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Top 5 Physical Appearance Deceptions Women Use #Everydayb



Augmenting our appearance has been a part of human culture, ever since Adam and Eve bit into the forbidden fruit and tried to cover their unmentionables with green leaves.From the clothes we wear to cologne’s, hairstyles, and jewelry, we use different items to enhance less than satisfactory features and accentuate our good ones. I must say that I think women are the worst with the physical feature swindle. Women are like shape-shifters, who can create all new appearances using household items, only to revert back to normal once they come off, like when poor Cinderella lost her glass slipper. Don’t believe me? OK, well allow me to reintroduce myself my name is HOV!!! present the top 5 women physical deceptions:


#5 Heels (U aint that tall)

This is a low level deception, only because heels do have a great sex appeal and aesthetic about them. It becomes a deception when a 5ft 1 women describers her height requirements with the phrase “he needs to be taller than me in heels”. How about the dudes who don’t prefer short women, who think you’re 5ft 7 because you’re wearing 6 in heels? Isn’t that just as bad? We’d get clowned if we wore lifts in our shoes!


#4 Breast/Butt Implants (Those aint yo tatas or @ss!)

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This is a permanent physical deception. Now, they definitely are enhancements, the only problem is some men don’t like fake breasts and arses. Dr J. spoke on the real vs. fake phenomenon, and the consensus was “whatever floats your boat”. Unlike some of the other augments, these aren’t easily removed if you want a change or your love interest doesn’t approve and there is a margin for error. Men are more “lenient” and less upset by this deception, but it’s a swindle nonetheless.

#3 Lacefronts/Wigs/Weaves (That aint yo hair)

SBM carried the cross and took a defiant stand against this physical deception once upon a time. Now,this isn’t race specific, because women of all races rock wigs or get weaves. The issue lies when these articles of “hair” are not worn properly. When it looks like a birds nest,  has all the colours of the rainbow, or is a hazard to any open flames, we have a serious issue. men may like a woman with long flowing hair. You could appease that fantasy with an excellent weave job. What happens when that weave eventually has to go and under that contraption you’re hair is more Eve than Eva? Some women will assume that a man knows it’s a weave and won’t tell. Others will catch a fit when a man performs the weave test on their scalp (he runs fingers through the hair to see if he’ll get stopped abruptly or feel the third rail on your head). I’ve definitely felt like this before:

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#2 WonderBra/Pushup Bra (Your Breasts Aint that Big!!)

I’ve heard horror stories that go like this:

Boy meets girl.

Boy and girl converseate.

Boy loves girls breasts.

Boy takes girl home.

Girl takes off bra.

Boy sees C cups turn into A- cups, and sees padding in the bra.

Boy fakes emergency and leaves Girl with her bee stings bare.

These bras are a travesty and a dirty swindle to pull on men. You prop your breasts up for the world to admire, only to have them hanging low, wobbling to an fro. Padding in a bra is so High School its not even funny, and I severely question and side-eye women who wear these instruments of deceit. Now when women’s breasts look amazing, the only thing I wonder is whether the packaging is better than the actual gift.

#1 The Girdle (Your stomach aint flat!!!)

Understand that I say this with no jovial tone, with no smile on my face, or light-hearted feelings within the bowels of my soul: If there is ANYTHING that cannot be tolerated, it is a girdle. This optical illusion is a heinous act of trickery that would make Loki, the god of Lies, blush. I’ve seen items like this for sale and it angers me to no end. So ladies, this is where we are in 2010? You say eff a workout, eff eating right, I’m finna throw on a girdle and kill the game? This is a symbol of self defeat, lack of confidence, and a deviousness to fool a poor dude who doesn’t see your gut until it’s too late. There’s no need for this cheap attempt at a flat stomach. I know a few resources that can help men and women get into excellent shape.  They’ve helped me and they can help YOU!

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Women, I just wanted to show that “I see what you do there”, and while some are funny and trivial, others are too audacious to ignore. What other deceptions have you seen women use. Women, I know you want to reflect this on us men point out our deceptions, so let’s hear those too.

United I stand, against these swindles,


  1. *rubs hands across Spanx* I'm a firm believer in wearing shapewear when the occassion calls for it. I've never needed a girdle, but I find that Spanx just makes my clothes look better. And no, I'm not overweight. In a way it's keeping my tight until my body begins to see the results of my workout.

        1. watch an episode of what not to wear. lol

          spanx do not make a size 16 woman a 10 as someone else stated. but she will look SMOOTH in her gown with them on.

        2. It's not really a #swindle … even celebrities wear Spanx or other girdles underneath their clothes to keep everything looking smooth and insure there are no bumps, bulges or visible panty lines.

          Both Thandie Newton and Eva Longoria have said that they wear up to TWO pairs of Spanx underneath certain clothing at events. BOTH of those women are skinny bordering on anorexic. Even THEY need it.

          It's a situation that most men would not understand because none of their clothing is tight or clingy. Foundation garments are just a formal attire necessity for women, like a tie or dress socks are for men.

    1. Welcome! (I think)

      I've never had the opportunity to wear spanx, so I can't speak on it. However, it sounds like they have a purpose, and I can't knock it at all.

      1. I refuse to knock Spanx as well, but I think the men just don't want to unwrap some JIGGLY stuff when they thought they were getting some FINE stuff. lol I would absolutely hate to think that a man had a flat stomach….until he took off his girdle. EW and goodbye!

        I hate being restricted (girdles and such), so I just don't wear unflattering clothing. Yes, this can limit the risque clothes I wear, but there's always something cute in the store that looks great on my unrestricted body.

        NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG any of this, but I just can't do the hot weave, uncomfortable shoes, tight girdles, and I don't want an implant because I might keloid… This means I have to be pretty damn natural and the only way to look good naturally is to drink water, watch the foods you eat, and exercise. It's cool.

  2. LOL! That last clip really made me LOL!

    I wear heels…i'm 4'11" the extra height comes in handy but i have no issue taking off my shoes to show my true height…funny enough, i don't really wear them a lot, i prefer my flip flops! #idontcareifyoujudgeme

    My booty is 100% homegrown…it is the product of good Trini & Haitian eating for 24 years! lol! The same goes for my boobs but sometimes, i do like an extra lift but they aren't bad!

    Like my booty & Boobs, my hair is also 100% homegrown…and it is quite long…peep my gravatar, lol!

    I've never wore a girdle but i've worn a corset…i don't have a gut but the corset makes the dress look more smooth, depending on the style & fabric…i don't wear the corset often but now that i'm getting on this yoga & pilates #flow (i'm so excited, y'all just don't know), it probably won't be necessary any more!

    This post was funny though & i literally laughed out loud at times…Great job streets!

  3. This was a funny one! Personally the only one I been guilty off is weaves! However, My hair always looks great. If you want a great job, you have to pay the price. I dont need anything else. I love my breast just the way they are, they are big enough. Dont want or need any damn pads. I really think butt pads are a mess, would never buy them or wear them. My @ss is my @ss dont like it? keep it moving.

    I dont think heels should be in here. They are great, and sexy and should be kept on during sex.

    Dont need a girdle bc am not fat and i dont need to tuck in me belly. The END.

    I would say this, I hate it when dudes wear those big ass white tees to hide the lack of a nice body, and then wanna come at females bc they dont have a video vixen body. Please know ur place and hit the fcking gym. You are only worth what you can offer.


  4. This is the first post i've read since I finally got settled out here…Let me just lay here dead for a minute.

    Streetz, you have issues. I'll fight you on the height thing though. Yea i'm 5'0 but and I stay wearing heels most of the time but my preference for a guy taller than me in heels is alllll bout my future chilluns. I can't change my height even though I can pull an optical illusion with these shoes, but I can attempt to help out my kids right? WWJD and all.

    UM So I was strolling down by this open air market out here …and there were all kinds of items for sale..clothes, hats, shoes, bras…and then I noticed them—BUM PADS/BUM BRA'S. Seriously…wtf. I couldn't help myself, I had to toca lol. What a swindle if i've ever seen one. BUM PADDING. I mean i've heard of it but i've never actually SEEN them. I think if a man is gonna get upset about any stunts some women pull…this DEFINITELY should top the list.

    That is all.

    1. Yea i’m 5’0 but and I stay wearing heels most of the time but my preference for a guy taller than me in heels is alllll bout my future chilluns. I can’t change my height even though I can pull an optical illusion with these shoes, but I can attempt to help out my kids right?

      ^^^Exactly! I'm 4'11"! I don't want my children to be oompa lumpas, especially if they are boys! Let's be considerate now! lol

  5. Eh? u went after heels? That is sooooooooooooo wrong…I can't co-sign that. Ever!

    It's not just about height, heels show a woman's confidence cos done right our strut oozes sexuality and sophistication all at the same time. How many times have the fellas here stopped to stare in appreciation at a woman's sway as she struts in those inches? #ThankMeLater for that smile u're wearing now as u reminisce on that 😀

    Besides wearing #5 helps to eliminate the need for #4, #2 and #1 swindles…Lemme explain

    The thing about heels is they force the back to arch and this pushes the bosom forward and the buttocks rearward; thus accentuating the female form. See what I'm saying?! There's no need for butt or breast implants or padded bras *chucks out wonder bra*

    Yes they make the legs look longer but they also help the gluteus maximus to look more defined. See what I'm getting at again? no need for butt implants…*ponders what to do to express this?* hmmmmm…ok this doesn't apply to me cos #MyBodyTooBootylicious

    already 😉

    I know heels put pressure on the lower back but there's also an argument that they help to improve the tone of a woman's pelvic floor… so wearing heels helps to prevent the need for girdles #FaitAccompli *chucks out spanx*

    Heels are a must ladies…join the movement 😉

  6. The girdle part made me Lmao. (Still wont get butt implants though) wtf? I cant believe people do this.

    I agree, great (comfortable) high heels are the greatest!!!!

    Going to wear some today to work….funny post.

  7. I don't know whether to laugh or cry regarding this post. This post immediately pissed me off. Maybe, its because I am PMS'ing today….but, I am trying to gather my thoughts. I will return, I think.

  8. Ok the heels thing is silly. I personally don't wear heels to look taller, I wear em bcuz there cute & they're a must when dressing up for a nite out. I actually enjoy being short & my 6 inch heels make me tower over all of my friends that are around my height (5'4") which I do NOT enjoy. Now the fake a** & tits thing is od crazy to me BUT men love big a**es lately so women who had no problem with their lil booties before now feel the need to augment so they can look aesthetically pleasing (smh). I have no issues with my small butt but for some reason people now like to ridicule people who don't have a "fatty" (as if its their fault they don't have extra padding back there) *shrugs & moves on* Padded/push-up bras: I discovered these a few short years ago & my boyfriend thought my boobs just grew overnight lol! I'm a small C & the push-ups/padding makes me look like a true C-cup. No big diff nor surprise when taken off but depending on the top I wear I might slap one on! Sue me! Lol. The weave thing is ok in my opinion IF a person is truthful when asked if its their real hair bcuz I've seen sum honeys that are drop dead beautiful with a face full of makeup & a head full of weave who would shock the sh*t out of any dude when they remove them. Idc bcuz I'm a female but if I was a dude I couldn't take that chance with a weave-wearing female…too risky! Girdles are def a swindle & I understand you want to look nice but when that sh*t comes off & ur blubber starts shaking *shudders* I don't know, I just don't know. To each his own though. If its a special occasion & you want to transform for a night…do you! But if u have to put on ur face, hair, body to go out on a daily basis, maybe…just maybe…ur not really cute!

    1. Girdles are def a swindle & I understand you want to look nice but when that sh*t comes off & ur blubber starts shaking *shudders* I don’t know, I just don’t know. To each his own though.


      THIS!! Theres no worse feeling than seeing blubber fall out from a tightly coupled deception device known as a girdle…

      Lookin like shorty who was gettin her box eaten on the NYC subway.. i KNOW yall saw that!

      1. Lookin like shorty who was gettin her box eaten on the NYC subway.. i KNOW yall saw that!

        ^^^I hate chu for that…cause unfortunately, i clicked that link *dry heave*

      2. Part of me is tempted to run to google just so I can see what y'all talking bout, bout I think I'll be able to control that urge. 🙂

  9. Shapewear isn't always about hiding extra weight or a flabby stomach – it's really the only way to get that perfectly smooth hourglass under a clingy dress or pencil skirt, even with abs of steel that look perfectly flat naked. Women of generations past wore much more in the way of foundation garments than we do and avoided many of the lumpy, bumpy, fashion faux pas of today.

      1. Can't say why most women wear them, but that's a reason why most women should. Spanx won't take you from a sz 16 to a 10. It will show if you try – say no to looking like a sausage casing, ladies!

      2. fashion conscious women, yes.

        most women don't wear them at all–which is why you see so many muffin tops and guts pouring out of jeans, rolls in fitted dresses, etc.

        1. My sands warned me that women would hit me over the head with Spanx (TWSS?) So let me ask this…

          Whats the difference between women wearing spanx and men wearing baggy clothes or girdles themselves. I dig the fashion conscious aspect, but wouldnt it be easier to just get your body tight or tailor your garments to aestetically please your current body? If you have a muffin top, and you use these things to hide em, lets say a dude talks to you off strength of your augmented body, isn't that a swindle? Isnt that a lack of full physical bodily disclosure?

          Im not saying I'm perfect, or that women ahve to be, but I think Women use the fashion angle as a crutch to the truth that they're hiding the less visually pleasing parts of their body, and thats a swindle.

          Men are NO better… wearing bagy clothes to hide your gut n shyt….

        2. @ Streetz.

          in regards to muffin tops in jeans–my biggest pet peeve in life: get a bigger size and/or skip the low rise. seriously. I'm not a fat woman by any means but I can't wear low rise jeans–they just don't work with my body type.

          and like someone else stated–its very easy to say lose weight but maybe the person doesn't need to lose weight–maybe their weight is just proportioned to go the middle. If I eat a hearty meal–I have a food baby. that is my life, I can't escape that. its my genes. but I wouldn't put on spanx to cover that because that would be torture. lol

          spanx will not add hips or fill you out–they are made to smooth–remove dimples–you know those huge fat asses yall like, when they aren't airbrushed in photos are actually pretty lumpy.

          a woman shouldnt wear a thong with a fitted dress, she should probably wear spanx to smooth that thang on out… is it really hiding to want to look your best in a certain outfit for a certain occasion. if it is, fine. but I'll continue to swindle. and I suggest other women continue as well. cuz yall talk shit about women that look a hot mess.

          I promise I need my own show–or to team up with Stacy and Clinton to teach the masses.

        3. Ooh ooh! Let's start a show. I absolutely ADORE Clinton and Stacey

          And I agree, Spanx doesn't magically change your body…just keep it tight.

        4. @ Streetz

          I forgot to add. tailoring clothes would probably be the best solution. but lets face it, most people buy off the rack. So its important to buy clothes that fit your type and then tweak pieces here and there if you need to.

          I'm short but I can't wear petites for example because I have long arms and legs. I may get a suit jacket taken in though to fit my boob and waist area if I really like it. Also, mostly the higher end the brand/ the better fit you find. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

        5. Spanx for the info Reecie! lol…

          Here's my thing.. I think we use genetics as a crutch too. I feel like the human body can overcome any obstacle. maybe those women who always have belly fat need to restict their diet more… work out harder, more cardio, something…

          I just never liked using genetics as an excuse.

          If thats the case I might as well die now because genetically diabetes hypertension and cancer are in my family. I wont accept a genetic deaths entence though, but that's just me.

        6. Haha! I love them too! That show needs to be syndicated and put on primetime television.

          The under garments will NOT shave off a whole size off of a person, so it truly isn't a swindle, the man was just probably not looking at the whole picture.

          There are no shape wear for fat arms, or thick ankles #justsaying…

        7. @Streetz

          I agree w/ using genetics as a crutch…when you're not doing anything about it. But if you're working out, trying to get your midsection right and STILL have a little pudge, at what point do you being to accept your body?

          I workout and I'm in good shape, but I have hips and a tush …always have, always will. I lose weight, and they're still there saying "hi". It runs in my family. Gotta accept it and make it the best hips and tush possible.

          I can't keep trying to have more narrow hips and a smaller ass. That's insanity.

        8. @Streetz … Yes, diet and exercise play a large role, but there are some things that ARE genetic that no amount of diet or exercise are going to take care of. Plus, you have to understand that getting in shape is not as easy for women as men. You all naturally burn more calories because of your lean muscle mass and you have less fat cells on average.

          Furthermore, if you are a pear shape with a bigger butt and thighs you will ALWAYS have a lower body that is larger proportionate to the rest of your body no matter what. Me for instance, I will ALWAYS have a big chest. I'm 5'4" and 140lbs with a DD cup right now. I could get down to 105 lbs and STILL probably be a C cup. I'm just genetically coded to have a big chest and no amount cardio or weight training is getting rid of it. PERIOD.

    1. Never understood the feet/D relationship. I don't think it's a swindle though….you could have asked him instead of assuming. lol

      1. Flipping that—just because the man was attracted to the eye candy, shouldn't be holding the fact that the woman uses whatever she cans to enhance her beauty either. It's not her fault. LOL

    2. 1. Heels shouldn't be on this list. I like wearing heels, I'm already tall (5'9), so hopefully that weeds out that short dudes trying to talk to me (hasn't worked yet)

      2. Breast/butt implants- I don't need breast implants, BUT I understand women who do. If it boosts your confidence, then doesn't that make you more attractive to men (according to men)? Butt implants- doing too much

      3. Weaves/Wigs- I do both because I'm trying to grow my natural hair out AND I'm lazy…it takes too much time in the morning to do hair & makeup

      4. Wonder bra/push up bra- on the fence…I have ample bosoms, so I don't need a wonder bra, BUT for that extra ummpph, I have push up bras too

      5. Girdle–I can only laugh at that…I do have one, I'm not fat (thick, obese, or any other synonyms) and exercise regularly, BUT I carry all my weight in my midsection and it's very difficult to lose (my waist is mad short and long legs). I think lipo is next on my list. I don't wear my girdle much UNLESS it's a specific dress that I need to be on point with.

      I can understand the ire from men with that one, though.

        1. So FLyy u not no 6ft in heels woman…lol… unless you had your short heels on every event I at which I saw you…

          Also this Big Feet big D swindle… cmon son!

        2. Lmfao @ Streetz tryna call me out. I don't know what shoes I had on the night you were in the District but I know that I'm 5'7.5" bare feet and my heels are normally about 4 inches, 5 if I'm feelin frisky…

          That puts me at 5'11.5"… close enough.

  10. I don't mind the heels…the sex appeal is just irresistible.

    Fake ass and fake boobs are an issue for me. I don't cosign the whole implant phenomenon. I'm a firm believer of natural. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and if they stayed that way, they'd meet someone that love them for who they are. What happens when ladies go get this implant is that the influx of men increases and the number of bad men you'd have to date to meet the good one also increases. If that floats your boat though, I guess, go with the flow…just don't label all men as bad afterwards.

    The weaves thing I don't mind as much as long as she is not infatuated with it. I prefer my women natural but if she goes for the weave or wigs, I give her a pass. I understand what they go through trying to keep their hair looking pretty and sometimes a weave/wig makes it so much easier for them. Heck, I used to buy weaves and wigs for my ex when she was too busy to go to a salon to wash her hair….made life a little easier for her.

    I don't mind the size of a woman's boobs or ass…beauty is within(her attitude and manners) so if she feels like wearing push up, no problem…that's better than getting an implant.

    The girdle is the worst and I can't stand it when they say "I don't like working out". I'm like, you wanna be fat but also have a fit stomach? who they hell told you it worked that way? Girl you better get your behind to the gym and hit those treadmill. You are dating me cuzz of fit, so why can't I also enjoy tight abs from you? That's just selfish.

  11. I don't have a gut and I've never used a girdle, but I will speak up for the sisters w/ a little pudge in the middle and say…it's not always as easy as losing weight and dieting.

    Because of genetics some women naturally carry weight in their midsection…have a kid and it's really in full force. Same goes for the size of your breast, boobs, hips…sometimes it's more of a matter of genetics that poor eating habits and such.


    Other than that….I don't use any of these swindles.

    I'm already tall, so I rarely wear heels.

    I don't do weaves.

    My girls sit up nicely on their own…besides, I hate padded bras.

    The arse is all mine.

    But I could see why some of these are considered swindles.

  12. great post brethren. out of all the swindles you listed i can only rock with the heels. i don't really care about a woman's height as long as she's over 5'2 and under 6'0.

    implants: i don't even see the point in these "enhancements". they hardly ever look real and you end up looking foolish (especially butt implants).

    wigs/weaves: this in my opinion is the biggest swindle. i prefer a woman to rock her own hair. i don't care if it's long or short, kinky or straight. just as long as it's yours. a lot of women take offense when they hear my preference but how can someone get mad at MY preference. i'm so anti-weave.

    push-up bras: most time i can tell when an A cup is just pushed up. i really don't mind in this area either because as i've stated before all you need is a mouthful. if you don't have a mouthful then i doubt the best wonder bra is going to do anything for you.

    the girdle: o_0 this right here. ultimate swindle. to me this might be the equivalent of a man stuffing socks down the front of his pants. why not just go to the gym. out of all things on the list this has to be the one that can be changed the most. you really can't change your height or your breast size. so get in a gym and go for a run.

    1. "this right here. ultimate swindle. to me this might be the equivalent of a man stuffing socks down the front of his pants. why not just go to the gym."


      But they dont hear you though (c) Reecie

    2. wigs/weaves: this in my opinion is the biggest swindle. i prefer a woman to rock her own hair. i don’t care if it’s long or short, kinky or straight. just as long as it’s yours. a lot of women take offense when they hear my preference but how can someone get mad at MY preference. i’m so anti-weave.

      ^^^*slow clap* i feel like those of us who are Natural (no chemicals have EVER touched my hair in my 24 years of life) are underrated!

      And i'm 4'11" so i'm out of your height range, lol!

        1. Negatory, i don't wear those high of heels…but i'm used to it…most of the dudes i've dealt with we're 6'4"…didn't really bother me! lol!

          They chase me, i don't chase them, lol!

  13. once upon a time in philadelphia i fell victim to the girdle swindle. i chatted a young lady up at a party, invited her out for breakfast after said party. we ended up in my bedroom later that night/morning.

    when the clothes came OFF, a few more inches of her waist were added ON

    i was supposed to be a good communicator and express my discontent of her aesthetic deviance and send her on her merry way…..

    ….but what really happened is i mentally tallied up how much i had spent on drinks, omelettes, hash browns, and gas and said "f*ck it"….literally and figuratively

    don't judge me.

    i have never made that mistake again and plan to keep it that way.

    this was not a proud moment in the Carver Chronicles…

    1. I could definitely see why this would bother any man. However, you obviously weren't planning on much more than a hook-up anyhow, so I'd say you got what you were looking for.

      Sidebar: I kinda want an omelette and hash browns now.

      1. naw…she was a cool chick. i liked her, i just happened to be winning that night #sueme

        sidenote *if i was just trying to cut, then we definitely ain't going out to breakfast*

        but after the girdle debacle, it was over for her. i don't put up with lying or disrespect….girdling falls in both categories.

  14. I'm stuck in a basement, sitting on a tricycle,

    Girl gettin' on my nerves,

    Goin' outta my mind, I thought she was fine,

    Don't know if her body is hers!


    #5 Heels

    I don’t mind this swindle because women look good rocking the heels, and unlike the others, it’s obvious if a woman is wearing heels. But as a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, high heels force unnatural gait, can cause knee pain due to constant hyperextension, shortens the gastrocnemius muscles leading to postural distortions, shortens and causes tightness in the psoas and lower back muscles, making it more difficult to tone the lower abs and butt, and causes reciprocal inhibition leading to altered motor engrams. (Sorry shubby, I’m not buying the pelvic floor thing, heels likely make it more necessary to wear a girdle). But y’all look good wearing them!

    #4 Breast/Butt Implants

    No strong opinion either way on the breast implants unless they look ridiculous. I’ve never met a woman or handled and augmented a$$, so I can’t comment on the feel or look. But padded bras and pants/panties are just wrong. At least the implants make your breasts still stand up after the clothes come off, padding is just false advertisement.

    #3 Lacefronts/Wigs/Weaves

    While 98% of the time long hair looks better on a woman, but you can do something with short hair. Weaves are tolerable, but I can’t do wigs. My grandmother wears wigs, I don’t want to be thinking of my grandma when talking to a woman.

    #2 WonderBra/Pushup Bra (Your Breasts Aint that Big!!)

    A slightly less offensive version of padding.

    #1 The Girdle

    Lose some weight. Few things are more disappointing to a man than seeing a woman’s figure go from hourglass to Michelin Man when the clothes come off.

  15. The truth of the matter is these things may be tricks but it's what men like. You want to believe that your woman is perfect. Rather, you want to believe that it is possible for a woman to be perfect. When in reality we all have flaws, some small, some big. I'm guilty of everything you mentioned. But it doesn't define me. the heels, the weaves, the push-up bras. No implants. I'm free of cosmetic surgery. What I'm saying is, it's about being comfortable with yourself and enhancing beauty. When I see a woman with jacked up hair, I say, her face is beautiful…she would look a lot better with a weave. Or a woman with bags under her eyes, and say she should get some tips in under eye concealer, makeup or something. The beautiful women you see walking down the street, the celebrities you fall in love with, they're all enhancing something. Perfection is only in the mind. They all wear makeup and cover blemishes, and I can't think of 2 black celebrity women who wear their natural hair. Not even two.

  16. Seriously this was stupid and I know you know better. You seriously think when you see Kim, Halle or what ever chick you into on the redcarpet they don't have on a body shaper you are sadly mistaken. I wear a body shaper often and I have a great body. I also have some serious cakes that need extra control and gives me that extra firmness I prefer in my suits. Dimple butt and jiggling ass is never acceptable in court.

    1. #youmad?!!

      We go by a respect code around these parts and you calling my post stupid is out of line. Opinions, are assholes and I guess everyone has them and acts like them.

      If you didn't see the comedy in this post,im sorry. Fact of the matter is a lot of these things are TRUTHFUL!

      If you have a great body and wear those whatever the fcuk they are for support than cool. A LOT OF WOMEN wear it to CONCEAL though?

      Dont dismiss one mans observation for idocy. Internalize, Evaluate and Implement.

      I swear people get mad when they know what's going on in men's mind.

      Thanks for the comment though!

    2. PREACH!!


      Cuz we all know Bey stays in her SPANX when she rocking dresses and her body is bootylicious so what does that tell you. She ain't doing to hide her flaws she doing to SMOOTH it out (legs/thighs,etc.)

  17. 5. I will continue to wear heels… how would that oh so cute dress look w/ flip flops? -__-

    4. I don't have em so I have no opinion.

    3. Wigs = hair hats. They hot. I can't do it. I did it once for a performance and I just about died. However, I will rock a mean weave. I like various styles that I can't necessarily achieve w/ my current natural growing process. Sue me. & yes because my tracks is HOT sometimes I have to clarify that it is not my real hair and I have no problem doing so.

    2. I'd say like 50% of my bras have padding. I'm a firm C cup so I don't do it to enhance the girls, I wear padding b/c [a] it's comfortable, [b] the cleavage it creates = amazing, & [c] i don't have to worry about cold temperatures & n!pple sightings. However, there is a difference between a wonderbra (add 2 cup sizes padding) and gentle lift padding. My bras are the later, I couldn't eeem fade 2 more cup sizes. For me it's not deceit b/c when I take off my contraption my girls sit just as high and just a large, they just aren't as close together. *shrugs*

    1. Girdles don't work for me. I tried. I failed. That thing was rolling all over the place. I've always been a 'pot-bellied' kid, even when I was uber skinny I looked like my belly was full. LOL. (It's really not that bad…) Instead of wearing girdles, I just wear flattering clothing. Eh. You win some, you lose some.

    1. LMAO @ wigs

      Yo, last year I tried to do a quick weave (I was in the process of going natural)…a waste of money! That shit was so hot!!!! And heavy…and I had nothing better to do than take a boxing class w/ it on….that shit was peeling off by the time I got home.

      1. Quik weaves = insanity. LMAO. I tried that too, tryna save some money once… the way that thing was just peeling and lifting just from the steam in the shower, smh. I can only imagine what it would be like after a workout. Quik weaves are for women w/ very very little hair who obviously don't workout. No bueno. I just go 'head and throw that million & 3 dollars out when I go for a weave to make sure it suits my situation & it's quality.

        1. Pretty much. I don't rock out w/ the weaves anymore #ShortHairDontCare

          But in high school you couldn't tell me I wasn't Beyonce! My weaves were popping,lol

  18. The women of my mothers and above generation blame the lack of use of a girdle and the low rider phenomena on bulging guts and muffin tops, etc. When you look at pics of women of the past, even though they were fuller back then (as models) than they are now, you clearly see there stomach is always flat. The reason is because they wore waist cinching garments, which gave no chance to fat being stored in that area.

    So in short the girdles need to make a come back because hanging guts are NOT the business. And honestly girdles do NOT transform you, they take a few inches off at best.

    I hate padded bras, the breasts I own need no extra padding what so ever, and I can't for the life of me fathom why they would make padded bras in my size [which shall remain unstated].

    But pads, smh…they are just funny, it never looks real, ever. Don't need it either.

    Heels are the devil, but I love them….although with my height I rarely wear them anymore. I truly believe men are just not growing any longer.

    1. yeah as a generation we don't even wear slips anymore–I know I'm guilty. I'm about to start back dainty-fying (made up word) my life though. get into some lace…lol

  19. This issue has always been a pet peeve of mine. I'm a brotha who comes from the "what you see is what you get" school of thought. I always try to dress smooth and while kissing a woman I purposely put her hand on my package so she knows what I'm working with. The girldle is HAND's DOWN the biggest swindle. I've been duped and this is an unforgivable sin. Why? Because, all men looooooove a woman in heels and we all know that "what mother nature gives you, father time will eventually take away (hence the need for a breast lift or padding). But don't give me the impression that you are slim to later discover (after you disrobe) that you are a heavywieght. Blasphemous!!!

    1. The Chivalrous Man: while kissing a woman I purposely put her hand on my package so she knows what I’m working with..


  20. Whatever the necessary gene is that allows for a successful #swindle, I don't have it. I hate bras period so a push-up bra is just an instrument of torture as far as I'm concerned. Same goes for Spanx, girdles, corsets and the like – I enjoy breathing too much to willingly pour myself into something that damn near cuts of my circulation.

    I do own both a butt bra and padded underwear and I will rock them if the outfit requires it; some things just don't look right if you don't have a little shape.

    Problem is I will then spend the entire time telling everyone that I'm wearing padded undies and urging them to "feel it! it feels so real!".

    And that's where the #swindle fails.

  21. Let me clarify a few things

    #1 The heels thing was more of a joke. Read the first line and you'll see I accept it as a necessary evil

    #2 Im getting a spanx education today, which is great. We have fundamental differences, and thats ok. Keep putting me on though

    #3 If guys wore spanx would that be an issue? What about padding their crotch?

    #4 Weight Loss and getting in shape help your life in the long run AND your body… just sayin

    #5 Marie made a comemnt about Halle and em wearin girdles. You really think Stacy Dash wears spanx or anything to "hide unpleasing aspects of their body" Ciara? Zoe? Jolie?

    Anyone got an answer? Buehler? Buehler…?

    1. Streetz, I usually rock w/ you like MJ

      But you seriously can't think the women above don't have some (for lack of a better word) flaws. Tyra Banks admitted to having dimples in her ass and stretch marks, and she's a BAD chick IMO.

      PLUS all the women you listed are practically rail thin? Jolie? Really?

      There is a guy version of Spanx. Don't know a dude who wears one though. LMAO @ crotch padding.

      1. Exactly. Zoe, Jolie and Ciara are TINY. but all the rest–that actually have curves and dress up and are in front of cameras–they absolutely wear foundation garments. Primetime Emmy's were on Sunday. I GUARANTEE there probably wasn't a woman there that didn't have on some sort of shaper.

        I wouldn't have a problem with a man wearing one of those toned tanks if they wanted to look a certain way under a dress shirt-maybe a tux? this is not a let me wear this everyday because I feel like perpetrating a fraud. shoot I bet some of the men at the Emmy's were rocking em too. lol

      2. Never said they didnt have flaws.. I just dont think they need to wear spanx.. I could be wrong and the ladies enlightenment today is helping with that.

        Thanks for real!!

        1. I wasn't saying you said "flaws"…those were strictly my words

          And yes Streetz, Spanx can be helpful to them as well. It may mean the difference between fitting in that size 0 dress they want to wear, or wearing the alternate dress that is a 2.

          Bey for example…she has a more womanly figure than the examples listed above, and it's not secret this chick wears all kinda tights and thangs.

        2. No, but they probably wear fillets (bra fillers) or push-ups…matter of fact, I'm pretty sure I heard Ciara recently had some boob work done….but, the point is everyone has something on their body that could use a little help or a little work…..

      3. When the man spanx were mentioned, i thought of the episode of Girlfriends where Joan was dating this dude and she found out he wore a Girdle! lol…they very well maybe out there!

        1. @QueenT- thanks!

          Those women may not use Spanx/girdles, but best believe there are some swindles going on.

          A lot of times women will tape their breasts together to create the illusion of cleavage. So when you see Ciara/Paris/Zoe (insert skinny Hollywood chick) with breasts one day in a form-fitting (Spanx-less) dress and in yesterday's pic when she was casual, you could barely notice anything up there, that was a swindle. I think Paris openly admitted it.

          So, the women a lot of you guys lose your mind over are swindling too and probably much better because they have the money to do it better.

        2. @Seven

          The facial expressions Joan had in that episode were CLASSIC! But i guess guys don't go without their issues too, lol!

    2. Streetz, you aint gotta re-nig good brother. Your post was about female swindles/deceptions and it was from a MAN'S perspective. I to have learned from and enjoyed the comments by the many ladies who responded but I dont think you gotta justify anything that you wrote. And I also knew that you were kinda joking/poking fun at women wearing heels to look taller…NOT at women wearing heels to look feminine or sexier.

      1. Good lookin Greek. Sometimes people dont read my blogs thoroughly so I must provide an epilogue. Plus I want to get points across. I stand firm by my points. Always.

        **blackfist in the air

  22. I want to first say that Chris Rock is a fool. This post made me laugh but I want to put up a list of things MEN do.

    Oh and let me clear the air first before some SBM starts thinking I was offended by any of this after he reads my list. I am 5'7 and only wear heels to feel fancy. Padded bras help my headlights not show and I like the "full look". Sue me. But I don't have implants of any sort. I wear my own hair, its long and healthy but if I wasn't I would probably rock a weave for versatility. Spanx are my best friends for formal occasions, but I am no where near fat/obese, etc.


    1.) Hats! You know the dudes that are wearing them to cover up their WAP head. You thought he was cute in his fadora when you met him but on the 3rd date he gets comfortable and shows you his super dome. Lousiana

    2. S Curls. AKA good hair in a box. God knows I am a sucker for a black man with wavy hair ( I see you dayl8). BUT if its not NATURALLY wavy that is fine, I like neat dreads, fades, etc but S curls IMO are not cute.

    3. Golden wrapper carriers. You say you fill the "golden ticket" and have the audacity to carry them in your wallet but when it comes down to it the extra small fits perfect. SMH.

    4. BOOTS aka Buff Only On Top Swindlers. You know the guys who only go to the gym to work out the top half of their body but have chicken legs. That isn't cute! Ladies like a nice pair of defined legs too. Do some squats or something. Thanks.

    I have more but I didn't want to go too hard in the paint.

    1. Finally someone has a list for men. I have been fooled by the hat trick before. I thought this one brotha was fine until he took off his hat in the restuarant and he had a receding hairline. At 26….???

      1. I think we know the SAME dude. He was so fine with his hat on. SMH

        I keep wondering why none of the males have responded to either list of male swindles…*crickets*.

    2. BP – I got you. Just for fun:

      1.) I feel you on this, but, personally I look good in hats, and without – so my wife says – not sure you can trust her opinion though cuz SheLubHerSumMe. For the record though, my hairline is still intact (you can sorta see in my avatar) and if it wasn't I'd go full Jordan.

      2.) My waves stay spinnin… no need for the S-Curl. You might be unique though, some chicks be loving that Al B. Sure look.

      3.) Golden Wrapper carriers. Too much of a gentleman to say more than this: I've always been complimented.

      4.) BOOTS. I've always had really muscular legs. But, I have been in the gym and seen dudes with legs that like they've looked the same since they were in middle school. That sucks, and I can see how you'd feel swindled if he was looked like the Hulk up top.

      The biggest male swindle though, has nothing to do with appearance and everything to do with finance. N*ggas stay on some fake it till you make it ish. Big cars, no crib. Business Suits at Happy Hour like they're coming from work when they really don't have a job and are coming straight from their (moms) crib… etc.

      1. Most I have been reading this blog long enough to know you're one in a million. Aaliyah.

        But I am speaking to the masses. I know there has to be men on SBM that are guilty of some of these swindles. Also, I agree with you on that whole monetary swindle but I have never heard of the "suits at happy hour but have no job" swindle. Lawwwwd. All I can say is thank God for Google. I will Google someone in a NY minute!!!


      1.) Hats!

      men usually wear hats for different reasons. i personally rep my city all day/night so 9 times outta 10 you'll see me with my Twins fitted on…the same can be said for 90% of NYC's male population about Yankee hats

      However i do know guys that rock hats because they're hair is thinning. thankfully i'm not there in life so i cant speak for them.

      2. S Curls.

      YOU may clown it but you'd be surprised how many women like it. always remember that guys usually do stuff that works,

      so next time you see a dude rockin clothes or a haircut YOU don't like or approaching you in a manner YOU feel is disrespectful just remember that it worked on some chick somewhere

      i don't do s-curls but i had a homeboy who did….i saw the same girls that clowned about it only find themselves later running their fingers thru his hair with the puppy dog eyes

      3. Golden wrapper carriers.

      some nuccas are frontin…others are just prepared lol

      4. BOOTS aka Buff Only On Top Swindlers.

      women pay way more attention to chests, stomachs, and arms…when yall collectively start paying more attn to legs i'm sure we'll collectively start working on them more….besides, most people who work out often hate lower body day for some reason….#kanyeshrug

      1. Carver: "besides, most people who work out often hate lower body day for some reason….#kanyeshrug"

        Because leg workouts are far more taxing that upper body workouts, and people are lazy. If you do heavy, deep squats or breathing squats (sets of 20), you'll look and feel like you were doing sprints. That never happens when you are benching. #barbell shrug

        1. Little Miss Sunshine: "bleh. I’d much rather do my squats and leg workouts than anything involving my arms. Probably because iLOVE my legs."

          Hide YO Wives!!: "#CoSign – Legs have always been easier/more fulfilling to me than arms. I hate to work my noodle-like arms."

          For women, that's usually the case, probably because women don't naturally have a lot of upper body strength.

          I've always been a leg guy myself, but my legs were always very strong, at least before I had hip problems and decided to dial back. Every once in a while, I'll throw up a good 1300 lbs on the leg press, but when you hit 30 years old, that's probably not wise to do too often.

      2. @ Carver

        "YOU may clown it but you’d be surprised how many women like it. always remember that guys usually do stuff that works, so next time you see a dude rockin clothes or a haircut YOU don’t like or approaching you in a manner YOU feel is disrespectful just remember that it worked on some chick somewhere"

        I wholeheartedly disagree. There are too many generalizations in your post but I am going to discuss this one. Guys don't always do stuff that works its MORE like no one has taught them better. #thatisall.

    4. BP: "I keep wondering why none of the males have responded to either list of male swindles…*crickets*."

      I didn't realize we were supposed to be responding to this. Next time I won't skim the comments!


      1.) Hats!

      I rarely wear hats, I’ve semi-retired my Brewers cap. I’m good with a clean haircut, and at 34, my hairline ain’t receding yet. Not applicable.

      2. S Curls.

      LOL! Not applicable.

      3. Golden wrapper carriers.

      Without crossing the boundary into TMI, let’s just say based on the bug-eyed, agape mouth reactions I get on the regular, I meet the criteria of a golden wrapper carrier. Not applicable.

      4. BOOTS aka Buff Only On Top Swindlers.

      Like I mentioned below, I’m leg pressing 1,300 pounds, and the poundage I'm moving on other lower body exercises are similarly impressive. My screen name isn’t Hugh Jazz for nothing (#nohomo). Not applicable.

  23. Lol this is sooo funny!!!

    Love the heels, I'm 5'6, my "shortest" heels are 4 inches, "tallest"? 6. I will never stop wearing them. Period.

    The rest? Yeah no. I'll pass. Can't do wigs, it's too freaking hot. Pads? Don't need them. #ThankMessikanBabyHay-Sus SPANX/girdles? Tried once only because of the type of dress I was wearing, and yeah, all sorts of fail. I looked like a stuffed potato. Had to take it off mid event and went comando. Best thing ever. Looked a lot better.

  24. I don't personally employ any of these methods..but, I do wear spanx when I have to wear something form fitting to hold it in a little firmer… they keep things from being jiggly…other than that, I don't fault those who do…..I think, if you're just deliberately TRYING to deceive someone then its a problem..but, if you are using these things to make yourself look better in your clothing..or make yourself feel better when you step out the door…then do YOU!

  25. For the clueless kids in the back of the classroom: what exactly are Spanx? Are they like spandex shorts like Andre Agassi used to wear [who by the way also wore wigs/toupees] ?

    Or is it like some full body armor, Iron-Man/Woman type of thing?

  26. Ultimately though, this all stems from male historical tendency to objectify women. Women are now beginning to see themselves the way we see them and sometimes, they realize, males may not like what they see. So – they change it. Can't be mad at them for trying.

    Yall make a great case for that spanx jawn and, I'ma let you finish but, if a dude took his shirt off then removed his spanx and what you thought would be a six–pack turned out to be a keg, you would be tight.

    And therein lays the rub. You must acknowledge there's a double standard. Men can't do anything to alter or enhance their attractiveness to the opposite sex without being lame. A man just has to be who he is and keep it pushing. A woman can do all sorts of stuff and be justified. Is it fair – not really, is life fair… not really.

    So, for me… my opinion, all of these things are fine if you're using them to ENHANCE, not to DECEIVE.

    1. "Yall make a great case for that spanx jawn and, I’ma let you finish but, if a dude took his shirt off then removed his spanx and what you thought would be a six–pack turned out to be a keg, you would be tight…..And therein lays the rub. You must acknowledge there’s a double standard. Men can’t do anything to alter or enhance their attractiveness to the opposite sex without being lame."


    2. great comment. here's the thing though. I wouldn't ASSUME a dude had a six pack at all. most men don't. lol. I may think his gut is a lil less existent but a six pack? nah son.

      thats yall bad for assuming chicks got six packs when they got pillsburry muffins. LMAO. peep her when she's rocking sweats and a fitted graphic tee, not bebe body band dress for your accuracy. lol

      1. Basically…I'm just happy if he isn't looking a few months pregnant…I'll take that with a Coke and smile

        But to ASSUME that woman has a naturally flat stomach, you'll end up dissapointed. It's a rare occurence.

        1. ''I’m just happy if he isn’t looking a few months pregnant''

          🙁 yeah. I will settle for that.

          rarely guilty of #5 but still guilty.

          Maybe I should use those swindles because it seems that they work. Some (most of them) men don't mind here.

          Fake hair —no way !

          Let's stop being hypocrites…

        1. I'm not buying none of that ish yall shovelin.

          Yall talkin bout, the women at the emmys and grammy's are probably wearing Spanx and such.

          When the last time any of yall been to the Grammys. Next time you at the Grammys and you're in a 3,000 De La Renta dress that needs to fit perfectly, you go head' and rock your spanx.

          But if you in the 45 dollar H&M special as you head into the local Friday night spot… 0_o

        2. LMAO!!!

          Sooooo, a woman shouldn't want to look her best just because her dress isn't $3,000 and she's not attending the Emmy's?

          On special occassions or if a particular outfit calls for it…I don't see anything wrong w/ wanting to smooth things out

          BUT if you're rocking a girdle or spanx on a daily basis, that's a different story. False advertisement.

        3. That's the whole point though, a woman should always look her best. Key word: HER.

          Spanx makes you look better than your best, but it's an illusion. That's not cool.

          And it's ok if you're gonna be on TV and 3 or 4 million peopl are gonna see you and judge you espeically when the camera adds untold lbs. But who you trying fool at happy hour?

        4. I don't know…I could be terribly wrong, but Spanx don't change your shape or figure. It you have a gut, while it maybe sucked in ever so slightly…the story is still told.

          Anywho, I'm gonna shut up. Women can't win for trying. If the chick is walking around w/ all types of lumps and bumps showing in her dress…that's an issue…and it's an issue if she wears something to smooth it out.

          *throws in towel*

          Makes absolutely no sense

  27. I just can't stop laughing…this here today is HILARIOUS.

    Spanx yes. I'm guilty as charged…tmi, but I can't wear summer dresses without one because eventually walking around and whatnot, the dress will get sucked into crack of my azz (I'm a thong or no panties gal). Soooo spanx takes care of ALL of that.

    I personally can't stand bras aka harnesses…but fortunately God was good to me in that I don't need to wear one…but I love the fact that there are #swindle push up bras out there for women that like them. I can imagine the let down for the *boobiemen* though… lmao

    Heels…well I'm guilty here too…even though I'm 5'10". I don't wear them everyday…but I love em just the same…they make your legs look fantastic. 🙂

    Weaves…don't need it….and think some look awesome…don't understand the ones that look like they just spring out of nowhere on the forehead…it's just…idk…awful.

  28. Ok, let me preface the saying a few things. The below link is like semi-NSFW. It's not something that's gonna get you fired, but, people might askance if they see this while looking over your shoulder.

    Secondly – PAUSE.

    Lastly, if dude undresses, and the below is what you see, how you gonna respond? Not good right. We feel the same when we take stuff off and see something similar.


    P.S. Pause.

    1. I couldn't hit the "back" button fast enough. I guess you did try to warn us, but that image is going to be burnt into my retinas.

      But any woman that thinks girdles are acceptable can't take exception to this.

    2. Ummm, LOL!

      Women have been wearing undergarments for years..its nothing new…back in the day it was corsets, garters, knickers, belts, slips, stockings, etc……You didn't know what you were working with back in the 18th century….full, hoop skirts were hiding it all…..at least now you can see arms and legs….lol.

      1. Thank you Most for exposing and entertaining,


        I want women to be happy. MJB. I was just pointing out that its a visual swindle. Its all about standard deviation.

        Remember the bell curve in math class?


        Now, if your body is within one standard deviation away from your body with spanx, ox. What I worry is that the majority of you fall into the 95% and 99% percentile, and not in a good way. If you take the spanx off and u dont have a gut, rolls, fatback, hamhock, or any other trait that was hidden, then cool.

        Just like most sd above. the same way yall would be tight if we unsheathed our britches to reveal 6 months of pregnancy, I would be JUST AS TIGHT!

  29. SPANX can be a Girl and GUY'S best friend. Oh Trust and Believe there is most definitely a ManGirdle Swindle going on as well.

    Whether someone is wearing it to minimize a bulge or to smooth somethin out on occassion I say DO YOU, but me personally I can't get down with the Spanx/girdle arsenal everyday… #shrugs

    Weaves: Just like a few other ladies here YES I rock them too but believe me I am not pulling a *thatchickOnlygotThat(snapsfinger)muchHairSwindle* underneath my real hair touches my shoulder blades but I have no chemicals and it's soft which means when it's humid and muggy out.. sheeeeeeeet

    Heels: O__o Shouldn't even be on this list

    Push up Bras/Butt Pads: NO THANKS!!! these D cups do not need to be touching my bottom lip and butt pads Just Say No!!! which to me is way more a travesty than undergarments. *shrugs*

    1. Girls always talking about how long their hair under their weaves look..and how long it is..BUT..they still manage to wear Weaves 330 days out of a 365 day year. I'm sick of it!

      If you hair is shoulder length AND the weave you have in is shoulder length..why not just rock your regular hair??????? I know I'm a guy and we dont know all the in's and outs of all this stuff, but the logic and the math just doesnt add up sometimes.

      (not talking about you GirlSixx specifically, I'm just replying to your comment 😉

      1. #cockspistol


        Okay let ME help YOU to better understand the logic of women like myself who wear weaves although we have hair underneath. LIke I said before no chemicals plus soft hair is a NOGO in humidity and muggy weather and therefore I have to Flatiron it almost everyday which eventually leads to extreme dryness/brittleness and breakage. So in order to prevent all of that I just weave it so that way I can style it and apply heat to it (flatiron/curling iron, etc.) as much as I want to without damaging my MANE and just let it keep growing.

        Hope this helped!!!!… 🙂


      2. Because it takes me 2 minutes to brush out a wig/weave/lacefront and about 40 minutes each morning to do the same thing.

        While getting my freak on, you can pull it, I will sweat, and all while doing the reverse cowgirl…..with a wig/weave will finish and still look like I just left the salon (with a quick brush). With my own hair, I am back in the salon to achieve that look to sit for another 3 hours.

        Feel me?

      3. KautiousNupe: they still manage to wear Weaves 330 days out of a 365 day year. I’m sick of it!

        *hangs head*

        iHateU for this comment because I ain't gonna lie *lol*

        I take mines out for a whole month in December just to show off the MANE and then I puts it right back in….

        *bbm tongue out*

        1. @ KautiousNupe I agree If your hair is really that long then show it. I have had relaxed hair that was bra strap length and always did it in the morning. If I was feeling lazy put it up in a ponytail. Now I have natural hair that is 2 inches from bra strap and I still take the time to do my hair either at night or in the morning. So its not that much work to wear ur natural hair in any state you choose. Those kinds of excuses for weaves are unfounded to me.

        2. The key phrase here would be: unfounded to you.

          I don't know what grain/texture hair you have, but I am not going to the rigamarole to 'show my hair' everyday or regularly except when I feel it necessary. To whom am I showing or proving anything? Having my real hair out certainly isn't improving my quality of living any more than not… so sure, a few men like SBM who detest weave may notice me, eh. You win some, you lose some. But adding an additional 40 minutes onto my prep time in the morning, not to mention the nightwork is not worth it to ME. At least not at this point, maybe one day that will change but my choice is founded in my lifestyle of which I have more important things to do then my naps.

        3. Thanks for keeping it real! I did learn a bit more about the mystery that is the upkeep of black womans hair. 🙂

  30. what kind of girdles are these women wearing? I've only done spanx and like most ladies say- it helps to smooth you out. But if you got a girl who takes off her clothes and goes from amber rose to monique- perhaps you need to lay off the sauce.

    1. But if you got a girl who takes off her clothes and goes from amber rose to monique- perhaps you need to lay off the sauce.



      1. LOL, I think mostly the guys are thinking of the Ardyss or the Colombian girdles that make you "lose inches from your waist in minutes" without exercise. If women are doing it to deceive, then I think it's all kinds of wrong, especially if you're nowhere NEAR that in real life.

        I've been to a couple of those Ardyss parties…yeah they work and yes they do take the below average to above average in a matter of minutes.

  31. Add me to the list that aren't feeling heels being on this list. That said, I rarely wear heels with much height to them anyways. For just an average work day, I'm either wearing boots, wedges, or 2-3" heels. Anything taller than that, and it's me going out for at least a semi-special occasion. I hate heels.

    Nothing else on this list has ever applied to me, so I'll let the other ladies handle this one.

  32. I thought I posted a comment, but I'm not seeing it, so here goes again….I apologize in advance, if this shows up twice.

    Male swindles (that I can think of briefly):

    Permanent- Pec or calf implants….most men wouldn't admit this unless it was their life literally depended on it, I'm sure.



    Viagara- 'nuff said. Let him run out and see what happens…all night, huh?

    Penile implants- yes they do exist and yes this is a MAJOR swindle from guys. It's mostly older dudes who have them, but they do exist, nonetheless…

    1. (((((((APPLAUSE)))))

      Anyways, thank you new2natural!! A lady that came with a list for the men. I am TIRED of trying to justify why we women do certain things when men are just as guilty.

      That link can NOT be real. Dear God he had to have a pecs shaper on or something?

      Penile implants are REAL. Worst than fake tatas in my opinion.

    2. There's a special on plastic surgery addicts on the E! Channel that shows some semi-famous LA hairdresser who's had pec implants, not to mention an assortment of other unecessary surgeries.

      He literally looks like a life sized Ken doll. He could've saved that money and spent it on a gym membership….

      SMDH. >;0[

    3. Come on, you can't compare pec and calf implants to weaves and girdles. I don't even know a man who has implants, but most women I interact with on a regular basis wear fake hair, and a sizable percentage wear girdles and pushup bras. This is the logical fallacy of accident, you can't indict most men based on the .0001% that may have pec implants. I'm not sure on the penile implants, but from what little I've heard, the procedure isn't even safe enough and the end product isn't of sufficient quality to be a widespread issue.

      I'm not old enough to comment on the Viagra though. I'll let you know in another 30 years!

  33. The day I need a pec or calf implant, a man girdle, a toupe, spray on hair, crotch padding, lifts in my shoes, or anything else is the day i give up on social functionality.

    You know how I handle the parts of my body i dont like? The gym. The food I eat. Shoot I might buy a smedium shirt just to show off the pecs! Thats the only swindle you'll get… the type that accentuates 😉 hahah!

    Penile Implants? Nevadat

  34. Along the lines of television shows that were referenced here today, I'd like to reference one of my own…


    Here in the Cosby Show, Dr. Huxtable explains to his son, Theo, the importance of presentation. As a man who dissents on the "I Hate Weaves" movement and doesn't mind. Listen, all the things mentioned in this post, may in fact be swindles, but know that PRESENTATION means everything. I do not mind any of the said above. And I leave you with this,

    "The heel, high heel, it signifies; greatness, dedication, discipline, balance, grace, poise and attention to detail." – Dr. J

    1. "The heel, high heel, it signifies; greatness, dedication, discipline, balance, grace, poise and attention to detail.” – Dr. J



      *rushes up and hugs dr j*

    2. “The heel, high heel, it signifies; greatness, dedication, discipline, balance, grace, poise and attention to detail.”

      I Cosign 10K!!!!.

      Because not every woman can walk in a pair of heels with balance, grace and poise.. MANY HAVE TRIED but FEW HAVE TRULY MASTERED IT..

      It's funny how I can always tell the difference between a woman who wear heels either everyday or pretty often from the woman who wear heels on occasion (bdays,christmas,church 2x a month, etc.)

      1. I'm one of those on occasion folks…not that i walk poorly in them but because i'm like a pseudo hippy and like to be barefoot so if i can't be barefoot, i do the next best thing & wear flip flops, lol!

  35. I'm gonna have to go ahead and give you my honest opinion…while this was a decent post, and most of what women use is true,,this post is full of BS.

    Stop complaining.

    How many times have I read in blogs about men being visual creatures blah blah. If women DIDN'T use these items, we would'nt be "visually appealing" enough for you, and there would be a post about how women dont take care of our bodies. Everyone uses these things, for the most part, and I bet the majority of women who DO use them, don't plan on stopping.

    Its the personality that counts 😉

    1. E,

      No one is complaining. I just pointed out that they were visual swindles.

      I appreciate all women do for their upkeep and I stated thats one reason women had it difficult. At the same time if they didnt do it and they looked a mess you know what? Id pass and theyd rock with who found them appealing. The law of natural selection. Darwinism at its finest.

      Personality that counts? Yea that's not a swindle at all. If that was the case then some women wouldn't have had to sit me down and school me in the art of the Spanx right?

  36. Solid information…First time to your blog. Thanks for sharing. I must revisit this site. I am way interested in cat behavoiral traits. I know that dogs are intelligent creatures. I guess we shall see!!! Thanks one more time…

  37. Aside from the indisputable fact that there are a number of websites which also share similar kinda blogposts like yours, I continue to find myself fascinated with your writing skills. You surely have a way of enthralling your readers.

  38. This is dumb, my boobs are a g cup and my bra is padded because thin fabric cheesecloth bras provide no support and hurt the nipples. My boobs are big with or without the bra.
    And heels?!? Lol most men prefer shorter women antyways. Not wendy willuams tranny height


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