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Ten Things Men Wish You Did


Previously, I gave a list of ten things that men find unattractive but they really won’t come out and tell you. It’s mainly because although a man might find something you’re doing to be annoying, he’s not inclined to want to ruin his campaign for beats.  Men are willing to let just about anything go for beats.  But today, is the anti-list, the list that outlines to all of you, exactly what men wish you would do, but aren’t going to come out and tell you.

1.  Watch Sports – Watch and know a little about sports and you will always be able to keep the company of men.  Here are some dumb questions that women always ask: Who’s playing?  It’s in the top right of the TV screen.  How much time is left?  It’s in the top right of the TV screen.  Is this the championship?  No, it’s September, I’m excited because it’s FOOTBALL, not because it’s important.

2.  Play Madden – If you could play video games with us and be competitive, we’d probably marry you tomorrow.  There’s nothing like it.

3.  Drink beer and take shots – There is nothing more attractive than a woman who can enjoy a beer.  Or a woman who doesn’t complain about taking shots of Patron.  Now, we’re not saying drink beer and have a pot belly, we’re talking drink beer and maintain a nice frame.

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4.  That thing Lacey did – Google: Lacey Duvalle, Jada Fire, and Lily Thai.  Whatever those girls are doing in those videos, yeah… that thing.

5.  Buy something – Men get tired of paying for stuff.  And we don’t need you to pay for parking when we pay for the movies.  Surprise me, suggest we go to something and actually buy the tickets.

6.  Be nice to my friends – You don’t have to like my friends, you don’t have to respect my friends, but be nice to my friends.  No one wants to date the girl who is a b*tch to their friends, but they don’t want to date a deaf mute either. Being cordial and conversational with my friends can put you on the map as a keeper.

7.  Hurry Up – It should not take you 30 minutes to figure out what you are wearing to the grocery store.  If I get off the phone with my boy and say, “OK, so we’re going to go meet them downtown, they’re already there.”  Do not interpret that to mean to take a shower, do you hair, pick out an outfit, pick out shoes, lotion your entire body, and spend an hour getting ready to leave.

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8.  Stop talking – I know you guys are some detailed people and communication is key to everything with you.  But sometimes, men like to just sit and be quiet.  God gave men a gift that women don’t let us use enough.  We can think about absolutely nothing for hours at a time.

9.  Admit your wrong, say sorry – I figured why not go ahead and ask for the hood.  Women never admit their wrong, they’re either misunderstood, or we were talking about different topics.  Moreover, women never say sorry.  They will allow you to be right, but they won’t ever apologize for their actions.

10.  Live and let live – Most men’s biggest pet peeve about women is their inability to let live.  Just because it’s not your way, does not make it wrong.  Women force their ways on others all the time.  Men rarely do the same.  If you think it’s tacky to drink out the can, don’t drink out the can.  But don’t mind me for drinking out the can.

If you aren’t laughing at this point, you’re probably to shrewd to even understand why men find these characteristics attractive in women.  If you are one of these women, then hi-fives to you, you’re well on your way.  Either way, it’s almost Thursday and I figured you guys could use a relief of the heavy content of SBM.


  1. I guess this shit is basically if you're a girlfriend, you have to be your man's girl and friend at the same time. Women can't just expect men to pamper them all the time; you're not dating your father.

    I feel like everything in a relationship with men always comes back somehow to feed me, f*ck me, shut the f*ck up. #sigh.

    1. i am one of these girls..minus one or two things on the list…and trust me..even when you aren't dating them…if you still pull this…they will do absolutely anything for you…..its a compromise…to get guys to do what you want…you have to be what they want while still being yourself (trust me they can smell fake a mile away)…..it's really not that hard to understand sports, pay the bills, keep quiet and apologize…..quit being proud and be simple for once women……

  2. Hmmm . . . I'm down w/ pretty much everything here, especially number one. I love sports.

    #2 I would do if I'd ever played Madden before but since I don't . . . I'll get u a snack and get out of the way. I'm a Mario Kart girl myself . . . Yeah it's cutesy but hey, it's a game lol. #3 I don't drink but I'll stock the fridge w/ what u like when u come over. And sip my Coke. And #4, well, I'm a unicorn . . . and that's all I'll say about that.

    Good post!

  3. d^_^b <– my smiley for thumbs up

    I'll admit that there are at most THREE things on this list that I don't do fully. I may go halfassed on em but not all the way. I didn't bust out laughing but I did snicker and giggle. Especially at #4.

    Few words on Lacey: So much spit. O_O

    Now was he supposed to slip out that many times? Embarrassing much? [referring to Speaker Base video skin slapping. Google Lacey. 1st link. Proceed.]

    Oh but back to the post. My favorite one(s) of the 7 that I do is "Buy something.", "Hurry up" & "Admitting you're wrong. Say sorry" seems like some of the hardest things to do but they're fairly simple. I'm quick to offer to buy something for anyone. #PotentialSugarMomma (le sigh), I'll be the first one ready to leave and I know when I'm wrong. I'm not [that] perfect. Lol jk. I'm so flawed. What? I'm human right??

  4. Excellent list, but it definitely is a pipe dream. Women will find a reason to reject at least 3 of these points in fact and/or appearance.

    @Kali you dont automatically becaome the homegirl because you do this… you become the homegirl because men PLACE you in the homegirl zone. Same way yall got a friendship zone for us!

  5. 1.I drink like a champ, 2.I can put Kapri, Roxy, and Kitten to shame. 3. I like my silence just as much as you do. 4. I don't mind treating and I'll pass you the remote to change the channel to Sportcenter yet I'm still alone. What the hell mane ?!?

  6. LMAO @ #8 "We can think about absolutely nothing for hours at a time." Sometimes its just unhealthy to do #6… Especially if those "friends" are stank ass females. Could cause high blood pressure. And for #10 my man better know there's a time and place for everything. So he better have good etiquette 'when we're out' if he wants me to "let live" @ home. 😉

    1. If my girl rather has a problem w/ my friends I rather she just tell them off than to sit in the corner and brood and create all types of awkwardness.

  7. Or a woman who doesn’t complain about taking shots of Patron.

    ^^^Can the patron be switched out for 151 or Wray & Nephew (anything BUT Tequila…i'm off that). I'll def have a beer!

    I'm not big on sports but i will sit there and watch it, if it would make him happy…i don't play madden but i'll get with a fighting game (its been a while since i've played anything though).

    I have issues with stopping talking but i'm working on it! I also try to be nice to folks but some people don't know how to reciprocate…

    I can admit when i'm sorry as i'm rubbing his back & playing with his ears & making sure not to ignore his spot (its funny how fast one of the tallest of men with a bad temper can become putty in your hands when you do such things) *giggles*

    Tried to keep it short + i'm tired! Good post!

  8. So let's say, hypothetically speaking, that someone wanted to see that thing that Lacey did. What video would you all suggest that this person check out first? Hypothetically speaking.

    1. Don't be shy around these parts [holy pause]. Try the 1st link that Google gives when you search her name. And watch EVERYTHING O_O

      mwahahaha I'm an ass. But it's true 🙂

      Happy viewing.

  9. #1- I don't mind it because i do.. i hate when i'm yelling at the screen and my mom peeps round the corner.. "What the h*ll is all that noise?" It's FOOTBALL!!! #NuffSaid you think she'd learn by now..

    #7- i can hurry up, no problem.. and we ALL KNOW that Dr. J takes longer than 7 people to get ready!!

    #9- i have no problem admitting i'm wrong.. i sometimes even say "sorry" too much.. however, i just need the reasoning to make sense.. i didn't think it would be an issue considering men claim to be the logical sex.. you'd be surprised how hard a logical man is to find.. #GoSellThatLunacySomewhereElse

    #8- i have no problem not talking.. i might have it twisted though because in my last relationship i actually didn't want to talk.. he then would get upset that i wasn't talking to him.. (i'm watching jeopardy whadda ya want from me!?) i realize that this is a reverse of roles.. that whole relationship was a reverse of roles..


  10. I do everything on this list! Or at least I am willing to.

    I can honestly say most of the men I have dated don't care about #3 & #2.

    I'll get back to you on #4.

  11. That's a cool list. All of them seem reasonable. As for #3 I don't like beer or Patron,i like more fruity drinks especially the frozen kind. Some guys like to encourage you to drink but I simply don't like it. But, I always keep Heineken around for my guy friend so I think I get a pass. 🙂

  12. Maybe it’s me, but I’m rolling my eyes at a number of things on this post. I don’t like to watch sports, I could care less about who’s playing and I’m not going to feign interest just so that you will like me more. I have sons that play sports. My favorite sport is whichever sport that they are playing at the time, (eg: football, basketball etc.). I have sat on enough hard benches and cold bleachers to not give a flying f* about what any man is watching on TV when I am in their presence.

    I don’t want to play Madden, my sons play Madden, their friends play Madden, Madden is LIVE and I pay the bill and purchase Madden. I could care less if you like Madden, matter of fact, if I have to play Madden with you, I don’t want to be with you, you’re too young for me. Period.

    I can drink beer and take shots with the best of them. Matter of fact, I’ve been a functioning alcoholic for years. I still have my shape. Thumbs up for this one.

    I have no idea who Lacey is. Maybe I will Google her later.

    Buy something . It seems as if I’m always buying something for other people. I just gave my Verizon upgrade to my oldest son and got a 2 for 1 and gave my husband the new blackberry. Everyone got a new phone but me. I’m an unconditional GIVER.

    Be nice to your friends? I can do that – just don’t have them in my face all of the time.

    Hurry Up – If your friends are already there, and I have to rush to catch up with them, I probably don’t want to go. Shower, hair, lotion, outfit, shoes etc. are a must and if you couldn’t give me enough heads up time and/or notice you probably screwed something up. Not my fault. Matter of fact, go on without me. Bite me too.

    Stop Talking – No problem. You go into your section of the house and I will go into mine. See you at bed time. Real talk.

    Admit you’re wrong – I have no problem with that. Just make sure you do it too.

    Live and Let Live – The key to existence. Nuff said.

    1. I think you missed the point. These are things that we wish women did and then you come and say you dont want to do them? Obviously you dont want to do them because if you did want to, then you would and they wouldnt be on the list

    2. redlady821: "I have no idea who Lacey is. Maybe I will Google her later."

      Just make sure you DON'T do it at work!

        1. I appreciate you around! I just didn't want you to feel any kinda way! but you did say you were in a mood earlier.

          I got another hug for ya if Suki's didn't suffice. 😉

  13. I can get with everything on this list for the most part.

    #2Playing Madden though…*shakes head* video game controllers are too complicated now a days. A, B, X, Y big button, little button, joy stick on the side. iCan't.

    Now I can rock out with the Wii, arcade games and such. But PS3 and I are not friends. If you still gotta Sega console, it's all G.

    #4 will be done at my discretion. I know when to stay in my lane. And if them…yes them chicks are doing something I consider unsafe or makes me vomit in the back of my throat…yeah dog…it ain't going down.

    1. you remember when the controller was "A,B, and the directional pad..?"

      NOW. you got the toggles AND the L1,L2,R1,R2 and that's if the action doesn't call for you to Press down the toggles..

      OY VEY!!!!

  14. So, going against the trend, I'm gonna go ahead and say I think this list is cool in theory, but, I don't really want a woman who does all this – in real life.

    I really don't want a woman who watches sports too much. If my wife loved football as much as I do, and wanted to watch the Giants game (and the other 3 games on tv on an average Sunday) every single week, I'd probably get annoyed. I'm not a clingy dude, I need my personal space. Our time is our time, Football/sports time is my time. You don't hear ladies complaining about us not wanting to watch The Hills or Basketball AlmostWives do you? Live and let live. The same goes for video games. My time.

    Don't want my woman drinking beer either. There's nothing more unattractive to me than a woman going up to a bar and ordering a beer. Have you ever seen a woman with a bottle of Budwieser? Or… god forbid… a can? Yuk. Shots are acceptable because my wife is cute when she's drunk. Not all women get cute when they get drunk though. I like that my wife orders mixed cocktails with funny names from the cocktail menu – even though I would never consider doing the same. I don't want her to drink like me.

    I agree with 'stop talking', I think a lil Ice LaFox never hurt.

    I don't want my woman to hurry up, because that would compromise her putting herself all the way together, and I love when she's all the way together, what I want, is for women to plan better. If you know we need to be there at 3, and you know you take an hour (in the bathroom alone) don't start getting dressed at 2 like we still might make it.

    Overall, I like my woman to be a woman. I like her to be a girl and do cute but slightly annoying girly things. I like to be a man, and I like that my woman likes me as the man that I am.

    1. Co-sign, I like your thought process. I'm still over here smouldering though. I guess I have issues.

    2. You didn't go against the trend, you went with the trend, but attempted to make somebody here think you were on their side. I didn't say I wanted a woman who watched sports too much. And you might not want your woman drinking beer, but sometimes it's just socially awkward for a woman to drink a mixed beverage. For example, if you are watching playoff football at a sports bar, why is your wife ordering screwdrivers at 1230PM? Lastly, you said she can take shots, so that's in agreement with me too.

      Your example about time was literally the same example I gave, if you know we have to be somewhere, don't intentionally screw up the time schedule. When I alert my lady that the group of people we are meeting is already there, that doesn't mean rush, it means do not take your stroll in the park and read the newspaper time. Tend to yourself and let's go.

      So IMO, you tried to throw the cloak over a few people here today, but you basically agreed with me.

      1. I agree with some, but disagree with others. The sports thing is a biggy for me. I hear guys say that all the time but, I just don't want it to be that way. I can't see myself watching football with my wife, therefore, should would never be at the sports bar with me at 12:30 to order a screwdriver. And she would never order a screwdriver – ever – period.

        I thought, the stop talking joint was spot on. But I thought you couldhave expounded on "hurry up a little more". In general, I don't think hurrying is ever necessary so, in that sense I disagreed.

        No cloak, just going against the trend of almost 100% agreement that seemed to be prevailing when I started typing…

    3. Most: "I really don’t want a woman who watches sports too much. If my wife loved football as much as I do, and wanted to watch the Giants game (and the other 3 games on tv on an average Sunday) every single week, I’d probably get annoyed. I’m not a clingy dude, I need my personal space. Our time is our time, Football/sports time is my time. You don’t hear ladies complaining about us not wanting to watch The Hills or Basketball AlmostWives do you? Live and let live. The same goes for video games. My time."

      Cosign. I appreciate the fact that my girl has her favorite players in the NBA (Steve Nash is one of them for some strange reason), but she doesn't really follow basketball. She likes it enough that she's good if we go to a sports bar, but if I'm watching the game at home, she doesn't bother me. If I'm watching the game or reading, she finds something else to do.

      1. Yeah, see that's all well and good to think that she's going to busy herself while you're watching the game, but the reality is a lot of men go to the kitchen to get another beer and come back and Bridezilla is on TV.

        Her response, "What?! Nothing was happening. It's on commericial."

        1. And this is why I can't live in a home with 1 floor, or 1 tv. I watch football from 1pm till 11pm on most sundays. I know thats excessive, and it would be impossible without two tv's and more than 1 floor…

        2. That's why everyone needs their "section" of the house. My husband=bedroom, flat screen, watch what you like. My sons=finished basement, flat screen, watch what you like. Me=living room/kitchen area, flat screen stay the f* out of my space and don't turn the channel unless it's a movie that EVERYONE is watching.

          (I need access to the cooking/laundry area at all times).

        3. @redlady821

          A woman who takes her post in the kitchen and laundry area… if we all could be so lucky as to have married her.

        4. @ Dr. J,

          No, men are just nasty and I am constantly doing damage control. Sorry.

    4. Most you got the right idea here.
      Everything you said is what many men actually really want in real life.
      Those men who want their women to do all the things on that list above, don't really want a lady in their life who will be the lady in their life, they want a woman who will act like and be like a guy.
      All the men I know and dated actually love for their woman to be a woman and they will gladly take the good and the bad.
      If men wanted all these things may as well get a dike or another dude….ijs.
      I agree with Most.

  15. Lmao I'm w/ LaBakir on the video games. I love football too much too appreciate Madden. Lol. I feel like it's cheating on my game. I don't know — and it's overly complicated. Football isn't supposed to be complicated.

    Beer? Eh. I'll take a Corona if it's got grenadine in it 🙂 Or that lemonade/vodka/beer concoction that Dr. J introduced me to.

    I'll come back to Lacey

    I always buy stuff. My love language is gifting. Lol. I can't help it.

    I'm also always nice to the friends… even that 1 joker I'm not really sure about. I've seen the boothang get upset b/c I've been "too nice" to the friends in his presence. Wth? Hold my hand and shut it!

    Never been one to take long to get dressed. As I was reading this I was thinkin Dr. J would probably take longer than I would.

    Bwhahahahaha @ the stop talking. I am a recovering talkaholic & sometimes I relapse. I have moments where I don't say much at all and then there are times when I go a thousand miles a minute.

    I say sorry all the time… I guess that goes w/ my policy of "let live." I'm not trying to fight w/ you, for heaven's sake I hate arguments. I will not argue. I just won't. So I'll be the first to apologize even if I'm right. I might just apologize about the way I said it, or where I said it or how I said it… something… ANYTHING to keep the peace.

    1. "Football isn’t supposed to be complicated." – We obviously dont love football. Football is the most complicated game ever and I love it that way

      1. You know I was thinking about that as I wrote it… Football regulations can be complicated & cause me frustration to no end but not in a "press A, then X, select a play, joystick, Z to accelerate" type of way.

        It's supposed to be intense, anxious, yelling… chips & guacamole uncomplicated.

        1. Cosigning Peyso. But SoFLYY you're not alone in your perception. I think if you played football, on an organized team, for a good portion of your life, you see the game and appreciate the game in a different way. I know alot of guys who love football, who would agree with the chips and guac statement. For me though, that statement is exactly why I don't want to watch football with a woman. I don't even like watching football with a lot of guys. Matterfact, I think whoever invented the superbowl party should be shot.

        2. I've seen a football play book…and that ish looks complicated to me.

          But I love a good football game! Especially attending one. I'm competitive and love to watch a good game.

      2. When my son catches a pass and takes it into the end zone as the wide receiver, it's one of the most exciting moments I've ever seen.

        When my son dunks the ball, I"m proud as hell of his 6'5" behind cause I'm thinking D1 scholarship BABY, save MOMMY SOME MONEY DAMMIT!

        TV football? *shrug* anti-climactical and puts no money in my pocket…

  16. well I'll state my peace here…as the things I don't agree with….

    1. I do NOT want a woman who drinks. At all. Period. Ever. If I could help it, she would never even drink wine, but I'd compromise for a woman who was otherwise on point for me.

    Well…all the rest of the stuff, I completely agree with. Especially that "sit and be quiet" stuff. Good write up.

    1. sometimes men DRIVE women to drink.

      and sometimes we don't want to hear the sound of your voices either. Just because it has a lot of base doesn't mean you're saying anything relevant.

  17. I co-sign this entire list, with a few exceptions.

    I'm not good at sports video games. Wii is cool, and the occassional fighting game. Now, I can cheer you on while you play Madden, and I'll even bring you a beer and make you a sandwich. However, if you want me to play, you may have to teach me.

    I had the best beer while I was in Vegas. A Corona toppedd off with Tequila. Awesome. My homie called it a loaded Corona. I hate Corona, but that tequila made it awesome.

    I would never date/marry a guy who wants to relegate me to doing girly stuff just because I'm a woman. This is the South, everyone watches football. Sorry, but if the Buckeyes are playing, I'm watching. If anyone in the NFC South or NFC East is playing, I'm probably watching. I will never choose Lifetime or shopping over football.

    As for #4, I probably won't grant the Jada wish because she does some real nasty ish, but Lacey is no problem. And there is this brazilian cutie, but I can't remember her name. But, yeah, I got that.

  18. One global comment i'll make is that if you were able to pick up 2 out of 10 things on this list and add them to your back of tricks, the post served it's purpose. As Peyso tried to say, I didn't say Ten Things You Must Do, I said, Ten Things We Wish You Did. There's a person here who might have thought that something on this list was not-ladylike and now is willing to try it. And it may get her a man, or save a relationship.

    I'd say the first 5 are nice-to-haves, but no one is going to write hom to his moma about, the last 5 five are why-don't-you-at-least-try-its.

  19. Now hold up. The way everyone is talking about #4 is making me think. They do a lot of THINGS in those videos. I mean, I have a specific thing I'm targeting but… golly. She did use a lot of spit :-X sh!t looked like oral snot. Which it is.. if we're going to get technical..

    1. Yes, we do wish you would do that thing that Lacey did. Jada is a little nasty at times, but we do wish you did that too. Howevah… no man is going to break up with you if you don't do it, and he might get a little concerned if you wet the bed. So like I said earlier, we wish, but most men know better.

      Aside, the Ques are obviously letting everyone know that they don't pay for p0rn, but they watch a lot of it. They've recommended like 15 sites. I just read Kirk Franklin's autobiography and I got a few recommendations…

  20. this list is very accurate. the only thing i don't agree with is the madden thing. i stoped playing video games my freshman year of college. just seems like a complete waste of time to me. why sit on a couch and play madden or nba live when i can just do the same in real life and get a good workout in.

    as far as a woman enjoying a beer. i love it. for some reason i find it sexy when a woman puts a beer bottle to her lips. not just any woman. she has to be sexy in the first place. the beer bottle just enhances her sexy.

    1. I think a woman drinking a beer is sexy too…lol. I just can't do it. I don't like the taste. Maybe I can fill my Corona bottles with cider? Lol.

    2. @MadScientist –

      I agree with you. But let's be clear, we are not saying we want our women to drink a 40 or a six-pack. We are saying that watching a woman approach the bar and order a Sam Adams Summer, or even a Blue Moon is sexy. Don't get it twisted, if you show up with O.E., no dice.

  21. Oh how I've missed you all. I've missed my morning ritual due to training, but I'm back. On to the list…

    1. Watch Sports – I watch sports. Football is the preference. BUT, I need you to have interests outside of sports. I also need you to be able to treat me as well or as important as the game. If you make me the enemey, I can make sports the enemy. And I don't want that, I appreciate a good game…and tight buns. I'd rather BE at the game because it's a two for one…an outing and the event.

    2. Play Madden – I co-sign on what LaBakair said. I've been out the game too long. Too much going on there.

    3. Drink beer and take shots – Beer is nasty (period!) I will however take shots…I prefer shots actually. Give it to me quick and easy, the night is young. I prefer Patron or a Washington Apple, but I'll toss em back with you. But don't you judge ME for doing it. I've seen that happen as well.

    4. That thing Lacey did – haven't googled yet. Is it safe for work? Lol.

    5. Buy something – This is a given. I like to treat my MAN. Randoms, not so much. But if I'm digging you, I don't have a problem with it. I work for a reason…

    6. Be nice to my friends – This is easy when your friends are likable. If you hang with assholes/jerks, why should I be nice? Cordial? Yes. Respectful? Yes. But nice implies I care, at least to me, and I don't care about assholes. If they are "good" people we're good. You know you have some friends that shouldn't speak, don't front.

    7. Hurry Up – Not an issue with going places that are simple. But there are times when we all need a little extra time.

    8. Stop talking – Lol. That's fine.

    9. Admit your wrong, say sorry – I'm getting better at this. Not perfect, but better.

    10. Live and let live – Me speaking on things I don't understand or like doesn't mean I'm not letting you live. I should be able to share my opinions and/or thoughts with you, even if you don't agree…and vice versa. Now if I'm nagging, that's differerent.

  22. 1. Watch Sports – I love to watch football. However, in my last relationship..he didn't want to watch it with me anymore. He would literally turn the channel. Apparently, I made him uncomfortable by smiling and saying "ooh" or "mmpth". Ill watch anytime you ask!

    2. Play Madden – I haven't played video games since Sonic and Tales! I wouldn't mind learning because I like to have fun.. However, I hope he is not a sore loser.

    3. Drink beer and take shots – I dont like beer…unless it's Beer Punch. (google) Its tasty! Patron, Jose Cuervo, 1800 will provide an enjoyable evening for us both!

    4. That thing Lacey did – Lacey Duvalle (almost vomited in my mouth). However, that's automatic …for my future husband! I have NO problem with that…hopefully its ONE thing..( that could be another topic)

    5. Buy something – Im starting to have a problem with this idea…I enjoy giving period. I have a tendency to start spoiling in the beginning of my relationships(which includes buying things). However, I think SOME men mistake my kindness for weakness. I treat them well/they act a fool/ i leave/ and they try to get me back…

    6. Be nice to my friends – Friends are cool. They should be respectful to me and "our" relationship. They should not cross that line…

    7. Hurry Up – I'm sorry Ill try harder?? I recognize I'm terrible. I have started being ready Thursday-Sun to go somewhere regardless if I have plans! Its that bad..

    8. Stop talking – Hmmm. I had one guy that said I would complain. So, when I was suddenly quiet…he constantly asked : "Are you okay" ? Sometimes I really enjoy the man's conversation…but I try to be mindful if I'm too chatty.

    9. Admit your wrong. Not a problem. I'm always right! j/k Seriously, I am always right!

    10. Live and let live – I am a free spirit. So, I promote individuality at all times!

  23. Great wish list-a man’s gotta dream lol!

    Watch sports? I’ll watch the all star game/events on TV but that’s about it. Because if I watch and pay attention, I’m gonna ask questions-lots of em. As a compromise, sometimes I’ll chill in whatever room he’s in and read a book or something! Now put in an old Karate movie where the lip movement and words don’t match and it’s a wrap!

    Video games? Old school, Pac Man, Galaxy etc? I’m all over it. Madden? Who’s that?

    (Back)Shots? Bring em” …Patron you my ni33a”

    I’ve studied the tutorial videos mentioned…training complete-husband approved.

    Sure I’ll buy us something!

    Friends- long as they are nice and respectful I’ll be the model wife-let one of em get out of line and well, things will change expeditiously.

    Hurry up? I’m trying darnit! And stop rushing; I don’t hear you or your friends complaining about the end result! Seriously, I ususally get no complaints about getting completly ready because it makes him look good when I look good so its a win win.

    I tend to shut down-completely and it drives my husband bonkers (wait-could this be why I do it? Hummm) so I have to be careful about being quiet as I find peace in my solitude and have been known to bask in it for extended periods.

    Say I’m sorry? I’m working on it. I can apologize for something but I’m usually not sorry about it…

    Live and let live. Sure.

  24. 1. I LOVE sports!!! NBA and football are like my side piece, I always get into it! Yelling at the ref thru the TV for making a bad call is the best!!!

    2. This is the first thing I thought of! LMAO!

    BRING IT ON!!!!

    3. Did someone say Kings with shots of 151 or beer pong?! "Never have I ever…"

    4. Got my own stash of XXX that love to enjoy and replicate… so far good, d*mn good #TWHS

    5. I actually take a lot of pride when I make the purchase of either movies and dinner or have the club tab at me.. or just take care of it, period. I like to make sure that the SO knows that he doesn't have to break his piggy bank to take me out, I can go dutch or pay for it fully, it's my pleasure boo.

    6. This one is always easy to me. I'm always smiling and laughing and joking as much as the guys are. If I'm going to try and make good with the SO I definitely have to make sure that his friends like me. I know how important it is for the SO's friend to like the new GF cuz that he way doesn't have to worry about bringing her around and her having a sour face on.

    7. Oooh, we're guilty on this one. If I'm told last minute "hey we're going out we gotta meet them at so and so place in 30" my precious behind goes into speed racer mode and can get ready in 20 mins STAT! Plus, I don't like to be late, so yeah I'll be ready in the time allotted.

    8. This goes both ways sometimes… I too want to enjoy a quiet evening, literally.. just sit on the couch with me, give me a foot massage while watching TV and enjoy the relaxation and silence. Thank you.

    9. Ok, as long as you can admit that you're wrong too and say you're sorry. This is a 2-way street buddy…

    10. Learned this a long time ago the hard way… yes I know I can be spoiled and used to getting my way, but when I can't, oh well, I can't. I'll be bummed about it, probably pout too, and whine, but give me like 2 hrs and I'll be over it.

    🙂 Good post!

      1. I have to crave beer in order to drink it or be playing… but I like it.. and won't complain when that's the only type of alcohol available either, I'll just look pretty and drink lol

        1. I'm a late bloomer, I played it for the first time the other day…LOVE! Lol. I'm a jock in a skirt, so any type of competition is good with me. I'd prefer to take shots of something, but I can see that getting out of hand depending on my partner.

          I'm a 'G' tho…lol.

  25. I never really expect ONE woman to be/do/have everything on my own wishlist, because apparently that's asking alot from one woman at one time, but I've come close a few times, which gives me hope for femalekind; until one of yall completely blows one of #'s 6-10 and I find myself smh'ing and back at the club trying to have faith in a big butt and a smile.

  26. I actually do all of this, BUT not to please a man. I do this because that's who I am (except I'm more so a COD/Halo–first-person action game).

    Classic story: girl is a tomboy and the "homies," goes away one summer (this was about 5 years ago) and comes back with hips and breast.

    And I understand where you are coming from. Truly I do, BUT I have ran into guys where they do truly want the all the way girlie girl. I'm an AKA, so many guys approaching me in my arena, ages 21-25, expect me to be "fancy" and all that all the time, when many times you can find me ordering a ten piece, getting a pack of Heineken and watching the Saints dominate for the first time ever (perhaps with a little help from the refs).

    I'm excited. The time is coming. Anyways.

    I say all this to say, SOME men may actually want this, but the majority of the men I've run into in the great city of ATL has the home girl and then the girlfriend. When you have the characteristics listed, you indeed become the homie. It's simple as that! I find SOME guys wanting the friend who's the girlfriend, but many just want the all the way fancy. You know?

    1. Hey soror, I am an alpha from NY and we WISH there were more of you running around here. The girly girl is cool for show but at the end of the day. If I can play COD (Can't wait for Black Ops to come btw) and drink beer with you and then possible have a rendezvous in the bed? I will need your ring size……THX!

      1. LOL…you know I don't even know my size bruh….

        BUT what I do know is Black Op is about to be ridiculous. The only thing is I'm abroad, and EVERYTHING is late here, so I'll catch it around Christmas time. I still haven't beat MW2, but I'll be back on it to finish unfinished business.

        Anyways, I'm sure there out there…the type of women you want. We're the tomboys who became cute and who really liked to play house 😉 Just keep your eyes open, keep looking, don't quit…you know what I mean 😉

  27. If we can switch madden to mario kart I'm in 100% percent.

    Oh and I hate beer but I'll drink if it that's what group doing. Also don't test me, I know how to open my throat and take a beer down whole. 🙂

    1. I think most men, stand at attention and salute when a woman can funnel. I'd rather you get rid of your gag reflex over your bottom set of ribs, anyday… ANYDAY!

  28. good post. I know I can be guilty of not doing #10. I think my way of doing things is sooooo right though. I know, I know.

    I'm not the biggest sports fan and don't pretend to be. I love basketball and thats it. I'll watch summer olympics, but I wasn't all up in the world cup and football? I'll watch, I understand it but thats as far as it goes. I'm glad my man doesn't play video games, but I actually wouldn't mind doing that with him if he did–but not football games, lol.

    everything else on this list is pretty cool.

  29. Honestly this was great. Except for one thing. I'm sorry…I have 36DD's. Fuck you. I'm not playing madden. Play with my controllers instead at any time you want, fella. But you can keep your video games to yourself.

  30. "9. Admit your wrong, say sorry"

    As a woman, I have to point the above out and tell you to use your own advice.


    lol…j/k Dr. J, great post!!

  31. It pains me to admit this, but I have to work harder at the "stop talking" bit.

    My ex used to call me Motor Mouth at times…ugh. I cringe even writing it.

    In my defense, I'm accustomed to being in relationships that include a lot of space; so if I go a few days without seeing my boy then he appears I have a lot to tell him and tend to hit him with a barrage of updates. I talk pretty fast and my brain moves a mile a minute so it gets pretty intense for the first hour or so until I calm down and quiet down. I can see how that can be annoying.

    Overall though I'm hitting 8 of the 10 points on this list so I think I'm doing alright 🙂

    1. There's a scene in A Bronx Tale, the adaption for Broadway where it's said,

      "Shut the f*ck up and get in the car!" was always considered a term of endearment in the Italian community.

      I'd like to say, not just the Italians.

  32. I definitely agree with the post overall.

    #1. I would rather play sports, with my own rules ofcourse, than watch it. lol

    #4. *crickets*

    #9. I can admit my wrongs, sometimes…

  33. Welcome to all the new commenters.*

    *I'm not feeling well, so please forgive me for not doing this properly.

    Also, Dr. J, I like to think you were thinking of me when typing #2. Like I said, I don't usually win, but I talk a good game. Let me tell you that I used to always win on the Sega. I'd do it using the same move over and over too, mothasuckas never seemed to catch on. 😛

  34. Great post! This is important. I'm so happy you put this up. This is the type of content I've been looking for, can I do a write up? You have no idea how excited I would be! I've bookmarked your page here and will be back. Also visited some of your sponsors, good stuff. I hope you visit my site about Christmas sometime soon and return the favor. Have a fabulous day.

  35. have already been reading ur website for three days. really enjoy your posts. btw i'm doing report regarding this subject. do you know any other great blogs or perhaps online forums in which I can get more information? many thanks.

  36. I surely love the beer pong game and i think you wrote some interesting and fascinating arguments of it. Maybe you can add some more partygames for the future? – I would love to see a few more. So long, keep on working, I will surely have another visit.

  37. Except for the fact tht i dnt drink, im a nice woman with my own mind but defo agreeing with almost all being said- Why am i still single? -.-'


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