the gist of what happened.

    Why are folks so grimy? Closest I can come to a similar situation was when my girl (who had been cheated on) had a faaabulous weekend in LV with Mr. Not Her Dude – and because ole boy was in her circle of friends there were a few occasions where her (cheatin' azz) dude kicked it with her "other" man. I have a classic pic of them at a dinner where she is smiling in the camera, her b/f was staring off into space and the "other" dude was staring straight at her with the twinkle in his eye. Fool was playing footsie under the table and errythang, lol.

  11. Ms.Francois and I got our Matchmaker tickets 🙂

    This video has been going around bbm like crazy, and its the most disrespectful isht that I've seen.However, it does not detriment my outlook on relationships. I'm single because grad school has take over my life, and I haven't found someone to settle down with. If he says that he is at the club, I'll trust it. The only way to verify is to actually see him there.

  12. Not surprised…but we can't deprive ourselves companionships n relationships because some others aren't trustworthy. Everyone has a situation, that was hers. Living a paranoid life isnt living. Trust yourself above all then extend that trust to friends n loved ones. However do not expect it in return then it isnt love. Love is unconditional. Ppl are deceiving in most part and sometimes it comes with life situations. Therefore most likely, you will be disappointed. You just have to trust that u do the right thing and best you could but keep your eyes open to know who your real closed ones are. In the end, you know you did your best. And because u weren't expecting anything in return, no disappointment either. Trust yourself and you will trusted.

  13. I can't seem to get to the video..but, I get the picture..lol…first of all, that is a girl with little to no self-esteem or self worth..and the dude doing the taping just wanted something he could share with his homies and post on the internet, which makes him childish and trifling….I have heard about other instances like this..its like a badge of honor or something…that girl probably really thinks she's doing big things…smh.

    I am not single because of stuff like this…people are going to do what they do. I think I mentioned my ex-husband left me for his side chick…was taking her on vacations with our kids,..telling me it was a "guys only" fishing trip…so, I've been thru it…I don't think that all men are scandalous, I'm a little jaded but Im not bitter…I am realistic, I don't put too much stock in what people will or won't do…I just give them the benefit of the doubt until there is real reason for me to think otherwise…..but, people are going to do what they want to do matter what….

    1. Damn QT

      It must be even more difficult because you were married once. I couldn't imagine. Thats one of my biggest fears (getting married/divorced)

      How do you handle trusting people n sh* again? Is it easier?

      1. Streetz, it is so much harder to trust. I have to constantly check myself in a relationship to make sure I am not carrying over baggage …Its hard but I do realize that all men aren't the same and that there are some good and decent men out there who are worth taking a chance on.

        As far as marriage..you just have to take that leap of faith..its definitely a risk worth taking. I would do it again if I found the right man…..

  14. I know I'm wrong, but I kinda rate this girl. That's what I call keeping your head in a high-pressure situation!

    Just kidding. Well, kinda.

    Cheating is foul. And unnecessary. I've never had to pull a #swindle like this because if I don't want to be monogamous I don't get in exclusive relationships. I just say from the beginning that while I'm cool to spend time with you I need my freedom and you're welcome to yours. Then I never have to worry about this kind of ish.

  15. Here's some followup commentary:

    1) If you have a blackberry, copy and paste that into your browser. Otherwise I believe RealPlayer and most mobile browsers on phones (Android, Palm Pre, iPhone) will play it

    2) I forgot to say, shorty went to WORK on son! I think she read Maxfabs 101 on giving head article: http://www.max-logic.com/2010/06/your-101-guide-t

    3) It's just so hard to be committed and have faith in people when you see what I've seen in addition to videos like this. I don't think it's being paranoid, it's being real and cognizant of your surroundings. Eventually, you will have to take a chance and put 10 out of 12 eggs in a basket. Just hope they don't break!

  16. In this economic climate, I would like to remain gainfully employed and I refuse to click that link until I get home.

    Overall, I don't get cheating. People are far too willing to sleep with you with no commitment to cheat on someone who you claim is special to you. If you don't want to be tied down, don't be.

    1. Just watched the video. I don't condone hitting women, but if her "man" beat the snot out of her, taped it, and posted it to the internet, I would watch and laugh heartily without an ounce of sympathy for her.

  17. ok, after i regrouped. HIV/AIDS!! ok, now i'm done w/ all that. i can only say what i've done that's foul. and i've done some grimy things (at least in my world). in my world "my grimy" is calling another guy from my bfs house (of course on my cell) i also used to drive my bfs car to the guys house i was cheating on and that was wild but at 22yrs old i was on a mission for payback … and OH one time i kissed my old boyfriend and didn't tell my current boyfriend.. but my old bf had just been diagnosed w/ terminal cancer… that being said, i feel real angelic right about now.

    i honestly didn't know women were this gutter. knowing that men have done this to me.. in some small sick way i almost makes me feel like hmmm look at the tables turned. but that thought is small and fleeting. i really don't know if we can speculate about self esteem. she's wild and disturbed but i wouldn't be surprised if she demands more from the house wife that is constantly being cheated on. i honestly have no clue. i have never even thought of thinking about thinking this type of scenario. this chick has balls.. in her mouth, that is.

  18. and um hell yeah this is why i'm single and this is why i can't even date real tough. i'm celibate by default.

  19. Still smh at that video. I def peeped the socks too LOL.

    Grimey is TRULY an understatement and "Whore-nista" is the name of that game cuz homegirl is a PRO. Smfh

  20. I was wonderin' what ya'll were talmbout on Twitter last night! lol But, I remember you said you were gonna do a post about it so I waited.

    I made a note to watch this before going to work. Um, yeah. Ultimate #swindle is in full effect.

    I DIED at the "do you hear that?" she kept saying over and over regarding the music in the background. A mess!!

    Also, died twice at this:

    "3a) I would’ve been suspicious because NO ONE plays MIMS ANYWHERE in the club anymore!"

    LMAO. You get on my last nerve, Streetz…

  21. Cheating is selfish. You are only worried about your wants and its robs the other person from making an informed decision about their status in the relationship. However, what happened in that video is not just cheating. She is a woman that deserves to be called every type of word you think. That might be the most disrespectful sh*t I have ever seen in my entire life. I swore fo gawd that if my jawn did this to me, I'd go on a smacking spree. (I wouldnt hit her but I'd def have Qua-Qua from around the way come and handle her) I'd walk down the street smacking folk. #real talk.

    On another note, the girl got skills and needs to put those talents to good use

  22. i was so shook last night that i couldn't even comment til this morning..

    WHAT DE H*LL was this girl thinking? i'll be d*mned if someone's gonna film me and i don't get the tape later…

    this sent nasty chills all through me.. i mean, i'm sure it happens daily to different people around the world.. but STILL!!

    she obviously suffers from shortsightedness because she's not thinking about her video making the rounds… not thinking about what would happen if said boyfriend were to see the video.. and quite honestly, if you're gonna cheat, then why have a dude?

    i never understood it.. i understand the "rush" of getting away with something.. but just steal glasses from Target and call it a day..

    i can't even deal with that slackness… i've never been witness to anything like that.. lookin at it now, i'm glad i wasn't..

    on the real though, i can't lie.. when i see ish like that, and hear about husbands leaving wives i do wonder "what's the flippin point".. i can't honestly say though, that that isn't why i'm single.. it's because the ones that aren't worth it want it.. and the one that is worth it doesn't want it..

    so i keep it movin… and hopin…

    1. """"'i can’t honestly say though, that that isn’t why i’m single.. it’s because the ones that aren’t worth it want it.. and the one that is worth it doesn’t want it..

      so i keep it movin… and hopin…"""""""

      babygirl wasnt it a post about this the otha night? how bout taking actions yoself & get your superman instead of waiting & hopin that he catches you out of millions. lifes too short for all that so go & get the one thats worth it……hint—im out here in atlanta

  23. There's a big difference between cheating and what that chick did. The funny thing is, these types of things happen all the time. This is why I just can't deal with disrespectful broads with a sense of entitlement. This chick probably thought she was showing her sense of power in the situation. When in reality whether she was talking to her man or not, she was whopping a dude off on camera and he was taping her.

      1. How doesn't it though? Entitled broads who think that someone or EVERYONE owes them something. Here she is acting out sucking homies d for some reason that we all don't know but I bet you she isn't really trying to hide this from her dude (video…even answerin the phone), and when he's about to tear her a** up for it I bet she's the type to shrug and give a look like 'and what?' That is some entitled, spoiled brat ish. Maybe he wronged her in some way but there is ALWAYS a sense of entitlement attached to any action that is based on 'u got me, so imma get u.' That's people feeling like they are owed something (revenge?, their own jump off?) by leveling the score. #justsaying

  24. All I can say is, the situation is horribly tackless, regardless of the background, situation, etc. She not only disrespects "her man" or the man she's pleasing, she disrespects herself. I feel as a people, coloreds and whatnot, we are losing so much respect for each other and the notion of committment and consideration isn't even pretended anymore. This sort of stuff disgusts me. Why are people so quick to get revenge, even if the situation fits? I'm not perfect, by any means, but I'll be damned if I disrespect myself or my man. Real talk, when a woman goes to these lengths to get back at someone, she needs prayer.

    So you say, this is a reason to stay single. Umm okay. It's a valid reason, but is it really?

    1. The validity is for you the reader to decide.

      I just say when people say "This is why im single" its because of ish like this.

      This also isn;t a black issue. This is a people issue. Ive seen real life 90210 go down with whites, and other races too.

  25. I had somethin to say but I lost my train of thought when I read "coloreds" 🙁 I'll be back later, maybe….

  26. It's tough, because everyone is at a different level of development, and it is really hard to accurately determine where your partner is at, and what they have been through before you have met them and how it has impacted their view on relationships.

    There definitely seems like there is a current of revenge in the female's actions, and the boyfriend seem to know that he has done something on his end to make her actions a possibility, or maybe he knows something about her character that allows him to know the actions we see are likely when she is "out at the club." I think it is a negative indicator about the man's security in his relationship that he has to have her prove where she says she is.

    I think Streetz is right – it's not a race thing, it's a human thing, and I believe you have to create something unique with the one you are with that is built to weather the storm of doubt and cynicism that society will naturally place on your relationship and relationships in general.

    We can look at the Tiger Woods situation as an example of what women can point to to have an excuse not be in a relationship, stay single, or "do them." Al and Tipper Gore's relationship lasted 40 years before news surfaced yesterday that the couple is filing for divorce. Nothing is promised, so we should enjoy every day we have with the person we feel is worthy of our love, and realize that there was a conscious decision for your significant other to be with you in that moment. Allow it to enhance your love in that moment, because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

    I like the way Nick_L put it – she identified those suitors that aren't worth her time and decided not to settle, and while she recognized the one that was worth it wasn't ready, she remains hopeful. Maybe he will be ready one day, or she will find someone else that is eligible in the future. Maybe the girl in the video settled (dude on the phone), and found someone who she felt was better (dude in the white socks), and this was her way of having her cake and eating it too. We don't know, but this individual's actions, in my opinion, is not a reason to stay single.

  27. Yeaaah…when you showed me this video last night, I couldn't believe it…and I still can't to this day.

    I really want to believe that this breezy knew she was gonna end up as the jumpoff of the interwebs as soon as she said yes to lettin homie record her. And I hate it for ole dude that she was on the phone with if that was really her boyfriend, because that's got to be the most embarrassing thing for him.

    But I guess it could happen to the best of us. Home girl is still wrong as all hell doe.

  28. am I the only female that is going to draw attention to the size of that d…….


    Just to reiterate what's been said…I think what that foolish girl did is at a level of disrespect that my mind can't even comprehend. She is losing her soul for that one. K maybe just some of it. lol

    1. I think I mighta woulda said something about it but that other commenter said coloreds and….ugh, it's pretty bad when you can forget something that ♫♫ Unforgettable ♫♫ (Nat King Cole voice)

  29. ayyyyyyyyyyyy i requested that to be a topic. i aint even got to watch the video & i already kno what it is….but still let me see right quick———–

    1. ——shol is!!! >: ) but yea shawty got down on that & she killed it wen she turned up the radio to at like she really stepped back in the clup. ha & i thot i was slick, she did that outa reflex & made the adjustment instantly so he neva stood a chance. she a pro at it but yea this is why i choose to be single & wen i come across some who wana take it to anotha level, il play along but i dont/cant take it serious because of this. funy thang is he probably still neva knowd & this hapen more times than some.

      the ones who would care be the ones who dont know…

  30. wow. um. just. wow. i mean. wow. (#nochrisbrownonlarrykinglive).

    i am speechless.

    but this girl and her grimey hotastic ways has nothing to do with me and my current singledom.

    im single because it's just not my time to be coupled up. i can try and force feed the situation all i want, and i am dating (finally) again – but this is one of those things out of your control. at least if you follow your instincts and dont settle just of the sake of being in a relationship.


  31. Woah. That's just foul. I know men and women on that straight grimy tip. Their mentality amazes me. A woman scorned is one thing, but many times it's done without prompting. Just on some low-down stuff.

    I hope he didn't love her. Talk about a stab in the sternum…

  32. I knew what video you were talking about before I even clicked the link. When I first saw this video at least a couple years ago (I think) it was when MIMS was still kinda relevant so that’s why he had it playing in the background. Anyway, you can feel the pain and frustration in the boyfriend’s voice while he is on the phone. This video hurts my soul every time I watch it.

  33. Just watched the video…wow.

    Man, people get shot over something like that. That was just rude, is what that was.


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