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Women Who Lie

I'll be honest with you, i'd believe anything she said.

For as much as women will claim that men are liars and you can’t trust a man as far as you can see him.  You could say the same for women.  Women lie about everything, everyday, as many chances they can get.  They probably lie more than men.  Women lie as if their lies don’t matter.  A man will lie about where he is, but a woman will lie about who she was with.  In her opinion, his lie was worse.  The thing that really baffles me is that women genuinely feel they will get away with their lies.  They will hold onto their lie until they die, or it’s forced out of them.  And even when they have to repent, expect some tears and emotional distress to try and procure sympathy from you.

Here’s the problem I have, people call me misogynist because I just don’t think you should let women get away with things because they have a vag.  Men will take sex over the truth any day of the week.  A man will roll over in the morning and want some, and immediately forget all about the fact that she just got into bed at 6AM (HAHA).  If a man’s best trick was, “If you loved me you would…” then a woman’s is, “If you don’t […], I don’t know what I will do.”  I’ve been on the recipient of those, I need $150 or I’m going to get my phone turned off conversations.  You know what happens if you don’t give her $150?!  She calls the next chump.

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Before I give too many examples of what women lie about, here’s a list of commonly lied about topics:

Men – I don’t need to rehash my opinions on how women lie about their numbers, what they count and don’t count in terms of sexual acts.  Most men know that asking how many partners a woman has had is just pointless because you’ll never get a straight answer.  Not only does she lie about her sex life, she lies about her male friends.  “Her male friends” are those guys who tried to holler and she didn’t want to see them like that so she said, “We can still be friends.”  Let’s be real, are those really friends?

Friends – Women will lie to you about their friends, so you better watch them.  If you tell a girl you have a table come through and she says, “Is it cool if I bring someone with me?”  Don’t get mad when eight women show up at your table.  Let me be serious.  Real talk, your lady will tell you stories about things her friends do, or she won’t tell you stories about things her friends do.  She won’t tell you how trifling her friends are because we all know that birds of the same feather flock together.  She told you they was playing Taboo all night, she didn’t tell you they were discussing their side boos over spades and tequila.

Money – Let a woman tell you, they are all broke.  I touched on this in a previous post that men need to be their own financial stewards because you will be living paycheck to paycheck and your girlfriend will have a five-digit savings account.  Don’t buy that, “Hair, nails, waxing, clothes, shoes…” swindle, men have all that stuff too.  We have car notes, insurance, credit card bills, and fashion too.  Women know that you like their company so they will say, “I’m broke, I don’t have any money.”  And your nitwit behind says, “It’s okay, I got you.”  No, she got you!

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Appearance – Streetz has touched on this several times about women lying about their looks.  Whether it is fake nails, hair, or extra padding, women lie about it.  Women will tell you that she’s a 36DD, she won’t tell you that they sleep under her arms.  She’ll throw those bad boys in a sports bra and keep it pushing.  A woman will tell you she’s a 34DD because Victoria Secret gassed her into buying the larger cup size, when she knows she’s actually a 36C.  And for the leading appearance swindles of all time… THOSE ARE NOT HER REAL EYES AND SHE DOES NOT HAVE INDIAN IN HER.

Whereabouts – It says in the bible, “Thou shalt not show up unannounced.”  As a brother, if you don’t know this, it’s probably why your girl is scared of you or you’re single.  However, women are notorious liars about their whereabouts.  They will tell you they are going to sleep, when they are going out.  They will tell you they are at Amnesia when they are at Greenhouse.  They will tell you they are at work, when they are with their other man.  You ever notice you don’t meet a woman, she meets you, or y’all meet up somewhere else?  Women start sweating at the sight of 4square, Geo-tagging, or a house phone.  They just hate for you to know where they are at.  And then if they feel that they can’t dodge you, what do they do?  They turn their phone off.  As a member of NO MA’AM we learn in Week One of the program, “A woman’s phone does not die, unless she wants it to die.”

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Funny thing about all this is that a woman’s lies are 75% of time harmless or just allow you to do what you wanted to do anyway.  A lot of dudes missed that last part so let me slow it down for you noodles, 75% of the time their lies are harmless, or allow you… to do what it is that you wanted to do anyway.  But that 25% is what will have you looking dumb.  Do you remember D’Andre from, He Got Game?  Just a friend of Lala my ass.  She lied to Jesus, now you know she’s going to hell.  Moral of the story, do with it as you want, next time a woman tells you something, get you a counterfeit marker and swipe it one good time.


  1. Most men know that asking how many partners a woman has had is just pointless because you’ll never get a straight answer.

    ^^^Not true, in my case, cause I will tell my number…no one has ever asked but i've volunteered it before.

    Let a woman tell you, they are all broke.

    ^^^If i tell you i'm broke, i really mean it! Not too long ago, i had less than $5 in my checking & maybe $10 in my savings…my bank account was manic depressive!

    Whether it is fake nails

    ^^^Does Acrylic over real nails make them seem fake?


    ^^^No Indian but Trini & Haitian All day! lol

    As to whereabouts, if i don't want you to know where i am, i will simply say "out" but most of the time i'm either at home or starting tonight, class. I don't have much of a life these days #deepsigh. And i don't turn my phone off, i feel like i may miss an important phone call if i do so i will do like i'm in class and put it on vibrate.

    Moral of the story, do with it as you want, next time a woman tells you something, get you a counterfeit marker and swipe it one good time.


    All women don't lie…my father always told me that there are two types of people he doesn't like, a liar and a thief, so i work towards not being either (though if i got a report card that i knew he wouldn't like, i either gave it to my mom or acted like i didn't get it…#forgivemeLord)…i feel being honest just makes my life easier cause i don't need to keep any stories straight. *shrug*


    1. @Jerseylicious – It's probably not necessary that I say this, but I can see your comment causing things to go LEFT quick. At the top of this post you can click on my name. Please do so and you can see every post that i've ever posted on this site. What you will see is that up until about 3 weeks ago, for 3 months I did not do one post speaking about women in a negative tone, most of them weren't even about women. I received not one, NOT one, NOT ONE comment that said, "You know what Dr. J there's a lot of female bashing on the internet, but I peeped how you were able to keep relevant and interesting content on the internet for a couple months without female bashing." So you'll have wonder what your gender is interested in reading. Moreover, this post wasn't to female bash, if I wanted to female bash I would have cut deeper with this. This post was meant to be lighthearted and fun.

      Everybody lies, anybody on here today who says they don't lie, is a liar. If you can't read this article today and say, LOL that's actually true. Then you are just in denial.

      1. I understand his/her point of view. I wondered why black men in America sounded like they didn't like black women, that's how I found your blogs. I was surprised and still am sometimes… It's sad.

        1. I wondered why black men in America sounded like they didn’t like black women, that’s how I found your blogs. I was surprised and still am sometimes… It’s sad.

          *now I am pulling up a chair*

          Waiting for replies to this comment. #shakeshead

      2. You know damn well we love and read all of your posts, especially the ones that throw love out to the women. I didn't know we had to write something like, “You know what Dr. J there’s a lot of female bashing on the internet, but I peeped how you were able to keep relevant and interesting content on the internet for a couple months without female bashing.” for you to feel that we are interested in reading your posts.

        Ok, carry on.

      1. That's what i was wondering!

        All of the posts weren't female bashing…i think you took this site left…if it was female bashing, trust i would've texted or tweeted some of the writers to ask them what was really good!

      1. Do you remember that episode of Chappelle Show with Samuel L. Jackson screaming all the time? I'd reckon that there's more females like that. That's why she's in all caps, because "THAT'S HOW I TALK!"

  3. I can't co-sign any parts of this post.

    There is no way you are going to tell me men lie more then women. Everyone in the known world knows that men are habitual liars. You lie about matters of the heart, finances, family, kids, intentions….shoot, what don't ya'll lie about..and all of this lying is because you are trying to get some tail 99.8% of the time.

    I don't know any women lying about bra sizes..they may enhance what they have..but, if you ask a woman what her size is she isn't going to say 36DD if she is a 34A….unless, she has had plastic surgery to bring the cup size up.

    Now, the rest of your list sounds more like the kinda crap men usually lie about…

    You are going to need way more people Dr. Jay.

    PS- If you have a table and you invite a woman to bring a FEW friends and you don't clearly specify with her…that is kinda your fault..is it not?

    1. @QueenT – You have "huge breasts" but it's a common "mistake" of most of the sales associates at Victoria Secret who's D cup bras are more expensive to tell women they are a 34D/DD when they are in fact a 36C. Many women who will claim they have a D cup, will visit a tailor for alterations or real woman who knows how to measure a woman's bust size and they will tell her, ma'am you're not a D cup, you're a C. The point I made in the post was a swindle and I was hoping someone would catch, but you didn't. LOL.

      1. LOL the post was funny.

        You should buy bras more often… You assumption about sales associates trying to sell the bigger sizes is ridiculous. I have never heard of that from a woman. I don't know any woman who buys bras too large for her, it's useless, how is she going to have enough support ?

        ''will visit a tailor for alterations '' LOL

        I am glad you are joking and don't beleive any of those speudo swindle that you made up for your post.

        1. Problem is the only reason why I know about the Vicky Secret swindle is two-fold, used to date a chick with biggums and she also worked at Vicky's.

        2. Dumb chick and bad sales associate. Women like to have bras that fit. We don't wear them to flatter our egos.

          Well I am glad I don't like VS. I must be the only woman is the area lol. I just love lingerie and VS is not lingerie.

  4. I can't help but LOL at this post. Nothing like a good laugh to start the morning. Purely fiction. If its men vs women, men would have women beat when it comes to lying. Not only do men lie more; men are more creative with their lies.

    1. @SheliaG

      so on one hand, men are "stupid" when it comes to our lies (according to the majority of women) but now you're saying that we are more creative with our lies?


      funny how so many people preach "quality over quantity" until it becomes an inconvenience for them….so the "quantity" of men's lies outweighs the "quality" of women's lies?

      so i'll go ahead and agree that men lie more than women, but let's also throw in the fact that women ask WAY more questions then men do.

      …here are the most common lies men tell to women

      1. you're right

      2. i'm sorry

      3. i'll never do that again

      4. i understand where you're coming from

      @jerseylicious…this is not to woman bash…it's all lighthearted and fun

      "i got a F in women's studies?????? but i love b*tches!!!" – Jamal (Redman) in How High

      1. Interesting. Correct me if I'm wrong but are you saying:

        1. Men lie more, and women ask more questions, thus we catch y'all in the lies.

        2. Women are good at lying, but since y'all don't ask questions, we get away with it more.

        If so, I may be able to rock with that theory. If not, then *shrugs*

        1. @missjenkins

          no, i'm saying that typically:

          – a man's lie is reactive (read: unrehearsed) to a woman's accusational inquisition…analagous to an officer asking you 'how many drinks have you had tonight?"

          – a woman's lie is preventive (read: premeditated).

          i think women give men undue credit in that we plan most of our lies in a similar fashion to women. for the most part we don't (of course there are exceptions, but i'm generalizing). we just want you to stop asking so many questions lol

          a wise man will realize that is an exercise in futility. for trying to shut a woman up, only makes her talk more


          "….i don't know your names individually ….let's not get sensitive this evening…" – katt williams

        2. “….i don’t know your names individually ….let’s not get sensitive this evening…” – katt williams

          oxygen! I need oxygen! LMAO well played Carver, well played…

  5. My favorite line from the Boondocks…

    "Real recognize real and you looking pretty unfamiliar right now." – Riley Freeman.

    Where are all the women who said that women get away with lying more than men? Do I need to make citations from the SBM readers? Nah, I don't. Y'all know what you said.

    1. THIS!

      I too remember all the bragging and self-patting our female constituents were doing during that post.

      Maybe the truth is…. they are all LYING right now…

    2. The Good Doctor is once again taking bullets for the team.

      "Where are all the women who said that women get away with lying more than men? Do I need to make citations from the SBM readers? Nah, I don’t. Y’all know what you said."

      You know men are logical and need empirical evidence. Drop the quotes.

    3. Are they really lies or figments of imagination?

      Tall tales meant to entertain and/or spare feelings?

      To say the knowledge spit by women are lies just sounds so…so ugly.


      Boy: So where you and your girls going?

      Girl: We're not sure yet.

      Keep it brief. Technically NOT a lie. There may be several options on the table and we dont know which one or ones were gonna end up at.

      Girl: Where you and then lying ninjas going? Bet not be no bytches all up in yo face

      Boy: We just going to watch the game and grab some "wings"

      LIE because everybody knows thats code for strip club!

      As far as the whole number thing goes, dig this:

      A girl sleeps with oh say 15 dudes by 25…(for some that may be a low # for me its like a career high). What this really means is that a girl fell for the LIES of 15 dudes and now has to LIE to cover it up!

      Poor thing.

      1. @HotScott – I don't ever fall for the "we're not sure yet" swindle. In fact, I always tell my girls, just say, "I'm hanging out with my girls tonight." If you tell me where, i'm interpreting that to mean you want me to meet up with you. Don't tell me "we're not sure yet." Cause I know you know where you NOT going.

        Also, I rebuke your claim about hanging out with the guy and wings. As a resident of DC, I think I speak for my bredren in Atlanta and Philly too. If we are going to the strip club we will tell you, "I'm going to the strip club."

        1. Dr J: I don’t ever fall for the “we’re not sure yet” swindle.

          This is not a swindle — MEN have said it time and time again "WOMEN CAN'T MAKE UP THEIR MINDS/THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY WANT"

          So why shouldn't these statements apply to this situation because what happens is this: The girls all decide to get together for a girls nite out and depending on the number of girls I guarantee you at least 2 will have a different venue in mind so now we must all weigh our pros and cons on venues and then make A CHOICE.

        2. BUT-my dear Dr J. the question twas NOT "where are you and your girls NOT going" . Now if you all want to know where we are NOT going just ask babycakes, we'd be happy to run that down to you.:-)

          Wait a second. Hold the damn phone. Did you say that you tell your girls as in plural as in more than one? And men dont lie? um hum, (taps chin in deep thought)

          So you going to el stripper club huh? And you just gonna put it out there? You better hope its not amature night -mess around and get a lap dance from the current love of your life wearing a mardi gras mask and beads.

        3. as an atlanta resident, i cosign dr. j's claim of just SAYING that i'm going to the strip club.

          in this day and age of nicki minaj and amber rose, females go to the strip club like they do the regular club.

          and most chicks that have a problem with a guy going to the strip club are single as a dollar bill.

        1. Huh? What? I counted before I typed that. I mean I included all the ones that I remembered and were memorable…What? you cant count what you dont remember!

        2. See you wrote that because you thought to yourself… "If I say 15 by 25, some of the other people on here might think that's alot…" So, you had to add that caveat in there regardless of how true or untrue it was. Now you said – "you can't count it if you don't remember it". But wait, how to you remember that you don't remember something. That means your purposely forgetting something. That's a lie! Lol… I'm j/k kinda… but this is all telling to me…

        3. if you take the square root of a prime number divide it by itself multilpy it by 3.14 to the 2nd power and viola!

          I think the whole numbers thing is a joke-as demonstrated by my response. Truth of the matter is folks like to be buk nekid and do buk nekid stuff. At some point the number of people one gets buk nekid with will add up if people dont or cant commit to a one person to get buk nekid with. do we need another mathmatical example such as above?

    1. "Men lie more. Women are better at it."


      As far as numbers, who REALLY wants to know that. And if you do, then what?

      The whereabouts lie should not even be on this list. That is a man's lie…all day, everyday.

      And we WILL keep on our phone too. Any woman who says her phone died, it died. Now, if she just didn't pick up, that may be different.

      1. And we WILL keep on our phone too. Any woman who says her phone died, it died. Now, if she just didn’t pick up, that may be different.


      1. @Hide Yo Wives! – Getting caught more, means they commit the crime more? Think about speeding… People who don't know how to speed get caught more, doesn't mean they do it the most.

        1. I see your speeding analogy and raise you a statiscal analysis…

          The probability of getting caught committing a crime is exponentially higher if the propensity of one is to committ these crimes on a more frequent basis.

          probability = number of times the outcome occurs / number of times it could have occured

          – Richard von Mises

        2. As a Stat major, I could reference from my STA/PHI 500 class and get into an intellectual conversation about that, but because I love you and all that good stuff. (Also, because if this was a video game, my stamina would be low from the heavy fire i'm taking today.) I'm just going sit down today.

        3. I'm pretty gifted in the art of statistics myself, being an Economics major but I'm sure you would have me beat. That last econometrics class I took whopped the life outta me. & STATA is of the devil.

          Anywho… you know I LOOOOOOVE me some you J. You sit down & relax from today's fight & let mama re-up your energy levels 😉

  6. True everybody lies whether it is to protect themselves or somebody else it is a still a lie.

    I do my best not to lie especially about stupid shit but if it is going to hurt someone's feelings because they can't handle the truth then fuck it I am going to lie.

    I don't want to deal with the what ifs and pleading and begging trying to change my mind. I am going to tell you what I need to tell you to leave me the hell alone.

    Sometimes people are real nosy and they don't need to know the real deal so instead of me saying mind your own damn business I will say something else to shut it down.

    There is a difference between fake and a lie.

    You can tell and fake, you cannot always detect a lie.

    End of story!

  7. Ummm, IDK about LA or Miami but in NYC the bevy of fake "assets" are limited. Not all male friends are dick in a glass….I have a male bestie who is handsome. However, I am not attracted to him nor will I EVER go there. So YES, he can really be a friend. I don't agree with any of this here. smh

  8. In keeping with Streetz clip from Chris Rock's Bigger and Blacker from yesterday, "men lie the most, women tell the biggest lies!"

    Carver: "so on one hand, men are “stupid” when it comes to our lies (according to the majority of women) but now you’re saying that we are more creative with our lies?"


  9. A woman’s phone does not die, unless she wants it to die.”


    Dang Dr. J why u throwing Grease?!?!!… *lmao

  10. Dr.J you said you wanted the women to have a nice summer…I can tell that Labor Day is upon us because you're back to your regular antics!

    Some truths…some fiction…all good….

        1. Breaking em off with a preview of the remix, Kellz??

          Jenkins, you just came in with two of my loves. *gets on one knee* Will you… Give me some Haribo?

  11. I'm not upset with this post but I can't say I agree. Here's just how I, Susan feel:

    Men – no one asks about the number. They feel it's not their business, then uh, maybe it's not. End of discussion. My male friends are real make friends. They're not in the same category as men who tried to smash

    Friends – I love them dearly. But if the girl does some shit, there's no reason to lie about her. Trifling friends? A lot of us stray away from those types before they can even become a friend.

    Money – my money is my business. They only time you'll hear about it is if I'm going to the bank, going to work, or picking up a paycheck. Figure-wise, I don't really speak on it. I won't let anyone know if I'm broke or not. Might as well stick out my Achilles heel for you to cut out.

    Appearance – I don't understand WHY no one believes me but in my 20 years, the most faithful to appearance enhancements that I've been is to Blistex, lip gloss, box braids/kinky twists and cocoa butter (other lotions included). I buy bras that fit my 36Cs. I'll never be a letter past C. Butt pads are for …. yeah. Not for me. My hair is short. I will never get hair in my head and claim the horse is mine. I'm 137% Nigerian with nappy hair on a terrifying bad day.I DO NOT DO Makeup AT ALL. Sh!t just won't fly right now.

    Whereabouts – No one calls me to find out what I'm doing & where I'm doing. So this can't be discussed any further either.

    It's not that women lie more ( I know you said probably) but that women are BETTER at lying. Let's just agree to disagree. Only time I'll ever come back in the bed is from jogging. I live in Albany. I don't drive… Where the f*ck am I going at 6am? Lol plus… for THAT kinda sh!t, I'll come back after 8 😉

  12. Lmao…I love starting my day to Dr. J…it's always sure to be something that gets the blood pumpin'

    My humble opinion…men ARE more creative in their story telling…but they're SO creative that it's surreal…translation: unbelievably stupid. No I'm not saying men are unbelievably stupid…I'm saying their LIES are.

    It's hilarious how many lies people tell on a daily basis…silly little lies. I counted mine one day. Shameful.

  13. I'm gonna dare to be different and admit that I am a champion liar – at times. It really depends on whom I'm speaking to.

    I definitely use creative accounting when it comes to my numbers and if I don't want a dude to know my whereabouts I will evade…if that doesn't work then I will lie. And while I've never feigned poverty; I have done the opposite; I'll lie to cover up the fact that I spent all my money on shoes and am eating cereal dust til next payday.

    Why do I do this? I have no idea really. I think when the wrong man starts getting too much in my business I get nervous and then I have to throw him off my scent.

    1. True story. As I was reading all the posts I was thinking to myself…"I bet you that Max is going to tell the truth about her lying"…your honesty is refreshing, always.

    2. I'm gon go ahead and co-sign w/ Max. I am a heavy weight contender in the art of lying. I try not to do it much b/c I'm so good at it — it's scary. LOL. As a result of such, I'm very observant & I'm also a 5-star lie dectector. If yur sh!t ain't AIR TIGHT i will catch you, guaranteed.

      Sometimes after I tell a lie… I giggle. I amuse myself. Typically, I lie to those who don't really matter to me. If I value our relationship I try to keep it clean.

      I agree w/ this post Dr. J. However, the trivial things you listed, eh. However, b/c we are good at our craft you probably haven't caught us at the things that matter.

      1. Hahaha I feel the same way – I am such a good liar it scares me. I feel like I have this huge capacity for evil that might just overtake me one day.

        And yes, like you I can spot a lie before it's fully formed in a man's brain.

  14. "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist… and like that; He was gone."

    This sums up how I feel about the question of who lies more and who the better liars are. There's no way to really tell because the really good ones take their lies to the grave. I will say this though, because of the way power is structured in this world, men's lies shape whole societies and civilizations. Women's lies shape interpersonal relationships. Think about this: Our country (The U.S.) was founded on a lie. These dudes signed the Declaration of Independence and created a Bill of Rights which talked about "inalienable rights" (which included liberty) while half of them were denying liberty to the slaves the owned. Built a whole country on the free labor that lie wrought.

    Anyways, moving forward. For the purposes of Dr. Jay's post, I'd say, women lie way more in interpersonal relationships (excluding romantic ones) than men do. This is because, women, by and large, care more about how others perceive them than men do. The men I know can't be bothered with worrying whether someone likes them, and way less of our life is based on how other people feel. The difference is, to many women, their lies don't count as lies – even though they are. Ladies, at your job, right now, there's woman who doesn't like you, and who you don't like. Y'all know y'all don't like each other, but still, you smile at each other every morning and ask hour the weekend was every Monday. You guys are lying to each other. Men, conversely, don't have time to like or dislike people at work. So, there's never a need to lie. If we have beef, like, corporate beef, then emails need to be sent, meetings need to be had.

    Men lie more in romantic relationships. It is what it is. Accept it.

    1. "Men, conversely, don’t have time to like or dislike people at work. So, there’s never a need to lie. If we have beef, like, corporate beef, then emails need to be sent, meetings need to be had."

      i disagree…men lie at work all of the time, at least in the corporate world from my experiences…but yes…emails are sent that cc the whole damn corporation…(hate that)

    2. I told you Most, they will tell you that what they lie about isn't as bad as what men lie about… It's okay though, because the more they tell me these lies, the more i'm just like, mhm… lying a*s.

      1. really Dr. J?

        lying to your co-worker that you already have plans for lunch just so you won't have to eat with them is worse than lying to your MATE about who you were really with til 5am? c'moooooooon

        1. Seven – I love you like fufu, but…

          lying to your boyfriend about who you have lunch with, because it's a dude. and we've read countless articles about why the men you spend the most time with, i.e., the men at work, are actually your emotional partners. versus, to be honest with you, a lot of men lie about where they were at night. i'ma come clean…

          i said i was going to happy hour, i had a little too much to drink and started playing the field, i noticed some cute little thing, i bought her drinks all night, after the club i took her to breakfast, after breakfast in my drunken stupor i didn't recognize that she and her friends said they were going to the bathroom and just left the diner. so i brought my behind home.

          If I was going to do anything with the chick, I wouldn't have had to stay out until 5 or 6AM in the morning. I would have took her home at 1AM and left at 3AM, I would have got the number and waited until you went to Jamaica later on in the year, but I would not be coming home at 5/6AM unless I lost.

          I think I just Sammy the Bull'ed myself.

        2. No – you're taking lies in two different places and comparing them – can't do that.

          If you're talking work place, that's one thing, if you're talking romatic relationships that's another thing.

          At work a woman will lie to avoid awkward social interaction. A man will just say "no thanks".

          In a relationship, a woman will lie and say "I'm sorry babe, not tonight, my head hurts" – when really she's upset about the fact that he didn't take out the trash. If she tells that lie or similar ones for a few weeks straight, the man will start spending his late nights elsewhere and lying about it. In this case – who's lie was worse? Neither – both are equally damaging to the relationship.

        3. @Most, you said this:

          "Men lie more in romantic relationships. It is what it is. Accept it."

          Then @ Dr. J you said this: "they will tell you that what they lie about isn’t as bad as what men lie about"..

          That's when I responded (combining the two statements) with this: "lying to your co-worker that you already have plans for lunch just so you won’t have to eat with them is worse than lying to your MATE about who you were really with til 5am?"

          I was going off of both statements…leading with yours Most, that men lie more in romantic settings than work( cuz women are ppl pleasers yada yada yada)…which is why I used the work/romantic example. Seeee…

        4. Dr. J… lmao…that ENTIRE scenario is hilarious and true…isn't it? It happened…tell the T R U T H! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    3. When praytell did El Diablo roll out? I see examples of his presense daily! Yet another lie by another man(had to tie it into the posts) . Telling folks he didnt exsist then sit back and wreak all kinds of havoc and mayhem. umph umph umph

  15. Men lie about dumb stuff and 9 times out of 10 we are not very good at it. Most times when I hear a female complain about some dude lieing or cheating I'm thinking "How can you not know this dude is cheating?" He's good looking or got money and you choose to believe what you wanted to believe. (See Tiger Wood's wife for example.)

    Women on the other hand lie about the most crucial ish. They may lie less but they lie bigger. And will never admit in a million years that they lied if they think the lie will cause a man they still want to leave them. That's why you hear bull ish like, "I didn't sleep with him I just kissed him."

    He who fully trusts a female is a fool.

    1. "He who fully trusts a female is a fool."

      I stood on the pew and waved my church fan with one foot on the pew in front of me.

      Come on Passer! I don't think they heard you t'day.

      1. Most Offensive Misogynistic line in 3….2…1

        "How can you trust something that bleeds every 28 days and doesn't die?"

        But really…" He that trusts anything in its entirety is surely a fool"

    2. "And will never admit in a million years that they lied if they think the lie will cause a man they still want to leave them"

      ~why else would anyone lie if it weren't to first and foremost benefit themselves. it's all about self preservation. 🙂

      “He who fully trusts a female is a fool.”

      ~a woman can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy…

  16. men are really mad about these bra sizes huh? I say that men don't really pay attention. you all don't really know sizes. because just like spanx can't make a 16 look like a size 10, a push up bra CANNOT make a C cup chick into a Double D. it can't. Not even that crazy Ipex stuff Victoria Secrets likes to make a new dynamic bra every 3 most that does the same thing and chicks waste their $50 on (not me–I'm good with my B cup)

    Men don't really want to know sizes either, yall just like what looks good. and that's okay, but stop talking about a lie/swindle when you can't even look at a chick and tell if she's a size 8 or a size 12.

    this was a funny lighthearted post. I'm not a liar–because I can't remember to keep up with that shit. lol but the last one about wherabouts is sooooo me. I'on fool with none of that 4square stuff. but because I work in public safety and nothing about telling the world where you are is safe.

    1. VS is terrible! They told me the WRONG size, and I bought all these bras and got home and only one fit! Everything else was too small.

      And you're right, dudes generally don't know sizes. I've had men try and guess my weight and they'll be at least 20lbs off.

      1. I used to always win at the fair/carnival when they have the person guess your age and weight. always walked away with a free something, been doing it for YEARS. its really hard to guess.

        and I posted upthread–its best to get sized some where else. VS is NOT good at that, imo.

  17. What about women who lie about their appearance on social networking sites?

    Only take pictures from one side… only take pictures from the neck up… put up and avatar and not a real picture… put up their best picture ever taken in like 2002, even though its almost 2011… put up the picture with the sun in their eyes so people be like oh them joints is hazel…

    There's a lob in there for Most. Throw it down.

    1. Funny I met men who lied about their age, shape, jobs etc… oh the best one was the avid reader…of FHM !

      One was 31 when we were talking, 38 when we met. Suddenly remembered he had not 1 but 3 kids.

      Another one was fit, playing soccer 3 times a week. When I met him he was 5 months pregnant !

      Do you want more exemples ?

  18. "N*ggas and flies I do despise…one eats sh!t the other tells lies."

    I do believe that women are just better at lying. I am guilty of some of these lies, I am trying to do better. I have male "friends" knowing we are mutually attracted to each other. I will turn my phone off in a NY minute and no one but Jesus and me knows how much money is stacked in my savings. Whose business is that anyways? I rarely have had a SO pay my bills….ok, that's a lie…pray for me. But as far as my "number" goes its low because I was raised to stay a virgin but didn't make it. However, I am picky. Half of the list someone shouldn't be asking me anyways unless you marrying me.

    Some men like Jack said " Can't HANDLE the truth". Don't ask me if you aren't ready to know. I told someone that recently…you call it evasion. I call it saving feelings.

    1. 99 percent of the time, yall are better than us @ lying. but you know how we get better (not that its a contest or anything)? we LEARN from yall. at least thats what Ive been doing. I tend to keep things 100 but sometimes you keep them 98.6…I do believe that whats done in dark comes to light eventually(for the most part), so I do tip-toe lightly. I love me some black women (or black hispanic) and I swear since I moved to Cali in 99 I been taking notes…its all about the details…just watch how yall move…and think to yaself "oh thats how they do it…riiiight"(makes mental note). Ironically, I dont trust any woman completely…cause Ive seen how some females preyed on there SO's naiveté,and though I may speak with two tounges on this one from a moral standpoint, I did learn it being the guy "u" was coming to see on the side. My motto now is "dont put $hyt past nobody". the bottom line is this…I learned some of my game from YALL.

      1. Lying is wrong Dayl8. So it doesn't matter who you learned it from…it still is not the right thing to do. I try to keep it 96.8 % with my current and past SOs. Men just can't take the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them God.

        1. I can only speak for ME. but I crave the truth like I crave daylight. Id rather have it staring me in the face then hiding behind my back. Cause I aint sweatin REALITY, Im sweatin THE MAKE BELIEVE. right, wrong or indifferent, lying is wrong period, I wholeheartedly agree…but just dont be under the impression that all of us men are afraid of the truth of a matter…or that we are as easily duped as the next…we know them Jedi-Mind tricks too.

  19. By the way, those of you who say women are better, or smarter in the lying clearly don't watch Jersey Shore.

    Sammie – "Did you write the letter"

    Jwow – "Who Me"

    All of that, and these chicks know they're on TV. Like… you know there's gonna be a reunion special where she sees you lying to her face… and yall 'posed to be friends?

    1. That chick that messes with Ronnie…so sad. Dude treats her like ish everyday. Basically tells her to eff off and she is right back in his bed crying over the dude every day. It's gettin kinda sad to watch but then again I've seen this type of behavior before.

    2. Did you just really use the women from the Jersey Shore as a representative of our entire gender?!? C'mon Most, you have disappointed me this morning. 🙁

  20. I have not one problem with saying that I've been known to tell a lie occasionally in a relationship. There are just some things that are not going further my relationship with you, and while just plain silly, a guy might take it overboard.

    So for that- yeah I'll spin some webs. As far as numbers, my numbers actually are low enough that I can tell you the number and not feel the need to fudge numbers. If you have a problem with that then… deuces.

    1. The funny thing about it is, some men can handle the truth. It's a lot of people right here on this post whom this story would echo with…

      A lot of times when folks get caught cheating, people will work through it because the person was big enough to come clean about. I'm from the school of thought that it's not about the truth it's about the humiliation. If the whole BLOCK knows about your lying and he's the last to know, then he can't handle the truth. But if he's the first to know, that's your best shot.

      Like I used to tell shorties when I was a roadtripping legend in Upstate NY, "I don't go to your school and whatnot, but i'd rather you tell me than for me to find out at the smoker tomorrow afternoon."

      A chick will not tell a dude she smashed the homies, let him know! He probably already knows, and if he doesn't then he will find out soon enough!

      1. That's the truth.. My ex cheated on me, and when she finally told me (not him, mind you.. her..) I found out that even my roommate knew.. To have everyone in church saying "poor Nick, she just don't know" everytime I was with him was PAST unbearable..

        not cool, my brotha.. not cool..

      2. Suki-I said the same thing in my post above you. Men can't handle the truth.

        Dr. J says that some men can handle it but that fraction of men is SMALL. Men are such prideful creatures…truth can crush them. I have seen big mandigo-type-warrior men crumble because the woman they love doesn't love them back or is being unfaithful. Is it wrong to lie…yes. However with that being said I am paid member of the Taking Stuff to My Grave club.

  21. I know I'm about to get it…

    I hate lies.. I was in a relationship that had lies oozing out of every pore, and I know how it feels to be the one that got lied to.. So as a way of overcompensating, I tell the truth too much. Almost to a fault.

    Not only that, but morality aside. I'm no good at it. It's too much work to remember I told you "Lala" when I said I went out with "Kay".. and I don't believe in working unless I punched in, or I'm getting paid for it..

    Most of the time, the lie isn't even worth all the stress that's associated with it. I remember everything anyone has ever told me but can't remember my own lies to save my life. i learned in my 20's that I can't do it.

    A common theme is that we have all these "grown a**" people making grown a** decisions and then want kid consequences. If you wanted to go to the strip club, then man up and stand by that decision. But don't think I'm gonna put you in the corner with a dunce cap on and say "punishment done".. likewise, if I lie and get caught, I'm not expecting anything other than wrath and fury. But if I claim I'm grown, and make a decision knowing the consequences, then I can't be mad when the consequences come up..

    can I?

    1. Naaaaaaahhh you're not going to get it. Not participating in, nor appreciating those lies that you spoke of is the norm. Or at least I feel should be! lol

      The lies I partake in are the ones like when I email my boss and tell him I'm going home to meet the plumber for my overflowing toilet…when in reality I want to just go kick rocks for the rest of the pretty day. LMAO oh….I've already used that one…shyt.

  22. Ya'll love to say men cheat because the can – well women lie because IT WORKS. Plain and simple. Ya'll want a freak to teach you new tricks in the sheets, blow ya mind, turn ya out but that same chick you want to have never slept with anyone in the tri-city vicinity (heaven forbid it be anyone you know) or more that 5 people in her life…how's that work?? You claim you want natural but STAY chasin the flowing hair, hazel eyed, lifted t!ts, "enhanced" @ss, money hungry, LYING @ss chicks!

    Call bullsh!t if you must, but I'm honest. Of course I do the pleasantries with the coworker that I can't stand, but that's just being mature and professional. I'm at WORK. I DON'T lie to my romantic prospects. Really. At all. I don't say EVERYTHING that comes to my mind. But any direct question that is asked. He gets the answer. All of it. Honestly. ANY question. You know where this has gotten me? Single and heartbroken. Ya'll can't HANDLE the truth. Real talk. Lots of women can't either, but personally I don't ASK a question that I don't want to know the answer to. Men seem to LIKE to be lied to!

    Who cares which gender lies more or bigger…what do YOU do. How do YOU treat those that matter to you. Effect change where you can. Tell the truth, and be open to the truth.

    Dang, sorry, took that one a lil hard…my bad for the sermon. Outside of my obvious touchiness on the subject, funny and entertaining post Dr. J. 🙂 *rubs ears* whoo-saa

      1. I'm so cliche huh? RIGHT after you said someone was going to say "ya'll can't handle the truth" I said it…*hangs head* maaaaaaan…

    1. ((((((((((((((((((((APPLAUSE))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


      You claim you want natural but STAY chasin the flowing hair, hazel eyed, lifted t!ts, “enhanced” @ss, money hungry, LYING @ss chicks!



      You know where this has gotten me? Single and heartbroken. Ya’ll can’t HANDLE the truth. Real talk.


      Dear God, I feel like I need to write you a check woman!

        1. "Now, I appreciate the kind that jingles, but I’d rather get the kind that folds."

          You gotta love a woman that can drop a Coming To America quote into a conversation.

    2. ''Ya’ll want a freak to teach you new tricks in the sheets, blow ya mind, turn ya out but that same chick you want to have never slept with anyone in the tri-city vicinity (heaven forbid it be anyone you know) or more that 5 people in her life…how’s that work?? ''

      That is why I think Men should stop reading romance books ! lol… you can only find virgins turning into freaks in less then a week in those books.

  23. Men – I was guilty of this once. It had nothing at all to do with being ashamed of my number though and eventually I told him the truth. These days, I see no purpose in lying about this. I have no shame in it, and if I bother to answer this question (which I'll only do if you're in a position to even be asking me), I will damn sure tell the truth. As far as who I count in my numbers, I'll admit that there was a questionable occurence in Florida that I'll count sometimes and not count other times. I'd reallllly love not to count the man w/ the neck pimples. *shudders*

    Friends – I don't really get this. There are things I just won't tell you about regarding my friends because it's none of your damn business. Other than that, I see no reason to lie about someone else's dirt.

    Money – I have never and will never lie about this. 7 times out of 10, I'm offering to pay anyways so you will likely know I'm not broke. If I tell you I'm broke, then I am.

    Appearance – This will never be an issue for me. I've always been very low maintenance when it comes to my looks. What you see is always what you get. Even when I'm going out, I don't go anywhere near to overdoing it.

    Whereabouts – Again, why? I've always felt if you feel you have to lie about something, then you know you're doing wrong. If I'm out being shady, lying is probably the least of our problems.

    I know that I've lied before (and probably will again), but I will never lie about something that important. I also know that anybody who knows me at all can tell when I'm lying because my smile will not leave my face, so it's usually more of a "stop asking me something I'm not going to tell you" tactic. My ex-husband never believed me about my numbers, and when I came clean to him, he said that he had always just imagined something much worse since he knew I was lying. I told him that's what he gets for even asking.

        1. We've been discussing it all up and down Twitter for a while now. A few of us will be up there in late October.

          I was heading out the door when I got this email and had to comment just to say when I first saw this I thought it said "Are you sure he won't just pop up IN you?". Much funnier that way.

  24. Starita34: "Who cares which gender lies more or bigger…what do YOU do. How do YOU treat those that matter to you. Effect change where you can. Tell the truth, and be open to the truth."


        1. These web lingos be having me confused, baffled and whatnot. Be having me sitting here trying to figure out how many words BEGIN with the letter Q. *ugh*

          Sidenote: Still tryin to figure out what TWSS (streetz choice of lingo) stands for? Anybody….. #blankstare

      1. Can't even lie, I thought it was "quit effin talking" and I was hurt, all up in my feelings like a mug…thanks for having my back Suki and for clarifying Hugh 🙂

        All is right in the world again after my 2 hour lunch complete with free BBQ…that's ok, you can hate me now 😉

        1. Quit effing trying? Quit effing talking? My screen name my be Hugh Jazz, but even I'm not that much of an a$$ to come at another poster like that! #noshots

          Although I'll admit, those do sound better than "quoted for truth".

  25. Let me start off this comment by saying:

    the views expressed in this comment are of Streetz and not necessariy those of Dr. J, or any other SBM staff. Even if they cosign, please do not link this comment to them, this is ALL ME!

    Jerseytatalalicious… Let me quote Cee-Lo Green: FCUK YOU!!!

    Im sick and tired of assh*les like you coming on this site, refuting writers who have been heralded all over as bullsh*t. You come on here, writing in all caps like a 12 year old Degrassi extra, and expect us to take you seriously? Really?!! Please..

    I sincerely wonder if some of you people who read these articles actually read or just skim through them. Some of the conclusions you make are absurd!! We have an entire collection of articles that show a 360 degree view of 5 male psyche's and basically, what's on our mind. You can't cosign one post and call us mysogynisitc in another. You sound foolish!

    And why is it that when we write topics about women, you automatically assume we mean BLACK women? Why is it perceived that we don't love black women when we criticize or vent about the opposite sex? We are 5 black men with 5 different views on s*x, relationships, dating, and "all that good isht". Yes we are African-American/Caribbean, but we speak about GENDERS not necessarily about RACE all the time. TO be specific, we don't black women bash on this site. We write based on our experiences and the experiences of others.

    I used to comment on this site before I became a writer and had no issue ethering anyone… that won't change as a writer/admin now. Eff being PC and respectful of disrespectful comments (not comments adverse to topics, we welcome those). Its just the internet, so pull your skirt down and take what you dish [||]

    Finally, eff talking bout lies, some of you can't handle TRUTH!

    Chris Rock sums up my view on this topic 100%

    Men lie more. Women lie better and about bigger stuff.


    1. Sane, please exit my head. Thank you kindly. *rubs Streetz's head* Mmm. What she said, sexy. Lol

      *sideeyes anyone who makes a slick comment the one time I'm not gutter-minded*

    2. I'd like to compare this post by Big Bro to the Diamonds Are Forever track… once again Big Bro comes through and breaks it down so it shall forever be broken.

  26. Let me put something else out there, in college me and the guys had to put together a system to address ambiguity. Simply put, "yeah, I beat" doesn't give enough information. So we decided to make people append adverbs.

    "I beat tho." – After hard work, I beat once, but no more, I had to quit it, or she told me this wouldn't happen again.

    "I beat occasionally" – time to time

    "i beat repeatedly" – more than once

    "i beat continuously" – i beat often and on a regular basis

    Now this is the system that men come up with, but women, your friend will ask if you know Bobby, and what will you say,

    "Yeah, I know him."

    PS – And I bet the response is going to be she didn't ask the right question. Deceiving yo' friends…

  27. Dr. J, she really didn't ask the right question. Well this post has the intimidating amt of comments where I make my exit. Time to unsubscribe & call it a day. Happy Thursday. Goonie googoo

  28. Women are great liars, we're really good at telling you what you want to hear, we're great at asking questions, and we're damn good at listening and paying attention, therefore, we catch the men lying.

    Men, get with the program.

    Great post!

  29. Back again..I read the reply from Dr. J I may have taken the stories and topics way too literal and my sense of humor isnt like everyone else so I didn't get the fun and games. So apologies to Dr. J. I know the writers are speaking from personal experiences and have come across women like these but I felt a little uneasy about some. Im 22 and dating, I look forward to the stories and advice trust me..but again I felt a little uneasy..

    As far as me writing in caps earlier. I wasnt yelling LOL.. I was just too lazy to turn it off.

    1. Many women lie. I have a friend who's girlfriend, Sasha M. Rice, lied to him for almost 9 months making him, his friends and family believe she was in a relationship with him. She even went further after confessing to him by trying to get him arrested after he threatened to expose the truth.

  30. Women do lie more than men.


    And its often because we have to protect your ego.

    Women know that we are not seen the same in the eyes of the beholder if all of a sudden we told you we have a date every night of the week with a different dude.

    And its not necessarily about sex. its just dating. Then all of a sudden, when ya little ego gets hurt, (if you know about my dating) I am a this, or I am a that. All because, quite simply put, we have beat you at yoru own game.

    Thus, where were you (by me) is often answered "with my Sorors". An excuse that is 100% refutable. He can NEVER question that. LOL!!


    My friends are in the same boat as me. At this age, all are married, engaged, shacked up etc. So I don't have those birds of a feather issues. If anything, he thinks I can take a page out of theri book. My friends are good influences on me.


    I don't ask a man for money. Unless its like $5 to grab a sammich from the bodega real quick. But for like $100+, never. Thats what my Sorors/Frat/Friends are for. I never want to ask him for money to have that hangin over my head. (circa when Gina borrowed $20 from Cole and Martin didn't know, lol).


    Women will wear a bra, thus that is what they are made for. And as a man you can tell if a woman's breasts sag by looking at her cleavage. If the seperation is to far apart, when she takes that bra off her nipplies will point to the ground. Ass padding.=what difference does it make, men are visual creatures. (not that I partake, lol). Eventually you are going to either love her with no ass/hair/nails/eyelashes or not. NO woman looks like you see her in the morning. Get familiar.


    Be careful for what you wish for. Because they often say women can't handle the truth, but in all actuality men cant. If dude really gives a shit about the girl, the thought of her sitting across from the next man while he looks lovingly into her eyes, will throw you over the edge, lol. (circa Single ladies 2008, lol) If you want it claim it, and stop acting like a jerk.

    If a woman started telling you where she was, what are you going to do when you learn she was hangin out with Tyrone? (let that marinate).

    But I agree women do lie. However our lies are calculated, and we have already answered every question you will ask before we got home. Men try to lie on a whim and it doesn't work.

    Plus women don't forget shit. So you will slip up and POW, your caught.

    Simply put, we lie to protect your little ego. If we felt that you could handle it, we wouldn't need to lie. Men swear they are pimps/players. But yet have to lie about everything. If ya game is really that good, tell the truth and see how long the girl stays around, LOL!!

  31. I'm gonna come from left field here.

    Has the thought ever occurred to women that men lie outrageously so that the stealth lie can slide by? The misdirection lie if you will.

    I have done that to men and women and believe me it works. The more outlandish the set up lie the better the misdirection lie is able to fly undetected.

  32. Ok, I get it and I agree almost all the way. The only issue I have is, believe it or not, I do not lie to my significant other. Really. I chose not to lie b/c I believe that Karma is a MoFo and I don't like bein' on her shit list. I also know that men and women alike have all been burned by the opposite sex. But is it right or fair to the next cat that come through to be chastized for your old boyf/girlf mistakes? I don't think so. We all hold on to past problems, being lied to or cheated on, shit some of us have been beaten black and blue. But life moves forward, as should we. We should all stop lying to eachother. Women and men both need to cut the crap… And I am really tired of being judged by every broke ass, insecure Tom, Dick and Taurence for wanting what I want. And no, it don't mean I need $150 for my phone bill. Maybe I should stop talking on the phone so much instead of puttin' my hand out. Maybe I should get a better job… to cheat or steal and I raise my kid on my own with out help. The difference is… I am not a spoiled, selfish, always havin' my hand out, expectant ass B. If ur girls lyin' to you, break up and vice/versa… why tolerate it?

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