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Why Men Love Hairless Women



Wait for it... wait... I said, wait... NOW commence hating on Kim K. from the sisters.

“I am Armenian, so of course I am obsessed with laser hair removal! My entire body is hairless.” – Kim Kardashian.

A moment of silence please.  I think every man went to a place called his Picture-in-Picture, also known as the PIP.  (The PIP is located in the corner of one’s imagination.  Have you ever said something to someone and they dazed off into space as if they were looking at something, but you couldn’t see it?  They might stare up and to the right, or down and to the left.)

“It’s sort of like a peach picked fresh from the tree after being watered.  There are a few droplets of water on this peach, barely noticeable fuzz, but damn I want to eat it.” – Dr. J

[Looks around… notices that there are other people in the room.]

The first “peach” I ever saw was more like a kiwi, no a coconut.  But it was the first coconut I ever seen so what I didn’t know any better.  They told me the good stuff was on the inside.  And that’s pretty much how things went from the first time you saw a girl’s private regions until sometime in high school if you were lucky.  My junior year, I decided to skip school and go with the seniors to Dewey Beach for Beach Week.  As we hung out on the Jersey shoreline, some folks smoked pot and others drank beers, women running around in the sand with bikinis, there happened to be an opportunity for me to be silly…  As my friend ran past me, my hand reached for her waist and all I got was the string of her bikini and I pulled…

The Simpsons... (Watch out, Turtle shield your eyes, you don’t want to get blinded by the light. #Entourage.)

I caught a quick glimpse and I thought, “Is she a Playboy model?”  After all, that was the only place I’d ever seen a woman without hair up until this point.  You never really get it the first time, it’s only after a few experiences with the trim, shave or wax that you understand that it’s essential that a woman keep the grass cut.  Who knew, that growing up we would say, “If there’s grass on the field it’s time to play,” but as we got older that changed to, “I love hockey!”  But women want to know why; they want to know what it is about a woman with no hair that turns me on.

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I did a little research and came across what is called, “Sexual Dimorphism.”  Simply put, genders are attracted to traits that distinguish the genders.  Men are attracted to large breasts, slim waists.  Women are attracted to large muscles, a v-shaped body shape, and strong facial features.  That’s a damn good reason to me.

I’ll tell you a secret, that wasn’t an 18 year old freshman male who came up with that.  I’ll tell you what we came up with in Freshman Seminar; “BECAUSE IT’S FREAKING HOT!!!”  When a man pulls off a woman’s panties he doesn’t want to feel like he’s going through a thicket to get to the goods.  And given the option of travelling through a thicket or sliding across an ice rink, he’s going to choose the latter.  There’s also a hygiene factor, (which does NOT just apply to women), we’re going to make that area wet, and when that wetness gets caught in thoust thicket, it has an odor.  Logistically speaking, is it easier to slice through a stick of butter with the wrapper on or off?  I guess it depends on how sharp your knife is.

Let me stop, I understand how women feel because they don’t want to look like a 12 year old girl.  But I know you’re not a 12 year old girl!  That’s why I asked to see some I.D., #noreina.  I know in the winter time it’s cold and you need an extra blanket to keep you warm.  As a man, it’s always winter time, you don’t see me keeping a blanket of loose women around to keep me warm.  (Maybe we do…)  And by all means, if you don’t want to do anything about the region that is your decision and no one should make you change that.  Just know that there’s a line of women making appointments with their esthetician this weekend, so technically we don’t have to accept nothing less than perfection.  (Let me be honest with you, a man will sleep with you even though you haven’t shaved.  “Would You Sleep With?” and “What Do You Prefer?” are mutually exclusive questions and do not disclaim information to each other.)

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Some minor administrative notes:
(1) I find landing strips to be confusing.  It’s like, why would you come to Miami to hang out in Ft. Lauderdale.  If were gon’ be here, we might as well be here.  Whenever I see it, I look at it like a UFO hovering over the White House.  I’m like, “What are you doing here?”
(2) Bedazzled is cool.  No really ma, that ish is cool.  Whaaaaaaat?  That’s like the apex of hair removal.
(2b) Shapes and letters are a close second and third.
(3) The following is non-negotiable, shave/wax your; legs, underarms, mustache, back and any other regions where unsightly hair grows.  (You’d be surprised.)
(4) If you’re 30 years old and you haven’t seen a nectarine yet, you’ve been having sex with men. I’m so very disappointed in Turtle.  In other news, DANIA RAMIREZ LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

What do you think SBM massive?  Trim, Shave or Wax?  Do you have a friend who refuses to do anything with the region and it annoys you?  Fellas, be honest, what do you prefer?  I know some of you come on here with those self-preservation comments, but keep it real for today.


  1. *crickets* I know I shouldn't have to answer these questions lol. Bedazzled is really cool and scandalous all at the same time. That's the height of being #fancy. Nada ali! That's my MO.

  2. Vagazzling? Really? Yall like that? Lol…

    By the way, that pix of Kim is just pure inspiration! Im aiming my body to be similar… almost there…

    And one day I want one of yall men to go and get a brazilian, please… all gone… then let us know how yall enjoy that.

    Im all about waxing, no trimming, waxing… but damn, that sh*t hurts!

    Love the post!

        1. The whole male SBM massive is squinting and trying to find a way to enlarge the picture.

          Sidebar; every night, I think men across the country all kneel down and thank whoever's responsible for making leggings so popular. It's one of the things that makes getting up and going to work every morning doable.

        2. LMAO!!! Well at one point it was my twitter avatar lol…

          Yeah I thank who ever created them too I love them! I have one too many and I love how perfectly it hugs my lower half.

  3. Let me stop, I understand how women feel because they don’t want to look like a 12 year old girl. But I know you’re not a 12 year old girl! That’s why I asked to see some I.D., #noreina.

    ^^^I laughed SO LOUD!

    (Let me be honest with you, a man will sleep with you even though you haven’t shaved.)

    ^^^I've had that happen…i was SO not ready (wasn't even expecting to see that person) but it didn't stop that person. *shrug*

    I've never been waxed…i've been wanting to go but i don't wanna waste that pain on this drought…one day though, i will do it (and will possibly take a shot before going, lol).

    And like Lola, that picture is inspiration…no hating here!

    This post made me laugh! It was great, seriously!

  4. i fell asleep then i woke up because i was hot then i couldn't sleep anymore. looked at my phone and what do i find? lol

    before i answer your question let me tell you a short story. today i went to get some lunch from the local hood wing spot. as i complete my order, these two mid-20s girls walk in the store. both are fairly attractive. as i go to sit down to wait for my food i notice the taller chick has on short shorts. as i look at her legs i notice they look like they haven't been shaved in about 5 weeks. disgusting.

    as far as a woman's nether regions i would prefer waxed. i don't mind shaved or trimmed. i've been with women who have gone au natural and it wasn't fun or pleasurable. not that it stopped me. i just didn't have as much fun.

  5. Lol..I'd never shave again…haven't for a long time. owned an epilator to attack the hairs on my legs since I was 14…so everything on these pins gets yanked from the roots.

    When I moved for work to live by the beach (yes we have beaches in england), I realised that I had to raise my bikini game up several notches so I gave into waxing. first time I did it…I was in tears…completely dazed! Kinda like those cartoon characters that get knocked dumb and are shown with starts spinning around around their heads. Yeah, That was me. It gets easier tho…so now every 3 weeks and I'm back there…can't always be ar$ed to do a brazilian so sometimes it's just a very close trim and high bikini wax.

    I think wax should work both ways tho… I'm forever tired of thinking I might choke…pause…on a hairball. Serously having to stop to pick hairs out of my mouth #yuck

    So fellas anytime u ask her to go bald eagle for u…I say go do the same for her too… here they offer a wax treatment for guys called 'back, sack and crack'… #StepUp

  6. Bedazzled tho? I have to look this one up. You learn something new everyday.

    I still got the landing strip poppin. Maybe its my security blanket. I have NEVER had a dude complain about what was goin on down there, but I found this article interesting to read even tho it was full of references (some I didn't get)

  7. i think jand or yankee has done something to black people……..u make it seem like its a sin not to be clean shaven/waxed.

  8. This is interesting because today is me "Wax Day". I wax, even though I'm still researching laser hair removal. Hair on certain regions get me flustered, and shaving does not give me the results that I need. I wax my underarms, legs, etc. Honestly, when I shave any region of my body, the hair returns in two days, and that's typical for anyone. Wax it and it returns in three weeks and you will be silky smooth, softer than a baby. Great post Dr.

  9. "Wait for it… wait… I said, wait… NOW commence hating on Kim K. from the sisters."

    Or hell, hating from the brothers. I've been seeing a lot of "Kourtney looks better" on the internets lately. Now, sprint and tell THAT, homeskillet. Kim does have somewhat of my dream body, though. 😉

    1. Cheekie: "I’ve been seeing a lot of “Kourtney looks better” on the internets lately."

      What legally blind, ugmo chasers said that? Kim is a ten. The other two (I don't even know which is Kourtney and which is…whatever the other one's name is) are a six to an eight, depending on the lighting, makeup, etc.

        1. Honestly, that's the best picture I've seen of Kourtney, but my vote still goes to Kim.

          But Khloe…well, as cruel as the denizens of Boston are, there's a reason why they were chanting "Ugly Sister!" during the Finals everytime Lamar Odom shot free throws. By far, the most inappropriate chant made by any group of fans in any sport.

        2. In my opinion, I think Kim is better looking. That's the look I like to go for. Kourtney looks like she's going to age terribly. Plus.. Kim has presence and aurora. That can take some of the most basic 6s and make them 9s. However, I can't be mad if we are going to keep it in the Kardashian family. If we could all be so lucky.

      1. Dude, a LOT of brothas…on twitter especially. I was like o_O. Kourtney IS pretty, don't get me wrong, but Kim is prettier, IMO. Which, doesn't matter I guess…I'm a straight chick. lol We have different opinions than guys anyway. I do have to admit, Kim looked better before all that damn augmentation (or whatever) she is having done on her face.

  10. I will start off by saying…I am kinda pissy that brothas keep assuming that all sistas are jealous of Kim K or any of the other Kardashian sisters…I like them. I watch their shows and I think they're beautiful……as far as I can see they have the same issues with men and relationships that the rest of women in the world do……hairless and all. LOL 🙂

    Now, I do shave and wax…I keep the nether regions managed nicely. I don't do a full brazilian because to me that is not necessary for me. I also like my man to be managed nicely in his nether regions too……

    I don't like men who are too persnickety about nether regions hair..to a point where they are obsessive and can't get off…..

  11. I'm all for the waxing of the legs and arms….. But Pandora's Box….. (Ouch) I've tried it a few times and I can't deal with the pain so my solution is Magic Shave YES ladies Magic Shave WORKS providing you need a gas mask during application and it leaves you soft and smooth just like a baldie. 🙂

      1. That's one of it drawbacks… *shrugs

        When your done gotta have the windows open, fabreze air spraying and candles burning because anyone walking up in your crib will definitely be giving you the SOUR LEMON face with a HARD sideye.


          I use magic shave all the time on my face and balls (pause). The key is to buy the one in the gold bottle that one is scented. You still have the smell on your skin for a couple of minutes or so… but it won't smell like rotten eggs like the white bottle does.

    1. Babygirl, if you need a gas mask, you need to stop. Take a painkiller and go get waxed. It will hurt for a few minutes, but to have to turn your place into a gas chamber, that's too much. I'm sorry.

      1. LMAO….

        nahhh I'm good… BEEN there DONE that with the brazilian waxing … Nevvvverrrr going back!!!

        If I need to turn my house into a hazardous "ORANGE ALERT" zone every 3 weeks to avoid the pain of waxing.. SO BE IT — candles and air fresheners ON DECK!!!!! 🙂

  12. I shave and keep trim. I would LUV to wax, but…thats another story.

    Several men I have talked with lately have stated they didnt like it bald.

    Sooooooooooo………….to each his/her own.

    1. yeah all men don't like it bald.

      it may be a generational or even cultural thing. but I'm not falling for the hype.

      I am seriously considering laser treatments though, because I absolutely hate the amount of time and effort spent on hair removal. I hear its painful but at least it would be done with forever…

    2. My ex didn't like it bald either. He said it made him feel "Woody Allen-esque". I would get brazillians done because I live in a beach city in Cali and that's just the thing out here. Now, I prefer the landing strip. My new beau hasn't seen the goodies yet (we have only been dating 2 months) but I have decided I am not changing my Splenda's waxing routine for him unless he absolutely hates it.

    3. I know several guys who don't like it bald. That's why I said to me… because that's just me. Not that I don't like the landing strip. Just as long as we don't have to land this plane in the jungle or a grassy field, i'm good.

  13. I keep it shaved and trim — I have never had a wax job before though. I was curious about the brazillian so I called and made an appointment at an upscale salon and was told that the brazilian wax was illegal in the state of NJ and that they only do the landing strip!

    This caused me to do some research and I found that several women in NJ had gone to cheap salon's (probably the chinese nail spots) and got infections from Brazilian wax jobs and died.

    Seriously DIED…well ladies and gentlemen, this scared me so badly, I cancelled the appointment right after I did my research. I was already trying to wrap my head around the pain aspect, but death? Death for a smooth coochie? Sorry…I'll just keep shaving and trimming and say that I've lived.

    1. Only thing about shaving is that when you shave, you get stubble. And that stubble grows against the grain relative to the direction a male enters from. It's almost like we're going through accupuncture on our soldier when you're in that middle stage a few days after a shave. Super uncomfortable.

      1. I hear you — but there's gotta be a better way — maybe just shave it every other day in the shower so that it stays smooth, just like our underarms?

        1. Well, RedLady – like me – you're married, so, once you're married it's not as big of a deal to us men. Most times we're just happy to be there so we ain't really tryna be to picky about it.

          But yeah, every other day would probably work.

        2. MOST you diabolical. Don't you know if you give a woman an inch she'll take a mile. "We're just happy to be there…" Naw son, stay hard in the yard, we want that grass kept right. We make exceptions on a case by case basis and it's always up to the discretion of the management.

          Men cannot condone slipping of the pimping.

    2. I will now resume dodging calls from my friend who keeps trying to schedule an appointment for me.

      DIED! WTH!!!

      So brazillians are illegal in NJ but that flesh eating fish pedicure is not? EEK!

  14. I'm happy that I'm not a hairy individual….such issues don't really concern me. I've never shaved my legs a day in my life…armpit hair barely grows….and the love below…I keep it trim

    I got a Brazilian before and I swear it took damn near 3 months for the hair to START to grown back

        1. Lucky you ! Not fair !

          Brazilian wax for me once a month. I do it myself because I didn't like have some random lady between my legs. In the salon it's expensive around 150 euros for everything compared to 6 euros a box that you can use at least 3 times. After a while you don't feel the pain anymore. Think about the result: better then baby skin.

          I do it for myself, I have been for 3 years.

  15. It's funny, I read that quote from Kim K. and had the exact moment of clarity Dr. J described. Every straight man who reads that quote automatically disregards every part of her body except 1.

    Here's the thing… I think, for like 99.9% of men, it's a preference not a requirement. It's like in the same category of always having an perfect mani/pedi. Do we prefer it, yes, is it going to prevent us from smashing… no.

    For the ladies that aren't really down for that sort of grooming, let me point this out: studies have shown that women who are sans hair are 10 times more like to get dome from a dude. And his entusiasm to do so will also increase 10 fold.

    Ok, so I made that stat up. Point is, if I pull em off, and have no problem seeing where I'm going, I'm gonna be alot more enthusiastic than if I comb my way through the thickets.

    Ladies, what about male grooming in the nether regions… how yall feel about that?

      1. For the longest time I thought men weren't supposed to have hair on their chest b/c my dad never had any…I guess he got it waxed or something.

        But yeah, the less hair…the better. I have issues w/ hair.

    1. I like my beau to have his family jewels groomed. But I worry if a man is completely hairless (i.e. under arms, legs etc) and smooth on the rest of his body because that screams switch flipper to me.

      *switch flipper=DL=homo

      1. the only men I expect to be completely hairless are models and wrestlers. otherwise, I need you to have some hair on your body if you are an adult. But yes, the sexy region should be properly groomed/cut low.

        1. Reecie that's what I am talking about!!! The word GROOM is such a beautiful thing when it comes to a man…and that's not me being marriage minded!

    2. The dude I used to deal with trimmed it.. took a clippers to it and kept it neat..

      It was one of those things that was never thought to be any other way.. man=hairy sacks.. nuffsaid..

      Then the day comes when you realize that there IS light at the end of the tunnel, and you can't go back..

      I'm not askin future dude to wax, but trimmers, scissors, SOMETHIN would be NICE!..

  16. Up until pretty recently I was a proud bushwoman. I had a Brazilian once and I was so traumatized I <del>almost</del> couldn't bring myself to let a man near the love box. I've always thought that a bare p*ssy just looks wrong.

    Then I accidently balded off Miss Kitty the other day (don't ask) and…I have to admit it kind of made me a believer in the nectarine.

  17. I prefer shaved to waxed. There has to be a little something there. A five-o-clock shadow or something. A completely clean and smooth chocha just seems…wrong. I know you aren't twelve, but you look like it.

    But hey, I'm amenable. If it is clean, I'll deal with it and give her that good lovin' that only Hugh Jazz can provide.

    1. Hugh, allow me to explain shaving.

      I like Henny, everyone here knows I like Henny. Sometimes, I go to a place and they don't have Henny. So i'll drink Remy. I like Remy, but I don't love Remy. Remy is like your #3. That heffa that wants to have a conversation before you beat. You only call her after your first two options are red dotting or fell asleep because it's 3AM, you're tipsy, and you need a warm place to put your head.

      Remy is like shaving. Like Day 3 of shaving is like shark skin. Welcomes you in, doesn't want to let you leave with a few nicks and bruises.

  18. OMG….Please diregard this entire post. I mean shaved legs is cool. But the kitty kat….that's a personal preferance that I find mostly younger dudes are into. I think that's a result of the internet. Just like I find most young dudes are obsessed with letting go on a girls face as if that ish is normal. Once again……the first generations raised on internet p*rn has issues.

    But back to the topic….that ish does not look good to me. Natural is fine. If your stuff is crazy then trim it so it looks sexy. But bald is not the move for me at least.

    Now also remember. That ish looks good the first few times you do it….then you get razor bumps and the skin starts looking like a 50 year old mans face. Razors are bad for your skin. Next time you look at a p*rn just look at how bad the older chicks stuff looks. That's from years of shaving.

    Which brings me to point two. You should be using clippers not razors. Clippers allow you to trim it low and make it look sexy. They don't cut hair below the skin line so you won't get razor bumps.

    Hygene…..I could have sworn the whole purpose of hair down their is to protect you from STDs. What do yall think is safer? Skin to skin or hair to hair.

    Gotta reject this whole theory. I love natural chicks….just keep it off your upper lip.

    1. @J – You're the reason why Hot Bush is subscribed to on RealityKings.com.

      Are you one of those kids who enjoy rolling down grass hills as a child?

      I preferred the slip and slide.

    2. J, sorry but I have to disagree with this:

      "Hygene…..I could have sworn the whole purpose of hair down there is to protect you from STDs. What do yall think is safer? Skin to skin or hair to hair."

      Back in the cave man era the purpose of hair down below WAS for hygene and to keep critters out… but in this time and age, there is something called cotton panties. We don't need to have hair below, there's really no need. Now as far as STDs and hair go, you can still get it with or without hair.

      Get out from the shade J, let the sun hit you a bit.

    3. Also, if we are going to tell a woman that keeping a bush will prevent STDs, then while you're having relations with that woman I hope this song is not playing in the background….

      Sean Paul – Breakout (Siren Riddim)

      Somebody's on fire, and it's not for Jesus….

    4. Hygene…..I could have sworn the whole purpose of hair down their is to protect you from STDs.

      ummm… NO I don't believe that!!!


  19. I shave bald, but I had a brazillian once…I was like 18, and I thought I was dying a slow painful death. What's funny is…I've run into a lot of men recently who don't like fully bald poons, and it's been a complete shock to me. A few men I know have even asked me to grow some hair back. I guess everyone likes what they like.

  20. I shave every other day or so (to avoid stubble) while in the shower. FTR, this has proven difficult to do when you aren't able to stand.

    I would really like to look into Laser hair removal though.

  21. OMG….Please diregard this entire post. I mean shaved legs is cool. But the kitty kat….that’s a personal preferance that I find mostly younger dudes are into. I think that’s a result of the internet. Just like I find most young dudes are obsessed with letting go on a girls face as if that ish is normal. Once again……the first generation raised on internet [email protected] has issues.

    But back to the topic….that ish does not look good to me. Natural is fine. If your stuff is crazy then trim it so it looks sexy. But bald is not the move for me at least.

    Now also remember. That ish looks good the first few times you do it….then you get razor bumps and the skin starts looking like a 50 year old mans face. Razors are bad for your skin. Next time you look at a [email protected] actress just look at how bad the older chicks stuff looks. That’s from years of shaving.

    Which brings me to point two. You should be using clippers not razors. Clippers allow you to trim it low and make it look sexy. They don’t cut hair below the skin line so you won’t get razor bumps.

    Hygene…..I could have sworn the whole purpose of hair down there is to protect you from STDs. What do yall think is safer? Skin to skin or hair to hair.

    Gotta reject this whole theory. I love natural chicks.

    1. I appreciate this comment J.

      I try to preach that we have hair certain places for a reason but most people don't hear me.

      I didn't think to relate it to generations raised on internet pr0n (but I do have other theories) but you may be on to something…

    2. I started to mention the medical aspects of allowing the natural flow of growth down below, but I figured my comment was long enough. As Americans, we do a lot of stuff to attempt to suppress the natural functions of our bodies… then we wonder why we have high cancer rates? We're afraid to allow our bodies to excrete impurities – it's considered poor hygiene. Go figure…

  22. Eff all these co-signs. Waxing is horribly painful and to hell with me getting that done when I'm not in a relationship/with a steady "cuddle" buddy. Why put myself through pain for no reason?

    And to be honest, wax/shave/trim/etc etc I haven't had a major affirming sort of reaction. I was actually in a situation w/someone and decided to start getting waxed- and it was almost like he didn't notice. That was the point when I decided that, until I feel like it's necessary, that constant wax shit is for the b-i-r-d-s.

    1. @Brittany: Does a Black man get an atta boy for taking care of kids? No. That's the same reason your man didn't say anything when you were waxing. Men mustn't ever give credit for the status quo.

      1. Me thinking it is the kids birthright to be looked after, they did not ask to be born, so no body needs to be thanked, appreciated may be..unless they are not yours………

  23. Soooooo I went to Vegas this week & I vajazzled… it was kinda funny b/c I knew no one would see it but I felt like I had a secret. LOL. There was a twinkle in my eye that said "I bling in places you don't beeyotch!"

    That is all.

    1. Ah that's awesome!!! I love it when I'm at work and know that I'm wearing something extremely raunchy underneath.. if I ever vajazzle I'd probably be walking around with a mischievious grin on my face all day and making all sorts of sexual induendos lol

    2. Raise your hand if you believe that SoFlyy AKA The Vajazzler actually went to Vegas with a Vajazzled vajayjay and didn't get it poppin and show it off.

      …seeing no hands raised, I'm gonna go head and pull the #Swindle card… Lol

      1. *raising hand and violently waving it around*

        Sooo I don't count now?

        *wall slide*

        Most – You just murked me. Entirely.

        The diamond studded star I received stayed covered. I was too shy to show it to the one contender I approved of. I'm a good girl Most. *adjusting my halo*

      1. LMAO. I tried to take a picture of it when I first got it but doing it upside down was hard… so I was catching the wrong angle. Maybe it's just me but I don't think vag is cute. LOL. Seeing it on film = ewwwww.

    3. I looked it up & there is a place in NY that does it…but the ish isn't cheap…going there isn't cheap…i'd probably have to have an insanity wolf & B.M.F. type moment to do it!

      I will say that i found a spa with great prices for like everything so i may do the brazilian wax…but it would have to be a special occasion, lol

  24. I've skipped the Kardashian popularity/hate wave. I've heard the names, but couldn't tell you one from the other (thank you "TheMostInterestingManInTheWorld" for the link). Too many beautiful women in the world to fixate on one… #noreina, though many women like others to believe that might be the case. Dr Jay – you're hilarious… lmao.

    Now about this hair thing… I can't stand it. My proof… http://primarythoughts.net/2010/03/04/my-simple-r

    Love going bald, hate the aftermath that ensues. So, I've exercised every variation depending on what I felt like at the moment. And for the ladies that have never gone bald… you should try it at least once, regardless of whether there is a man to reap any benefits. There is nothing like sliding on a pair of silk panties over smooth.. um.. "hockey rink".

    1. @Melanie –

      Thanks for stopping by. You know when I was writing this article I was thinking to myself of people who I could bring in to help feature on it, before I ended up with 850+ words, lol. I definitely thought of you. I've been fighting off random loose strands of hair since 2nd grade. I like when women keep bodily hair to a minimum. i definitely read your post several times before writing.

      1. I do have a ?? for you. How come you don't like the feeling of the hair growing back, but you like the rhinestones? Aren't they rough to some extent? Wouldn't they scratch… if not initially… once they start to work themselves loose?

        1. The rhinestones are not on the lips though, it's sort of like where the landing strip would be… so I think that's fair game.

  25. I tried sugaring two weeks ago and it is soooo much better then waxing. Its all natural ingredients unlike wax which is filled with chemicals….Sugaring is way smoother and doesnt hurt as much!!!

    1. Word I heard about sugaring too. But then I heard that some people said it was more painful that waxing. One of my friends is a hairless nut, and she actually went and tried threading in the nether regions. I don't think she's going to do that again, but she said it lasted longer.

      1. Dr. J: One of my friends is a hairless nut, and she actually went and tried threading in the nether regions.

        hmmmmmm…. didn't know they could OR should I say would thread down there.. Gotta look into that.

  26. By the way everyone you can use Botox to avoid hair from growing in certain unwanted regions. I think a lot of men have been starting to do that on their sack.

    I would have gotten personal about myself, but then I would have had to call this post: Things We Lost In The Dare…

    In Theaters Winter 2011.

  27. I thank my moms nd gma for giving me thin body hair. Even with hair on my legs you can barely see/feel it. So the only thing that really needs maintanence is my vajayjay which I keep trimmed because without some hair, I would actually look like a middle school kid.

    I really like the vajazzle idea. I think I might get that..

  28. These comments are hilarious.

    Let me say one thing….

    I will never wax and be completely bald down below. Bald?!! nahson. Unless im gettin paid $$$$$ for some reaosn, Im good keeping it trim.

    I shave everywhere else though because it's more appealing to me. Some places I want to laser before they get to grizzly bear status many moons from now.

  29. "Wait for it… wait… I said, wait… NOW commence hating on Kim K. from the sisters."

    It seems that some of you [the writers of this site mainly Dr.J] always think that Black women are always "hating" on women of another race/nationality. Why is that?

    That kind of thinking process is what encourages some non-Black females to actually believe that they are better and it's also what has completely turned me off from this site.

  30. I'm that girl that gets her full brazilian wax from time to time but in between waxes always lets it grow back to semi bushy state (lack of time, being on my period, or any other excuse 🙂 and let me tell you, I have never had any man complain about it! I could be perfectly bald or mad hairy and they still go IN whether it be with the tongue or the d*** 🙂

    I think most men really dont care, yeah it might be nicer when its completely bald but the only way to really appreciate it when its bald is after you've seen it hairy 🙂 dont get it twisted, even when the hair grows back I trim the length and the sides regularly so it never gets to that point where u pick 2 inch hairs outta ur teeth. I'm also that girl that lets her hair on her legs grow back ( I always wax and when u wax u have to let it grow back to a certain lenght before u can wax it again) and am not afraid to rock shorts or skirts in that in between stage lol! Coz nobody notices it! Dudes still try to talk to me. Now dont get me wrong , the reason I do this is because like I said, nobody sees it, I can get away with it and my man loves my butt more that the state of my legs 🙂 I dont walk around looking like Mo'nique with her unshaven legs (still love her)

    still when it comes down to it I'm a wax-fiend, would love to be able to afford laser hair removal so I dont have to worry bout having to wax again every 3 -4 weeks

  31. Don't get me wrong…I HATE hair down there. But if I don't have the time or the means (b/c it's not cheap), I'm not running to get a wax either. And anyone who's not contributing shouldn't have much to say. I take care of what's seen all the time first…toes, hair, etc. As long as it's not unkempt…

  32. Lordy lordy, your writings are simply amusing.

    I wish I could read all the comments but my ADD will not allow it. So I apologize if I'm redundant.

    I am a firm believer in going bald. Every four weeks, ladies. If you go any longer, pain will ensue. I have a high tolerance for pain anyway. SUCK IT UP!

    Everyone will be happy in the end. 🙂

  33. I usually take good care of my lady bits. But we have all been there during dry spells when maintenance has been sub par.

    Ironically the moment I get lazy with a trim is when fellas start coming trying to get between the sheets. Always.


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