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Fact or Fiction: Do Men drive women crazy?

But baby, it's only a plane ticket. It's not that serious!

For years I’ve heard from various female friends, my sisters, and other family members that men drive women insane. That we, through our thoughts, words and actions, can cause a brain hemorrhage and force an unsuspecting innocent female to go estupido loco on a dude. To this I yell Shenanigans and Poppycock! In fact, I would go as far as to say that women drive men even more insane! So to get more readers involved be fair, I’ve enlisted the assistance of my future sugar mama who will pay my bills after she passes the bar peoples Miss Jenkins from ThreeWaysToTakeit to discuss this topic in a civilized, rational manner.

Streetz: Jenkins what it look like homie? So I felt like I had to call out women on this swindle. How could you possibly say that men drive women crazy? Like we just go around saying “what chick will I make break my car windows today? Hmmm” Does that even make sense to you?!

Miss Jenkins:  Yes, yes, absolutely yes. (||) Men push women over the edge. I mean, most women don’t wake up in the morning and say, “I think I’ll be crazy today,” and go around lighting clothes and other belongings of some unsuspecting stranger on fire. Nope. The woman who does this is in a relationship with some man who pushed her to her breaking point. I will say this though: some women don’t need much help getting there.

Streetz: I’m glad you said it so I didn’t have to go in on you, and not in the way your filthy McNasty mind operates. I believe women all have a crazy gene, similar to the X-Gene, that is dormant until puberty. Once activated, whether latent or full blown, it gives women the ability to commit acts of craziness and the better ability to JUSTIFY IT!

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Now, I won’t say that men don’t commit egregious acts against women to warrant a beatdown, but you can’t tell me that they were 100% normal at the onset. Man you was who you was ‘fore you got here – Jay-Z. Also, the fact that women are crazy by nature, they know how to manipulate this and convert mentally stable men to psychosis in 0 to 60. Let’s not act like we haven seen this before Jenkies…

Miss Jenkins: The fact that women are crazy by nature?? I wouldn’t go that far, but let’s say for argument’s sake all women have this “crazy gene” you speak of.  Whether a woman carries the gene is irrelevant. Why? Because the gene doesn’t mean anything to her or her man if it’s just there on the sidelines in a straight-jacket. It’s not until he does something to activate that gene (cheating, lying, misleading, backstabbing, etc.) that he learns about his boo’s propensity to bust the windows out of cars.

Gene analogy aside, each woman is so different from the next. It’s hard to say whether a woman will lose it ever or what would bring her to that point. Generally, I think a woman is more likely to be passive aggressive in the way she react to things that have hurt her in some way. Maybe she’ll pick fights with him about random things. She’ll stomp around the house pouting in hopes he’ll ask what’s wrong. Better yet, she’ll start to send flirty messages to some no-good ex just to make herself feel like she’s getting back at the boo. Or maybe she’ll withhold sex.  Movies and television like to sensationalize women’s emotional reactions (cues Waiting to Exhale car burning scene). Then again, some women will put up billboards in Times Square to put their men on blast. **shrugs** I guess you just never know. Y’all should just stop doing things that could make us act out.

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Streetz: And this, at the heart, is what drives men Super Crazy. ECW. You think we all were taught at the Charles Xavier School For The Gifted and just repress our telepathy. We like to know what it is, when it is. If you have a problem, say it! This precognitive theory of communication get us nowhere but into arguments and misunderstanding. Furthermore, you know women have that “woman logic” that goes against all known forms of science, math, and deductive reasoning ever exhibited on 7lb 4oz baby Jesus’s Earth! I say “the sky is blue” you will say “well since you didn’t rub my back today it’s turned red, and you don’t even notice my new hairdo!” Umm excuse me?! Factor in the “Hell Hath No Fury” theorem on women’s revenge and it’s quite obvious to me that women naturally drive men up a wall.

I think women are more emotional by nature and let that guide them. Doesn’t mean men can’t be just as emotional, but on average women are more emotional than men and will make emotional moves. Source: CNN

Miss Jenkins: Touché. I didn’t say it was right. I too have expected a man to know that I when I said “Nothing’s wrong,” I was lying through my teeth. Then I wanted him to figure out what he did and make it all better with his vitamin D. As I’ve matured, I have learned this is kinda ridiculous. I am not a fan of leading with emotion all the time. Emotions are devoid of logic. Divorcing the two leads to senseless arguments, pumpless sleepless nights, bitter days, and baggage. Men, add more emotion; women, use more logic.

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Granted, women should take more time to think about their emotions and determine if their first reaction is the best one considering the context. But men should also consider emotions as well. It’s not like y’all don’t have them. You can’t take this woe is me/men-don’t-do-anything-and-are-victimized-by-women’s-craziness approach. Women don’t naturally drive y’all up walls. (||) It’s a reaction thing. Someone does something, then someone responds. Could be a man or a woman who gets the ball rolling.

Streetz: I mean…. I guess we can compromise. OK let’s wrap this up. Trojan.

Miss Jenkins: **evil grin**

So we ask you SBMers: Do men drive women crazy? Do women drive men crazy? Are we crazy?! Holla at us!


  1. Waste of a first comment but we're all crazy. I know there was a post about women being crazy. (Ha. There always is.) We have to accept everyday that we are all born with that "X-gene" of crazy. No matter how much of a sweetheart the woman may be, she got a thing of crazy in that body.

    And men? Yeah, they're crazy. If you can call someone's house impersonating another man to air out the not-so-dirty-but-actually-just-folded laundry of a girl that's not your girlfriend, I can't call you sane. And yeah. Men are capable of this feminine psychotic horsehockey.

  2. I think it is a case by case basis. I think that depending on the situation, it could go in any direction. I'm sure i've driven a dude or two crazy but i'm also certain that dudes have driven me crazy! Any other way, both genders are not walking away in a pleasant mind state!

  3. Whether its from great sex or bad behavior…. We all have the ability to drive our partners crazy. I think the main cause of "going postal" in relationships is mostly caused from poor communication skills and dishonesty. Step ya'll game up and everyone can remain sane and informed.

  4. People tend to associate crazy with the emotional outbursts that are stereotypically associated with women, like the Waiting to Exhale scene that you mentioned. But us men can do some crazy things too. Every time one of these scandals involving some famous guy cheating, the story is usually bat shit crazy. Think about the politician that just left office to see the Argentina mistress, or even sad stories like Steven McNair. If you mess with someone crazy, you're crazy!

  5. Lotta good points in this post. Dudes just don't care enough. Ladies just don't reason enough. And everybody's got a previous experience explanation for it.

    Sometimes it makes me think a man and a woman aren't really meant to spend their lives together.. but that won't stop us from trying, huh? We so crazy..

    1. The Mulatto: "Sometimes it makes me think a man and a woman aren’t really meant to spend their lives together.. but that won’t stop us from trying, huh? We so crazy.."

      That statement reminded me of a comment my brother's friend said. "I'm sick of these b!tches! I don't want to #$%& no man, but why can't there be a third option?"

  6. yea it depends on the situation but sometimes, men can ignite the crazy spark……everyone has a breaking point.

    women drive men crazy too…i know i have done that…lol

  7. Men drive women crazy – co-sign!

    Women drive men crazy – you need more people.

    Men have the ability to drive a woman batty..its been done to me and I have fallen into my emotions…no, I didn't bust a window out..but, I did jump on the hood to keep a guy from leaving one time (that was over 15 yrs ago) I was young and inexperienced in my dealings with men during that time…..the ME today knows better…I don't get all amped up like that anymore..I will TELL you how I feel and then we can go from there…if you wanna leave..I will open the door for you and escort you out…

    Now, I still get upset but the secret is I THINK before I ACT…if you just take a beat before you consider going monkey on a dude..think about your kids, think about jail, think about the show SNAPPED….all of that seems to work for me….j/k LOL 🙂

    No, but in all seriousness…everybody has a bit of crazy in them…men and women. I just haven't seen many men going crazy as I have seen women.

    1. Men drive women crazy – co-sign!

      Women drive men crazy – you need more people.


      Men KNOW (as evidenced by this post) that women are emotional creatures. So whyyyyyyy they do the things that they do (lie, cheat, lie, backstab, lie, play games… did I mention lie? ) is beyond me. These antics have only one response from a woman: driving her her deeper into her emotions and making actions based on them. Emotions = not always logical therefore making actions based on them… seemingly crazy. Even if she started off very logical, it's all relative. Her crazy may not be Waiting to Exhale crazy… but it's not what she used to be.

      1. So because women know men are logical it makes it right for women to do diabolical shyt and calculated cheating? Because women are better liars? What about men's feelings in all this. Yall claim that we are ego driven, so when you damage that ego what do you think will occur?

        1. Who said alladat? I was refering more to her pulling a Jasmine Sullivan and going apesh*t on his car windows.

          The diabolical cheating that occurs "post-crazy" for some women… is not a crazy woman at all. She's logical… methodical & cooooold-blooded.

  8. Women are crazy. Men are stupid.

    QueenT: "Women drive men crazy – you need more people."

    That's true, because logically, that would mean men are crazy. We just have difficulty logically understanding women's craziness. (joking, somewhat)

  9. Woo Lord! Do men drive women crazy! A resounding yes!! Clearly, I'm just coming off talking to an on-again, off-again ex-SO, but I digress.

    Anyway, men and women operate on different m.o.'s, so that's already a recipe for some drama. Combine that with poor or lack of communication, and it can be anywhere from a small grease fire to Chernobyl.

    Ex: My ex-SO likes and is accustomed to some down time. That's cool…no prob, Bob. But, it would be nice if he would have let me know WHEN that down time would occur. Just not calling me back when I call and leave a message or being ghost for a couple days is NOT cool. My over-analytical self has already devised some elaborate plot in my head about what he is/isn't doing (not necessarily cheating). That drives me crazy! Why can't he just say (or text)…"need some me-time this weekend, I'll holla."
    That would be ok with me because I understand his need to be alone sometimes. But to just get ghost…yeah, no bueno.

    1. Now, in this scenario if the roles were reversed and sista-friend was the one “ghost” for the weekend, her SO would be flipping out too!! He would also be making up elaborate plots about what she was doing. I think “crazy” is a case-by-case thing and the lack of communication tends to be the real culprit in the situation.

        1. Actually, I got ghost a couple times. He didn't like it too much and he was the one coming up with scenarios…that he later revealed to me

          @ Streetz- true, but he could've just communicated and no scenarios would have had to be made up

        2. Lemme tell you how this is a losing battle… there was an article on SBM a while back that talked about men who go ghost, why they don't see anything wrong w/ it and trying to understand the women who hate it… smh.

    2. Co-signing on that. I'm thinking this ninja is motorboating some heffa or picking up the cell & pressing IGNORE. Just shoot me text and tell me I'm hanging with the boys, helping Tyrone move, sitting on the couch playing with my ba!!s…whatever just don't ignore me!!

  10. I think it's on the individual…male or female because you couldn't ever get me angry to the point where I'm bashing out windows or throwing all your sh*t out in front of your job. And believe me…I have a nasty temper. When I get a hitch in my giddy-up I will cuss you out…but that's where the buck stops for me.

    I know several women…and men for that matter that DO have the crazy gene…but it's expressed in ALL aspects of their lives…not just when they're in a relationship! lmao

  11. Hmmmm….

    I will say the inability to understand each other will drive both sexes crazy BUT as Miss Jenkins said- women tend to use less logic then men so instead of saying I don't understand this fool, we'll say lemme eff up this fool.

    In addition- you may see more of our "crazy" because men have a harder time hiding their indiscretions. If you don't know we're messin with Tyrone- you can't flip out.

    With all that said- I tend to rely on logic a lot more than emotions and there are still a few men who can make me contemplate turning into Bernandine.


    1. If you don’t know we’re messin with Tyrone- you can’t flip out.

      This! I've seen a few women get caught – and I tend to think it was on purpose, they wanted their man to be jealous – and the resulting actions from the dude: BANANAS. Donkey Kong.

  12. I think that if there's any crazy at all in a woman, the right (or wrong?) man will coax it out.

    Whenever I tell a man that I have absolutely no crazy in me I get an extra-pinched side-eye. But it's true.

    I once went to a party with a boyfriend and all of our friends at which he proceeded to get into a screaming argument with his side-piece in the middle of the party.

    The girl was pointing at me and yelling about how she was going to kick the sh*t out of me, he was doing everything to calm her down, and everyone in the party was looking at me like – um, is that your man?

    If there was any crazy in me at all please believe it would have come out that night – such was the level of my fury. But because I'm missing that gene, when it was over all I did was look at him sideways and ask "are you proud of yourself?"

      1. To which he should have responded:

        "For somehow having a great woman like you? Yes… extremely. For having her here, embarassing us both… no, I'm not proud of that at all. But – many of the things that make me attractive and worthwhile to you… many of the things you love most about me are born in the same place as the things that make it really difficult to resist someone like her – physically. I know that I need to be better, but, I can't be half of me, and you can't love half of me… let's go home, talk about this."

        Then, you go home, apologize profusely, commit yourself to trying to do better (read: keep these side chicks in pocket) and have great, passionate make-up xes.

      2. You know what? His response was considerably lighter on the profuse apologies than one might imagine. His position was kind of more along the lines of "it wasn't my fault".

        To this day I wonder what his response would have been like if I had gone all apesh*t on his a$$…I'm convinced he would have been a lot more apologetic.

        1. We were together a few years after that. Now we're very, very good friends. He's married now – to a woman who stays going apesh*t on him.

      1. Girl I'm so not.

        I really wish I could have gone nutso on him – I think that situation more than warranted it.

        But I was brought up to be proper and ladylike and decorous and to never ever ever show a man that his bad behaviour has affected me and I literally cannot bring myself to lose it.

        I think I would have more successful relationships if I could go a little crazy every now and again, I really do. <del>hmmm….future blog post?</del>

        1. Max, you don't need to go crazy, you just need the right guy. I would have appreciated you not going crazy in the situation above. I would have been like… see… this is why Max is special. But – at the same time – I would have never put you in that situation. Don't change – just wait.

        2. See Most – this is why I still need you to clone yourself. I feel like the reaction I had in that situation was equivalent to him winning the relationship lottery. It's a shame that so few men see it that way. Sight.

  13. I don't think women are crazy, I just think women are from Venus and men… well… men are from… Earth.

    Women want it to be one way – but – it's the other way (paraphrasing Marlo Stanfield). The craziness comes from an innate desire to shape this world as you see fit instead of just accepting that there are some things you just can't change.

    And I have a hard time believing the whole, men lie and do all this other stuff that makes women crazy point of view. I have a hard time because I feel like – if you're with a man who lies – it's your fault. A man can't hide who he is for too long. If you take the relationship slow, and allow yourself to see who he is, it'll be hard for you to not see the truth. Eventually, little things will start to show his character – you either choose to look past those things and hope and pray that you're bugging, or, you see the red flags and you turn the other way. But – like I said, women often want it to be one way and it's the other way. You want him to not be a liar, so, you ignore the red flags, and then snap when you find out he is. That's your fault.

    Now – if he's a good liar – like – the Talented Mr. Ripley type liar. That's another thing entirely.

    1. I don't know if I can say I agree Most, I see where you are going though… he's a liar, and it's my fault? I guess. Yes, you can always walk away from a situation but I guess you'd have to confirm that he was first a liar. So it's okay to fall prey to his antics once or twice b/c you sincerely believed him but after that if you choose to stay then it's your fault that you are going apesh*t. Got it.

    2. Nah SoFlyy – I'm not saying that it's your fault he's a liar, I'm saying, it's your fault for being with a liar.

      I just think it's possible, and pretty easy, to figure out everything you need to know about a man before you give your heart to him. Once you do that you have two choices – either accept himfor who he is, or, let him go. Doing that, will help prevent you from driving yourself crazy over him. It's only when you try to change him, or hope he changes himself that you winding going bonkers. But that's because you wanted it to be one way – and it's the other way.

        1. I think a lot of us are doing what Most suggests, and not putting up with this type of behavior. Hence, why there are quite a few single women that post here. So, my options appear to be to put up with that BS or keep waiting for that what must be 10% chance of finding someone like Most? Great.

      1. @ Sane and SoFlyy

        The road to the perfect relationship can be paved many ways. It can be paved with broken hearts, failed relationships, various 'JumpOnTheHoodofYourCar' type moments, and all sorts of other drama – that's one way to do it. Or, it can also be paved with lonely, sleepless nights, lots of jonesing, lots of self reflection, and lots of tear soaked pillows. Neither way is easy, but the difference is, the former leaves you bitter, angry, distrustful and damaged, while the latter leaves you stronger, more content with yourself, better prepared to see people for who they truly are, and better prepared to be who you need to be to make a relationship work.

        1. I see we are just going to keep referencing my jumping on the hood moment…okay, I'll be the scapegoat on this one..LOL 🙂 Remind me never to share anything else personal on this blog!

  14. Do men drive women crazy? I have a couple thoughts…

    "The devil made me do it"… nobody can make you do anything. If a man was driving you crazy, why didn't you get the eff out the car?!

    "My dog doesn't bite"… If you provoke a dog, then it will bite, but you see, that dog has teeth. Women will make you think they are perfectly normal until some dude comes along and makes them crazy. No silly rabbit, you were crazy before, it was just laying dormant.

    A chick that's NOT crazy, will notice a situation that is bothering her and speak up and/or move on. Crazy chicks do crazy things and then blame it on crazy reasons.

    @QueenT – You didn't read my post about when it's best to keep it on the low… did you? Get your crazy a*s off the hood of that car.

    1. Like I said that was 15 yrs ago….I admit it was over the top. I never did it again..and no I didn't read the post you are referring to. LOL 🙂

  15. I've been reading this blog religiously since the post "Do you want to be married or do you want to be a husband." (This is my 1st comment). The brotha Most always has some insightful comments and I like the line "craziness comes from an innate desire to shape this world as you see fit" … however I would add that women fail to see the world from a man's perspective. If women take a step back and reevaluate issues from the eyes of the man, it would lead them to come back at there man and ask the appropriate questions which may help them better understand the issue. But that would require you to be logical. If you are bat sh*t crazy, my comment won't register with you.

    1. Your comment registers, but I see the issue as a two way street type thing. What about men failing to see the world from a woman's perspective? Lots of these comments from men place all the blame on women for staying with the man who lies, etc, but what about men taking a step back too?

  16. the answer is simple. no men do not drive women crazy. i don't care what a person does to you (male or female), you decide how you react. if you react in a crazy manner then YOU in fact are crazy. no one made you that way. only you. if a woman tries to argue this then she is looking for justification for her prior or future crazy actions.

      1. @ QueenT again you are so right!

        Provocation is often coupled with the "temporary insanity" plea. It has gotten lots of women but MOSTLY men out of a harsher penalty. You want to know why? Because even the almighty judicial system makes allowances for someone going apesh*t aka "briefly insane."

    1. Provocation is a mitigating factor, not a get out of jail free card.

      And I agree, we all decide how we react. But the key word is react. It doesn't mean that the other person is responsible for the crazy reaction and should take blame for it (he didn't pour bleach on his own wardrobe), but they must acknowledge their role in it. If they hadn't cheated or lied or whatever, there would not have been any "crazy" or negative reaction to speak of (unless you are dealing with a person who just does random crazy ish).

      1. yes reaction. i don't think that many men will be like i don't know why she acted crazy knowing d*mn well he slept with her sister. my issue is women busting out windows, setting fires, etc. just because a dude might have done her dirty. if a woman does me dirty guess what? her loss and i keep it moving. the quicker i get over her the better. when you do whack, crazy sh*t then you are just compiling more and more emotion. emotional a$$ creatures.

      1. We can be "good" crazy and then there are the heffas and and cow dun steers that are batsh*t crazy… lol but we all crazy.

        1. Wild, adventurous, non-conformist, doing sh*t that others would be like "uh uh, she/he crazy for doing that". Crazy doesn't have to be a bad look. 🙂

  17. Nah, can't really agree with this one. I'm a grown-ass man and as such I always have the option of simply walking away from a woman who's demonstrated: a) a lack of restraint or social manners, b) a lack of common sense, or c) a lack of honest-to-goodness home training.

    Simply put, I wouldn't be in the AO long enough to be driven crazy by any woman. As soon as i see the first sign….I'm out.

    BTW, can't believe you threw in all those X-men references and didn't have one about Seal.

  18. I'm sort of with Tunde on this one (gasp!). I think every person is responsible for their own actions (and the resulting consequences). Nobody can drive another person crazy (of course there are probably a couple exceptions that I could find in a movie somewhere).

    That said, I think men are far from victims. I also believe that men are just as capable of crazy as women and will never understand this "women's logic" thing. I consider myself to be logical, not just according to some BS women's logic, but actual logic. Yes, I have been susceptible to acting purely on emotion, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a thought process at work there that I just ignored. There are also men who do this.

    Uuugh, I just got exhausted with this discussion mid-comment. I may need to take a break and finish this one later. 🙂

    1. "Uuugh, I just got exhausted with this discussion mid-comment. I may need to take a break and finish this one later."

      ^See? It's driving you 'crazy' isn't it? :0P

      1. What does your car look like again? *looks up price of plane ticket and baseball bat*

        It's just exhausting, don't you go projecting your crazy on me, Eddie. LOL

  19. We are responsible for our own happiness and a very wise person told me years ago that the best revenge you can take on someone is to live your life well.

      1. My back is never turned and this entire comments section will be used in my provocation defense if necessary. 😛

        All you had to do was ask, there's plenty of virtual confetti for everyone. 🙂

    1. Nah,

      I think the best revenge is Count of Monte Cristo style.

      Live your life well WHILE fkning sh*t up for the other party wherever they go. To the point where they break down and submit to your whims, or one-off themselves.

      I mean hey, if you are going to get revenge, might as well go all the way………… right?………anybody?

  20. Think before you act. On both sides, think about the effed up ish you're about to do and how it would affect you if you were to discover your counterpart doing the same thing.

    That won't necessarily be the judge of how crazy that person would react, but if your emotions would be sadness, anger, disappointment or anything of the sort… then chances are you deserve what you get if and when your boo decides to spazz!!

    On another note, women are quick to jump the gun on going A-wall without actually communicating specifically what it is that has their hosiery in a bunch. This little(big) conversation can calm or escalate the situation as intent plays a role in judging 'why you mad'. If I meant no harm when I decided kiss that girl at the chicken spot on Crenshaw and never seen her again.. Then you shouldn't bust my damn windows.. #TigerShrug

    1. Lol @ the chicken spot. Meaning harm and causing it are two different things. Regardless of your intention, the harm still gets done. Why are you even kissing home girl in the chicken spot anyway? That's a good example of one not thinking about consequences before doing something.

  21. At the end of the day I STRONGLY believe although most of us here won't admit it that WE all tend to LIKE a lil crazy from time to time, it shows passion in the person your dealing with.

    Can you honestly say you would be cool if your dude/chick NEVER displayed/showed any signs of dischord after you blatanly did and/or got caught doing something that you know you were totally out of pocket for? O__o

    1. There is a difference between reacting to a negative situation and reacting negatively to a situation.

      I expect someone to be mad or to respond to things they dislike. I do NOT expect someone to be bat sh*t crazy because of a dislike or displeasure.

      GirlSixx.. are you one of those Drama Queens?


    2. I kinda agree with you. I know in the example I gave, dude didn't come out of that scenario thinking "gosh I'm lucky Max is so cool" he came out of it like "Max doesn't give a fcuk what I do".

      Apparently crazy makes people feel loved?!?

      1. Yes….

        That's what I saying. If you would have taken your 4 inch heel and hit him in his jugular he would have thought something more along the lines of "Damn Max ain't nuffin to eff with". #thatisall

        1. Seven (of Nine) That's not funny..

          The equivalent statement would be me hitting a chick with this broken paddle across her forehead, maybe she would've thought "Damn that DeKeLa is a bad mother.. shut yo mouth"….. smh

          GS, you are too crazy for me..

        2. well it was funny to me. i have a morbid sense of humor at times…this was an imagined situation…not real….and considering I've made it known where I stand on physical violence…clearly…clearly I wouldn't condone this behavior. don't be a buzz kill…

  22. The truth is … women are so crazy that in their crazy mind, they have learned to blame men for their craziness (in addition to a range of problems as varied as the falling price of the dollar to why bad things happen to good people).

    So … me do not drive women crazy, but it is a mere fantasy concocted by the feminine population.


    1. "women are so crazy that in their crazy mind, they have learned to blame men for their craziness (in addition to a range of problems as varied as the falling price of the dollar to why bad things happen to good people)."

      I do blame my caribbean blood but I don't blame an entire species of men on my intermittent craziness. I blame their dumba*s actions. Only time I have wanted to burn down a house or shatter some windows is when I was provoked by pure foolishness.

  23. Jeezus! This idea that women are emotional, irrational creatures KILLS me on this blog and in life generally.

    I favor Max in the non crazy gene arena. I have too much pride and shame to do so (it runs in the family). I know for a fact my lack of emotions (aka refuses to be dramatic) hurt me more than helped me in my last situation/ship.

    *kanye shrug*

    Sadly guys do respond better to crazy/dramatic antics, I've found.

  24. @BP- I am Caribbean (born and grew up, left after hs) and there is nothing crazy about me. We have different Natures and Cultures.

    You don't want me, you cheat or whatever you can think about, then go. I will move on.

    When I read the news, I sometimes think that men should try to open themselves and be more ''emotional''.

    When a man acts crazy, he turns into a stalker or a killer and some even try to rape their exs. There are threats involved and it ends in a pool of blood. Be glad you end up with only a broken window…

    Again, is there a vandetta against black women ?

  25. Women need to learn to shut up and listen. And if he tells you to shut up and listen do it. If you keep running your mouth about his manhood and his mother and his weaknesses he should make you learn what your blood tastes like. Do NOT smash his windshield because YOU'RE emotional.

    On the other hand, if a woman makes a legitimate point to you about something you're doing and it affects her negatively because you're not trying to listen, she WILL take you down a notch.

    Ladies, listen to your man even if he's being brash. Fellas…acknowledge her when she's submissive.

  26. Their emotional displays are just a show meant to confuse and manipulate guyz into doing whatever the f*ck they want.

    And a lot of guyz let themselves get caught up in it.

    I usually say nothing – grab my clothes and gettoutathere as fast as possible….OR just stonewall them by repeating the exact same short

    phrase OVER AND OVER – which usually drives them over the edge even DEEPER … LOL. By that point- they get the point that you can't be played with and calm down.

    1. you think emotions are used to manipulate?

      personally, i dont care enough about people to figure out how to manipulate them. im just to the point and if it makes you feel a certain way thats on you how you decide to react to what im saying.

      women are the more emotional creatures supposedly so id think guys use our emotions to get what they want out of us.

      and with that said if you want something out of someone you should respect them. whatever happened to the days where we compliment each other, do nice things for people, go the extra mile to show that we care? whatever happened to wise romanticism? if a guy wants something out of a girl build her a house and put a bow on it.

  27. I am impressed with your viewpoints in this article. You have stated your points with style and intelligence. I have to agree with most of your information in this content.


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