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Dark Knight did it. A-Team. Karate Kid. Every rapper you know is making a sequel to their classics. So why not us? Rantings of a SBM  returns after a long hiatus. This will be the SBM writers platform to speak about any and everything under the sun, while you judge comment and add your dos centavos.  On a diet, but it’s time to make the donuts! #Random


I’m happy we are bringing back the Rantings. It was all Streetz idea, but now I can just come and talk some sh*t every once in awhile.

Ever since I moved from ATL, I am feening for my usual down south rap.  I still download some mixtapes, but there isn’t anything as refreshing as hearing Gucci Mane, Wacka Floka, Travis Porter, and <insert local ATL artist that never gets played outside of the city> on the radio and back to back.

I was explaining to someone the other day how strip clubs help society as a whole.  For it is the learned ability of self control to have a woman rub her breasts in your face and bend her a$$ in front of you, without instantly trying to put it in, that helps us men in our daily battle to stay faithful.  Think about it … you know its true.

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I haven’t mentioned this in awhile, but I really do love breasts.  They are so much better than booty the argument is officially over.

This time next week I will be a Boston resident.  It’s bitter sweet. Excited  … but just thinking about my first winter makes my testicles retract into my body for warmth.

Eff Slim Jackson for moving out of Boston before I moved there.  With him and Seattle gone … I will single handily increase the African-American population by like 15%.


Teach me how to Dougie is.my.SH*T! The Original was cool but the remix is soo poppin! Have to watch that at work because my Dougie bop is uncontrollable.

The new gmail is cool. They can still revamp the contacts more. Don’t like that you automatically add an email to your contact list when you send an email. Give the option like Yahoo did!

Blessings to the BBM gods for the update. Like  my chapter bro sd “This sh*t is like HD BBM” Plus they corrected that stupid “> 100 contact = no status update” bug.  We in business, beetches!

Anderson Silva’s 11th hour victory was similar to a hail mary touchdown. Sonnen fought an almost perfect fight. Too bad if he gets a rematch Silva will be prepared for his game.

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More motivated than ever to get in ultimate shape. Eff a summer body, we go year round!

Any of yall ever take boxing classes? I heard its a killer workout. I’m interested.


Football season is upon us, so get down or lay down.  I’m damn near orgasmic every time I see a pre-season game on TV. God Bless America.

If you haven’t already, cop that new Nas/Damian Marley joint.  I’ve never been a fan of God’s Son, but this album is crack.  They flow like distant relatives for real.

Judge away SBMers! Have a great weekend!



  1. Lol I think I was absent for the Rantings when they were first around.

    But SBM, if you've never heard of Short bus Shorty, now is the time to YouTube that. I'm not a crazy fan of Gucci and Floka.

    Streetz, I agree wiu that yearround movement. I can't have seasonal body slackage. I'm trying to be a year long ultimate package (I'm glad that rhymed lol) and boxing? I'm so down once I find out where in Albany.

    RCLS, I'm O_o mad you're busting a few because of football but I definitely understand why.

    1. (rest of my comment) SBM you will laugh. That sh!t is hilarious. Maybe I gotta put some more Gucci on my iPod and some Floka.

      Streetz, don't you have like negative body fat? Your whole life is a workout. You are a workout. [||]

      RCLS… I still don't know what your face looks like so "talk to the hand".

      It's freaky Friday and that means I'm writing about something freak nasty so everyone should read Getaway. I told Cheekie that I forgot the wet floor signs. It's going to get wet, I promise you.

  2. So, drama seemed to follow me from wednesday night, silently stalked me and waited till my mom got home thursday to approach me on some new ish. It was like that annoying "psst psst psst" only i couldn't deck the cause of the drama in their face cause they are family.

    When it's time for me to get a new phone, i don't know if i would get the Blackberry Torch or the iPhone 4 (the glitches should be fixed by that time)…i kinda like the idea of the Blackberry Torch for some reason though I've been wanting to leave the Blackberry nation…it has one too many members that are way too dependent on BBM (i didn't like it then and i'm sure I wouldn't like it now).

    I wish my new job started sooner than the 13th of September (i have to go back for training on the 7th)…i could seriously use the money like NAO!

    I miss my cousin & her baby…the apartment doesn't seem the same without them…i feel kinda lost without the baby around. If school wasn't starting, I'd still be watching him and some of the drama wouldn't be happening. I also liked talking to my cousin, though our love lives differ, she was still someone to go to when I really needed to get ish off my chest.

    I love Starbucks, it brings me great joy in my downer moments. Venti Iced Chai Lattes with non-fat milk give me drinkgasms, seriously!

    We need a See's Candy in New York…seriously, their lollipops are multiple orgasms on a stick (especially butterscotch & chocolate). Going to Cali, it was all I could think of…and when I got to the store, I was more than a little excited, lol! Their peppermint twists…yeaaa, my mouth is made love to every time i have one!

    I need to get my nails done…they look terrible & I'm not helping…but my nerves are shot and its my bad habit/mechanism.

    I hope nothing Friday the 13th ish happens today…i don't need anymore mess for this week!

    Have a great day y'all!

    1. I also don't get why my back is hurting so bad, its like right by my right shoulder blade & at times, it hurts when i breathe in deeply…WTF dude?!

    2. See's lollipops? You too? I have a sweet tooth big time. I love the caramel ones. Orgasmic. I live in Cali, I can mail you some to a P.O. Box …LOL.

      1. Don't play with me Princess…i don't have a P.O. Box but i don't have any issues sending you my address! They have caramel lollipops?! Why did I not SEE those! I got the root beer ones, they are alright but I wish i had gotten more butterscotch instead of root beer, i effed up so eff my horrid mistake! lol

        1. L.Dejean I wouldn't do you like that. I am serious. Dif you know you can order them online too? The butterscotch ones =caramel at least to me. Those are my favorite. They used to have peanut butter and I swear I thought I was going to die when they discontinued them. Here is my email addy ( that I don't mind sharing on SBMB) lngbchlady@hotmail.com. I will go to the outlet and hook you up.

        2. HOLY ISH! You have just made my day! I always thought that the butterscotch tasted more like caramel! I knew they had a peanut butter one but it was sooooo long ago that I had it that i forgot all about it till you mentioned it…we should start a petition for them to bring them back! I will be emailing you…and if you are ever in NY or need something from here, I got you (when my job starts & i have money, lol)!

  3. "….my Dougie bop is uncontrollable…" <–Hilarious. Thank you for making my morning.

    I live at a very high altitude where, apparently, one alcoholic drink has the effect of three. I have a hangover from drinking honey wine.

    A co-worker tried to put the moves on me…twice. Denied. Twice. Needless to say, this morning is awkward.

    My car hasn't arrived so I'm stranded at my house with only 8 channels of cable and pre-paid internet. No True Blood for me.

    I need some flaming hot Cheetos in my life but they are nowhere to be found. Or some kettle cooked chips.

    Re: BBM updates–I had to give up my BB when I moved overseas. Verizon lied when they said the Blackberry Tour is a global phone. Lies and prevarications. Offices in other countries issue Blackberries to their employees…but not here, due to a gov't monopoly on telecommunications. I am essentially working with the TI-34 of cell phones. The world's first Nokia…maybe I can get a new faceplate.

    I think that's it. I just need to make it to twelve so I can get some lunch to soak up the remaining alcohol in my stomach. Have a good weekend 🙂

    1. So you and I are like on the same page it seems (sorta)…dude, I'm going through 'True Blood' withdrawal like CRIZAZZZZY! I'm in France right now so no HBO and I need to watch 'True Blood' on television, (do they even hae episodes on-line? Clearly I'm an ignoramus when it comes to watching shows on the net, ehhh). AND I'm having phone issues as well! I called T-Mobile (#dontjudgeme) before I got here and I was told that there would be no possibl way my phone wouldn't work here, well guess what…WRONG! So I'm going through communication withdrawal as well, smh. I miss my friends and the only way I can talk to them is if I stay in all day long and use the house phone, psssshhhhh, please! So I'll enjoy my vacay sans phone chat/bbm…Le SIGH!

      1. you can watch True Blood on surfthechannel.com. I have to pace myself because I literally have to pay for the internet by the gigabyte but if you have unfettered access, stream away! GL with that.

        And the honey wine is an Ethiopian specialty–apparently there are different ways to make it but I was told that it wasn't that strong. I'm sure its not…at sea level. When you are 8400 above it…it's not a game.

    2. I've heard about Honey Wine…now i must go in search of this wine!

      and i used to have a TI-34 so i HOLLERED! Will they still have faceplates for nokias anymore?

      1. Honey wine is called Hydromel (drink of the Gods). I tried one made in France (near Lyon) a few years ago and it's excessively sweet (considering I have a sweet tooth…).

        I much prefer Sauternes and Coteaux du Layon ( I am not a connoisseur but I know what I like) plus I love cocktails and those 2 make ''sex in the mouth cocktails''…

        1. That sounds AMAZING! My favorite wine is plum wine…i’ve turned so many people on #pause to it! I think i am overdue for some as well! I may look into those as well!

        2. Plum wine ? I will try that. Thanks there is google… most of them are imported from Japan however I will try the Californian one if I can find it in Toronto 😉

        3. I think you will like it! Let me know how you feel about it once you do! I've only had the one's imported from Japan…i'd be interested in trying the one from Cali!

  4. @SBM #Straight Up… Although I Am A Breast Man By Nurture… I think Ass Is better…

    Totally agree with Strip Clubs is good for society… So is porn… I love, just love sluts & whores… It is a turn on…

    Another thing is, I am glad there are more WOMEN THAN MEN… My way of keeping women in check besides beating the living shit outta them is knowing that she can be replaced at any given time… Keeps her on her toes… The only problem I have to deal with is when I end up falling for her #Yikes… The world would be an EVEN MORE dangerous place if 1 billion women disappeared off the face of the earth… So #halleujah

    I heard Boston be rough out there for Negroes… But I know you got what it takes handle your handle out there…


  5. @SBM: I love a man who loves breasts…because I think breasts are getting ignored big time in favor of azz. I have some big breasts and they are getting no love…my azz is highly favored tho…its not fair.

    @Streetz: Antoine Dodson's new joint is crazzzy! I love it. All I need now is to learn how to Dougie…will you teach me Streetzie? 🙂 Oh, and boxing is sexxy! Go for it!

    @RCLS: Get Ready for Monday Night Football! I to am excited! Go Redskins!

    1. "@SBM: I love a man who loves breasts…because I think breasts are getting ignored big time in favor of azz. I have some big breasts and they are getting no love…my azz is highly favored tho…its not fair."

      —This made me smile –


  6. Ummm hi! 🙂 I'm really peppy in the mornings. By 4 I'm like…ugh. But anywho, I've lost 27lbs in 4wks!!!!!! I still have a good 23 left yo lose but I'm on the right path. Having a baby is hell on your body & that weight is hard to lose. Sheesh.

    School starts next week!! Last semester down!! May here I come! I'm so happy I'm almost done w/school.

    Ok, so I love Wale's new mixtape. & I love Teflon Don. & I STILL love Kush & OJ (but he really doesn't talk about anything but smoking lmao)

    I hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂

    1. "Ok, so I love Wale’s new mixtape. & I love Teflon Don. & I STILL love Kush & OJ " – That's what I'm listening to on rotation!!!

      27lbs in 4 weeks – How the hell u do that? That's impressive

      1. Teflon Don is my shyt. When you play it in the whip on the highway is when it shines.

        Wales mixtape is tuff too

        27lbs in 4 weeks!!! is that even healthy? lol.

        I hope you are incorporating weights in that too.

        Tunde U gettin a tech foul for that Alaska in Atlanta mixtape.

  7. dr. j or slim didn't have anything to say? *shrug*

    "I haven’t mentioned this in awhile, but I really do love breasts. They are so much better than booty the argument is officially over."

    this argument is laced with lies and deceit. tittays are nice but i'll take a plump a$$ any day. it's so great when you can have the best of both worlds. it's all about proportion.

    i feel you on the down south music too. before i moved to nashville i used to only listen to new york rappers and go-go. now my iPod has at least 10 gucci albums/mixtapes. i even have oj's alaska in atlanta mixtape. o_0 (changes my iPod to The Movie 2: The Sequel). Burr

  8. @Streetz

    My goal is to do a year round movement this year as well. I like being outdoors though, but I'm trying to figure something out. Luckily my metabolism is decent, so I don't gain any weight from November through March (when it's too cold to go running…and I am black…we don't do cold well)

    Anywho, I've taking a boxing class and it's an excellent workout. In addition to learning technique, we jumped roped, did mountain climbs, touch the sky, and other shit that had me hurting for certain. I can't remember the exact location, but it was around 28th Street. Maybe I'll look into that as my winter workout. I impressed the instructor so…that she wanted to put me in the ring evenutally o_0

    1. i'm trying to do this 1/2 marathon in october. right now i think i can get up to about 10 miles with no problem. anything after that is sketchy.

      1. @Tunde

        I need to do a marathon to test my endurance. I'm more than confident I can bang out a few miles…as long as I have my headphones.

        I always do better when I run in the streets or park…running around the track….pffft…it's so whack.

        1. i swear i did 1.5 miles about two weeks ago on a track. my knees were no good for about 2 days. now i can do 8 miles easy around downtown then get up the next morning and hoop.

        2. @Tunde

          I know what you mean!!! When I was in Atlantic City and went for a run…I banged out like 2.5 miles…easy. Could've did more, but my cousin wouldn't have made it,lol.

          Get home, do 1/2 warm up on the track….and I'm practically dying,lol

        3. LaBakir, get it girl!! I ran the LA Marathon in 08…all 26.2 miles. Can I say not only is it a test of your endurance but also your will. After about mile 18 its ALL in your head. I vote you do it. You will feel incredible. I swear after I crossed the finish line I was just like Kanye: "Can't tell me NOTHING".

        4. Yay for marathons!!

          My sister is a marathon runner, and I was training for the Raleigh marathon in November, but I decided to wait until February for the Myrtle Beach marathon. Myrtle Beach is a good first one because it's pretty much flat for the entire 26.2. I'm excited about it.

          Right now, I'm on my Insanity flow, and I love it. It wears me out, and not that I've decided to add a run with it, I'm pretty sure I'll be the walking dead for a least 2 weeks. I'm looking forward to it!. lol.

  9. my rants:

    eff the lab for real. in here at 10pm. back at 4am. back at 6am and i'll be here at least till 4pm. what kind of life is that? at this rate i'll be too tired to hit up happy hour.

    my jumpshot has been jesus shuttlesworth-esq lately. i mean i'm pulling up from 2-3 feet behind the arc on fastbreaks. not really complaining. i think it's more confidence than anything that i know i'm going to hit the shot. maybe i will try out for that semi-pro team.

    i might be the only dude that doesn't give a f*ck about madden. i really don't care about any video games in fact but madden release day is like a holiday. i just don't get it. i haven't played for real since like 1999. they need to bring back madden '95 when you drop back to pass and the A-B-C box comes up at the top of the screen for each receiver.

  10. Tired of people being inconsiderate of others… its my vacation yet you

    NEED me to get up early to take you somewhere, get the hell out of here with that!

    People thinking they can say or do what they want…umm I'll gun shot you

    Tired of not sleeping a full 8 hours! Oh what I would give…

    Well I have sooo much more I could rant about… be back later!

  11. Did not really have the motivation to come to work this morning. Was this [ ] close to calling out. But, I'm not the type to feign sickness so – I'm at work. All I wanted to do was set up the command center at the crib and play Madden and Modern Warfare all day while re-watching season 4 of The Wire.

    Been trying to write more – was not successful this week.

    Lost my basketball game by 1 point on Tuesday – we made the playoffs though – big game coming up on Monday.

    Sister-in-Law and her husband having a bbq tonight… should be fun – celebrating their 1 year anniversary.

    Excited for this Alpha vs. Omega Football game on Saturday. Peyso and the puppies are gonna get dominated. Streetz you coming to the game?

        1. I would like to say I'm more of a D.Rose type guy than Telfair – relative to my competition of course… lol. But yeah, you get the picture.

          Leagues are everything man. Makes a huge difference. In the fall, I have a Tuesday League, a Thursday league and a Saturday league. I'm 27 – I figure I have a solid 4-5 more years of playing the best basketball I'll ever play in my life before my body starts to wear down considerably. I wanna make the most of these years…

      1. yea i'm 28 (29 in 1 1/2 months). i think i have about 5-6 years though. maybe less. i do too much high flying. not really good on my knees. but what can do you when you have a 46" vertical *shrug*

    1. Man, you sound just like how I felt this morning. I wanted to veg out in front of the PS3 playing Modern Warfare or Super Street Fighter IV all day. I'm halfway through season 4 of The Wire. Chris Partlow is my favorite character from that show. Oh yeah, what up 6? Good luck on the football game tomorrow.

    2. @Most – Yeah Im in the house tomorrow fa sho!

      I need to start league hoopin myself. Find one and get it going. My offense is going to waste here!

      I've also decided to join the Madden World Order finally.

      Should be a good look.

  12. Also, I think the music video – as a genre of artistic expression has remained relatively stagnant for the past 30 years. Michael Jackson revolutionized the genre with Thriller and a lot of his subsequent videos, he made mini-movies; that hadn't been done before him. Everybody followed his lead after that. Certain artists brought their own flare to it – folks like Madonna and Janet did some, relatively innovative stuff. The grunge scene of the early 90's was like the anti-mj/anti-hair-band/anti-everything movement. They brought like a minimalist sorta feel to music videos focusing more on the music. Then Diddy came along and brought the big budget, movie style videos back. Busta Rhymes also did a lot of really great stuff with Hype Williams. But, still in all, there were very few mainstream artists who really and truly stepped outside the box and did something different.

    And then came Kanye. He's already made some classic videos – All Falls Down, All 3 Jesus Walks videos, Diamonds from Sierra Leone, Flashing Lights, The Good Life.

    Then he gave us Love Lockdown which is highly slept on. I'm still not sure I understand all he's trying to say in that video – in some ways I think its purposely ambiguous, but – there's a lot to it. All of his work has been innovative and different, But – with his video for 'Power' … I think Kanye has put himself into the Michael Jackson category as far as music videos are concerned. He is truly innovative. He's one of the only dudes out there that's actually doing something we haven't seen before. If you follow me on twitter – when the video premiered, I broke down the video and what he and the director were trying to express… it really is a work of art. And I don't use that term lightly.

    So – I say all that to say – Here's to the boy Yeezy. Yeah, he's annoying as hell sometimes, and yeah, he's responsible for tons of cringe-worthy moments, but, he's also the most important Hip-Hop artist we have right now. Give that man the credit he deserves.

  13. I'm excited about the sheer and utter and dominance that I am going to display tomorrow in this football game. Last year I was bullsh!tting w/ ya. I dont think ya understand that there may not be an Alpha in America and Bermuda that can block me. JK JK Not really though lol. This video has me hyped though – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlXDo5WhQXI

    @ Streetz – I boxed in college as a part of our football workouts. You can download the Bas Rutten mixtape and that would get you started. Its different workouts.

    I really have too much to do tomorrow. 3 bbqs, this game and alegedly a party. I dont know what I will skip

    Today is my last day at work!! Law school orientation starts Monday! Law school is another chance for me to end my acadamic under achievement. I'm excited. Plus I need the high pressure and competitive environment in the absence of playing football.

    Memphis Bleek looks terrible bald and in a suit

  14. @ LaBakir-Thanks!

    @ PEYSO- Well it's hard work! It was very drastic changes like going from eating dinner at 10pm to not eating anything past 7 & going from not exercising at all, to exercising for 2 hours 6 days/wk. I could've lost more, but I did cheat a couple times. Lol

    1. That's good sh!t. Sounds discipline. Cheating (no more than once a week) is good for both the mind and the body.

  15. My rants:

    1. Meto in DC sucks. Overpriced. Overcrowed and you might get jacked or caught up in a 70 man brawl. Park your car in the lot past 8:00 PM and crack heads break in.

    2. If you buy an appliance from Lowes don't let them idiots deliver it. They take it out the box before it gets to your house and it will have scratches and ish on it.

    3. True Blood is the best show on TV. Even with all the homo erotocisim they added this season. Too bad Terra doesn't do nudity. Might have to replace her with someone that does.

    4. Everybody sing along with me……."Hail to the Redskins, Hail Victory……….."

    P.S. Not all strip clubs created equal. The one I frequent in Maryland, really not too much you can't get away with. I can't remeber practicin restraint.

    1. now that lost is off the air i can definitely cosign true blood. i really want to see what boardwalk empire is talking about too.

      yes. hail to the redskins. this is going to be a good year. everyone talking about the cowboys hosting the superbowl. shenanigans. they won't even win the nfc east. that's reserved for shanahan and co.

      1. Overrated bums every year. I swear they do that ish just for the ratings. Cause there are so many Cowboy fans. Every year they swear the Cowboys are going all the way when it's obvious they are not that good.

  16. @ Streetz "More motivated than ever to get in ultimate shape. Eff a summer body, we go year round!" That is what I am talking about. I just realized how much I appreciate a man with a flat stomach. I read your blog and I appreciated the tip about working out while you are on vacation and all the other things you do to keep it trim. I am going to Paris in October and plan to take your tips along with me.

    @ SBM I will never understand the strip club thing. Call me a prude. Maybe I should visit one, idk.

    Here goes my randomness. I am dating out of my race, (kinda) and I have been getting hated on lately, A LOT. So I have promised myself the next time someone says something about us in my ear shot I am going bananas. I have been surpressing the Caribbeanspitfiringb*itch for too long.

    Although I think masturbation will make one go blind, its been keeping me in line…lately. Glad I have good insurance.

    I have a girl crush on Niki Manage ( don't judge me).

    I love my mother dearly but have decided to stop telling her and my dad my business. Thank God they live 2 hours away because I know she would pop up more often if she could.

    1. Although I think masturbation will make one go blind, its been keeping me in line…lately. Glad I have good insurance.

      ^^^ROTFLMAO! I don't believe the same but it keeps me in line/sane too…

  17. bbooooo…it's all cloudy/rainy, too? Why couldn't have I been allowed to stay in bed this morning…perfect day for snoogling and other stuff

    i'm ready to go back to school, it has to be better than this.

  18. Hmm… rant you say?

    Streetz, I took a boxing class for about a month before I went to Vegas, and it was an amazing workout. I would have continued if the gym didn’t try to rape my wallet for the second month. I’m all about the year round get it right, keep it tight workout plan. I’m running the Myrtle Beach Marathon in February, so I have to stay on my year round training schedule.

    Insanity is insane, and I love that ish!! I’m only in my 3rd week, but I feel stronger, and I see some nice changes to my body… very nice. My workouts usually consist of a run and lifting weights. This is harder. The last time I had a similar workout was during my high school summer basketball workouts. And I am a long way from high school. I’m trying to be in the best shape of my life, not just be slim. No Jackson.

    I too love the Dougie remix vid. Or should I say I love B.O.B. in the Dougie remix vid. I forgot how much I love country boys and deep southern accents. It’s interesting. I’m from the South, and the last time I dated a Southern gent was in high school. I think it’s time to reacquaint myself to the Southern man.

    FOOTBALL MUTHAF*CKERS!!! The time of the year I can talk shyt about the Giants and UM, and completely P/O male friends and NYC bloggers all over the country. And yes, I cheer for Carolina, I have to, they’re the home team. But since my man Donovan is now in DC, the Redskins have a new fan!! And of course, let’s not forgot the preseason #2 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes!! Whoohoo!! Can you tell I’m excited? Then grab a beer, and join me in front of my t.v.

    Speaking of t.v., where can I get the best deal on a television, 42 or 47 inches?

  19. My small (and pretty insignificant) rants:

    a) Just came back last week from a charity cycling trip – you know what they didn't tell me on the waiver? After cycling 660km in 6 days, your quads get BIGGER. So not only did I suffer the indignity of spandex for 6 days, but now, my quads enter the room before I do.

    b) Yesterday I finished some home renovations. Everything looked great until I looked in the mirror. . . Lesson #1. Wear a bandanna to avoid having paint in your hair.("Wheeling Neutral" is a great colour for my walls, not so great on my bangs)

    (Side note: @ everyone in training for marathons/halfs or thinking about it: Go for it! Did my first marathon in '03, and been hooked ever since. Totally do-able. Just put in the work, respect the distance.)

    There. Done. Happy wknd to all!

  20. I'm pretty siced the the jeans I decided to wear today fit niiiiice

    I'm listening to every Robin Thicke song on my ipod this AM because his voice makes me swoon.

    I need to go to the beach, even if its on the dolo.

    its rare that I miss my extended family (that sounds horrible but its true) but I do so I can't wait to go home and get some visits in–especially for the little kiddies. they are growing up too fast.

    There are a few things I need to plan for, but I'm being kinda lazy with my life right now.

    True Blood is my ish too. I just started reading book 10 of the Southern Vampire series last night. I heard its a slow read so I refused to buy it–library flow.

  21. Oh yeah more rant:

    1. Flying effs your ears up.

    2. Cape Air airplanes are smaller than an SUV. And the pilots look like high school kids. But pretty much the only way to get around New England.

      1. Yes. But when you fly alot the gum doesn't help. It's just bad for your ears in general. It's a combination of the flying and bad sinuses from smokey hotels. I know many people including myself that have expierienced temporary hearing loss from too much flying.

  22. @Streetz Yes I'm incorporating weights, my stepdad is a personal trainor so I get some great workout tips, although I can't afford his services lmao!


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