If it were only that easy. Norton Antivirus > this though!

Have you ever suffered a breakup, and bounced back like round ball? You know that feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a good night you can’t lose. You probably sulked or mourned for a few days/weeks, but soon after you were back on your feet. You got that new job or a raise, started hitting the gym and you’re beachbody ready, or more importantly, you started dating again. You met people who make your fillet Mignon ex-relationship look like Ramen Noodles. You’re walking on cloud 9, and nothing will bring you down. Then it happens…


Anastasia – Hey JoJo! How’s things been since that breakup?

Josephine – Gurrrrrl listen! I think I almost 100% back!

Anastasia – Oh word? Does it have anything to do with your new boo Gilroy? *smile*

Josephine – **BBM Dancing Smiley** I can’t believe this new guy I’m seeing can blow my spine out of its socket treat me so well. What was I thinking before? I feel great!

Anastasia – You slut! lollll I aint mad at you though. Glad you got over that last dude..

Josephine – You and me both boo! Nothing can take my high away!

**JoJo’s phone rings**

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Josephine – Hello?

Thelonious – Hey JoJo, its me.

Josephine – Theo?!! What do you want?

Thelonious – I just wanted to reach out and say hey.. see what’s up. Was thinking of you….

Josephine **typing to Anastasia** – Theo just called me… damn I hate Pop-ups!!

So what is a pop-up you ask? Let me dip into the Streetzapedia:

Popup (n) – An ex boyfriend/girlfriend who only communicates/interacts with their former lovers when the former lover is experiencing times of prosperity (new job, new relationship, etc)

Just like poor Josephine in the example above, I think we all have experienced this unfortunate phenomena before. I abhor pop-ups with every fiber of my being. It’s as if they have a GPS or Spider-Sense that tingles when their former boos are doing well. I always wondered why they seemed to come around when all is right in your world. Allow me to expound…

They heard it through the grapevine

One thing you can’t avoid when you break-up with someone is the common friends that you have. Especially those with whom you’ve discussed your ex many times prior. They may innocently bring up an accomplishment of yours, or how you’re smashing everything that moves and is a 9 or better dating and loving it.  Then you have those friends who VOLUNTEER information about your ex. I don’t know if they think you’re interested, or want to gauge your reaction like some science project, but they do that also. So your ex may hear of your good times and want to partake in them with you. **BBM Talk To Hand Smiley**

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The grass on the other side is artificial

So that new relationship that they started to get over you, that they probably started while dating you, or the new “one”, turned out to be just another reggin. They went all-in and bet the house that this person would supersede you in every way, and they were wrong! So now that they see the “error of their ways”, they want to slide right in and attempt to ‘be friends” while secretly hoping for reconciliation.

They don’t know what they want

Men are Notorious for this transgression. Sorry fellas but I must call a spade a spade. This transgression occurs because ever since the breakup, your ex isn’t sure if they want to be with you or not, so they try to hang around, engage in ex-sex, “build a friendship”, and hope that they can finally break through your barrier and get back to their #1 spot.

I have been vicious in the past to Pop-ups. I personally cannot be bothered by an ex’s ulterior motives and blatant disrespect and disregard for the new life I’ve made for myself. You should feel the same. Unite with me in the fight to block pop-ups from spamming out life and infecting us with their indecision, lurkyness, and mediocre advances!

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What other reasons do Pop-ups occur? Have you been a pop-up? Please help me understand and let’s discuss