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How The Dark Skin Guys Took Back The Crown

Having problems finding men? Maybe you need to get you a star.

The Light Skin Nation could really be equated to the Sneetches.

We can talk until we’re blue in the face about light skin and dark skin complexes and competitions.  But ain’t none of us going to ever be blue, we either going to be light or dark.  This here is about how dark skin people pushed light skin people to ground and told them to stay there or we’ll smack the black off your a*s.  Or whatever is left…

I should have hit up Peyso to talk about where the light skin nation came from.  I’m sure he’d take it all the way back to the times of slavery.  But I’m pretty sure that’s a well belabored point at this point.  What I will say is that up until about 1993, light skin nation was killing the game really hard.  After Tupac, we never gave it back.  In the words of George Lopez, “WE AIN’T GOING NOWHERES.”  Obama has a lot of you fools thinking that light skin is in.  It’s not.  If we want to go blow for blow, no homo, then for every Obama there is a Chris Brown.  People still talking about Debarge and ignoring the fact that him and platinum cuffs and hand bars go together like peanut butter and jelly.

But let me be clear, this post is about the men, not the women. I’m sorry, but the female light skin nation still has you beat.  It’s not about who’s better or not, as I will explain later, it’s about, “if you think you’re beaten you are.”  What I can do is recommend that you genuflect and listen to how the Dark Skin nation took back the crown that begun with the Zulu Nation and extended to Frederick Douglass, before W.E.B. and Booker T. stole it.

We worked hard.

You want to know why immigrants come to this country, naturalize (I don’t know what that means either), and aren’t on unemployment?  They take the jobs no one else was willing to take and they do it with pride and dignity.  Look at people like Samuel L. Jackson, say what you want about the man, but he works hard and frequently.  He keeps work.

We had consistent positive images in media.

Women couldn’t get enough of Drake.  They blasted Room For Improvement, Comeback Season and So Far Gone.  But when the video for “Best I Ever Had” came out, it all went south for the man.  Maintaining a consistent positive image in the media will take you far in promoting your nation.

We spoke up and against negative influences on our name.

You got to know when to kick someone out the group.  That’s the thing with the light skin nation, they always want to hold on to a sinking ship. I previously mentioned DeBarge, that boy is a delinquent, kick him out.  Chris Brown was on stage at the BET Awards everyone started tweeting that he was back, kick him out.  Take R. Kelly for example, we kicked that boy out as soon as the tape came out.  No way. Not us.  You can’t be pissing on babies.

We didn’t sit in groups or circles arguing about our complexion with people with complexes.

Black people love to have discussions about race and romance.  That’s what we love to do because it gives us a chance to vent about something that probably isn’t going to change anytime soon.  If you notice an argument about complexion is always a bunch of women sitting around arguing about how they hair won’t grow, or how these chicks is hating on them.  Every dark skin man I know realized around age 4 he was going to be dark skin.  He looked in the mirror and said, “Welp, I’m dark skinned, nothing I can do about that.  Let’s keep it pushing.”

We didn’t fight against our light skin counterparts, we walked side by side.

If I noticed anything about dark skin sisters and light skin sisters it’s that chances are they don’t get along too well.  Dark skin sisters think that, “She thinks she cute.”  And light skin sisters think that, “She’s just negative.”  Well, if you look at a duo like Jay-Z and Kanye, they walk hand and hand.  Take a look at Streetz and myself, we are like a tag team, (in the no triz sense of the word).  And we know Streetz is a staple in the light skin nation.

We had some really good members of the dark skin nation to lead us to glory.

I cannot say enough for what people like Denzel Washington, Blair Underwood, Lance Gross and Idris Elba have done for the dark skin nation.  Denzel followed the lead of Sidney Poitier and just went with it.  It’s the ultimate give-and-go of all-time.  I’m pretty sure that the light skin nation was hoping that Jason Kidd would bring them a championship, but he started hitting on that beautiful wife of his.  But… Kevin Garnett, now that’s a man with a championship!

Here’s the point, it’s time to sunset this issue.  The dark skin nation has won.  Keep this post in your favorites to remind you how we did it.  For dark skin men, remind yourself of this every time, your girl tries to check your text messages on your phone, or when you go to shoot your first music video.  And to the sisters, listen up, at this point, the only people telling dark skin women that they are less than light skin women is dark skin women. Light skin women don’t talk about complexion.  It’s the same reason why white people never talk about white privilege, it doesn’t mean anything to them.  So what’s my advice, let yourself be great, stop worrying about all that unnecessary stuff, win the game or at least go for the draw.


    1. ' Take R. Kelly for example, we kicked that boy out as soon as the tape came out. No way. Not us. You can’t be pissing on babies.'

      I'm taking it as he's a dark-skinned brotha who got karate'd/kicked/booted out..well that's how I read it..

  1. All it took was one appearance by The most Honorable Award Winning <del>RCLS Black as a pit from pole to pole</del> El Debarge for you to create this blasphemous post!

    My Debargian brothers and sisters will not stand for this poppycock! [||]

    **light skin fist in the air**

        1. streetz why did i know you'd have already commented when i read this….& poppycock talk #hilarity…

          Dr J great post …u took us to church with this one! #AintNothingHereButTheTruth

    1. ROTFLMAO! I knew i would see a comment from you on this one…You know i love you & you'll probably love me less for this but i tend to gravitate towards darker skin men…*ducks and runs* *shouts out as i run "LOVE YOU STREETZ!"* LOL

      1. Just so it is known, he did not create the pause bar. Slim was the originator, and I stole it a few months ago. So really, thank me.

        1. Glad to see you back safe & sound. And for that double bar effect, I used to hold up two fingers, so technically speaking, we can all go around in circles thanking each other. LOL

          ||_ (-_-)_|| (pause)

  2. and you're right we won. what's funny is how people who fall in the middle get left out the equation. caramel people get no love? one or the other huh? have and have nots. this is why we can't rise as a people. lol

    even though i'm part of dark skinned nation, i'll still ride for my caramel people. since most of my family is this hue. oh and streetz. o_0

    1. Come on son… why yall mad?

      U know Im up for free agency… I could be the final piece in #DSN;s takeover

      Dont hit me with the Mid Level Exception #swindle tho!

    2. We take Caramel people on a case-by-case basis. You know you got a friend who swears she's light skin, but you be like, no heffer you brown, "Don't get crazy" – Bon Qui Qui.

      1. oh there are plenty. I rep team burnt sienna, personally. Caramel Sundae only when Wu Tang is involved. but *looks down at nicely tanned legs* I may be brown skinned thru until at least October!

        oh and this post was crazy. lol

        1. Oh you're good Reecie! You have a lifetime membership to team Choc-o-late to use at your discretion!!! Take advantage of those summer months! Lol.

        2. "Imma be brown skin through october…"

          mwahahaha I so support. Imma be team #darkskin (like my avatar) til it starts getting dark at 7.

    3. i would actually go as far as saying Caramel is actually the best complextion. True, you are most likely to get the kind of look a prefer on a personal level (that cute look).

      But also outside of preference. If we, the LOC, took every woman in the world and broke them up into 3 categories (lite, caramel, and dark), I feel caramel would actually have the greatest % of good looking women based on actual facial features and not skin color or hair.

      Its just a theory. I have no evidence or historical background to back this up. I could be wrong, but I'm not.

      1. this theory has so many flaws in it it's ridiculous. lol

        it's a well known fact that the main factor associated with beauty is facial symmetry. it has nothing to do with complexion.


        "I feel caramel would actually have the greatest % of good looking women based on actual facial features and not skin color or hair."

        you just said that if just looked at facial features and not complexion. how can you then say that caramel will have the best % of good looking women?

        1. that is my point Tunde, you mad scientist. I believe (based on nothing but my walking around looking at women) that people of a caramel skin tone most LIKELY have facial symmetry at a rate greater than the rest of the diaspora.

          I also think if we go on quality of the skin and not the color of the skin, caramel wins too.They have a nice healthy glow about them. Well moisturized.

          I am not saying that all lite skin people are ashy or all dark skin people have acne… I haven't seen enough to have an exact answer. I'm just talking about what I see in these streetz (no blogger).

  3. I'm curious to know if Streetz saw this before it posted and if not, what he has to say. LOL

    "Light skin women don’t talk about complexion."

    This is very true. Aside from that, I wasn't aware that light skinned women and dark skinned women didn't get along.

    1. I wasn’t aware that light skinned women and dark skinned women didn’t get along.

      ^^^I wasn't aware either cause my best friend is dark skinned & i love her like no other (#nowandasykes)!

      1. it's news to me too…i'm caramel complexion and i've never had any sort of complex about it. there's warmness and richness to my skin tone that i love and i've never wished to be different.

        i think its important to appreciate the beauty in all types of black women…stripping it down to just aesthetics…i get really excited when i see likes of iman, tyra banks, naomi campbell, chanel iman etc… on the front of on a fashion mag cover (i still cant co-sign alek wek #petpeeve but whatever…). i recently found the website for black vogue (http://www.vogue.it/en/vogue-black) with many strong and beautiful black women of all hues portrayed #madproud

        i think the thing with women is if we dont like 'another' for whatever reason…we'll 'hate on her anything and her everything' but in true friendships real sisterhood has no time for that [email protected] #RightlySo…

        1. maybe this rivalry was overhyped by school daze and it was never forgotten?

          I appreciate the different hues of skin, its what makes us so unique! I think its a blessing and would not change that, like you said!

      2. It's definitely a problem I've seen growing on college campuses. You know it happens, if not starts, in high schools. Hence, the Lite Brites and Darkies. Hell, I think I first heard this in Junior High. I was a darkie. And shiiieet, I love being chocolate. I taste delicious (pause, if you want). Complexion isn't a big deal to me but people go hard about it. Excuse me, a lot of WOMEN go hard about it. I don't. I like my *stops to rub all over my bawwdy* brown skin. I'd love it just the same if I were a "lite brite". No biggie.

        1. My MS/HS were both composed of many Caribbean/Latin decent people & i guess none of us really cared about skin color…it wasn't till i got to College that it seemed to matter. I love that when you look at me, you can tell i'm of island decent…*shrug*

    2. Dr. J & Sane… ya'll know I love you BUT this:

      “Light skin women don’t talk about complexion.”


      Maaaaaaaaaan… I'm gon cite the example of one of my good friends from college. All she talks about is being a member of LSN. Aaaalllll the time. I be like b*tch shut it!! Omg. Regardless of the fact you hold a card to LSN, you are not eeeeem a good member b/c your hair ain't long (it's reggin nappy on top of that), and your eyes ain't light. You ain't vidjo ho* potential. You might as well shut it.


      1. "Regardless of the fact you hold a card to LSN, you are not eeeeem a good member b/c your hair ain’t long (it’s reggin nappy on top of that), and your eyes ain’t light. You ain’t vidjo ho* potential. You might as well shut it."


        My eyes aren't light though, they are a somewhat dark brown!

        1. Lol. That's ok… I appreciate you, your light skin & your brown eyes. I wouldn't have had to break down where she stood in LSN according to conventional light skinneded statistics [i.e., eye color, hair length & texture, ethnic mix] if she didn't talk about being light skin soooo much. She was OD.

          We'd be at dinner, and she'd be like "Dang… I'm the only lightskin one here. Well, Karina [my Guatemalan friend] don't count cuz she Mexican [joke]." Mind you my friends span the color spectrum. We are various shades of brown, none considered light skin but we are all GORGEOUS. We'd be like for real? I don't care if I was blue-black or green or purple, I am still crushing you.

      2. SoFlyy, I think that just may be your girl with that problem. In fact, I was barely aware of how deep the issue of light-skinned women vs. dark-skinned women in the media was until I started frequenting here and VSB. It sounds like your girl is just insecure and clinging to that nonsense.

  4. This is a great post and so true. I especially like the comment on how immigrants come to the USA and seem to get it together without letting neither their race nor ethnicity get in the way. This is something my mom always drilled into me. That your complexion despite all the bias can only stand between you and your happiness if you let it! Because my mom was raised in Puerto Rico she never felt that her identity was solely based on her skin color and she always explain to me that mines doesn't either.

    If we had this same mentality in the US, we would be in a different position as the Dark Skin Nation has demonstrated! Lol.

    But again, great post and thanks for talking about such a touchy subject in such a candid manner.

    1. That's how my parents are…my Father is Haitian & my mother is Trini and both were picked on when they came to this country. Neither are dark skinned but i can attest to the sentiment that those who migrate to this country take on the jobs that others won't but that they also don't allow skin color to get in their way.

  5. Dr. J this was an awesome post! Lol

    Dark Skin Nation vs. Light Skin Nation…

    I can't comment only because the alcohol in my sytem would take this entire post into a different direction and I don't want to do that… So, I'll post tomorrow.

    On the other hand, I'm still curious about the revelance of it.

  6. While reading the post, i totally thought of school daze and the wannabe/jiggaboo scene…And I'm pretty sure i would be characterized (because people have told me so) as a wanna be cause I'm fair skinned with long hair (i'm not talking shoulder length, i'm talking covers my entire back when curly long)…and I hated that because i know there is more to a person than skin color (though I have previously stated that i gravitate more towards darker skinned men, thats more so who approaches me, i'm equal opportunity unless you have some irredeemable quality)…

    1. When someone told me they liked Drake because he was attractive I told them straight up, "He's lightskin, not attractive."

      Bruh-man look like he has some type of illness that causes his eyes to be too close together and his vocabulary hasn't developed past the age of 7. Have you heard his lyrics?

      "Swimmin' in the money, come and find me…. Nemo"

      #basictweet #draketweet #patdontsayjack

      1. I wonder if people know that Drake used to be on this teen show called Degrassi – yep, a younger Drake that looks "busted and like he has a mild case of down syndrome" (as per my dark skinned son)…he looked so corny on that show, I wonder if women know.

      2. LMAO!! Dr. J cracks me up with the Drake Verses…so baisc but so many think its hot.. #Fail

        DSN – reppin! I'm a WINNER!!!

        Skin Tone doesnt matter…We all trying to survive out here!

        But the WORLD has always made attempts to segregate because of our differences! the A.A's do it, Latino/a Do it, Whites do it, Asians do it…etc, its the way of the world

  7. I'm gonna be honest, as a dark-skinned man, when I was younger I def had somewhat of an inferiority complex towards men of a lighter persuasion (see: Wale – Shades). While #teamlightskinned was obviously a force back in those days, a good portion of my inadequacy was simply due to my insecurities. Society told me that light-skinned was in and I listened. But you live and you learn. Once I learned how to walk in my own shoes, skin complexion wasn't a hindrance anymore.

    In fact, guys still talk about the dark-skinned/light-skinned "beef", but usually in a non-serious way. Dudes bond by making fun of each other so we'll use the person's light or dark complexion as an insult while understanding it's all in good fun.

    1. co-sign.

      back in the days I was worried. But as you grow into yourself you realize that what you have is attractive if you know how to work it.

      And I am the first to kick jokes at my light skinned friends. But always jokes, I don't really think it gives them an edge in life.

      Although I do think being good looking does…

  8. I'm light skinned, but doesn't matter to me if women are checking for Shemar Moores or Morris Chestnuts. I'm still winning because good-lookin' don't ever go out of style!

  9. During the BETAwards, I tweeted that as long as Tyrese can sing Teddy P, LSN will continue to lose. You have too many falsettos in camp. Get some bass in your voice!

    As for me, dark skin sista nation all day everyday. I admit we have dropped the ball, but we are now in the process of recruiting several BSN sistas. As I type, we are in negotiations with Nia Long and Zoe Saldano, additions that would boost the morale of some of the weaker players the team.

    Team motto: dark chocolate or albino mole rat…you make the choice!

    Team song: a mash up of Sexual Chocolate's greatest hits and the many mixes of All I Do Is Win.

    Team nickname: The Black Stars of DSN.

    1. LMBO!!! This broke me down early inthe morning. Thank you for that!

      iRep DSN. Do I lose my card if I say I support my sistas in the LSN? Black is beautiful at any hue. *ducks*

  10. Eff LSN. Eff DSN. Us caramel/middle ground/tweeners are starting our on squad. We'll call it "win skin".

    1. I think that I should explain something about this "caramel" massive that is amounting…

      If we are going to call people caramel, then i'm caramel.

      Here's my conditioned definition:

      Light skin:

      Yellow bone – light bright, damn there white. then don't tan, they burn. they were probably born with blue eyes and blond hair. (i know this person well, he is my dad.)

      Red bone – they are like a pregnancy test you have to put a little sun on them and then their cheeks start to fringe a bit. they get that alicia keys glow in the summer.

      We will let you slide… – Fair skin latinas, mulattos, north africans, (NOW WAIT A MINUTE… don't everybody try and get in this door of the club!)

      Dark skin:

      Everybody else.

      All this caramel skin ish, is just like the Sneetches story above. Seriously read the story… Basically a bunch of those without stars went and got a machine and started putting stars on their bellies to make them seem important. That's what Caramel skin people do… they trying to create some ish that don't exist.

      I'm not Idris, but i'm CB4 to the day I d-i-e.

      I'm Black y'all, i'm black. I'm black and i'm black and i'm black!

      1. Dark skin:

        Everybody else.

        see this is where we differ. we may all be a shade of BROWN skin, but dark. no.

        I do agree with your variations of yellow/red bone. and caramel/in the middle people are the highest population probably–its just that so many people (like you I guess) think if you aren't dark, you're light or vice versa. which I just don't subscribe to. Especially since I got fam that are both and I'm neither. *shrugs*

        1. As I read this post… I realize that I am in the middle too. And according to Most, I can accept application from light skin or dark skin. Or I can remain in the middle.

          This is hilarious.

          We are really having a case of the sneetches. We done all forgot where we sposed to be.

          What about house vs. field?… 1800s

          Pass/Fail?… 1950s

          Black or Mexican?.. 1960s

          Got some Indian in you?…. 1980s

          Chancletas or flip flops?…. 2000s

        2. @ Dr. J it really is hilarious when you think about it! but you wrote the post! I just get in where I fit in–in the middle (pause).

      2. Red bone – they are like a pregnancy test you have to put a little sun on them and then their cheeks start to fringe a bit. they get that alicia keys glow in the summer.


        iEFFINDIED! Bury me in a gold coffin with blue satin lining…

    2. Eff LSN. Eff DSN. Us caramel/middle ground/tweeners are starting our on squad. We’ll call it “win skin”.



  11. *stops browsing mommy 2 be sites long enough to read Dr. J's post*

    LOL! I see where you're going, but the DSN sistas have been winning for a minute. We're just real low-key with ours. It's like Janet vs. Chrissy, or Jackie vs. Marilyn. Some go for the spotlights. Some prefer carats on the ring finger.

    Oh, and…..twins.

        1. Yo Teflon, if the SBM admins can come up with a Baby-Sized #Swindle T-Shirt, I think we should all chip in and buy 2 for the chirrins.

          My wife is a twin and her and I are hoping to knock it out the box in one shot and get a boy and girl at the same time once we start planning procreation.

          Best of luck to you.


        2. twins!

          Damn y'all were getting busy!

          Clearly we have to name one of them after their uncle CHeeKZ.

    1. **sbm admin note** – I know y'all said stop doing this but…

      @Temptress –

      The uh day I was like, where is Teflon at?! She been MIA for a minute. I was like, watch when I post something she'll be there. And there you were… Hey girl, hey. Oh yeah, and don't put your baby on a leash that ish is not cool. And don't make the dad where that hammock looking thing around his neck, that is not cool in the hood.

  12. "But let me be clear, this post is about the men, not the women. I’m sorry, but the female light skin nation still has you beat."

    why didn't i see or pay attention to this last night. i really don't agree with this.

    1. Lol. I didn't see it this morning. Nor do I agree. I've never said man, team LS is winning or felt inferior. I suppose that's because I know I'm fly.

  13. ALso,

    Just want everyone to know that I be jokin n shyt with the dark skin jokes. I mean my sisters and mothers are you people so how could I hate?

    *waits* lol…

    Seriosuly though, I dont think (at least in the US) that LS/DS is THAT serious anymore. Theres more education out there and more cameraderie as well.

    I'm actualy glad that "light skin went out of style" because it propelled the beauty of darker shades to the forefront and dispelled some misnomers of the "light is right" theorem.

    I love my people.

    Wait… my phone is ringing. Idris Elba calling me about free agency. Tryna get a free dinner and school loans paid out of this recruiting trip.

    1. Cheers! Some people still use this as an argument because of other insecurities they harbor.

      But I'm with you, I love my people. I do, I do, I do.

      Tell Idris I said, "hey boo". 😉

    2. Speaking of Dark sisters coming to the forefront:

      Did u see the dark skin girl in the DJ Khaled video? She comes in during Fabolous' verse i think.

      OMG. LSN is is going to be in trouble if she becomes a star.

    3. I mean my sisters and mothers are you people so how could I hate?


      You did really say "are you people"…?! i am so SLAIN! ROTFLMAO

  14. Yo… I really don't know if I'm light skinned or dark skinned. I think i'm like, smack dab in the middle and I love it. I'm officially accepting offers from both nations.

    I bring alot to the table – including a half Costa Rican wife who's complexion is also right in the middle, and – in the future – some kids who will probably also be right in the middle.

    Accepting offers as of now. I'm the Lebron of this free agent class. Don't even look at me if you ain't talkin max contract.

    Oh and – #sidebar – Tiger's wife got 750 million… that's a big L for the #LightSkinNation / #CablacasianNation

  15. Great post.

    What's funny is I grew up in the US and never really saw DS (dark skinned) men shown that much love. Back in Nigeria, DS was the new & old black. The IN. Where you wanted to be. But I got to NY and everyone wanted the LS (light skinned) men and of course, (I won't front) I did too! But that was what, between ages 6-10. I didn't know any better. I got to junior high and mmm, mmm, MMM! DS men please. The LS were cute and all but I like how chocolate men… never mind… wait. How they look 0:-)

    Oh! Can someone tell me, where does milk chocolate stand? Cuz I considered it DS. Look at a Hershey bar. That is DEFINITELY DS material. And I love me some milk chocolate. I'm drooling for chocolate at 10am. I have serious issues. I really don't but I could use a fix. La di da da…. *drifts off*

    But great post.

    1. (Let me pat my pockets and make sure my credit card and paypal account is safely in tact.)

      I've found that Nigerian folks love the dark skin nation.

      I.e., Mad Scientist, we know.

      That's some beautiful ish.


      A day after y'all let that 12 year old Nigerian spew negativity at all of African America.

      1. -_- lol You have nothing to worry about. I'm probably one of those Nigerians that don't know anything about 419 (scam stuff). Your pockets are safe around me. 0:-)

        And people always have something to say about Nigerians. Lol. Never will understand why. I'm a decent one. =P

      2. yes i love brown skinned and dark skinned women. that doesn't mean i don't love light skinned women too. i've seen not so attractive women in all hues. beauty and skin color are not tied together in my opinion.

        oh and not all nigerians are on the 419 ish. that's like me saying all african americans are lazy and abuse the system. doesn't make much sense.

        1. Yeah, I've received countless emails from them though. Sucks to see it happen and then to watch the news about it? *sigh* Ehh, well I'm not one of them!

          Just don't know how some people can be so stupid to believe such scams like the one that follows:

          "XXXX's uncle died [WARNING #1: Whose uncle?!] and left them in the will with over 498 billion USD [WARNING #2: O RLY?] and all we need is your social security number [BIGGEST WARNING EVER, but #3: My what??] and bank account routing # [WARNING #4: Now you're asking for wayyy too much]. And we can include you on this, even if it's an unfortunate event."

          Damn skippy, it's unfortunate. If you've received such email and were tempted just because of the USD amount, you too are a stup and a half. And you should be ashamed.

      3. er..erm….i'm sorry but if there are 2 new faces in the crowd one LSN and the other DSN…the LSN will get a nigerian's attention first…doesnt mean that we dont love DSN tho…it's more outta curiosity cos there're usually mixed..


        leggy embarrased herself not us as nigerians…#nuffsaid

    2. The LS were cute and all but I like how chocolate men…never mind….


      *Daps* this is why you're my commentor homie! lol! I love me a chocolate man! mmmmmmmmm *deep inhale…slow exhale*…having all sorts of thoughts now! Thanks SDot! lol

  16. May God put a blessing on the fine dark skin man… and the sister who wants one in her life (aka meeeee)

  17. Even though I have no avatar to prove my darkness, it's nice to know we're still "in." It used to be (and still is, sometimes) used as an insult, but more often than not, women appreciate dark guys, and after a long hard struggle for my elders in the 70s and 80s, my generation's carrying the torch.

  18. When will us 'tweeners get a sub-group? I really think if we had a middle of the road, medium complected sub-group, we'd be killing the game. Caramel to Golden Brown people have been running things since I can remember. Light skinned people have too many issues (see:tragic mulatto fallout) and Dark Skinned People consistently prove too threatening to white people in tough situations. Medium complected Black people are winning. Both men and women alike. I don't care what you or Streetz had to say.

    1. @YoungestMILF –

      Just the sight of this name and I get baby legs and start dancing. You be good, there's needs be no middle ground. I don't know why people think dark skinned means Blu-black.

      1. Its tough though,because if I was to describe myself as 'dark skinned' I would get side eyes, halting hands and definite back talk. The people who classify me as light are usually darker than me. The people who classify me as dark are usually lighter than me. Neither side can come to a consensus. I think a sub-group would both clarify a lot of things for people as well as diffuse some tension. I am officially starting one. Its going to be called either Neutralskinned, Bronzers, or Earth Tones. "Who will I chooooooose?" – Chris Bender

        1. exactly… i've called myself darkskin before and was met with all types of mean responses.

  19. Doesn't the fact that dark skinned people constantly feel the need to tell everybody how they are "in style" really say a lot.

    I mean for years I've said it's not that dark skinned people are "in style." It's that they finally found their self esteem. And instead of just rollin with that……now they on payback. They wanna pay back all the light skinned people for their self esteem issues.

    Honestly, has anyone ever known a light skinned person to say "Look at me I'm light skinned and I'm better than you." Growing up, 9 times out of 10 it was a dark skinned person constantly talking about skin color. And the darkest ni##a be the main one that only dates light skinned girls. And 9 times out of 10 light skinned dudes like dard skinned girls. I remember growin up the dark skinned girls would be dimes and I would be the only one hollerin at em cause the dark skinned dudes didn't want them.

    Oh yeah…..Michael Jordan led the way for yall comeback. Not Tupac.

    And yall do realize some females, just like men, will always have a light skinned fetish. So turn your back on me around your girl at your own peril. 🙂

    1. "I mean for years I’ve said it’s not that dark skinned people are “in style.” It’s that they finally found their self esteem. And instead of just rollin with that……now they on payback. They wanna pay back all the light skinned people for their self esteem issues."


    2. @J –

      Please! Light skin women don't do that. Light skin men do. The reason why I wrote this post is because the immense amount of light skin nation tweets.

      Al B. Sure is their president Emeritus.

      Chris Brown is to them what Bobby Brown is to us. Both they last name Brown. (The caramel nation gets Foxy Brown and Jackie Brown.)

      They recruited Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake.

      They think DeBarge is worth claiming. DeBarge is to them, what DeAngelo is to us.

      They stole Michael Jackson and then gave him away to the white people, they didn't take him and gave him to the Mexicans.

      No matter how much facial hair Eric Benet has to cover up his high yella face, the light skin people can't give away the dumbest man on earth.

    3. Honestly, has anyone ever known a light skinned person to say “Look at me I’m light skinned and I’m better than you.”

      Not in those exact words, but yes. Growing up in Podunk, South Carolina, I probably heard it all. Thank God for good parents with good genes, b/c I would probably hate myself because of all the shade thrown at us darker sistas. Especially in HS. Now, all I can do is laugh and feel pity for those folks.

      1. yeah it is absolutely different in the south #fact. I have been called a red bone in FL and I had never EVER heard that before in my life. I'm like dude, I'm brown, but okay…

        1. Girl, this guy once told me that I looked like I used to be lightskin, and I think he meant it as a compliment. Seriously… And he wasn't from the South. Some lame Morehouse cat. smh.

      2. Considering light skinned folks are usually outnumbered in a room full of black folks……I can't recall any light skinned person saying anything close to that. Like I said, my experience has been that dark skinned people discriminate against themselves.

        I will say that in the south, I get more love from the ladies. Southern people tend be more color concious. And my personal experience has been that there are more light skinned people in the North. When I visit family in the south it's not unusual for me and my fam to be the only light skinned people.

        1. *cough cough*.. anyone else wanna hit this J that J is smoking?

          You must not have seen School Daze.

          You never seen a member of the LSN throw a light skin tantrum?

          Get the hell out of here.

          There's the short tantrum, then the skinny tantrum, and then the light skin tantrum… the light skin tantrum is like…

          OK, imagine you are a house slave and one day master's wife comes home and notices he's been looking at you a little too "hard". That first day when she goes out to the field…. that's a light skin tantrum!

        2. @J i tried to find the wanna be/jiggaboo song on youtube & couldn't…that movie is the personification of some of the things commented!

      3. Yes, yes I have. My response…"keep telling yourself that one…" Yes in the south. The ONLY people that refer to my skintone are those lighter than me, and men. True story.

      4. Yes, yes I have. My response…”keep telling yourself that one…” Yes in the south. The ONLY people that refer to my skintone are those lighter than me, and men. True story.

    1. About light skinned guys acting hard……do you notice all the hatin here? Do you know how much light skinned dudes have to put up with dudes comin at them wrong just cause they light skinned. I swear, the majority of the fights I got in when I was young was jealous niggaz mad cause girlz liked me. Then you got dudes that just want to fight you cause you light skinned. I crack up laughin when ever I watch Get Rich or Die Tryin and Terrance Howard tells the story about kids jumpin him for bein light skinned. The he started carryin a screw driver and they didn't jump him no more. I'm mean if you light skinned and you don't want to be a pinatta you better learn how to punch a ni##a in the mouth quick.

  20. Long time lurker here and as my name suggests, I'm a member of the LSN.As a matter of fact, I'm the definition of a light skin cat. Just to point out, I didn't know there was a competition until my dark skinned friends made light of it.

    But I have to give credit where its due, the DSN is definitely "winning". I'm starting to believe that the majority of black women aren't attracted to light skinned guys.

    I cant remember the last date I was on that a woman didn't tell me that ' I usually dont date red/light skin/yella dudes". Ladies, is that some kind of a compliment?

    1. Nope, it's not a compliment in my eyes. Lol. It's just as much of a compliment as, "you're pretty for a dark-skinned girl…"

      Correction, I'm pretty…PERIOD. Thanks!

    2. Welcome! I'm with you, I had thought this issue had been kilt a long time ago and wasn't aware people were out there still harping on it until hitting the interwebs. Last I check, I get the same sad ass stereotypes thrown my way as the rest of y'all and have the same dating issues as the rest of you. I love LS and DS men alike. I really don't get why we are even this issue any kind of real airplay. Jokin about it is one thing, but some people get real serious over this.

      1. If you think this post was dead and gone, you were wrong. But on deck for the next few weeks, i'm going to be scorching SBM.org, so stay tuned. We gonna discuss all types of hot topics.

        1. Yeah, I see it's not dead. I'm also okay with (and looking forward to) the hot topics. I just think this one is silly so :P.

    1. Welcome, and glad you're entertained. Feel free to interject at any time with any foolishness you'd like to provide.

  21. @Grace. I read your post and I'm wondering what you mean by:

    Addendum: If you are light-skinned with light eyes you are in a whole other category. Those men just scare me period!

    As a fellow in this particular category of black men, I would like to hear why we scare you. Dont worry, me no speak emo, lol.

        1. ROTFLMAO @ Tiff!

          What color are your eyes? Just humor me…(I'm a sucka for a nice set of colored eyes…mmmm)

  22. Dark Skinned Lady. To clear that up.

    But, why can't we all just get along? I feel like I gotta break out in song. You all heard Shades by Wale.

    "From a light skinned girl to a dark skin brother

    Shades doesn't matter heart makes the lover

    Boy you’re so beautiful, boy you’re so beautiful shades doesn’t matter heart makes the lover"

    BUT he does say:

    "..blacker the berry, sweeter the product, well I'm fruit punch concentrate and they water.."

    Damn. Shades should have been your background music for this post Dr. J.

  23. @J. About light skinned guys acting hard……do you notice all the hatin here? Do you know how much light skinned dudes have to put up with dudes comin at them wrong just cause they light skinned. I swear, the majority of the fights I got in when I was young was jealous niggaz mad cause girlz liked me. Then you got dudes that just want to fight you cause you light skinned. I crack up laughin when ever I watch Get Rich or Die Tryin and Terrance Howard tells the story about kids jumpin him for bein light skinned. The he started carryin a screw driver and they didn’t jump him no more. I’m mean if you light skinned and you don’t want to be a pinatta you better learn how to punch a ni##a in the mouth quick.

    Dog, this is my sentiments exactly. I grew up in the 9th ward of New Orleans and everybody gets tested, but I feel like I had more fights than normal. Especially in high school. I'd hear that dudes that I didn't know wanted to fight me or cats steppin to me cause they thought I was an easy win. That didn't last long though……..

    1. Man you don't know how many times I got to know a dude and we became friends…he would say "I wanted to fight you before I knew you."

      I would be thinking WTF? This dude didn't even know me and he wanted fight me?

      Yeah and they think you can't fight cause you light skinned. And if you can that just makes them madder.

      1. you know what? i can co-sign this…i have a lot of male friends that are LSN cos they're mixed race Nigerians (some 1/2 german, some 1/4 english, others 1/4 italian etc…)…

        i tended to hang out a lot with them in lagos….i have noticed that everything time there was ever a fight it was because some DSN guy came at them from no where…completely unprovoked…amidst all the fighting i'd always hear the DSN dude shouting you think you're better than me…i was like WTF?! #PsychoticIssues

        last one was bad…when the fighting was done I ended having to drive my family friend to the hospital at 5am after they busted up his face.

  24. I think what is also need is for us to look at the history with a new perspective. A lot of black people have been taught that light skinned people think they are better than dark skinned people. And light skinned people collaborated with white people during slavery. And light skinned people lived good in the Master's house. All of that is just so wrong. Do you realize how complicated it must have been to be light skinned back then? Chances are the light skinned slave hated the slave master more than the darks skinned slave. And do you think the dark skinned slaves accepted the light skinned slaves. Part of the reason the light skinned slaves would have seperated themselves would have been because they weren't accepted by the dark skinned slaves.

    I'm just sayin all this to say a lot of what we have been taught needs to be re-examined. People need to read their history. It's kinda sad that some people are still clinging to some of the dysfunction of slavery.

    1. "Do you realize how complicated it must have been to be light skinned back then? Chances are the light skinned slave hated the slave master more than the darks skinned slave. And do you think the dark skinned slaves accepted the light skinned slaves. Part of the reason the light skinned slaves would have seperated themselves would have been because they weren’t accepted by the dark skinned slaves."

      Do you want some cheese to go with that wine? Or should I get the brie and cabernet?

      The dark skin nation just uses Henny and a L, the perfect recipe for, "let that ish go" maaaaan….

      1. The dark skin nation just uses Henny and a L, the perfect recipe for, “let that ish go” maaaaan….


        Das what I'm tryin to help yall do. Cause yall been on this hater ish 150 years.

  25. Can we talk about the reverse racism that i encouter daily from Dark Skinned individuals?

    My sister told me that my mom found me in the garbage and adopted me, thats why I didnt look like every1 else and happened to look like my dad by coincidence.

    Darker skinned women will tell me they cant trust me because Im light skinned and that means Im up to a Swindle

    I look in a mirror to brush my hair, and DSN ppl will start the #hereyougo comments

    I talk about a woman and ppl ASSUME shes of the lighter shade!

    We have suffered our own type of oppression. I've tried to integrate, but its difficult.

    We are all children of the Golden Coast (Well Af Americans). Let us unite!



    1. My sister told me that my mom found me in the garbage


      LMAO…that's not reverse racism…that's just what sisters do and say to their brothers…hahahaha…dont worry my bros got me too cos i was the lightest..but then again i tricked my little bro into the trash once… lolz #ItsWhatBrothers&SistersDo

    2. Streetz,

      " i hear you over there writing in your diary, imma tell the whole hood"


      p.s. the sink still stinks.

    3. My sister told me that my mom found me in the garbage and adopted me, thats why I didnt look like every1 else and happened to look like my dad by coincidence.

      I look in a mirror to brush my hair, and DSN ppl will start the #hereyougo comments

      I'm sorry but i laughed SO DAMN HARD at these two! I used to tell my sister she was adopted cause we are complete opposites!

      I get comments when i brush my hair cause it is so long…peep the gravatar, its not lying & that's no weave…Right streetz? lol

      Darker skinned women will tell me they cant trust me because Im light skinned and that means Im up to a Swindle

      ^^^You mean you really aren't up to a swindle? #justplayin #loveyou #dontbeatmeupwhenyouseeme #nochrisbrown

  26. Ha….My sister used to tell me I was adopted all the time…she used to say the only reason why girls would like me is because of my eyes..ouch

    Also, my best friend is as dark as they come and is the most vain person I've ever known. Vanity knows no color…

  27. I guess you could say I like to "taste the rainbow". I like Idris and I like T.I. I've never really thought about light skin vs. dark skin. If you look good, you look good…period.

    I do have friends that have preferences, even one that goes as far as to say, "I don't like dark-skinned girls." After this post I want to ask the meaning behind his statement…Do you not like them because they are dark-skinned or do you just prefer light skinned women?

  28. I'm mad I missed all of this commentating today! Stupid work and their ridiculous "mature content" blocks…

  29. WHAT!!!

    I’m not sure what to think about this topic. A part of me wants to call everyone who commented on this post “slaves fighting in the same bucket” but I will play along.

    I’m in the light-skinned Black Men Group, so I guess I have to represent for such disrespectful comments. For those brown skin dudes, either your “light-skin” or not, there is no middle.

    Fact: Dark-Skinned Black Men owe their comeback to one man and one man only, The Great Michael Jordan, coupled with the American media machine and Nike. For the first time in true full color, “in your face”, America got to see uniqueness of a Dark Skin Black Man’s face and his athleticism, his body was viewed as awesome, amazing and beautiful. Why? Nike finally found their pitchman, someone with the athleticism to sell and brand their product into the minds of everyone around the world. The same goes for the NBA. MJ opened the door for Aaron Hall, James Avery “A Man Called Hawk” much respect, I liked his TV show, black man looking fly driving a cream on cream BMW was beautiful, R. Kelly, Tyson Beckford (this guy really put dark men back into the minds of dark-skinned black women) Opps! That slipped out.

    The author mentioned great Dark-Skinned men for the past. Okay, but the sexuality of those great Dark-Skinned men as far back as Douglas was taboo and not glorified in the media. Even the first Black Heavy Weight champion was ostracized. It was the right time in America for The Great Michael Jordan to be push into the foreground of public view. It’s only the physicality of the dark-skinned man that white America likes, so relax.

    This is really going to cut deep… Since most dark-skinned black men born prior to 1980 grew up being harassed about their skin tone, the likelihood of a dark-skinned black EVEN BELIEVING he could be PRESIDENT IS NON-EXISTENT. WOW!! If Obama were dark-skinned, he would be “dead in the water” once the campaign reached the southern states.

    It’s very simple, white people run the country. It was the light-skinned black man first to be admitted into top universities, promoted to higher employment positions; getting white America slowly primed for the emergence of the dark-skinned black man. Trust on a global scale, dark skinned Africans are the last to “eat” in an Anglo European world.

    Sorry, blame the dark-skinned African chiefs for selling off their people to the white man. BOOM!!!! Shot yourselves in the foot on that one!!

    I’m 6’2, 195 lbs, earning six-figures, slim with a bronzed completion, which is the shade of the tanned light-skinned man in the summer. The bronze completion shows versatility in the “look” of a light-skinned black man. Once you’re dark, that’s it; just “blue-black” is left, sorry. The dark-skinned women still desire me. I ‘go hard” in the gym and my suit-game is fully tailored. Everywhere I go white, black, brown, yellow and albino, say I look like Barack or “The President”. I don’t favor the man, but I look polished and that’s all people need in order to say I favor Barack.

    Light-Skinned black men are back on top in a major way. Dark-skinned dudes “put in work”, but light-skinned dudes have more political and corporate power. Good luck playing catch-up, I doubt the next president will be a dark-skinned black man. Hey! Dark-skinned black men play president on television, that’s a start.

    Hey…. I love all my Black African people globally. It’s time to develop some continuity between all Africans. It’s topics like the one above is why we were conquered in the first place.


      #LightSkinNation Stand Up. Sam said the LSN got the corporate and political game on lock. I must agree.

      He gave us history lesson and said Pac was not the dark skin black man to reclaim the crown. It was MJ. I must agree too.

      Then dude said the root cause was the dark skin African chief. Got damn. (I have to cosign and I am African.)

      This comment has so many levels that I don't even have the strength to continue elucidating how he ether-ed the initial post.


    2. "Dark-skinned dudes “put in work”, but light-skinned dudes have more political and corporate power. Good luck playing catch-up, "

      put in work? yeah regardless of my complexion i doubt that i've had to put in any more work than my light skinned counterparts. i got exactly where i am now due to my merit and my intelligence. not how i look. smh. i guess in the political game this MIGHT matter but power comes in many more forms than politics.

    3. Somebody said, Doc did you see this guy Sam's post on your post? So I read it… le sigh. There is no ether like the Dr. J ether, because the Dr. J ether don't stop. But since you want ether, i'll drop a napalm…

      Re: Michael Jordan (nka MJ)

      You assumed I didn’t consider MJ or Magic Johnson before this article. While your comments about Jordan (MJ is this guy named Michael Jackson) are wrong, light skin was in until Tupac. The point was that’s when we took the crown, not when we opened the door. Your point is irrelevant. (Sidenote, if you want to talk about Black sexual politics, you’re going to lose that debate. Very little has changed, so um… yeah.)

      Re: First complexion to be admitted into top universities & complexion to "eat" at the table globally speaking…

      The Little Rock Nine were all dark-skinned except for one female who was fair skinned. On a global scale the Moors were dark skinned men from Africa, who were sought after for wisdom, and women lusted for them in France. Sit down, Uncle Sam.

      Re: I'm sorry you get compared to Barack, I get compared to Dave Chappelle

      Sorry, but because you’re light skin, you get compared to Barack. That don’t mean you look like Barack. That’s just what white people do. They think we all look the same. Sit down.

      Re: Black Men in politics and corporate leadership

      This is also factually incorrect. Bob Johnson, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan (that you mentioned) are at the top in terms of corporate. (Diddy got more money than Russell now.) And then… politically, you are just talking about your president because most of your senators and congressmen are dark skinned. Your local leaders are dark skinned and most of your civil rights leaders are dark skinned. Sit down.

      In conclusion, this was not only an incorrect comment, but it was extremely misogynistic. SBM readers just because a person is articulate doesn’t mean that he’s saying anything.

      “Cause you don't understand him, it don't mean that he nice, It just means you don't understand all the bullsh*t that he write” – Jay-Z

      1. “Cause you don’t understand him, it don’t mean that he nice, It just means you don’t understand all the bullsh*t that he write” – Jay-Z

        Whoa. Napalm too? *exits stage center, diver style*

  30. oddly enough, I didn't hear a word about complexions until I got to college. HBCU perpetuated it. I got down there and suddenly it was, your this shade, your hair is this grade, your nose is this paid (for), kidding, I just wanted it to rhyme. But seriously, i never heard any of this until then.

    That said, I don't discriminate, I regulate every shade of black, buttttt I tend to lean towards (run after) CHOCOLATE boys. Glad they're back in season (although that means more b*tches will be trying to steal them…)

  31. Based on how many articles he's made about skin color, it's no secret that Dr. J has a skin color complex. Most likely, Dr. J wants to be a light skin man, hence he's so obsessed with skin color and feels the need to claim that dark skin men "took the crown" as if there is a "skin color crown". He feels light skin men are competition for him, he wants to be a white man and he feels light skin men are closer to white than he is. I'm a 20 year old psychology student, I can see right through this mans b.s.

    1. "I’m a 20 year old psychology student"

      You should have started with this so that I knew that the following words would all be a sad attempt at psycho-analyzing via the interwebs. I could have saved myself several precious moments of reading.

  32. Lol thanks for picking a name that includes the word "sane". You're so guilty concious about how INSANE you are that you have to go around telling people that you're sane. Normal/ sane people don't do that – insane people do though. 
    SANE person deciding name: hmm, I'll just put my first name, or nickname.
    INSANE person deciding name: hmm, crazychick fits me. No… Um… CooCooforcocopuffs works perfectly. Wait… I can't let anyone know I'm insane, I'll just put SaneN85"

    Call me when I'm a successful psychologist. 

  33. Dr. J, if you don't have some kind of skin color complex, posting articles about something as simple as complexion is surely making it seem like you do. Esspecially when you say that dark skin "took back the crown", you felt as if light skin people received a crown. Which I'm sure has never happened.

  34. Sorry, but I don’t feel guilty for being light-skinned. And I prefer light-skinned women. My choice my right. Don’t see why a person of African descent HAS to like someone because they have dark skin. I don’t find it attractive. I don’t date white women, but it doesn’t mean I’m automatically attracted to dark skinned women.

    And what [blank]ing CROWN are you people talking about?

  35. ..

    Listed below are links to data on the Historical MYTH

    of a Color-Based / Slave-Role HIERARCHY — as well

    as the Urban LEGEND of Paper-Bag, Blue-Vein and

    Other Allegations of Features-Based Entry 'TESTS':






    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MGM-Mixed http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FGM-Mixed


  36. Im a light skinned male that grew up and still lives in the hood, and im a 90’s baby (born 1990) The whole “we didnt fight our light skin counterparts” is complete bs. I had to fight every other day in school cuz there was always one dark skin dude that didnt know me yet and labled me a “pretty boy”. Not knowing I had to fight my whole life they found out quick that Im not as “pretty” as they thought.

  37. Bottomline lightskin guys these days have it harder because the black culture tries to label us. It's not impossible for us but we have to "prove" ourselves also i think. It's sad how black culture is…

  38. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both educative and engaging, and without a doubt,
    you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is something that not enough folks are speaking intelligently about.
    I’m very happy I found this during my search for something regarding this.

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