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How to Talk to Women and Get Anywhere: Part I

This is a two-way interview.

In DC, we currently have an epidemic where men are able to NOT talk to women just because there are so many here. If you walk with your hands out of your pocket, chances are you will pick up a woman at the club. Keep in mind, I haven’t said anything about if you want to take her home. DC is full of hoodrats and scuddlebuckets. It wasn’t until recently that I started to notice that men do not know how to talk to women, because they are never required to. They simply post up, exchange a smile and offer a drink. This can actually get you very far with women. You would think that in 2010, women weren’t still falling for the #ionlytextswindle, but it is alive and well.

So the message here today will be simple, here’s Part I of How to Talk to Women and Get Anywhere.

Greetings – Saying hello to a woman is probably the easiest part, but it’s the part that most men mess up the most. Here’s how you say hello to a woman; smile and say, “Hello.” You may say, “Hey” if you would like. I don’t know where men got the idea that the first thing has to be some rank pick up line or a shock marketing tactic. Don’t get crazy.

Conversation pieces – Try and not talk about politics, race, relationships, or anything of serious significance upon first meeting a woman. Try this one, “So what brought you out tonight/today?” This will give you everything you need to know about everything that is about to happen after. If she says, “It’s my birthday” GO IINNN. If she says, “I’m here with my stank sister who is over there flirting with every negro in the club! And she know she married” offer a drink and then tell her to have a nice night.

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Getting a phone number – Do not give a woman your business card, she’s not going to call you. Here’s the best way to get someone’s phone number; have something to talk about or do. My swindle is that I always make plans upon meeting the person. My line is, “To be honest, with you, I’m about to get at this bar, but what are you doing tomorrow? I probably will hit this brunch on U Street, come with?” (The other swindle here is food.)

First dates – Most men have no clue what a date is. They just can’t figure it out to save their lives. When I just invited shorty to brunch, that is not our first date. A date does not occur until you, speak on the phone and say, “Hey, would you like to…” Simply put, if you’re wondering if it was a date, the key is you have to ask someone on a date. Also, some more advice is to set up a date where you can actually talk. Movies and dinner are not the best date ideas. Dave & Buster’s is the move, or ESPN Zone.

After a date, and if you plan on having sex with her – Talk to her regularly and take her on another date. I swear a Black man will do something once and think he deserves all the credit. It’s a reason why there’s only half a negro playing golf in the PGA. Black men would only work on getting a hole in one of the first hole and think they won the Masters. Once you get the number, talk to her, and then take her on a date do not think that this is an excuse to just text and gchat from now on.  (Minor caveat: Some people are just not phone people, if that’s you, then you must do more to have more in-person communication.  Suggest drinks or lunch or coffee, as a means to have a quick conversation without being on the phone.)

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I do not want to fluster you weak guys out there who have been taking down copious notes. Feel free to email me on the side or tweet me your questions if I’m being unclear or I didn’t mention something you wanted to know. I’ll be back soon with follow up posts to finish out how to talk to women. But I wanted to get this out to you before the summer came and people started having conversations at barbecues. Ciao.


  1. Ok – I'm liking this post Dr J, when I see your name I must admit I brace myself – reading slowly with my head turned ever so slightly to the right (my reading side-eye pose) anticipating an encounter with words that may hurt my feelings, even if only a little bit…but this was no such post – all excellent advice, can't wait til the next installment 😀

  2. Oh another question, how in the hell do I get my picture in the avatar? (yes I know, slow, but hey! I haven’t been able to figure it out!)

    Maybe its this damn drink I just had! LOL

  3. nice post Dr J, cant fault your logic. #SoundAdvice

    Call it a swindle or actual sincerity, all i know is that the correct execution of your advice sure goes a long way with me cos when a man steps up to me like this I’ll be thinking he’s #GotGoodGame

  4. now if i could get that cutie at the gym to try these moves.. that would be fan-ta-stic.. he could just say the “hello” and i’d take it from there…
    GEEZ (beenie man voice)

    1. Don’t you hate it when that happens?! We know you like us, so just approach us! Trust us, we can make the rest of the moves and make you feel like you did them all… Why can’t it be that easy?

  5. Best advice ever, Dr. J! Use. Your. Words. Say hello, hey, how are you, what’s up .. . something. I feel like this should go for men everywhere. I’m in SoCal and they don’t know how to talk to women without running obvious game. And the whole “date” concept seems to be a mystery to them as well. Unless we’re already cool like that, I will not be coming over to see you and kick it. Asking someone out is just that, ask them OUT to somewhere, lol.

    Can someone please address the uberaggressive and/or physically inntrusive DC men? That was my biggest issue while living there. You see me walking down Georgia Avenue and you seem to think that walking up on me and blocking my path with your body is the move? Huh? If all else fails, grab me by the arm? Unhand me, sir. And if I don’t respond to your advances, refrain from verbally and/or physically attacking me (yes, my friends and I have faught men in the DMV area b/c they couldn’t take no for an answer *sigh*). There’s gotta be an easier way, lol.

    1. Yes all-knowing Dr. J, why is it that if we turn men down they resort to insult us by calling us "garden utensils" (haha!) and verbally abusing us? That is something I have yet to come to understand.

        1. What the hell?! Are you serious?! That has got to be one of the most absurd things ever! Why can't they just accept a simple "no" and say thank you and walk away?

        2. I'm telling you!

          First the dude had the audacity to try to speak to me while Winter Warz was playing in the party. No DJ EVER plays that song…can I have a minute please? Then when the song was over and he started grabbing me up I was like "unhand me please" (thanks Bsquared!) and he wouldn't let go! So as I'm prying his grimy hands off my wrist dude busts out a roundhouse kick and sends me flying in the air.

          AND ruined my brand-new shoes. Foul.

        3. Winter Warz = Classic…

          Sad..some men cannot deal with rejection…I have seen many of females get drinks splashed in their faces due to "Saltiness" of dudes…maybe they deserved it..who knows… either way = #MAJOR FAIL!

        4. Hot mess @ this roundhouse kick!

          Here's my story:

          A group of guys tried to talk to my friends and I at a restaurant. We declined. They tried to sit with us. We declined. They heckled us and tried to force theirselves into our booth. We got the manager and everything but they still wouldn't leave. One thing led to another and this dude tries to CHOKE my friend. We ended up fighting these grown men, effing up the restaurant, and being chased until the police showed up. Of course the guys just got a talking to and sent on there way. Then we find out that the restaurant workers told the police that "those girls came in here thinking they were cute and started it," b/c the ringleader of that group of hoodlums used to work there. Thanks to that, I carried a box cutter every where I went in the DMV. Like I said, there's gotta be a better way.

        5. LOL @ Dr. J . . . hey, I lived in the hood my whole life in Cali, I didn't go to DC to get attacked by random menfolk. That mess had me shook (even though we won the fight, technically).

  6. This is a great article. It's my sincere hope that black men and women start taking the time to look beyond the superficial and really get to know the true heart of each other.

    We need to strengthen our community. The strength of the community begins with the family. The black family structure is on life support.

    We need to learn how to court each other. There's nothing wrong with good old fashion courting.

  7. Good post!

    I only disagree with your firs date choice….I do not want to go to Dave & Busters nor ESPN zone…I don't think this is a good first date choice…dinner and a stroll…if its summer, perfect time to hit up the harbor or the waterfront somewhere….its too noisy in D&B and ESPN zone to really have a nice chat, although it will be fun its just not a good place to chat, and get to know one another…. because you have to assume the first date MAY be your last so you really want to make it count……

    1. Just let me explain my choice of ESPN Zone or things like it a little more. What i'm saying is that a first date should mean something. I called out, meeting for drinks or grabbing coffee as a conversation in person, not a date. I don't think you should get to a date until you are sure that you can be around the person for longer than 30 minutes.

      I also picked a place where you can have dinner, upstairs… and then you can play some games, let your hair down, and have some drinks. You can see how you interact with one another, etc. There are other places you can do this at, but I wouldn't suggest dinner as the focus because I don't like when people i'm not all the way cool with talk with their mouth full. It's actually a pet peeve, I will straight up be a jerk and say, "Don't worry, i'll wait until you finish your food," mid-sentence.

      For me, since i'm such an active person if I'm dating girl who is like I don't like to play games, I want to go sit down, it's not going to work anyway. I need to know that you can do it all. I am a competitive person, I like to see a potential mate's competitive side… and it keeps us from talking about politics and relationships.

  8. Great list!

    One thing to add that has worked for me, dont ask a woman to stop what she's doing. If she's walking down the block, accompany her. If she's on the phone either wait or dont talk at all. If she's carrying a bag, help her. Its worked for me and may work for everyone else as well

    1. Yessss!!!! Nothing like approaching a woman like she's, well – a WOMAN and not a hoodrat to get a good response.

    2. Word fam. Two rules my mother taught me about women.

      1) Don't ever stop a woman from what she's doing.

      2) Don't you EVER show up unannounced.

  9. You forgot to tell the bruthas to leave the cornball lines at home. Every chick is sick of hearing, "is it hot in here or is it just you" or "peep this shawty". Uuuuh, makes me turn back around towards the bar and order another drink. Then there is the whole eye contact thing. Women love eye contact when someone is talking to them and the more the better.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


  10. I really enjoyed this post, I was almost shocked when I realized YOUR AZZ wrote it.

    Who would have thought that you would have such a suave humane side when it comes to simple dating rituals. I will give you credit where it's due for this one Dr. J.

  11. Loves this post. Love Dr. J.

    Although I am slightly peeved that he's not offending anyone today.

    Usually I look forward to Thursday as the day that Dr. J is gonna hurt the ladies' feelings and I will catch pure jokes in the comments.

  12. I have to disagee with D&B not being a good first date spot. I'd even add in a noisy pool hall or bowling alley. Why? Because while most people are trying to put their best foot forward, a competative/athletic activity will cut through all of that. I'm not saying that you will sit there and assess a guy (or girl whatever works for you) the whole night. But an activity will show you his patience, how he handles a loss, how he communicates in a loud atmosphere. And if you two can't handle a friendly game then I say better know early than to have had these great dates where everything was very controlled and neutral (that's how I view dinner and a movie and a stroll. Although a stroll is acceptable after the game, if you aren't "tired" from all the fun.)

    1. Welcome, I think. Also, a pool hall or bowling alley would be an ideal first date to me, both because I love to play pool and for all the reasons you listed. Let me tell you, it's very telling how someone reacts to losing.

        1. Peyso, are you going to explain why women who are good at pool scare you? I'm oh so curious.

  13. I fully support this.

    Men in DC have lost their mind these days. I've been highly focused on determining when the introduction starting with "hello" ran out of fashion. I actually like ESPN Zone as a date option- I'm highly competitive too and like doing stuff that gives us jokes/ things to talk about if the convo gets awkward.

  14. This is a really good post! I am excited to see what happens on the next episode of: Men Who Talk * insert theme song*

    Anywho I will keep my excited feelings in check b/c as nice as it sounds, unless this gets flashed across the screen by Comcast during tonights game 1, I still live in the DMV where the pandemic resides… and men still won't know how to talk to me the next time I go out.

    1. Right!?! I may not live in the DMV, but I know I've NEVER been approached like this (or even remotely close). I'm over here thinking up ways on how to make this common knowledge in my area.

      1. I think there are a few things women can do to get men to talk to them correctly:

        1) Stop allowing them to talk to you incorrectly. This may seem simple, but women will forego no job, home training, or even a pressed shirt, because a guy has hazel eyes and nice teeth.

        2) Let them know, immediately that they've stepped out of line. I think this is weird because most women know if the dude will get the number or not before he even opens his mouth. (Read previous note.)

        3) Congratulate the ones who do, even if they don't get the number. I'm not saying end up on a BBM video AKA TonguePlay 2K10, but let them know that you appreciate the kindness of a man with maturity.

        Why can't I get that gig at For Sisters Only?

        1. I agree w/ this list… however, stopping 1 ignant fool from saying w/e he feels out of this mouth, doesn't help the next man mature more. It just leaves me stiff arming all the ignant fools I cross in DC.

        2. I think there are a few things women can do to get men to talk to them correctly:

          1) Stop allowing them to talk to you incorrectly. This may seem simple, but women will forego no job, home training, or even a pressed shirt, because a guy has hazel eyes and nice teeth.

          This. Granted I have very light brown eyes and nice teeth, but I also talk to women correctly, have a job, home training, and several pressed shirts.

        3. SoFlyy has got a very good point, because I don't let men get away with talking like that to me now, hence why I'm single.

  15. For me, I think the best advice I can give anyone trying to talk to a woman is this: Listen.

    Listening is by far the most imporatant part of having a conversation. You'd be surprised at what a man can accomplish when he actually listens to what a woman is saying. The great thing about listening to a woman is that, chances are, she loves to talk, and, you'll get to know everything you need to know about her so that you can figure out whether she's a lottery pick or a second or third rounder.

    Next best thing you can do is ask engaging questions. If she decides to tell you about her career, ask her if she has long term career goals, ask her if she likes what she's doing now. If she doesn't, politely give her some thought provoking questions on what she could do to change jobs. "Have you ever thought of…?" or "Have you read…?" "Have you read…" is a great question to ask a woman because, #1 it lets her know that you're not just some random n*gga… you read for leisure, that means you care about… stuff. Secondly, chances are, she hasn't read whatever it is, so that gives you an opportunity to explain how the book relates to what she just told you which should make you sound inteligent without sounding conceited.

    Lastly – be funny. Nobody likes ppl who are too serious in first enounters. If you can make a woman laugh, you're halfway there.

    1. Now that I know you're not 60 and ish, I'm even more intrigued by your posts. I wish more men would realize these actions would get them a lot farther than that other ish they pull. I guess if they're able to still catch some broads with it, why put in the effort?

        1. What Max said. Also, I'd be willing to bet my future first-born (it's more likely that I'd bet one of my sisters) that I wasn't the only one.

        2. You have the wisdom of a man who has been around for quite awhile, and who has cared enough and paid good attention to what works in relationships, for BOTH parties and what doesn't…and that's kinda rare, even for some true 60 y/o men

        3. MIMs is not that nice… jokes. Actually he's just far ahead of his years. And you don't mind being nice to him because you know he's married. If he was single, you'd be holding onto those "amen's." I know how you women think being nice to man makes him think you want to have s*x with him.

      1. *folds hands in self-satisfaction* My nefarious plan worked!

        Okay, there really was no plan there, but the picture is definitely appreciated.

    2. “Have you read…” is a great question to ask a woman because, #1 it lets her know that you’re not just some random n*gga… you read for leisure, that means you care about… stuff. <—– THIS!! Omg, this is so important and should be emphasized. I spoke to a man for a bit who did not read and it was like scratching my eyes out. At 27 his passions were sports cars and video games…O_o Come on…

    3. The only thing I will say here about some of MIMs questions is that you need to be mindful of your venue. A guy who is trying to talk about life, career and family needs to know that if the goal is to have fun, sometimes they don't want to hear all that. Women will stiff arm a dude and say, "I am too tipsy for all that right now."

      1. If he is as captivating in person as he is online – it don't matter where we are or how "tipsy" I am – I'm listening!

        But alas I don't do side-chickery…sooo 🙁

    4. That's good advice. A woman should be quiet and listen also. Many times, listening intently is a perfect barometer for judging sanity. Ya know?

  16. co-sign the entire list.

    And I love active first dates. So much so, that if a guy suggests dinner and a movie, I already deduct 2 points. lol.

    Seriously though, the best first date I've ever been on was to play mini-golf, and eat pizza and nachos. Another good date is bowling. Dinner and a movie is so unimaginative.

  17. I always thought most of this was common sense, until hearing horror stories from women about how dudes approach them. Then again, common sense isn't common.

    1. The worst is hearing about how your friends approach women.. or even men for that sake. "What's up with your boy?!" phone calls are never the move in 2010 with Obama being president now and all.

      Men please stop threatening to sop women up with biscuits. No woman reminds you of a bacon and egg sandwich. "You got some pretty a*s feet" should never be the first thing out your mouth.

      There is only one man getting away with, "Ay, shorty what your name is…" And he wears tinted lip gloss.

      1. For grins and giggles, I tried that this weekend. My girl and I went to a outlet mall this past weekend, and I told her I would wait outside while she was looking around in the Gap store. I pulled the car around and parked near the door but she didn't see me, and began walking down the sidewalk looking for me. I rolled up on her, lowered my window and said, "Hey ma, can I holla at you for a minute?" It sounded and felt absolutely ridiculous doing it and saying it, and I was just playing around. I can't believe that actually works on some women skeezers (yes, I went back to the 80's and dug up skeezers).

  18. Awwe it's get off J about his usual upchuck reflexes when it comes to posting on this site 😛

    Love this post though. It's truth. Really try and talk to a woman will go far with her. LISTENING to what she has to say will as well, and the equation really just isn't that complicated. Tell me this though ppl–is it just PURE complacency that a lot of men have a hard time doing the things listed in this blog post? Or simply that women these days don't know how to make these fella's work for a gatdamn thing? (i'm not calling out all women, but u KNOW what I mean–I don't even pretend like u didn't see that vid streetz posted about yesterday)

    And ya'll are SCARING me about DC men because **this just in** I got accepted into Grad school out there so I may be making that move REAL soon. But let a muhfu(ka try and unhand ME…nyukka, u don't know what I keep in my purse…

    That's all imma say.

    1. DC is about what you subject yourself to. If you play your cards right and you demand the respect you should get, you'll be fine. Glad to hear you'll be here. We may get the chance to meet.

      1. You right. That goes for everywhere life may take a person though.

        "We may get a chance to meet"

        …do I smell a swindle? lol. JK

        Hope so.

      1. Lmao. Clown.

        Never satisfied? Same here. For example. Say when I move to DC I happen to be walking down the street and happen to walk by you., but don't know it's u. cuz…I BET ur azz looks nothing like a white boy anime ninja robinhood like your gravatar. I'm not satisifed with your picture. Just an example. lol

        1. 2.) I am light skinned…

          –That REALLY narrows it down, thank you.

          –Was that a disclaimer? lmao.

          –i'm already following you on twitter LMAO

        1. Wyoming….


          That's a joke right?

          i'm not out of my mind to put my 'handle' on this site when I know there's a bunch of DC ppl on here and apparently ya'll folks are crazy. I'll @mention u and you'll know who I am lol.

        2. Yeah right! I've been to Wyoming…Jackson Hole to be specific…and I believe me and my ex-husband were the only black folks for miles…very weird…but Wyoming is one of the most beautifully scenic places you can ever visit…and I almost got charged by a Buffalo but that's another story…lol.

        3. LOLOL

          @Queen T "Jealous?" (c) John Witherspoon in Friday


          I'm actually a free agent July 1st and may sign with Dark Skin Nation. We'll see if they have the cap room and better incentives

        4. Andressa,

          He actually looks a lot like his gravatar, lol. Had a little green outfit on and errythang.

        5. AHAHA @Teflon. I'm going to cross reference that gravatar to his real pic just cuz of that comment. lol

        1. Alright, so I'm mostly new to this whole twitter thing and for the longest I refused to tweet (I fight the urge to call it a twat). I've made the decision to try and utilize that account I set up ages ago and am a little discombobulated here with this message. So, you can see my tweets (twats) if I am following you, even if you aren't following me? Is that how that works?

        2. @Sane, No u can't. People can only see your tweets if they opt to follow u as well. What is your 'handle'? (lmao, learned some new jargon today)

        3. I've only posted a total of 7 tweets in the many months I've had this thing, and I had a follower once who got bored with me, so you may want to wait until I'm more interesting to follow me. If not, my handle (I feel like I'm on the CB radio) is mellowyellow85.

        4. @ Sane – don't feel bad, I don't tweet at all, I follow a few people for the comedy alone but I've been followed and unfollowed dozens of times…LOL

          I still have that "What to do now" message at the bottom of my screen which annoys the isht out of me but w/e

        5. LMAO, ya'll are carrying on as if i'm Ms.Twitter herself. My twitter is there solely for me to follow blogs (like this one) a lot easier, and for pure comedy with a few friends. Other than that… I too am in the low rankings of followers and I am happy as a clam about that lol

        6. Yep 95% bloggers and a smattering of funny randoms I picked up via RT's along the way

  19. This list is excellent.

    I always felt that dudes that use "lines" and dead @ss mean them, are either insecure or clueless. Lines are corny and obvious.

    Be yourself, speak, listen, and be INTERESTING! Tahts the best advice I have.

  20. 🙂 Hate to scare yall further….but about a month ago a dude shot a brawd in the leg for not givin up her phone number. Search it on youtube if you don't believe me. What can I say…..if you aint know DC was crazy by now you wasn't payin attention.

    1. & this is why I give my number to every Tom, Dick or Harry that asks for it. I've gotten better about saying I'm in a relationship & grabbing the dude closest to me. But if I don't see an escape route, he def gets the number… I'll ignore it later.

      1. LMAO OMG! K where should I go to school that is SAFE instead of DC? Dayyyyuuum. Can someone on this site please do a piece on the foolishness that goes on out there and how not to fall prey to it? SH*T

        1. No shots to anyone, but that happened in Southeast DC. Also known as, "Soufeast." There are no schools over there, chances are you will be in school in NW. The thing about it is, though these things can happen to anyone, DC in addition to having some of the most hood people in "de weorld" also has one of the bougiest Buppie crowd on the East Coast. You're more likely to have some dude say to you that he doesn't date women without a Masters from an Ivy league school than get shot for not giving up the digits.

          And Andressa does follow us on Twitter.

        2. That is the funniest isht I heard all day>> "more likely to have a guy tell you he doesn't date women without a masters from an Ivy League school" LMAO. My nose will be (or better be) tucked in those books leaving little time to get into any kind of trouble…..I hope *shifty eyes*

  21. This was excellent.

    Who pays for brunch if its not a date though? Or do you automatically make it a group outing when you finalize those plans?

  22. No offense taken Dr. J. But to Andressa, I would say this. There is a sixth sense you need to survive in an urban area. Some people just don't have it. Just like that zebra on TV that doesn't see the lion till it's on his dam neck 🙂 What I'm sayin is, in the words of Alonzo in Training Day, up your street IQ.

    Show me the worst hood in any country and I'll show 1000 people that have lived there their entire life and never been shot or robbed. Cause they see the BS comin before it happens.

    Find people that know and listen to them. As we say in DC, "You be aight." 🙂

    1. Thank u! I mean i've lived in SaoP and Bahia for the greater part of my formative years and managed to survive. But i've softened up living in North America and Canada currently for that matter lol, so people got me concerned on here about DC after a few years of being able to leave the house without locking it. I'll be ok I hope and if anyone tries me–I got my pepper spray lol.

    2. Bet…I still get people that are "shocked" *rolls eyes* that I was raised in Soufeas or I get "You don't look like you're from 'over there'" because I haven't been shot, robbed or slapped, lol

      1. LOL,,,me too Smiley Face. I was raised in SE and Oxon Hill MD…which as you know is right on the line….and my grandmother still lives in Southeast..gotta love it!

        1. Bout 10 years ago I tried to buy a dime bag in SE and the dude just looked at me with the most perplexed expression EVER. Maybe it was the 3 u-turns I took trying to get to him. Maybe it was my extra proper not-from-round-here talk. He was wavering between telling me to eff off and staring at my booty. The booty won in the end.

          And don't get me started about Anacostia park.

  23. Teflon Temptress says: June 3, 2010 at 2:41 pmBout 10 years ago I tried to buy a dime bag in SE and the dude just looked at me with the most perplexed expression EVER. Maybe it was the 3 u-turns I took trying to get to him. Maybe it was my extra proper not-from-round-here talk. He was wavering between telling me to eff off and staring at my booty. The booty won in the end.

    And don’t get me started about Anacostia park.


    You know you don't belong in the hood when people think you a Fed. 🙂 Phaaa.

  24. It's a side-profile and I may not able to judge correctly, but the nicca in the post pic is kinda cute.

    Anyhow, great post, Doc J and I look forward to more of the series.

  25. Mr. J, THANK YOU! Lately it seems as tho' every brother that steps to me is lookin' to get up in my place and have me cook for them (take it how you want it, I think we know that they want it either — and both — ways).

    I'm old school; texting me does NOT a date constitute. Nor does chatting with me when we run into each other at the bus stop, or giving me "a look" (which I'm then supposed to correctly interpret as "I want you, woman!"…. it looks more like you're feelin' sickly, darlin').

    TALK to me. ASK ME OUT. If you already know that I'm interested (which I've made clear that I am… or am not… by this time), then we'll wind up having a great time….

    And maybe… someday soon… you'll get my cookin'.

  26. after going through dozens of these comment I just realize realize another way to pick up girls… and that is to create a blog like this 🙂 j/k

    but seriously 90% of the replies are females right here 🙂

    anyway here is what I believe on the type of talking to girls, and I think all the ladies here can testify to this.

    It's really all about honesty and curiosity.. I mean genuine curiosity toward her as a person. Connection

    that's what matters…

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