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The Best Way To Find The Woman Of Your Dreams



Check out my dude Ralph Fornoles aka Pino44 with a guest post fo dat @ss! While I recover from my bday week, enjoy this post!



What is best way to find the Woman of your dreams? Be the opposite sex’s worst nightmare – WHORE IT OUT.

Ok, ok – it’s frowned upon by woman in society, and revered by other males out there – It’s a double standard, but f*ck all that; we all can learn a thing or two by just trying to get our rocks off.  If you’re in a relationship you already aren’t feeling, and you’re looking for substance (eventually) and a chance to live out the dream through quantity, consider the plentiful-path of a pathological player.  Here are the advantages of putting in work and getting your stats up, ultimately to find T H E O N E:

The Skittles Tactic – Taste The Rainbow!
Guys – Lower your standards and get it in – WITH EVERYTHING! I mean ugly girls, pretty girls, white chicks, hood rats, Indians (red dot and/or feather), Chinese, Polish, Nigerians, etc.  That way, you’ll know so much about your preferences with girls that you can have goddamn PowerPoint presentation of the exact attributes you look for in “the one.” (Beware: If you OD, you may become a lyin’ a** cheater in the end, who’s used to variety, so know when to stop.)

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Let it all out
Rarely does someone marry their first love, but they’re out there.  Chances are it could be one of your friends. Sorry to say, but don’t end up a fool like them, worrying about what you could have hit, or could’ve smashed FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.  Just do you until you meet that special one, and like Maxwell, you won’t EVER have to wonder.

Embrace The Evil

F*CK WHATEVER EVERYONE THINKS ABOUT YOU!  BE SELFISH.  Whoring it out is about having fun.  It’s about DOING YOU.  Don’t worry about everyone else criticizing you for fucking everything.  They mad because they can’t get away with it.  Besides, this will give you a better appreciation when you cross back to the good side and be an outstanding citizen.(Thank Me Later on that one!)

The Ending is all that matters

All this player sh*t is just like playing in regular season games anyway. In the grand scheme of things, the sh*t doesn’t count! When it’s time for your Superbowl and you finally give your MVP the ring, you end up exactly like any other person  in a  long term, faithful, and successful relationships – happy and a winner of the championship when it’s all said and done.(but…with a whorish past, of course).

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In closing, don’t feel bad for slaying everything in sight.  I just gave you an innocent pass on a guilty pleasure. Remember, they never said you can’t turn a jump-off to a housewife!

Written by Ralph Fornoles


Website: Pino44



  1. Ah.. the double standard… men can whore it out in order to find the one but females can't… *sigh*

    I do agree with having to have to be out there to experience variety, I have nothing against it… but how bout not being a whore? If that's the case, can we call you men whores too? I mean cuz if we do this, then we're whores, gardens utensils, jump offs, etc.. lol

    I just feel like arguing with someone for the sake of arguing lol

    1. <>

      same double standard that pushes men to ask women out on dates and pay for the first x amount and women don't….

      darn those double standards! darn them to h-e double hockey sticks!!

      #Tit4Tat *snickers*

    2. Women can whore it up and still find The One, they just have to move away to another city or state where no one knows their whorish past.

      Believe me, I've seen this done plenty of times.

      1. Yup!!!!!

        Knew quite a few chicks like this who moved away after graduation then run into them years later talking about

        Izzz Married Now… I Seyz Izzzzz Married Nowwwwwww *ShugAvery'sVoice

    3. I think it's essential to be a whore, one way or another. One of my friends got married when we were both 20, and when I was whoring it out at 25 – he was WONDERING – I don't have that issue.

      1. Pino, excuse my late response for I have wanted to respond all day but have not had the opportunity. I am at a conference all week for work, one of the nations largest public HEALTH agencies. When I say I am adamant about telling people to not "whore it out" its because I have seen the negative statistics and health charts of those that do.

        I was not trying to be judgmental when I made that comment about herpes but I really can not co-sign your post in it's entirety. I also could not find humor in this post because it was just so bothersome to me. Telling me to "taste the rainbow" aka date other races is different, COMPLETELY different, from asking me to share my lady flower (Max-ism) with a NFL team. Btw, I have dated out of my race a few times.

        My issue with the premise of your post is not once did you mention prophylactics not ONCE. I read it twice more to make sure because if you had, I would not have written what I did. My people ( blacks/african americans/latinas) are becoming infected with STDS at an alarming rate, why? Truth is because these men and women are suffering due to lack of knowledge. Sex is sensationalized but safe sex is rarely discussed. Black women are still number one on the charts when it comes to new cases of STDs. Pino, people are not using protection and this type of post I feel proliferates irresponsible thinking. Furthermore, like my girl Lala said down thread there are STDs that people can contract from "safe sex". Did you know that it is possible to get gonorrhea and herpes in your throat and mouth? Also, crabs don't give a damn about a condom. I would be foolish to think that men/women who read this site and are performing head skillfully for their lovers are using condoms and dental dams. I haven't even touched on the tragedy that is plaguing my people called AIDS/HIV.

        In closing, people if you want to whore it out PLEASE know you are putting yourself at high risk. If you want to taste the rainbow and spread your seed do so but please don't become a negative statistic, I am tired of reading/writing reports about it. Also, don't forget the hole that will be inevitably be left in your spirit if you don't find "the one" with these antics.

        *stepping off soapbox and picking up my book*

        1. Although this post is being judged, that's my fault, as I left it open to interpretation. I do appreciate your concern, and the sensitive nature, and negative connotations connected to my word choice. I sincerely apologize if you have been offended in any way. I used those words in more of an exaggerated tone that became a monster I didn't expect, but I'm taking notes to become a better writer!

  2. Guys – Lower your standards and get it in – WITH EVERYTHING! I mean ugly girls, pretty girls, white chicks, hood rats, Indians (red dot and/or feather), Chinese, Polish, Nigerians, etc.


    Um, i can't get with this post for the simple fact that this is clearly why STDs/STIs, HIV/AIDS rates are increasing…whether you want to think about it or not, this is reality. They may not get caught but they may get something they can never give back.

    I understand getting out & meeting people but this post came off as being reckless.

    And i agree with Lola, if women wanted to do the same thing as is being suggested, we'd get called all sorts of names. Society & its double standards…smh

    1. Reckless wasn't my intention. Hell – I'll even go so far to say that ladies is pimps too! Double standards are nothing, when you are comfortable with your own skin, and accountable for your own actions. I'm writing a book about a girl that is doing everybody now – I think what she's doing is smart, and entertaining.

      1. I’m writing a book about a girl that is doing everybody now – I think what she’s doing is smart, and entertaining.

        ^^^I can't say i feel the same way because its not smart…as BP stated, STD rates are increasing at an ALARMING rate…knowing this, i couldn't co-sign on ANYONE just doing any & everyone…i'm willing to bet that she's not checking papers if she is just doing anyone…not getting tested with the people, things that really should be done.

        Being comfortable in your own skin is nothing when you are dying from something you could've prevented had you been smarter about it.

        Sorry i'm late in my response, i had to go make sure i'm healthier & more fit for when "the one" shows up.

  3. I agree with the basic point of the post … People need to stop being so damn picky and date various folks of different races, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc. The rest of the "whorish" post seems exaggerated (for comedy? I don't know)

    1. http://instantcrickets.com/


      See? This is what's ruining this country. People start outsourcing things and then we wind up getting an inferior product [i.e. those recalled lead toys from China, those recalled Toyotas with the sticky throttles, and this retarded thread about man-whoring that really should be recalled….]

    2. I'm encouraging you to do whatever it takes to be the one. To me, all this stuff is regular season games. I've done all that, but ended up with the championship. I'm happily married, and albeit I don't regret what I've done in the past, I don't plan on going back to the lifestyle. As much as it is about getting it in, it's all about self-control.

      1. Hmmmm….

        BUT WAIT, STOP THE PRESSES!!!!! You said that you are married now right??? Well let's TOSS this Script and say the Mrs. engaged in all of the above

        Ho-tivities…. Can you HONESTLY say that she would be Mrs…. (*insertyourlastnameHere*) today after knowing about her past Slutastics????? 0______o. I THINK NOT…. … #RaisedEyebrow

  4. Lola: “Ah.. the double standard… men can whore it out in order to find the one but females can’t… *sigh*”

    L.Dejean: “if women wanted to do the same thing as is being suggested, we’d get called all sorts of names. Society & its double standards…smh”

    Didn’t Peyso, Most, and I completely destroy this “double standard” nonsense a while ago? There is no double standard, it’s two different scenarios. Men are the pursuers who have to approach women, women accept or reject our advances. A man who successfully charms his way to sleeping with numerous women has accomplished something. The woman who accepts every offer for peen presented to her has accomplished nothing.

    I used the key and lock metaphor: a master key that opens many locks is a good key. A lock that can be opened by many keys is a bad lock. In fact, if the lock is guarding something that can be opened by many keys, you can be sure what’s behind the door isn’t very valuable.

        1. Awww, pobrecito…you know that stereotype about white women and small asses? Believe the hype. bwamp, bwamp, bwamp but I got breasts for days and that other lil stereotype about Becky – yeah that…

          You're too cute, you see that Max wrote about you today? lol

    1. "I used the key and lock metaphor: a master key that opens many locks is a good key. A lock that can be opened by many keys is a bad lock. In fact, if the lock is guarding something that can be opened by many keys, you can be sure what’s behind the door isn’t very valuable."

      great analogy.

    2. how ever you wanna word it Hugh Jazz, its STILL different…they will be viewed differently…one will be looked on with favor while the other will be frowned upon…the end result will still be, pretty much, the same.

      1. Of course it's different. Like I said, it's two different situations. Men != Women, so it can't be a double standard. It's different standards.

        In order for there to be a double standard, the people the standard is applied to have to be generally the same. So unless you want to argue that there is no difference between men and women, and the way men treat women is exactly the same as the way women treat men, you can't say it's a double standard.

    3. Being viewed DIFFERENTLY goes on with time. Everyone has the capacity to change if you have good intentions. Look at Kim Kardashian. Y'all remember she got famous of a sex tape?!

    4. Co-Sign All Day

      Most Men Have To Work To Get Sex

      Most Women Don't

      Any body gives you a hard time about your WH*RING Lifestyle… Tell Them GO KICK ROCKS GOD Bless You


  5. If it wasnt for unexpected pregnancies, STDs, and crazy people in general I might co-sign…… but since those are all realities I will pass.

  6. This post is hilarious. I'm over the entire double standard arguement. The way I see it, I'm going to do what I want regardless of what the "rules" are.

    Kudos to Ralph for the outright boldness though.

    1. Bwhahahahahaha! This post made me laugh out loud heartily… no ladies, I don't think it's about dating women of various backgrounds, I really think the author meant what he said — WHORE IT OUT. Lmfao. The reason it made me laugh though is b/c like "Bleh" said: it's different from what they do daily how?

      "Guys – Lower your standards and get it in – WITH EVERYTHING!"

      & if you think sleeping w/ one girl of every race is gonna help narrow what you need in an MVP you are sadly mistaken. Not all Nigerians do it the same and not all Indians (red dot or feather) enter coitus the same. But good theory… & a great chuckle. The post was a lil scattered in thought for me but I was able to follow it… all in all **handclaps**

      1. Flyer than your mom – I do agree! All people are different! You can't make a generalization based on one experience based on one ethnic background – however, you become one step closer in what you want, meaning specific attributes, that range from ANYTHING – like cultural differences, religion, thoughts on punctuality, the past. Being open-minded begets more choices and decisiveness.

  7. My name speaks my reactions to this post. I'm not in the whoring party. But I see why a lot of people are running in the group.


    Um… I'm with LaLa. I hope this post is about dating other races. I saw "Nigerians" and did a tailfeather'd whoop. Then I read the rest of the post and sat my asss down.

    And here I was thinking this post was about to sweep me off my feet in happiness and say some gay sh!t about treating people with respect, and whathaveyou.

    Good effort though, if your post was about what I hope it was about.

  8. I keep hearing these "get tested" and std comments, so is everyone jsut fcking raw that agrees with this post?

    Dont assume that everyone who has a divergent opinion isnt practicing safe s3x. There are porn stars out there who are safer thansome "normal" chicks. Sad but true.

    Just an observation. Saw too much judging going on…

    1. I hope it's not coming from a judgemental place.

      However…there's no such thing as "safe sex"…just "safer sex". Regardless as to whether or not a condom is used…STI's can still be spread.

      For example, HPV. It's spread through skin to skin contact. A condom doesn't cover everything in those "private areas". Furthermore, there is NO test to detect it in men. The only way a man will no if he has it if he contracts 1 of the 100+ strands that produce genital warts.

      Hell, the facilitator told my students yesterday that if you've had sex….you've probably already come in contact w/ HPV.

      1. HPV is like the common cold, smh. lol..

        I get it but I just didnt like how some of the comments were coming off…

        in fact the last few days have inspired me to write the post that might get me fired from SBM but im about to carry a huge cross…

        stay tuned 😉

        1. I feel you. People can be very judgemental when it comes to reproductive health. I have to check the teenagers I work w/ on that all the time.

          *sighs* Unfortunately, HPV is like the common cold…smh

    2. well in general the more people you have sex with the more likely you are to engage in unprotected sex even typically practice safe sex. the fact that you're just going around fckin everything moves probably makes you a likely candidate for other poor decisions regarding sex.

  9. Most women continuously date the same man over and over (insane!). I think more women should think in terms of this post. Not necessarily in terms of whoring but dating MANY men. Ugly men, cute men, white men, thugs, nerds, Indians (red dot and/or feather), Chinese, Polish, Nigerians, etc.

    I believe there was a concept similar to this on Oprah where a woman discusses her life as a serial dater.

    1. Believe or not more and more woman (including myself) have adopted the Serial Dating with your Legs CLOSED method but that whole dating across the board spectrum is a little easier said than done.

      My self personally I would have to put the brakes on dating a Chinese dude NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE (no I am not prejudice) that's just my personal preference they do nothing for me.


    2. You hit it right on the head. The point is, don't be stuck on stupid. Spice up your life with variety – You'll be better equipped to be ready for who you were always looking for.

  10. did any1 here think this was meant to be taken in a comedic light, and not taken seriously? people, some of the posts here on a day to day are very insightful, very thought provoking, and are meant to be just that. and some, like THIS one, are meant to be laughed at, by the simple fact of the sure absurdness. #RELEAX

    1. Oh? I took it for serious and scheduled a number of appointments for the rest of the week…

      And I hate to break appointments….

    2. actually… i don't think the post is absurd in the LEAST.

      like i said, different from the day to day how?

      eff a double standard. women do it, men do it. yea yea yea whatever.

      lets laugh about it after we acknowledge that this "logic" (that people ACTUALLY use) is how we got where we are right now.

      (be right back, i need to check go check the CDC site for the latest stats on how many stds were just transmitted in the last 60 seconds)

      1. yes, surely there are men, and let us not forget women, who think on this scale…but to each his/her own. but some people are on here falling out and faintin' because of what the post said. I found the humor in it because I think that anyone that rolls like this is crazy, but at the same time, very amusing. anyone that thinks like this…IMO…is crazier than cat $hit.but everyone doesnt think like me.Because I definately dont think like this. Im picky about my shoes, and they just go on my feet. #kanyeshrug

  11. So u mean to tell me I been out here having sex with woman to help me find my dream girl. shit I was doing it to feed my vagina addiction

    1. –DEAD–

      Girl! I done fell in the grave with you!!!

      In Loving Memory of GirlSixx and some broad that tripped and fell in as well!!!


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