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6 “Little” Things that Men DO Notice

woman applying lipstick
Baby Girl … I see you

You thought you were gonna get away with wearing baby blue flip flops with your black outfit, because “guys don’t notice” … WRONG!

While a lot of women are very detailed orientated and realize that in order to attract the type of man they want (who is perfect in every facet) they have to be on their p’s and q’s (does anyone know where that term came from)?

Sadly … some of these same women demanding perfection aren’t exhibiting it.  There is this general misconception that no man notices the little things you did to properly pull together your look.  There is also a belief that as long as your titties are popping out the top of your shirt and your jeans look spray painted on that we will forgive all the other things that are slipping.  I’m here to tell you that there is a large contingency of guys who care about these things.  This especially comes into play when I see you on a regular basis.  If we work together, I’m watching.  In class together, I’m watching.  Dating … I got a mental spreadsheet organized by dates and outings!

And if it’s not the majority of guys … I notice … and that’s all that matters! Here are things that men notice in women.

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The color on your toes and fingers

I will caveat this with “this might just be me” … but I notice.  Nails and toes actually have the ability to make a seemingly OK girl damn near sexy.  I can think of more than one occasion where I saw a girl and thought “damn … she’s sexy.  I’m not sure what it is or what she is doing, but she is doing something serious”.  Then … I see her again next week and one thing, just one single thing has changed … the color of her nails.  Suddenly, she has acne (which I just ignored before), her voice is a little nasally, and her ass curves inward.  And don’t let me see you wearing red … that sh*t is a dealbreaker (you say I’m picky … f* you).

They type of cell phone you carry

I’m just saying … if you’re not rocking a smart phone, or at least something with a big screen or slider keyboard … then what am I gonna do wit u?

Those random dumb comments that you think are pure pintelligence

I got a text a few days ago that made me think.  “Is it OK to stop talking to a girl because she pronounces salmon as ‘sal-mon’?”  I sat and looked at that text.  I put the phone down.  I pondered on it.  Then I hit him back with simply, “no”.  Dumb comments have been made to make me go from raging bull to limpy McLimpinstein in 5 seconds.  These seemingly minute slip-ups are noticed.

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Those heels with that you can’t wear to church

It’s a well known fact that women are always checking out and analyzing the shoes of other women.  But I’m here to let you know that many a woman have received an instant 1 – 2 point increase just by the unnatural feeling the “f* me now” heels they had on ignited in me.  When combined with the nail factor, the ability to attract a previously uninterested guy is gained.

The sticky stuff that covers your lips (get your mind out the gutter)

When you see someone at work or school everyday … you start to notice things.  There is nothing at all wrong with natural lips, but there is a lot to be said about that liquid lip gloss sh*.  When bored in another 3 hour endless meeting, thinking about those moist lips wrapped around my man mojo pressed against mind is def running through my mind.

The foundation, powder, goopy gook … whatever that makeup stuff is you put in to cover blemishes

I knew a girl in college who wore an immense amount of foundation (I still don’t really know what foundation is … but one of my female friends told me it was foundation she was ODing on).  She wasn’t bad looking, but every time I saw her I just wanted to touch her face to how deep I had to go to hit skin.

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Hopefully I haven’t exposed myself as the picky detailed oriented motherf***er that I am … but trust me, I’m not the only one.  And for those of you unwilling to put the painstaking time and effort and care in … don’t worry.  Rarely has any of this every killed a woman’s chances with me or someone in the crew.  But for those of you looking for that little boost … that differentiator … take heed.

We discussed the things that men notice in women. Ladies, what are the little things you notice about us?  Do you have tips on how we can attract you? Guys, what did I leave off?  Am I just making all this stuff up and no one really cares?

SBM aka “Her second toe is longer than the first … pass” aka “I will pay for you to get your nails down if that’s what it takes”


  1. i saw a cute girl i was gone smash and her toes were uneven, like a stereo equalizer bar. NONE of them hoes matched up.

    my dick turtled.

      1. EVERY.single.time I read these 2 comments I die laughing and come back to life. I click on to this post just to see this comment so I can laugh.

    1. "…Like a stereo equalizer bar"

      That is Freakin' hilarious…I am dying over here. Too bad we can't help the length of our toes.

  2. "Mind your P's and q's" comes from English barkeeps telling patrons to mind their pints and quarts. Esseantialy, reminding then not get too drunk and start some mess.

    1. I ended up hitting wikipedia after I wrote the post. They claim it came from typesetters since p's and q's can get mistaken when typesetting.

      1. You're right SBM. That's one of the things I remember reading and for some reason stuck with me when I was six.

        Back in the days before word processing when using a printing press, they needed to make sure they weren't inserting a "p" block instead of a "q", because the blocks have the letters mirrored. So a p looks like a q (and a b looked like a d, etc).

  3. At the risk of getting cursed out, I need to comment on this:

    The type of cell phone you carry
    I’m just saying … if you’re not rocking a smart phone, or at least something with a big screen or slider keyboard … then what am I gonna do wit u?

    Because 1) it's hilarious and 2) it's true. I actually almost had to break up with an older *cough* I mean mature woman I was dating because she didnt have an unlimited text package. She really didnt even know how to text. She preferred to have ALL conversations over the phone. What is this, the 90s? #NoDeal

    1. Damnit. I forget the rest of my comment. Well here goes.

      [from original] "Dumb comments have been made to make me go from raging bull to limpy McLimpinstein in 5 seconds."


      The cell phone thing is a damn shame. My phone sucks but it's got a cute little big screen and a QWERTY keyboard. No flip phones here. And not know how to text?! Oh hell.

      I wonder if guys notice when you DON'T have the cake on your face.

      Lip gloss. Mmm 🙂 I like what you think about it. Sick man. Lol

    2. Texting is for people in high school or for when you can't hold a proper conversation or to say something short and sweet.

      There is nothing like the human voice… nothing!!!

  4. Niice. I wrote a post about some things I'd notice on a guy… Because there are some things that I would overlook. But given the time to really stare, I start to notice a lot more..


    When first introduced to guys, I always shake hands. I don't know what it is but as soon as we make hand-contact, my mind goes nuts about the texture of their hands. Shiiit, it's smooth. And the handshake was firm? Mmm mmm.

    Lip condition. Chapped & Disastrous vs. Smooth & Kept.

    I can't stop staring at a guy's mouth. If he's talking, I'm not gonna look into his eyes yet. I wanna see how that mouth works before I send it downtown.


    Slouching? Standing straight? Bent over? Up right? It'll make or break your overall appearance.

    The speech is a given. After a few conversations, I wonder. But not so much. And I'm definitely checking the booty butt cheeks. Something so sexy about some guys' assets. Woo! Had a moment there. Hit meh!

    1. Posture is very important. I dont want to hear another story about a bad back or a slipped disc because you just happened to bust your azz fourteen years ago. *sigh* yes, I'm gonna just keep it movin.

    2. Amen on that hands thing Suki. I'm a hands/nails person myself. I need you not to have pod-fingers like ET and those nails need to be an appropriate length. Don't look like your just finished eating them for breakfast, but also don't look like you line snowflakes w/ em. Thanks. Additionally, I need not to look like you've burnt your nail a few times w/ the Mary Jane. And for heavens sake, take care of that ash. Lubiderm is your friend.

  5. The color on your toes and fingers

    ^^^All i wear is black…

    The type of cell phone you carry

    ^^^I am now an owner of an iPhone 4…i've been geekin over this phone since i got it on Friday!

    Ladies, what are the little things you notice about us?




    With the outfit, he doesn't need to be wearing designer, i just like a guy that knows what looks good on him.

    If a guy wears flip flops like me, at first i think it's odd but then it excites me cause that tells me he appreciates the comfort they bring just as much as i do!

    Eyes, it doesn't matter the color but they tell me a lot about the person…if they are like hazel or a nice shade of brown…#mmmm

    That's about it for me! Interesting post!

    1. oh, if i see a man in a suit & tie…i get weak in the knees (#AllSWV)…i especially have a "thing" for ties *swoons*

  6. Hilarious yet understandable. The things I notice about men… 1. walk (the pimp stroll/right-leg dip, high-butt switch or old man shuffle will cause the average woman to dry up quicker than the cone-bread from the movie LIFE) means a lot. We will not be seen with someone who walks like they just received legs as a gift. Which brings me to #2- women check out the manly lumps too.. We appreciate a decent butt…however, I will not consider talking to you at all if i notice that your a$$ is just BIG and you werent an athlete or it seems that someone stole your azz cheeks that the back of your jeans look like a 12-pack of eggs in a plastic bag..not right… Sounds ridiculous? Well, it looks ridiculous. 3. Breath. 4. Hands-I look for a man's nails to have clean nail beds and clean under the nails. Clear polish on the nails (mmmmm…nasty. Walk away. Pimp rings, run away.) 5. Hair- a nice cut regular cut will do. No love for the black fill in spray, texturizers, and that dreaded mohawk. Hell, aint u over 30?

    1. 1. walk (the pimp stroll/right-leg dip, high-butt switch or old man shuffle will cause the average woman to dry up quicker than the cone-bread from the movie LIFE) means a lot. We will not be seen with someone who walks like they just received legs as a gift.

      OMG! iDied at your whole post, but this had me in tears!

  7. I notice many things but the top three are–

    1. A man's hands and feet (size of hands/feet–the bigger the better!, cleanliness and SHORT nails are de rigeur)

    2. The way he smells (don't get me wrong, the smell of skin is sexy but cologne is a turn-on..a TURN-ON)

    3. If he likes animals and kids

  8. What DON'T women notice about a guy? LOL. We notice everything. Every.Thing.

    Here's a couple things I notice . . . I feel like I've said these on a post before but . . . oh well, lol.

    Arms & Shoulders

    Exposed or covered, I notice. A long sleeve shirt that fits well can make arms & shoulders look just as sexy as they would if they were bare (especially a henley shirt . . . yes, that particular shirt, lol).


    Cologne.Axe. Body oil. Ivory. Irish Spring. Whatever the smell, make it pleasant and make it manly. LOL. Stay away from my Bath & Body Works in the shower, ain't a damn thing sexy about you smelling like my Black Raspberry Vanilla shower gel, lol. No sir, no thank you.


    I enjoy a man in a nice pair of glasses be they sunglasses or regular eyeglasses. It just completes the face.

    1. Actually the C.O Bigelow Mentha Body wash from Bath and Bodyworks is one of my personal favorites. The smell is a whole lot better than that Axe mess and Old Spice Swagger.

  9. Two imp things i notice have already been mentioned (cosign on the shoes & short nails comments) but I also notice:

    1. Sock and shoe style coordination. Nothing is more sexy than a man in nice dress shoes and trouser socks. White socks + dress shoes = 🙁

    2. Smile/nice teeth: I'm a sucker for a great smile which almost always requires him having teeth that aren't f'd up.

    This post is truth. Even though it makes me feel shallow at times, initial attraction is key…

    1. Glad to see someone appreciates socks. I'm like one of the few people that I know that makes their socks a priority of their outfit. I liken it to a tie almost as far as coordination but its along the lines of nice cufflinks in the "nice subtle addition" category.

      1. For a true gentleman… socks are imperative. Don't forget the pants and belt as they are essential when determining sock color. If you're wearing pants in the black family (i.e. black or dark charcoal) you need a black belt, black shoes, and socks in the black or dark, dark grey family. If you're wearing pants in the blue family, then you go with the brown belt, brown shoes and socks in the blue family. Brown shoes do not go with black socks, and black shoes do not go with blue sucks. I do not own white socks. Even my sweat socks that I use for athletics… are black.

        1. Gotta cosign this, except I generally wear white athletic socks. Unless I have all-black shoes or shoes with black on them, then I'll wear black socks.

          Curious: what do you wear with all white shoes?

        2. Cosign this and Hugh. White athletic socks are the majority of my non-dress sock collection. Black athletic socks are bawse though, but white is what I rock wit. Definitely need to cop more black though you reminded me.

        3. Hugh, I'm late on the response, so not sure if you'll see this but, I think that's a great question.

          Generally, I think if it's warm enough to wear white shoes, then it's warm enough to go without socks.

          Now, if it's like a formal event like a wedding and the groomsmen are wearing white, then I would say go with white dress socks. They are out there.

        4. "Generally, I think if it’s warm enough to wear white shoes, then it’s warm enough to go without socks."

          Shoes without socks? I can't cosign this!

          "Now, if it’s like a formal event like a wedding and the groomsmen are wearing white, then I would say go with white dress socks. They are out there."

          I agree with this. This is probably the only acceptable scenario for white dress socks, because white tuxes at a wedding is the only excuse for a man to wear a white suit.

    2. Wait.. I never heard of white dress socks for guys. Do those things even exist? Could you be referring to white athletic socks? That's like eating soup with a fork.

    3. +1 on the socks. I am pretty obsessive about matching my socks with my outfts. Socks to me, should give people a insight into your personality. For example if I am wearing a nice button down, I may wear some argyle socks in a matching color.

  10. His shoes. . . If he's wearing some hickish snake leather sandals or shoes then no.

    If he has some type of briefcase or messenger bag. . . Let's me know if he has a job or not.

    If he has a shape-up. I love when a guy has well maintained facial hair and hair.

    The way he dresses. . He has too be put together, up-to-date and have personal style.

    1. Ooooh facial hair! Clean, sharp, goatee or beard…that's what's infuego on the freeway! Mmm, facial hair…*starts daydreaming it's too nasty for even a strike through*

  11. This post makes me chuckle a lot & I'm thinking….

    Well, I definitely notice clothing style. With the onset of the winter I cannot wait to see sweaters & jeans! Mix that with the wintery colognes & I'll be total jelly….

    I'm also a sucker for a man wearing a leather coat & nice shoes (loafers, etc)

    Also, please PLEASE have moisturized hands, lips & feet 🙂

  12. Okay..lol

    I don' know..I'm medieval about technology..I can type about 85 words per minute…know my way around a computer pretty well..but, smartphones, iphones…nada…I dont care. I just want something that dials out and receives incoming. I don't like to text too much..I find that if a man wants to text rather than talk..he gets marked down about 3 points or more…

    I notice a well groomed man…I notice shoes, a man with clean, well maintained shoes or sneakers is sexy…I don't care about brand names…..a nice smile does go a long way, too…..

    1. Well I am not gonna disclose what type of phone I have however I agree. My telephone's only feature is the alarm !

      Am I the only one who glances at a man's crotch ? I hate those too large pants. In dress pants sometimes I can figure out the size of his D***, so sexi. Call me Iguaçu falls….

    2. I'm with you…no smart phone…I'm too practical to pay for internet TWICE. I got net at home, net at work, and you want me to pay $20 MORE dollars a month for net in my pocket? Naw, not this chick. That $20 goes in my Roth IRA and makes sweet, sweet love aka compounding interest. I get a new FREE phone every two years and that's as far as I can go.

      But I see the logic…I mean I notice too, and if a phone is a priority in your life, it makes sense that you're not checkin for me…your phone does say something about you.

      1. Roth IRA?

        Really, have you checked the interest rate on that lately? Plz tell me you locked up a good rate years ago and picked a LONG term.

        Roth is a good tax move and all for our generation though…. I like your finances girl. Way to make it rain in your twilight years

        1. Locked in years ago 🙂 I'm trying to retire HAPPY, none of this retirement party today and then start my new job tomorrow bs. No sir.

    3. I'm with you on the phone.. the last one i got was 2 years ago.. they had to sneak my brick away from me.. and surprise me with a new one on my birthday.. i was just happy to have something with a color screen..

  13. If his dress pants are TOO tight = goner. Lmfao. I see this all the time. I guess men who don't regularly dress up for work or church have a hard time w/ the measurements on dress pants. Cracks me up… no sir, your pants are too tight you can't have my number.

    Men that wear ghey sunshades. I hate the one piece sunglasses that you can get from any Korean hair supply on men. Gross & ghey, ghey ghey!!

    1. OMG – I hatchusomuch for this pic. Home boy lookin' like "How YOU doing?" ala Wendy Williams. lol!

      I see you showing off the stunna game, Miss. Very nice youngin.

  14. Wowww. I thought I was the only one who takes notice of what kind of phone someone is carrying. Flip Phones in 2010 gets a thumbs down but I won't say it would stop me from letting dude holla.

    Hands/Nose/Eyebrows/lips and Feet draws my attention with the quickness . I don't know what it is but a dude with a nice nose and thick eyebrows…. (That dude from 90's duo groove theory) yeah thick eyebrows like that. OMG!!!!!

    Shoe game and style of dressing and the way he carries himself (walk/posture, etc).

  15. HANDS – nails must be trimmed and CLEAN – no black dirt under your nails because that also means that you don't wash your hair frequently enough. If you were scrubbing your scalp regularly your nails would automatically be sans dirt.

    FACIAL HAIR – must be well groomed – hair line tite. VERY important.

    TEETH – if i see plaque I'm out. Seriously, there should be no plaque on the teeth or gums.

    HANDS/FEET = lotion – please keep your skin soft and free of dry ash.

    you should smell good – smell clean – there are too many body washes that smell like cologne for you to ever run around smelling funky.

    *Note* I do not spend this kind of time checking out other men, I could care less, but with 15 and 16 year old sons at home I am constantly checking their grooming habits and making sure that they pass these tests. My 16 year old has it down to a science, but my 15 year old still gets a few glitches here and there (mainly teeth and nails) that's when I change the words from "Oh you fancy now" to "Oh you nasty now! hair stank, nails stank, breath stank etc." until he runs upstairs and fixes it!

        1. Now don't be mad when it pays off and you catch one a lil skank age 15-22 in his bedroom..

          Just respect the game

      1. It works!

        Alot of the students I work w/ are teenage boys…nothing works more effectively than a good roasting to get them to amp up the use of deodarant and Axe,lol

  16. I love, I mean LOVE a man with a clean fresh line up! Something about that just makes me want just toss the panties up in the air!!! lol

    I also have a habit of staring at a mans crotch area but I promise this isn't something I do on purpose, in fact I only realized it when I read a comment above mentioning it.

    1. Oh and I forgot my most important one: the way a man fills a shirt out! Not a big fan of 50 Cent but man oh man does he be wearing them shirts!!!! I guess it like a nice wide chest…thoughts trailed off into the gutter… happy monday for me!

  17. This post is hilarious…

    First thing I notice is a man's shoulders…I like 'em wide.

    2. Nails

    3. Forearms (fetish of mine)

    4. Ass

  18. They type of cell phone you carry

    I’m just saying … if you’re not rocking a smart phone, or at least something with a big screen or slider keyboard … then what am I gonna do wit u?


    You guys and the smart phone. I think its a little over rated. There are some things I am willing to over look. I didn't get my first blackberry until the week Plax shot himself.

    I would rather date a girl with a old school camera-phone than a girl with had a side-kick.


  19. LOL! This thing is hilarious!

    I notice:

    1) Shoes- I can't have no man with run-over shoes, shoes that are not neutral (and only CERTAIN men with that swag can rock those lighter neutrals). Even if the suit is cheap (not blatantly), but that shoe game is tight, he can get it (I mean, if ALL other things in place)

    2) Teeth- can't look like you've been gnawing on rocks or look a creamy mustard color

    3) Hands- I just say no to long nails, bit down nails, dirty nails, and hands that may cut me if I touch them.

    4) Love a man who smells nice…mmmmmm

    5) If he got that sweater/button-down game tight or that blazer on just right, where you KNOW he has muscles, but they're not that obvious…#swoon.

  20. Things to notice…

    Is he well groomed

    Does he smell nice

    Does he look "ride-able" Nice firm chest and stomach…I mean if my hand is gonna be there as I reverse I dont need it skin down to your spine…

    Nice teeth and Smile

    Sense of Humor


    The "V" to goodness

  21. One of the first things I notice on a woman are her eyes and any eye makeup that she has. Your eye makeup should enhance not be its own little specialty.

  22. I'm all about shoes myself. Even if everything else is on point, bad shoes will get a man thrown into the discard pile. I don't care if he's Idris Elba, don't let me see you in some corny ish like Air Max 24/7's.

    Conversely, a so-so dude in some Sky High Jordans will instantly be catapulted to slamworthy status.

  23. All of the shoe comments from the female posters are very interesting. I knew there are a number of women interested in their own shoes, but I didn't think they were that interested in ours!

  24. I'm saying though…..about this cell phone thing…..I see waaaaay too many people with cell phones that look like they cost more than their car. Phone bill probably half their rent.

    I mean really I have a theory that the more expensive your cell phone is the broker you are. Same goes for shoes and hand bags. This is a 9 out of 10 theory. Meaning yeah some people are ballin for real but most people you see wearin $600 Prada shoes can't even afford them. I mean seriously in DC, if you ballin for real your job is payin for your phone.

    Lips and makeup. There is a time and a place for lip gloss. Please know when to do it and when not to do it.

    Foundation and heavy makeup………unless a professional photographer is going to be there…..please skip the foundation. Dat ish makes you look like the joker. I like natural females. But I do understand for TV and photos the makeup is neccessary. But once again 🙂 9 times out of 10 you not going to a party that's going to end up on Access Hollywood so please chill.

    1. Lips and makeup. There is a time and a place for lip gloss. Please know when to do it and when not to do it.


      Gym and bedtime (unless a slumber party is going on) 😉 basically those are the ONLY times when lipgloss/makeup may be overdoing it IMO.

      1. Well I've seen women at work with shiny lips and it's like, "Really…..you turnin men on with your sexy lips at work? Please don't file a harrassment complaint when somebody makes a comment."

        Makeup. A little eyeliner and lipstick is always good. But the whole thing where it takes you a half hour to 45 minutes. I don't think is necessary unless there will be cameras involved.

        1. "Well I’ve seen women at work with shiny lips and it’s like, “Really…..you turnin men on with your sexy lips at work?"


          Hmmmmm. I don't think just cuz a woman (myself included) likes to wear lipglosss/lipstick in the workplace means she's doing it in hopes of impressing or turning on men. I wear lipstick and/or lipgloss to work because it makes me feel dressed/polished and put together.

    1. Man I aint paid a cell phone bill in like 10 years. Flip phone, smart phone whatever……..I'll keep that 7 Gs I probably saved.

  25. the nails comment made me laugh. I had a guy just this weekend tell me how he was digging the polish color on my toes. it is pretty fly but it wasn't something I expected someone to notice on the random.

    I notice first: scent, hands, and overall style. bad shoes or a ill fitting suit jacket (too big) really make me scrunch my face up.

  26. great post dude.

    "There is also a belief that as long as your titties are popping out the top of your shirt and your jeans look spray painted on that we will forgive all the other things that are slipping. I’m here to tell you that there is a large contingency of guys who care about these things."

    this swindle does not get over on me. especially since i look at the small things then focus on the more obvious.

    The color on toes and nails- not only the color (spring/summer vs fall/winter) but the condition of the polish. i can't deal with chipped polish especially on a woman's feet. why is your toenail polish chipped? what have you been doing? kicking trees down? smh

    Heels- i love a woman with a proper heel game. if i walk into a woman's closet and i see she has a large variety then that is an instant turn on. shoes tell a lot about a person.

    Lipwear- 3 words- "Mac Lip Glass". i think the dream described it best in Purple Kisses.

    some other things i notice:

    – a woman's scent. not only her perfume but her natural scent.

    – her walk. i'll know if she's trying too hard but i nice elegant walk makes you that more attractive.

    – if she keeps her eyebrows on point. i'm always checking for a woman's eyebrows. if your ish looks like it hasn't been threaded, waxed or trimmed in like 6 months then you need to go that way ————>

    1. #cosign. Especially the eyebrows…I refuse to neglect the brows….there is no excuse for makeup to be on point and those brows looking like bushes. Threaded for life!

  27. Yo this is a good post. I like that it's about "little things" not the obvious things like hair.

    Some little things I notice:

    Grammar and vocabulary. Can't stand talking to a woman whose vocabulary and grammar usage doesn't match her level of education – makes think you didn't pay attention in school. You have a Masters but still use words like "mines" or "pacific" (instead of specific) – said it before… major pet peeve.

    Watch game. A woman wearing a nice watch gets extra points.

    If I'm on the train – I notice what women are reading, and I pass judgment. I love seeing women reading good newspapers or periodicals. A woman reading the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal gets extra points. Points are stratospheric if she reads The Economist. I also like seeing a woman reading WWD or Vogue.

    Black women with iPads are super cool. Kindles are cool also but not as cool. The Nook gets no love… that's like having T-Mobile.

    Make-Up… I hate seeing extra matchy-matchy makeup. Like purple eye shadow to match your purple blazer and bag with a hint of purple.

    In general, I don't like matchy-matchy stuff. I like contrast… be a little adventurous.

    Guess that's enough.

    This is all very vain. My wife is cool she really does all the good stuff above and none of the bad stuff.

    1. "Make-Up… I hate seeing extra matchy-matchy makeup. Like purple eye shadow to match your purple blazer and bag with a hint of purple.

      In general, I don’t like matchy-matchy stuff. I like contrast… be a little adventurous."

      I kinda hate it too, but it amuses me to see this from a man…

        1. I like your wife,lol

          I love books…like seriously. I'd never get one of those gadgets…ever. I'd rock w/ the iPad…but I'm not getting any books on there. No way. I need to hold an actual book…fold the pages back…take notes…highlight sentences that strike me as beautiful.

        2. I have been reluctant to buy any type of reader. I love the fact that I have a little library at the crib. I did decide, just last night, that I'm going to get an iPad. I doubt I'll read books on it though. I'll use it more for periodicals. I cancelled my NYTimes subscription because the iPhone app is so good. I feel like I could do the same with all of my magazine subscriptions. That's why I would go iPad instead of Kindle.

          But still, I love seeing women read – whatever the medium – so long as it's not "Urban Literature"…

      1. I like books but:

        1. They take up so much space. I got shelves full of em.

        2. I heard the kindles let you highlight and then print the notes. I will be switching to one just for that feature. Very useful when reading things for work.

    2. I guess I'm old school, but I'd rather have the dead tree version than a Kindle. Although I have several books in .pdf format on my Blackberry.

      I heard that Amazon can delete stuff off your Kindle if they think it's a copyright violation. Not sure if this is true or not. Considering there are some books I refuse to pay for but have in electronic form (a certain book by a comedian about relationships that cannot be named on this website comes to mind), I'd rather not have someone able to look at what I have saved on my reader.

      1. Ha – I knew I wasn't the only one with a bootleg pdf of Teeth Harvey's little gem. The ladies in HR emailed it right over, lol.

    3. "Watch game. A woman wearing a nice watch gets extra points."


      Nice piece of jewelry (chain) on a Man is a showstopper as well. Not that gaudy Run DMC type ish, I mean a nice chain not to short/long and not too thick/small. Just a really good quality piece.

    4. I had books upon books upon books in my home. Shelves full of books, a mini library. I suddenly ran out of space and had a garage sale and sold them all…now I have more space than I know what to do with. I am THRILLED..

      I have the kindle and I am able to download books for school and highlight and take notes as I read the book. I love the Kindle and I also read more in general because I never forget my book! I can read it on my kindle, or my laptop, or my blackberry, or my desktop at work. Wherever you can download your kindle app you can read your current book.

      That's bawse to me.

      What's wrong with a little urban literature from time to time? Seriously?

  28. First thing I notice is posture. How he stands/how he walks is very important to me. A man standing up straight will always get a second look. After that…

    2. shoes

    3. overall style

    4. smell

    5. hands

    6. his voice. I like bass. Not too much, but just the right amount. I can't respect you if you don't have any bass in your voice.

  29. More about lip gloss in the work place:

    Biggest mistake I see from kids straight outta college…..or rather funniest mistake cause I do laugh……is when youngins think "club clothes" and "work clothes" are the same thing. So you got glitter eye shadow on. A skirt das tight and barely covers your butt. Oh and the dudes are just as bad…..had this norweigan intern dat used to be lookin like will ferrell in "Night at Roxburry." Slacks was tight as ish. Phaaa.

    I just associate lip gloss with bein a little too sexy for work.

    1. This reminds me of an intern that was spoken to last week about her shoes. She admitted that she bought them off some site called skank.com (or something like that) and usually wears them only in Vegas. She was doing too much for work… although they were kinda cute.

      Anywho, I have no issues where lip gloss at work. *shrugs*

      1. ROFL…….Nah dis girl on my job came in with like purple eye shadow with glitter in it and a Beyonce / Diana Ross hair weave down to her but when she just had a bob on Friday. I think she thought she was going to a rave not work.

    2. Yes, I'm always surprised at the number of people who don't understand what business casual or business attire in general is. My business fraternity served its purpose very well in that regard. Many of the clothes Express try to pass off as business is just not appropriate.

      I once knew a girl who bought all her suits from Victorias Secret 0_o. They were always too tight and just inappropriate.

  30. Smell…a man can be of Extra Terrestrial decent, but if he smells good when he passes me I will do a double take…may even follow lol

    I notice clothes in general ,but Shoes! I am a shoe girl, its probably the most cliche and irly thing about me, but it is what it is. I can not see a man with ugly and or dirty shoes. I believe shoes complete and make an outfit.

    Forearms for me too!! I love veiny and strong forearms…instant turn on.

    Legs, I LOATHE skinny legs. I don't care if you have the best upper body [I love a nice strong back, yumm]. I can't stand skinny calves.

    I am a sucker for a man in a good suit. OMG, its probably why I went into the business field.

    As for the non physical:

    Speech….I hate improper English, slang at every interval of the sentence…couple it with a country accent and I can't. I had a guy whom i was interested in say "SKRAWberry" as opposed to "STRAWberry" and it was over [SKRIMP, SKREET, any of that foolywang is a no go.

    1. c/s the skinny legs

      There's this dude at the gym…upper body is right. He's always going hard #pause on the weights and stuff

      But his legs are the skinniest legs I've seen on a man so far. His legs are small than mine! It's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen.

      they look like pretzel rods…

    2. "Legs, I LOATHE skinny legs. I don’t care if you have the best upper body [I love a nice strong back, yumm]. I can’t stand skinny calves."

      <3 Strong legs and well defined calves *drooool* Chicken legs are the WORST! I feel a little bad because there is really nothing they can do about it, but ew. Many a time the libido has went from 100 to 0 after some baggy sweat pants turned into basketball shorts and revealed the chicken dinner. 🙁 That's men's #baggyclothesswindle making them look like they've got some meat on their bones, when they're Kate Moss like a mug with there 3 t-shirts and 3 pairs of shorts and two pairs of pants…they should be ashamed…

      *waiting for the Spanx war to erupt*

      1. Starita34: "Chicken legs are the WORST! I feel a little bad because there is really nothing they can do about it, but ew."

        There's plenty they can do about it. If every day wasn't "chest and arms" day when they go to the gym, they could do something about their chicken legs.

  31. What do I notice?

    If I notice that you have on makeup (other than lip stick/gloss), then you have on TOO MUCH. I shouldn't be able to tell you have on makeup. If I do, I take it as you not being comfortable with your own looks. #youmad?

    Permed hair verses natural hair. If you have natural hair, you are awarded extra points. I don't care what any woman says, perms are INSANE. So I'm passing judgment…

    Your hobbies. If you say your hobby is "Watching TV" or "Going to the club," or "I don't have any" I wouldn't want your number even if you offered it unless it was strictly sexual contact and only after tests for STDs. Stupid stuff happens when people have too much free time on their hands.

    I absolutely hate ringback tones. If you have one, you and I could never be.

    1. "Your hobbies. If you say your hobby is “Watching TV” or “Going to the club,” or “I don’t have any” I wouldn’t want your number even if you offered it unless it was strictly sexual contact and only after tests for STDs. Stupid stuff happens when people have too much free time on their hands."


      "I absolutely hate ringback tones."

      And THIS!

  32. I find some of this post quite humorous.. but I might address that at a later time..

    Things i notice on a man:

    does he curse too much- I don't curse a lot.. if my ears bleed listening to you, I'm going to think you're a bit on the daft side.. and used the simplest way to get a point across..

    legs and booty- yes, i said it.. I like legs.. and yes, i notice if the legs are attached to a booty that looks like it might be nice in some boxer briefs.. i have been known to touch a booty.. you can't fool be twice with a saggy booty..

    smile- nuffsaid

    forearms- veins in a forearm = strength to me.. i immediately start thinking of him being able to lift me up.. (and other things..)

    vocabulary- just basic speech.. if i say something and you don't know what i'm talking about, then you get a #fail.. especially if the word you didn't know wasn't even an SAT word.. GTFOH

    1. I agree #canyouspeakmylanguage?!?! And not only can you speak it, can you write it and understand it as well? You will never catch me "dumbing" my vocabulary down so that you and your simple self can understand the words that are coming out of my mouth.

  33. @SBM
    SBM aka “Her second toe is longer than the first … pass” aka “I will pay for you to get your nails down if that’s what it takes”………is having a second toe thts longer than the first (big toe) a bad thing in ur book?

  34. I don't know man, but these are my things …

    (1) Shoes

    (2) Her breasts

    (3) Her butt

    (4) Her legs

    (5) Her back

    (6) Her eyes

    … Not in necessarily in that order …

    1. I agree with the list. Add hands though. It shows how well they take care of themselves and it helps to make sure that she didnt used to be he

  35. I'm suprised on the number of women commenting on a man's shoe game. I would've thought that number would be THAT high.


  36. i am shocked that so many folks care about toes and shoes. i do think people should take care of themselves, but it is hilarious that keeping up with stylish nail polish is such a priority for some men.

  37. I immediately notice his height. It's just something about a tall man that gets me going no matter how jacked up his face is.

    I guess it has to do with me being a confident woman. I want to be with a tall man that I sense is stronger (just from being around his presence). It's like a weird protection thing.

    I'm pretty confident and feel like I can whoop a short dude's a$$ even though I know at this stage in the game I can't. It's a mind game I play with myself.

    But the tall dudes immediately make me feel a little more secure. Like if some stuff went down, they wouldn't use me as a shield. Instead, I'd trust that they'd make sure I was protected. A lil a$$ man may be able to protect me just as much, but subconsciously I wouldn't feel like they could. I can't be with anyone who I feel I could potentially kick their a$$.

    I know this is shallow and weird, but it's how I feel and it's how I'm wired.

    If you are a short dude, you'd just have to keep on stepping because we would be "incompatible" as far as I'm concerned.

      1. Hilarious. I can't even think of some witty way to say it. I was totally blindsided #MichaelOher.

        I'm taking applications for the MIMITW Fan Club…

  38. Can someone please explain why when I try to take a piece of someone elses reply and quote it…….my comment will not post. This started last week I think. Did yall change settings or something?

    1. <quote>Can someone please explain why when I try to take a piece of someone elses reply and quote it…….my comment will not post. This started last week I think. Did yall change settings or something?</quote>

      IDK Its workin for me… r u using the < quote > tag?

      I just copied urs… idk whats up with urs.. id just say copy/paste regular. we didnt change anythign here.

      1. Nah I just been doin copy paste. But it won't show. A few times it told me I was tryin to do a duplicate post.

        I'll try with the quote tag and see if it works.

  39. "It’s just something about a tall man that gets me going no matter how jacked up his face is."

    See…..aint this what dudes said about light skinned girls. 🙂

  40. I know I'm a day late and a dollar short but here's why I disagree with all the women not buying decent phones. I know chicks who spend 2 or 300 beans on a pair shoes they're gonna wear twice for the whole year instead spending the same 300 for something that you're gonna use every day and is a whole hell of alot more useful than a pair of shoes.

    Ppl judge other folk's cars, I dont see the difference from phones

  41. i bite my nails.bad habit!but worse still i dont carry stick ons ,too damn uncomfortble.mayb im not agirly girl. I console myself that i dont wana meet anyone not deep enough to try and know other parts of me.

  42. Every time I stumble upon a great blog post I go ahead and do a few things:1.Show it to the relevant friends.2.Bookmark it in all of the best social sharing sites.3.Make sure to come back to the same blog where I read the post.After reading this post I'm really concidering going ahead and doing all of them!


    <blockquote cite="comment-113539">

    DMario Isajerk:

    i saw a cute girl i was gone smash and her toes were uneven, like a stereo equalizer bar. NONE of them hoes matched up.

    my dick turtled.

  44. I applaud you for speaking your mind. I notice everything on a man just as most women.
    Nails- I can’t stand a man with long nails and dirty nails. Gross!
    Hygiene- brush your teeth, dudes! Take a bath then wear cologne, ….and wash your nasty hands before eating also.
    Appearance-Don’t show up on a date wearing sports shoes when you know your date is wearing heels. Put forth some etiquette.

  45. what i notice about guys:
    1. if they smile a lot (it doesn't make me have a huge crush on them but it definitely makes me feel comfortable&closer)
    2. hands (DEFINITELY has to have short nails big hands are cute but really doesnt matter)
    3. Mustaches (im ok with beards but if you have a dark hair color and have a mustache on your upper lip, shave it or something, ITS DISGUSTING)
    4. This is probably just me but i like guys that wears graphic tees, personally, the ones from Gap are supper cute.
    5. Personally i LOVE guys with medium hairstyles, short hair definitely makes you look (sorry) uglier
    6. Pants (again personally, im not a big fan of jeans that are too baggy or looks 2 size too big i LOVE low cut jeans though if that makes sense)
    7. Eye color (not to be racist or anything but guys with blue/green/gray eyes are just soo attractive 🙂
    8. I like guys with earrings
    9. Dont be annoying -like dont shout out stupid things in public or in class and think that its cute cuz its stupid

  46. I dont know how late i am…about 2 years but, my ex-boyfriend always noticed the little things…i used to put on my eyelashes myself && he noticed, one day he said i should just take them off…right in front of him!! Then he asked me why i always had to get up to use the bathroom before we…….i just wanted to make sure everything was right for him…and he ALWAYS checked my hair for tracks….i was like wtf? Its mine…now lol 😉

  47. A mans clothes- 1- Did he take the time to iron them? How coordinated is he (too much?)?? This is taking into account with where we are… church one expectation, grocery store/ bookstore/ mutual friend's another. It tells me his norms. Does he do too much for me to be attracted, i.e. the pretty boy thats over the top and makes you question if you are on point. Not being too dolled up tells me he's manly and can take care of a few things I'd rather not… stepping up in my defense, outdoor things, moving furniture, etc.

    The type of clothes plus his confidence or swag. Does he spend too much on this clothes or focus too much on brand named apparel? Is that a AE, Express or Polo sweater… Yes!! We notice those little horses etc. Here's where confidence comes into play… If I notice it and you never mention it or talk about how much you shop, this is a major plus!! You do it because you are comfortable wearing it, not because its for show. Now, the other side of this… if you are pulling off an Express sweater/ sweater vest or even something with no symbols (i.e. not too overly priced) and you are confident this could be good too… It tells me that you value a dollar and will be fine with whatever you have in the long run.

    This is pretty flawed… there's Marshalls, Nordstrom RACK, etc. However, take it for what it's worth.

  48. I'm with the rest of the ladies when I say SHOES! If your shoes are jacked up then we have a problem. lol Another thing that I always pay attention to is a man's hair. I love men that get a shape up once a week and always keeps it trim and clean. 🙂

  49. on women.
    her toes( corns are a turn iff since they are avoidable and so are bunyons).
    uneven toes used to get to me,but its heredity and you get a pass if you are cool.
    chipped polish. makes you look like a little girl. matter fact i remember hating that way back in second grade on girls my age.

    hair. plus for natural. double plus for natural and styled. perms are cool to an extent. this goes for the lady with long “good” hair. ill go for the chick with shorter styled hair if you are the type that just throw it in a ponytail 24/7 becausr its pretty. im getting a shaepup, you do something also….
    wigs and lacefronts are a nono, id prefer you rock an amber rose before those

    eyelashes. fake ones are never cool, just like a lacefront.

    teeth adn breath need to be on point.

    makeup. i guess if you have bad acne i dont mind some makeup but i really dont like much more than lipstick. lipgloss makes it seem like your breath stinks.but makeup is fine if we are going out, but not if we just hanging out al day like going to visit different cities. no pink lipstick,especially my darkerskinned women(love yall but it looks horrible).

    ill stop right there. i notice a lot.

  50. lool i love this! I definitely have a stupid phone, and i'm also definitely aware of how many cool/sexy points i lose whenever i pull it out….I'm bout to fix that next month lol

    The other day i was talking to a boy and he said '….I mind as well change my major…." -____- honestly contemplated cancelling our date but since he was cute i let him cook, but swagg points were certainly docked. The phrase is "MIGHT as well' people!!

    I like skin, acne or too much scruff is a turn off. A man with smooth skin, preferably chocolate smooth skin (no shade on anyone else), gets like 10 extra cool points in my book.

    Oh long nails and you're an automatic NO. Period. im not interested.

  51. I'm in trouble. I have been resisting a smart phone upgrade forever. I hate having everyone and their mother think that i need to respond to them right NOW.

    The things i notice in a man are hygiene, posture, clothes, grammar (I can't stand bad grammar, written or spoken) and attentiveness. If your phone gets more attention then I do then there most be something more important somewhere. Go find it.

  52. if you are gay, just be gay dude! be free. But don't tell me you will dismiss dating a girl because her nail polish color is not fall/winter/summer appropriate, he eyebrow arch is not laced up etc. men who want to HAVE SECKS with women notice her lips, her boobs, her sex appeal, her shape her butt, her hair ( for intimacy purposes some guys want to be able to touch your hair, pull on it etc), so go over that way with that metrosexual, trophy wife bull. Half of these dudes on here are looking for someone to take nice pictures with! thus why a lot of gay dudes'beard be models. I am a woman who is attracting to men who are at the core LIONS, not DIVAS. The end.

  53. I notice his shoes. A man should never be wearing cheap shoes. I also notice his stomach. The pregnant man look is an extreme turnoff.

  54. I usually first notice eyes, chin/lips/smile, hair, I like a guy with strong shoulder/back like broad, forearms, calves, butt (if he has a real nice one), I also notice what kind of clothes he wears like how they look on him or how his shoes are. Then I might notice how his hands are, sometimes his eyebrows.
    I like a guy who smiles and laughs. I notice then things like how he speaks. He should sound smart, he does not need to think over every word unless he is speaking emotionally. For example "we'll I don't know" something so simple as that should not take so long to say in a casual conversation.
    If he is one of those guys that are trying to be "cool" or likes potty humor waaay too much it just doesn't so for me either. I like if he cares about his appearance but not if he is obbsessive. Or what music he likes.
    I notice what he thinks about animals and nature, what he thinks of children,if he cares about real things and isn't materialistic. Haha ok maybe those last ones aren't 'little things' but if I'm talking to you that's what I notice.

  55. Hmmm.

    Lips. Please for the love of all that is good and holy. Use Chapstick. That white spittle in the corners of your mouth are foul and all I think is that you have rabies.

    Shoes. I was with a man for many years who probably only bought 2 pairs of shoes in that time. Maybe 3. They were all Prada and polished/cleaned regularly. Take care of your shoes! We notice.

    Grooming. This should go unsaid, but really, y'all need to clean under your nails, check your pits, and please groom your nether regions.

    Cologne. Not AXE. Cologne/aftershave. You lose 1-2 points if you don't wear cologne.

    Grammar/Spelling. Not typos. Everyone makes mistakes. But habitual mis-use of your/you're or their/there/they're will cause my coochie to clamp down.

    Pronunciation of foreign words that are now part of the English language. If you say you're going to Starbucks for an "expresso", I…I just cringe.

    My recent post The Three Times You are NOT Entitled to P*ssy…

  56. The part about the cellphone is ABSOLUTE SHALLOW GARBAGE! Guys annoy me. I know a guy who does not have a cell, so he uses his GF’s mom cell. Many guy say they want a girl with her own this and that and then slowly but surely they start sponging off of that girl that has it all. It is your job to be the man and stop worrying about what the girl has because that does not determine her heart or personality. You will reject the best girl all because of a phone or something else. I got a android when i could . I’m the same person and I have a my master’s. I was more focused on college and passing my classes rather than my phone. You can ignore what i’m saying and go for an uneducated chic that is focused on smartphones and how cute she looks so she can attract a shallow guy. Usually those chics that are into having the lastes material things are not worried about being educated or

  57. how I see it is, I love a woman who is natural with her stuff. I don't like wigs, weaves, extensions, none of that. If you have short hair it's cool, nobody ever complained about Zhane'…right? Im not a huge fan of all the make up either. some lip gloss and you're straight. Please don't get me wrong, I'm all for a woman looking sexy for her man, but don't over do it. At the end of the day play to your strengths and just know how to accessorize and wear appropriate sizes that fit your body.

  58. I can't believe how many shallow people are out there…thank you for enlightening me. Damn, yall are gna miss out on some very fulfilling, loving relationships because you can't get past some damn chipped polish or a phone. When you're in a real relationship, you know that you want to be together no matter what the hell they're wearing. Grow up.


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