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Watch Out For The Big Girl!!


Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve always liked a big girl.  I had a crushes on skinny girls too, but I always liked more big girls than other cats my age on average.  I used to watch “Living Single” just because there were multiple medium to full figured women for me to drool over.    That’s why even in my old age, I advocate to my friends seeking a mate not to overlook or abandon a full figured woman.  Before my admission to the League of Cocksmen, I actually lobbied them to declare October “Full Figured Women’s Month” and continue to advocate for them as a member of the League.  I’ve always liked to think of them as extra thick.  I can’t think of anything that’s been described as “thick” that wasn’t bawse.  Can you?

Unfortunately, there aren’t an abundance of men that feel that way.  You’ll usually find them referring to dealings with full figured women as an exception to the rule as opposed to a viable option for a mate. I understand everyone is entitled to their preferences, but there’s no reason to totally exclude them from consideration.  I just think more men should be open to the idea of dating a bigger woman and not letting their weight define them.  This is the part of the post where I blame the media for projecting unrealistic images of beauty and society for blindly idolizing them and contributing to this bias.  It’s easy to lay the blame there, but realistically everyone is responsible for making their own choices, so I’m not quite buying the “TV made me do it” excuse.

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Honestly, there is probably nothing sexier than a confident, full figured woman…the way she walks, the way she talks, and most importantly, the way she doesn’t give a damn about what you think.  I was actually rather upset when Jennifer Hudson popped up on that damn weight loss commercial, because I was perfectly fine with the way she looked before.  The Queen Latifahs, Oprahs, Jennifer Hudsons and Jill Scotts of the world are all wins in my book.  I even had a thing for Mo’Nique before I found out she didn’t shave.  Oscar or no Oscar, I’ma need you to Nair it sweetie.  And now that I think about it, that Queen Latifah thing may not work out now that I’ve seen those pics of her on that boat.  Well, we’ll always have “Living Single”.

I’ve never quite understood the concept of not being attracted to a full figured woman because all women are beautiful (well at least the cute ones are…the oogly ones are beautiful on the inside). So for my “emo” contribution of the week, I’d like to give a shout out to all the pretty full figured women out there.   This isn’t my way of being sympathetic to full figured women, because they don’t need my sympathy, or anyone else’s for that matter.  They’re perfectly fine without our sympathy, I just wanted to let y’all know there are men out there that daydream about doing nasty things to you appreciate you, since the magazine covers and ads don’t seem to give y’all any love.

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Oh…and for the big girls frontin’ like you ain’t a big girl…please stop playing yourself and everyone else trying to squeeze into them 8’s when you should really be wearing a 12.  Go ahead and come to terms with the fact that you need to wear a bigger size, and love yourself, because we can’t love you until you love yourself, no matter what size you are.

The Redskins still suck,


  1. Great that you feel this way! But why is it bad for Jennifer to lose weight? She wasn't healthy at the other size…she's still gorgeous.

    And since when is a size 12 BIG? I had no idea that i was a big girl in a 10/12 petite #shrug

    1. 1. Never said it was bad that J. Hud lost some weight. I totally understand the need to do the Hollywood thing and be healthy and what not, but I think someone said it on here already, her head does like a little big for her body now. Just stating my preference…she was good with me prior to Weight Watchers.

      2. I don't see too many of the 8/10 petits coming down run ways. But then again, I don't watch runway shows, so that could also be a factor.

    2. not firing shots..

      but not all fat women are unhealthy.

      yes, there are negative consequences to carrying extra weight (long term), but this is an unhealthy misconception.

  2. 🙂 Great post. I love that song. I'll be the 1st one to dance to it. And get all the "if looks could kill" eyes. I'll never be a big girl. I think I was meant to be a size 789 for the rest of my life. I tried. Sh!t ain't gonna happen.

  3. Um…#confession i have a girl crush on Jill Scott…#JudgeMe if you want but her voice is amazing…i also have a girl crush on Marsha Ambrosius but she's no longer a full figured woman (neither is The Floacist) but her voice still does things to my spirit!

    I can totally appreciate this post as a short & relatively thick chick.

    Lex, if you were in AL, i know a very pretty full figured woman that i think you'd like! I thought of her as i read this post, lol.

    1. That Marsha Ambrosius with Fabolous is a must have on every ipod.

      That is how Capricorns feel about their exes.

  4. You are very right. Thick and full figured women are the real deal. I don't know, some people must admit that same full figured guys be trying to dodge also be there mothers. In the black community, there is a great deal of full figured single mothers. So hooray for full figured who are sexy and love themselves, for that's where it starts, loving one's self.

    Note: you bought up some good points about people and the media and we need to appreciate our full figured women. But on the topic of stars or celebs changing their image, well even though they are beautiful, some of them didn't really want to be that size in the first place and to be a bit more successful in their careers and more limelight, the kinda make it a task to cut some of that weight off.

  5. Lol! I keep hearing that Mike Epps big girls song. Great post!

    My fave part was this, lol-I’ve never quite understood the concept of not being attracted to a full figured woman because all women are beautiful (well at least the cute ones are…the oogly ones are beautiful on the inside).

    I think Jen Hudson looks great in her new body.

    1. singing: "Big girls big job big salary. Big girls don't care 'bout calories!"

      -Mike Epps

      & I think J. Hud looked good halfway in… about a size 8/10ish but now her head just looks too big for her body. lol.

  6. I appreciate this post and Mike Epps' song make me laugh every time I hear it.

    "Oh…and for the big girls frontin’ like you ain’t a big girl…please stop playing yourself and everyone else trying to squeeze into them 8′s when you should really be wearing a 12."

    Please put this on a billboard for my big sistas to see, I love looking fly as much as the next big and beautiful girl but just because you can fasten that size12 on your size16 butt doesn't mean that button ain't screamin'.

  7. *cues "Baby Phat" by De La Soul*

    I feel so appreciated, lol.

    I know that everybody ain't for everybody and preference is preference but there are a lot of guys out there that are afraid to say they're attracted to big girls. Or not even that they're attracted to big girls but that waist size doesn't turn them off from a woman.So, thank you for saying writing this!

  8. I needed to see this post, this morning. I am "full figured" and fabulous!. Its because I think so….That's so right, if you dont think you are beautiful and fabo, then no one else will. I have been through so much this year, but I can't carry it around with me.

    Ladies, stop carrying the world on your shoulders and SMILE! You see….the men really like this…..NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOU ARE!!!!

    Thanks for this post!!!!

  9. I'm feeling this post today! I consider myself on the thick side..but, I'm not always comfortable with it….genetically, I'm just supposed to have a big butt, thighs and big hooters…I just have to accept it! lol 🙂

    I love, love Jill Scott…and I kinda agree that Jennifer looked really good as a bigger girl..but, she is still looking good….ain't nothing wrong with getting healthier. Either way, she's a pretty girl.

    Thanks for the uplifting post!

  10. "Oh…and for the big girls frontin’ like you ain’t a big girl…please stop playing yourself and everyone else trying to squeeze into them 8′s when you should really be wearing a 12.”

    This gospel needs to be preached in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and to the uttermost part of the world!

  11. Thumbs up for todays post 🙂
    I'm a big girl with a small girls mentality. Don't think u can get away with stuff just because I might not be a size 6. You will get your feelings hurt.
    I am comfortable in my big girl skin but I am on a quest to be healthy so losing weight is on my agenda. I've always been big boned so unless I get a deadly disease I will never be a size 6 and I'm okay with that. When u lose weight u don't lose your big girl card, Jennifer and my girl Janet Jackson still represents 🙂

      1. THARAAWRCLS,LLC,III: "LOL….word, I’m assuming from your football days you can bench and hand clean sumthin’ mean, so you can probably toss around most big girls like barbie dolls…"

        There are few things funnier than the look on a big girl's face while $exing them when you can toss them around like they weigh 120 pounds.

        My muscles > your fat

        1. oh my mu'fuggin goodness! you have no idea how sexay that is-gets the endorphnies all activated, nor the thoughts that go through our heads…things like, "wat the what? how did i get pen't all up against the wall? I was just in the bed" or "did he just flip me like that?" This ninja right here, whew… um yeah could possibly lead to happier endings.

        2. OMG! I love it!

          I always wanted a guy to do that move that Isaiah Washington did to the woman in the movie Kin…mmm

        3. There are few things funnier than the look on a big girl’s face while $exing them when you can toss them around like they weigh 120 pounds.My muscles > your fat


  12. *applause* I consider myself thick although some of girlfriends give me the *side-eye* others accept me w/ open arms. LOL.

    And this: "Honestly, there is probably nothing sexier than a confident, full figured woman…the way she walks, the way she talks, and most importantly, the way she doesn’t give a damn about what you think."

    Truth. Full-figured women are some of the most self-assured women I know. It's not about the next hottest trend w/ them, it's what they like and what fits their bodies right.

    Anywho… I LOVES this post RCLS.

    – & the Redskins will lose again this week –

    Mike Vick is top 'dog' again,

    So Flyy 🙂

  13. I love this post because big is beautiful. I am not full figured but my play sis is and she gets NO love, I think partly because we live in Cali. I think I have expressed these sentiments on SBM before. Everyone out here (men and women) can be so vain. I read this to her last night so she would know that she is appreciated! To me…big comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.

    Thank you for the reminder RCLS!!! You rock 🙂

    1. Does it. Big is big. What other sizes does it come in? LOL!

      There isn't a doctor alive who will co-sign being big is 'ok'. Yes one's self esteem might be high (and that's ok). But by no means is it ok to be that size!! The same reason Month'Nique lost the weight that she did. Same thing for JHud.

      So kudos for the big girls who have great self esteem, that's a good thing. But no one can argue its just not healthy.

    2. *typo. I meant to say beautiful comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Nonetheless, you are entitled to your opinion. NEVER did I say big/obese = healthy. Have a great day!

  14. So what's the difference between big and obese.

    I'm sorry. I just don't feel this way. As this blog.

    If your stomach, breasts, and hips are the same size, your ass is fat. And please with the 'big boned'. No your fat.

    For the most part, its not healthy to be that size. The rate of heart disease, diabetes is greatly increased with all that blubber.

    So again, when does 'big' end and 'fat' begin. And obese as well.

    As a size 9/10, you couldn't tell this by looking at me, because I have a slender frame.

    Is a 13/14 start the big and it ends at what, before your just fat.

    If you shop at Lane Bryant are you 'big'. If you shop in the plus size of an 'big'.

    Yes everyone needs love, but please don't mislead people in thinking being fat/big/obese is 'ok'. Because its not.

    Just my opinion.

      1. Word she needs to eat a pork chop and STFU there is always one who has to take shine… that is why I cosign with Monique when she says she hates skinny bitches! That is why!

    1. I'm a 16, athlete all my life. Blood pressure is great, cholesterol is good, could get the HDL a lil higher though – working on it. But I'm fit as a fiddle. I get that some overweight people are unhealthy, but roughly the same ratio of skinny people are unhealthy. Weight's not a great indicator of overall health.

      Regardless, this really isn't a post saying that skinny chicks need to beef up or that big chicks need to get bigger. RCLS is simply saying hey big girls, I see you and I like what I see. [email protected], can a fat chick get a compliment?

      1. @Starita34


        JHud can lose all the weight and still have blood pressure issues. actually losing too much weight too fast puts pressure on the heart.

    2. Please believe that every big girl in these comments and every big girl reading knows full well what being healthy means and whether or not they are. They know that obesity isn't "ok." Nobody is being mislead to believe any of those things. Everywhere big women look we see somebody reminding us that looking the way we look isn't always "ok" healthwise. . . it's not a big secret. This blog post was just a man saying that he sees the beauty in big women. That is it, that is all.

      But, thank you for your concern.

      1. YOU KNOW!?! (in my Diddy voice) Say that. Say that. Say that.

        How about every doctor's appt of my life they tell me I could stand to lose some weight. I decided 2 years ago that I should because I was getting older and less healthy every year removed from college. So I go out, eat healthier, step up the exercise, lose 70+ pounds and can't WAIT to go to the doc to hear "way to go!" How about not a peep. Not an atta boy, no "keep up the good work", not even a "10 more pounds and you'll be golden". Just crickets. I was heated.

        She thought she was done and headed for the door and I said, "um, no, esssscuse me. I went out and dropped 70 pounds (and the right way no less) and I'ma need a hand clap or something up in this piece!" lol Little dramatic, and yeah, yeah, yeah, I did it for me and my health, but I thought for SURE a doc would at least NOTICE!

        *end rant*

  15. If you shop at Lane Bryant are you ‘big’. If you shop in the plus size of an ‘big’.

    That's to say if you shop in the plus size section of a store are you 'big'. Sorry!

    1. And if it serves my memory correctly the name of this post is 'Watch Out For the Big Girl'… #shrugs

      No one is denying plus sized = big.

      Besides the way you look in your 9/10 says nothing about your health and not being overweight? How do I know? Because I'm a Tall 10 and my BMI still says I'm over so I'm pretty sure yours does too. If you want to start w/ talking about health as related to big girls, let's start there.

      1. Actually what your says is just that, 'yours'. Not mine, lol! So you can't be pretty sure of that lol!

        Your 9/10 can be held in different places than mines. Which for me lies in my hooters. Not in my stomach/hips/thighs.

        I'm very healthy according to Dr. Goins, lol! Straight down the middle on all counts.

        Moving on…..lol!

        1. I don't care where it lies… a BMI BODY (the whole thing) Mass Index takes into account your weight and your height so if you aren't taller than 5'7.5" you are in the red zone my dear. I am VERY healthy… I can run circles around most people on any given day and my exercise routine is fairly regular. So I'm not saying you can't be healthy w/ a high BMI but what I am asking you is HOW you start measuring what is and isn't fat? The way a 10 looks on you may not be the way a 10 looks on someone else.

        2. so if you aren’t taller than 5’7.5″ you are in the red zone my dear.

          I'm not, lol. I'm 5'5., LOL!

          The rest I agree.

  16. *APPLAUSE*

    Big Up!!! for being open and honest about your love for the BBWs — I am lovin this picture of Jill Scott I always said she was GORGEOUS and Monique too, hairy legs and all…

    Honestly I don't think either one of them would look as good if they were to drop down to a size 10 or lower because of their bone structure and facial features. Some BBW's carry their weight exceptionally well and always dress for their boby type which makes them FIERCE!! (Monique). Not everybody was meant to be a single digit dress size.

    GREAT POST!!!!!

      1. I petition to join the BBW committee.

        I liked the big girls for a good minute. I love breastses so…it's a logical inference.

        Titty meat Watson, titty meat.

      2. Well hell sign me up too! I am single and ready to mingle…Sometimes people say to me that I look like Jill Scott… *shrugs* I don't think I am as pretty as she is. I am a STAN for Jill she is gorgeous!! But I will take that compliment!! Put that sucker right in my pocket thank you very much!!

        Yes so please intro to your people!!! 🙂

  17. Just for the Record – Only lazy doctors use the formula that only takes into consideration your height & weight. If you want your real BMI, ask him for the skinfold test. The height/weight formula does not take into consideration your individual body composition and is based on averages. There's no way that Ronnie Coleman who is a 6ft 280lb bodybuilder has the same BMI as me.

    @Lady Jei – my problem with your argument is that ppl act a bit holy when it comes to weight/size but they don't act the same way towards other conditions that are equally dangerous. Here's a list: unprotected sex, driving recklessly, not parenting ur bad arse kids so now they gonna grow up & rob, shoot, & steal. I'd agree with you if we didn't have this BS hierarchy of unhealthiness

    1. I am not sure who 'people' are though in your post. Did you want my views on that, or were you lumping me in with the 'people' regarding height/weight so that you'd be able to agree with me. Not sure, lol!

      So with that being said, I understand what your point is though.

      1. I was saying that I'd agree that your opinion was right but I cant b/c ppl are idiots. You're not one of those people tho lol

  18. i thought this was a very thoughtful and appreciative piece so i felt compelled to leave a comment. ive had so many full figured friends and were so confident in their appearance. and while im sure some of them had insecurities about their bodies like all women seem to have, i had a great deal of respect for how they carried themselves and had a fly sense of style and mannerisms that oozed sex-appeal. it took me a long time to develop that confidence and i wasnt exactly "full figured".

    lastly, i think its funny you mentioned this–> "Oh…and for the big girls frontin’ like you ain’t a big girl…please stop playing yourself and everyone else trying to squeeze into them 8′s when you should really be wearing a 12."… because when i was id always peruse through the plus size section with my bff and she'd tell me to go to the skinny b*tch section LOL. since i was a little thick, i thought i could be a big girl. but i was always put in my place *shrugs*

  19. This post done brought out some lurkers, and since there are a few of you newbies, let me welcome you all at once!

    *throws e-confetti, pops e*champagne*

  20. I don't know why, but Jill Scott is my girlcrush too. Her and Michelle Rodriguez, lol. I remember back in the day wanting to be thin like the girls on tv, then realizing that those girls got no.play.at.all. Like my West Virginia mama says, "only a dog wants a bone."

    I'm not a fan of BMI – it's based pretty much on one type of figure. Even my doctor told me it was some b.s. If I tried to weight what is considered "normal" on that scale I would look crackish. #whitneynbobby

    So Flyy….I don't know who told you that you could be in the thick club – someone led you astray, lol. You are a member of the Tall Drank of Water club. Whoever issued your bootleg membership to club Thicky – it has been revoked!

    1. I see belly!!!! *waves at babies in the womb*

      I have had a girl crush on Jilly too, but its because I think she's beautiful. really has nothing to do with her size.

    2. Sooooo you just gon revoke my membership Teffy? You know how long it took me to get someone to issue one to me?

      I'll go sit in a corner now. LOL.

      *waving hard* hi babies!!

  21. I have some absolutely beautiful big women in my life. Never dated or "been with" one though. I know my limitations and since I'm a small dude my limitation starts at about 160 🙁

      1. Hmm maybe that should be ends.

        But I could probably go up to 5'8"…god forbid she puts on heels but if she doesn't mind I sure don't.

  22. Some big girls r healthier than skinny girls but being obese is jus not right thou.I can't believe how people grow old n dont get familiar enuf to know wats right or wrong 4 their bodies,its lik not knowing ur way around the house u live in.

  23. Nice post, RightCoast!

    The reality is, pretty is pretty and beautiful is beautiful whether the woman is a size 2 or a size 12. Jill Scott is beautiful. JHud is starting to look like a bobble head doll. She's still cute, though. lol.

  24. #Haven'tReadCommentsYet

    Good Morning Guys,

    Co-Sign With My Love For The Big Girl As The Signature…

    My fantasy is to have a few big girlfriends and help reach their "ideal" weight… That is fun…

    Shout out to all the beautiful women battling LSE… (Big girls ain't the only one)… There are people that really care for you and men like me who want to pipe you all over the crib men like me who want you to be all that you can be…

  25. "Calling somebody else fat won't make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter. And ruining Regina George's life didn't make me any happier. All you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you."

    "I used to think was just fat and skinny. But apparently there's lots of things that can be wrong on your body."


  26. I just think more men should be open to the idea of dating a bigger woman and not letting their weight define them. This is the part of the post where I blame the media for projecting unrealistic images of beauty and society for blindly idolizing them and contributing to this bias. It’s easy to lay the blame there, but realistically everyone is responsible for making their own choices, so I’m not quite buying the “TV made me do it” excuse.

    Nothing to add. The above quote just needed to be repeated.

  27. RCLS- High5 -well not that hight because I'm short, but kudos to you for stepping up and admitting that all women are beautiful except the ones that aren't…Having been above average all my life I've had no choice but to accept skin I'm in, that and growing up my my parents did not tolerate low self esteem…I do agree that with any body size regardless of imperfections you have to be confident and accentuate the postitives! If you have awesome toes, then dag nab-it (trying to get the potty mouth under control and be more ladylike n ish), polish em and let the world see! Just dont neglect the heels.

    Also… just to sneak in a PSA…women, please, purty please, wear the right daggone size bra! If you are a 40XYZ, please do not attempt to get into a 36c because "it was cute". Get a bra fitting from a reputable spot-it'll change your life.

  28. Today RCLS & Hugh Jazz taught me a lesson. I learned that I need to find a man who is bigger than me… Both of us weighing 155 lbs ain't getting the job done correctly.

      1. Lmfao. I know right…

        That's the kind of smedium men that approach me in the DMV. Life is rough. I pretty sure I have yet to deal w/ a man over 200 lbs. *le sigh*

        1. I get the same here in Raleigh. These little puny dudes. I like the linebacker/DE types. This is why I sat and watched the entire 1st round of the NFL draft damn near drooling at these young, big boys being drafted. smh….

  29. Yes, yes, yes! It's about time. Although, as a big girl, I wouldn't say it's slim pickins for us. I actually have never had a problem with dating or anything. I think it matters more where you live. Not entirely, but in bigger cities, like me in NYC, there is more diversity period.

    And I'm super cute, so that helps. 🙂

    Yes, watch out for the big girl….especially skinny girls. I can't tell you how many times a skinny chick looked at me like whatever, she's no threat while her man was trying to slip me the digits. But that's not my style, what's mine is mine alone. 🙂

    Big Ups to the Big Girls. 🙂

  30. I wish more Men felt like this. I'm 5'11 and a size 12 (sometime 14) with a bra size of 40E. I'm not made to be a thin gal, I will tip over, lol. I don't really get any love and like Mis Scott, I have natural long hair (not a fro tho). I gets no love, just stares, but I don't care. I will rock my 4 inch heels and my hour glass curve everyday just to make a point that I look good, all women of different sizes can look good, so respect my gangsta and holla at a thick gal! lol

  31. i guess i'll be the dissenter for today. big girls are cool. i have a lot of friends that are big girls. some are actually pretty cute (in the face). i prefer slim women. *shrug*

    but like i said big girls are cool. so big ups to y'all.

    1. +1. Some of my good friends are also big girls. I'm about 6'4 so I kinda have a height preference (5'8- 5'11) and I also prefer slim girls.

      With that said, Jill Scott has to be one of the prettiest big girls ever. She could get it (see "Crown Royal" on youtube). lol.

  32. I just mentioned this to Streetz on the side, but… not only do you not fetishize big girls, but you call them beautiful without saying things like "despite your size." There's something endearing about that.

    Wish I knew guys like that when I was heavier. 🙂

  33. I just wanted to say sincerely thankbu ,thank u ,thank u. I wish there were more not only men but people whom thought like u especially to say we don't need sympathy

  34. Thank you for saying this. I really don't understand why men are so apprehensive. As a size 16, I work out, I eat right and I take care of myself. I make 6 figures, am educated and single with no kids, world traveled, speak two languages. I have to settle for a man who happens to like plus size women, SERIOUSLY!!!'

  35. I'm appalled by some individuals ignorance. "The big girl " … Is she some kind of rare species?? Many commenters mentioned I have friends that are big girls… Sounds like a racist… "I have friends that are black. WTF

    I suppose many ppl overlook that there are
    plenty " Big boys". But you don't hear women or men saying that shit is unhealthy! Oh because Rick Ross and Fat Joe are men which makes it sexy??? Love the double standard!

  36. I think it is great if their are men out there that love big women, but as a woman, who does not love fat and is struggling to lose a few pounds I have gained, I can tell you that it is not attractive. I am sure that there are big women out there that have inner beauty, but let's be honest, if these women could be thin and still eat all they want, which one do you think they would choose? Look at Mo 'Nique who for years went on about how she was big and proud of it. And now that she has lost 50 pounds, she admits that she feels better about herself, feels healthier, and enjoys sex so much better. So Sisters and bothers let's keep it real!

    1. I hope there's a screen big enough for the projecting you're doing…

      how are you going to tell somewhat else what's attractive to them? O_o

  37. Aww man. Why ppl gotta come on here n hate on the bbw? This was an appriciation blog. An editorial. If have nothing nice to say… Stay silent. That's the mama lesson.
    Thank you for the love. I'm a 12, weigh more than I look… But I'm healthy. My blood pressure is really low, I exersize, but can't spell, I don't eat swine, lots of fresh fruit n veggies, etc…. But I know skinny kats with high blood pressure n really unhealthy, so is weight really the issue?
    I just want my big girls to dress their size. Dress in clothes that compliment… Not necessarily show everything. Hell, skinny girls too.
    But thank u for the love. For the women with big girl issues… R they even bone'n u? N for dudes with big girl issues… Same response.
    Also, loosing weight for health or for media are two different things. The based for the choice are two different matters. Health n LSE/ insecurities are hugely different.

    Shout out to the big girls n all the girl who love themselves.

    And thanks forthe bbw love! Ow!

  38. I am just getting up on this post, and I must say that I have to give you a standing ovation for THIS!!

    As a plus sized woman it makes me smile to read this and know that women like me can be appreciate. Its sad that media has brain washed so many into believing that beauty comes in a size 2.

    As a woman who eats right, and exercises and can run up a flight of stairs without getting winded and is still a size 14 I know how hard it is to break this notion that just cause I'm bigger than most I'm not cute or beautiful. I applaud all my "curvy" women who appreciate and love their bodies despite some rolls here and there. I really admire women who wear clothes that fit them and know how to walk with their heads held high.. you're right there is nothing sexier than a "WOMAN" who can command attention no matter her size..

    For all of those who are saying that being heavy is wrong, and unhealthy and blah blah blah, don't judge.. cause just because you may be a size 2 doesn't mean that you're healthier than I am!

    1. You don't need to be a size 2, but if you can barely walk, can't run, always out of breathe and exhausted from just walking a couple of blocks or fligth of stairs, and simple don't have the stamina to do basic things, can't keep up with your children. Can't touch your toes, then you need to make some lifestyle changes.

      If none of these apply to you then don't worry about it. If you like the way you look, then more power to you. One final thought, and this one is a really big concern, if some people who think that their size is no ones business, it really is if you take up 2 seats instead of one at a theatre where people pay good money to have their entire seat to themselves and have to share half of it with someone else, because they are simply too large to fit into the one seat. I am speaking of my own personal experience recently at a film festival where a woman was saving a seat for her girlfriend who came late. When the woman appeared and sat down in the seat beside me, unfortunately, she could not fit into the seat and ended up taking up not only hers, but half of mine, and I was really annoyed becasue I paid good money to get a good seat and had to share half of it with someone who clearly needed to hit the gym.



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