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Some Things Are Better Than S*x


S*x isn't the only thing that produces this face...

Having an orgasm is cool, but sometimes there’s more to life than busting a fat one. Don’t get me wrong, I love to get my horizontal reggae wrestle on and thunderclap that a$$ on a fairly regular basis once I find someone that makes me wanna repeatedly tickle their fancy and push the juice dispenser button. I’m just saying that there are other things in life that are equally as addictive, pleasurable, and sleep-inducing as s*x, but aren’t s*x. These are things that allow me to keep my clothes on and not have to worry about making any special trims before walking out the door or opening it to let someone in. That’s only TMI if you actually sit there and think about it.

In the interest of keeping it light and I ain’t talking complexion, I’ve decided to put together a list of things I often find more enjoyable than s*x most of the time:

Playing Basketball

I’ve recently rekindled the flame with the hard wood. Ehh, let me try this again…

I recently started playing basketball again and it’s f*ckin’ awesome. Prior to these weekly runs (no Pepto-Bismol), the last time I played was on someone’s corporate team about 2 years ago. It used to be the highlight of my week and I’d prepare for it like I had an NBA contract. When my team won the insignificant championship, I was on top of some girl the world. I didn’t care that I wasn’t getting a commission check for my day job that month because the client reneged. All that mattered was the cool free jersey I got to keep and the pic we took as a team. I slept very well that week. Now that I’m playing again, I get an increasing level of satisfaction as my skills return. And just like s*x, every now and then I catch a cramp. #Gatorade

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Fun and Entertaining Conversation

This has been known to lead to s*x when someone says something jokingly but secretly wishes it to come true, but that’s not what I mean here. Sometimes I just like the company of a woman that has a good and slightly odd sense of humor like myself. Knee-slapping laughter makes Slim a not so dull boy. Similar to a one night stand or cut buddy, this doesn’t need to go anywhere. It is what it is and it’s enjoyable for both parties.

Outwitting One of the Fellas in Madden, NBA 2K11, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter etc. and Talking Sh*t Afterward

This is better than having a contest to see who can club more women over the head and drag them back to the lair for acts of spawning.

Figuring Out Website Enhancements

Since I’m the face of my blog, I gotta keep it’s appearance tidy and make it enticing to drunk girls folks stopping by for the first time. Keeping it clean and simple sounds easy, but sometimes it’s quite the opposite. It’s taken me hours before to figure out the simplest ish. And when I finally solve the equation, I usually make a sound somewhere between a grunt and a groan, slouch in my seat, close my eyes, and wait for my energy to come back.

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This goes without saying, but it’s like intellectual mast*rbation. It’s also like selfish empty s*x. Sometimes I do it and don’t really care if people reading it are satisfied. I just need to get it out.

Caribbean Food

Never had a girl food from an island that I didn’t like. I eat it all.

That’s my list for today. What are some of the things that you think are better than s*x? Do you even think this is possible? Have you ever passed on good s*x to do something that you thought would be more fulfilling, if even for a moment?

Baby can I put this keyboard on your back,


  1. These are things that allow me to keep my clothes on and not have to worry about making any special trims before walking out the door or opening it to let someone in. That’s only TMI if you actually sit there and think about it.

    ^^^I laughed out loud!

    What are some of the things that you think are better than s*x?

    -Yoga/yogalates…sometimes kickboxing but i have eyecandy so my mind wanders, lol! (I started going to classes almost a month ago & i look forward to them)

    -Writing poetry


    -Massages…no #HappyEndings required (LMAO)

    -Relaxing & watching movies

    -Good conversation

    Do you even think this is possible?

    -It is but sometimes, you still want to have chex, lol!

    Have you ever passed on good s*x to do something that you thought would be more fulfilling, if even for a moment?

    -Yea, having a quality conversation with someone i care about.

    Baby can I put this keyboard on your back

    ^^^I hate chu for that one! lol

    Great post Slim!

  2. LOL!

    Ima have to go with eating and sleeping.

    Getting my hair shampooed.

    A really good back/head massage.

    Laughing really hard about something.


    1. "Getting my hair shampooed."

      yes ma'am! I wanted to cry in the shampoo bowl yesterday, it had been so long since I let someone else was it. and it felt so good. wonderful feeling.

    2. YES!!! Getting my hair washed by someone else is pure nirvana!

      I may have to plot and get someone to wash my hair this Friday…ya'll done reminded me how good it feels.

  3. motorcycle riding…..not just speeding but when you hit that turn just right and experience "zero gravity"….yea that does it for me…..cooking (no embellishment required)….and lastly neutral bouyancy….MMMMM

    1. i would never in my life get on a motorcycle. you can be the most cautious rider but all it takes is one person to not be paying attention. my cousin broke a dude's arm not paying attention. my prophyte lost his life. one of the bruhs i'm real cool with at school lost his leg. just not worth the risk to me.

      1. Unfortunately most accidents are "rider error"….not knockin anyone who died or lost limbs but I have personally known 3 riders who are crippled/lost limbs and another couple of riders who have died…..and I know of numerous others in both situations and honestly all were rider error in some way shape or form….new bike, alcohol, trying to "keep up" with more experienced riders, too fast for conditions present, running from cops…..guardrails, overpass columns, walls, cars/trucks (hit from behind)….you get the picture

  4. Things better than the Big O.


    Anyways, I would have to list these, in no particular order:

    I believed Jill Scott coined it, "Easy Conversation."

    I love hearing people's opinions, and talking over some drinks and food. When it's one on one, it's even sweeter. Verbally connecting each others' dots sends endorphins shooting everywhere…and I like it.

    Cooking. Since I've been out of the states, I've fallen in love with cooking foods outside of Creole and Cajun foods…and it's so peaceful. It's something where I can bring my flavor to, and it's also brought me back to the basics as far as cooking from scratch..scratch..lol.

    Extreme sports/sports. From rock climbing, extreme ropes, skiing, and scuba diving, I love it. It's scary, but once I got over the fact I could do my hair again, I dive into all.

    Mentoring. One of the most fulfilling things I've done was help little girls recognize their strength and beauty. Some of these little girls are just too "throwed off." Their thought process and expectations for life is low enough to play Chinese jump-rope. They also help me to live out my purpose, because they expect more from me…It's just a good thing.

    Playing spades & dominos. Anyone who knows me knows I dominate in spades and dominos (both ways of playing too). Playing games is simply fun, but there is nothing greater than a heated card game, talking trash that I so happen to back up, and a couple of Corona's.

    Going shopping! What can I say, there's nothing like a new pair of shoes either…preferably heels. πŸ™‚

    Having fun πŸ™‚

  5. *The Sauna, the Steamroom and Therapy Pool after a two hour workout.

    *Sade No Ordinary Love Album

    *Mango in season

    *The bomb lap dance

    *Loungin around the house watchin football on Sundays wit da Papa John's Pizza

    *Alvin Ailey dancers accompanied by Dianna Krall

    *Crabmeat Omlette

    Just a few of my favorite things.

  6. Yes!!! Shopping…

    Going to the gym and watching the fine men in the weight room.

    Mani and pedi….

    And good ole conversation.

    Great post! Ill take these ideas with me while experiencing my dry spell… Lol

  7. – finding something really awesome on sale

    -creme brulee

    -winning a game…it doesn't matter what game…I just like to win. It feels even better if it's a game of volleyball or basketball

    – reading a good book or watching a really good movie

    – my nephew giving me a hug and recognizing me at "Noni" (he can't say Auntie just yet"

      1. Hey BP!!

        The Most Interesting started calling me LaLa and CHeekZ c/s so I stuck w/ it,lol

        what's the last book you read? For me it was "Kite Runner"…damn near made me cry

        1. Hey Lala! I like it!!!! I loved Kite Runner I read it back in undergrad. I just finished Rich Dad Poor Dad….but I hated it. πŸ™

        1. I just looked up "Little Bee" on Amazon. Please let me know how you like it. I wish we could do a book club via cyber space. My IRL book club sucks these days.

        2. Can I just say I think that's one of THEE coolest things I've seen in days?! I need to be able to do that to people… like yesterday. Tutorial pls.

        3. @ LaLa, thanks sweets. I look forward to hearing the reviews.

          @ Starita…girl you are the bomb.com

          Now, let’s see if we can actually get a roster going. We should wait until LaLa finishes her book.

  8. Watching my oldest son (16 years old 6'5") shoot a 3 pointer and then turn around and dunk on them fools. Watching the other team lose their confidence, and then having the college coaches d*ick ride. (I smile because college is pretty much paid for).

    Watching my youngest (15 years old 6'3") play wide receiver, watch him catch that pass for the touch down and knowing that he is filled with confidence that cannot be taken away…ever.

    Finishing my studying by 9:00 p.m. on a Friday night and knowing that all I have to do is sip some merlot and watch horror movies. OMG.

    Going to the movies w/hubby and sneaking in some Jack Daniels to pour into our soda's…

    Going to the Dominican's and getting my hair blown out. I don't do it often but when it's done it's fly and I know I look good and my hair is past my shoulders. Plus I like the pampering.

    There's more but damn a crabmeat omelette? I've got to try one of those!

    1. "Watching my oldest son (16 years old 6’5″) shoot a 3 pointer and then turn around and dunk on them fools. Watching the other team lose their confidence, and then having the college coaches d*ick ride. (I smile because college is pretty much paid for).

      Watching my youngest (15 years old 6’3″) play wide receiver, watch him catch that pass for the touch down and knowing that he is filled with confidence that cannot be taken away…ever."

      how tall is your husband? and your son sounds like he has a pretty nice game. inside and outside. hmm

        1. ok just wondering. (if) when i have sons i worry that they won't be as tall as me. i'm tall but my dad is only 5'7" and my mom is 5'4" so if i marry a short woman then they're pretty much doomed.

        2. My husband swears one of the main reasons he married me was because of my genetic background. He says that he wanted ball players and it was all part of his plan.

          Marry a tall chick…but be careful because you might have some really really tall daughters! LOL.

    2. No offense. But…

      Your sons are lite skinned (maybe). Tall. Athletic. College bound. And have atleast a part of your good looks….

      I feel sorry for the fathers of the girls who go to school with your sons.

      1. Actually cheekz, my husband is dark skinned and I have 1 light skinned son like me and 1 dark skinned son like him. It's just the way that the cards fell, but I agree, the girls are in trouble. LOL.

  9. i 1000% agree with the first point. i play ball about 4-5 times a week (sometimes twice a day) and there's nothing more exhilarating that dunking on someone then coming down the next possession and shooting a 3 right in their face. i seriously think all other shots should be eliminated from the game. just 3's and dunks. *shrug* either way it's fall and i'm in my usual 3 different leagues starting next week.

    i also enjoy good conversation. i love it when a woman has a lot in common with me and we can jump from one subject to the next. one minute we're discussing the non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on the regulation of cell cycle arrest and the next minute we're discussing the antics of ron burgundy. "i'm ron burgundy?" it just makes for good times.

    another thing i think is just as good as sex is chocolate cake or a soft brownie and french vanilla ice cream. i had some yesterday and i was in heaven.

    1. "non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on the regulation of cell cycle arrest" – boooo! I'll talk about the 21 day detox witcha tho! hehehehe.

      1. NSAIDs are drugs like asprin, ibuprofen (advil, motrin) or naproxen sodium (aleve). basically any class of drug that aren't steroids and are usually cox and prostaglandin inhibitors. *shrug*

  10. Nice post.

    I yearn for the s3x while i'm living in it but miss the intimacy when its over. There is a difference.

    This weekend its FAMU Homecoming>S3x!!!

    1. lol I always wanted to attend FAMU Homecoming (not for the s3x lol) just to see what the hype was/is about. I went to a PWI (go, Gators!) and I know FAMU Homecoming has to be much different from ours.

  11. Quoting from "I'm The Juggernaut B!TCH"

    Again, gotta put some more pressure emphasis on a great laugh. I might just wet myself. Belly laughs that bring on the tears and make me bend over in pain add a few years to my life and I love it. Throw smiling in there and I'm set.

    Great facetime, no iPhone – conversation. Nothing like putting my hands under my chin and listening while throwing in my 2cents…times 100. Talking about any and everything under the skies.

    Speaking of skies… Sitting out on my deck looking at the full moon and stars on a 60 degree cool night, while sipping on something… wondering what else could make that moment more perfect than it already is.

    Like LaBakir said, a great book. [James Patterson] But in the right atmosphere. Somewhere I won't fall asleep but still won't be disturbed.

  12. Good post Slim.

    Although I have had some great (read spectacular, body tingling, make me want to cry) sex in my life there are a few things that I love more:

    Spending time with my family. I get all warm and fuzzy inside and I love the holidays.

    Reading a really good book. #Don'tjudgeme.

    Feeding the poor and doing other acts of community service.

    Traveling to new places, I go to at least 2 new locations a year….just got back from London/Paris…LOVED it.

    Eating good food. Especially when someone else pays or cooks

    Going for a jog at the beach. I heart endorphins.

    Peanut Butter. I can smear PB on anything and devour it..no pause

    There is more….but is there really?

      1. I'd LOVE to move to London. I actually had the opportunity but I had an investment that I couldn't take care of and live the lifestyle I need to live in London too.

        Paris was "meh" to me. I prefer Rome to Paris. The shopping…..benissimo!

    1. Adore Paris! ADORE IT! Wasn't too thrilled with London, my next goal is Italy. South Africa was interesting and so was Ghana. Oh, Spain is nice, I could live there…checked out Morocco too. Whenever I travel outside of the U.S., I appreciate it more when I come home.

        1. Morocco was a trip! I was nervous about terrorists, but it was an amazing place to visit. When they have call to prayer, everyone goes inside and the place shuts down. I also got to check out the Casbah….

      1. Ha! They had the prayer over loud speakers in Egypt. The 1st morning there, we were like "WTF?!!!" LOL!

        It was good times though…we rode camels across the desert…although I got off and walked the rest of the way. That camel ish wasn't for me. And we visited the pyramids…and this temple near Sudan called Abu Simbel (sp?).

        Anywho, that's when I was shook b/c we need a police escort to visit that place. And the damn Brits who were in our tour group wanted to spend more time there. Man, listen….my black @ss was at the bus 30 minutes ahead of time! We needed a POLICE ESCORT!!! Furthermore, the people down there were looking too much like me. Like regular ol' African Americans. Oh, no sir…no one was gonna confuse me for Raheem Abdus-Sabuur's 5th wife.

        1. LMAO! I know that's right…In Morocco everyone pretty much looks alike (like terrorists) you cannot tell one from the other, but I did all of this research and booked my own tour guide. We had a private tour guide for just my family. I didn't want to get caught in a crowd with a bunch of European's looking like targets. That's who they come after first, so I would have been like you…at that bus 30 minutes early! *cracking up* Thanks for the laugh!

        2. iDied at your whole post!

          "Furthermore, the people down there were looking too much like me. Like regular ol’ African Americans. Oh, no sir…no one was gonna confuse me for Raheem Abdus-Sabuur’s 5th wife."


          I still want to go though! I'm shooting for Egypt and Thailand next year.

          I started to go to Morocco this year but I wasn't too keen on going there alone and I will DEFINITELY be hiring a guide. Thanks RedLady821 about that reminder about being a target. Nah suh!

          This whole post has me rolling today!

        3. @new2natural

          Oh definitely go!!! The experience was like no other. I got off the plane like "I'm in AFRICA!!"

          The people are nice too….can be a bit pushy when selling stuff but that's their hustle:

          "Obama! Obama my cousin…buy here!" You would've thought we were all related to Barack! The Egyptians would just shout at us "Obama" and throw up the fist,lol!

      2. LOL!!! Girl, those darn Brits thought they were invincible!! Straight arguing w/ our tour guide about more time!

        My girls wanna go to South Africa…I'm giving it the side-eye. I know I'm from Newark and all…and they get it popping…but I'm not built for how they handle themselves over seas.

        The cops in Egypt were walking around w/ M-16's!!!!

        1. You should do it — when I went to South Africa I was working a mentoring program and took over 15 students from (where else? NEWARK) Central High School and took 2 college students to help me chaperone. There was a whole huge group with over 40 students but the Central kids were mine and the 2 Rutgers students were mine.

          Once we had the kids locked down in the hotel at night (with a few high school teachers keeping guard) I went out with the Rutgers students and proceeded to do "everything you should NOT do overseas" They had me up in the African clubs, (they actually said "where's the party?) They had me in a Hooka bar?(sp) OMG, next thing you know I'm drinking and smoking cigarettes in some South African club doing shots and arguing with some African dude over something I can't even remember. We had a blast…go! go!

          p.s. the townships will make you cry.

        2. @RedLady

          Hookah is that sh*t!!! My BFF and I smoked up on some hookah and had this strong @ss coffee….I sa-wear-ta-gawd I was high! She can attest to it to! I don't know what was going,lol. We were sitting outside in the market, and that ish just started looking crazy!!

          mind you I've had some "herbal essence" when I would engage in hood rat stuff w/ my friends…but I never felt like that

          Oh lawd at Central High students…I can only imagine!! LMAO @ you getting crunk w/ the Africans. Alright, you've persuaded me to reconsider South Africa.

        3. i hear bad stories from everyone who has gone to Egypt. My mom just got back last week. They said the pyramids were really unimpressive. Same size as a apt complex. And the people are flat out trying to rip you off.

        4. @CHeeKZ

          o_O really?! The pyramids weren't my favorite, but I found them rather impressive. The Valley of the Kings (were all the tombs are located) was perhaps my favorite. I really enjoyed myself. I learned a lot as the history there was very rich…would I go back? Probably not for another 20 years or so.

          I haven't traveled to one place that I didn't like. For me, just the fact that it's something new and different, I always enjoy myself.

        5. @Slim. Nice one my friend.

          @LaLa. My mom was only there for one day, two nights. It was part of her Holy Lands tour. But my co-workers said that same thing and they went for weeks.

        6. @CHeeKZ

          Well that's where your co-workers screwed up. They were there for weeks. I was there for 10 days…and by day 6 I was "over" Egypt. I think what was beneficial is we didn't stay in one spot: I stayed in Cairo, Luxor, and on a cruise ship

      3. I would LOVE to go to Italy. I actually wish I had extended my stay and visited Rome. I'm going to Jamaica in March but after that trip I'm going to look into going to Italy or Japan.

  13. Brunch with my mommy and dinner with my daddy. There's something about spending time with my parents and hearing their sabiduría about life. Knowing that they've been through what I'm going through and they are where I want to be in life makes the information priceless.

    A good book. If I can cuddle up in a chair with some tea and read all afternoon I'm good.

    Volunteering at the food pantry. I love not thinking about myself/ my issues sometimes.

    Stilettos…. something about a strut makes me feel magical.

    Running… just me and some hood/trap music. beautiful.

    A great conversation. I love talking to a good friend for hours on everything from men to israel.

  14. Good post and I love the pic and caption!

    Chai Tea- a great cup of Chai tea. Add my fireplace, papasan chair and a book..and I'm set.

    -Comedy—hilarious comedians or people/friends are better than s3x for me because I LOVE laughing….Paul Mooney is my favorite right now

    Great conversation- bantering is a lot "art" that most people cannot do and do well; definitely better than….add an intimate setting (like a small, cozy coffeehouse)= bliss!

    -Traveling- going out of the country is better than s3x ANY DAY, hands down, no looking back, no stopping, no pausing…nothing.

    1. I thought this said 1000 big Osi. Either way, watching a division oppenent get beat on both sides of the ball was great.

      Floating on air today.

  15. I'm staying away from this site before it gets stuck by lightning.

    Reading is better than sex? Chai tea? Conversation?

    You guys are blaspheming all up and through here today.

    1. actually i'm gonna have to agree with max. if someone put a book in front of me next to some pu$$y. 10 times out of 10 i'll be reading that book AFTER i wake up from my s*x-induced nap.

    2. *LOL*

      I feel you on the Chai Tea. But in regards to conversation, well that all depends on the TOPIC/THEME…

      But I ain't gonna lie a Foot Rub/Message is pure Ecstacy for me there been times I forgot where I was it felt so good. Shout out to my pediGirl AliceKim!!!!

  16. Slim, you are killing the blog game this week, and its just Tuesday. Good job!

    Anyway, things better than s*x…

    1. Homemade, ice cold lemonade on a hot summer day. I know people love the sweet tea, but a glass of been know to "ahhh" after a sip of refresing lemonade. And don't add a few fresh sliced strawberries to the mix. Hmmm…

    2. Warm chocolate cake or brownies. I don't eat sweets a lot, hardly at all, but every now then I get the urge to bake. Warm brownies are the best.

    3. Family time. I love my immediate fam, and when my siblings and I all get together, we are crazy. Laughs for days.

    4. Exercise. Whether its a good, long, hard run or Insanity followed by weights, pushing my body to its physical limits makes me feel awesome.

    5. Hot chocolate and Bailey's. If you only put Bailey's in coffee, then you are losing. Add my couch and my snuggie, and NIA is a very happy lady.

  17. Love the post!

    A great laugh – this weekend at Six Flags, I was laughing until my stomach hurt when my son and my bff daughter were scared to death by fake ghosts and goblins—-I am still laughing because my six y.o. son talked sooooo much trash before it got dark.

    Good food-need I say more!

    A good book.

    Time with my family- I love my family, nothing makes me happier than the look on my husband's and children's face when they are enjoying themselves. This is what I live for.

    Of course all the other things mentioned above, esp. a good massage, chocolate, and traveling….

    1. My son(s) told me that the bootleg fright fest was scarier than the main attraction fright fest at Six Flags. They went last weekend and one of their friends cell phone flew out of his pocket at the top of Kingda Ka, they said they were all trying to grab it in mid air before the ride went down. The cell phone was "obliterated" into a million pieces. No insurance! Memories….I like to hear their stories….

      1. Those ghost and goblins were so fake, but I think the darkness, sounds and some tall looking thing got them the most. I felt bad, but my bff left us and I was left to wrestle them both. Everytime they saw that tall thing—they tried to run back and they started crying as well. Girl—-I felt bad for laughing but it was TOO funny!

  18. Not for nothin but picture guys eyebrows are secci…

    My things that are not really even close to actually being better than sex but as close as they can get.
    – I'm 100% with you on good conversation
    – Winning at anything (I'm competitive, can't help it) Bones Champion FTW!!
    – Cooking or baking something fantabulous and feeding it to people
    – That post workout feeling
    – That clean house feeling (and in the interest of full disclosure, I don't get that feeling too often, but man I like it when I do #marriedmansyndrome)

    Hmmm, all those things get me revved up for sex though…hmmm, coincidence?

    And actually better than sex – being in love and being loved back (I'm a sap, so sue me)

    1. "being in love and being loved back "

      ^ *in Puff Daddy voice* That's that sh*t right there, that's that sh*t right there!

      That's liable to make me do a cart wheel, and my tall @ss can't do one!

      1. LaLa you and I connect like Cutler and Hall.

        Everyone that mentioned holidays and family time – consider this my co-sign (ya'll bet not ruin my [email protected] credit)

        Also I forgot to add – being proud of your man. Watching my man lay down the law or succeed at something or just be a great daddy….ooooh child. *shivers* Once again, great chance of that leading to sex, but it doesn't have to. Just watching him walk across that stage or lead that discussion on the history between MU and KU or deciphering a code to change "has wrote" to "has written" πŸ˜‰ Sh!t's powerful.

        1. "LaLa you and I connect like Cutler and Hall"

          You ever consider a career in rap? That is a deep line.

          Its like, you aren't trying to connect with LaLa b/c you guys are both st8, like Cutler isn't trying to throw the ball at hall b/c he plays for the other team. But some how you both still make that common link (which wouldn't happen if Hester knew how to fend off a CB with his body).


        2. LaLa you and I connect like Cutler and Hall


          *two extra thumbs up for that.

  19. the only thing I enjoy more than sex is food. seriously. I loooooves me some good food. the kinda that makes you stand up and do a happy dance while eating (that only happens at my house? ok then) and then you sigh and rub your belly when you are done. then get sad that no more is left. looooooves to eat. I'm greedy so I won't even list all my faves but I am looking forward to thanksgiving so I can get my soul food fix in!

      1. You're welcome, boo! lol.

        And, you will be happy to know I was cheering for the Giants last night. However, after those interceptions, I concluded I was a jinx, and remained neutral for the rest of the game. And of course, the Giants won. So, in a way, I helped the Giants win. lmao!

      2. someone posted on twitter last night:

        "all the dallas fans can at least find solace that the yankees, oh wait, nevermind…"


        why are almost all cowboy fans also yankee fans?

        1. How you 1 and 4 in a Billion Dollar Stadium on the world's biggest HD screen…..see that's why people hate Americans. LOL

        2. Cowboys, Lakers, Yankees Fan. That is a sad person, setting yourself up to avoid disappointment like its not part of being a sports fan.

        3. I knwo ppl wo are cowboys lakers and yank fans. Shyts distgusting. Ultimate dyck/bandwagon riders. No way that can appen in my opinion.

          Wats worse is a lot of them are BORN AND RAISED IN NYC!!!!


        4. I really don't appreciate everyone hating on Laker and Cowboy fans. Those two just happened to be my teams. I wasn't born in America and so I feel I get to choose whoever I want. #thatisall.

          NBA season starts tonight! LETS go LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        5. @BP

          it makes ssense since they are hearalded in other countries. Here they are typical bandwagon teams. *shrugs*

          "just so happen" lmao #SWINDLE

        6. @Streetz

          No it makes sense because I have lived in California almost all my life where the Lakers have been champions repetitively and I love the Cowboys because my Dad does. #sitdownsomewhere.

          Again I say: "LETS GO LAKERS *clap clap* LETS GO!!"

  20. Marijuana is better than sex because it's usually not disappointing unless you've got bottom shelf nonsense on your hands and it certainly doesn't ask annoying questions once you're "there."

    Good music is better than sex because you can play it over and over again and don't have to be penciled in and if you want to slow it down a bit without being though of as a punk, you can chop and screw it.

    Driving @ 100+ mph. Don't try this at home but speed and adrenaline is dangerous but oh so thrilling…sort of like going raw dawg.

    Coming up on $200 for 2-3 hours work. That's orgasmic.

  21. I define my life by great chex. Not a hyperbole. Things can be better than bad, chex. But nothing beats top flight love making. Nothing.

    Some things that I love better than sleeping with ugly girl when I am drunk while trying to be a good wing man:

    !)Giants beating the undefeated Pats in the SuperBowl.

    2)A great Hip hop verse. That change your view point type of verse. 3000K, Brother Ali, Scarface to the front of the line.

    3)Learning something new and being able to apply it to life

    4)Watching History unfold. Its better when you are a part of it. Obama. Cornell in the 16 sixteen. Hov @ MSG. Being there as images that are going to live forever are made.

    5)Friendship. Human interaction is a very underrated pleasure. Sharing moments, laughs, or support. I take my boys very seriously (pause)

  22. "Mmm, mmm, oh my god, oh, ah, mmm, mmm, this has definitely been better than s*x!" – My favorite quote to say when eating something so delicious that this is the only way to explain how good it is….

    On the other side tho, there is NOTHING better than s*x! Lol even the e-s*x is stupendous!!!

    I love having s*x, in the kitchen, on the counter tops, against the fridge, on the table, against the door, on top of the washing machine, in the shower, etc… *fans self* I need to stop… lol

    And a contest about clubbing women in the head? That had me dying of laughter!!!

    I think the only other thing that can cause that much of an impact on me I have to say is food, food can cause some amazing reactions, from feeling extremely satisfied, to sleepy, and fulfilled… Food is an aphrodisiac… it sometimes just gets me in the mood lol

    1. Lola- that reminds me: e-sex, phone sex, sexting, all the faux sex (c)Max, pretty darn close to as good as the real McCoy. Eff my mind and next time I see you, I'll pay you back 10 fold. Love the tease for a hot second.

      1. UGH!! This is why I get down with you LaLa!

        <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

        And why'd you quote my favorite part? *sigh* Yeah, add music to the list of almost better than sex…

        1. BOL @ "If only Kellz was into grown woman" LMAO

          Hate to break pattern here sister, but this song has always made me think of a Christmas song …Santa ain't secci to me *shrug*

          But R-ah can sing carols in my ear any day…this just isn't a fave of mine…

        2. Girl I'm at work? What you tryin' to do to me?

          You're right on both accounts: Richard = grrrrreat. Tony.

          & this song will get the motor revved in .00002.

          As long as we're sharing links…these two…make me ache for a man and his Richard


          "He is the mind injector, the heart protector; the sole defender of anything I fear; the baby conceiver, the make me believer; the joy bringer, the love giver"

          "Knocked me out and had me dreaming 'bout waking up. Alright! Do you want some money baby? how about some chicken wings? Do you want some fish and grits? I'll hurry and go get it!"

  23. Let's see… here… I could probably list a million & 1 things but that will just say something about my chex life I think. LOL.

    1. A good massage… from a paid professional is cool but it's even better when it's from someone I know/love.

    2. Shopping… but I don't mean just swiping the card all willy nilly. I mean shopping w/ a purpose; looking for those perfect pair of shoes, the best car or the right outfit for a particular night.

    3. Gifting someone w/ something they desire (for no apparent reason). I'm huge on gifts. When I love/care for someone… they gifts are plentiful. If what he desires is a homecooked meal & time alone to watch the game… so be it. Maybe it's custom cuff links… It is so. Lol. I love making people I love happy πŸ™‚

    4. Writing. My inspiration comes in spurts and when it comes, it comes hard and fast. [ all types of pause ] Having my fingers fly over the keyboard to get out as many strokes as possible before the urge leaves me is exhilarating. [ dagnabit! pause again. ]

    5. Intimate Conversation. Getting to know the mind of another individual is an awesome experience…

    6. Kissing. Yes. I just said kissing is better than secks. Maybe not always… kissing is a very intimate experience and I'm an intimate/play my cards close the chest/passionate type of girl and I've had some Earth-rocking kisses in this lifetime (maybe it depends on the person?). Usually I have to run away afterward b/c they wanna ruin it w/ secks. lol.

    1. "Kissing. Yes. I just said kissing is better than secks."

      At Times….. ABSOLUTELY!!!

      I don't think men to this day STILL fully understand the POWER in a Kiss – a nice long warm saliva induced (Not too much though) makeout session. *ChillsUpMySpine*

      DAMN I MISS HIGH SCHOOL!!! #jesuswept

  24. Feeling God: A true connection, not just the "catching the Holy Ghost" feeling when most people are just dancing to upbeat music.

    A good steak: one that tastes like meat-flavored cotton candy with mushrooms. It's a reason why Cypher in the Matrix was eating a steak when he betrayed everyone and struck a deal with Agent Smith to be plugged back in.

    Dunking: My dunking days are over, that was 10 years and 60 pounds ago. I don't know how it is for tall guys, but being 5'-8" and throwing down windmills is an awesome feeling. If I could dunk one more time, I'd happily go into old age.

    Reading: A nice evening in the recliner in my study with a good book and my phone turned off.

    The new NBA season: Fear the Deer. And Kobe with six rings.

    Nieces and nephews: Playing with them with the near 0rgasmic feeling of knowing that they are going back home to they mama when they start to get on my nerves.

    The "pump": That feeling when your muscles get pumped after a workout. I haven't had the experience Arnold Schwarzeneggar had, but it's still a good feeling. I must be doing something wrong.

    Arnold: "It's as satisfying to me as, uh, coming is, you know? As, ah, having $ex with a woman and coming. And so can you believe how much I am in heaven? I am like, uh, getting the feeling of coming in a gym, I'm getting the feeling of coming at home, I'm getting the feeling of coming backstage when I pump up, when I pose in front of 5,000 people, I get the same feeling, so I am coming day and night. I mean, it's terrific. Right? So you know, I am in heaven."

      1. When Arnold talks about weights……it's like Einstein talking about physics.

        To be honest, just listen to the group of guys at your gym that are really into weight liftin. Guranteed it's the strangest conversation you'll ever hear.

      2. RedLady: "Did Arnold really say that? CTFU!"

        He really did. I was dying laughing when I heard that on Pumping Iron. Maybe I need to hire him as a personal trainer. I want that feeling all the time too!

    1. Co-sign on the steak. I started to add it to my list. My favorite is Steak and Eggs on a Saturday morning. The big two inch steak from WholeFoods that cost like $21 a pound.

      Co-sign on the little man dunkin. When I was 14 and 17. I could dunk with ease. Too bad they didn't have cell phone cameras back then. LOL

  25. I'll cosign on everyone else's point about basketball. Every spring is the start of a new "season" in our make-shift pick-up game league. lol. There are even times where the redbull girls come out to watch and offer us free redbull. No Lie… Good times at the Reservoir Park.

    Hanging out with my out of town friends. When we get together it's always off the wall. It doesn't have to be a holiday. Sometimes we feel like we must act up. lol

    My Grandma's Broccoli Cheese-Rice Casserole!!! It's like heaven on a plate.

    Computer Programming. It's my hobby and career. There's something about learning a new programming language that gets me going.

    An intellectual conversation. Mental orgasms. Need I say more?

      1. THIS!!! I've actually passed up sex on occasion to get my financial hustle on. I'm eyeballing some new wall to wall carpeting and I may have locked in a way to make that happen…we can have sex LATER!

  26. Well breaking it down for yall there's about 5 things that I would say are better or equal to chexing πŸ™‚

    1) Peeing after holding it for a long amount of time. I have been known to sigh in pleasure from that release too.

    2) Delicious food!! Yummy, warm, and flavorful in my mouth goes down much easier then man juice.

    3) A full body massage. I experienced that this weekend with kisses all down my back. A little piece of heaven for sure.

    4) Sitting in the car looking at a meteor shower. I used to do this with my mother when I was a little girl, you truly marvel at the beauty and power of nature.

    5) Reading a great book for me is always a happy and sad event. I love the story and hate that its over. Never to be duplicated again.

        1. that is a pretty damn strong feeling. Often times I find myself saying "O Yeah that is an Effing good Pee"

  27. I am just wonder if Dallas cowboys owner jerry has a refund reciept on the 1 billion dollar stadium. s

    sorry to change subject.

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