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That Girl Is Bat Sh*t Crazy


If you haven't please, watch this movie. It's as important as Boomerang to a young Black man.

Admin Note: It wasn’t even on SBM on Monday, I decided I was going to write this post as misogynistic as it might sound a week ago, I don’t even care.  It had to be written.

I’ll be flat out honest with you, I still don’t know why Idris didn’t sleep with Ali in, “Obsessed.”  Ali Larter’s character in “Obsessed” was bat sh*t crazy.  A lot of women will say, she was mentally disturbed and in need of psychiatric help, you know what that means in Mars, “crazy.”  I mean, I can’t lie that a lot men use the word “crazy” to describe women who react to things they do, that they shouldn’t do.  For example, whenever I tell the story of the time the chick tried to hit me with her car, I always preface it by saying, “Let me not act like I didn’t have nothing to do with the situation, but seriously, she was crazy.”  However, some women are just that, crazy.

“If it’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that b*tches be motherf*cking tripping.” – W.C.

Here are some of the examples of how to pick up on Bat Sh*t Crazy Women:

Violent and Abusive

Let’s get this one out of the way early and in a hurry.  People shouldn’t put their hands on another person, so we would be lying if we didn’t expose some of these women for the scoundrels that they are.  I know, and you know some women who think it’s cool to put their hands on a man. They do some of the craziest things in the name of, “You gon’ hit a woman.”  Moreover, verbal abuse is real.  Your man should not have to be cussed out every time you don’t get what you want.  Funniest thing I ever heard, wasn’t even a couple it was a girl talking to her girl and she said, “Take me home and don’t say sh*t to me.”

Senile and Invasive

Some women are paranoid.  They are always insisting that you are with another woman.  You get out the shower and she’s on your phone looking through your saved pictures, text messages, and phone call log.  And a lot of people are lying if they say they’ve never done it.  Out of the women I know who have iPhones, at least 75% always ask me, how to take the SMS preview off.  People only suspect others to do what they would do in a similar situation.

Ignorant and Dismissive

You ever have a woman who just would not listen to reason.  “Baby that’s the coat check lady!” – Martin Lawrence.  No matter what you say, she’s insisting that you are up to something or the other chick is up to something.  She’ll bust in your dorm room with a wooden spoon swinging at your cousin.  Wait, have you ever had a woman tell you to do something that only pertained to you and not her.  “I don’t feel comfortable with your personal physician being a woman.”  Ignorant a*s.

Obsession and Destructive

This is the one I wanted to talk about the most.  There are women who will come up to me and tell me they love me.  No, they didn’t say, “Hello, my love.”  They looked me in the eye and said, “I love you.”  I swear to you, I don’t even know her name.  There are women who will say, “If I can’t have him, no one can.”  They will ruin you.  They will find out you’re dating someone and pick up the phone and sabotage your relationship.  I was dating a girl a while back, she hits me up and tells me that someone called her asking if she was my girl.  My question was, “How the hell did they get your number?!”  I followed it back, and it turns out that a pink person, told a pink person, who told a pink person in Rochester, who asked a pink person in Syracuse, and the number was magically delivered.  I ain’t blaming the pink.  But that’s obsession and destruction at its best.

I don’t want to make all women out to be crazy.  I know that women struggle with that.  They are tired of every time they react to a guy’s actions, they are told they are crazy.  Or, that women are incapable of reacting rationally.  Women have feelings, and if you step on that woman’s feelings she may react emotionally.  And that’s real, men should keep in mind, that you can’t get mad at a woman for going bat sh*t crazy, if you are driving her crazy.  Here’s the thing that you CAN do, when a woman shows or tells you she’s crazy…SET UP A NO-FLY PEEN ZONE.  If a woman says to you, “Yeah I look through my man’s phone because I want to know who he’s talking to.”  DO NOT date that girl.  Let her be, someone else should fall for that trick.

I pray that this message reaches you all in good mental health.  Women always want to know what a guy means when he says, “that girl is crazy.”  These are the signs most commonly associated with, “crazy” when a man is speaking in terms of dating.

Addendum: Men can be just as crazy, you could just as easily switched in “he” for “she”.  With the exception of the phone call fiasco, men just do not go through those great lengths to see if a girl is talking to someone.


  1. Been guilty of the snooping… and past that already. I'm freaking 27 years old, I don't need to go thru anyone's phone.

    I either trust you fully or I don't trust you at all, simple as that. If I don't trust you, then there's no reason for me to be with you.

    Great post!

    1. Agreed! Either you trust someone or you don't. Whenever I'm with someone and I start feeling like I need to check their stuff to see if they are being faithful, that's when I know it's time to move on…

  2. And a lot of people are lying if they say they’ve never done it.

    ^^^I seriously haven't. I don't believe in that sort of invasion of privacy, i wouldn't want anyone invading my privacy.

    Is it bad to play hit with the desire to be pinned down after with eventual sessual graitification as the end result? =0/

    Good post though…i know i have a tadbit of crazy but nothing like what you stated here…i don't go through phones, i don't try to obtain numbers, i'm not very violent (but hurt someone i love/care about & that can easily change) and i'm not very dismissive (cause i would want to be heard out too if in an argument).

    I hope to not deal with the type of dude Martin Lawrence talked about in "You So Crazy" or Lynn Whitfield's male twin…that would be a recipe for a domestic violence situation.

  3. Hi. Long time reader first time poster…

    Uh, yeah…crazy women lol. I've never done the check the phone thing because that's not my style. Whatever you're doing will come to the light, but I'm not gonna ignore my intuition. Once I begin to mistrust you the relationship is over anyway.


    My Sophomore year in college my bff found out her long time bf had been cheating on her w/various women & we just so happen to run into him at a club…his car was never the same after that. Rocks, branches, feet, hammers…yeah I'll say no more.

    Great Post & I look forward to commenting more often 🙂

      1. LOL…Thanks for the welcome & yeah i've been reading here for over a year so whenever someone would ask how to have their picture show up I just made a mental note lol

  4. B*tches is nosey that's why every playboy needs at least 2 cell phone one for the hoes and one for my B*tch!!!

    That way you never cross contaminate…

    1. Definitely a proud member of the Two Cell-phone Society International! One phone for the hoes, one phone for the other hoes!

  5. I'm sorry but I can't co-sign being abusive in a relationship…I wouldn't want my man to cuss me out or slap me around so I wouldn't do it to him

    . My mother does bat crazy…not all the time but enough to have scarred me for life…I'm more cool and collected #EasyGoing

    I'll admit i came close to bat crazy towards the end of the relationship with my first ex.. it was bcos of all the lies he was telling…dude was trying to being too smart about the fact he was cheating on me and kept tripping himself up…I've always been good at paying attention to details, especially the little things…if u want to lie to me keep it simple and be consistent for life…he can't do that so he goes on the defence and starts calling me out for overreacting and imagining things… #BadMove cos now it's a challenge to prove I'm not insane #GameOn

    I don't abide people going thru my phone or snooping thru my stuff but I find out he's cheating by snooping tho. He's away in nigerian…I've the keys to his place and I've had all his passwords for years…he gave them to me…cos he trusts that I trust…till then I have. So It's new years eve and I think if I hadn't been able to speak to him…I'd have sent him an e-mail. From my folk's place I log on and find e-mails from 2 different chicks. So I use his account to forward gf A's e-mail to gf B (and vice versa), i title both e-mails 'happy new year baby' and leave my number. They call. I tell them can have him…I just wanna know how long to see if I was right to get paranoid when I did. I was. One even asks if I can delete the naked pics of her from his computer. Wtf?!!! I say she'll have to talk to him about that. I'm done. He gets back, goes ape sh*t at me and then he's saying sorry and he wants things back the way they were with me. I'm like too late. Bugger off.

    Aint nobody gonna f*ck with my peace of mind. Ever. I don't do it to u so don't even try to play me like that.

    I live by that philosophy till today

  6. Yeah, I know a few women who will go to these lengths…I am just to old for these shenanigans…if you are doing something you ought not be doing..its going to come to light sooner or later….you can count on it.

    That is all.

  7. LMAO!! One of my favorite Martin Lawrence bits. "Yo job is to check the coats. Check 'em bish!"

    I can honestly say that I have never snooped on a man. But, if I'm being honest, I also have to say that I have never suspected a man of cheating on me. If I had (or if I do in the future), I'd like to think that I would never do something like that. But I think it's one of those things that you never know how you'd react until you're in the situation. Truthfully, if you "suspect" he's cheating, something is already wrong with your relationship.

  8. I think what disturbs me the most about these situations is that if you are the man that has been assualted by a woman or had property damaged; other women will laugh find it amusing and ask "what did you do". I say this all the time its not funny or "ha ha" for anybody to do these things. It does happen

    1. I agree…there isn't one damn thing I find amusing about destroying another person's property. Nor laying hands on someone…at all…unless it's in self defense.

  9. First of all, where in the he!! do y'all find these women? Seriously, I want to know so I can move there and show the brothas what a sane woman looks like.

    I've never done any of the things listed, though I've heard stories from male and female friends about these shenanigans. There is no excuse for abusive behavior. However, the other 3 in the list can usually be attributed to something you did in the past, or something her last man did that emotionally scarred her and left her a mess. She needs therapy.

  10. uhhmmm….men CERTAINLY do go through a woman's phone. True story: It's 2 in the morning….I wake to find my "male friend" missing from the bed. He was good for doing suspicious crap so I immediately (don't ask why) look for my phone. It's missing. I get out of bed…and see he's in the bathroom…door closed. I get the house phone and call my cell. It starts BLARING from the bathroom. WTH!…yes…men go through phones too! That man was bat sh*t crazy!

    *If you go looking for trouble you're going to find it.

    1. Seven: "uhhmmm….men CERTAINLY do go through a woman’s phone. True story: It’s 2 in the morning….I wake to find my “male friend” missing from the bed. He was good for doing suspicious crap so I immediately (don’t ask why) look for my phone. It’s missing. I get out of bed…and see he’s in the bathroom…door closed. I get the house phone and call my cell. It starts BLARING from the bathroom. WTH!…yes…men go through phones too! That man was bat sh*t crazy!"

      No. Men don't; nutty a$$ n!ggas go through women's phones. If you would have told another man about this sooner, he would have confiscated his man card for that.

      And at two in the morning?

      1. LMAO…so I guess (in another instance out of town)…actually calling my other male friend (who lives in another COUNTRY)…is definite grounds for confiscation of the man card? LMAO I know I know I know…he was C R A Z Y!!!!!

        1. Lol…I don't know Hugh, they find ME! I had another one that used to do drive-by's at crazy hours and stand outside and yell at the top of his lungs accusing me of having someone inside (I didn't btw). Why he didn't just ring the bell or better yet CALL…I have no idea. CRAZY BAT SH*T men. I think I'm a magnet for crazies. The list is endless. I think I finally came across one that isn't…time will tell. LMAO

        2. You're right…it's creepy…annoying… and psychotic. It's a whole lot of things that don't leave long lasting pleasant memories. Fortunately, I know how to chuck deuces early on…

      2. yea, i had one ask to go through my phone…i told him no & he got mad & asked me what i had to hide. I told him nothing but its based on principle that I didn't want him invading my privacy just as i wouldn't want him to invade mine…i would've never asked him that…

        I now hate him…not cause of that but because of another situation

  11. Great post! But what I really want to know SBM is how I can remove the SMS preview. I have an iPhone and it's been getting me into trouble lately 😉

    Monique Lachele

    1. @Monique –

      Go into your iPhone settings and then messages settings folder and slide that button to the left that says SMS preview. It will just pop up and say Text Message Received, but the message won't show.

      And if you don't want the popup altogether…

      There's an app for that.

      If you have an older generation like 2 or below iPhone, you have to put a passcode on the phone, but in that case, you should get a new phone before going on your next date anyway.

      1. Thanks Dr. J!

        And lol @ "but in that case, you should get a new phone before going on your next date anyway"…

        Monique Lachelle

  12. Keying, slashing tires, breaking out windows on someone's car because they cheated just makes you look that much more ghetto/hood rattish/coon-like IMHO.

    Never really understood or condoned this behavior…

    1. My theory is that my personal property is an extension of myself. If you attack my property, then you are attacking me personally and I have the right to defend myself.

      The best way to deal with bat sheet crazy people is to let them know that while they are crazy, you are INSANE. People do ALOT less when there is an element of fear.

      That is all….

        1. SMH!!! I don't want to laugh but damn,,, dude already hit her once and knocked her down, somewhere in her head, after that first one, she shoulda just walked away!

  13. To be honest I've never been the snooper type. Maybe because I've never been given a reason to…*wink*

    But I think women may go a little crazy if you give them something to be crazy about. I mean as much as we would hate to be called crazy, why would we act as though we are just because…but its not to be confused with women who are just straight out of their mind and have no business being in a relationship anyway!

  14. Men should keep in mind, that you can’t get mad at a woman for going bat sh*t crazy, if you are driving her crazy.


    #jumpsUpnDownoncouch (tom cruise on oprah)

    1. @GIRLSIXX

      THIS!!!! If this ain't the truth I can't hear!

      I'm not even one to go through a dude's phone, but I did go through my exe's, he kept getting all types of calls and text messages, and lying saying these are his platonic friends. Making it seem like I was just plain ol crazy!

      Before I went that far, I kept warning him that I wasn't gonna stand for no cheating. I saw 2 text messages, one he sent to this girl of his SINEP, talking about girl you know you want this, and one she sent back of her yssup, talking some other crazy ish!!! Needless to say I was done with both of them, and from that point forward, I don't go through anyone's personal property, but I will DEAD a dude if he gives me reasons not to trust, I'm too old to be playing Sherlock Holmes!!

  15. Honestly, I only did the cellphone check thang ONCE in a situation and it was Just Caused cuz my gut intuition was going off the Radar and Guess What……. #hmph

    No I don't think it's cool when people constantly check their SO phones looking for stuff just because it's Wednesday, but sometimes in certain situations (like mine) a little phone detective is warranted. #thatisall

    1. I went through a chick's phone one time, but let me be clear, I knew I couldn't trust her before I went through it. Matter fact.. let me be honest. We wasn't even in a situation where I had to trust her. Anyway, she would leave her phone on the bed (iPhone) and go take a shower. And this name would constantly be popping up "Blankety Blank" is calling. And she had a picture.. AT 8AM dog?! At 3AM dog?! Obviously, i'm opening and closing this shop… Anyway then he would call and then text, and one day I was like, "Who is this aggin?!" And went through the phone, got my answer.

      Bust it, I didn't even say nothing about it, I just went about my business.

      Why? Evidence acquired in an illegal search is inadmissable.

      1. i went through my ex girl's diary one time. she left me at her house one day with her diary sitting right on top of the dresser open. i mean she must have wanted me to read it then, right? lol

        anyway i got the answers i was looking for and best believe i brought it up. *shrug* guess that's why she's my ex instead of my current.

        1. I actually did that on purpose and left my journal out one day just to see if he'd actually go thru it… what he didn't know is that it wasn't the journal that I actually write in, so I wrote some crazy a** ish on there just to see if he would go thru it and sure enough he did… his reason? "it was there so I figured you wanted me to read it" NO dude. If I leave ANYTHING out wether its personal or not its not to be read, or go thru, and this includes my panties/bra drawer too

        2. @Seven: i know. i felt bad for like 0.2 seconds after i read it but i was glad i did because i got answers to questions that i flat out asked and was lied to.

        3. lol. 0.2 seconds, not even a whole second.

          I can understand the temptation. If I had snooped when I had the chance, I probably would have avoided a whole lot of heart ache. I was too loyal & trusting for my own good.

        4. "she left me at her house one day with her diary sitting right on top of the dresser open. i mean she must have wanted me to read it then, right? lol"

          Hmmmmm.. Just Maybe…..

          probably was her way of kickin you to the gutter without actually having to do it so she left you a Dear John Diary (so to speak) *shrugs* I could be wrong….

          WOMEN don't make these kind of mistakes!!!

  16. I had men go through my phone plenty of times. So either they were just that paranoid, or men do that stuff too. It's really unattractive for a man or a woman, shows insecurity. Because if you really don't trust me, if you really think I'm the cheating type, why are you with me? Same for women. I don't need to go through anyone's phone. I'm too old and look too damn good to put up with men that can't get it together…

    1. I cosign. I've had a couple guys to go through my phone, and as soon as I found out, it ended immediately. Funny thing is, a good two guys probably don't even know why there wasn't a 4th/5th date. Don't go through my phone or purse…or my stuff, period. #petpeeve

      Good boundaries make great relationships.

      On another another note, I understand why females act like this. It's not right, and it shows insecurity, BUT I understand. Thing is, no man/woman should ever bring you to the point to be sh*t crazy! That's not cute or healthy.

      Everyone is capable of doing some crazy acts, but one can't lose his/her cool.

      Peace is golden.

  17. I agree that there is nothing cute or funny about destroying someone's property for any reason. Luckily in that instance I was a bystander, simply because I wasn't drunk enough to possibly be arrested for somebody else's relationship issues. But I take blame as well because I stood by, laughed & watched as our friends destroyed his vehicle.

    Such is life. You live & You Learn.

  18. seriously i don't know how men surround themselves with women such as the ones you described. perhaps they're a little prone to craziness themselves. most times you attract like mind individuals.

    the only type of woman i've had the displeasure of dealing with is the one that doesn't know how to keep her hands to herself. i don't play that. when i start dealing with a woman i make my stance on domestic violence known. you get one strike. she got one strike and i was gone.

    1. I'm calling shenanigans on you MadScientist on account of greek affiliation…

      You know for a fact that women develop relationships… in their mind with men just because they saw them strolling (hopping) at campus parties… They develop serious crushes on men on account of something you said at your, "Are all men dogs?" forum that your fraternity does every year… And then they go bat sh*t crazy. You don't have to surround yourself with these females, all you have to do is attract women.

      Senile and Invasive? You ever had a chick who just wouldn't leave after the party was over? You know and I know why she was there. Or what about that chick who was all up in your business, knowing every little detail of your love life and snitching to the campus? INVASIVE.

      A lot of people think we bring it on ourselves, but sometimes just by standing out, you are going to attract women. And women come in all walks of life.

      1. ok. maybe i was bs'ing a little but surrounding and attracting are two different things. if a woman wants to make my acquaintance and i see warning signs that she might not be playing with a full deck then why even bring that headache on myself?

        as far as greek affiliations there are always going to be groupies. most times people aren't going to know what i am until further investigation. i certainly don't fit the stereotypes.

        that chick that wouldn't leave when the party is over. i've learned that that's not the type of chick i want to surround myself with. thirsty as they come.

  19. or God rest her soul, can you imagine looking on FOX and seeing your house on fire?

    Left Eye burned this dude Andre Rison's house to the ground?

    1. And that right there is not the business. I dont care if somebody cheated you dont have the right to burn there house down and our cause harm to there person

    2. Well they say love is blind and you don't see that bat Sh*t crazy cause you're in luuvvv. And "they" can keep that sh*t(luv)


    Of course she's crazy!! Of course he's crazy!! But….


    If a person TRULY respects you, he or she will do their best NEVER to push you past your breaking point!!!…Key Words "will do their best"!! 🙂

    Like Reagan, I trust but verify!! Verification is easy, doesn't require sneaking around or snooping…. ASK STRAIGHT UP!!!/ LISTEN TO THE REPLY/THEN INSIST ON PROOF ..RIGHT THEN!!!..If you are being accused… It works the same… You are asked…Answer…but.. Require Base Proof Of Their Accusation (Verification)

    In either case the accuser and the accused can get on the same Trust Page….or not!!!

    In court you can use the Fifth Amendment…. AND… The Prosecution still has to "prove up" to get a conviction.

    Sayin' Ain't Provin'… If they can't prove; Follow Dr. J's Advice … DROP'EM LIKE A BAD HABIT!!!!….But remember being in a relationship means both parties have a right to have their questions answered…no hiding'

    I've been accused, it ain't fun…but if she hit me like a dude…I'ma hit her like a dude SON!! I'ma meet you where you at!!! It's called "Self Defense!!" and it's legal. Smackers don't get a pass!! I'm with Charles Barkley on this one!!

    1. Jay..you sound like Eddie Murphy during "Raw"….if your girl catches you azz up in the air..midstroke..just say "it wasn't me"…if she says "but I saw you"…you say,"hey, wasn't me"…she says…"ok"….LOL.

  21. @Nick, @DeKela

    "That way you never cross contaminate…"

    "Definitely a proud member of the Two Cell-phone Society International! One phone for the hoes, one phone for the other hoes!"

    Love You Nick, Brother To Brother… Where the fcuk is your blog/twitter at…

    I am Pro-2 Cell Phones

    1. Needing 2 phones is a direct result of your inability to keep your so called "ho's" in check.

      All three of y'all.

      Yeah I said it.


  22. Wow… This topic I fully blame men who provoke women to be crazy, & and the men who accept these kinds of women into their lives…

    I realize in life that the things women do to make us laugh, also can make us cry…

    They will always be unbalanced people around in any society… You have to screen well… & discipline well

    Do not encourage or enable bad behavior… You make it harder for the next guy…

  23. Oh! Martin! *swoons* You didn't see signs of her being crazy…deranged…

    "Well look here Miss 'Thank You, Have a Nice Day', your job is to check coats… CHECK 'EM B!TCH!"

    Yes! I'm clear!! *does Suki dance & sliiiide*

    Abusive & violent? Naked wrestling doesn't count.

    Had the chance to snoop. Didn't.

    Ignorant? Me? Not neva! [Katt Williams]

    Obsessive AND Destructive? I knew a female. She did it to me and mine. Smh. Wait.. it was a female AND a male. Sad story. Maybe I'll share later.

  24. @The Don

    "I think what disturbs me the most about these situations is that if you are the man that has been assualted by a woman or had property damaged; other women will laugh find it amusing and ask “what did you do”. I say this all the time its not funny or “ha ha” for anybody to do these things. It does happen" by The Don

    Don, this pisses me off about society… Again, I blame the enabling men of our society & our laws are good at enabling bad behavior in women

    Women SHOULD go to jail for destruction of property or when they cause bodily harm

    There is a persisting viewpoint in America that women either don't have a dark side, or their dark side doesn't need to be taken seriously

    You have cops who show up to scenes and penalize the man in a DV dispute but not the women

    You have courts who give the women the child, child support, the house, half the business & alimony payments (even penalize a man for a child that is NOT HIS)

    (Childless man released from child support debt

    If I was woman growing up in his society were nobody penalizes me for anything… I would be bat shit crazy too…

    Men have created this… & men have to fix this


    1. Its true. One time I had a crazy woman that i happend to live next to ( yea i know bad move) anyway she assulated ME and wasnt even worried and called the police on ME. What was i gonig to do….who where they going to blame. People always say things like how much damage could woman cause to a big bad man. Let a child over the age of 5 sucker punch you in the nose and see if it doesnt hurt. Just because it doesnt cause any long lasting scars does not mean its okay.

  25. Oh! [Let's call him 'Guy' lol]

    Guy went through my phone once. Mmm, I was only mad because he made such a big secret about it and took advantage of me when I didn't have my glasses on. While I thought he was looking for raincoats for round 3 of splashing around my self-made puddles, he was bending down reading a text message that happened to have his name. Smh. I told him about the text anyway. But #CMONSON.

  26. I am pro-snooping, just don't snoop on me (#DoubleStandard)

    If you are the best thing going in your SO's life, you have nothing to worry about…

    I like to snoop to help make a woman's experience with me (#Fan-Tastic)

    But I also see it like this… Snooping can keep you out of dangerous situations… It is a preventative measure for self-preservation….

  27. Adonis….You are so right on that legal sh**!!

    I got a bro who has a record a mile long off of Domestic Disputes….She called and the cops ALWAYS took him!!! 🙂

    Truth? Most of the sh** was from figments of her imagination!!!

    His criminal record is for real son!!….and it's all based on her calls to cops!!

    You are soooooo right!!!

    Bro's got to be mo careful…but I'm down with the sisters who say NO too!!

    I mean Dam*, NO still means NO..She said NO Ni**A!!! :-)…Bit** N***A (Kat Williams) 🙂

  28. @Jay

    Brother Jay, spare me, LOL… I don't take applications, I do interviews…

    If a woman's eyes don't line up (#RedFlag), she might be missing a few chromesomes

    If a woman flat out lies to me (#RedFlag)

    If she insults other women (#RedFlag)

    If she snoops (#RedFlag)

    If super-duper loose sexually (#RedFlag)

    (I love my sluts, only the only the ones I create… I don't want to figure out how many men it took for her to get that good)

    If she doesn't have a identifiable father (#RedFlag)

    For me, screening is easy… But you have to pay attention… A person tells you everything you need to know… (#Fcukapplications)

  29. @Adonis…. Dam*!!! Crooked eye's Bru? Lyin' & Insultin' Bru? (That's almost every black woman on da planet!!..Certainly in my hood!!..Man they lie and dis on the regular son!!…Like breathin'..** I digress** Another Day**)…S&SDL (Snoops and Super Duper Loose)??

    LMAO… I got sisters!!… Real Blood Sisters!!! Now I got to to dis own'em!!! They do ALL uh dat!!…

    …Except the eyes "do" line up…my sisters are GORGEOUS!! :-)… [[Just in case they readin' this]] lol 🙂

    I'm tearing up my application now!!! Thanks for the 411 lolololol

  30. These 2 points should be highlighted:

    "I mean, I can’t lie that a lot men use the word “crazy” to describe women who react to things they do, that they shouldn’t do."

    "I don’t want to make all women out to be crazy.  I know that women struggle with that."

    I'm happy you mentioned this. I think men throw around the crazy term too loosely. Yes, women can react emotionally but rarely is it without provocation. When a girl is labeled crazy I always ask for the whole story and like clockwork there is usually an action on his end that caused it.

    For a personal connection, I was once told I acted crazy in a specific situation. I'm pretty diplomatic and prefer to give men the benefit over the doubt. So when I explained my side to a male friend (who is not trying to smash—we have been friends since childhood). He relayed that yeah the other guy was at fault and should have just been upfront.

    I'm pretty uneasy about the crazy label. I feel men use it as a way to mask their bad behavior… But just my opinion.

  31. @Sweetness I co-sign

    When I am dealing with stories… I ALWAYS, ALWAYS separate BS from legitimacy… And guys make the work crazy a blanket statement… I don't mind when women ask for clarification…

    But there ARE legitimate situation where you can legitimately say "She'z FCUKING NUTS"


  32. @Sweetness… On the real… You are right!!… Crazy doesn't apply to all women in all situations!!!

    Talking is good..loud, soft, screaming, yelling, public, private…for me..it's cool!!

    Slashing Tires?


    "I'll Bust The Windows Out Yo Car" ?


    Throwing Shiznit?


    Burnin' A House Down? Crazy!

    Sugar In The Gas Tank? Crazy!

    Callin' And Hangin' Up At 4am on Sunday Morning?


    Everytime I've had a woman go left (twice)…I did not provoke it (truth)… I was just better at the game than she… I beat her to the proverbial punch…She was "im-barest" as in "I'm Barest"!!

    Real Men can (and do) play the game!!

    No excuse…Just real talk!!!..Sister!!!

  33. @Jay Tell your sisters to add me on Twitter, I like eyecandy… Sorry I can't reciprocate, but I am like LeBron or Magic when is comes to women… I like to pass first, then score if no other options…

    If all black women are like what I describe (Which I don't believe to be the case… For the female commenters have debunked that fallacy), I won't date them (22 Years Old, Male, NYC)

    In general, Women were designed by GOD & Nature (so take it up with them) to complete men & to support men… NOT to lead men, not to co-lead with men, to be lead by men (there are exceptions that PROVE the rule)… So if a woman is not conforming to her nature… She is out of order… And I will not date her… There are other guys that will put up with her shenanagians, and bless them both…

    For the sake of the 80/20 rule, let's say I find a woman with 80% of what I want… Her job is to help me, help her, get that other 20%… If she is not willing & able, then she needs to find a man who better suits her needs

    (#Caseclosed), (#NoExceptions)

    It is a pity when I see well meaning men, put up with a woman's ish because she fulfills HALF of his fantasy… (#Mangina)

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