"Eff This. I ain't paying!"

Life is not fair.

I mean, bad things happen to good people.  George W got elected to office twice.  Katrina went ahead and f*’d up all kinds of folks for now good reason.  Tsunami’s, war’s in Africa, and children without hands for blood diamonds.  If you think about it … the world is kind of a f*cked up place.

But even with all that going on, you still gotta worry about you.  Because with all this going on, you are gonna get affected negatively by all that BS out there in the world.

Every woman I have ever talked to about it has had the following happen to her.  No matter if she is Michelle Obama, at some point in the past she went through the same bewildering experience:

1. Girl Meets Guy
2. Girl and guy converse.  Guy likes Girl. Girl likes Guy.
3. Guy Holla’s at girl (“Lemme get you’re number shorty”)
4. Girl responds favorably. Digits are transferred.
5. Guy calls girl, several times.  Good times are had by all.
6. Girl gets excited. Tells friends “I’m really excited about this one. I really like him, and things are going great. THANK GOD!”
7. Guy never calls again without any explanation.
8. Girl resumes to randomly smashing the dude round the corner cause “she got needs”.

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Yes, every woman knows the bite of having a seemingly good thing end abruptly with no explanation.

Now, there is a very good chance there is a really good reason.  Maybe he found himself simply not interested and didn’t know how to tell you.  Maybe he felt you didn’t deserve an explanation after 3 calls.  Maybe you just legitimately are undateable.

But, there is a good chance the universe was against you.  Maybe it was Kharma, or maybe you were just unlucky.  I am here to give you a taste of the million of “unfair” reasons that he just stopped calling you.

You’re name reminded him of an ex

How did your mama know that naming you Shannon would have you associated with the b*tch that slept with his best friend, emptied his bank account, and told all her girls that he had a small d*ck?

The girl down the hall gave him some super duper one night stand p***y that he just can’t think straight

She got 4 kids, 3 baby’s daddy, and 2 of them are incarcerated.  She is a welfare queen that wouldn’t fit in at his Law firm’s office parties.  She is no good to anyone as a wife, girlfriend, or monogamous lover … but damn does she know how to ride a d*ck! He knows he’s being stupid, but that little “I’m bored” sex that she gave him has him thinking about proposing and left no time for you.

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He couldn’t afford the cell phone bill

Hey, it’s a recession.  It’s not that his money is really messed up, but his trip to Italy last month ended up with ridiculous roaming charges and until he can get them off his account, no calls going in and none coming out.  And there is a good chance he’ll just forget about you afterward … yeah … tough break.

His boy thought he smashed you/saw you working at the strip club/working the block

“Son … Nicole. As in Nikki. As in Freaky Nikki!  Aw man, I never thought any girl back in school would really have let the whole team run through at one party. I bet that thang whistled when the wind blew after we got done!”  Too bad Nikki is a common ass name …

You got the three calls … too bad your signal sucks in your new apartment

I had a friend with a strict 3 call rule.  He would call you three times without response in the “courting” phase before he refused to call again.  If she missed the calls because her phone didn’t get signal … that wasn’t his problem. And he wasn’t leaving a message!

He … eh … didn’t feel like it

I can speak on this since I did it all the time.  I liked her, I wanted to talk to her, but … eh … I’m lazy.  Unfair to you … but eh … there kids in Africa starving so I’m not gonna lose sleep over it.

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Add to the list.  What are some of the unfair reasons that a man can suddenly disappear?  You say some of these are justified … how so?

SBM aka “She got one more call” aka “I would call … but I just got Madden last night”