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I thought about saving this story for Rantings of a SBM. Then I knew I would write a venomous soliloquy that would bring me ridicule and abundant side-eyes, Then I thought about posting the bane of my current week on Eff Em Fridays, but a recent development which pissed me off exponentially has warranted me to b*tch vent to you the SBM community, as you help me decide how to handle this current situation. It involved frustration, incompetent government and private establishments, and a decision. No this isn’t “As the Favre TurnsIt’s my week long saga, appropriately titled “I’m going postal! My (•͡.  •͡┌П┐to the ENTIRE postal industry!!” It’s long, but it’s good. #TWSS

Thursday, 12 Aug 2010 –  21:15 (HOME – NYC)

So I just return from my business trip in the biggest developed farmland in the nation Syracuse, and I noticed that 3 packages of mine were marked as delivered while I was away (tracking confirmation). So when I got home, I noticed only 2 were there. 3 confirmed packages,  only  2 here. Well that’s strange isn’t it? I figured someone in the house signed for it.

Asked my fam, they didn’t sign. Asked the landlord, she didn’t sign for it… So I ask myself “Self, where the eff is the package?” I then remembered that this item was sent through the United States Postal Service (USPS), and they have a propensity for delivering the entire towns mail to the wrong addresses.  I then ask my neighbors if they got a package for me (it’s happened before) and they say no. So, I’m sitting here with a delivery confirmation and no package. Only one step next to do

Saturday 14 Aug 2010 –  1030 (US Postal Office – NYC)

I went to the post office with all of my information and spoke with a “Miss Laura” (now I already harboured apprehension because if a “Miss Laura” is handling my mail and not a home cooked meal, it’s going to be an issue). She ran the numbers through the computer and checked the post office. The package wasn’t there and the carrier wasn’t in at the time. She told me she’d call me either Saturday or Monday when she investigates further and let me knwo the situation. So now I’m going on 3 days without a valuable item. Gotta love government offices right?

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Monday 16 Aug 2010 – 1605 (WORK – NYC)

I call back on Monday because of course Miss Laura hadn’t called me back. So I speak to a gentleman who informs me that everyone has left for the day, and no one brought him up to speed on my situation, so I might as well call back tomorrow. Here’s why I’m TIGHT:

  1. If you tell someone you’re going to call them, CALL THEM BACK!
  2. How do you not pass the message? In another life I would’ve gotten wrecked for not doing that…
  3. The post office is open until 5pm. How are people going home at 4?! My tax dollars might as well be used on the field in Craps (hope they roll a 2 or 12)

So now, I gotta wait another day…. 5 more days that I’m going without my stuff…

Tuesday 17 Aug 2010 –  0900 (Work – NYC)

I call once AGAIN to rectify the situation. I get Miss Laura. We then have a “when keeping it real goes wrong” type of conversation. I explain to her that there’s no way that the sender mailed my item to the wrong address. It was confirmed as arriving in my town and delivered. If no one has it, then that means this fool delivered it to the wrong address… or kept it for self! She informs me that since the package had no insurance, the only thing left to do was for the sender to file a claim. When I asked why she doesn’t call up this carrier (who isn’t in the office again), she let’s me know the following:

  1. The carrier is a sub for our normal person who was on vacation. Yay -_-.
  2. If she asked him if he delivered it, he’ll say he did, and since he’s in Union they can’t pressure like that.
  3. The most that can be done is for this guy to get a demerit in his file.
  4. She would search house numbers similar to mine to see if anyone else has the package.
  5. The package wasn’t signed confirmation, so they don’t know who, if anyone, accepted the package.
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This got me irate, however I couldn’t fault Miss Laura for keeping it real. I was just shocked that, essentially, postal workers can deliver your sh*t wherever, whenever, claim that they delivered it to the right house, and unless you have insurance, you’re assed out. Insurance shouldn’t even matter, because you’re still left without your item! Then she wants to talk about a UNION?! I’m sorry but there should be more consequences than that! She informed me that the carrier will be in tomorrow (as in a week from my package disappearing) and she’ll speak to him and call me.

Oh, in case you were wondering, I ordered a pair of rare kicks that haven’t been out in a while. Got a crazy deal too. Which is why if they got delivered to a teenagers home or a sneakerhead, and they opened it off GP, it’s a wrap. Do believe I’m looking at everyone in the neighborhood kicks game to see if anyone violated.

I thought to myself  “I wish son would’ve sent it UPS. This type of sh*t would’ve NEVER occurred!” Oh, what a foreshadow…

Tuesday 17 Aug 2010   1820 (HOME – NYC)

I get home from work and I see a package outside my house. No not that package, but another one I ordered from the good people at BeachBody. I actually spoke about these new supplements that I’m using in my workout log. Anyway, I wondered why it was just chillin out maxin relaxin all cool in front of my crib. It was suppose to be delivered by UPS (which it was). They NEVER leave it outside. They’ll leave the sticker and tell you when they’ll next stop by. So I bring it inside and converse with a family member who tells me they found another UPS package outside too. Have these dudes gone estupido loco?! What’s the use of sending an item UPS if you’ll just leave people’s shyt outside! Maybe it’s karma for one too many of my Iota jokes on twitter, but Brown aint do shyt for me but almost make me lose MORE stuff!!

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As my saga continues, I warn you to get insurance on your stuff, if it’s that valuable, whether by USPS or UPS. I worked in customer service, so I feel for people on the opposite end of my situation, but EFF THAT! This situation pisses me off by the hour and could’ve easily been avoided if the carriers weren’t so lazy and irresponsible. Hopefully it turns around and I get my kicks. Stay tuned.

In closing let me provide you with a scenario: UPS isn’t suppose to leave packages like that. My mother pointed out a swindle when she told me “You can call the company and tell them you never received it and get double….if you do stuff like that!” SO I ask you, should I leave that alone, file a complaint, or hit IPhiT UPS with the swindle? Has this happened to you with agencies or customer service effing stuff up for you? How did you handle it? Y’all got any sneaker connects?

…I knew I hated Karl Malone, and for good reason…


  1. I hate to hear all of this happened to you Streetz but file the complaint…all of this run around isn't cool because you should've received your package!

    I've had this happen to me where some unknown person signed for my package and when i contacted the sender, they told me that i had to repurchase my stuff…which was NOT going to happen at that point in time. This also happened with a gift that was sent to me…my soror went off on folks and it finally made its way to me…months later…i hope that won't happen to you!

    As for the #swindle…maybe you should try the product for like 2 days & see if you like it…if you do, then maybe you should do it #pause but if you don't, you won't be stuck with it.

    Sweet talk ms.laura so that she will be on your side…you get more bees with honey (cliche but true).

        1. HOLLA! I was going to get send more but I didn't know what flavors you liked. *hangs head* My bad for not asking….. my busy schedule has me discombobulated!

        2. You could've sent anything and trust i would've been happy! My favs are butterscotch & chocolate! You sent the right combo! =0) I also love the peppermint twists (those are orgasmic)!

  2. How bout FedEx not delivering because there is no SUITE number to my office? "Damn it the ENTIRE building IS the office!!!" Yeah they pulled that sh*t on me like 3 wks ago… called them, dude was still on route, told them we didnt have a suite number cuz its the entire building and you know what the girl on the other line said? "Well maybe you guys should number it" Why? Why?! Had to actually go to their express place and get it myself… only AFTER I spoke with their manager about how they can deliver everything else there before with NO suite number but cant deliver a simple express letter because there is no suite number?! Yeah now they deliver everything, first thing in the AM too… bastids!

    Sorry bout your kicks, hope you get them asap!

  3. Awwww…sounds like stress. I thought Royal mail was pretty crappy but UPSPS takes the biscuit!

    File a complaint…

    And take good note of your mom's swindle #MamaIsAlwaysRight…I've complained here about leaving parcels outside or not getting them and they did nothing…I was like wtf?… Then I thought folks here hate having formal letters of complaints sent to them cos they have to do something about it like investigate and compensate. So I filed a claim the next 2 times it happened and it hasn't happened again…guess royal mail hated having to 'fork out'! #praisebeuntotheswindle

  4. Wait…shouldn't any good american citizen have returned them to u or the sender cos the packaged has the invoice with yours and the sender's details…Hmmm…dude maybe it's time to kiss those babies bye bye…*lowers head* here lies streetz's jewel like kicks… on some other dude's feet #RIP


    I'd keep an eye on ebay!

    #YouDontHave2Come&Confess #We'reLooking4You




  5. Phrat! Lemme holla at you on this situation because the rage that has grown in me over this BS could almost burn down the city.

    UPS is the KING of that leave it in front of your house with Fifty Eleven Thousand kids and strangers walking by. These MFers have actually CLAIMED to have attempted delivery of item to my apartment but left NO stickers nor did they ring the door bell. Did that for 2 straight days. I had to drive ALLLLL the way out to the facility behind Hofstra TWICE and wait like 30 minutes just to get my package. And we you call to complain what do you get? "Oh well the computer says they tried." Oh word is that what it says? Can I see your keyboard real quick? *firmly grabs keyboard and cracks it over agents head* Oh I so wish i could do that.

    USPS and UPS don't give a isht about your stuff. They will leave you items out for anyone to grab and take ZERO responsibility for it. If you are lucky with UPS though you might get a normal delivery dude that has enough common sense not to EVER leave your stuff out like we had for a while.

    Thats why when ever possible I rock with FedEx. I have NEVER had a problem with them. They have NEVER left anything I ordered sitting out anywhere. Even low value packages require the signature. And you can look it up online to read who signed for it.

    What can Brown (or USPS) do for me? Absolutely eff'n nothing!

    1. "I had to drive ALLLLL the way out to the facility behind Hofstra TWICE and wait like 30 minutes just to get my package. "

      My man… u live 15-20 mins away from Hof tops… on a bad day. lol…

      I agree with you though. Maybe our normal UPS dude wasn't there because he never leaves our shyt like that. We have to chase down the truck how quick he'll bounce with your package [||].

      1. My man… u live 15-20 mins away from Hof tops… on a bad day. lol…

        ^^^ROTFLMAO! You ain't right!

        Hey Larnel! (I recognize the name)

  6. One thing that pisses me off is going away for a while and putting a hold on my mail. Over half of the times it took them days to find the mail at the post office, and a few times they dint find it at all.

    Other than that, I always ship stuff l work. At first I wasn't sure until I saw a) the mailroom has the majority of the Black people in the entire office so they'll hook me up and b) I saw a lady get a TV delivered.

  7. Morning!!!

    Streetz, they hire theives for UPS and FedEx. Two years ago they stole my cousins computer, guess they couldn't afford a mac. I know people that have worked for postal carriers that admit to stealing. Such a shame!

    1. Cosign. I had a friend in high school whose boyfriend worked for UPS and stole packages like allthetime. Then he would sell it at cost, shady.

      1. Now seeing these comments…i'mma not NEVA order anything expensive online…i'mma go straight to the store & get my ish too! I like instant gratification anyway…

  8. Unfortunately: welcome to the NYC area! Unless you live in a safe suburb: anything important that you want delivered to you should be delivered to your office, unless you already have someone at home "looking out" for the delivery.

    1. EXACTLY….

      I stay carrying packages from the office to home because I can't deal with the drama/trauma of a lost parcel.


    2. Here's the thing though:

      People on my block arent THAT shady. At the same time if you deliver it to the wrong house ppl will open it. Once again not on my block.. although we did have new people move on…

      and if it was a different block then its a wrap. Pickles and chips.

  9. Streetz I feel your pain but its like this…..if you live in an all black or minority neighborhood…they DO NOT CARE. That sh*t would never happen in Beverly Hills or any other well to do neighborhood or where the 2520's live…its just a fact…

    Now, don't get mad at me….:-) But, never have things delivered US mail..always pay the extra money and go by FEDEX or UPS and notate that it has to be signed for…and if at all possible…have your things delivered to another address..like your job. I used to have all of my things delivered to the office…and so did everyone else who worked there….my cousin has all of her packages delivered to my grandmothers house because she is always home…..

    In closing, this is a recession..the postal workers are getting laid off left and right….alot of unemployment out there..just be careful of all swindles..because people are trying to survive..and they will do it by any means they can…YES, file a complaint..that is another thing the 2520's will do in a heartbeat that we never do…and that is why they get more results when it comes to customer service…..

  10. Wow Streetz, you sent rare kicks by USPS? Why didn't you just throw and them and see if they landed on your front steps?

    I don't even USE USPS anymore and only use brown when it's something of low value.

    Lesson learned – listen to your mama. You may not get the sneakers back but you can get some type of satisfaction by screwing the system. Good luck.

    1. I didn't opt for USPS the sender did. I've had other things shipped USPS before too with minimal issues.

      You live by the sword and you die by it as well I guess.

      Red or blue pill…

  11. OK my moms is an active member of our neighborhood civic association. The mail delivery is so bad in her neighborhood that the post master comes to the meetings. At least once a week you receive somebody's whole mail delivery. Not one piece of mail wrong. Like 5 pieces that should have went to your neighbor. Bottom line, post office people are overworked and don't give a eff. Unless you complain relentlessly.

    Now about your stuff……..Probably got stole. And don't think UPS and FedEX are any better. I was going on a buisness trip and left two projectors in locked cases and boxes for FedEX. Bammas stole the whole shipment. Tried to say they never picked it up even though survellance cameras in the building showed them picking it up. And insurance…ROFL….I got fam that ship high end merchandise a lot. They say if you want to ensure your stuff gets stolen go ahead and insure it.

    My rant….well I told yall last week how pissed I was at Lowes cause I bought some appliances and they arrived with small dents or scratches. Appearantly they deliver the stuff out of the boxes to save time. How stupid is that. If I had know they would do it that way I would have picked the ish up myself.

    My brother said like this, "Things aint the way they used to be." That's it right there. Nobody gives a eff about customer service anymore. People are underpaid and overworked and people just don't care anymore. That's just the reality of the times we live in.

  12. Oh yeah one time everybody in the neighborhoods mail was lost. The post office investigated. Some bamma was takin bags of mail home for weeks.

  13. Yeah you should definitely file that complaint. Don't just let things boil over or sleep on the situation or else nothing is going to get done. I hate getting things delivered because so much goes wrong and then having to investigate is more work and a big headache.

  14. I hate to be the one to ask this, but did you buy those kicks from a Nigerian on eBay? Because if you did, this entire story makes sense.

    Damn, I hate conspiracy theories.

    To be honest, Queen, I respectfully disagree with you, in Beverly Hills this happens way more than in the hood. You know why? Becuase people with a lot of money, don't miss it. They just buy it again.

    I have had my bad experiences with USPS, FedEx, and DHL. Actually my boy own his own contracting firm for FedEx so I can't say any ill will in their direction. I used to sell on ebay, pricewatch, and buy. I used to buy from the sites as well. The thing is, stuff gets lost, used to piss me off too.

    Actually, I broke up with PayPal because some Creative Recs never showed up. When I hit up UPS, the tracking number was no good. So I contacted the seller, he INSISTED that he sent the product and would not refund me my money. (Whenever a black person breaks out the "my money" you know we going to the mattresses.) So I basically went into paypal and took out my money, and then when the buyer requested his money there was a negative balance. I explained to ebay and paypal that I never received the product and that the seller shouldn't have taken the money.

    Then I got an awkward message about the person not being a member of PayPal. So over drinks my boy walks in with a horror story about his attempts to cop a Macbook and how he got caught in a similar hustle. That's when he schooled me to the Nigerian scandal. So then I alerted the necessary authorities. Funny thing is PayPal stood firm, and when it came time for me to buy something else using paypal, I had to pay those effers the $100 back.

    That's cool though… I'll exact my revenge soon enough.

    1. Dr Jay…you want me to believe that in Beverly Hills if someone has a shipment coming in from Italy or abroad of rare vintage furniture..or a priceless antique or some such…that they disregard the delivery didnt take place and order it again? Nah, Ima have to say you need more people on that one……

      1. Go back and read my post. The fam I have that ships high end stuff….they live in Beverly Hills. There stuff gets stolen all the time. I mean think about it. If you are a thief working for FedEx or UPS are you gonna steal the stuff from the hood or the stuff that says 90210. They are the ones that told me never to insure.

      2. Come on Queen… let's say your worked at Foot Locker? Would you steal from Foot Locker, or watch the dude who just bought the new Jordans put them in his car while he keeps shopping and take his Jordans?

        You're going to always rob the bigger fish.

        You'd be suprised if you read a report on how many fraudulent charges are on someone's Black card that they never file claim for.

        HENCE, "Black card, but a n*gga spending C notes at the bar." People with money know they get got more than the extra regular dude.

        1. Cosign the 90210 swindle.

          yeah those people dont give an eff.. because if they are high-end consumers, they will get another one with no charge. Or theyll buy it again and say they BMF.

          its common n*gganometry.

    2. My cousin almost got caught on that Nigerian swindle. He was trying to sell a home theater system on ebay. We told him to ONLY sell domestic and to open a paypal. Hard headed as he is he figured "Nah I'll open it up to international to so that I can maybe get more money". Some dude from Nigeria offered him over $1000 for it and MAILED him a paper check…smh.

      So this clown is ready to ship it but at the last minute comes to his senses and decides to go to the bank and check the validity of the check. Teller told him he'd have been in hella trouble had he tried to cash that. It was a complete fraud.

  15. Streetz,

    Don't try to swindle them dudes – you're a good dude, when good dudes try to do bad things, we always lose.

    File the Complaint, raise all hell, ask to speak to managers. After you've talked to 1, ask fo his mananger. Keep going till you get to the regional dude, usually, you can finagle some sort of compensation.

    Lastly, have stuff delievered to your office. It's an inconvenience, yeah, and it's a little embarassing when you're getting something unmentionable, but, at least you know it'll get there…

    1. I knew Mr Spradley would drop the conscience angle. lol. You're definitely right. I have to escalate this as far as I can until someone pays for it (and at the actual retal value not what I paid)

      I just hope homie I'm snitchin on doesn't remember my address and come looking for me… but knowing him, he'd just goto the wrong address…

  16. Smh @ Dr J

    as a nigerian who flogs stuff off on ebay…I'm taking offence… My rating is (and always has been) excellent 🙂

  17. I'm sorry to hear you're having these effed up issues with UPS and USPS.

    The only thing that has happened to me is I sometimes don't receive birthday cards I know my parents mailed me. When I was in college, they would go missing, and I know its because my folks would put checks inside the cards. And as a broke college student, I would be devastated when a card "got lost in the mail." Now, it's not that big of a deal b/c my parents aren't sending me any money. lol. Still, it's the principle.

    And I say no to the swindle. Follow Most's advice.

  18. I agree with everyone who is saying to not try to swindle to get your stuff. Like Most stated good people always lose in the swindle game. Karma IS a b*tch I know her well.

    I send packages to my friends in Toronto and NY all the time. I got tired of stuff getting "lost". My .2 is that as soon as the shipping provider sends you a tracking number you stay on top of that. I notice that when I constantly track my mail that I send or am recieving I always get it. If its over $50 I get insurance.

    Oh and that Nigerian swindle is lucrative business. I try to not buy anything from people on Ebay that haven't had at least 100 satisfied customers.

  19. Sweets…UPS is the KANG of leaving your isht outside the door!!! OR saying they "tried" to deliver and ain't try a d@mn thang.

    Mira…one day I'm expecting a deliver from UPS by 7pm (their words, not mine) so I'm downstairs…in the living room…with the door OPEN all dayum afternnon waiting for my freaking package, so 6:30 rolls around and I check the update status of the package, still says "out for delivery" so i'm like oh for real, they really trying to push it…so 15 minutes go by and I check the status again YOU KNOW THESE HEFFAS HAD THE NERVE to post the new status as "need adult signature for delivery, no adult present "

    ………AIN'T NO PICKNEY DEM at my house!! The freaking truck didn't even pass by! I called them and you talk about UPSET! The lady was talmbout, well was there a note? LADY…I'm sitting smack dab in the front of the door with it WIDE the fcuk open! I ain't see not nan brown person stroll to my door! She says well we can't have him redeliver tonight we'll have him stop by tomorrow….e_O

    brown can't do a dayum thing for me now…

    1. Once I had to wait for my college ring to be delivered…i was finna leave to go to a domestic violence awareness vigil and they JUST got there…hell would've been raised cause i had been waiting so long for that ring (that i now wear on my necklace cause its a little too big =0| )

  20. Can someone from Iota Phi Theta please break down why UPS is leaving packages outside of the doors in 2010? This is not a way to build tradition.

    Sorry that made me feel better…

    1. LOL!

      Sometimes companies that offer free ground shipping for UPS have an account where a signature is not required. This allows UPS to dump packages in the front of your house. Shock and horror are all I can really use to describe seeing my package out from of my house when I lived off of Utica avenue. Utica avenue? Really, UPS?

      After much complaining, the regular delivery person would just keep my packages on his truck if I wasn't home and just give me a re-delivery even if it was a package he could just dump.

      Another thing I did was have the vendor put "Do not leave w/o signature" on the second line of my address and that helped also.

      USPS? I don't deal with them for anything worth more than $25.

  21. "It was suppose to be delivered by UPS (which it was). They NEVER leave it outside."

    Yeah, they do. If you got a deck at your crib (not multi-unit, though…they'd never do that), they'll sit that ish back there. Which, works out if I'm at work and don't have to go to a UPS center. It's FedEx that never leaves ish. Which, gets on my nerves sometimes because they're pickup center is in the middle of nowhere. I can see why it's safe, but hella inconvenient lol.

    And…dayum, Streetz, homes. You need a hug. *hugs*

    1. I live in a multi-unit and depending on how large the package is, they have left it outside…but most times, they ring another tenant (my mom is the landlord so they wouldn't withhold our stuff).

  22. Ok, before I go back and finish reading…was I the only one who did the Law and Order music in their head with each date? *looks around* Oh so it was just me, that's cool *quickly goes back to lurk land*

  23. Hey, I really enjoyed this thread. There are a lot of great posts here. I am going to do a little research on this and come back and write a relavant post.

    I will be stopping back soon to review more articles like this and this website as well.

    In the meantime…. Keep on blogging!


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