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What makes Men and Woman Cry

Overwhelmed with joy!

So I find that in our macho ways, a lot of men dismiss the notion of crying. Some people see it as a sign of weakness. I’m here to tel you that both men and women cry for many different and valid reasons. I’m sitting on the west coast trying to phase into PST, and while I’m up in the air I thought I’d reflect and think on some things that make me and most men cry. Made a list about it like to read it? Here it go:


If you’ve ever been in a roast session with any man, you know that some jokes are liable to have dudes doubled over [||] in laughter, faces wet with tears. Any Chris Rock or Martin lawrence stand up will have me crying! Some jokes make you laugh. These jokes dehydrate from all the crying we do! Excellent times had by all!


I always said that if I ever was caught in one of these I would cry and hop on the first plane back to NYC. This happens yesterday at 4:04AM in LA. It woke me up but I didn’t know it was a quake. Friends didn’t tell me for fear that I would chuck the deuces and get the hell out of dodge SoCal! It was a 4.4 so it “wasn’t that serious” according to people here, but all I will ever think about is this clip.

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Men love sports. That’s no secret. From a young age, we find common ground with a team that represents our city, or for you traitors out there, with a player or what team is hot at the time, and we support them as if they are our family.  We ride with our teams in good times and bad, their struggles becoming our own. We are elated when they win, and heartbroken when they lose. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. If and when the Knicks win there next NBA title, I will cry like a 16 yr old heartbroken girl. Straight tears and no shame! *Waits for Knicks/NYC hate to appear in 3..2..1*

Severe injury or pain

Some pain you can tough out. Others will have you express your feelings with tears and cries of agony. For me, stomach aches and toothaches are the worst. The after effects of a root canal had me in the fetal position screaming to my mom to make it stop, while she gave me a side eye and told me to man up, smh. Anyone who’s done the P90X program, or any other strenuous workout will tell you that some of those exercises will make you cry out “Why god Why?! as you attempt to get one more rep in! Pain is temporary and pride is forever, but do believe a brother will tear up if that ish is too much!

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S*xual Athletics

Have you ever heard Olympic commentators discuss the beauty of a dance, dive, or figure skating/gymnastics competition. The poetry in motion is enough to make any art connoisseur tear up with joy. The same can be said for men’s appreciation of s*xual athletics. Have you seen a women with a behind that flows like the finest water in the Nile river? Have you ever seen a stripper perform an aerial maneuver that made dollar bills reign from the Heavens like meteorites entering the Earths atmosphere, while she displayed X-Men like supernatural abilities? This is pure art and will warm even the biggest @$$holes’s heart to the point of tears.

As for women, Here are some things that they will cry over:

Anything & Everything

I think that about sums it up. Men what else do you find will make us cry (whether good or bad). Women, why do you cry at 99.99% of things that happen in life? Am I exaggerating? Is it only 99.89%?  Let’s chat

“Don’t cry, dry, your eye!


  1. — In general when I can "feel it"..Anything sad that I hear about or witness that deserves empathy

    –Images of any natural disaster on television makes me cry

    — Watching unsolved mysteries, cold case….any of those shows where people are murdered, mostly children though

    –When I'm pms-ing I cry for no reason…

    — I cried when I got my heart broken

    I don't cry over 99.99% of things that happen in life, just those that have an impact on me..

  2. LMAO at women crying @ anything. I don't know about every woman crying at anything, but I know I've cried at:

    1) A flower blooming on TV (using that time-lapse technology)

    2) Those damn Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) commercials with those starved, sad, one-eyed, one-legged hobbling animals and Sarah McLachlan crooning "Angel"

    3) Breast cancer survivor commercials. I don't personally know a woman whose ever had breast cancer, but when I watch those commercials, I genuinely share in their triumphs and pains and see my mother, aunts, sisters, and girlfriends in all of those women

    I don't know why I cry, I just can't help it. But it's part of being human, and if you never cry, then there's seriously something wrong.

    1. Lol that original video is from a documentarily about some kids at a Christian camp (I had to watch it for a class). They ARE catching the Holy Ghost.

  3. lets see.

    sever pain. nope. i've been in the most excruciating pain (stab wounds, fights) and i didn't cry. i wish i would cry over some sports. them dudes get paid millions of dollars. they'll be alright. the last time i cried and it didn't have anything to do with a woman (judge me if you will) was when i crossed. yes i cried like a baby when i crossed those burning sands. it was a long time coming. *shrug*

      1. Delta Sigma Theta here…..I think I was too tired to cry though. I'll have to ask a Line Sista what happened. LOL!!!!

  4. I know a dude who told me that he cries like a baby when struck in the bawls…i know it was wrong but iLaughed!

    I don't cry over everything but somethings do make me cry…nah, i'm not going to make a list.

  5. I don't cry much at all, mostly the stuff below…

    1. Really, really sad movies especially about child abuse (it has to be really sad though)

    2. Death of a loved one

    3. I cry when I feel like I've lost control of my emotions and/or get my heart broken

  6. Obviously anytime I see people suffering… tears will fall. Any footage from 9/11, Katrina etc.

    I watched "Magic & Bird" and at the end when Magic teared up…I was done.

    Whenever I hear, the Yankees win, the Yankees win, thee Yankeees have won the World Series!!!! It's high five & tears!!!

    A good sermon followed the choir giving their all…

  7. "don't cry, dry your eyes"

    and here comes your mother with those 2 little guys….

    i know i wasn't the only who started singing slick rick after reading that….now i can't get that song outta my head.

    and with your wrinkled p***y i can't be your lover…….

    i can't front, the fresh prince episode where his pops comes back and then leaves causes waterworks every time.

    1. My man, why wouldn't you stock up before the blizzard? You bout to get your card pulled. Eff the grocery store next time and make your first 2 emergency prep stops the liquor store and Mary Juana's.

      1. Sh*t, I might have to pull your card, because anybody that deals w/ street pharmacists frequently knows that they are wildly inconsistent and don't have the foresight to re-up before the storm. Trust me, I make that call as soon as I get out of work so I don't have to worry about picking it up later. And even when I do stock up before hand, I have this problem that when I that I have alot, I usually roll alot more.

        And now that I have your attention…I meant to comment on this the other day…but I was rollin up…

        I stand by statements in regards to reds. God Bless the women of Alpha Kappa Alpha and their pearls, but if I never saw another red again ever in life, I wouldnt lose sleep. Blame Tiff.

        1. Maaaaan…I forgot how bad it was chasin' the collards when you're green grocer is flaky, lol. Soon enough you'll be able to just pick it up at the corner store with your over priced cigs. Until then……find one of those hippie white kids. Someone is skateboarding by right now with a pound in his hoodie, lol.

          Anty-who. I can't support anti-Tiff statements. Me and Tiff got something in common – you can pretty much guess what it is, lol. And I got too much red in my fam to poo-poo them outside of family reunions.

          But as for the other day….you know, I was just hoping ole girl would slow her antics down on her own (I chalk a lot of stuff up to the folly of being 23). You did pull her card, but you weren't wrong.

  8. Outside of what I said earlier, I decline to say the times when i've cried. I don't think it is below a man to cry. But I do believe sitting here rehashing it will only, "lead to something unfortunate." Like Dr. J acting like his allergies are bothering him as patients come in for their appointments today.

  9. I am very empathetic to the feelings of others..so anytime someone is in pain, I will cry with them. I cried about Hurricane Katrina, I cried about Haiti…I cried, when Mike Tyson did the Oprah interview and was fighting back his own tears the whole time, I cry in my relationships with men. I cry tears of joy, too. When I look at my children sleeping and healthy I will cry. The question is when will I not cry? LOL.

  10. The older I get, the more I cry. I went through a month where I thought I must be pregnant b/c I would tear up about anything and everything. I wasn't pregnant, but I think I just felt intense empathy for others. I was a mess. Anyway, things that make me cry…

    1. Sad movies or sad scenes in a movie. I cried when May killed herself in the Secret Life of Bees. I cried at the end of Paranormal Activity when that bytch killed Mika. The list goes on…

    2. Tragedy in my family.

    3. Love found and Love lost.

    4. Weddings. When my homeboy gets married, I know I'm going to be a mess.

    1. Yeah this post really rehashes a lot I have enough going on in my real life than to be thinking back on the movies all the crap that makes me cry lol

      I forgot all about May and that possesed bish that killed Mika The ending of AI gets me everytime I wacth it

  11. yeah, other than pain, certain funerals, sports, and the occasional funnyashell joke, there's really no reason why a guy should cry…

    and yup, women will cry over anything.

    However, its one thing to cry, and another thing to 'tear up'…example, when i'm outside on a very windy day, i'll admit that tears come out…i have no idea why

  12. I cried when I cross.

    I cried on some random night when I was pledging.

    There are no events that make me cry. One death in the family might make me cry, while other may not.

    I cried when we set the record for most consecutive games lost in OT (3).

    I cried when it was the #1 play on sportscenter.

    I cried at graduation.

    I cried when I saw my mom crying when my pops picked me up to take me to school.

    I cried when I saw my pops crying when he dropped me off.

    I broke a girls heart and cried about it

  13. I never cry except at funerals. I do get wet eyes at certain events but even that didn't start till I was like over 21. When I was young I was cold as ice for real. I didn't get emotional over anything.

    But like I said. Now that I'm older I at least get a little emotional over sad stories on the news.

    Funniest thing I can remember is getting emotional when Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson. Dat joint broke my heart. Tyson was like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Tupac all rolled up into one. You had to love that bamma back in the day.

  14. I cry a lot. I can't even list things that make me cry because there's so many. I tear up often. music moves me, being proud of my folks moves me, GOOD church service, just being overwhelmed good or bad will make me cry. I'm emo, and not ashamed!!! LOL

    I cried when it really hit me that Michael Jackson died. I listen to his music and still tear up. the last time I had a full cry until my soul ached was on November 16th, my grandpa's birthday. I miss him. 🙁

  15. My eyes sometimes water if I'm laughing at something really hard.

    I may cry for the death of someone I'm close too.

    I'm not sure if I'll cry over sports. Since the Bucks haven't made it to the Finals since 1974, I can't even test that theory. They closest they made it since was 2001, when David Stern screwed them over to make sure Philly won the Eastern Conference Finals so Milwaukee wouldn't kill the Finals ratings.

  16. I, unlike most women, do not cry at the drop of the hat. It actually frustrates me when other women cry so much. Get it together!

    I will and have cried when:

    1. Thinking about my parents dying

    2. Being super, duper lonely

    3. After I crossed

    4. Some nights after a horrible "set"

    5. Thinking about the goodness of Jesus, and ALL He has done for me…

    6. suv flipped over 3 times, and me walking away

    7, Flat tires (I've gotten over this…kinda)

    That's about it. Not too many tears for me.

    Now, I must say I had a boyfriend that cried, right in front of me, when I tried to break up with him. He actually had to go to the bathroom to regroup. I felt so bad that I hung in there a little longer; when I broke up with him the 2nd time, it was on Yahoo IM, so I couldn't see the tears. That was being a bit too much intuned with his emotions for me.

    Lastly, "Slightly Hungover", thats too funny and too true; I use to be upset when stuck in the house for long periods of time without any goods. A mess!!

    1. I broke up with him the 2nd time, it was on Yahoo IM, so I couldn’t see the tears. That was being a bit too much intuned with his emotions for me.


      Cold-Blooded! lmaoo

  17. So far I see women cosign that they cry over most things, lolol no opposition.

    The worst tears are tears of frustration. When i was younger I would get so mad that i didn't accomplish something I would cry. Funny shyt now that I look back on it.

  18. I tear up like a little school girl whenever my mom goes back in the hospital and I weeped when she made it through the MS Walk. Pops had on the shades, I should've taken his lead.

    I got watery when I watch certain movies. Like when I watched "Rudy". I can't front I felt for that short, pug sized dude.

    I'm sure there were a few other select times when I had a single Cherokee Chief tear running down the side of my face, but those are the only times I can really remember.

  19. I have the same birthday as Chuck Norris, therefore I don't cry.

    That video up top almost made me have a seizure. What's good with you and flashing images? re: your first signature.lol

  20. Really? Anything? Shots fired. LOL

    I cry a lot…makes me feel better most times to just get it out…whatever it is. I cry at sad movies or happy ones. I cry when I'm down about something. I cry when I'm upset about something. I cry when I'm happy or happy for a loved one. I cry at deaths of people near and dear to me. I cried yesterday during and after I talked to my grandmother on the phone (realizing that her and my grandfather won't be here forever…feeling blessed that they still are and they love me like no one else has ever loved me). Things like that. I'm a big ass softie. So whatev.

  21. Graduation, when I crossed, weddings, funerals, births, deaths, tragic events in the news, sappy scenes from a show/movie, all of that have made/can make me cry. Like Reecie, when overwhelmed with emotion, it’s the waterworks. I have some what of a high threshold for pain, so I don’t often cry when I’m hurt [physically]. Dunno if I’m the only one, but there have been a few “Big O’s” that have made me weep (Yea, they were THAT intense!)… Anybody else, or am I just a big cry baby?

        1. I didn't bawl! LOL I wept from sheer Rogasmic pleasure! Don't worry, the soles of ur cooper or eggplant foamposites will be fully in tact cuz you'll never see it! #Steups

        2. @Luckie

          LOL yup my soles will be striaght cause I aint tryna see tears of joy! I tell shawty "Turn around so I can give you something to cry for!"


      1. Yeah, me too! Intense pain. no tears. I was in labor for hours with no meds, no tears….quiet as a church mouse. I can hold down physical pain like a mug! heart strings can't take nothing….lol.

    1. I saw a girl cry during the Big O. I was afraid. I'm a big guy. If a girl starts crying when ur having chex w/ her i think a) i hurt her or b) she's fitting to press charges. She got up out the bed almost immediately after it was over and left the room. I was confused. So i started to get dressed and she came back in w/ a sandwich and asked "Where ru going?" I realized I had did a good deed that day

      1. @Peyso

        ROTFL @ "fittin to press charges"!

        Tears during the Big O (for me at least) is definitely a "job well done". I wish I would get to cry more often -_- LOL

        1. Honestly, The Big O's where I've wept, were da besssssst!! If and/or when it does happen for you, I'm sure you will agree!

  22. What an asshole :'( lmao women DO NOT cry for 99.99% of things… Just 80%. -__-

    – Physical, unbearable pain does it for me. (cramps aren't enough. Kidney stones might do the trick… =)

    – Extreme anger that gets me speechless or extremely wordy might make me tear.

    – The right kinda movies (e.g. The Notebook) will have me prepped with a box of Kleenex (or available CVS brand pocket tissues)

    – The right playlist made for crying

    – Death (depending on the person)

    – Heartbreak (depending on itsRichter scale intensity level)

    – (last but definitely not least) Laughter – the one that has me keeling over. I don't sit up when I'm laughing that hard cuz people will definitely see me crying.

        1. I was on the phone one night last week joking with my SO and he said something so ridiculous–I don't even remember now but I laughed my a$$ off for a good 10 minutes, tears streaming down. it felt awesome.

      1. Lol I want to cry like that girl in the pic Streetz has posted. Just cry til I'm moved! Where's the funny that I need?? My last great laugh had me begging the person to please stop. Agonizing, yet joyful look of terror in my eyes (if that makes sense). I needed them to stop making me enjoy the laughter so much. Damn, I miss that.

  23. Nope I'm not a crier.Its starting to scare me actually. I wonder if I'll cry when my parents die. I know for sure I'll cry for my mom…my dad…it can go either way.

    I just don't connect with a lot of things in that way and I've never had a really close death in my family.

    1. I wasn't a "crier" till I got older. It was like, nothing was serious enough in my life at that point to warrant it.

      P.S. – thanks for the note the other day (yeah, I'm late as heck but I remember you asked me when I would start writing.) Thinking about it. Daunted because my techie skills are on Etch-A-Sketch level.

      1. No problem, I especially like the 'Dr. J days' lol I feel like skipping the blog altogether on those days though.

        Well a simple blog on someone else's platform (livejournal, wordpress, etc) is not too much work. When you get all fancy like SBM is when it becomes daunting. =)

  24. I don't cry often, but I do cry regularly. And no, not just at pms time either, lol. Generally, twice a year I'll cry whether I have something to cry about or not. Last time I cried was when I saw Precious and they told her that she had HIV. Last movie I cried at before that was Lassie and he had his lil' paw on the door trying to get in with his family. That was like 1985.

    Occassionally I cry because I miss my dad. Last time I think I saw the s.o. cry was at the Haiti disaster because his dad lives there and we didn't know if he was ok.

    I cried when the s.o. told me he was being deployed.

    I cry if I have a bad ear infection. It's like a tiny man taking a jackhammer to your eardrum. Most excruciating pain I've ever had. And it happens at least once a year.

  25. lmao this right here is a bold faced lie! i don't cry over everything…or anything for that matter anymore [post-high school]. pain is a joke after having been in it 24/7 for months bordering years. men aren't worth it. natural disasters don't do it for me. neither does death in most cases. catch me when i'm menstrual and steal my reese's! that may get a tear OR kick in the scrotum ;]

  26. 1. 1st century.

    2. when i crossed (3/16 happy (8) anni to me!)

    3. the first time i saw Stacey Dash

    4. My eldest god-daughter graduated from junior high and already knows she wants to go to Cornell

    5. Funerals of course. I hold it down during the process for the fam, but days later…i bawl every time.

    1. I'm the same about deaths in the fam. I didn't cry before my grammy's funeral, or during. I didn't hit me until about a month later when I wanted to call her to talk about something Victor did on Y&R, and I realized I couldn't. That was the worst.

      1. same thing happened to me when my grandmother died. But I actually got a new phone and when transferring my numbers over I came across her name. that messed me up.

  27. Things that made me cry:

    – A broken heart… That ish hurts.

    – When I was little, people used to saw that I'll always suck at basketball. I cried. Then they proceed to ride my jock once I lead my team to 3 championship back-to-back…. TO BACK.

    – Extreme frustration/Stress. I can handle 99.9999998% of stress. But sometimes, it gets too heavy and there's no lady to hug or smash and then.. there's rivers. No whimper though.

    – Extremely funny stand-ups.

    – My friends and their hilarious antics. We make each other cry from laughter. That's what friends are for. lol

  28. Oh yeah. When I think about and read about the sh*t my ancestors had to go through so I could be here livin it up. Dat shit get me teary eyed and mad at how dudes today be sellin out.

    Just read an article by Henry Louis Gates. I'm bout sick of dat bamma.

  29. Ah Yes! A good cry is the equivalent of a good rinsing of the soul; however, I'm not a big cryer. I actually hate to cry. It takes a lot to jerk a tear from me. Something really profound has to happen for me to cry. For example: Finding out that my father is terminally ill; being frustrated over repetitive, irritating behavior; loving the intensity of an orgasm (they don't happen as often as women would like; ya know?; sharing a cry with my friends when they are having familial or emotional issues; making a man feel like a jerk when he's acting like a jerk. Yeah!!! That's about it.

  30. Maaaaannnn… when I turned 21, the waterworks just came from left field. I was ice cold before then. Now… i have to disagree w/ Streetz, I only cry at 99.01% of things. The funny part is for as much as I cry, I don't think many people have seen me cry….

    1. I cried reading the comments on this post. Ya'll are fools.

    2. My mom can make cry. I take constructive criticism so well EXCEPT when she gives it. I hate it.

    3. Meningitis – I thought I was gonna die. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. THEE most physical pain ever w/o having any physical extremities cut off… I mean my BRAIN was throbbing.

    4. Like Streetz "The worst tears are tears of frustration." – I just had this moment yesterday. I was soooo mad/frustrated b/c I couldn't punch my client in the face after he blatantly disrespected me.

    5. Anything during my PMS. Omg. I thought it was a joke. It was like two years ago, and it just kicked in. Anything can make me upset enough to bring me to tears during 4 days of the month.

    6. I'm gonna quote Anike Love on the last one:

    Those damn Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) commercials with those starved, sad, one-eyed, one-legged hobbling animals and Sarah McLachlan crooning “Angel”

    Whooo… I feel better.


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